America answers the question, “What’s the Fiscal Cliff?”

I know you’ll be glad to see these people clear this question up.

Also: They vote.


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  1. The Fiscal Cliff ain’t nuthin’ but shit.

    This has been another in the series Simple Answers to Really Easy Questions..

  2. As long as the welfare checks keep coming they don’t
    know or care. 😯

  3. I haven’t watched TV in ages but Leno used to have a similar segment called “Jay walking” where they asked people on the streets simple questions. The answers were astoundingly ignorant and so sad. It wasn’t just the native Californians as it seemed to be at first. They went to tourist areas and asked “where are you from” and then they asked who the current Vice President is and other easy, simple, commonly (supposedly known by everyone!) questions. It was amazing how many people knew TV show facts instantly but knew nothing about the real world around them. Cliff Huxtable vs Fiscal, yep, we are doomed!

  4. I was watching the DVR from the Ripley stream from this morning at the time of John’s visit with the kittens and he said they still have not confirmed that Ash is a girl. He said there is just too much floof in that area to see what is under it all and it is still quite possible she is a he.


    The two confirmed boys are clearly boys and they flaunt their stuff in the camera all the time. The two girls are confirmed. And then there is Ash, a cat of another color.

    Each one is adorable. Each is a total cutie-pie. Thanks to John for rasing and finding homes for 36 litters. Wow, what a mensch.

  5. Ping-pong kitty awesome!
    Cats rule, amen.

  6. Fiscal Cliff? Ain’t that a new country rock band?

  7. Karen, I was also thinking of jaywalking when I watched this. Kimmel hates Leno’s guts, so its kind of ironic that he is doing the same piece that Leno has been doing since the early 90s. Kimmel does this bit regularly, has a producer stand on Hollywood Blvd and ask questions about current events. It seems hypocritical to constantly rag on another guys show, but use the bits he made famous on your own.

  8. I kinda think Jay leno didn’t invent what was known when he was a baby as “Man on the street”. These are things shows like that have always done. if you want real inventiveness, think Carnak. I really don’t give a crap who hates who. I think Leno’s funny. I think Kimmels’s funny. Just enjoy it FCS.

    I don’t think Letterman is funny and I think Conan is a bore, although once or twice he made me laugh, but it was rare.

    Ellen Degeneres used to do the on the street thing, she was a riot. Was that for Carson?

  9. Fiscal Cliff:

    It’s a spot at the Washington DC Canyon – where they’ve dumped all of their gross incompetent, negligent, corrupt and greed-riddled skeletons – like 3 trillion in IOUs that they can’t pay back, like 3 trillion in 2 wars that would never be won, untold trillions to corporate interests that have nothing to do with creating American Jobs, trillions to failed social programs that teach people how to make government dependency a family value and/or career path and where Congress goes to relieve itself when the citizens of the United States are demanding transparency accountability from them.

    That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.

  10. Ash and Bishop when they grow up:

  11. oracle might have fixed java but might not have a clue what it is doing.

    Uppity, you were right, they are so messed up. That’s why I asked you.

  12. Just saw the story about another potential grave site for Hoffa. Love that the link is “deadline detroit” yeah, 40 years dead.

  13. Where is everybody today? Eat too much yesterday? Can’t move? Were you all up all night eating Tums and tossing? Shake a leg, get up and boogie. Where’s lorac? Play them some of your disco stuff.

    Work that thing and burn off those calories from all the face stuffing.

    he he he he. I had a small bowl of cereal – you people sure eat a lot!

  14. Java has ALWAYS been screwed up. Nobody ever put the pressure on them to do anything because they were a kind of only game in town. Maybe now somebody there will get off their ass and put out some software that is safe. I don’t feel a whit sorry for them. They haven’t changed their shit in years. The way to force it is, if you hit a sight that demands you enable java, leave. Screw em.

  15. LOL I gotta say it. Hey Why Not. Thanks for last night. LOLOL.

  16. My def of Fiscal Cliff? A really high place with really bad terrain wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down, where congress should go take a walk to and jump.

  17. As they would say in dago land, Ooooooooooo Fahhhhhhh, Hoffa’s in Concrete.

    Long as he’s not walking around, the corrupt bastard, who gives a shit where he’s buried. Gangster.

  18. I made mac and cheese tonight.

  19. One of my grandfathers, when he came to his country like a normal immigrant, leaving his wife and first-born behind till their “turn” came, he worked on building dams. He told me that if a horse fell into the poured concrete, they worked like the devil to pull the horse out, because horses were valuable. If a man fell in the concrete……..Eh!

  20. Do you serve Mac n Cheese with stewed tomatoes? They do that around here but not where I grew up. My mom would make a cream white sauce sometimes and that wasn’t a baked version- it was done stovetop. The cold snap is going to be rough this week. It will be single digits. Unlike California’s balmy 28. 🙂

  21. No I never heard of that. I don’t much like stewed tomatoes. But I have put fresh slices on top before baking. Mostly I like to mix peas with it on my plate. Or broccoli. But that’s just me.

  22. Considering your weather, sounds like you are ready for a nice meatloaf

  23. Karen, Karen, Karen–we are professional eaters! I just got home fro work myself and am about to make a crust-less quiche. Spinach & mushroom.

  24. “…Unlike California’s balmy 28.”

    LOL! Its still freezing here btw. We don’t have clothes for this kinda thing. I hardly have any socks, just gym socks.

    Upps, I wasn’t in a stew about Kimmels bit, and really don’t care what he does, just found the irony in it. Hollywood is a vicious place. We have a lot of friends and cousins who work in the studios. When I watch late now, I watch Stewart, although he can be too vulgar for me at times. I’m kinda bored with all the others. Fallon seems nice. I never “got” Conans humor, but liked his band. Carnak was a scream.

  25. I love mac n cheese with tomatoes, usually just slice fresh on the side, but I like the idea of baking them on top. You could sprinkle a little romano and oregano on them.

  26. I posted this near the end of the last thread. I thought it was hysterical! I’m not a Jimmy Kimmel fan, but the montage of local Los Angeles news stories on the “cold snap” were what was funny anyway!!

  27. Why is that youtube not embedding???

    Okay THAT worked!! Yay!

  28. I got a three cheese and spinach quiche in the recipe tab that I tell you is worth killing for.

  29. Socal, they’re all just There since Carson. Carson was The King. And that’s that.

    But Kimmel’s Uncle Frank (RIP) was a riot and so is Aunt Chippy. I saw a clip of Uncle Frank at some star studded thing, outside telling Meryl that she was beautiful and would “go far’. It was a scream. Kimmel did a tribute to him that was alternately hilarious and a tear jerker.

  30. So cold he had to wear two tank tops. ROFL. The guy in a ski parka and it’s 48 degrees. ROFL.

  31. Is Aunt Chippy related to Kimmel?

  32. imust, that was a hoot! Wherever I go, all I hear is talk about how freezing it is! It is kinda funny. I remember it snowed here in the late 80s, and also we had a huge hail storm, probably the same year. I was working at the golf course then and it was covered, completely white, in hail in about five minutes. We couldn’t believe it.

  33. Ok, watched the clip. I see about Aunt Chippy now. I wonder why I didn’t notice that when watched those clips of hers. The memory is going.

  34. Yup Aunt Chippy is his real aunt. Uncle Frank was married to Aunt Chippy.

  35. Hey you kitten cam addicts, check out Animal Planet’s 24/7 cute kitten cam.

  36. Speaking of food, please click here and tell me if you have EVER craved a marshmallow. After clicking tell me you aren’t craving THESE marsmallows.

  37. LOL I don’t mean to laugh, but Biden has got a better chance of seeing God than he has of being president. Cripes, he runs every four years as it is. I WISH Biden were her only competition. Clown.

  38. I didn’t mean that Biden could beat her…the article points out that Obama might be endorsing Biden or not endorsing Hillary if she ran! Imagine! After all she did for him campaigning and Bill too!!!!

  39. I remember when Jodie was Joey on The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. Sigh…

  40. No surprise, is it imust? The guy hasn’t got any values or principles so why should he change now? It’s bothered the narcissist to no end, I’m sure, that Hillary has been consistently more popular than he is since the day he became president. I derive immense pleasure from that.

  41. What turned out to be a great idea…I put blueberries into my applesauce and it was grrrrrreat.

  42. Courtship of eddie’s father? Sophie, even if you’re older than dirt, I love you.

  43. Ouch! Sophie hit me with her cane!

  44. One of our neighbors was on that show.

  45. Sees Candy makes a marshmallow that I like, its got caramel all around it & comes in a wax paper wrapping.

  46. Agree that marshmallows in a bag are blah. I don’t even put the tiny ones in my ambrosia fruit salad.

  47. Those kerfluffles do look really yummy.

  48. Karen, here I was, perfectly happy hanging out with the culinary, comedic elite… got off the blog… for what?

    My perfect spaghetti sauce simmering a bit longer is one thing – ladled over pasta-simmering-too-long because MS. LAH, LAH LAND ARRIVED… LATE… AGAIN!

    My spaghetti sauce considers over-cooked pasta a criminal offense. I’m still not over it.

  49. Wasn’t Jodie Foster on Family Affair too?

  50. Holy Chit. I had no idea she was acting since she was three. She doesn’t seem screwed up enough.

  51. Why Not, you know what you do with overcooked pasta? You use it for wallpaper paste.

    Or you can give it to Karen. She’ll eat anything.

  52. I’m telling you I do not like marshmallows. I saw that kickstart page and I swear I almost bought in. I mean they look luscious. As you can see, she’s doing reallly well so they must be as good as they look.

  53. I got no post for tomorrow. Halp.

  54. Wallpaper paste, no kidding. Wall texture…. sling it on the wall and you can’t GET it off.

    Speaking of Jodie – we watched her speech. I’ve never been on a trip with a celebrity before… 😯

  55. Dog people, if you have a larger dog and want to give him condroitin and glucosamine, I found the best way. Why give him pills and powder on his food when you can get it in a dried chicken breast? No kidding. I bought a bag for her and she gets to eat a chicken breast and get her joint stuff at the same time. It’s called Canyon Creek Hip And Joint Chicken Breasts.

  56. hmmmm… no post for tomorrow…. no post for tomorrow…. must be one of those smokin’ “Writer’s Block” posts coming. heh.

  57. I just took this shot of my two goobers.

  58. Honestly, I did think Jodie’s reference to her mother was poignant and memorable – the rest was in industry-speak and, I think, to a large degree, directed to LGBT activists who have long believed that she had some ‘moral obligation to come out for the cause,’ given her celebrity. BS. It’s her life to live her personal life as she chooses – and to whatever degree of privacy she prefers.

  59. Oh wow! That’s too sweet! Now, that’s “best friends.” Love it!

  60. Yes I agree that it was meant to tell them she wasn’t going to be marching with a sign, she’s a lesbian and it’s really nobody’s business, so cut the crap, she’s already given at the office most of her life — and that’s why I liked it.

  61. Actually, Why Not, with my cats, it’s a recent breakthrough. Joe’s companion died last year and he wasn’t about to forget it. I would catch them sleeping together upstairs on the bed now and then, but for the most part, the only attention he paid to her was grabbing her neck. It’s been this way, though, for the past week or so and I am very happy.

  62. God, I love cats! They are so cool to have around, especially when the dog is just crazy about them. It’s just a joy to watch them interact and work endlessly at trying to figure each other out.

  63. Wow, finally getting over himself and treating her with “real affection.” Good for him and especially for her. Glad to hear it, I know you’re relieved.

  64. oh my. no words for that kind of pic. It says it all.

  65. Joe is so satin gorgeous, just want to pet that boy. And Needlenose? That dog slays me every time I see a pic. Of course, tuxies, are in a league all their own. They’re all beautiful, imo.

  66. They’re a good bunch. Really, it’s a laugh a minute.

  67. damn commas. forget about em.’ lol.

  68. I’m the surrogate mom for two large dogs now. A white Lab and Shepherd – both females. I begged them not to steal my heart. I won. heh.

  69. Well, good night. The girls are waiting for me to hug and kiss them so they can go to bed. It’s a ritual now that must not be broken, or they both stand in the bedroom door, staring at me like I’ve banished them from my life, ya see.


  70. Nite.

    Joe is a very friendly cat and he lets everybody hug him. In fact, he insists. lol.

  71. Upps, you are pet blessed.

  72. Hell, I prefer to think that my pets are ME blessed.

  73. How funny would it be if something happened to Hillary and she couldn’t testify on the 23rd? I hope she has another delay, a flat tire, or road closure, or airport slow down, traffic – something on the way there – just to watch them all go CDS apeshit again for absolutely no reason.

    It is good to be able to find the nutjobs at a glance. They are the ones who never see things as they really are and always have an elaborate conspiracy theory in the wings. They nit pic every detail to drum up news for their ignorant audience. If they told the boring truth they wouldn’t have enough to say on their TeeVee shows for hours on end.

    Hillary, make them wait some more!

  74. Those beautiful animals have a beautiful mommy.

  75. ……….shuffling foot…

  76. I’m not worried about Hillary having to testify. She didn’t fall off the back of a moving truck and will bring her best CDS shield. Her brains.

  77. I used to do free weights. Now I just carry Joe around. Why is it that the biggest cat is always the one who loves to be held?

  78. I don’t care who killed Natalie Wood, that Jodie Foster is gay, that Lance Armstrong did drugs. We are being bombarded with fake news because it keeps us from searching out the real news. That said, if any of you have any Ravens news, please share. ; )

  79. That’s right Upps.the gubmint is our biggest problem. 😯

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