Winter here means “Birds Not Come”

Winter has not been fun in the past month. Snow, cold. Then warmup and slush. Then night-time freeze, making for an interesting skating rink on the road, especially if there’s been a dusting that hides what’s underneath.  Quick! Call Al Gore. We’re having Winter, but it’s not really Winter, it’s something sinister, a horrible Omen of Things To Come! Around here, Things To Come means Summer, which apparently is also bad now too. To be honest, what I have been seeing in the past few years kind of reminds me of the winters of my youth, followed by Actual Spring, so we must have been through Global Warming AKA Climate Change AKA Whatever more than once.

So far, nobody I care about has been found face-down in their driveway, for as we in the North East know, Winter snow shoveling can be a great way to reduce population of those nasty old people our government and youth wish so fervently to get rid of.

The guy who does our shoveling brought a boatload of rock salt and an ice pick today. Personally, I don’t know why, since things are expected to warm up in a day or two. But then Ray is just a conscientious fellow and swears that shoveling keeps him fit. I think he’s right. He’s in his 70s and can haul some serious ass. I’ve seen him walking in the coldest of weather and he has a car. If you try to offer him a ride, he laughs and says he’s just keeping in shape. Sorry, pissants, you aren’t getting rid of his ass anytime too soon. But then he worked his ass off all his life since he was 12 or so, unlike some of you plan on doing.

Ray has a cell phone with no camera (“what the hell do I want to stop and take a picture of?”and limited monthly minutes — and he never runs out of minutes. This is because he’s too busy acting like a human and he actually talks to people face to face. Yeah he collects social security. I mean he only paid into it for 60 years or so — Unlike you little pissants who will be poverty-riddled at his age because you actually believed you were going to be rich all on your own after investing your social security money with the same Wall Street that snatched your grandparents’ and parents’ retirement investments. Nobody can accuse you little Sitting Ducks of Learning By Experience, can they now?  And nobody can accuse the guy who shovels my snow in winter and keeps my land well-trimmed in summer of  “stealing” jobs from young people, since most of them wouldn’t think of getting off their asses to shovel snow. They are waiting instead for a CEO of a Fortune 500 company to tap them on the shoulders and invite them to be Lord Of The Company.

Funny, but I remember a time that is not so long ago when young people walked up and down the road with a shovel, ringing door bells and offering to shovel for a little money that didn’t add up to a Union Wage in cash. I haven’t seen one of those elusive creatures in more than a decade.  When the occasional one does show up, they always do it when there’s been a little dusting you can blow off your sidewalk, and they want $20 for the pleasure of watching them make a quick push-pass in front of  your home with their parents’ brand new shovel.  Funny how the Nincompoop Generation can’t seem to distinguish between skilled labor and shoveling snow or mowing a lawn with your lawn mower and your gasoline. They DO suit up well for ice hockey and snow-boarding, though. They are also really good at things like this. They learned it from their slightly older siblings like this one. Just think: These are the people who might be caring for you in a skilled nursing home one day. Heart-warming, isn’t it?

Okay we need a lighter note.

On a lighter note (for humans, not for cats), here’s poor Bill trying to get him a little something in the snow, much to the glee of the horrid crows that are just mean enough to hang out here in Winter. All Poor Bill can get is an occasional squirrel thumbing its nose at him from the garage roof.



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  1. I feel your pain, Bill – Tell your 2 legged friend to put a small heater in the bird bath. It keeps the ice from forming and makes the water slightly warm. Birds come from miles to put the warm in their bellies. Huge crows bring hunks of bread or cake to dunk in the bath to thaw and warm the food before eating it. Squirrels make special trips to get at a warm drink.

    Only thing is, Bill, the snow is too deep for cats to get to the bath – you should stake out one that is reachable.

  2. Al Gore was correct about the Climate Change and the Lock Box but he is still mocked, kinda like CDS .

  3. The problem with the lock box thing is he never came out and said what he meant. Namely, all of us congress people, probably including me, have been stealing from social security. Without that clearly stated and often stated, saying ‘lock box’ in a debate meant nothing to anybody.

  4. Because as we all know, it is more important to give corporations subsudies than it is to take care of people who have paid their taxes, paid into the system. No wait, is the government turning into an insurance company? You pay in, we never pay out.

    Love this. Speaking of corporations.

  5. Hey big ol puma, here’s a little light reading from The WaPo, not a right wing nut job paper at all. Just hold on to your ideas about him, which are based on his enormous greed and lies but which you fail to see, and just go on and pretend Al really gives a fuck as he sits there taking after dear old dad. But when you have some time research him. And his many partners who are enormously greedy and horrible people and then ask some serious questions like:

    How much would you pay for pretend carbon credits? Where does that money go? Why did it ruin so many people in Europe when it was tried there and why did Al want us to do that when it doesn’t change actual pollution or useage? Why did the IPCC lie in all those tests and cover it up in the now released emails? Why did Gore buy an ocean front mansion in a hot area if global warming is going to raise the oceans? Why does he travel on private jets with carbon footprints of small villages and why doesn’t he personally ever even recycle his enormous amounts of trash for decades at his huge tennessee mansions? And those lights and heated swimming pools with electric bills equal per month that are the same amount as I use in 10 YEARS? Why do they lie and say we can change global warming when we can’t change it? Even if every man woman and child suddenly lived as Adam and Eve the world wouldn’t change much… but of course that isn’t going to happen… a few people will fall for the scams though. Send Al your money. He backed obama all the way even though obama was not very environmental in his horrific history with exelon and company.


  6. I loves me my birdies. Suet feeders, warm birdie drinking/baths, sunflower and assorted seeds in feeders, ground birds like mourning dove feeding areas, chopped freaking walnuts and peanuts that I buy in bulk and fix for them on those cold mornings.

    Over the year I keep lists of visitors to the feeders. 25 species, many of them just passing through at spring or fall migration, come approximately in any given year with 10 species over winter average.

    By my mailbox are a few dead trees and there are tons of pileated holes in them. The other day I was able to walk up 10 feet from one and he barely paid me any mind at all as he was busy digging in the cold tree for bugs and he was at eye level. My neighbors stop to watch my house and all the birds.

    Stay away Bill. Your kind is NOT welcome out there!

  7. What Al said recently about taxes changing after Jan 1st:

    “The single most popular proposal we had was to reduce taxes on working people and lift the higher rate. Let’s give an incentive to work, and let’s ask the most fortunate in the society, including me and you, to do our fair share.”

    What he actually DID do though was rush his deal before Dec 31 so he would avoid those taxes he so loftily claimed we should all pay!

  8. For the right amount of money Al Gore would have sold Current to the XL Pipeline Canadian tar sand people. 500 million (his share 100 million) is worth selling your soul. Right?

    As Dylan said: power and greed and corruptible seed seems to be all that there is.

    btw – a few of us here were huge Gore fans for decades. Never again.

  9. I find Al odious and I sure don’t have a derangement syndrome. I can show a clear path of why I find him odious.

    For starters, he does not live what he wants others to live. He uses more fuel in a month than any one of us use in years, tooting around the world in his private jet and running his mansion on anything but mercury-laden bulbs. He scarfs down meat and expects the rest of us to stop. There is just no end to this man’s mixed messages and hypocrasy. He has the personal carbon footprint of Gulliver in the land of the Liliputians. And he dares anyone to ask him about it.

    Moving on, he is an arrogant asshole who consistently refused to take questions and whenever he was snagged and pressured to do so, he still didn’t answer them. In England, he was told to correct his prize winning movie and clear it of nine errors before it would ever be shown to their children. Yet, he pooh poohs that he had to do so, and doesn’t think he should lower himself to be specific about it. In fact, he hardly remembers the 9 errors or what they are.

    He didn’t show up in the middle of that snow storm in Copenhagen. Instead, he abruptly and rudely cancelled his appearance at this worldwide AGW event without explanation. What an arrogant SOB. He was hiding from the Hide The Decline emails and he didn’t think he owed anyone a Whit of comment. He doesn’t have to. He’s Al. 30,000 scientist are suing Al Gore and still, he is beyond needing to explain a thing.

    He made $350 million dollars on his fear program, set up his own companies all a’ready to earn more millions on intangible carbon units. Imagine the picnic.

    He, the Union Forever guy, Mr. “Made in USA” is building his “People’s Car” in another country using USA government grant money, and with the hands of non-union labor. To add humor to this despicable act, the “People’s Car” starts in price at $100k. Al Gore has rolled us and his union and “Made in America” hypocrasy is nearly laughable if it weren’t so pathetic.

    And here is how Al Gore ran his ‘presentations,’ complete with goons to remove anyone who questioned him. Who let that guy in! I find this very telling about Al, because it doesn’t MATTER who the guy questioning is, what reeally matters is how Al Gore handled it.

    Specifically, an environmental journalist asks, hey, how about those endangered polar bears, whose numbers are actually increasing….?

    ………….and Al’s Non Answer is….

    How can anybody expect me to respect or believe this arrogant man? I think Al Gore has Everybody Else Derangement Syndrome, but hey, what do I know? I am glad this shyster never became president and ashamed that I voted for him. I don’t think he would have been any less a lying theif than G W Bush, but I’ll bet it would have cost me even more to help fill Al’s “Blind Trust Fund”.

    I’m sorry folks. But this is a con man. Just because I’m a Democrat doesn’t mean I am going to pretend I don’t notice like so many in both parties do with their messiahs. Any truth to anything he has discussed is lost forever in that fact. If there truly is a problem, he has ruined any chance of enough people believing him, through his own arrogance and unwillingness to discuss or debate. Beware someone who refuses a debate. I stopped excusing this self-promoting, self-impressed thief long ago. How can I possibly help it?

  10. Stay away Bill. Your kind is NOT welcome out there!

    Oh this is not good, Karen. Not good at all. I will not be able to help you with The Punishments.

  11. Amen about Al, Upps. I bought Earth in the Balance when it came out and it was my bible along with Silent Spring, which still is my bible.

    I wrote the other day, and others agreed, Al did mean well at first, perhaps. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he was sincere at first when he wrote his book and when he worked with Big Dawg on the most important air regs we’ve ever passed, and when he was first drawn to the Inconvenient Truth documentary.

    But then, whoa Nellie, he changed skin like Jekyl to Hyde.

  12. Yes I agree he may have meant well in the beginning, but his fame led him to lie, exaggerate, do whatever it took to make him as rich and famous as possible, at the expense of Americans. He was willing to do anything he needed to do to look like a God Without Question while making as many millions as humanly possible. this is why this man hides out, he knows too many people have Seen Who and What he has turned into. And it makes me sick.

  13. I just found this on my homepage, I didn’t even have to go look for it. Gore has lost lots of cred over the years but this last bit of hypocrite central is so in your face even the left is scratching its collective head.

    tiny url isn’t working right now so here is a very long one, sorry!!!

    ***Fixit Fairy was here***

  14. Karen, Fixit Fairy visited you against Bill’s orders.

  15. ha, but Bill didn’t know I put the wrong clip from youtube in the other post. That one has terrible audio.

    here is a clear one, beautiful sound of bob in newport singing one of his heartwrenching fingerpointing songs.

  16. And that yahoo tinyurl article is from a conservative source, but it is nevertheless true and WaPo says much of the same.

    Right and left agree mr. gore is a rich opportunistic bore. At one time his worst problem was he was wooden when speaking and not very quick on the adlibs. Now he comes off as if the stories about him chasing that woman around the Portland Ore hotel room were true.

    Tipper did leave him soon after that story broke. He might be a womanizer on top of all his other odious qualities. Wouldn’t surpirse me. Those hypocrite regressives showed their faux wimmenz credentials loud and clear over Hillary.

  17. Bill is not a mind reader. Just a Punishing Boss.

  18. Uppity and all: Been reading on this site “Just Label It”

    …after stumbling across this article from 2011 (and, yet, we have little power to get our foods labeled???):

    GM food toxins found in the blood of 93% of unborn babies

    Toxins implanted into GM food crops to kill pests are reaching the bloodstreams of women and unborn babies, alarming research has revealed.

    A landmark study found 93 per cent of blood samples taken from pregnant women and 80 per cent from umbilical cords tested positive for traces of the chemicals.

    Read more:

  19. Gore is and always has been an elitist. How could he be anything else, look at his upbringing. I’m not surprised at all by the deal he made, rather I’m surprised that it took so many this long to recognize him for what he is.

    I’m a registered R, but the truth is I actually voted for Gore. I think that was probably the last time I blindly voted based on assumptions, like for instance assuming a Gore administration would be Clinton II. Funny 1998 through about 2002 were sort of years of enlightenment for me with regard to politics and politicians on all levels and within both parties.

  20. We have been through Global Warming AKA Climate Change AKA Whatever more than once.For sure it is just repeating weather patterns. 🙂

  21. Why Not i hear ya. I’ve posted the Label It petition plenty of times. I know it has over a million completely ignored signatures and counting.

  22. Karen, Fixit Fairy visited you against Bill’s orders.

    Shudder… Very brave, Fixit Fairy, very brave. Hope there’s a Fixit Fairy backup Fixit Fairy in the Fixit Fairy department in Fairy Land.

  23. When Al Gore snubbed the Clintons, as if associating his candidacy with them would tarnish HIS image, it was a big mistake, huge, imo.

    ….and, was very telling of a shallow opportunist with little to run on his own merits, imo.

  24. I have been watching Bill’s latest conquest and her kittens and let me say this to smooth things out – he has awesome genetics. Good job, MK, you handsome devil you. They do sound like barking mice tho.

  25. Oh, I didn’t go back and check to see if it was the same site – sorry about that.

    Don’t know why I missed the info about the pesticide toxins showing up in fetuses and their mother’s blood streams???

    I know that the rest of us are disposable, human guinea pigs, but you would think that poisoning fetuses and their mothers would be headline news… but for the power of the Feed the World Messiah, Monsanto?

  26. Yep, Why Not, that was a huge train wreck we watched happen in slo-mo and then not fighting for the election and running away to get fat and grow a beard and hide under his desk – not Presidential material.

  27. My favorite is the tuxie headed one, Ash. Subject to change.

    Ash and Bishop are gavones, they live on the nip, another Bill trait although a diffrent nip…

  28. Why Not, Monsanto says there is no proof that there are long range effects to pumping their frankenfood with Roundup. That’s all you need to know. Apparently that’s all our politicians need to know. Obama has cancelled the investigation into GM foods. I posted that link a few days ago.

    I’ve been writing countless posts about this shit for years and everybody just goes back to sleep. I’m tired of trying. it’s like pissing in the wind and a waste of my fingers on my keyboard.

  29. I know, I know, Uppity – I’ve read most of your MOST EXCELLENT righteous scorching of Monsanto and GMO’s.

    I remembered your multiple posts, but just didn’t check your archives to credit your past postings, including the Just Label link, before I posted it. So sorry I didn’t.

    I signed the petitions there off of your link once – last year, I think – I just forgot their name and DIDN’T remember the ‘pesticides in fetuses.’

  30. With well over 4 million hits there is no wind pissing going on here. They can’t all be finding this site looking for pole dance info. Some of them must be looking for food safety and some might be looking for info on sharia law and some might be looking for info on cats who moderate blogs, just had to add that last one to get back in Bill’s grace.

  31. Why Not, the pesticides in fetuses is part of the most excellent study that was done to prove that GM food causes cancer. Monsanto and their sycophants have spent many millions discrediting them for sport. And the press is no help at all. Nor are our politicians. They have their fingers in their ears because they are OWNED, they KNOW long range these people are going to kill people but by then Monsanto will own all of the world’s food supply and all of that which once grew in nature will be their “Patent”.

  32. Love it…

    Jan 9, 2013 12:32pm

    Hillary Clinton ‘Thrilled to Be Back’ at Work

    When asked whether she was looking forward to retirement, Clinton said, “I don’t know if that is the word I would use, but certainly stepping off the very fast track for a little while.”

    “…for a little while.”

    Anyone who thinks “she’s done” is a fool who has no idea Who are What she’s always been about. She is non-discriminating when it comes to doing whatever she can to make the world a better place. It’s in her DNA.

  33. Last year was kind of a blur, Uppity – I just didn’t record that study into my memory bank, for some damned reason.

    My reaction reading it was one of: HTF! can THEY get away with this!

    I know, I know – from the FDA to coverups, threats, and whatever means necessary to OWN THE RIGHTS TO ALL OF OUR FOOD:

    Remember, I posted the video late last year:

    “The World According to Monsanto”

  34. There is no doubt she will bloom where she is planted and it will be another record of accomplishment and of being a wonderful role model for men and women of all ages to admire.

    I do not think her future plans will involve DC or politics. I can see her doing humanitarian work since that has always been her core concern as well as Bill’s main focus all these years. He has done well, working from his heart after DC and so will Hill.

    State was non-political in the true sense of the word and job. It is above politics in many ways and that gave her freedom and scope that she didn’t have as a politician Senator or as the wife of a politician in office and under the public and media spotlight.

    Hillary will undoubtably do women issue work at some point in her future despite what her official field may be. That will always be her pivot point from which all her other ideas take hold. She will amaze us. Even those of us who have watched her carefully. She will rise.

    She will take some time off between this job and the next passionate row she hoes. And it will all bloom profusely. That is Hillary’s way.

    State will give her much lavishing of kudos in her last days there. The world stage will pause to send her some much deserved praise. And we will watch the children bite her ankles as if what they say matters.

  35. just had to add that last one to get back in Bill’s grace.

    Karen: Guttural wailing, with gasping added to that sucking up might be good. 🙂

  36. ooooh Karen – that was excellent on Hillary!

    Whatever she does, she will simply be amazing.

  37. Rock salt and a shovel? Give me a case of beer and some insanely hot hot wings, and I will de-snow your drive way with my “Hillbilly Wizzernator” in about 4 hours:)

  38. Karen: Guttural wailing, with gasping added to that sucking up might be good.

    I myself would get right on this if I were she.

  39. Karen, my favorite cat in that litter is the grey-tabby and white bicolor. She will turn out to be the cutest and sweetest thang in that litter. I kin spot em. Watch.

  40. Oh, and btw, Uppity, thank you for the post, while suffering through your “Writer’s Block”?

    You do “Writer’s Block” like Hillary does “Retirement.” meh.

  41. LUV Ripley´s kitties. Well, they all are baptized Alien style,.Kudos.
    I want them all!

  42. I myself would get right on this if I were she.

    Yeah, coming here and watching MKBill remain silent is like driving around Loch Ness – you know he’s not only real, but, he’s out there, waiting for the right moment…

  43. God help me, I just had a baloney sandwich.

    I am so ashamed

    On the other hand, this should inspire Hillbilly to step up his affections beyond offering to pee beer on the driveway ice.

  44. Solis resigns. Eff her.

    Another woman gone from Obama’s boys’ club, but no loss in the case of this ingrate Hillary traitor.

  45. I’ll bet that desperado troll RReich is sitting on the steps begging for an interview for another roll at the Labor Dept.

  46. Spice kittens are a tough act to follow, Belle.

  47. You do “Writer’s Block” like Hillary does “Retirement.” meh


  48. “Karen, my favorite cat in that litter is the grey-tabby and white bicolor. She will turn out to be the cutest and sweetest thang in that litter. I kin spot em. Watch.”
    Looks like one of my cats…he is mean as a snake….

  49. … don’t tell him if it was beef or turkey baloney. Only the “meat” variety of god-knows-what’s-in-it, stimulates that belching crescendo that only hillbilly’s can maintain until everyone else has made it back from the toilet.

  50. “God help me, I just had a baloney sandwich.”
    If you had said Mortadella then it would have been OK. :>)

  51. Uppity… watched that Video on the “Cafone” page. Just like an Italian to have a bed in the kitchen… drink, cook, eat, love, sleep… finish off the leftovers… lol.

  52. LOL Why Not, yup. That’s a cafone.

  53. Alas, SHV, this is why I am so ashamed.

    Why Not, it WAS beef bologna, only because it has fewer white spots in it.

  54. Looks like one of my cats…he is mean as a snake….

    I’m dying here!

    Can you PLEASE give us a pic of your monsters?


    I am 1/2 Italian and about 1/4 gavone.

  56. Wrenching photos of aussie family escaping into water from wildfires that have destroyed 90 homes.

  57. Karen, which side of the family are the gavones on.

  58. Both. Middle class Queens NYC automatically 25%. Bklyn and SI are at least 50% at birth but most are naturals. Manhattan and Bronx only 10%.

  59. Is it Newt that you like? Newt has the white collar and grey body and tuxie bits.

    The three girls are big and puffy. The two boys are small and dainty and more tabby stripe cute. One tabby has a brown nose and the other has a partial white nose.

    Ash is called bear cub. Such a puff ball.

  60. Well we have a couple of cafones in the family tree too, but we ignore them and never invited them to family picnics.

  61. Don’t know the name of the cat, just its markings, movements and face. Not sure where they got those names but i don’t like any of them. If that cat is named Newt, it’s a bad choice since I am fairly certain she’s a girl. I note that the mom is barely a year old, very young cat. What a shame.

  62. Got my yearly dog license renewal. What a racket. $20 for what, exactly? I would venture to say that 1/10th of the dogs in this city are licensed.

  63. Ash will either lose all that cotton fluff or turn out to be a four legged shedding machine.

  64. Yeah, coming here and watching MKBill remain silent is like driving around Loch Ness – you know he’s not only real, but, he’s out there, waiting for the right moment…

    Tis true he is a stealth punisher.

  65. I posted the link yesterday for the kitten names. The sci-fi Alien flicks. Sigourney Weaver was Ripley.

    There are two boys -the two small ones.

    The three girls are poofy like an 80s hairdo.

  66. Feh they are all crappy names for cats. That’s my opinion and I’m stickin’ with it. Harumph.

  67. Look how cute that grey and white is sleeping.

  68. That Bishop is really wierd looking. Hope he has a good personality. lol.

  69. My favorite is the gray with the white ruff. 😀 Sort of looks like Goof.

  70. I agree that we Boomers & the Gen Xers have let our kids have it waaay too easy. I’m hoping the Gen Yers & Millienials will be stricter parents. I read a book a few years ago that says these things go in cycles.

    My poor step dad died from slipping on his icy driveway 3 years ago. His legs went out from under him and he crashed on the back of his head. He was another old Northern toughie and took 6 months to die though, going into dementia from the brain damage and his skull was caving in the back from being shattered from the fall. Horrible. Ice is terrifying to me.

  71. What do you cooks think of potatoes that are green under the skin? Apparently its some kind of toxic chemical the potatoes create when they’re exposed to light too early. Do you just peel it off and eat them? We have had some really weird potatoes here lately. I bought some at Gelsons last month, russets, that had a thick, tough, wrinkly skin!?! I bet they were some kind of GMO. Gelsons, btw, is considered an upscale grocery store that used to be known for fine produce. But expensive. Now its just expensive, but no longer fine. Anyway, I bought a sack of “organic” potatoes there a couple of days ago, & laker started peeling them and they were all green under the skin. I am taking them back and no soup for us tonite.

  72. Horrible for those poor people in Aus. That grandma was very brave.

  73. Why did he name that adorable kitteh Newt????

  74. socal, the Newt character in the movie was a little girl that was smart and tough. Also cute.

  75. socal, let me be clear. Do NOT eat potatoes that have green on them. The green isn’t just about some toxic chemical. It’s called Solanine and it occurs when the potatoes are exposed to light. Solanine is known to cause gastrointestinal and neurological problems than can kill you.

    Symptoms include but not limited to, “diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, burning of the throat, cardiac dysrhythmia, headache and dizziness. In more severe cases, hallucinations, loss of sensation, paralysis, fever, jaundice, dilated pupils, hypothermia and death have been reported”.

    It’s not the green color that’s toxic, the green color is a reaction to an increase of Solanine present in the potato. Ditch them.

  76. Ok, thanks goofs! I think of the gingrinch when I hear that name.

  77. I don’t care who Newt was, it’s a sucky name for such a sweet kitty.

  78. Thank you Upps! I am taking them back and getting my $ back tomorrow! This blew mine & lakers mind, btw. From now on, organic potatoes only, and I think I will scratch them to see if there is green underneath.

  79. Goofs your favorite is my favorite. She’s going to be one cute grey tabby and white bicolor cat.

  80. I’m hoping the Gen Yers & Millienials will be stricter parents.

    When you read tomorrow’s post, you will scrap that idea.

  81. socal, I have been burned too many times and I never buy potatoes in a bag. I only buy potatoes I can see.

  82. You might laugh but dirty potatoes are the safest because they are straight from the ground and the dirt protects them from any light they might see. So, you wash them. What’s the big deal. Besides, God only knows what big agra uses to wash the clean ones.

  83. I am having a mixed berry and banana smoothie with a touch of honey. My favorite late night snack.

  84. Yep Uppity she is pretty and very adventuresome. 🙂

  85. Best one there. No kidding. Wait till a few weeks and everybody will be oooooooing and ahhhhhhhing over her. Seen enough 3-weekers to know.

  86. They spotted grey tabby has some great markings too. Almost looking Bengal, yes?

  87. The greenest potatoes I ever bought was a bag of organic ones. They were too scary looking to eat so it was wasted money.

  88. It’s hard to make a joke when you can’t post a stupid thumbnail. LOL

    My AOL is working today! I’m so confused. I got desperate because my other computer is in the shop so couldn’t post broadband.

  89. Good potato points…knew I would get good advice here.

    Upps @ 10:33pm LOL!

  90. Thanks socal. I pulled all that information out of my ass. lol. J/k

  91. I fixed it so people can click the link, monkey. Oh my lord, what a cute kitty!

  92. I’m chaning my favorite kitty in the litter’s name. She should have a girl’s name. Kiki. Or Veronica. Or Scarlett. Sally. Or something cute. Like Pooky. Or Peaches. Peanut. Or something. Anything but Newt.

  93. Agree. Newt is not a cute kitteh name. You think of that gross politician or eye-of-newt and other nasty things in a witches brew.

    Paul Ryan is co-sponsoring another one of those zygote as person bills:

    “Despite the deep unpopularity of fetal personhood bills in 2012, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has again decided to cosponsor the Sanctity of Human Life Act, a bill that gives full legal rights to human zygotes from the moment of fertilization.”

  94. I’m all in favor of changing the little girl kitty’s name to something pretty and sweet. She’s my favorite of the litter, too. Newt is a horrible name for such a cutie.

    My soulcat ( R.I.P. ) was born on St. Patrick’s Day. She had green eyes. I named her Katie Scarlett in honor of a certain Irish-American heroine of book and movie fame. I always called her Katie.

  95. Woah socal and Uppity, on the green potatoes!

    Just bought a “bag” last week – first bag in some time – and everyone of the suckers I peeled were green under the skin!!! I threw them away after I peeled them because it just didn’t sit right with me – but didn’t look it up as to why.

    Thanks for the Solanine info, Uppity. Had no clue about that – had never seen it before, because I always hand picked them, I guess.

  96. I pulled all that information out of my ass. lol

    …yeah, yeah, yeah… it figures… from a great mind to a great ass. 🙂

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