I’m sure this will be revolutionary once someone figures out WTF it actually is

Thought you would get a kick of of this. I know you would be excited if you could only understand WTF this guy is saying.

In a few years, we will all Know, we will recognize our lives weren’t complete without it,  and we will stand in line to buy one –whatever it is.


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  1. Let’s start a rumor that this is the future of newspapers and send the NY Times into a panicky snit.

  2. Someone needs to come up with a Human Micro-Chip, that can be implanted at birth, STAT!

    Another few years, future generations won’t be able to focus on learning those basic things in life like… when and how to PEE.

  3. (((Upps))) So sorry about you toof. I’m supposed to get one of those done. Sigh… Haven’t had time to deal with it, it doesn’t hurt so not a priority. It took me most of the day to catch up with the blog reading. 😯

    Above is the future of tablet computers… hmmm I wonder if you can fold them up and throw them in the driveway. Nah… It would cost the newspapers a fortune to replace the ones that the paperboy threw in the sprinklers. Tee hee hee…. 😀

  4. You know I really miss the old newspapers. You know the ones that actually reported the news and had great editorials but did not have everything slanted to one side and get you to follow their opinions like sheep. Ones that carried good deed doers as well. Sigh oh for the good old days when folks were allowed to think for themselves and have opinions and make mistakes.

  5. Today is the 19th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake, an event I’ll never forget. I was 6 1/2 months preggers with laker and the nonstop aftershocks sent me into contractions, my OB was in Italy, so we drove up the coast and stayed in a hotel that had power and was far enough away that we didn’t feel the aftershocks. Ah, memories! Were any of you others here then?

  6. Re the Paper Tab, all I can say is Good Lord. I couldn’t begin to understand what the hell that kid was talking about.

  7. That’s stooopid! Apparently some of the commenters at youtube agreed.

    Whoa. That needs some major condensing. The beauty of a tablet or ipad is that it is portable and small. This would never be usable on a plane or the like if you need three papers for 1 email.

    Seems way too complicated, like you need a lot of those paper tabs to get one simple thing done.

    Still pondering the wisdom of having a whole pile of PaperTabs on one’s desk. Seems to defeat the purpose of digital, somehow.

  8. Whats with Virginia? I thought that probe bill was repealed but now the repubs have blocked the repeal:


  9. Watch out for paper cuts on that contraption.

  10. The more I look at this idea, the more it looks like a return to paper, pencil and eraser, ‘discovered’ by some kid who never saw paper, pencil and eraser before. So much for paperless.

  11. Priceless:

  12. Reports that I should feel better today than I did yesterday are grossly exaggerated.

  13. Upps, I had three molars giving me trouble years ago. I had them filled, then root canals done, then posts and crowns – then extractions – all within 4 years. Those three teeth cost me an arm and a leg, caused pain and loss of work, caused infections that could have caused further issues in my face/skull/cavities and even brain. It wasn’t worth it. They all came out – I almost swallowed one of the crowns.

    When the 4th molar started giving me nothing but trouble I told the doctor to yank it. I saved myself thousands of dollars and prolonged pain and infection, etc. I have a hole there. I will chew with the other teeth around it until I get a pair of false choppers.

    I can eat, I assure you. 🙂

    Good luck with your health, dental or otherwise. It sucks getting old!

  14. This guy made his point. Show and tell day at the house:


  15. Jayyyyyyyyyyyyysusssssssssssss! I think half US state legislators might be psychos.

  16. Karen, this tooth adventure all started with those useless munchkins known as “Wisdom” teeth. I now believe wisdom teeth are put there to make dentists rich. If your young friends brag that they still have them, tell them to pull them NOW. Later, is too late. I pulled two lower wisdom teeth and it’s been a battle of the Tooth Neighbors ever since. Personally, I am getting a little tired of ‘saving’ teeth back there with “no quarantee”. I am now on a mission that means the next time one of those molars give me the gas, I am yanking the tooth out and getting an implant. Because in the end, it costs the same. And that’s that. Last year I also replaced four consecutive vain and shallow caps, I don’t need to tell you what THAT cost me. For Chrissakes, this is ridiculous. My general dentist I have known since high school and he is the sweetest man on this earth, works day and night because he doesn’t overcharge and he’s meticulous to a fault. When I wasn’t living here, I always made appointments for when I was in town. That’s how wonderful he is. So I let him do this procedure because I’ll be damned if I am going to pay an endodondist for another ripoff. But if this RC fails, and as you know, they can fail no matter who does them, I’m yanking that bastard tooth and going right to implant. At this rate, when I die, my mouth will be worth more than my estate.

  17. “Yeah she’s dead, but she’s got great teeth!”.

  18. Well, there must be a lot of state legislators that are nuts because it is legal to carry one of those down the street there. The sane guy, this time, seems to be the one holding the gun.

  19. Read it and weep. Background checks weren’t even approved. There will be armed nuts as usual in Virginia, we can’t interfere with FAMILY transfers. FCS – even if our family just commited a crime – we can hand them a gun, no questions asked? WTF is wrong with VA?


    Here is the killer quote, excuse the pun:

    The subcommittee voted 5-0 Thursday killed a bill (HB 2025) sponsored by Del. Patrick Hope, D-Arlington, that would require criminal background checks for all gun sales and transfers. Opponents of the bill argued that the requirement could affect gun transfers between family members and would pose a burden for gun dealers who would run the computerized checks.

  20. Upps.my mouth is worth more than my estate.:lol:

  21. Well the thing about family transfers can be pretty damned unfair too. When my brother died completely unexpectedly, he had a huge gun collection, including many vintage and antiques and sum that belonged to generations before. Since my sister in law had no permit, she was threatened with confiscation of a very valuable thing. Luckily I taught a student years ago I subsequently became friends with later and her father arranged to transfer that collection to a relative’s gun shop or somebody over in some police station was going to inherit some very valuable items. You know what I think? I think somebody was salivating to get their hands on that collection, some of which didn’t even have firing pins. She was forced to sell the entire collection at considerably less than she might have sold it for if she had time. THAT is simply WRONG. You see, One Size Does Not Fit All and people get hurt with that kind of attitude when it comes to making laws.

    One sided opinions and laws is a big problem in this country.

  22. I’m of the school that says YOU DONT BRING A GUN INTO THE HALLS OF CONGRESS. I don’t give a shit who you are or why. If a Republican did that there would have been an outrage,now, wouldn’t there????????????????????/ I think it would benefit anyone to see things objectively when it comes to these two DISGUSTING sides.

  23. In addition to spooking the NYT, let’s order a full set for O (and charge it to PalVal) . Just tell him it’s the next generation of a TelePrompter that also works as a smart phone and see how many time he can trip himself up over all those cables and wires.

  24. Word I have learned to hate:
    But we can SAVE them. I have been fighting this battle for years and would have been better off to have them all pulled long ago ( I asked but was made to feel as if I was a horrible person for making such a suggestion). The impacted wisdom teeth were just the beginning. My sinuses wrap around the roots. Not fun.

  25. Yeah Mt Laurel and you would think they would tell you to yank those munchkins early BEFORE they start trouble and cost you a fortune. Speaking of sinuses, I won’t even get into how mine are doing.

  26. AMC is playing Working Girl. What a riot.

  27. Uppity, this law says your SIL gets the guns without a background check. All they wanted to do was give a basic check. If your SIL was a criminal and/or mentally unstable would you have wanted her to get those guns? No, of course not. NYS inheritance laws are complex. My neighbor who worked for probate court yelled at me until I had my will drawn up.

    I know people who nearly lost their parents entire estates, let alone a few antique guns.

  28. They made it legal to walk down the street with that loaded AK47. Why not allow it in their chambers, held by one of their own, if it is allowed in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly?

  29. Yes Karen, and I would hope some of NY’s laws would serve as a horrible warning instead of a model.

  30. socalannie, on January 18, 2013 at 2:49 AM said:

    Whats with Virginia? I thought that probe bill was repealed but now the repubs have blocked the repeal:

    It was… urrr… amended to what is now known as a simply, harmless invasion of a woman’s body that they are affectionately calling: “The Jelly on the Belly, External Ultra-sound procedure.”

    Seriously, that’s what legislators there call their generous amendment to lording over women’s bodies. You can look it up.

  31. I’m not worried about VA, you know why? Because the women there are going to barnstorm this assholes. They are very well organized, including out of towners. Let them do their thing. If women don’t learn everywhere that when they want something done (or stopped), they have to do it themselves.

  32. If you get past the talking thru the nose thang, this kid is a good cook. I like her. Needs to ditch the reactive pan with sauce though, but otherwise she makes me hungry

  33. was… urrr… amended to what is now known as a simply, harmless invasion of a woman’s body that they are affectionately calling: “The Jelly on the Belly, External Ultra-sound procedure.
    Seriously, that’s what legislators there call their generous amendment to lording over women’s bodies. You can look it up

    Isn’t that precious?
    But if I call an abortion ” a big issue over a little tissue,” I’m a horrible person.

  34. Braciole. Yum.

  35. Following Mom’s path.

  36. Here’s a good story that is currently unfolding in a Maryland courtroom. A County Executive is on trial for misconduct and misappropriation. First witness was his appointment secretary who testified that he came to work after having had back surgery and he ordered her to empty his catheter. After she emptied the douchbag’s catheter, she said she saw him bend over, indicating he did not need any assistance. She did it because she feared for her job. I suspect this guy is a good candidate for an Uppity Cock Roach award.

  37. Upps, I hope Chelsea has an enormously important job in the world doing marvelous things. I hope she also has the time to have children since those great genetics and loving nurturing needs to be passed on to lots of children. Clearly the grandparents will be a big help to her and will all but beg her to let them babysit often.

  38. That’s almost how we make lasagna but our pan is more than twice that large and it takes one very strong person or we’ve used two people to hoist it into the oven. I inherited the pan and it is so big that it doesn’t fit into the size oven I have in this house. The next place will hopefully have a “mom’s lasagna pan” size oven. We took pictures of it filled every Christmas.

    We add oregano and garlic to the sauce. We add parsley and romano to the ricotta mix. We make the meatballs up and fry them then cook them in the sauce and fry sweet and hot sausage then chop the meatballs and sausage up small for the meat layer.

    I use tuttoroso sometimes too. My mom used redpack and it was always BRIGHT red sauce.

    That is soul food to me!

  39. They will be wanting to take it for the weekend too. 🙂

  40. That’s the baby. :lol;

  41. Tuttoroso are pretty good tomatoes, I’ve used them. Like your mother, though, I love Redpack. Their diced tomatoes are far superior to the others, in case you’re interested. Unfortunately, I am addicted to San Marzano tomatoes for pasta sauce, and there’s no going back for me. But for lasagna, I would use the Tutt or the Redpack too. I’ve seen others do the meatball thing in lasagna, I’m far too lazy for that. lol.

  42. Here’s a good story that is currently unfolding in a Maryland courtroom. A County Executive is on trial for misconduct and misappropriation.

    Sounds like a typical County Executive. It’s kind of standard operational procedure for them to be thieves.

  43. Why Not, this is from the 1st link:

    “A Republican-controlled committee in the Virginia State Senate voted 8-7 on Thursday to block Democrats’ efforts to repeal a new mandatory ultrasound law and a set of regulations that could shut down many abortion clinics in the state. The committee also voted down a new anti-abortion bill that would have prevented Medicaid from paying for low-income women’s abortions in cases where there is a severe fetal anomaly.”

    But I read in another article that women that wanted an early ultrasound might or would still have to have the vaginal probe because the belly ones don’t often show enough when the pregnancy is in very early stages. Also, the other link talks about getting rid of funding for medicaid for abortions of fetuses with severe birth defects. One of those yayhoos said “we’d be killing Helen Keller” fcs. You guys should check out the links. Unbelievable fuckery with women. I’m so glad I live in a blue state.

  44. Upps, I made sauce last nite with cheap canned tomatoes instead of the Cento San Marzano Certified I usually get. I hated it. We foodies are so picky!

    So sorry about your tooth! I’m getting another crown this year myself.

  45. It certainly looks like the whackadoodles are in charge in Virginia.

  46. Maybe I’m just cranky, but i want to strangle my two cats. I bought TWO, not one, TWO overly priced ultimate cat scratch posts, 3 feet high with heavy sturdy bases, so the little snots can stretch. I was hoping to get rid of this condo thing I have that they have obliterated. They have scratched at the post on it so much the sisal rope unraveled, and still they are pulling on it. And they NEVER use the condo for lying on, and it takes up too much room. It’s horrid mess with the sisal all mangled on the post. So I bought these two special premium sisal things. I put one upstairs and one downstairs, so they don’t have to strain their fat asses and use the stairs to play with a post.

    They won’t use the new posts! I smeared the damned things with catnip. I put my ass on the floor with them, tipped a post over and scratched at it like a frigging cat in front of them, and they both just lifted their tail and walked away. One of them went right to the disheveled old post while I was still on the floor stroking the new one. So now I have these two brand new posts and can’t ditch the old one. WTF is wrong with these cats. You would think they would appreciate what I did for them. Cripes.

  47. It certainly looks like the whackadoodles are in charge in Virginia.

    As opposed to the opposite whackadoodles in charge in NY, telling us we can’t eat salt, trying to take over our bodies as state owned if we die so they can harvest us, and the list goes on and on.

    If republicans were the only crazy party in this country, I would be happy to be a Democrat. Wink.

  48. Yeah, socal, that’s what happens when you get hooked on san marzanos. It’s painful. I don’t even care what they cost anymore.

  49. Part two on meatballs. They would never make it to the lasagna in my house. Meatballs get swiped right out of the sauce, in great numbers.

    I remember when I was a kid, on Sunday morning the meatballs would be simmering in the sauce and everybody seemed to stop by to say Hi ‘after church’. The tradition carried on from my grandmother was you fried pizza fritta on Sunday morning for the visitors –and of course meatballs go well. By the time we got to dinner, there weren’t many meatballs left. Hell, come to think of it, I didn’t even know who some of the visitors were. lol.

  50. John Stewart did a funny bit about that 16 oz soda thing, he said no one ever died from “second hand carbonation”.

    btw, I read the second part of the VA abortion story wrong (was late last nite. Also, I’m dyslexic!) Anyway, they narrowly saved the funding for the birth defects fetuses:

    “The Republican-run Education and Health Committee voted 8-7 against banning state-funded abortions for women with fatally flawed fetuses. Virginia Beach Republican Sen. Harry Blevins joined the panel’s seven Democrats. The bill’s sponsor, Louisa County Republican Sen. Tom Garrett, argued that Helen Keller would have been subject to a state-funded abortion under existing state law. Democrats called the claim ridiculous.”

    But they did block the dems efforts to repeal the ultrasound before abortion bill. btw, I noticed an article from some right winger saying it was standard practice to give an ultrasound b4 an abortion to determine the age. That isn’t true. I didn’t have one and neither did any of the women I know who had an abortion.

  51. Hilarious about your cats, Upps!

  52. I’m of the school that says YOU DONT BRING A GUN INTO THE HALLS OF CONGRESS.

    Who brought a gun into the halls of congress? This was the Virginia statehouse, which was his point: that it was perfectly legal to bring that gun there. His next point was that not only is it legal, but it is reasonable and customary. He said:

    “As a delegate, I have the authority to bring guns into the chamber,” Morrissey said. “Right now, there are members of the House of Delegates on the other side of the aisle that pack weapons.”

    He assumes the guns are loaded, he said, and he doesn’t like seeing them in the assembly chamber.

    “How about this,” he asked, exasperated. “How about prohibiting firearms from coming into the General Assembly?”

    And no, they wouldn’t even give that.

  53. socal, it’s just that I am getting sick of carrying the next generation’s water for them. They are just going to have to skip some of their manicure appointments and get off their lazy asses and do their own fighting for the rights somebody else stood in the rain and snow for so that they could take them for granted. They just don’t appreciate my generations bleeding for them and they are letting it all slip away, so fuck em. They can either get off their asses and organize or lose. And they ARE losing. I’m getting sick of getting upset on their behalf while they giggle and think filthy ads are cute and it’s okay for guys to call them cunts if it’s ‘affectionately’. I am very angry that I marched and fought for them when all they give a shit about is whether or not some guy thinks they are hot.

    I can assure them I’m not getting pregnant so what am I stressing myself about? If I did get pregnant I would name it “SURPRISE”.

  54. Okay Sophie, then you don’t bring a gun into a statehouse. It’s just plain Wrong. And how did he even get IN there with a gun, delegate my ass. SO what. Morons. NONE of them should be allowed in there with guns. Where is the security in that place? Half those guys are NUTs anyways, so who knows what they could do? So he’s right, there, but that doesn’t mean HE should bring one. Jesus these people are NUTS.

  55. Hilarious about your cats, Upps!

    I spent almost $90 on the little bastards!

  56. If I were a woman in one of those crazy ass states, I would not stay in that state. it’s like going to work for a sexist pig when you have other options.

  57. What am I saying? I live in a crazy assed state myself. Just crazy from the other extreme. NY makes laws based on waht some asshole in the senate wants personally, they do it all the time.

    You know why NY is a non community property state? It wasn’t always so. But that sweaty pig Al D’Amato was getting married and wanted the law changed in case he got divorced. His fiance dumped him anyways. Although she wasn’t specific, she cited certain …um…proclivites. I hate that bastard. He’s the reason we are stuck with Schumer. A cockroach could have beaten him that year.

  58. Uppity, that’s the Effin point. Their assembly considers it their God-given right and they are not giving it up.

  59. Hey the people there vote for these clowns so they must all carry and love it. i just don’t give a shit, I don’t live there but the voters who vote for them do, so they can have each other. I’ll bet it’s not the “God given right” of unelected people to go in there with a gun though. These guys must have very small penises, that’s all I can say.

  60. Frankly, considering some of the cops I know, I feel even worse knowing that no law will stop them from carrying anything they want.

  61. God Given Right. I had no idea God wrote the constitution. Who knew?

  62. Furnace isn’t working right. I feel like shit. I’m going to bed.

  63. They made a movie about the Anita Hill hearings and apparently, Anita Hill is involved in it. If she’s involved, then it will probably be pretty interesting.

  64. Wow, what a time for movies: Rodham, Scorsese’s documentary on Bill, now this!

  65. imust, who are they ever going to get to play Biden? Is Skippy the Clown available?

    I don’t know the exact story and don’t have time to look it up right now but Anita Hill got a call a few years ago, around 08 or so, from Mrs. Thomas. She asked Anita if she was sorry in light of her husbands success for trying to hurt her husbands career and character or some such crap. Anita said very little and hung up. She was surprised to get a call from the woman at all let alone after all this time had passed. They are into some holier than thou religious group and want Anita to repent for her false accusations against her “so fine” husband. Barf.

  66. Ted Danson, if he can look younger.

  67. Ted Danson would be good Sophie!

  68. Just a friendly reminder as there are only 4 remaining baking days: Wednesday is National Pie Day! Really.

    It’s also the day Hillary is scheduled to testify. I should make a pie to commemorate!

  69. Wow! PIE and Hillary in one day! Can’t beat that!

  70. Hmmm…can you live blog with your mouth full?

  71. Hmmm…can you live blog with your mouth full?

    Is there any other way???

  72. Obama’s brother decides to run for office having been inspired by the our POTUS.

  73. My home has been completely without heat since about 8 PM last night. It is Effing freezing in here. Do yourself a favor and don’t ever buy a York high “efficiency” furnace. I hate everything about this furnace even when it runs. It’s freeze, sweat, freeze, sweat. And it is too loud when it kicks on. If I had it to do over again I would keep the old ‘inefficient’ furnace because I have saved NOTTHING using this horrid, overpriece piece of crap furnace. Every penny I have saved on gas, I’ve spent five on repairs. Just a piece of junk, just like all the other overly regulated “efficient’ things that now cost twice as much “for the environment”. Things no longer perform well, they die faster, they are so “efficient” you might as well not even have them. Why don’t we all just move into fucking caves and get it over with, hey? And how come so many repair people are getting richer by the minute, and so many manufacturers are laughing on the way to the bank making us buy things every ten years that used to last a LIFETIME when you bought them once. Not even a toilet lasts any longer. Cha Ching!

    As you can see, I have had it. The only one doing REALLY well with all these changes is Al Gore and his investors in Congress. Next year at this time, those mercury light bulbs with their own EPA cleanup page, will be setting homes aflame and sending people with epilepsy into seizures, and nearly crippling migraine sufferers, while GE laughs its ass off, this was their whole lobby. They are making those bulbs in chinese sweat shops for a couple of pennies each and selling them to you for six bucks, you sucker. I may have been fucked on my “efficient” furnace, but they won’t get me with those putrid light bulbs. I have enough incandescents in the attice to see me through to the time when they have to reverse this law because nobody fucking see any longer. But you can bet that Al’s chandeliers will be well lit, and not with those fugly curly bulbs that throw putrid yellow light. Funny, but the EPA tightened mercury restrictions on utility companies while having no problem making you INCREASE mercury in your home. Do you not see how you have been fucked?

    End of rant. But not the end of my resentment at being ripped off for bullshit I don’t even believe.

    Compliments of Deadenders on how a CFL nearly burned his home down.

    Health “Progress” ..EPA CFL hazmat cleanup instructions.


  74. OOH, we’re being paid back with good karma for supporting Hillary all along. Pie day is not a coincidence. The gods are smiling on the land of the Uppityites.

    The APC has the same mission as we do, mostly consumption…

    “The American Pie Council® (APC) is the only organization committed to preserving America’s pie heritage and promoting American’s love affair with pies. Designed to raise awareness, enjoyment and consumption of pies, the APC offers Amateur, Professional and Commercial Memberships.”

  75. Uppity, hope you have space heaters, the oven, fireplace or another means of heat going – and a hot beverage at hand. Typing with gloves can be a bother. Hope the truck pulls in the driveway soon and the overpriced fix-it man doesn’t rob you too much.

  76. I just came from the Al Gore and Apple story. In the newsfeed column there is an article from an advestment advisor saying Apple is not a good choice due to issues it is having. The other side of the page has the story of Gore getting 29 million dollars worth of their stock for under 1/2 a million dollars. Why do you think he’d invest his petty cash (a measly $450,000) to get 60,000 shares? Do you think, maybe Al Gore is a whore who would take an insider deal to push his power around and pull the VP card to publicize a company that has been downgraded and is tanking fast? Could it be for, omg, green, as in dollar bills? What a load of crap that man is. He proves it all the time and doubles down on greed every time you open the news.

  77. And they have cool pie swag too:

    I can’t believe they don’t have a shirt saying, “Did somebody mention pie?”

  78. Upps, what a crappy week: bad toof and freezing house. Now would be a good time for one of those tropical getaways. 🙂

  79. Yes we didn’t want to sleep with a fire going, we borrowed one of thos eden pure heaters and huddled together in the bedroom, cats dog included. This morning when I came downstairs my expensive teeth nearly fell on the floor and they aren’t false, if you get the drift. But the furnace guy my plumbler recommended came over and, as I guessed, it was either furnace switch or the thermostat, and as it turned out it was the thermostat. I also had some switch the installer left to replace one day soon ten years ago, he had tape where it was supposed to go because he broke the switch when replacing the MOTOR which crapped out the first week on this POS expensive YORK furnace. Anyways, the installer insisted that the switch wasn’t very important and just some environmental requirement and he’d install it when he could. Which was never. So the guy this morning told me it most certainly is important and is some kind of flame safety and shook his head. So he put that switch in for me.

    So the furnace is working again. I don’t hold out much hope that will last long. The piece of shit that it is. The new theromostats are crap too, for starters anything digital is an invitation to faulure and then it’s got all this programmable crap on it. And of course, the battery industry gets their nibs now too, because it’s not only wired but requires batteries for all the digital bullshit that probably makes old people freak out because they can’t handle the complexity of what was once a simple thermostat. What a crock of shit. If the batteries die, the thermostat reverts to 45 degrees just to make sure you go buy batteries. I simply cannot believe how they have taken every simple thing and made it complex and worthless and built to die the day after warranty is up. The guy was telling me how he spent $2200 on washing machines in 15 months. First one died a month after warranty and cost a thousand to fix, so he had to buy another one. No wonder people are going broke in America while the fat cats have their fun making shit programmed to die.

    Anyways, we all lived and the house didn’t get as cold as I thought it would, although it was cold. This is probably because of the tight replacement windows. Meanwhile, Needlenose was wondering what all the fuss was since she has a double coat and would prefer to sleep in the snow, so the house was just perfect for her. I thank her for her warmth last night. And Joe and Snack were no slouches either, those cats are manger quality! Who says pets don’t have jobs. They did their job last night and helped keep us warm.

  80. Now I understand the concept of eagerly awaiting your next disappointment. It’s been a crappy week and I apologize for my complete crabbiness and will try to temper my bad disposition or at least STFU till I am my Old Crabby Self again instead of the Enhanced Crabby Self I’ve been lately. Thanks for putting up with me.

  81. Did someone mention PIE shirts?
    Nice stuff! GOT PIE?

  82. Worth reprinting in total, imo.

    An anonymous person posted this Message of Encouragement To Young Women in a university, who were apparently VOICING “their stories” on the walls on the stalls of the ladies room.

    I second it – because young women need all of the positive reinforcement they can get that THEY ARE VALUED:

    Anonymous and encouraging message posted in university restroom

    A Reddit user posted a photo of a poignant message that she found taped to the stall in a women’s restroom at her university.

    The user, chellylauren, wrote: “In a girls’ bathroom stall at my university, girls have written about some of their most horrifying life experiences. This week, somebody replied.”

    The reply, written on notebook paper, is anonymous.

    The reply in full:

    To the girl who was raped: You are so strong. I cannot fathom the pain you must have gone through. The fact that you have the bravery to write it (even on a bathroom wall) gives me hope.

    To the girl with eating disorders: I promise you, although I don’t know you, you are beautiful, you deserve your health. You deserve freedom from that hell.

    To the girl with the alcoholic father: I am so sorry for the agony it must cause. Again, such courage is remarkable you must be such a strong person to see such pain.

    To the girl whose father died: Missing them never goes away. The ache of their absence never goes away. But the love they had, the memories you share surely must last. I am sure, out of the bottom of my heart, the people who have left you in this world are exceptionally proud of the person you are.

    Every time I see these walls, these confessions, I feel so blessed to know I have the privilege of seeing them. Your moments, these secrets, are all precious even though they are sad. To all of you (including those I did not mention, and those who have not yet written)

    -You are worthy.

    -You are strong.

    -You are brave.

    -You are loved.

    -Somebody cares.

    Written below that, somebody penned a quick response: “To the person who wrote this, thank you.”

  83. I have enough incandescents in the attice to see me and my kids through. 😆

  84. Upps we luvs ya just the way you are. (hugs) xoxoxo 🙂

  85. Hey Uppity I am with you on all this latest and greatest BS. My furnace is old and I mean old and so is the thermostat. No batteries and bull shit. Does it cost more in gas ? NO not according to my kids bill and he keeps his home colder then I do. We both put in wood stoves and run heat to make sure the pipes do not freeze. You know me I say screw the environment it is all BULL SHIT ! One volcano does more damage in a day then cars have since their creation. You will not stop volcanoes ever. Species are meant to go as we will someday as well. It has always been and only man is arrogant enough to believe he can change it. I pollute so sue me but I live good and am not going along with all this save this and that shit. I had the furnace checked out for carbon monoxide and it was fine and will run until it dies. I might point out it was put in back in 1972. It heats major fast shuts down and the place stays warm even with the 1960 windows in it. My heating bill this month and I kid you not was $ 63.00 and why , because I heat with wood. To anyone that has an issue with that I say stuff it. lmao

  86. Utah, thing is I DO have a much lower gas bill since I got that furnace. But big effing deal, really. I sweat. I freeze. I play with the GD thing day and night. It sounds like a train when it kicks on and it takes a specially trained (read overpriced) person to fix it. I hate that furnace with every fiber of my being. The old one, I set it and forgot about it. And I didn’t have to take a course to program my thermostat either. What a bunch of shit.

  87. First thing I did after the thermostat was installed was look up how to override all the programming. I’ll decide what temp I want and when on a case by case basis, thanks!

    I have an old honeywell round analog, mercury thermostat still in its box somewhere, I just couldn’t remember where i put it. On the day I find it, I am yanking that digital thing off the wall and installing it. And screw the ‘batteries” too.

    Funny how I can’t have a mercury thermostat but I can plaster my house with CFLs. These assholes are such bullshitters I find it amazing that ANYBODY buys their bullshit. Houses WILL burn down with those CFLs. This is criminal. Criminal I tell you.

    And by the way, the heat generated by incandescent lighting is not “wasted energy” at all. Heat from any source supplements furnaces in the winter. In other words, I’m grateful for incandescent heat.

  88. Oh Look! Boo Effing Hoo, GE! Congress defunded the enforcement of CFLs in late 2011. How did I miss that???? Sylvania is sitll making them so they won’t have to retool. Boo Hoo, because people WILL buy them and new companies will spring up tooled for incandescents and make a killing while GE will be playing with themselves in the dark just like they deserve for this unconscionable lobby effort so they could produce cheap firestarting CFLs in china for seven cents and sell them for six bucks. My heart is broken.

    “The manufacturers have invested millions into the transitions and a delay in enforcement undermines those investments and creates regulatory uncertainty,” Higbee said. “Without [federal] enforcement, it does allow bad actors to sell noncompliant products without fear of enforcement and that creates a competitive disadvantage for law-abiding companies.”

    “The manufacturers” meaning GE, who layed off all those people iN GE lighting USA and went to china for CFLs.

    “Non compliant” meaning incandescent Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  89. The kitten cam DVR timeline has Ash in the weighing bowl (aka Ash Tray) from 12:12 – 12:42. Just taking a peaceful and adorable nap.

    At 11:53:10 there is Ash perfecting her reverse mode.

  90. Just another reason I use Amazon and other shop from home shippers:


  91. Yea all this go green crap is bull shit. Only thing folks save is a bit on the bills but the shit is ten times more costly to repair and 50 times more likely to break down. Hey some of the new stuff is nice but I am not going to take out a perfectly good heater and thermostat to put in one of these new things I refuse. When that thermo of my daughters went haywire they like to have baked to death in vegas waiting to get it fixed. It is crazy and the repairman charges you so much it is unreal. I still buy the old light bulbs which by the way seem to be more in abundance here then those mercury laden fire starters. I have to say had I not been home I too would have had a house burn down. Damn cork screw sucker had a bubble on the metal piece that got hot as hell and glowed no kidding. I will not use them ever !!
    I would burn oil lamps if I were forced to use those. Too many cases already reported of them causing fires or shorts. Hey China does not have to meet USA safety specs. Why is it we have to here but will import shit that does not have to follow the same safety codes ?

  92. karen for Clinton, on January 19, 2013 at 2:21 PM said:

    Just another reason I use Amazon and other shop from home shippers:


    Oh please. Why would Huff blow even print that shit. Cripes guns are legal here and according to our governor they always will be so long as they stay in state. The fed can not force it’s BS gun laws on a state. Many states have already sent word to El Presidente he can stuff it up his ass.
    Guy bringing a gun into a store lmao. Half the clerks carry . Majority of citizens are packing. BTW have you heard of a mass shooting in Utah ? How about WY.

  93. Any complete psycho can buy a rifle without a permit or background check of any kind. I guess you can’t kill anybody with those otherwise those geniuses in DC would have thought about it. Double barrel shotgun. Kill two people and make a new doorway besides. Get in car, reload, go kill two more people you don’t like, get in car, reload, well……you get the picture.

  94. Okay does ANYBODY no matter HOW you feel about guns or politics see how we apply double standards to the ‘sides’ every single day? Turkey brings AK 47 into state house chambers to make a point. No big deal. Smart guy! Made his point! How cute! A guy brings a gun into JC Penney to make a point and that’s……….well…….that’s NOT okay.

    When will we be working on not having it both ways?

  95. I use Amazon and Newegg a LOT, mainly because I don’t waste gas, there’s no shipping charge and i don’t have to carry something heavy to my car and then into my home, or pay for delivery when I can get it delivered to my door for free. I especially love sites where there’s no sales tax as an added bonus.

  96. Utah there’s no mass shooting in WY because there’s hardly ever ten people in the same square mile. That’s why crazies like the unibomber chose where he shack was too. Wait! he had no gun!

  97. Utah, what does HuffyPuff have to do with anything? There are 3,900 sites covering this AP story according to my newsreader site. HP was just the link with most hits so the one on top of the long list that came up on my newsbrowser site.

    Why would they ALL print that? Because it is horrifying to people who do not like guns and would not want one around them, like me.

    I would not want to see that when I was out picking up some bed linen.

    If you think a mass shooting cannot happen in Utah or Wyoming then what can I say to you. It can happen everywhere, absolutely there are guns held by lunatics in those states and they can go bonkers and take out kids in an ice cream shop any day now. FCS.

    Do you always think in terms of yourself and your little town and not of the problems across America, our country? You seem to ignore the big picture.

  98. Upps, they were voting on a GUN LAW dealing with that type rifle when that gun was brought into the state house and displayed.

    One person had a reason, the other is just a freaking 22 year old dolt.

  99. There is no double standard. It is rational thinking vs insanity that comes every time the words “gun control” are said. Very sad to see people go nuts about killing machines and refuse to budge at all.

    How many more children need to die? How many more Gifford face shots need to happen?

    I hope Hillary works on Gun Control when she leaves State. She might be able to stop some senseless violence in my lifetime. Bill and Hill could make a difference. And they are used to the attacks they would surely receive worse than ever. And they have SS protection too which they would need due to the nutjobs who think their guns are going to be confiscated when that would NEVER happen.

  100. Paper tabs. There could be some use for those in education. As long as you stay at the station that is wired. Could be cheaper than full lap tops. But then what do they cost, and how much to replace. Imagine school kids banging and folding up those babies all day long. Might just last a day.

  101. The either IS no reason or there isn’t. No free passes. One size fits all, right? When we make a law one size fits all. how do we know he’s a dolt. How do we know that politician isn’t a dolt? Most of them are. At least as many democrats are dolts as republicans. We spent more than four years talking about these dolts. If that guy were a republican with that AK pointing out AK safety, I’ll just bet he would have been a dolt. This is a problem we keep facing in politics over and over again. Sides.

    You know how many people will have to die? Lots more till we fix our criminal justice and mental health system. The largest mass murders in this country had nothing to do with guns. So yea, lots of people are going to die but then our president, et al, will get more photo ops. Because none of this will stop, maybe just the form will change. I would hope I get shot before gutted with a knife. Most kids who shouldn’t have to die don’t die this way, they die buried alive, raped and strangled, tortured or bludgeoned and hidden somewhere.

    Personally I don’t think a law of any kind will pass and since states have been making their own gun permit or no permit laws since time in memoriam, I see a loser here anyways. WHen I walk down the street these days I don’t think of shooting as my biggest concern, that’s for sure. I’m more likely to be raped or robbed, with OR without a gun. I prefer to be the one whose got one, though, if you want the truth. How many kidnappings and murders of children will have to happen before we make a law against kidnapping kids? Oh, um, that’s right, we already have those laws too. If 12 kids are kidnapped and killed by strangulation this week is that okay if it’s done one at a time instead of all together? Because children die like that every day in this country. Do we not care? Is all of this okay because it’s not en masse? Are these people any less crazy if they do this to 12 children one at a time over a period of a year? If there’s no gun involved, is that okay? How come our laws don’t stop this? We have laws against this! The point is, nothing will change because with or without a law, crazy people who do these things don’t care. Why is it nobody wants to face reality and what’s in front of their faces? I will never understand that. If it isn’t one side pretending it’s the other. It would almost be funny if it weren’t so amazingly awful. It’s falling into a Never Let A Crises Go To Waste trap. And nobody makes sure a Crises doesn’t go to waste better than Barack Obama.

    I just want to go on record again saying I have no problem with some gun controls, I just happen to know that human nature dictates that it won’t change a thing without changes in mental health and criminal laws. Unfortunately, I will be proven right.

    I don’t think Hillary will work on gun control. I think she has better plans for her time, considering the way women are murdered all over the world without a gun, daily. She knows it doesn’t take a gun to find a crazy person killing a woman or a girl. She also knows the 2nd amendment is untouchable unless you can get all the states to vote to change it. Lotsa luck with that comes to mind. I will agree when it comes to the words “Gun Control,” “rational vs. sanity’ IS an issue. On BOTH sides. They BOTH go over the edge too far. I also think a lot of people don’t trust our government, I think they probably are right, even if I don’t trust those people either. You know, the tyranny thing and all. I don’t want my government able to overpower me either, and it sure does look like they wouldn’t mind doing it at this point.

    Utah and Karen, might I suggest you need to time out with each other because I see some nasty undertones brewing and I would prefer you conclude you are both at an extreme and aren’t going to convince each other of a thing unless it’s that you both find each other offensive on this topic,

  102. He Crier, do you think that gun law will help the people who live near the border in Texas and read about somebody’s head on a stick almost daily?

  103. obama’s 23 points just copied right out of her homework. I stand with her opinion, the woman should have a say when she steps down, and I sure want to hear her address our national longtime festering crisis.


  104. Come on Karen, she has to take a stance on just about everything. That doesn’t mean she’s going to dedicate her precious time to it. Some of these answers date back to 1996 for chrissakes, and when she was a senator as well. I am reading balanced answers that anybody in her position would have to say. Exactly how are we going to keep guns off the streets again? Really? And she supports states and local communities deciding how to be safe. It’s all the typical, I’m on both sides answers, as I would give in her shoes. It’s just NOT her job. Edit: Tell you what, in an effort to leave hillary out of this silly fight America is having that won’t fix a thing, I’ll wager you $100 Hillary does not actively work on gun control when she leaves her job. I also think the VA shooting could have been prevented if people had the legal ability to intercede upon that shooters mental health — well before it happened.

  105. Crier, this video looks to me like a return to a paper society, only this time with wires. lolol.

  106. Feh not fair I keep editing. I can do that though. It’s my blog. Heh.

    Karen I love you more when you are stealing food.

  107. Those answers date her whole life, Upps. And Bill’s too. Who was it that put through an assault weapons ban and fought like crazy for reform?

    Another responsible gun owner: http://news.yahoo.com/police-arrest-york-woman-her-son-7-brought-191930887.html

    I am not betting a dime. I don’t have a clue if she will or won’t but if she did I would be very glad to help her. I did not say she would. I said *I* hope she does. I don’t gamble. I make just over minimum wage.

    btw, Sophie, I watched your Seuss clip. I am not one who needed to but I watched and nodded. I love that man. My daughter had all the books and it was our book of the month club.

  108. I just don’t see her as part of this argument is all. It’s not relevant. But I will stick to my wager with you, that’s how sure I am she won’t be involved in any real level.

    If anything, that assault ban is a kind of confirmation that a gun law alone isn’t going to fix a thing. Leak in the dike thing, you know?

  109. Oh and Uppity, I do find the gun lunatics that are rallying offensive. They are hideous. They make the Tea Party and the Occupy movements look normal in comparison. They are insane and they are brandishing signs that say they are proud to be right wing nut jobs and if you do not like it you can deal with their big guns. If that isn’t offensive then I don’t know what is. This issue is sickening. They shoot guns here all the time. I am in the middle of gun central PA. I heard guns all week long at all hours of the day and night. They are rooting and tooting their displeasure with the idea of control and so they go totally ballistic and out of control to show their opposition.

    I have my opinion and it is a lifelong one and has not changed. I lived where people were shot all the time. The above school story is a neighborhood in Queens that I drove through with doors locked and windows up and you did not stop for red lights if there were people milling in the road or you’d be shot. I grew up with crime scene tape.

  110. The WaPo link above is to some vile obot bullchit that came on after Bill’s quote. The one below is youtube and safe of obama gushing.

    Here is Big Dawg’s This Is Nuts quote:

  111. Uppity Woman, on January 19, 2013 at 2:53 PM said:

    Utah there’s no mass shooting in WY because there’s hardly ever ten people in the same square mile. That’s why crazies like the unibomber chose where he shack was too. Wait! he had no gun!
    Untrue. If you have ever been to Rawlings, Cheyene, Sheridan and other cities they are like any other in America packed with folks. Difference is again folks know they are armed.
    Montana has Billings, Bozman. Butte, Helena etc and if you have been there that is where the population is and tons of visitors hanging in the motels and hotels waiting to go to Yellowstone, Glacier park etc. Maybe it does not have the huge populations like NY but you can darn bet half the USA is here come Spring and Summer to see what they can not in a concrete jungle. And if you walk down a street out here in the western states odds are you will see someone with a ” shootin’ iron” strapped to their hip and half a dozen rifles in a gun rack in their truck. bottom line is AR 15’s do have a purpose when you encounter a damn grizzly or moose or maybe a ficken mountain lion that would love nothing more then to gut you.
    One size laws do not work.
    And yes what about that double standard stuff. Ok when it is to prove a point for one side against the other isn’t it? I am so with you there Uppity.

  112. I just don’t understand your point. Inundating me with things with opinions that aren’t going to change a thing isn’t going to help this issue, is it? I mean just because Bill said something doesn’t mean it’s going to fix this problem does it? It’s almost as if you want to bombard to force a mind change. It’s not gonna happen because there is a certain reality here that isn’t going away. I’ve never been accused of being out of touch with reality, and that’s because I look at the trees and not just the pretty forest. None of this will fix this problem. I keep saying over and over again and over again and OVER again that I don’t need to be convinced we need some gun control AND a mental health and criminal justtice system change. Alone, it’s worthless to me and it has already proven worthless in the past. Dancinga around this isn’t going to fix a thing. It’s the dutch boy putting his finger in one leak in the dike. It’s a drink without ice. It’s the sun without a beach. It’s a burger without fries. I figure manybe food examples will help.

  113. Okay let’s try it this way. Suppose we banned carrying a weapon, which we can’t do since it’s a state issue, but let’s pretend we can, because that is all that idea is, is pretend.

    If we banned carrying weapons, do you really think criminals and crazy people won’t carry a weapon into a place and do some damage? No videos, no quotes, just your honest answer.

    Would this have stopped Adam Lanza?

  114. Why is it that folks who side on the side of guns are fools etc but folks who side on control are sane. Most all gun ” NUTS” are fine with background checks etc just not banning any gun. If the gun control folks would just stop and listen and see that being able to hold a clip of say 15 or a clip of five does not a difference make and the style of the stock has nothing to do with what a gun can do . Most folks who are screaming control control have never held a gun in their life much less shot one. Before I would say ban something I think I would get to know what I was talking about. So we are going after the bushmaster, go ahead it will change nothing other then to make these guns far more costly then they are now. If anyone thinks a person that spent $ 2500.00 for the cheap one on up to $ 7000.00 is just going to turn it in I lol at that.
    Listen I am ok with back ground checks but if one really believes that will fix it ok then I have ocean front property I want to sell here in Utah.
    If one really believes banning is going to stop killings I refer to the above ocean front property.
    And Uppity again I 100 % agree with the fact only when a group is killed is there outrage. Let us not cry for the millions of Kaylee Anthonys in this world and really make a difference.

  115. Second question. If we banned the automatic weapons, would this have stopped Adam Lanza? He had two pistols with him, right? So how will that stop the adam lanza’s in this world?

    I am just asking to have this issue looked at from the practical side, including how exactly it will change things, that’s all.

  116. That is what I am trying to wrap my head around. How is banning a certain style of weapon going to stop killing or even slow it down. It is all smoke and mirrors to make a select group feel good while doing nothing to address the problem and further pissing off another select group.
    How does this fix anything ?
    I still go back to what I said before. Close the fucking borders, Death row inmates need to meet the reaper and fast, life sentences need to be just that and stop all the feel sorry for little johnny rotten because he had a bad life and is only 15. My 10 year old grandson knows murder is wrong and also knows guns mean business.

  117. Oh and Karen our differences of opinion are not changing the fact I think you are fun to hang out with. Heck my folks hated guns too. We all feel differently about things but I have to say this I would never jump into a ban this or that. I might say something ought to be banned but that is me in heat of anger I have yet to ever jump on a band anything wagon. Now I might be convinced to do it if it were a ban paychecks from congress and perks lol.

  118. I’m not into Carry, Utah, to be honest, but if I lived in your state I probably would carry to protect myself from unstable people who do carry, should I meet one. It happens too, Utah. I am not interested in the extreme of either side here. I am interested in practicality and actual impact of a law, given all the variables. I am not convinced anything I have heard so far is going to change a thing. What it does is make law abiding gun owners still be law abiding gun owners. I get that. The point is made. I am looking for a small glimmer of sense here that tells me anything I have heard coming out of polticians’ mouths makes any sense or helps a thing. So far, I see none. So far nobody wants to tell me what this is going to change without including a stiff look at how we let criminals go and how we let crazy people slide because the law says we must. To me, this is a three prong problem that includes guns but guns are the only prong being attacked. To me, it’s a bust. It’s putting our fingers in our ears and humming loud. It’s a photo op. It’s a crises not going to waste. You and karen are both on the far side of this issue. It doesn’t help if you don’t listen to one another just a little bit.

    I would love to say BINGO! We have a solution. Someobdy please show me.

  119. Yeah she’s fun, Utah. Until there’s food around.

  120. Listen I am not a gun crazy nut what I am is against using a crisis like a school shooting to jump into a ban. A ban that will only ensure more folks jump onto the frenzy wagon of having to own a certain gun just to have one. This nutty legislation will only increase the demand for an ” assault ” weapon and insure that another Lanza gets one. Honest folks who have them are not worried really. My state laws say the fed can not and will not come get them. Only way they can enforce it is with cooperation of law officials in state and that they do not have. Oregon, a blue blue state has said the fed can go to hell. Fact is I am tired of one side pushing bans on me and I will fight that.
    I still fail to see how this will fix anything and what I do see is it driving a further wedge to divide.

  121. Yes it is a state issue, which does make this all the more a dog and pony show, but the fed can ban a certain weapon. It’s just that it’s a useless idea because it won’t stop an Adam Lanza, with or without that particular weapon.

    Ah you bitter clingers who cling to your guns. Wait somebody said that, and we criticized him for it with a vengeance in 2008. But that is exactly what we are saying here in a way.

    Eh, I’m sick of this issue. It’s a fart in the wind. lol. Nothing is gonna happen, except there’s been a big run on 15+ gun clips and somebody is making a huge profit. For me, I figure if an intruder comes into my home, I can stop him with ten as easily as with 15. Like that’s gonna matter to a criminal too. So he brings two guns. now he’s got 20 shots instead of 15. That’s helpful.

  122. As I have said many of these ” assault rifles” are collector pieces. Worth boat loads of money.
    Also while posting stats can we find a stat that gives info on gun deaths caused by a legal gun owner versus a criminal non registered owner. Only that figure could prove to me that restricting guns would work if the stat proves that registered owners are the ones committing these crimes.

  123. Uppity from what I am reading the fed can ban a thing true that like they do marijuana but a state does not have to honor that ban . To this date there are 26 states that refuse to honor any weapon ban period. Only way the fed can do anything is
    A) Have the cooperation of state law enforcement
    B) catch you with said weapon as you cross state lines.

  124. I figure that when the fed sees they have lost this issue they will just institute a federal tax on guns and ammo and do what they did to smokes. Wait and see. Like I truly believe any of these fools on the hill care weather a group of kids were killed or a group of citizens in a theater were. They do not it is just to stir a bunch of turds and pit us against each other and then will come the real reason they even showed up to this fight and that is to line their purses.

  125. Oh now I will cop to one fact about me. I own some semi autos but will not shoot them. Fact is I hate the semi auto. I prefer good old revolver or bolt or lever action. Pump on my 12 Gage shotgun. I have had 2 semi autos jam and blow several bullets through the side or into the chamber. Just not my cup of tea. I actually am very serious here I will not shoot them. But I defend others right to do so. I have a 9mm semi and others like hubby love the way it shoots me I get away from it. They have a spring and they do go bad. It is your guess when and where.

  126. Like the 5 people who were accidentally shot at gun shows today, accidents do happen in the hands of the irresponsible.

    That kid was a dolt because he walked into a shopping mall with an empty, supposedly, assault weapon strung across his back and a glock. That is why I called him a dolt. He is a 22 year old doofus to pull a stunt like that and risk lives for no freaking reason. If he doesn’t like the idea of gun control then he can work against it in a normal fashion – not by risking a firestorm in a shopping center or by potentially scaring children, mothers and little old folks out of their skin. The cashier seems nervous as hell – I would have crapped my pants.

    Did either of you listen to Bill? He answered your questions in under one minute in the video. So did Hillary’s (pre-not-allowed-to-be-political-State-Dept-gig) answers to the questions. (and god help me for sticking up for the fraud from chicago, but he is dead right this time too and his 23 steps are all in the right direction- spit and shiver.)

    I’d like to go back to peace and prosperity and sanity. Bring back Bill and his brilliant mind to force feed logical propositions to the wing nuts.

    USA Today has political cartoons on this subject that sum up the opinions and feelings of lots of people who are sick of the NRA and have been sick of them for decades – pry their cold dead hands bullshit.

    This almost reminds me of Mad Magazine since this subject is insane:


  127. I DO believe gun safety training should be a REQUIREMENT for hand gun ownership. NO argument there whatsoever. In fact, required training should have to be renewed periodically. Too many idiots have guns and don’t know how to handle them. And I think parents should be held completely accountable when their minor children get their hands on a gun. This is inexcusable shit.

    I DO not think those 23 points are worth spit because they do not really DEAL with the problem beyond scratch and sniff.

  128. The people at these shows were serious gun owners and they had massive amounts of training in guns.


    one of the comments on one of the reports of this story was spot on:

    If only someone with a gun was there to stop this from occuring…

    And the armed guard in Michigan who left his loaded gun in the elementary school bathroom (used by 5 year olds and up) should be the poster boy for dolts with guns.

  129. Karen there are idiots that own guns it is true as there are idiots that drive cars and get folks killed. These 23 steps are not a solution nor will they stop mass murders by guns or anything else.
    I agree that we could perhaps make training mandatory but I will leave that choice to the Constitutional lawyers as to weather or not it can be enforced.

  130. That gun show thing proves there are idiots but it does not prove gun control is going to stop it. An idiot is an idiot and Kimmels videos prove it. An idiot with a knife can injure others as can a moron with a car and cell phone. I do believe there are far more deaths there shall we ban cells all together or just ban texting and driving ? Oh yes we did that one and it is saving lives as we speak.
    I am all for gun safety classes and both my children attended them when they were 12 and I have no problem with making laws for gun safety violations as in homes with kids meaning a kid gets your gun you are jailed. I am not for banning. It does not work. It just screws with the honest people. Criminals are just that and no amount of control or laws will phase a criminal. What will phase them is to carry out the sentences to the fullest extent and make them stick.

  131. Interesting read on President Jimmy Carters gun control findings

  132. I refuse to read the findings of a man who would send ZBig to the middle east to tell those goatfuckers that God is on their side.

  133. Actually Uppity it was his way to prove something and it back fired on him. Also some very interesting facts about Florida when women were being raped by the dozens.

  134. Well, I agree with Uppity saying we need more than just removal of certain types of weapons, we need huge mental health and criminal reform. In fact, I think there should be an automatic death penalty for the freaks that don’t off themselves after the act. And I would rather my tax $ go for mental health facilities with lockdowns than guards with guns at school. I found Utahs statement about the govt just taxing the shit out of ammn & guns, like they do with cigs, very interesting. Could happen.

    But, I agree with Karen about most of this stuff. I would like to have the right to buy a handgun or rifle if I ever want one, but mostly I want to see these mega bullet things off the streets. And I do think it would be easier to stop a mass murderer if he’s using a regular handgun than a machine pistol (like a schmeisser or something). Yes, it would be impossible to account for all of them, but I still think less is better. If that fool mother hadn’t had so many guns, incl the AR around, and taught her demented kid how to shoot, that scenario in Newtown would have very likely turned out differently. Upps, I know you feel badly for her, but I can’t help it, I blame her.

    Lastly, if I ever walk into any of our malls or shopping areas and see a lunatic covered in guns and bullets, I am dialing 911 and getting the hell out of there. What a stupid fucking asshole to do that. How are you supposed to know if the person is really sane (???) or really demented and pretending he’s just making a pro gun point. Shit like that, I really want to see outlawed. I want to go to the Mall and have a pleasant outing, not be scared into a heart attack. I live in a soccer mom type suburb so I’m pretty sure that 911 would be flooded with calls if someone tried that here. And our cops are mean as hell (unless you’re a celebrity, that is!)

  135. Well the thing with the mother is, isn’t the mother always blamed? I mean the father of that freak is still a mystery, isn’t he, after having done a benign press release and then given a complete free pass, what with him having a dick and all. We don’t know if that woman lived in fear of this man, which caused her to arm herself well. We don’t know that at all. We also really don’t know if she ever brought that kid to a range or not, or how long ago it was, or why. Or if at all, since there are no records of any such trip. When I go to a range, I must sign in. It could have been completely fabricated. If anything, I will give you this…that all those guns should have been locked up. I can see if you are in fear and wanting to have a gun nearby, having one of them nearby, but it does appear they were all readily available to the kid. Then again we don’t even know that for sure, do we? After all, she’s dead. he killed her in her sleep, he may have broken into the locked gun cabinet. Perhaps the story that she was moving to have him committed is true as well. And that it was held up while she waited for a competency hearing, typical of our lazy assed system riddled with red tape while the clock tick tocks. Perhaps he reacted to that and this is why he killed her and went to that school and declared she cared more about the kids than him. Crazy people think like that. But you see, blaming her is grossly unfair, but so typical of what we do when kids go bad. Obviously she fucked him up and that must be why we gave daddy a big fat free pass, such that we can’t even remember what his name is. After all he did his part. He shot his wad and made that wonderful crazy kid. I guess I’ll rest my case here.

  136. Yes, I haven’t heard anything about the father, next to nothing about the brother. I’m not saying she screwed the kid up, either, although she may have, we don’t know. I read that she enjoyed shooting with him, and taught him to shoot, and the guns were accessible to him. She knew he was messed up, she should have kept her weapons in a gun safe. I can see hiding a handgun near your bed if you are afraid of intruders, but keep it hidden from your murderous child. I think you said you didn’t need a big gun for protection from intruders. The Dad is probably also to blame in some ways, I wonder why we don’t hear anything about him, he’s probably in hiding. I know the mom was his first victim, but I believe she is better off though. I couldn’t live if my kid did something like this, could never live with the thought of that running through my head every minute of every day.

    I don’t get this whole “guns as hobby” thing. The Columbine kids played with guns and other stuff and the parents knew it, but seemingly ignored what their kids were doing. Guns are a dark, destructive thing. Necessary for protection or hunting, but a family time thing? I taught my kid how to play musical instruments and we enjoy music, art, photography, travel, etc with him. Why not teach our children creative hobbies instead of destructive ones?

  137. I was thinking about the States Rights issue regarding assault weapons bans. I’m usually for letting states decide, but what if State A votes for an assault weapons/mega magazine ban, but State B decides to keep them. Whats to stop a State B person from bringing their arsenal into State A, where the citizens have decided they don’t want them? It would be impossible to have border checks between the states. State B people want their right to have whatever weapons they want, but what about State A peoples right to not have to be around them? This issue is so complicated.

  138. I got taught to shoot and I didn’t exactly come from scum, nor did I turn a gun on a bunch of people. Millions of people were taught to shoot, only the crazy ones do what lanza did. Guns do not turn you into a cold calculated killer else I myself should be on death row, hey? Genes and environment and other bad shit turn you into an Adam, not guns. Guns are only destructive in the hands of destructive people. Particularly in the hands of mentally ill people and criminals. To everyone else they are for sport or for protection. We didn’t hear about Daddy because he’s hiding. We didn’t hear about daddy because he got a free pass and it was way more exciting to blame that bitch. I read where she took him shooting too. I just didn’t see a reliable source. There was a sister in law who didn’t like her, perhaps that counts, particularly if she is protecting her brother. The columbine case is a case of totally oblivious parents. These two whackjobs were plotting things in their basements and nobody bothered to open the door and see WTF their own kids were up to. Just the habit of wearing black trench coats alone would have at least triggered a normal parent to ask about it. I got the sense that these were two kids of well to do families who spawned them and made them latch key kids. It’s not all that uncommon, except that most times the kids just turn out to be assholes instead of killers. One of those two, I forget which, was very mentally ill, the other one was a lonely dumb follower who had only one friend. But you know, once again, some of these personality disorders are hard to spot because they know how to play The Part and act in between their crazy excursions.

  139. It doesn’t really matter if you or I like states rights, what matters is they have them. The reason states have these individual rights it to keep tyranny out of the federal government. In fact, that’s the reason for the 2nd amendment too. Tyranny. If all of the power were in DC, we would have been a dictatorship long ago with a permanent despot at the helm. Incovenient as states rights are at times, things would be a whole lot worse if those rights were gone. It’s food for thought for all of us. We can’t control the voting habits of state residents. They get the government they ask for, but the very thought of DC being the sole source of laws is downright terrifying.

    By the way, the states with hefty gun laws have it illegal for someone from another state bringing their gun with them if they move to the state. You have to apply for a license or your gun is illegal. You can see how well that works out anyways. It doesn’t, of course.

  140. Upps, I have mentioned here before that we were also taught to shoot a rifle when we were young, by my Dad & Uncle, on Uncles ranch. Maybe I expressed myself badly, what I was referring to was people taking their Uzi’s or whatever out to ranges or some rural place and shooting the hell out of targets shaped like a humans. Fun family event. There are lots of these things on youtube, and there have been lots news stories. I’m talking about extremists, people enjoying shooting military weapons with huge bullets in huge magazines with their impressionable kids. What is productive about this? How is this helping to form a person that will live a happy, good life and be valued in society? I’m a middle of the road type person. I have no problem with hunting and fishing, and a lot of people need to learn to shoot a handgun. I had a job in the 80s where we had to get certified to use a handgun, in case an intruder broke in.

    I think your notion about gun education is a very good one btw. We have to be educated about cars and driving laws before getting a driving license, so we should certainly do the same with guns.

  141. New York passed legislation giving it the toughest gun control laws in the US. It requires alerting officials about mental health patients deemed to pose a violent risk to themselves or others. A provision that’s outraged many mental health professionals.

    Boo Hoo to whomever is outraged. It takes balls to come out and say it.

  142. “I got taught to shoot and I didn’t exactly come from scum, nor did I turn a gun on a bunch of people.”

    Cmon Upps. You don’t seriously think I was inferring any such thing do you?

  143. Yay for NY. Hopefully others will follow.

  144. SoCal in response to your question about the arts for family fun. Not everyone enjoys that plain and simple. We are different and we enjoy different activities. Taking a family to a target range and enjoying shooting does not monsters make IMO. I took my kids out and taught them to shoot skeet. They entered competition. Not all target shooters shoot targets that look like people. We also did tons of archery shooting. Most of our gun shooting at the ranges is done at targets much like archery. I do not believe I raised killers either and nor are their children who are now enjoying shooting. Fact is I personally believe that shooting in ways like this and taking your kids hunting teaches respect for the gun and what the gun will do if misused. My kids also learned how to take them apart, oil and clean them before locking them up. Was I an Adam Lanzas mom ? I read things about her too but none of it has been proven. Sad how we still blame the female for all ills of kids along with all other ills.

  145. Utah, I wish I knew how to phrase my comments so you guys don’t think I’m talking about you or regular, old fashioned type shooting. I am talking specifically about this military, machine gun type shooting at targets that look like human beings. There are tons of video of people doing this with their kids. My Dad taught us to shoot a rifle. We shot at cans. We shot skeet. My Dad & Uncle hunted. I got an A in archery in High School, and lakerwade took archery and fencing. I have no doubt you taught your kids respect for guns. I wish all parents that have guns did the same.

  146. I know there is much we don’t know about lanza’s mother, and I have pity for her, but we do know that her son went on his killing spree with her guns (bought & registered by her), and also that she knew he was mentally unbalanced. I say again, she should have had those things locked up in a safe. btw, Laker has taken physical therapy for years with young men with autism. I am friends with all the parents, we socialize and help each other out. I know that parents can’t always help what their children do.

  147. Utah, whether or not we agree on any subject over the years, I’ve always thought of you as a straight shooter! Heh heh.

  148. Nope we don’t know for sure if she knew he was mentally embalanced either. That was something we read but there was no evidence presented. Therea was no evidence presented about any of the stuff about her, just stories and conjectures and we get to blame her on nothing solid.Nothing whatsoever. And that’s the intent. Step One find a scapegoat. Mom is always a good choice. Even if she’s his first victim and dead. ESPECIALLY if she’s dead. She can’t talk. This shredding of Lanza’s mother, we can’t even remember her name she’s so “vile,” worked well for sensation but not a word of it has been verified and she’s dead, which makes it even more fun for people who want to make a point and make it up as they go along. Look how well it worked! People are believing the parts they want to remember and discarding the parts they don’t. The vile left is just as good at this manipulation as anybody. In fact, sometimes I think they are best at it. Remember all their manufactured Hilary stuff? Same deal only more vile in a sense, because they stepped on a dead victim to get people to line up like ducks and quack with them. Took me a bit to figure it out but it became really apparent to me that is what they were doing.

  149. Agree NY hit on a big point socal, now if only it applied to cops. Seriously, we have some really convoluted cops, they do some very terrible things, up to and including rape and murder. And some of them even landed in the state senate. Like Hiram the slasher Monserrate. There was a case in upstate a few years ago where a cop was getting divorced by his wife so he shot her in front of the kids. Can’t remember if he then killed the kids or one kit, ad and then offed himself. This was a cop who was on the beat that day first. Then there are the NY City rapes. By cops.

  150. Cmon Upps. You don’t seriously think I was inferring any such thing do you?

    No of course not. I was trying to make a point. I go to the opera and I shoot. They are not mutually exclusive. I would bet MILLIONS of Democrats have guns.

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