“I’d like to report a lion sighting”

“I’d like to report a lion sighting,” the first caller said according to the Virginia-Pilot. “Say that again?” a dispatcher responded.

“I just saw an animal that looked like a small lion.” It had “the mange and everything,” another caller told the police reported the newspaper.

Yeah, you know, the Lion with the big Mange…

That wasn’t the only 911 call reporting a lion with a ….um….mange around his neck, either.

The ferocious beast was on the loose,  the people were terrified — and they were turning him in left and right. The authorities were called. The ZOO was called. The Hunt was On.



Problem is, the lion turned out to be this guy.

This is Charles The Monarch, 4 year-old Labradoodle, complete with a lion haircut. He definitely does have a mane but sure doesn’t look  like he has The Mange.

Personally, I just want to get on the ground  right now with him and play, don’t you?

You can say hi to Charles at his own personal Facebook page, where Charles not only does his own Facebook entries, but refers to himself as

Just another party animal.

Charles is most definitely enjoying his 15 minutes of dog fame and who could blame him? He is definitely more fun that Octomom any day of the week!

And he’s a lot cuter too!


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  1. I love that face. I too want to roll on the floor and rub the lion’s belly.

    Did you all see the notice from Homeland Security to disable Java? I didn’t do it but maybe I should. What do you say, Upps?


  2. Java has always been a bit of a security issue. But a lot of things don’t work if you disable it. I have to laugh because nobody gets hacked more often than our own government computers. We are the joke of the day to China. I suggest Homeland work on its own problems. First and foremost, have a good and up to date antivirus and firewall. Note I said GOOD and up to date. This means you want software that catches the most and some of the ones I have seen some of you use are definitely not in that category. Also, I do not use Remote Anything. Remote means a hacker can use remote too if he’s clever enough. I’m more concerned about google, including gmail than I am about java. Listen, anybody can be hacked a zillion different ways, the idea is to stop it in as many ways as you can. I know this is probably not a good way to put it these days, but you can be robbed a lot easier if you leave all your doors and windows open. Same holds true of your computer. You can still be robbed with doors and windows locked, which means get a gun and dog. It’s kind of like the same for your computer. Nobody takes sercurity serious enough and I gave up lecturing people on it because it’s a waste of my spit.

    And finally, I don’t believe anything Napolitano tells me. She still thinks Ft Hood was workplace violence. And she still calls terrorism ‘manmade disasters’. Disabling java probably has some meaning to the spy government we are living with. They can’t be trusted with our lives and definitely not with our privacy, and we all know it. However, this Java warning has been around for many months, so that shows you what slugs our homeland security is made up of.

    Keep private information off your computer. Log on EACH and every time at sites that keep your personal information. One of the biggest threats to your security is the phrase “Do you want us to remember you on this computer?”. Seriously, folks. 95 percent of ID theft is caused by stupidity. When you buy something from a vendor online, allowing them to ‘register’ you and store your charge card information to make it ‘easy” for you next time is something that is no favor to you when their data base gets hacked. Don’t use the same damned password everywhere either. If your pasword gets stolen from a site (this happened to me on the gawker site when they got hacked) you go to, they have your password for everything. The first thing they will do is try to login to your email address because they KNOW most people are STUPID enough to use the same password. Stop being lazy and you will be safe. Java is the least of most people’s worries compared to the way they practically hand over their information because it’s “easier”.

  3. Now that’s a guy I can Love, love, love! lol.

  4. If you want to disable java, and like I said, it’s always been a problem, you can get your instructions here

    If somebody needs step by step in Firefox or chrome let me know. If you disable it, you might have a few problems on some sites but nobody will die, if you get my drift.

  5. The following is from an article:

    Don’t Be Surprised by Obama’s Beltway Boys’ Club Cabinet

    The number of women and men employed on Capitol Hill is roughly equal, but more than twice as many chiefs of staff are men. The disparity is even starker among Republican members, who employ more than four times as many men than women in their top staff spots. In offices headed by Democrats, the number of male and female chiefs of staff is almost equal in the House, while men still outnumber women 2-to-1 in the Senate.


    …And WHICH WOMAN does Washington area women think has done more to advance the cause of WOMEN? Hmmm, let’s see….

    (Check out this survey graphic and be sure to read the fine print)

  6. Woops – that didn’t work. So here’s the link to the Survey Graphic:

  7. p.s. Click on the graphic once and it will enlarge – and you can read the fine print (just for those who may not know that.)

  8. You know why Hillary is up there? Because she sticks her middle finger in the air at these dickheads every single day. She ignores them for the stupid, mediocre men they are. She makes their little pee pees shrivel. The freaks in the middle east are afraid of her. Women there who are marked get to stay alive because she calls out their names in public or takes a photo with them. NOthing is more fun to watch than those goatfucking women murderers take note.

    Make no mistake, this all about men not wanting the competition. With the status quo, mediocre men can reach high levels of power and their poor fragile egos can be stoked. It’s also about cheap domestic servitude they don’t like losing. It’s not as if we aren’t looking at exactly that in the WH and in Congress. The only way it will ever change is when half the women in the USA figure out they are being used and manipulated and join the other half to put the skids on these mediocre ass clowns. Till then, expect to put up with the worse kind of man……..the guys who pretend to champion and support women, when it’s convenient. They are more despicable than the blatent sexists, because you have to ferret them out. But make no mistake, they ferret themselves out eventually. These are the guys who mentor you till you get too close to becoming their equal. They’re the guys who support you to your face and stick it up your ass behind your back. The guys who think a rape apologist is no big deal since they can’t get pregnant or screwed up for life. They all deserve to be raped in a dark alley with a broom and then feel the shame and fear for the rest of their miserable lives. They’re everywhere. And women fall for their bullshit and pretend to themselves that these are good men with honest intentions for their lives. They’ll tell you that you hate men, which translates into they hate women and want the Old Days when they could smack them around and come home to that hot meal and a simperlng servant. There are fewer and fewer of them out there for them. Too fucking bad. Grow up and act like an adult, we are not put on this earth to suck up to your needs and put our own needs last. Not to want to put up with that bullshit is not ‘radical” it’s self-preservation. These are guys who women left and everybody knows why except them. Seriously. They should try being mentored by a real man for a change. Because women prefer men whose egos aren’t attached to their macho bullshit and if a mediocre man has to reduce his competition to get anywhere, who the hell wants him anyways? Now fetch us a beer. We’re crankly over this shit. Very Very Cranky. These guys in DC had best take note because we can do nasty just like they can, and we will till they stop deliberately thwarting us, talking about us as if we aren’t there, acting like they own us and try to control what is none of their damned business. If they want to do that, they can all go to Goatfuckistan and do it with the blessings of Sharia. I’m sure the pope will approve.

  9. When I think what could have happened to that wonderful dog because some people are so stupid…
    He has a beautiful smile but keep him on a leash.*
    * Until you take him to the dog park.

  10. OMG! Hillary ran away with that survey! Poor MO, only 4% right there with Nancy “impeachment is off the table” Pelosi at 3% !!! Hahahahaha!

  11. Yes sue it does appear that his owners, while milking the fame, are irresponsible assholes for letting that dog out alone so stupid people could mistake him for a lion. This is the height of pet irresponsibility. Dogs get shot for running loose. Dogs attack other animals. Or get attacked by other loose dogs. They get hit by cars. They eat poisonous things. They are like two year olds. You wouldn’t let your two year old run around loose but you’ll turn a dog loose and expect nothing bad to happen. Put a fence up or get off your ass and walk your dog or don’t get one.

  12. Yeah imust. Nancy is going to have to read that survey so she can see what’s in it.

  13. I don’t bring my dog to dog parks. I am not worried about my dog, I am worried about other people’s dogs. I don’t want another dog near my dog when I have no idea if he’s properly vetted, had his shots, isn’t carrying a parasite or kennel cough. I especially don’t want animal aggressive breeds near my dog, no matter how “sweet” the owner says it is. My dog gets to play with a few other dogs. I pick the dogs. But the biggest reason I don’t go to dog parks is stupid owners, espcially the owners of More Dog Than They Can Handle.

  14. LOL! Sorry Nancy, they wanted someone “fresh”.

  15. Hahahah Nancy. You lose. Nobody even wants to go NEAR your ladder anymore.

    Michelle is just another primpo first lady. First ladies aren’t world leaders and I never understand why they put them in with people who are making real life decisions anyways.

  16. Michelle will go down in history as the first lady who starved school kids, sending them into rebellion. The woman who made the boys who practice for the team every day after school eat an apple and some broccoli for lunch, which they burn off in the first 30 seconds.

  17. I changed the We are hungry video to the orginal full version. If you saw the one I had up, go back and look again. These kids did a great job. Get the message, michelle?

  18. Yum school lunch!

  19. That must be an old photo of a school lunch. The milk looks like chocolate milk, a big no-no now!

  20. Did you see this comment on the video?

    Published on Sep 17, 2012
    Good news! The USDA will allow more meats and grains in school lunches following criticisms of parents and lawmakers. To all supporters of our video, thank you for making your voices heard!

  21. Loved the lion cut on the dog seriously but man allowing him to run lose ? Can I have him please ??? I had my guy Butchie done in a lion cut back in the early nineties and it became a fad with my groomer. She was hesitant to do it for me then after she did and photographed him seems requests for that cut were number one at her place. I mainly did it because we lived in the Inland Empire of SoCal and it was fricking hot out there. So since I needed to take the coat off the poor kid I thought he could at least look different.
    As for the we are hungry video I agree those kids did a bang up job and the message is dead on. If I had school age kids they would bring their own lunch and eat what they wanted and amounts they wanted . Mine were never slackers in the eating department and never had an ounce of fat on them because they were always on the go. Staying in the house and lazing about was not an option with me.
    I do not have fat grandkids either. They are always out defying the laws of gravity.
    Kids here used that tune as their ring tones for a long time lol.

  22. Got to go out and dig my darn truck out again. I swear there will be a plow driver with a snow shovel up his ……………soon.
    We got another 6 inches last night. I have 23 inches in my yard from this storm. Most likely four feet or better where that sucker with the plow stacked it behind my driveway. Never buy a corner lot in heavy snow country. Plow drivers revel in the fact they can make the corner and dump the shit from one street into your driveway and turn around and go the other way and make a come back and dump more.
    Hey Upps guess this storm is headed your way. Might want to make nice to that plow driver or get ready to beat him to death your choice.

  23. Ah good on you, kids!

    It’s a current facebook page imust. Here are all their albums. You click on the pic and get the rest. I see choco milk in a number of them.

  24. Utah, we have refused entry of your snow into our state. And that’s that.

  25. Maybe no chocolate milk is just a California thing.

  26. Charles looks dashing in his lion outfit, but my experience with doodles is that they are not friendly and do not belong off a leash in public areas. I had an a-hole neighbor who had a doodle but apparently never heard of a leash. The dog was extremely territorial and seemed to think my property was his territory. I was told by a rep from a local Humane Society that they are seeing some bad traits in the doodle breeds. Too many irresponsible, greedy breeders.

  27. No snow or rain please 🙂

  28. Californ-i-a is having a blast of cold on its citrus crop according to the press. Not as bad a Utah has it at her home but for them it is glove weather at 40 degrees.

  29. I’m stealing this from Anita Finley’s FB page, but it’s worth adding here to the topic of women in Washington. Hillary has left bigger shoes to fill at State then most of us know. Bloomberg News discusses her impact of US businesses during her tenure. Always working for the good of the US!


  30. Thanks for the Java advice, Upps. I am not going to disable it since you say its been an ongoing problem and nothing new. Why close the barn doors when the horses left already? I have protection.

    Love that Hillary got a gold tower of approval and Nancy and MEchelle got little tiny stumpy zilch approval. They so richly deserve to be a dot on her tower. It is amazing how all these leftie sites that were full of obot Hillary hate in 08 now run such glowing praise and hopes for 16 about our girl. I can’t turn this machine on without seeing newsfeeds with Hillary and 2016 in the headlines multiple times a day.

    ESAD bastards. You had your chance for a great President and blew it.

  31. LAUSD is also piloting a “Breakfast in the Classroom” program. The kids don’t have to eat in the cafeteria anymore, they actually bring the food to the classroom in the morning.

  32. Yep, Hugo, we posted at the same time. They loves them some Hillary – NOW. They crapped all over her in 08 and now they are falling all over themselves to kiss her ass. Like Upps says above, she doesn’t even pay them any mind and gives them the finger and ignores their mediocrity. She left them all in the dust and blew their minds with her obvious intelligence and hardwork and accomplishments.

    Yep, like Upps says, they coulda had a V-8.

  33. imust, good idea. Unsanitary and it will bring vermin to the classrooms too. Germs, garbage filled with food scraps, bugs, maggots, smelly foods causing distractions and grease and grime the janitors will love.

    head to desk – what the hell is wrong with people?

  34. They can have tuna sandwiches at their desks but they better not wash it down with brown cow juice.

  35. Exactly karen. The idea is that enough children aren’t eating breakfast even with the free program we already have because it’s served before school in the cafeteria.

  36. LMAO blocked entry into NY rof yea we will see. 40 degrees is a heat wave here lol. Right now at noon we are 18 and now it will drop but that storm is barreling it’s way back east. Should be nailing the heck out of Colorado with it’s finishing touches.
    Now Uppity you would not dream of depriving Needlenose of all that luscious white shit to dance in would you ?
    Poor little Carrie had to wait for the Wrecking crew to make paths for her to walk through otherwise we might have had to wait until Spring thaw to find her lol.

  37. More going to the dogs – 2-1/2 min of pure happiness….

    Sound on!


  38. Utah, I am covering my dog’s eyes. I am sick of washing floors because she thinks she has to go bring in the sheep out of the snow.

  39. What if I send my kid to school with his own chocolate milk, is it confiscated and is there an incarceration? I know awhile back the confiscated a turkey sandwich off a little kid. Too bad the parents ripped their throats out.

  40. Placing a phone call to Needlenose…………………tee hee hee you will never stop her fun.

  41. What are you saying? Everybody I knew brought lunch to school and we didn’t have any vermin. We dumped the garbage in the trash bin like normal people do.

  42. I think if parents want to send their kids to school with lunch it’s nobody’s g’damned business what’s in the bag. I made my own lunch for school as soon as I was tall enough to reach the counter. Only time I bought lunch was pizza friday. I used to barter this great pepper and egg sandwich I would make. I got a lot of good stuff in trade. Apparently mayonnaise faces can’t make peppers and eggs.

  43. You ate your lunches in the classroom?
    And btw, our janitor hours have been cut drastically. They barely have time to clean cafeteria areas, classrooms with food consumed in them every morning would not be a good idea IMO.

  44. twandx, the dog in the skate park should have a helmet on for the concrete. I worry too much! They are clearly having a blast and loving it and good at it. I hope there are no broken bones or skulls.

  45. Love love love the English Bulldogs doing their thing . Whiskey as Uppity might remember from times past loves to sled. If he is out with the grand kids while they are sledding he takes the darn thing over. Also likes to ride on the tube behind the boat. Kahlua not so much. She never really got into things we wanted her to do she thought up all of her own devious deeds to make me go insane like painting my floors in two different houses.
    If in the future I get an ACD pup I will teach it to be a Whiskey and then some. I think a dog skate boarding is awesome.

    Ahhh Uppity best check where your cell is. I hear Whiskey placed a call to her Highness. Kahlua is such a tattletale lmao

  46. Correction, for awhile in grammar school my mother bought the hot lunch for me. Now the lady who managed the lunchroom was one awseome cook. She just died at age 100+. Anyways, we didn’t get those soggy lunches michelle is pimping. We got great stuff like cheeseburgers and shephards pie I am still trying to figure out how she made it. Awesome food. And nobody was fat. You know why? Because we walked to school and we had gym class, gymnastics, softball and a whole bunch of other shit we were expected to do instad of texting. We played outside. In air. You remember air, don’t you? Kids are fat today not because they eat, they’re fat because the most exercise they get is moving from the basement computer to the dinner table and then back down to the basement. They don’t burn their calories. When I went to school you couldn’t graduate if you didn’t pass physical education. Only exception was disabled people. No excuses. We moved our asses or we outgrew our desks before we got out of that school.

  47. We ate lunches in class at LAUSD in the 50’s and early 60’s on the days it was raining. We never had a cafeteria. Everyone either went home for lunch or brought their own. No one was over weight or died.

  48. Yeah, we had hundreds of classrooms in NYC schools. My graduating class was 5000 kids. The janitors have a hard enough time keeping the massive lunch room clean of food if they had to clean food debris in all the classrooms there would be bugs and rats all over the place.

    We entered the building in the morning, put our brown bag lunches with our names on it in the cafeteria locker in one school and on shelves in the later schools. We were not permitted food upstairs in the classes.

  49. I checked the weather underground Utah. It’s 54 degrees here right now and the lowest expected temperature for the next two weeks is 42. We might get rain but we ain’t getting any snow. Unless the meteorologists are pulling this info out of their asses. Nah, that never happens…..

  50. I like egg salad with olives. If I were in school today would I get detention for that?

  51. Come to think of it. When I went to my first college I had to pass phys ed there too. We swam, bowled, tennis, you name it. It was a requirement. In between demonstrations of course. lol

  52. Check out twandx’s link. Will you look at that boy surf!??? Gotta put that one up soon.

  53. Hummmmmmmmm now I’m wishing for egg salad.

  54. See Karen different times. We brought our lunch box or brown bag into the class and put them on a shelf were we also hung our coats. Went back to grab a coat and snack for recess and went out munching on a snoball or twinkie.
    My graduating class was over 1800. No classroom I was in was ever under 40 and usually over 50. Remember my generation was the biggest as was any boomer. One teacher and no aides to help. Back then though a Janitor was respected and kids cleaned up their mess or got to stay after school and help him push the broom.

  55. Hah I insist that your temp will drop. Ours was in the 40’s right before that dastardly storm hit. Prior to that it was blasting cold then temps went up and then the storm hit and we are digging our way out. Got to run work is beckoning me.

  56. Plastic bags were unheard of in my elementary school days. We had lunch boxes with our favorite characters on them and we had brown sandwich sacks. They were small paper bags to hold the PB&J together and keep it from getting sticky goo all over.

    The spice kittens were little guys compared to these giant panda bear kittens. I love when Ash crawls through chickenfish and gets stuck. That kitten thinks everything it does out before proceeding. Slow and steady and smart. Investigates the perimeter of the towel inch by inch. Interesting contrast to the last loveable batch. These are alien kittens. John said they are strange looking little buggers. They are climbing to the top of the cage, John will let them out in a few days. They are going to be rip-roaring when they get their sturdy legs in a week or two.

  57. See? Utah and I went to different schools together!

    My high school had so many kids we had to do Post Graduate. We graduated kids in January and June. No cops in the school either. If you had to go to your counselor you crapped your pants. If you had to go to the Vice Principal (and there was only one), you know you were in deeeeeeeeeeep shit when you got home. If a kid was an asshole they threw his ass out of school. Not everybody was college bound either. We had useful alternatives, like shop and plumbing and electrical. Today you can’t even find a decent plumber because everybody went to a dumbed down college and is waiting for his corporate america ship to come on while they play on their computer.

    Oh and we learned to add and shit without a calculator. I saw a girl in a drug store break down and cry because the machine was broken and she had to make change using her head. No kidding. I had to help her make change.

    And Karen, we didn’t have plastic bags either. We brown bagged it. So did the grocery stores.

  58. Karen, Ash definitely had a different father than the rest of that litter. The cat is huge.

  59. T summarize what Uppity Woman, on January 12, 2013 at 11:36 AM said:

    To all of those out there in the world who are now creating that BIG SUCKING SOUND – WE knew her when she was always THE WOMAN she is today:

  60. imust, we not only ate our lunches there, if we didn’t go home…..but we had snack time with milky. I went to schools with tons of kids and one janitor. They kept up just fine. Like Utah, my classes were big too. Just the teacher and us. never even heard of a teacher’s aid. We had a school nurse. One. My high school had a cafeteria though. We all brought our lunches for the most part. I don’t even remember what the cafereria served because I never stood in line except on friday for pizza. The rest of the time, I brown bagged it. If I forgot my lunch it was toughsky shitsky unless a friend shared with me. Sometimes my friends and I would alternate making lunch for each other too. It was a social event, a trading event. A fun event.

    When I taught HS there were no teacher’s aids then either.

  61. We had swing shift in HS. Some started at 7am and others at 11am. They broke the enter and leaving time up so they didn’t have all those kids coming and going at once. When first shift left the building got quieter. And first shift had a quiet morning time. I hated second shift HS in the winter because when we left for the day it was dark and freezing already. But first shift sucked too because it was dark when they arrived in the am. From 11 – 1 there was an overlap and the place was packed and the halls were traffic jams.

    I scraped up pocket change and grabbed a burger or pizza at nearby stores when we were allowed out for lunch. We’d save up and splurge on hot dogs or candy too. They had hot lunch at school but it was pretty crappy. They put tart relish in the tuna salad on soggy bread, etc.

    And canned gravy over everything – meat loaf or burger or chicken. The veggies were all the same – boiled to a pulp and gross.

  62. Ash and Bishop are very similar. John is in there now.

  63. Leave my dog alone Utah! She looks nasty enough already. Now i gotta spend a fortune to groom her shaggy ass.

  64. Yes I was a February grad. June classes were huge well into the 3000 + range. Winter grads were the smaller of the two classes. I am telling you fear knew no bounds when you got that summons to go to the counselors office or the VP and if by chance that summons had the Principals name on it you were toast lol. I got a few but seriously they were for something good I had done or was being chosen to do however the fear was there. You already knew you had done something that they could have found out about lmao. I was notorious for being out in the bleachers and grabbing a smoke.
    Ok for real bye now

  65. Karen, in high school there was a little restaurant right nearby that catered to the kids. You know, bar stools and tables. We would go there sometimes to get a burger and fries and a coke. So we had options. If we had money we sure as hell weren’t going to spend it on cafeteria food when we could go get a burger. As I look back in retrospect the old guy who owned that place was a perv.

  66. Damned Uppity – when you throw the facts out there about Hillary, past, present and future, you could have a heart and close your comment with links to penis pumps and nail repair kits. LOL!

  67. I want to take a brush and groom Ash. She’s got one hell of a coat on her. She is only a tiny bit heavier than Parker and Dallas at the last weigh in. It is all fur on that girl. The smallest weight was Bishop but still only three ounces apart from Ash. They’re all the same size only fuzzy coats on the three lady kits make them look like brutes.

  68. John said he’d be right back to play with the kittens. I am making hot tea and am going to enjoy this. They are adorable. This is addicting!

  69. I so miss the days you are talking about… no wonder the obsession with “Zombies” going on now – it’s closer to reality than we realize, I’m afraid.

  70. I thank God for my daughter. She was a joy to raise. Doing something like that little girl in that pic would have never occured to her. She was a good kid, sweet and studious. She never gave us any trouble.

    That kid will be a mall princess and get her $$$ to spend or else…

  71. (Karen: That’s the 10th of UppityWoman’s 10 Commandments to the Third Wave)

  72. Well maybe she was giving the finger to the boys.

  73. off to watch the belly whoppers, my new name for those kittens john has.

  74. Ash is getting very cute. And my grey and white girl is on schedule. That spotted grey tabby with the white paws is going to be VERY good looking.

    Ash looks like they took the head off a tuxie and stuck it on his body. I bet everybody wants her. I hope they can afford to feed her. lol.

  75. Biggest three week litter I have EVER seen.

    Ripley has eyes the size of quarters FCS.

  76. Well I see it didn’t take long before the crackpots started talking about how much they love the thought of rape again. This time, all you have to do is remember to relax, or not relax or some such shit. Personally I am begining to think this is mental porn for these perverts. I say, STICK IT IN YOUR ASS, you perverts. You tend to your limp dicks and we’ll tend to our vaginas. Or didn’t you get the message last election? No matter, there’ll be another election, and don’t forget to start up about regulating women again, you hear? You keep this up and your opponents won’t even have to leave the house to win, even if they are flying assholes. Women are getting serious you limp dickwads. Go find another hobby, pigs. The Pope is not your friend.

  77. I picked up a box of Nature’s Path organic flax plus maple pecan crunch cereal. I never had it before and thought it might be like cardboard since the ingredients were all natural and the numbers were all very good and healthy. It is probably the best cereal I have ever had. I enjoyed it so much I looked it up on-line and saw it won awards for Best New Product, etc. Very tasty and good for you.

    (The first comment here says it had no pecans in the box – non-sense – mine was packed with lots of them. I bet the comment was from a Kelloggs executive.)


  78. I’ll have to try it then. Thanks for the tip! I hate hate hate that Kashi cereal.

  79. Wow, lotta calories though. 220 for half a cup with no milk. Is it slow eating? you know, lotsa chewing? Otherwise you could wolf down a half a cup in no time.

    Their other products look good too.

  80. Karen and Upps–coincidence? Nature’s Path donated $267K for Prop 37 and Kashi’s Daddy (Kellogs) donated $632.5M against it. Tastes buds steer you right!

  81. Well then I have another great reason to hate Kashi cereal. I mean besides the fact that it looks like rat pellets and tastes like wood chips.

    Seriously, looks like a bunch of rodents took craps in the box. Horrid stuff. I threw a whole box out after trying to choke down a bowl of that crap.

    Looks like “7 whote grains on a mission” must be a GMO mission.

  82. Yeah, the box for Nature’s Path has information on fighting GMO food. There is a lot of maple taste and all the ingredients are carefully sourced. I don’t normally do recommendations but this stuff is great.

    The calories are good ones, Upps. Nut calories are healthy cals.

  83. I make my own granola and then have that for cereal when I want cold cereal. It was a “rule” I made since cereal is way too convenient for me and I behave like one box is one serving. My granola is fabulous, but a hassle to make, unless I really, really want it.

  84. I’m a real flax seed lover. I buy this toothy bread from a local baker and it’s just full of flax seeds. I just love it. You toast it and it has that wonderful nutty flavor. I’m going to try this cereal for sure.

    I see a future of companies like this doing the labeling so that people know if it’s NOT labeled, it’s GMO. That’ll fix em.

  85. karen, my granola is pretty high calorie too, because of the nuts, oil, and maple syrup. But like you said, they’re good calories. A serving of that will stick with you you longer than a serving of Special K. And your cereal also has flax seeds which add to the calories, but well worth it, IMHO.

  86. If you want a good laugh, I saw a container of milk that said something to the effect that our regional farmers ‘try’ to ensure that there are no antibiotics in their milk and no GMO in the feed. Try, no kidding. They said “Try”. WTF does that mean

  87. Upps, there is the Non-GMO Project, which is exactly like you said, businesses taking their own initiative to have their foods tested and verified and then they get this label. It’s slowly gaining traction.

  88. I was on gluten-free for a while and recently started eating it again. Pizza, pasta, ravioli is in my blood. I just eat smaller portions now and keep gluten rare.

    Still4Hill has a great read today. She went after the CDS crowd and she did it with pizzaz and pow. SMILE.

  89. Yes Sophie, I saw the site, I follow them. You know, it’s a great way to embarrass everybody else. I like that Label It Yourself idea too. You go to the store, you slap GMO! labels on things. Let people know.

  90. For no-GMO in the feed, trying means that they bought organic feed but the organic farmer they bought it from did not have it tested to ensure that an “ill wind” did not blow in any unwanted genetics. For no antibiotics in the milk, trying means that they sequester cows from the herd while they are ill and on antibiotics and test them before they rejoin the herd, but no method is perfect.

    Even when farmers are genuinely trying, they are dealing with living creatures. Stuff happens. They have to say “trying” on their label because if they can’t be perfect (and really, no one can) they could be sued.

  91. I love home made granola but yea, it is a pain in the ass.

  92. Karen, if you make your own bread and pasta, you’re better off. I think part of this sudden onset of gluten intolerance is because food manufacturers have been increasing gluten for some time. If you go back to the real stuff with the correct ratio and like you said, mind your portions, you might be able to tolerate it.

    I’m with you–gluten is in my DNA. In fact, today at the natural foods store, they were selling this single-serving gluten free pies and I asked if I could get the ones with the gluten!

  93. I think Italian DNA is like 49% gluten or something. lol.

  94. Bleck with wordpress and this horrid blue color they plastered all over everything. I hate that color. I have my admin settings to the grey choice but everything is still that pukey blue now. Who the hell picked out that color and why do I have to look at it. The stats page is particularly horrid.

  95. ROFL. Agree!

  96. I just saw a headline about France striking Mali. Yikes.

  97. If France kills a bunch of goatfuckers, it works for me.

  98. Someone on FB: “I believe in the pastor’s words: we should isolate all the gays to prevent them from reproducing.”

    Where do these people come from? I certainly am getting more an more proud each day of my NY state public education. I highly recommend it to the rest of the country.

  99. We should isolate all crazy assed pastor’s and their sycophants and prevent them from reproducing.

  100. Dumb bastards. They make god wince, no kidding. It’s like Oh Man STFU and stop dropping my name.

  101. We should isolate all crazy assed pastor’s and their sycophants and prevent them from reproducing.

    Isn’t that the idea behind the Holy Roman church?

    Which seems antithetical, no? I mean, if the clergy are our most spiritual, centered, peaceful, and educated (which they were at one time), wouldn’t you want to perpetuate those genes instead of eradicating them?

  102. Ok, that’s how we got where we are today in a nutshell. We have systematically promoted celibacy among our most spiritual and rape and pillage among the warrior class.

  103. In honor of Pat Benatar’s 60th birthday (today), I’m going to Hit Myself with my Best Shot of Scotch.

  104. Sophie, the doctrine for priests not marrying, I think comes from the NT where Jesus (who is presumably celebate) says something to the effect that he prefers you not marry but it’s better to marry than burn. Burn meaning burn for a woman and probably also a play on burn in hell as a result of your lust out of marriage, blah blah blah.

  105. Upps, the doctrine for priests not marrying is financial. Initially, RC clergy married, had kids, the whole 9 yards. When they died, there were issues of inheritance and property. Celibacy was implemented in the Middle Ages. Consider it the first instance of a major corporation figuring out how to roll back “entitlements”

    The burn quote was Paul, not Jesus.

  106. Jesus said surprisingly little about sex an marriage, with the point usually being about adultery. Listening to some Christians today, you’d think that was all Jesus talked about.

  107. Honestly, I think both Jesus and, later, Paul expanding on the issue of Celibacy when addressing the Corinthians, were referring to being able to achieve a single-minded focus when choosing to serve God.

    (When married, or being open to that path for one’s life, the focus is on pleasing a spouse and managing one’s worldly affairs, rather than absolute focus on devotion to God and God’s plans, Vis-à-vis His devoted servants to carry them out – for the “Kingdom of God.”)

  108. I agree, Sophie, Jesus was responding to his disciples concerns about their natural lives – “leaving everything” in an act of total devotion when it came to “following him.”

    He also said, according to the Bible, ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all other things will added…’

  109. That dog is adorable, he looks like a stuffed animal with a happy face. We know a family that has one, and the dog has this weird bumpy ridge of bones on top of his head. He is a sweet dog, but I think they’re going too far, experimenting too much, with these “designer” breeds. My mom has a half papillon/half pom (she rescued it, didn’t buy it) and she has it cut with a lion cut every summer.

    Utah, laker loves that your dogs have booze names.

  110. What do you guys think about the French landing in Mali to push al qaeda back?

  111. Yes you are right, sorry, Paul, the guy that got knocked off his horse. The one who told women they should STFU, right? In any event, it did free a lot of them up for little boys, it seems. Better to pedo than to marry. Ah, the property thing, I might have known. Only really good priest I ever knew as a kid had to leave the church because he fell in love. He died a few years ago and they were a real love story. He was a wonderful man, with or without that frock they took from him. If he had just stuck with little boys he would have become a bishop.

    The adultery thing is the far right’s loophole to multiple divorces and remmarries. After all, adultery is an acceptable reason to divorce, so all you have to do is commit it and you’re all set to go and can go ahead and covet thy neighbor’s wife and things. They should really change the Defense of Marriage Act to the Defense of Marriage, Divorce, Marriage, Divorce, Marrage Act. Marriage is so “Sacred,” they just can’t stop doing it. That one ranks right up there with the five deadly sins. I said five, not seven, because they all seem to know a lot about the deadly sins they don’t have and get really busy noticing them in others, but their own deadly sins, not so much. Falwell was a glutton, all you had to do was look at him to know that. You could run down the list of these hypocrites. Jesus was a decent guy.. But too many of his followers are assholes he wouldn’be caught standing next to.

  112. socal it’s about TIME the French fought back. They are about ten seconds from becoming Goatfuckistan. Maybe they’re finally mad as hell and aren’t taking it anymore. I know Merkel has had it too and was one of the first to come right out and call multiculturalism a dismal failure. USA hasn’t got those guts.

  113. I really think that if my former religion would stop treating sexuality like something you should feel guilty about because it’s so filthy unless you are doing your duty and making a baby, they might attract more normal men to the priesthood. You don’t tell someone they cannot ever have sex of any kind without feeling filthy and sinful and expect that person not to either show up already screwed up……or become screwed up eventually. I don’t know squat about pedophilia as it disgusts me to the point of puke-atude, but I wonder if some of these priests eventually do this because they are so deprived and ultimately depraved. I don’t care what anybody says, you cut someone off from their sexuality with guilt and self-loathing and chances are good they are going to think about sex a lot and find an outlet. I suppose that’s the idea, to keep them feeling filthy and guilt-riddled. This is a religion that runs on guilt, emotional self-punishment, suppression, oppression, stoicism and shame. It all reminds me of that old cheech and chong routine where he used to be screwed up on drugs and now he’s screwed up on the Lord.

  114. Imagine those priests constantly doing marriage cermonies week after week and watching the beautiful blushing bride and handsome groom running off on honeymoon to bonk themselves senseless. The family all tells them with a wink and a nod “have fun you two” and “give us a grandchild in 9 months” hardy har har. Even the weddings where the bride pulls up her gown and shows her bare leg and removes her naughty garter. “oh you lucky man hubba, hubba” They hear confessions of teenagers, “forgive me father I was a little whore in the back seat of my boyfriend’s car and was a baaadddddd girl” and you just know they want to hear the whole story and all the details are important since they live vicariously and not in reality.

    Yep, no doubt, they were put in an unnatural position, as Sophie points out it was for greed not for anything biblical or all the sects would be celibate, and they also added volumes of made up absolute crap and incantations of witchery – like Christmas rituals and incense swinging and hosts and other completely fabricated acts of non-sense with no basis in Christianity what-so-ever – and declared it necessary.

    Not. Not close. The farther you get from “religious groups” the closer you get to God. Go sit on a rock on top of the Grand Canyon – you will find God there.

  115. Socal, I wish them all well. Europe and the UK need to respond to threats to their society and well being. As Upps said it has been creeping up for so long that they do need to act and act now. I presume Hillary has been highly busy with planning among the allies. May this all end peacefully as possible and as soon as possible.

  116. Karen let’s face it, nothing ever ends peacefully with these savages from another century.

  117. Yep. And Europe is not what it once was. And they did that all on their own too, before the other foreign savages arrived enmass. The economy is hell bent on collapse just a short time after the Euro was proposed to fix the problems. The islands in the caribbean are all but ignored for the most part these days and pay to the euro overlords but get little in return. And the mob and greedy politicians abound there too. No better than the drug lords in this part of the world.


    My sister almost retired to France. She is glad she stayed state-side.

  118. The Mange. LOL. He is kind of weird tho? Geez. LOL. Oh god Uppity. Looking at the news and I want to vomit. Oh ps: Boston Globe did a bit on Hillary’s cookies circa 92. Well, we covered all that long ago. Monstrous. Really it is. psss: watching documentaries on Imelda, oh yeah. Same bat channel. Hugs.

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