Ping Pong Cat is better at it than you are.


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  1. Love the ping pong kitteh.

    Here’s a new skin care product we all need to lather all over ourselves:–abc-news-health.html

  2. You just know somebody is going to pour a whole bottle of that stuff in their bathtub and say “cannibis take me away” – Calgon will be bankrupt.

  3. India. Another rape, another bus, another 6 savages arrested. So sad.

  4. Animals. The West should cooperatively offer asylum to all women and girls in the ME, get them the hell out of that shithole, and then turn the place into a parking lot.

  5. Awwww!! That is so cute. 🙂

  6. karen for Clinton, on January 13, 2013 at 10:40 AM said:

    India. Another rape, another bus, another 6 savages arrested. So sad.

    Sadder than what goes on in Our Country?

    Animals. The West should cooperatively offer asylum to all women and girls in the ME, get them the hell out of that shithole, and then turn the place into a parking lot.

    Yeah, let’s bring them all here to GoatsfuckUSUSA:

    Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted
    There is an average of 207,754 victims (age 12 or older) of sexual assault each year
    44% of victims are under age 18
    80% are under age 30
    54% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police

    97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail

  7. Sorry Karen and Uppity if my response was a little terse.

    Lately, I’m finding it harder and harder to Ignore my own country’s inability to evolve – beyond its stealth, political oppression of women, resulting in the power to not only legislate our bodies, but minimize our collective power by maintaining the status quo of male dominated governance – 80/20.

    It’s NO accident that only 3% of rapists in this country are punished.

    Since when has equality and justice for women Not had to be FOUGHT FOR in this country?

    At least in India, there is:

    a groundswell of fury about an endemic problem of inadequately dealt with sex crimes against women.

    Here: Law enforcement agencies have been found to be labeling Rape as “Assault” which lowers the “Rape” statistics. Prosecuting “Rape as Rape” problem solved.

    India: Recently Government Committee has recommended abolishing the “two finger test” for determining rape or sexual assault.

    Here: We’re moving right ahead in some states with laws requiring, forced Vaginal Probe procedures and requiring women to have a child in cases of rape and/or incest, not to mention de-funding women’s reproductive health services.

  8. Why Not for Chrissakes, nobody is questioning what happens here in the USA. To even imply that indirectly on this blog who takes shit every day for demanding you either respect women here or go fuck off …really hurts my feelings to say the least. But at least for now they don’t cover us in hefty trash bags and decapitate us in the public forum for perceived affronts. There are NO laws to protect women there, we have laws, shabby as they might be at times, but I will tell you this, if a guy comes into my home and I shoot his balls off and let him bleed out before I get around to 911, nobody will be executing me for it. I got to marry who I wanted to marry, and he doesn’t have five other wives and my inlaws can’t torture me (well they can try but it doesn’t work), and I can DRIVE away when I need down time, and if I am sick I can see a doctor instead of writhing in pain till I die. If my husband decides he doesn’t want me anymore, I don’t get left in the street to beg for alms, instead I get to carry on. If I had a daughter she would be able to go to school without having someone throw acid in her face on the way to the schoolhouse, or without some asshole burning the school down with the girls in it and then making it Unholy for anybody to put the fire out or rescue them because they aren’t wearing their trash bags. Hopefully you get the picture here. If you think this hasn’t had an effect on the USA, then I give you the far right as my exhibit. The longer this kind of behavior is allowed anywhere in the world, the more ideas men in the USA get. Surely you have seen the effects on their mushy brains already. And Goddammit I am not going to stop shouting about it and don’t really need to be reminded of the problems we have here, which at this point are getting worse BECAUSE of the dhimmitude in this country and the ideas they foster. We have had judges find for husbands because beating the shit out of their wives is okay in their religion. SUre that was reversed but it is a sign of the influence of these fuckers and their sympathizers. We’ve had wives decapitated and couldn’t DARE call it an Honor killing. We’ve had savages shoot people dead at Ft Hood and have had to listen to it being called Workplace Violence. The end to what these people do is the ONLY way to fix our own problems before they get worse. If you can’t see that, then I really don’t know what to tell you. But nonetheless, this blog will always deal with this subject, like it or not.

  9. Is “Why Not” also known as Twandx? or are they separate people. One with two accounts?

    India also has that caste system and inequality rules the society.

    I can be head of a corporation here. I cannot drive a car in goatfuckistan. Big freaking difference, imho.

    And yes, we aren’t done with wimmenz issues in this country, not by a long shot, not when some shithole senators, like PAUL FUCKING RYAN, want to take away our rights over a lump of gooey sperm.

  10. How does Paul Ryan do on wimmenz issues?

    My favorite is “the let wimmenz die act” and yet wimmenz votes for ’em! Enlightened wimmenz voted for him to be a heartbeat away from being in charge of THIS country. Yes, we have a LONG way to go.

    Hail Uppity Wimmenz!

  11. LOL No they aren’t the same person, Karen, twandx will get me for that. I was reading over old comments I missed and just accidentally used her nanme instead. I fixed it.

  12. What you are speaking of is a direct attempt at making America a theocrasy and where do you think these assholes get the balls to even try this? They watch goatfuckers. And they learn. That’s how. And of course, the pope and the beanie boys are all too happy to help out. Make no mistake, Why Not, it’s related. We are seeing behaviors that would NEVER have been tried 20 years ago. This is how it all starts. This is why when I hear people dare tell me to put women’s rights and needs aside for something “More important” AGAIN, I am no longer even polite when I tell them to go Fuck Themselves With A Broom. I don’t want friends like that. Meanwhile, being less narrow focused helps to connect the dots for sure.

  13. Paul Ryan can go fuck himself. Whether anybody wants to continue to pretend or not, he was a part of Romney’s loss. Lost MY vote INSTANTLY. And I KNOW I wasn’t alone.

  14. It was me, “Why Not” – not twandx.

    But, we are supposed to be the beacon of human rights around the world, right? A “civilized” country – one which has set the bar – a foundation of human rights, equal opportunity, responsible government resulting in financial stability for those other countries such as India and goatfuckistan, right?

    It’s ALL relative, imo. The statistics regarding violence against women – and what the media and political culture can do to a Hillary Clinton and voters, without flinching – in this country are equally as telling about how “unrefined” our culture is as the beheadings, public floggings, acid burnings, political oppression of women and corruption in those “underdeveloped” cultures – same shit, only by degrees.

    We’re SUPPOSED to be far more socially, culturally, politically, equality-oriented human rights advanced with far less violence, poverty and government corruption than “third-world” countries.

    Well, are we, really?

  15. I think there should be a law against men jerking off and killing all those babies. I do hope a woman in congress submits the bill.

    I swear some of these rape apologists lust in their dicks to rape somebody. It’s all they seem to think about.

  16. Powell steps to the plate for Hillary, not that she needs it, but nice gesture never-the-less and at least he is CDS free:–politics.html

  17. SAVE THE SPERM. Oh the humanity.

  18. Wow! What a conversation! Agree Why Not that our work here in the USA is not done by a long shot, but yes, bad as it is, we are way better than other countries by a long, long shot–for the many reasons enumerated above by UW & Karen. This is not to give America a pass or say: See, things could be worse. Just because things are worse elsewhere doesn’t make bad behavior okay ever.

  19. I actually came here to share:
    Crusty Bread

    I just made this bread. It’s the easiest bread ever! (And my house smells fabulous right now!)

  20. I know what I’m saying is speaking to the choir around here – and that I’m making an extreme comparison.

    Nonetheless, we all know that one of the main things largely holding our society together – protecting us all from greater violence, resulting from joblessness and poverty – is our system of “social programs” – which, in reality, are no longer sustainable.

    We ALL know it, our government knows it. How “we” as a culture navigate through the next 10 years, with our Humanity and Democracy firmly in tact, remains to be seen.

  21. I feel the need to post photos of my loaves so I won’t feel so small

  22. Just went through that Crusty Bread recipe.

    By golly, I think I can do that! Loved, loved the variations in flavors she provided/

    Thanks Sophie!

  23. That bread would go really well with my cast iron Frittata. I got a pic too, so here. If we lived next door, we could share both. recipe is in the recipe tab though. My fraternal grandmother’s recipe right from the old country.

  24. Don’t worry, Uppity, I don’t have to see your photos to know when it comes to baking or cooking, I’m sitting on a penny, dangling my legs, around here.

    But, go ahead and post them. I’m sure I can find a sesame seed – that I hope I can land on.

  25. Yeah I got some loaves pics, why not. I got lotsa pics of my food. I’m nuts that way.

  26. LOL I’m looking at my pics and getting hungry.

  27. …I forgot to tell you that when I compare the results of my baking to other’s, I get suicidal.

    Thanks for the pic – it’s been nice knowing you.

  28. Yummm…

    I definitely would share. You need to hurry–the bread is half gone. Seriously–I can’t trust myself with fresh bread in the house!

    Why Not, the thing about the recipe is that it takes 2 days! It’s incredibly easy to mix up the ingredients and leave them in the bowl, but they have to be left there for 12 (or 18 or 24 hours). And then just transfer to the hot dutch oven and presto! So, one could easily mix up the ingredients after dinner and then have fresh bread tomorrow night with dinner! (Or, you could do it first thing in the morning, then get it in the oven when you get home from work.

    I added a teaspoon of honey to her recipe and next time I’m going to add 3 tablespoons of olive oil as well.


    Are ya at least good in bed????

  30. I got a nice homemade pasta pic. You want a pasta pic?

  31. Trust me, you couldn’t make enough loaves of that Frittata for me.

    Geeeeezus! I’m drooling here!

  32. Lentil soup?

    Beans and cabbage?

    Hand crafted pizza with a pic of Jesus in one of the pieces?

  33. That’s easy why not. Recipe is in recipe tab. All you need is a cast iron pan. You put it in the oven to top it off at the end.

    It’s zucchina, romano cheese (lots), onions, potatoes and spices. Great left over in sandwiches.

  34. Yeah that’s the problem with fresh bread, Sophie. It disappears and later shows up on your thighs.

  35. Why Not, you are drooling because Uppity and Sophie are posting pictures of food porn. They are rascally that way. DE posted pies that literally made me get up and drive to a bakery, FCS. This place is worse than the food network for a perpetual dieter like me.

  36. Pasta pic? Why Not? I’ll reload.

    Sophie, I saw that about letting it sit for 12 hours. I have some fabulous cast iron – wish they were blue – if I had a blue dutch oven I know it would turn out perfect! Seriously. 😉

  37. Seriously we found Jesus in that pizza. I got proof. We woulda sold it on ebay but we were too hungry and ate the pizza and jesus.

  38. Yeah Karen “Food Porn” is right. Every time they do these torturous pics, I’m in the kitchen for days, drinking a lot of wine and talking sh*t to all my friends on the phone in a Julia Child voice. lol.

  39. Home made pasta and meatballs. Basta. Now you can die happy.

  40. Food porn. ROFL!

  41. Wait I gotta post Jesus in my pizza.

  42. Pizza.

    Jesus. Okay maybe he looks more like Lennon, but still………

  43. I would say you grabbed it off the internet – but there’s that bread-ready brim again.

    Excuse me, I have to go get the whole bottle of wine now. I’m drinking as fast as you post em’…. and seeing Jesus in each one. lol.

  44. Yup that’s my pasta dish and that’s my pasta and that’s my picture.

    Not the same bowl though. This one is a bit bigger. For gluttonous dagos.

  45. ROTHFL!!!!!!!!!! HOLY!!!!!!!!! If that’s not Jesus, I’m Julia!!!

  46. This is really excellent–a flash mob orchestra in an unemployment office in Spain (where unemployment is 26%) doing Here Comes the Sun:

  47. Swear to you everything in that pasta bowl is home made, even the basil is home grown.

  48. I’m moving to New York, Uppity, and will be living in the subway tunnels… cold, alone, hungry…

  49. You may go with Jesus now, Why Not.

  50. Hmmm, now I want homemade pasta for dinner, but I have a “rotisserie” chicken in the crock pot…

    Yup, pasta and bread–tell me you never heard of a macaroni sandwich!

  51. THis is one of DE’s pies. That guy can bake.

  52. I know, I know, I believe you. No doubt in my mind that you OWN those dishes.

    have to go eat worms now.

  53. Sophie, we don’t eat much bread with our pasta, room for more pasta. We save the bread for the meatball and sausage sandwiches later.

  54. I did not make the pasta. I got it from this literally little old lady who makes it by order. It’s fabulous. She was out of fettucini so I had to settle for linquini. Such a sacrifice.

  55. Haha love the flash mob. Pissants here are too lazy to do this.

  56. ROTHFL!!!!!!!!!! HOLY!!!!!!!!! If that’s not Jesus, I’m Julia!!!


  57. Gorgeous Pie! I can smell it!

    Seriously, I was already planning on spaghetti tonight, so I have to go get started – I’m already running late for that loooong, simmered flavor that makes it so right –

    Thank god, I’m at least right on target with the consumption of wine that gets me into right “mood.”

  58. We’ll all be over, Why Not! Sophie! Bring the bread!

  59. omg. That “flash mob” video made me burst into tears.

    BEAUTIFUL. That’s the humanity I hope for – that will emerge from within us all.

  60. LOL! Yeah Sophie, you started it all – Burrrrrp.

  61. Would like to have dinner in spain right now, unemployment or not.

  62. Nobody bakes like DE. Nobody.

  63. If Jesus shows up in the sauce, I’ll post a pic. I don’t understand it, I happen to say his name frequently when I’m cooking, but he has yet to make an appearance?

    (I did see THE BLOB the first time I tried to bake homemade bread.)

  64. Dinner in Spain? How about breakfast, lunch and dinner all across Spain?

    Did you see Gwyneth Paltrow, Mario Batali in “Spain… On the Road Again.” I loved it!

  65. Ok. gotta go for real.

  66. Oh Man! Look at this! I emailed DE to tell him I posted one of his pies and he sends me THIS. Says they were just about to have some. Chocolate Ricotta pie. Jesus!

  67. I don’t understand it, I happen to say his name frequently when I’m cooking, but he has yet to make an appearance?


  68. What a prick! He just sent me an email that said,


  69. Ack! Snails! We used to pull them out of the shell with a safety pin and then drink the garlicky juice inside the shell!

  70. My father’s partner’s wife was from Spain and Oh man could she cook! I snatched some of thos recipes too.

  71. Oh Man look at the octopus! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!

  72. I’m actually making vegetable soup right now. It’s finally cold enough in sunny Cal to get me in the mood to make it. As for DE and the pies….do you think his skill with the pottery wheel and clay have anything to do with his ability to make delicious looking pies??
    Oh yeah….did someone mention PIE?

  73. I think I see Jesus in that pie. But then again, I see Jesus in every pie. Eating pie is a come to Jesus moment I think. So are DE’s pottery vids. 😉

  74. Wow it’s hot in here.
    Yes UW my pie hole has been STFUed.

  75. Hey UW, Angi made the pie and I made the plates.

  76. Wow, all self contained! Pie AND Plates!!!

    And STFU!

  77. Nice plate DE!

  78. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh I gotta post a DE pottery vid.

  79. imust I made beef and barley soup last week didja see my pic?

  80. I want a man with a slowwwwwwwwwwwww hannnnnnnnd

  81. I don’t care. This is still the best one. Cue the Righteous Brothers, Angi!

  82. Awesome. Lidded Jar take 2.

  83. imust, also making veg soup today. Can you believe this freaking cold? I love ricotta pie (have a recipe for ricotta cheesecake with pine nut brittle) and all the other goodies posted here. I have cut our diet way back on gluten, but we eat it on weekends, but only if its really good…good pasta or bread, no junk. Meanwhile, we are using gluten free toast & english muffins and I frequently use gluten free pasta. My favorite local Italian deli closed last year. We are all heartbroken. I shopped there from the time I was 18.

  84. Yes Uppity, I saw your soup. Probably what gave me the idea! @socal….isn’t it freezing!! I think it was about 28 degrees last night where I live. I can’t remember these cold nights, at least not for a long time anyway.

  85. Last week’s beef and barley soup.
    DE LOVES soup so Gotcha back.

  86. imust, also cannot remember it being this cold, even on the rare occasions when its snowed or hailed here. I have the flannel sheets on the beds and extra throws on top. This will undoubtedly screw up the citrus and other crops as well, so we can look forward to higher food prices.

  87. Huh, think I’ll add barley to my soup instead of garbanzos, Uppitys soup looks so pretty.

  88. We are all praying it warms up here before the end of the month. We’re going to NAMM show in Anaheim & the hotel we’re staying at has a beautiful pool area and parties til all hours of the night.

  89. I also must make that frittata, it looks incredible.

  90. Um how cold is “cold”, socal.

  91. Aww, wouldja listen to them! I would just love to see you SoCal folks spend a winter in New England. I have flannel sheets on the bed YEAR ROUND!

  92. 28, that’s cold for CA. I remember being in FLA a few times when it was that cold. The homes aren’t insulated for it. But over here, that’s a heat wave at night in Jan. lol.

  93. socal frittata recipe is in the recipe bin. So is the soup recipe.

  94. Yeah sophie, cracks you up, doesn’t it? 28 degrees. That’s spring.

  95. OMG ROFL there’s a white house petition to put barack obama on Mt Rushmore As IF you petition the white house to do that. Cracking up here.

  96. It’s cold in Southern Cal! I’m crying here! I wonder if the Kardashians’ faces will freeze?

    For supper tonight, I made a roasted carrot and tomato with basil soup. I add cream to it because I need the extra calories and protein. Very nice on a cold evening.

    I had beef and barley the other night. Good stuff.

  97. So it blended okay, yes, Beata?

  98. Yes, it was fine. I added extra broth to thin it out like you suggested. Very good! Thanks, Upp.

  99. Actually, 28 is kind of chilly, but not grueling when it’s a short-term, once-in-a-while thing. We’ve been having an unseasonably mild weekend.

  100. You’re welcome. I kind of figured the extra broth would do the trick.

  101. I went hog wild today and made sausage and peppers and roasted potatoes. Burp.

  102. Sophie my land is a mud lot, all the snow the dog played in is gone and it’s all wet out there. Have a couple of snow banks left but they are small and dirty. Dog is unhappy.

  103. Beata, the Kartrashians faces are already frozen…with botox. Lots of it.

    btw, I think the coldness or heat of temperatures are relative to where you are. I lived 5 years up in Washington, on the Puget Sound. My mom & sibs have been up there since the 80s/90s. When its in the 60s there, and blue sky, they consider it a nice day and you can wear shorts. Its like its a day in the 70s down here. If its in the 80s there, the natives are all screeching about a heatwave and it feels like 90s here. Likewise, I need a coat or jacket if its in the 50s here but made do with a sweater up there in the 50s. I think it has to do the air. The air up there feels “richer”, besides the obvious humidity differences, I believe it has more oxygen from the gazilions of trees they have. I always sleep better there. Our air feels thinner to me, which is the cold is more cutting. JMO.

  104. Poor needlenose! Its boring when the snow is gone and its all muddy.

    Hubster loves peppers and sausage & potatoes. Upps, please tell how you make it. Thanks for frittata link! 🙂

  105. I’m making apple sauce with these wonderful juicy gala apples.

  106. Thinner air here…..hmmm…that explains a lot! Seriously, maybe you’re on to something there socal. The drier air might feel colder just like more humid heat feels hotter, like in the south.

  107. Man, we have some great stuff on the Poverty tab. I just got lost reading it. Have to get back to work.

  108. It’s not a big deal socal, you can do it in a skillet or you can bake it.

    If you bake it, I like to brown the sausage a little first.

    You just put the peppers and onions and potatoes in the pan and toss a bit of olive oil in it and then put the sausage on top. You cook it uncovered or covered and then uncovered last half hour. Watch it if you cook uncovered, you may need to add some white wine or broth so nothing gets dry. In any event you want some browning at the end. My mother always threw in some cherry peppers in vinegar. The vinegar those peppers are sitting in are a GREAT flavor addition to the dish and she would toss some in. Believe me, it pumps the taste up by MILES. Spices are: Salt, pepper, oregano, basil, garlic powder. Oven at 375 is good.

  109. applesauce came good. wish i had some haagen dazs fr. vanilla.

  110. Mmmmm, cherry peppers w/ the vinegar! I love using that when roasting or slow cooking! I do a chicken dish with it that’s killer! This year, I have cherry peppers I pickled on my own (waving at Utahwoman!)

  111. I have french vanilla ice cream in the freezer…I’d share for some of that applesauce. (I also have home-made applesauce in the freezer but I’m supposed to be saving that for my Mom.) I really do want some dessert right now. That chicken was fab but I need a sweet thing now.

  112. Yeah my Aunt, rest her soul, always bottled the hot cherry peppers and gave me all I wanted. They were the bomb!

    See, how well we would work out living next door to each other tonight?

  113. The vinegar makes sense with or instead of wine. I prefer it with tomato sauce. Never tried it in the oven always on stove top. Makes the house smell yummy. I also use sweet and mild sausage combo but I bet Upps uses all hot sausage.

  114. I’m interested in your chicken/cherry pepper dish per favore.

  115. Uppity, if we lived next door to each other, we’d both be over 300 LBS and reek of Scotch.

  116. OK, next time I make it, I’ll document it.

  117. Yeah nobody would want to hang out with us. That would be good.

  118. It’s not chicken Scarpiello is it?

  119. Yes Karen, I use hot sausage. And hot cherry peppers.

  120. Basically, though, you dredge chickens parts and sear them (easiest in a Dutch oven) in your favorite high heat oil (I like lard or tallow). Bring the temp down and caramelize several (many) whole garlic cloves). Deglaze the Dutch oven with a little white wine and a little chicken broth. Add the hot cherry peppers with their “juice.” Put the chicken and garlic back in. Put in the oven covered, slow and low until chicken is cooked through (even longer if you like moist, falling off the bone chicken). Stir/turn a few times over the duration. You know, you might want to wait until 20 mins before the end to put in the cherry peppers so they don’t dissolve into nothing. (But do put their juice in from the get-go.)

    Take everything out. Make the gravy by separating the juices and fat and doing it just like you would do for turkey. Serve with pasta in an olive oil and garlic toss. The best part is dipping bread into that gravy. The garlic cloves will be spreadable, so you spread them on the bread like buttah and then dip that in the gravy. Yummmmm. (See, pasta AND bread for me!)

  121. It’s not chicken Scarpiello is it?

    Yes, it’s that, but the way Pizza Station in Chappaqua makes it. They call it Chicken Scarpatta. (I used to work very close to there and it was a favorite lunch for the whole company!)

    Every time I order Scarpiello (and I order it all the time), I am disappointed that it’s not like Pizza Station’s scarpatta!

  122. Yeah. I could see myself doing that!

  123. Oh and mother used to do pork chops in the oven with those vinegar cherry peppers too.

    You didn’t like the way everybody made the chicken because it’s a regional thing. Kind of like Paella is regional in spain, with different takes.

  124. I gained weight just reading this site today and I didn’t even get to twirl the spaghetti.

  125. Yup, pork is fabulous with vinegar cherry peppers!

    Hey, if you’re ever in Chappaqua, go to pizza station. It’s a small place and you wouldn’t think it by looking at it, but they can really cook there! (And of course, if you’re ever in Chappaqua, look up Bill & Hill.)

  126. Sophie CT, that bread looks yummy!

  127. UW and everyone else posting their creations. Ummmmmmmmmmm!

  128. hysterical! omg I just saw the frittata go by! Upps & co — I found the best easiest recipe for bread it ought to go on the poverty recipes page — it’s cast iron pan bread? Dutch oven bread I have made it now, oh 20 times or so — it comes out like you can’t believe! I really like this video too — reminds me a bit of the Clara ones Uppity had — there is a bit of the religious about the music, but it is so lovely? And the recipe, oh wow — no knead (anybody can make) delicious. Just don’t try to double the recipe — won’t work! you will all love!

  129. Thanks for all the great recipes everyone! I am printing them out. Hubbie will freak over these.

    btw, he was just clicking around and stopped at some award show & Bill Clinton was on talking about “Lincoln” (the movie). Then they showed a clip of the movie and Amy Poehler came on and said something about what an impressive person they just had on to introduce Lincoln and then she said “that was Hillary Clinton’s husband!” It was really great, hope it will be on youtube later. My family all said YEAH when she said it!.

  130. Valentine, you ought to put that in the recipe tab, girl!

  131. Well Sophie, I could just come to your house and eat it

  132. I gained weight just reading this site today and I didn’t even get to twirl the spaghetti

    I spit my tea out.

  133. I LOVE when we do food!

  134. Sophie CT yum! Loved those, didn’t see first round. Same principle as the above. Vid I had is way more Clara-ish. God it is SOOOOOO effing terrible right now, Upps. Those school lunches, what you said about “air” yeah. Gardens and “air” plus scratch — will help — simplw scratch. psss — Deadenders you go! xxoo! when I was in NC, so much pottery, wow. Amazed. Like CA in 70’s almost — to that level. Plus? Your PIES omg! xxoo!

  135. I made an Indian cast iron bread once. It was decent but a little too crumbly for my taste. I like bread that tests your teeth. I like bread that, when you drop it into something like beans and greens, it takes a bit to get soggy. lolol

  136. All this food made me want something yummy tonight so we had baked Halibut in a rum mango sauce, Cauliflower with garlic, sliced avocados, Artichokes , and sliced pears and mangoes for desert. Yummy good.
    Hey 28 is cool for SoCal but it is 2 degrees outside and dropping. With all the snow if you walk out there your shoes will freeze to the ground if you stop.

  137. You should pay attention to this! You owe it to this man.

    I want to say something about Aaron Schwartz. He hung himself at age 26, this brilliant young man gave us Reddit and RSS Feed (at age 14). He was a affable speaker and I enjoyed watching him. What a fine man. Alas, perhaps too Brilliant. Brilliance sometimes begets lonliness and, obviously there was no one there to read his signals as he awaited a trial in which he would face charges for downloading medical articles from MIT that MIT allows anyone to see at anytime for free. We can only wonder what else Aaron would be bringing us from his brilliant mind, and now we will never know. He accomplished more in his 26 years than the vast majority of his generation will ever achieve in their lifetimes. Fly away, Aaron. I feel as though I knew you.

    Here’s another favor Aaron did for you that you didn’t realize.

  138. Well, reading through it all again, I not only laughed harder – after all the food, deserts and watching DE’S videos again, I had a cognac, smoked a half a pack of cigarettes and ordered myself a dozen long-stem roses!

  139. Yes Why Not but how was dinner?

  140. I really hate halibut, Utah, can i have mine with Mahi Mahi?

  141. Sophie, are you still here? After chatting food with you, with some heat, and that wonderful bread, I would like to suggest you try my Dago Greens recipe. Bring bread and wine, because this IS your meal.

  142. Uh Oh. I was posting at the same time Uppity was posting the eulogy for Aaron. (Wish you could move it to before that, Uppity.)

    What a tragedy. He WAS not only brilliant, but a principled visionary beyond his years.

    I believed when I read that they went after him, he was being reeled in and made an example of.

  143. Speaking of the California Cold Spell……this is pretty funny!! 🙂

    You Easterners should get a good laugh!!

  144. Dinner was good, Jesus was a no-show, again.

  145. Mahi Mahi is good too. I like so many different fishes except for the trash fish and we need not mention what they are right Uppity. Halibut to me is tops.
    The rum mango sauce is so easy to make it is crazy. Mash up a mango ( has to be very ripe and add butter , enough to make it creamy then rum to taste and heat. So very good on fish

  146. hmmm….I wonder why that youtube didn’t embed?? Maybe because it’s too COLD here!!! LOL!

  147. Yes, very sad about Aaron Swartz. It’s sad to think someone so sharp is no longer with us, anad can no longer share his talents and help enrich our lives. RIP.

  148. Hey that sauce sounds good. I’ll give it a shot. Assume it works on any good dense white fish, except for the fish that shall not be mentioned.

    Why Not, did you Invite Jesus? Because he’s not the kinda guy that just drops in, unless it’s pizza. Then he sticks his face on it.

  149. Hey Uppity what is the name of those purple string beans you plant ? I have to try them this year in my garden. Am already planning where all my plants will be placed. Have had enough snow to last me a lifetime so have to think forward o Spring for sanity

  150. Yes any White fish. Trust me it is good. It is great for a change of pace.

  151. Mahi Mahi is most definitely my favorite fish, Utah, and my second is, don’t laugh……..cod. I LOVE cod. Fried, in portuguese bacala dishes. In fish stew. Fried. I just love cod. I think cod is the most downplayed fish ever, it’s a diamond in the rough and hardly anybody realizes it.

  152. Utah I bet you’d like my stuffed sole recipe, it’s in the recipe tab. Stuffed with crabmeat and swiss melted atop.

  153. Oh now that sounds good. Will run in and take a look. COD , COD ? You say COD ? It is my all time favorite. I eat tons of it. Cod is top of the line with me as far as fish goes.

  154. Yep, I could do Mahi Mahi, since it has less mercury than my favorite, Orange Roughy.

    I loved me my seafood – before it, too, became so toxic.

  155. Your’e so right, Uppity, I forget about cod, it IS really good. I go to a particular restaurant just for their cod, because it’s always on their menu and I love the way they serve it.

  156. okay, now I gotta do cod this week.

  157. Oh how did I miss that stuffed flounder recipe ? I am going to whip that up for my next fish dinner. Sounds heavenly.

  158. I’ll find it for you, hang on.

  159. okay, I gotta do sleep now. Cooking with all of you has worn me out. lol.

  160. … everyone thought dinner was excellent, Uppity. But, between you and me, one of my friends arrived a little late, I got distracted and overcooked my pasta, a bit.

  161. goodnight. it was great!

  162. Forget the fish–put the rum mango sauce on vanilla bean ice cream.

  163. ROF I bet it might be good on ice cream at that. Thing is ice cream is made with milk and eggs, two things I detest.

  164. Dang, Sophie, I had the same thought as you, again, when I read Utahs mango sauce, and was going to say it sounds like it would be great on ice cream, but you beat me to the punch again. Maybe we were siblings in a past life. This happens more than you could imagine! Anyway, was thinking mango sauce, macadamias, maybe coconut…

    I like cod, I like most white fish. There’s a restaurant in Malibu called Dukes (after Duke Kahanamoku, surf god) and I usually get an ono dish they have there. Its very nice and delicate. I wonder if its on Utahs list? In my wild youth, when we used to go on sailing weekends all the time, we would go spearfishing by the Channel Islands and cook the fish over a fire on the beach. We would get a sheepshead and it tasted like lobster.

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