Busy with life.

I don’t have a post because life is in the way. I know, I got a  lotta nerve. So kick back, use this thread, say what you want and behave. Bill is watching. 

Here, let this little guy help you relax.


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  1. Before my hands and wrists got too sore and old to play guitar my parrot used to fly right next to me and stare and try to sing along. He even got all excited during tune up and my korg tuning machine would tell me what key the parrots squawks were.

    That kitten is just learnin’ some musikal skilz.

  2. I’ve been ranting about conspiracy theorists and the networks who drum up this crap, but nothing is more sickening than this one. People actually are calling and stalking the Newton victims and witnesses and accusing them of making it all up. And these lunatics who think it was all staged have guns and think it was staged because the lefties want to take away their guns. These people DO NEED to have their guns taken away if they are that delusional and paranoid!


  3. This man is not principal material. They need to remove his sick ass and the hell with what his union says. I’d pull my kid outta there, fast.


  4. And we continue to ignore that we have a mental health system problem in the USA. That conspiracy guy is one sick bastard. We register guns to sick bastards like him and then the rest of us get blamed when they do sicko shit. I say fix our mental health system. Too many crazy bastards have more rights than the victims they will make eventually. The rest of us need guns to protect ourselves from them because we don’t have rights they have.

  5. That little kitty wanted to go to sleep on her lap and she wasn’t putting him there. He was like Maaaaaa, pick me up!!!

  6. It is a bunch of nutjobs who say it was staged but the sick thing is is that one of the nutjobs is a professor. Do they think the cops, firemen, first responders, teachers, coroners, doctors at hospitals all were fooled? This poor hero who took the kids into the shelter of his home is now being targeted. No good deed goes unpunished.

    Ripley’s kits are going to be free of the cage within a few hours. Parker made it to the top shelf today and Ripley yelled at him until he came back into the cage. Ash is bigger than Chickenfish, its time.

  7. They grow so fast. 🙂

  8. Okay Uppityites – this is one of those really, really special treats – brought to by WhyNot? Productions:

    UppityWoman doing “Writer’s Block” in that genre she loves so well…

    UppityWoman Does Diva Country… “Till I Can Gain Control Again”

    (Pssst… We all come in at the very end – don’t miss it!)

  9. Hi checking in..

    Karen, I think their estimate of birth of those kits is wrong. When I first saw them I thought that then, too.

  10. Woops, Utahwoman appeared too soon – looks like I edited out the Uppityite Flash Mob part.

    When and if I get out of moderation, I’ll post the other ending.

  11. Is housekeeping on duty today?

  12. They were born on Dec 13th and lived at the home of Connie the Purrfect Pals director till they went to John’s house. She took pics when they were only 2 days old and they were already giants.


    Everybody was wondering how they all fit inside little Ripley but they did. There are pics on the Critter Room site in the Ripley album with Ripley in a cat bed and the kits newborn. They are just floofy. They’re still in the cage and Parker had several attempted escapes today. He’s a pro at climbing to the top. He’ll be the first over the wall in the big room.

  13. Another 2 day pic. Ash is the size of a football here. ha ha.

    Ash isn’t fat, he/she is just poofy, a built in airbag if he/she falls. Funny how there’s so much hair that John cannot tell what Ash is yet. He looked and looked the other day off camera and was making comments but nothing concluded. He wouldn’t bet one way or the other. I am guessing Ash is a girl since the other two confirmed girls are also on the poofy side but that is just a total guess.

  14. WASHINGTON — Federal immigration agents were prepared to arrest an illegal immigrant and registered sex offender days before the November elections but were ordered by Washington to hold off after officials warned of “significant interest” from Congress and news organizations because the suspect was a volunteer intern for Sen. Robert Menendez, according to internal agency documents provided to Congress.

    Fucking scumbags.


  15. Ash looks like he’s from another litter altogether. His size is WAY over and that’s not fur either. His measurements are HUGE for this age. And if he’s a girl, I’m cleopatra.

    Whynot I see nothing of yours in moderation at all.

  16. Why Not, sorry, can’t help you, I’m not a mod.

    Karen, I can’t believe some of the crazy stuff I’m seeing in the media about the Newtown shootings. Those poor parents! Colbert had clips of a crazed, paranoid gun guy like that on last nite. He was saying all the talk about gun control made him more likely to go out and start shooting people. I understand why people want a regular handgun or hunting guns (I would have them myself if I lived alone or in a rural area), but what I don’t understand is this obsession/love/paranoia that gun owners of machine guns, modern military assault guns, the mega bullet clips, and those huge bullets, have for their weapons. These people are freakishly attached to these things and will say and do anything. Do they really think that govt people are going to go knocking on every door in America and telling people to hand over their guns? What a joke. Like these idiots couldn’t and wouldn’t just hide or bury their stuff if something like that was going to happen (which it wouldn’t). The NRA & right wing media are going all out to stir this up.

  17. Those people are scumbags that delayed that creeps arrest. Laker was saying yesterday that he thinks people are now looking to women to be the leaders becuz the men have failed us in everything.

  18. Karen, some good comments on that article about Mr. Rosen.

  19. Cuomo tightening gun laws again for everybody except criminals. Seriously, NY is full of scumbags with guns and everybody else has to dance the tango to get one. Glad I got grandfathered long ago.

  20. Socal, salon had an article about the Newtown Truthers and it just made me sick clicking on some of their links and reading the comments of people who think a sister in one of the pics at a service is the deceased little girl. They are incredibly ignorant, sick and vile. And these videos they make get millions of hits! I would not watch them and won’t click on them or give out their links. Those people do not deserve the attention just like the 9/11 asshats didn’t deserve to be heard either. They were sick to say the US was behind it. I got into fights over that with people I knew. When horrible events happen and people die it is traumatic enough. To try to sensationalize those deaths is nothing less than evil and filth but to pretend there are no victims and it was all staged is mental illness, nothing less.

  21. Take back what I said about Cuomo. Finally somebody recognizes that crazy people should be in a hospital not in a gun shop.

    The New York measures include a wider ban on assault weapons, a law limiting high-capacity ammunition magazines, and provisions to keep guns from mentally ill people who make threats.

    Some gun owners will also have to register them with authorities

  22. socal, laker is right. We do need to give wimmenz a chance. They can’t possibly screw it up more than the menz did.

  23. There is some kind of an assault gun buy-back program going on here, and they have collected quite a few, it was on the news, don’t remember how many they have taken in. I’m not sure how I feel about taxpayers having to reimburse people for buying these things though. Although, probably a lot of them were stolen and the thieves making money by turning them in…it might be easier for them to get the $ that way than trying pawn shops.

  24. From 12/27 socal here is one of the buy backs. There have been hundreds of them across the country, several in the NJ, NY, CT areas have been also held earlier than normally done. Across the country I wonder what the total guns is?

    Take a look at this little weapon somebody had around the house!


  25. Hey Uppityite Foodies — Does anyone have a killer cabbage recipe?

  26. Why do citizens need guns like this? I am glad it is off the street and that it is in a cops hands and that it is going to be turned into scrap metal before it gets in the wrong hands and kills innocent people.

  27. That kitten is adorable! Definitely gets lulled by the music.

  28. Sophie, the big thing in this region of Pa for cabbage, besides stuffed cabbage (they call them piggies) which is an art form around here, is haluski aka cabbage and noodles.

    It is smothered in butter and has onions and cabbage bits with noodles. Tasty but not as a main dish, more of a side serving. Very common in Polish cooking and Hungarian. My grandmother made it and added sour cream or cottage cheese. It was wonderful on cold days after playing in the snow.

    The stuffed cabbage hungarian style is a lot of work. Some people make a pan version – all the ingredients but not rolled cabbage leaves. It is all chopped up and spiced in a frying pan and is a quick version that tastes the same.

  29. I’m entering a cabbage contest at the Farmers Market. So, the dish has to be transportable and able to sit from entry time to tasting time. I’m thinking of this:

  30. Sophie, that looks good. The only cabbage recipe I have is a Greek one. Its stuffed cabbage rolls, with a meat & rice filling, and smothered in an avgolemono sauce, similar to Greek lemon soup. Its like stuffed grape leaves in lemon sauce. Its good, but lots of work, and I doubt would last all day.

  31. Karen, yes, fgs, why do people need a grenade launcher in their home?

  32. An exotic cole slaw would sit for a time without wilting and isn’t served warm so can sit without losing flavor. Irish corned beef and cabbage variations all need to be served hot.

    I recently had the best Reuben sandwich of my life. Sheer perfect one by a local deli on fantastic rye with cheese and tangy dressing. It had cabbage-kraut-slaw style, of course, but it needed reheating before eating to warm up the buttery bread. The corned beef was so good. Someone ordered a dozen of them for our Chrismas party and they went like hot cakes.

  33. John said he’d let the kittens out in the afternoon his time. He meant late afternoon early evening clearly. There are thousands of people watching his site and waiting for the big event. He will surely have an explanation for his tardiness. He is forgiven anyway. The only thing visible on the kittencam now is a tiny tip of one tail! cute!

  34. Yeah you get some ham hockeys and white beans and cabbage and you throw it all in a pot with onion and a bit of carrot, broth and a slight amount of tomato for pinkness. Bring bread. Savoy cabbage is best IMO, but others will do.

    Also, oriental cabbage salad is very good. No mayo but great flavors, healthier and tasty.

  35. And of course, polish golabki aka stuffed cabbage.

  36. Halupki is hungarian for stuffed cabbage.

    I am in moderation for a few recipies, none of which will do Sophie any good for what she needs a cabbage dish for.

  37. I also like savoy best, and use it for soup, but actually have always used regular for my Greek thingies. I’ll have to try the savoy next time.

  38. Karen 3 links lands you in spam.

  39. One of John’s own personal cats is really sick and likely dying. He just came in and said that’s why he hasn’t let the kittens out today. Send prayers to Washington state. Sigh.

  40. wow…look at all the cabbage recipes!

  41. Aw I feel for him, it’s such a horrible and helpless feeling to watch your cat dying and know you can’t fix things for him/her

  42. Ok quick, any home remedies to relieve a vicious toothache till the dentist opens tomorrow? Gawd it feels like a root canal thing.

  43. garlic clove, smashed, hold it right on the pain point

  44. Or dip a QTip in Scotch, apply to pain point until no pain
    (Drink some too)

  45. Oh man I’m going to do both. Oh shit. Yeeeeeeeowwwwch.

  46. Fuck the Q tip, I’m going to drink myself to sleep.

  47. Poor Upps. All I ever heard of is whiskey.

  48. Sophie:

    Look up “Creamed Braised Cabbage” – I think some creative merging of that recipe and the Crock Pot Cabbage And Pork Soup would be a real winner:

  49. ok, so no one liked my Uppity does diva country. 😦

  50. Wow. That was a bizarre video Why Not!

  51. socal… wasn’t it though? When I ran across it, I was like, what was she and her producers thinking? Then I got a bit off humor…. at uppity’s expense. not good, not good at all. lol.

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