There is Never an end to the New Lows in Reality Shows. Let’s Play “Can-You-Top-This?”

Proud Daddy of 10 Babies with 10 Mamas

Proud Daddy of 11 Babies with 10 Mamas

In an effort to step up the offensive and sometimes loathsome and disgusting trend toward the depiction of  sensational, desperate, odious, unadmirable and/or uninspiring lives  on TV Reality shows, there never seems to be an end to how low television can go. Until now, I thought AMC’s new series “Freak Show” was just about to win the all-time Top This Award, but oh, was I ever wrong.

This time Oxygen has thrown its hat into the Can You Top This Revolting Idea ring.

They are developing a new show that will air this spring as a 1 hour “Special”. And what a Special show it is, indeed.

Oxygen television executives weren’t talking Monday as negative attention grew about ”All My Babies’ Mamas,” its proposed program featuring a musician who has fathered 11 children with ten different mothers.

The “Musician,” if you can call what he does music, is a Rap Artist, if you can call Rap Art,  named Shawnty Lo. Who?

Well nevermind that you never heard of him or that he’s no  Clapton, much less a Mozart s for that matter,  or that nobody will remember who the hell he was 20 years from now, he’s another one of those Now guys who makes brain-dead kids bounce up and down and repeat Mutha Fucka phrases with glee–while he temporarily rakes in the bucks till the next one comes by.  Forget all that. He’s special enough to be a Reality Show. What makes Shawnty special, you ask? You are asking, right?

What makes Shawnty extra-special Reality Show material is: He has 11 children and 10 of them are with different mothers. Take your time to think about that. I’ll wait.

Apparently, this is such a proud moment that Oxygen/Comcast cannot resist a public celebration. I mean, how many people do you know who have 11 kids with 10 women? Well Shawnty’s gonna fix that and show you how he did it, while reminding you he “provides” for all his kids, as if that is the only issue here. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

Thus, the name  of the show: All My Babies’ Mamas.

Yes, the title of that show deserves a line in this post all by itself. What a glorious shining example to young people Shawnty and his special Mamas are! We should all strive to encourage our children to do the same, don’t you think?

We celebrate this shit with TV shows? Yup we do! And Comcast isn’t stopping there either. No sir. Additional Reality Shows they have planned  and are already pimping for this season are:

Fat Girl Revenge, Find Me My Man and Too Young To Marry?.  Some of these might even top Shawnty’s show! To be sure, America’s Future Leaders will be all a’chatter on Facebook about these enviable shows.

This is the kind of trash our young people are addicted to and ‘learn’ from –and we have companies like Comcast to thank for offering it to their mushy minds. Or to quote ‘Hip Hollywood,”

Oxygen To Air Rapper Shawnty Lo Special “All My Babies” (And You’re Gonna Watch)

Yes, I do believe they are ‘gonna’ watch. And we wonder why America is going to hell in a hand-basket. If Parents would pay attention to that kid in the basement once in awhile, they might consider spending five minutes to figure out parental controls on TV sets. Apparently, this is either too much to ask or they just don’t care.

Congratulations to  Comcast and Mr. Lo for their New Low. Perhaps he might consider re-impregnating all of his Mamas during the season. Preferably not on-camera, but given some of the batshit crazy shows they have created, it’s a possibility.

Somebody please pull the Oxygen plug on this scheevy network. And Why Oh Why do women do this kind of degrading thing to themselves with men–and then allow themselves to be exploited over it besides? Is this the only path to fame people can come up with these days? All 15 minutes of it? Whatever happened to the concept of self-respect?

By the way, if you’ve got any new “beats” you want to send Shawnty, here is your big chance. You know you want to. No musical talent required, so not to worry!

You also know you want to see Shawnty and some  “Mutha Fuckin'” analysis  on his “Shit”.  Those are compliments, gang. Get with it! Here ya go! Now don’t shy away. Your kids and grandkids have already seen this and think it’s mutha-fuckin’ awesome, you douchbags and bitches!:


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  1. socal, thanks for the link in the last thread about Ryan and the zygotes. We were ranting about this the day he was announced as the running mate but some people just didn’t think that was important. Go figure. It was an uncrossable line for me to vote for a RWNJ who puts sperms in a petri dish ahead of grown wimmenz. He is fighting for this bill even though the OK supreme court deemed it “clearly unconstitutional” because it blocks wimmenz legal right to abortion.

    How much clearer can it be? This guy was almost at 1600 Penn. Fuck that! The guy in the video with the baby mamas would be a better candidate, perhaps. 😉

  2. Speaking of VPs, Al Gore wouldn’t get my support ever again. It was a Gov’t supported channel. Aren’t you glad you helped get Al another $100 million to add to his $200 million. We need to give our taxes to men like him cuz he’s so green and all. MY ASS. I know a thousand people who are green their whole lives and mean it and walk the walk.

  3. That dirtbag lost Mittens my vote. We can pretend I was the only vote he lost the minute he picked the shitbag. He deserves to be gang raped and left cowering in a corner for life, maybe then he’d get it.

    The people who tried to bully any women into overlooking this bastard’s evilness toward women he thinks he owns can kiss my ass. You pooh pooh my gender’s rights, I don’t want to know you. I can forgive plenty of things but that is definitely not one of them. And I’m not apologizing for it either. As IF those two were going to be any different in the end. Seriously. The sky was going to open and the angels were going to sing and the screwing and pillaging was going to disappear. And I’m Cleopatra.

    Now let’s get off the subject as he’s not worth white space on this blog. He will fail. That’s all we need to know. Hope it makes him crazy. But let’s not look like those who are festering day and night over this loser. Seriously. That’s no more impressive than the other direction. Everybody take their chill pill. If his wife wants to live with him that’s her problem. You do not have to live with him or even tolerate him.

  4. That $200 million is $350 million. Add 100 million to that. Not bad pickins for a guy who never had to prove a thing, could run off his mouth, pretend he was smarter and more powerful than nature, and never answer a single question for four years.

  5. Alas Ben Affleck is not running for Senator of Massachusetts. I know you are all disappointed because everybody knows movie stars are as smart in real life as they are after they mem’rize a movie script. Anyways, he says he is going to continue to help America by carrying on his work in the Congo.

    Poor baby got snubbed by the Oscars. Life as we know it is over. Movies are hardly worth shit anymore, did you notice? used to be they were all good and maybe one was a bomb. Now it’s more like the other way around. I don’t even bother anymore. It’s just like it is with music now, people learn to lower their standards and settle for shit and once in awhile you find a song that is actually music and you like it. But you have to plow through a bunch of shit to hear it.

  6. Upps, all the articles I read, from WaPo to Forbes, put his new net worth at $300 million. Where do you get the $450 million figure from?

    Also, I am not in need of a chill pill or any other pill and am not excited about Ryan. The above was just a “we told you so” and I am really sick of saying that actually. The man isn’t worth it, you’re right about that.

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that had to hurt! Goatfuckers!

  8. Yup he’s not worth your spit, Karen, that’s the point. I bet he cries like a baby that he’s not the VP so he could really go around telling everybody how God wants women raped otherwise it wouldn’t happen and all babies should be born and die of starvation and lack of health care like God intended.

    I got the 300 from other links that I probably no longer kept so, since he’s not worth my spit either, I’ll just concede.

  9. By the way, Al’s “General Investment Management” company that he pimps on his dismal cheap-assed blog has $7 billion in assets. Poor baby was all set to “manage” carbon units like a good trooper. Lousy job but somebody’s gotta do it!

  10. …………And……yesterday’s search phrase winners on the blog are

    Uppity Woman porn
    Beheading Children
    Sick woman on stretcher
    Cheating on your wife

    Brought to you by Healthy America.

  11. Ban all reality shows. 👿

  12. Uppity:

    When I get back, before the day is over, I will post you some hair-raising statistics that specifically support your one statement, out of this RIGHTEOUS RANT POST:

    Well Shawnty’s gonna fix that and show you how he did it, while reminding you he “provides” for all his kids, as if that is the only issue here. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.


  13. EEEWW! Who wants to see that slime? Besides, I’m busy watching Moonshiners.

  14. I used to do regional coordination in metro DC which included government offices for health. Believe me when I say I met a lot of people like this supposed artist. And the dumb women who follow them about. Each woman thinks she is going to be “the one”. Why do you think Ferdinand uses phases like “baby mama” so frequently.

    Odd as it seems, the old three/four major network system with assorted local independents had a far more positive vibe than 200+ channels of crap that were supposed to harken a new era of quality programming.

    Since Mom is DVD impaired (she did finally manage tapes – once it became almost impossible to get a VHS player), she has to depend on cable when I am not home. Mom likes to watch an hour or so at lunch and a couple hours again at night and it has been getting harder to find things shows she will enjoy. It’s not just the reality shows themselves, it is the constant stream of off putting commercials for such reality shows during every other program. I was more than happy when TV Land (at least for now) got the message that reality shows were not appreciated by all. Now Mom can watch Andy and Raymond and the gang from Mash in relative peace. And of course she is beyond happy that Hallmark finally finished their annual blitz of Christmas movies and the Golden Girls has returned to the air.

  15. Ke$ha is going to entertain at Mr. Classy’s Musicians on Call Presidential Inaugural Charity Benefit, yessir. I don’t ever remember a president who courted as much sleaze entertainment as Barack Obama.

    But Ke$ha makes you a promise for her inaugural show:

    “You will leave covered in sweat, beer, glitter, and, just maybe, you’ll get a special edition Ke$ha condom. If it breaks, you have to name you daughter or son after me.”

    No wonder an offensive reality show with 11 babies from 10 women is a cool thing.

  16. Ripley is unconscious and her kittens are reallllllllllly busy.

  17. And how for the Line-Up at the trough.

  18. This litter needs some color. Somebody throw an orange cat in there!

  19. Our Neighbor Syd’s group just took in a dog with the worse demodex they OR I have EVER seen.

    Previous owners should be shot at dawn and hung at dusk.

  20. So what is the girl kitten with the white collar’s new name? I can’t stand to have her called “Newt”. Totally unsuitable to her cuteness.

    I don’t like any of these kittens’ names but Newt is the worst.

  21. I will answer my own question since no one else has. LOL.

    I suggest “Babycakes”. It’s sweet and sassy like she seems to be.

  22. Changed my mind about the statistics on men like shawty lo.

    However, the statistics on kids produced by ‘people’ like this – from suicide rates, dropout rates, substance abuse rates, crime-incarceration rates, mental health, poverty, runaways, neglect, abuse, etc., etc., are all off the charts.


    And here is a quote from this “Cockroach Story” Celebrity:

    In remembering his youth, he says, “I came to be one of the largest drug dealers to come from Atlanta, Bankhead area and I started haven’ kids. When the money came, a lot of women came,” said Shawty Lo. “Once you feel like a girl was your girlfriend or whatever, the rubber probably came off.” He continued, “They wouldn’t have an abortion. They used to take the money and run with it, and they’d have a baby by the most popular guy in the street, and that’s how I had all them kids.”

  23. OMG! TV is going from bad to worse. I’m so glad I longer watch it.

    OK, it’s true I watch, and have watched, some series after their initial airings (eg, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Sopranos, Homeland, Big Love) by DVD or streaming, but that’s different fare. The point is that I love being able to screen what I watch and never being beholden to the broadcaster’s schedule.

  24. I do exactly the same thing, NES. Only person I know who never watched Seinfeld till after it went into syndication. My way. My time. And I NEVER have EVER watched a reality show, except some horrid snatches of that hoarder show. Good God. What sickening crap.

  25. What a trashy thing for Lo to say! And here he is exploiting those women besides so he can strut around like a studly. What fools they are.

  26. Knock Knock NES. I have greek lamb in the oven.

    See you in an hour. Gotcha back.

  27. Me no like babycakes. She’ll name herself soon enough.

  28. UW, me and the Billy-Homies have a term for this crap, but I will not post it here. Bottom line; we have become a degenerate nation!

  29. Man, this is just as worse as that Canadian version of Jersey Shore. At least the network had a sense of shame and pulled the plug on the show.

  30. They called this woman the Mother Teresa of animals in the article. She is also a St. Francis of Assisi type.

  31. NES:

    Here’s the footage of our practice run for YOUR upcoming parachuting into Uppity’s backyard – when we find her address.

    You landed that one nicely – and I didn’t crash- land this one, so I think we’re ready for the final run:

  32. Damn I can’t read that Karen, because I refuse to login and let that bullshitting NY Times cookie me.

    I’ll take your word that she’s mother teresa and not an animal hoarder.

  33. Holy Cannoli, Bedelia, they had a Canadian version of Jersey Shore? Curiosity is killing me. What did they call it?

  34. Siglinda Scarps is the woman’s name. The Goat House refuge is the name. Lots of info and site links on google -etc. I bet she can cook too.

    Not hoarding, they sayshe is not nuts. She cares.

    She has a site for her pottery art etc too. I am on my kindle so can’t open much up to look but look her up. North Carolina rescue.

  35. Typo,,,


  36. hmmm…..snow globe in the header….I wonder where they got those pengys THIS time?? Lock up yer pengys everyone!!!

  37. Reading about this woman is bringing me to tears. She makes a 10 course gourmets feast. I think I will move to NC insteadof Fl.

  38. Imust- did you see the picture of the Penguin babies on The Critter Room that I linked to? No wonder I like Ash he looks like a bear cub and he looks like a pengy!

  39. I don’t know how I missed it, but I just saw the video Lorac posted of the guy who said the defendent had his dog. It was sooooooo touching to see that big chooch cry when they brought the dog in and the dog just freaked out over him and was crawling up his leg.

    Dumb Dumb bought the dog off the street for $40, a pedigreed Poodle after somebody obviously stole it. She got pretty attached as it took four months for the court case to occur, for a total of 6 months with the dog, which she said she bought for her mother.

    Anyways, it was very touching to see that guy so emotional when he saw his dog again.

  40. Chip your pets, folks! Vets check for chips these days as a normal course of things. And so do shelters. No chip. Out to lunch.

  41. I really do not remember. It was originally planned to be aired at least a couple years but I haven’t heard much about it since the producers pulled the trailer off of Youtube. Basically, the stars of the show were these kids who lived in Toronto. Each of them were the worst racial stereotypes ever. (Giggly Asian girl, anyone?)

  42. It was called “Lake Shore.”

  43. Damn if that link didn’t lock up my machine. I had to reboot. WTF was that. But I did see the first page and bless that woman’s heart, but now I worry for her and those cats. Last time somebody publicized this kind of thing, that Caboodle Ranch, and those cats looked like they had a great life, the PETA Freaks were all over him like white on rice, they took the cats from him and destroyed everything he was doing. God knows what happened to those cats after that. I hope this doesn’t happen now to this woman, because that’s what meddling sons of bitches do.

  44. OMG ROFL Bedelia. Priceless!

  45. Hey Bedelia, you think they can find a guy with 11 kids from ten different women?

  46. I know, like so freaking original! *eye roll*

  47. We were just talking about how our society/culture is almost totally in the toilet. What the hell is wrong with people? I can’t believe what is considered entertainment anymore. Anyway, great article Upps, laker read it also and says the same. We both love the adorable pic of Needlenose & Joe. Most refreshing after reading about the rap skank.

    karen, you’re welcome! What a futile use of his time. With everything going on in this country now, this is how he spends his time. That crackpot Joe Walsh said some really crazy stuff also yesterday. Thank god he lost his election…still, why does he get media coverage? Normal, intelligent people (or decent entertainment) get little coverage, but the freaks and degenerates are front and center. Depressing.

  48. Am also disgusted with Al Gore, what a money grubbing creep he turned out to be. John Stewart did a piece about his cable sale, but pointed out how Rupert Murdoch owns 20% of an even worse goat f’er network than the one Gore sold out to. Although, we already know that Murdoch is a scheeve, but I guess there are no limits to how low he will go for $ and power.

  49. Awwwww I know that pic was put there just to get me mushy Uppity. Hugs and kisses to Needlenose and Joe.

    What in the hell has TV come to ? No wonder I watch the channels that play all the oldies. I can watch Golden girls over and over. Was it suggestive ? Yes but it was not flipping porn. That show puts me in stiches always and I still ” LOVE LUCY” .

  50. Ok, I must confess – I’m crying here, over the Goat House stories.

    I want to get over the FOUR I’ve loved – but the last one did me in.

    Rescued her as a kitten, just like the others. The day I had her spayed, I brought home a new puppy – who she OBVIOUSLY thought she had given birth to at the vet. She let everyone know, who came within two feet of her ‘kitty-puppy’ – permission must be granted to touch and HOWLING… WAAAHARRRRR!!! means “WAR!”

    You should see the pictures of her – loved car rides, boat rides, water bike rides – she went everywhere with me… or else.

    Needlenose and Joe… ADORABLE!!!!

  51. The baby momma show makes me wonder why we accept spaying of animals and not humans.. At least the animals are usually very good parents.

  52. The baby momma show makes me wonder why we accept spaying of animals and not humans.. At least the animals are usually very good parents.

    This would be hilarious if it weren’t so damned true.

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