Priceless. Kimmel talks to people on street on how they liked the inauguration that didn’t happen yet.

This was posted on youtube on the 18th. Will you look at these stupid morons and ask yourself, How can there be any hope?

Interviews with people on the inauguration that didn’t happen yet.


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  1. This was posted on January 18. Shows you how damned stupid people really are.

  2. Shakes head and rolls eyes

  3. Simply Dohhhhhhhhhhhh Priceless!

  4. They did this in 2008 and asked people who were for obama how they liked his running mate S**** P**** and they all said she was good. Then they were asked how they liked McCain’s running mate Biden and they all said he was just awful.

  5. Oh…my….Lord!

  6. I remember the 2008 video. They were complete morons. When you see people like this there really IS nothing left to do but laugh.

  7. Oops!

    The incident coincided with a day of rallies across the country by gun rights advocates who say the right to own firearms is under attack from President Barack Obama’s proposals to reduce gun violence.

  8. Obama’s 23 doesn’t attack the right to own guns at all. In fact, like I have said, I don’t think it does a thing of any bad or good use.

  9. I agree Upps, but this was sorta like the guy who was going to be Quick Draw McGraw. Perhaps more of a lesson on who *shouldn’t* own a firearm.

  10. … Obama’s 23 are simply balloons.

    Speaking of balloons.

    Remember in the Obama-Romney debate on foreign policy, when Romney said: “What about Mali, Mr. President?” in his repeated attacks on Obama’s failed foreign policy regarding the resurgence of al-Qaeda?

    That was mid-October, here it is January and the chit is hitting the fan there. I remembered that and looked it up, here is why:

    In March, President Amadou Toumani was overthrown out of office in Mali through a military coup, opening up the country to al-Quaeda militants.

    Here’s what happened next, according to the Financial Times:

    This allowed al-Qaeda-allied Islamists and rebels from the Tuareg, a native Berber people, to seize control of the north of the country. Since then, al-Qaeda has established an alarming foothold in the region. It has taken control of a territory twice the size of France, with airstrips and training camps. It has acquired significant military materiel from the remnants of the Gaddafi regime in Libya. It has conducted appalling atrocities.

    Mali has remained a sleeper topic in this election.

    (Bold emphasis mine) – because the press never really covered anything about any of that… but Obama’s A$$.

    Read more:

  11. I was thinking of that moron with the guy on the target too, Fredster. He should not have a gun. He doesn’t even have a fucking brain. The guy on the target won that duel. lol. For those who don’t remember, we’re talking about abjectly stupid moron.

  12. Obama’s 23 are simply balloons

    Seems right coming from a blowass bag of air like himself.

  13. Ok. That video helped me make up my mind. I want to BE a Quokka and live on Two People’s Bay Nature Reserve.

    I wonder who the two people are? 😆

  14. Why Not, you think Two People would change their name to Four People if we move in?

  15. CNN is already covering the inauguration festivities and had a small bunch of people gathered around their broadcast stage. The anchor went into the crowd to ask some stupid questions. He made the mistake of asking one something like which of obama’s first term accomplishments were her favorites. She had no answer, as in no idea what he has done.

  16. Hugo, that was an easy one. He has no first term accomplishments.

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  35. Speaking of balloons

    Did u say balloons?

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  38. Actually I kind of liked the German.

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  41. Hilarious! I liked that the girl at the end was a good sport. I haven’t watched Leno in years (except for the couple of times we went there) & he used to do this and he would have a theme, like presidents, or American history, and hardly anyone could answer them. A lot of times, it was teachers and college students he would talk to. God, we are dumbed down.

  42. Hilarious! I liked that the girl at the end was a good sport.

    I sensed she got duped and was just quick on her feet.

  43. IMO, I don’t agree that these people are dumb or stupid. Most just like the attention and are eager to agree with anything that is proposed. Take away the mike and camera and one gets different results.

    These interviewers like Kimmel or Watters, pick out those who are thirsting for the limelight and never show you the many who told them to frack off.

  44. Hahah twandx, do you get your monkey wrenches at a bulk discount???

  45. I tried to find out more about Peter Lanza, the father of the boys. They separated in 2001 but not divorced till 2009. Peter is a wealthy accountant/VP at GE, he remarried and lives in Stamford. Nancy kept the house and the two sons. When the boys were younger Peter would babysit for Adam since his brother Ryan could not control Adam’s outragous behaviors. The boys broke away from the father and they became more estranged over time with Nancy seeing them daily and the father out of the family picture due to resentment over the divorce and remarriage. Peter saw Adam weekly until Adam refused to see Peter because Peter was dating a woman and Adam resented it. In 2009 Adam also refused to see his brother. The only person he would have any contact with was his mother and that was not frequent. He mostly lived his life in a virtual world on his computer and that was destroyed before he began his killing spree. Although the father was out of the picture for the most part he still spoke to his ex-wife and he payed all their bills and was more than generous to her according to all accounts going above and beyond what was required.

    The father was supposedly shocked and horrified since he’d been repeatedly told by Nancy that Adam was doing very well.

    Nancy’s main hobby was shooting and she took her son to the range often. He lived in the basement and that is where she kept her guns.

    Family friends and relatives are the sources of the info.

  46. Isn’t it just peachy that half the country thinks obama has gone to far and wants to storm their houses and take away anything that resembles a weapon. And the other half think he’s just floating some balloons for no reason since he is finally done running for reelection.

    The truth is deeper than that, folks. He was anti-gun even back in Chicago, and that was clear by all those forms he filled out with the margins containing his handwriting – that he claimed he never filled out!
    He didn’t approach the subject before this very often due to wanting to win reelection. Now that that is done he is free to do what he wanted to do all along – bring some sense to our pathetic mess of violence and lawlessness – insanity and danger. I think he means it and again, those 23 little actions are all excellent. I hope he succeeds to carry them out and I think he will do his best to do so and clearly he will have lots of backing. The polls show people want the madness to be addressed. He won’t take away guns, but he just might get a few balls rolling in the right direction.

  47. The quokka looks like a kangaroo in some of the google image pics.

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  49. Well chicago certainly sets the example. That’s how effective he was as a state senator and a congressional senator. Reminds me of Monty Python “Bring out yer dead”. His pattern is one of bumbling nothingness. He even “lost” his state senatorial record logs. No trail but for a trail of Nothingness. And his presidency reflects the same pattern. Yes you are right, he lied about it and he was looking for the opportunity as in Never let a crises go to waste. And since he has no regard for the constitution, he will overstep as extremes are wont to do, and then the Supremes will tell him AYFKM?

  50. Did he order or did he propose? Did he do too much or too little? Is it a balloon or is it a power grab? If he ignored it would he be spared the venom of rebuke? If he addresses it will he be spared the venom of not doing enough or too much? What happened to his media lap-dogs over this issue? Why did they promote the word “order” when they knew there were none? Advertising dollars – clicks and page views go up and teevee sets get turned on when the news is sexxxxed up. HE ORDERED us against our will and behind our backs that dirty bastard. No he didn’t. He floated some balloons that mean nothing. No, not that either. May the moderate voices prevail.

  51. Which family and friends, do you know? I only read a quote from her ex sister in law, far as I remember. We don’t even have an actual record of a diagnosis on Adam, You would think considering what he did, we could get that if it exists. I know they tried to push this off on autism, but as a rule, autistic kids don’t do this kind of thing. And we don’t even know for sure if he was autistic either. If we could access his records, a lot of more accurate information beyond quotes would help. She can’t defend herself against anything anyone says, true or not. We just don’t know and nobody is digging beyond what they can get for free. If he had lived, we would know these things in tiral prep. But it’s way more exciting for the press to paint whatever pic they want. I dealt with the press at a time when they were really good at printing what they wanted and leaving important information out because it didn’t suit their agenda. I suspect that is what happened here. It’s ALL conjecture. I know if I were murdered, I would hope that somebody would get the right story first. How many women have to be murdered and raped and bludgeoned before WE STOP BLAMING THEM FOR THE CRIME? That is what I am seeing here. It’s the same old bullshit. She’s dead and it’s her fault and not only is it her fault but it’s her fault he killed others too and she is just not worth finding out any VERIFIABLE details. SHe deserved it. how many times do we have to fall for whatever somebody says before we realize that there just isn’t any fairness for women here, even if they are dead. We. Just. Don’t. Know. The. Real. Story. I can say all kinds of shit about you if you are dead. That woman raised that kid on her own and we still just think his wonderful, “Shocked and horrified” father couldn’t possibly have a THING to do with ANYTHING she did or anything Adam did. This REALLY pisses me off because we complain about how this is done to women day in and day out but when it suits us, we jump right in and help perpetuate it. Poor poor man.. He’s a victim too! All I can say is it’s too bad Adam is dead because if he weren’t the truth beyond what someone wants to say or get us to believe would have to be revealed. That woman has NO advocacy whatsoever. I will be her advocacy here. I am not going to demonize her when I have NOTHING real to demonize her with but what the ‘news’ said.

  52. I have no idea where his media is, but I do believe they never get to print anything he doesn’t want them to print. I don’t think he ordered or suggested anything. Far as I can see his points are farts in the wind. lol. But you know, you aren’t supposed to use Executive Orders for a press release. He should have just listed his points and given it to the press if that’s all he was legally capable of doing.

  53. I said he was “supposedly” shocked and horrified. I do not doubt he was. He would have to be a zombie to not be both. I do not blame the mother or father, I do not know which one or both were good or bad or indifferent parents. I don’t even blame the psycho himself – he was mentally ill. To say the mother could have locked up the guns is hindsight. Perhaps she never imagined that he would do such a thing in her wildest dreams. We may never know.

  54. This page has been widely linked to all over and it explains the stance:

  55. I do not understand your saying “use executive orders for a press release” at all. There were no executive orders, I think that has been my point for days now. It is really getting tiresome seeing that term used over and over and defending obama has me cringing all over.

  56. Upps at 9:35: I don’t think anyone is making that extreme of an argument. Still, the facts are that after the divorce, Nancy ended up with the huge house outright and more than enough alimony that she didn’t have to work if she didn’t want to. My personal image of the single mother, raising children on her own includes her going to work, often at a pitiful salary. My bias, of course, but not lacking statistical support.

    In fact, those were Nancy’s guns and no one knew better than she about her son’s condition. Blame or assigning responsibility?

  57. Sophie, so she had support money and the house, she also got the child, so I guess that makes raising a kid by herself easy. He got to go off and start a whole nice fresh life. What on earth does the fact that she got the house have to do with ANY of this? SHould she have not gotten it? How do you know she didn’t pay for half of it. What are the community prorperty laws there? The father “babysat”? Fathers babysit their own kids or do they help raise them? Even if she did tell him Adam was doing fine, which I think could be just the right thing for him to say, true or not, to get himself off the hook, did you get the sense that a father who checks up on is kid by phone and doesn’t find out first hand if the kid is actually “fine” is not a father at all? I tell you what I think, I think I am sick and tired of watching guys get of the hook for being shitty fathers, that’s what I think. To paint this guy as Clark Kent is not something I am going to lie down and take. How do YOU know she didn’t have those guns to protect herself from Peter Lanza? Seriously here, WE DONT KNOW. And I am going to be prodding anybody who pretends they do know, because I have seen too much of this bullshit on women in my life. But hey, he shot his wad so his job was over. I’ll tell you what else I think. I think his statement was corraborated with a lawyer, that’s what I think.

  58. The White House has tons more information on his fart in the wind.

    It is not an easy battle but clearly this is one he is going to fight. Maybe he finally found his balls.

  59. I’m sorry folks. But something stinks here. Sooner or later somebody with a brain is going to start digging.

  60. Well you know what, Karen? Go find the photo of him SIGNING those ‘orders’ with all the little children around him and tell me nobody saw them as Executive Orders. He did the photo op that way deliberately just like so many interesting ‘leaders’ have done round the world ‘for the children’. He set it up that way and now he has to face the music. You don’t sit at the desk where you sign Exec Orders and do the fanfare and then pretend you actually did something.

  61. She told everyone he was a good man, supposedly. Adam refused all contact with his father and brother. Did the father try to rectify that? I don’t know. Is it possible to get through to a disturbed young man who is furious that you divorced and remarried? Likey is. I know many such families. Divided. My sister will not speak to my brother for 20 years. It is common. If my brother kills 26 people is it my sister’s fault? My mom is dead and she is the eldest. Family only goes so far after divorce and often it is dissolution of what once was.

    Look at the statistics for single mothers with NO parental contact from the sperm donor at all and no help at all. It is the norm not an aberation but that isn’t always the case.

    My best friend turned her kids against their father. He was off the hook.

  62. This is like explaining in a circle. They were actions. He signed actions.


  63. Google search “executive orders Obama 2013”. This was deliberately pimmped as exec orders.…1c.2.KrbUOiLhf7k&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41248874,d.dmQ&fp=902f546d0502ec94&biw=1086&bih=462

  64. I meant to type “impossible” to get through to Adam. He wasn’t willing to speak to his father and you cannot have a relationship with someone who is insane and unwilling, I know, I have tried!

  65. UPPITY, read the link to moderate voices… and look at the media list.

    This is clearly a waste of my energy and time.

  66. “President Obama signs a series of executive orders……”. One of MANY sites on google with this pic and this explanation

  67. I think you just want to believe what you want to believe and disregard the fact that there are no facts. And that bothers me, because that is how we get into trouble, all of us, each and every time we are manipulated. I don’t know what to believe because nobody gave me any facts, all I am seeing is the skewering of another woman who is at fault for everything on this earth.

  68. We don’t even really know if he was autistic do we? Or that ‘doing fine’ even means. Hey uppity, how you doin? I’m doing fine!

  69. I know that being objective is annoying, but please click on the google search link. Either these were exec orders or they were pimped at exec orders, signed at his little exec order desk in his little exec orders book with The Children gathered round.

  70. My question is…… Why if the father knew the kid was sick and troubled did he not do anything knowing his ex wife had guns ? I too am fed up to the hilt with all this BS about his mother. I mean the woman is dead and there are but a handful of folks that feel bad for her but there are millions ready to blame her.
    I have not as of yet seen one reliable source that has conclusive facts as to how they lived or where the guns were and how he got them . In fact I have seen no proof of a darn thing other then the fact he killed.
    Shouldn’t Peter have been more diligent as a warm loving father to have kept closer tabs on him and make sure his ex was taking care of him ? If he knew about his ex wife’s love of shooting as her ex SIL seems to then wasn’t it his duty to see that he could never have gotten a hold of her guns as well. Shouldn’t he have reported it to the proper authorities? Why is he being over looked and not held to the same standard as the mom ? I know why and it pisses me off.
    I have never read a thing about where the guns were stored or how. But since SIL knew she had them I must assume Peter did too .

  71. 2 white kids. 1 black kid. 1 latino. make that “For All The Children”. We know how this guy operates, do we not? Do we not?

    Now he can go shoot some hoops.

  72. Everything I read says EXC. ORDERS. Even the sites that are posting the states responses to his EXC. Orders. I am happy to see states stepping up and standing ground here because to me it is not about the weapons it is about bypassing congress and doing what he wants to do all on his own . That should scare everyone.

  73. head/desk

    I can do that to you. But I’m just posting what’s there. I haven’t seen him recant that these are executive orders, sister. None of us has seen that. You don’t whip out those little exec order books and sit at that exec order desk and send the WH pic of it out if you aren’t pimping exec orders. What I think is they SHOULDNT be exec orders as they are beyond his scope of power. Presidents don’t make laws Congress does. And we all know who well that is working out.

  74. Utah I can see what Karen is saying, because they SHOULDNT be executive orders. They should be suggestions. You don’t do suggestions on executive order forms. He is trying to make it LOOK like he did something using executive power he doesn’t have, he promised and threatened he would use ‘executive power’ so this dog and pony show is the result. I’m not sure any of what he wrote can fly as a valid executive order. Maybe a few of them can, I don’t know, but it seems he went over his authority as the executive branch into the legislative branch. None of them is even an amendment to a law, like for example Stupak, which had to be approved by congress, didn’t it?

  75. I LOVE a good debate, it’s almost as good as sex!

  76. See that is what I think has me so defensive. If Congress had passed these laws and if the judicial upheld the passing of them then I guess I would have to go along with it because it was done in a legal manner.
    What has me defending the AR15 etc is the fact Congress was not even consulted. Joe Biden submitted recommendations and Obama issued EXC. ORDERS.
    Is this how our government works now ? Are the people and states fine with this ? Thank heavens states are firing up and blasting back. It is the start of a tyrannical government. It is what the 2nd is in place to prevent.

  77. Want some good wine, pizza and a smoke Uppity ? lmao.
    Well weather or not they are going to be followed it is a testing ground to me. A simple test to see if the sheeple go along with it. It scares the hell out of me seriously.

  78. Nobody said she had support money and the house, so that makes raising a kid by herself easy.
    Nobody tried to paint him as Clark Kent

    While I am not trying to defend Peter Lanza, I do assign the bulk of the responsibility to Nancy Lanza because she owned the guns and knew her son the best.

    What on earth does the fact that she got the house have to do with ANY of this?

    That she didn’t raise him ALL BY HERSELF. That when you have to make a living, it takes time out of your day and energy out of your mind and body.

    Another possibility is that they divorced because they disagreed about how to raise Adam. I think he probably wanted to institutionalize Adam and she probably thought she could train him to be a safe and productive member of society. I think she had a blind spot about Adam’s danger. I think Peter probably gave her the house and the high alimony because he felt guilty about the whole situation.

    I also am willing to consider the effects of video games at this point in the “national conversation.” It looks like on the day of the shooting, Adam Lanza set out to have a real life version of a video game, right down to the physical structure of the school resembling the virtual structure of many games and donning the bullet-proof vest.

    I too hate it when people say fathers are babysitting their children. Were those his words or the writer’s?

    I am seeing is the skewering of another woman who is at fault for everything on this earth.

    Is the hyperbole part of the good sex?

  79. It is very comforting to me to see sheriffs nationwide saying they will arrest any and all federal officers that try to come in and enforce these orders and charge them with class D felonies.
    I am relieved to see that there are still people that see what is being tested here and showing them the test is a failure.
    Also that link I posted about Carter and you know I detest that jerk off shows how he tried this and had a study done independently to prove stats about gun violence and it back fired on him. Facts were not what he was hoping they were .

  80. Sophie, wasn’t she a teacher? She was working, yes? She wasn’t home baking cookies. And having the home doesn’t mean you aren’t raising the child all by yourself. You are doing it all by yourself when the father is gone and phones in. It may be possible he “gave” her the alimony out of guilt, or it must may be possible he was TOLD to give it to her out of need, considering the situation. The thing is, we just Don’t Know. We have a carefully crafted statement from the husband and nothing else.

    My third eye is twitching. Sorry but there has to be one person in the press or one writer out there who is doing the digging right now and I’ll just bet this story has plenty more to it than we have been convinced of.

    Not sure what you mean about the hyperbole and sex, but I could run a whole list of links to cases where women and girls were blamed for being actual victims of poor innocent men. I could blow this blog up with the links. We live with this shit every day and being dead with no voice is a great breeding ground situation for this crap.

    I will agree she MIGHT have had a blind spot on Adam. Ive seen it happen with mothers. But the point is, we Don’t Know.

  81. Hold off on the wine and pizza Utah. I’m not finished yet. LOLOL.

  82. This…………….. from Sophie CT
    “Another possibility is that they divorced because they disagreed about how to raise Adam. I think he probably wanted to institutionalize Adam and she probably thought she could train him to be a safe and productive member of society” Is what I was saying about the fathers responsibility in all this. Should he not have taken further steps to see that his kid was safe and that he was not a danger to himself or others ? Did he not have the same responsibility of reporting it as would a dad that knew his kid was being beaten ?
    Too me this just proves he gave up and shoved the issue under the rug. The rug being the mother. Dump the shit in her lap and when it goes bad blame her.

  83. Holy shit, we’ve got a monsoon here! One of my trash barrels just blew to the front of the house. Anything that isn’t nailed down is somewhere else.

  84. Utah the AR and all those high capacity weapons will most likely be banned like they were before the law expired. I really don’t see a way around that and I don’t think I disagree either. I mean it’s not like people need to gear up for civil war here. We have a right to bear arms, that doesn’t mean everybody should have some grenades either. They were banned before and nobody got taken over by the government.

  85. Ack you can have your wind. I hate wind. It is the number one weather I hate. Yea it tops my hatred of snow. We have fog snow here. Every night it fogs in because of that fricken lake and leaves a dusting of white on my truck .

  86. Only time wind scares me is if it’s REALLY wet out there because I worry about my monster trees. Wind will take them if roots are really wet. But boy, this was sudden and it’s furious. I should check the weather and see what’s coming.

  87. Wind is 27MPH, it’s 35 degrees and the wind child is 15. Very wierd. It’ll drop to low twenties and the chill will be worse, so it’s probably going to snow. Needlenose will be happy. Most of it is melted.

  88. Uppity I am not against or for banning the ARs. to me it is not going to make one bit of difference to the numbers of dead and will change nothing as far as who owns them. To me it is about how it is being done that matters. To me again there is not one bit of evidence that banning a certain weapon did any good as to the numbers killed. It is comparable to the laws about drugs. It does not work and again it applies to only those who will obey the law. Again I say this ban on assault weapons is like putting a band aid on a shotgun wound. “It aint a gonna work ”
    To me it is like making a big deal out of Lilly Ledbetter and forgetting to pass the paycheck fairness. It is something to appease some and move along.
    Banning the AKs and ARs only makes more want them and we have seen that since the hubbub of banning talk started they are heavily back ordered. How are we going to get the ones already out there ? It is silly to me to think it will work and again where are the stats proving it did. Am I wrong here but wasn’t the ban in effect when those two jerks shot hell out of Columbine ?

  89. Well scratch the fog snow this is the real shit. It is snowing. Maybe this is the one headed your way. I wish ours had melted off I am ass deep in the stuff.

  90. Oh and piss on your comfort Uppity lmao it is about der Needlenoses fun don’t you know ? How in the world could you put your comfort above her happiness ? LMFAO

  91. Utah I agree that banning those weapons won’t stop criminals from getting them. But it will put the skids on people who want to play cowboy and don’t know WTF they are doing, like that guy in the video who shot his own ass because he’s a dumb shit who wants to play bigshot. People like him are a danger to themselves and everyone else.

  92. Only thing that is making folks gear up is the fact Congress did not make it a law. I think most folks yes even gun owners are reasonable and most do not own AKs and ARS but do have some of the others that are on Obummers list. I know I do and have issue with the fact they are on the list. Not a one I own has ever been involved in one of these mass shootings yet we see them on the list.
    I really do not give a hoot in hell if they ban these two guns it is not a big deal but again it is ridiculous to me because it will not address the issue at hand and that is how to get crazy folks from being armed. It will not stop it. Killers are going to kill and there is not one thing folks can do to stop them. Take away the tools means nothing they will come up with a way to do mass destruction weather it is a pipe bomb, a truck full of cow shit what ever. Batshit crazy is batshit crazy and you can blame the parents, gun, whatever but it is going to change nothing.

  93. wasn’t she a teacher?
    No. She was a stockbroker at the time she was married but there is nothing I can find about when she stopped doing that.

    She wasn’t home baking cookies.
    Perhaps not. But she had been working and quit. From here:
    Marsha [Nancy’s sister-in-law] further explained that Nancy often battled with the school district over her son’s education until finally quitting her job, pulling Adam out of school, and educating him herself.

    Still, if you were raising kids “on your own” and could have a house outright and $250K income a year paid for by your ex or you could work 40+ hours a week for less, which would you prefer?

    I am sure there is plenty more to the story. I still find Nancy as the one with primary responsibility.

    As for the sex and hyperbole, you’d said these debates were almost as good as sex. You also made that hyperbolic statement I quoted. I was wondering if the hyperbole was part of the sex. It was my way of trying to be cute and funny about the rampant hyperbole and making arguments against extreme statements that hadn’t been made. Next time I’ll be more direct.

  94. To me, one of the most dangerous guns is a .357 hair trigger. But because it’s a revolver and people are too stupid to know enough about guns when they talk gun control, that gun won’t be touched. Oh man i would run like my hair was on fire if I saw somebody with a hair trigger revolver, let me tell you.

  95. To quote a very smart person ” Beauty fades, dumb is forever”
    Take it one step further and say Crazy is forever.
    If it were not true texting while driving would not be killing millions nor would many of the things ” normal” people do. On youtube there a boatloads of videos of morons being morons. Tossing shit in to a garbage disposal to watch it fly and then trip to ER, how about the one lighting a cereal box a fire ?
    Now law will ever take the stupid out of stupid !

  96. That wasn’t hyperbole to me, Sophie, to me that was exactly what happens every day to women who are victims and mothers of kids who go bad. Obviously she did something wrong. Let’s just say it all started with the Other Adam and has been followed through ever since.

  97. The cereal box guy died shortly after the incident, Utah. So he wasn’t also crazy and mean, but a dying man, whether he knew it or not. One thing’s for sure. He made himself a laughing stock before he went on to whatever place people like him think they go. Or maybe someplace else.

  98. Sophie, I thought she may have been affiliated with that school. Or maybe it was just another ‘statement’ I read that was bullshit. Something about Adam saying she cared more about those kids than him? Probably another factioid pulled out of someone’s ass. And maybe she had no choice but to quit that job and dedicate herself to her son. I know the husband didn’t have that problem though, did he?

  99. Utah said:
    because it will not address the issue at hand and that is how to get crazy folks from being armed.

    We aren’t going to keep guns away from the crazy people if we don’t hold the people who put the guns in the crazy person’s hands accountable.

    Uppity, what would you say if the mother of the crazy person in your neighborhood (the one who you said is the reason you own a glock), had Nancy Lanza’s arsenal unlocked in her home?

  100. It is very comforting to me to see sheriffs nationwide saying they will arrest any and all federal officers that try to come in and enforce these orders and charge them with class D felonies.

    Exactly what in those lightweight 23 orders has those sheriffs’ panties in a twist?

  101. Sophie, considering he beat the crap out of his mother a few times, I would say she has them to protect herself. Plenty of parents live in fear of kids they cannot get the system to help them with in a timely fashion. In the case of the neigbhor, his mother was in denial and probably part of the problem too, and that is why I won’t quibble that sometimes a parent can have a blind spot. A dangerous one.

  102. Fathers can walk away from sick kids. It’s in the Bible or something, or maybe in the Patriarchal Handbook. Or mabye she threw him out. Who the H knows. That’s just it. She’s not here to defend herself and We Don’t Know. We are great at speculating, though, on a dead person.

  103. As for the erroneous report Nancy Lanza was a teacher (and a teacher or a sub at SHES), it looks like it came about because one of the parents in the crowd said that she was a sub at the school and then the AP reported it, then the other news outlets did. They likely ran with it because it helped suggest a motive.

    Eventually, investigators reported that her name was not on any school staff list and she had no connection to SHES.

  104. Gotta go pick up the recycle bins and trash barrels and everything else back there that isn’t back there any longer.

  105. Most guns have a 2.5 to 5 lb pull. Most of mine do and it is fine because you do not shoot tons and tons of ammo through them . They are not designed to do that or the barrels will heat and warp. Thing that makes the so called assault rifle different is that it can take more rounds shot through it without hurting the barrel and making it a choice weapon for target shooting . You do not have to allow the barrel to cool as often as you would say a 30.06. Shotguns are more capable of taking a longer shooting period as well. Many guns are just for shooting a dozen rounds through and let them cool if you know anything about guns lol.
    I have a revamped ( smithed ) 357 and it had a horrendous pull. I smithed it down to a 1 lb pull. That would be a hair trigger to those who do not understand trigger pull. I can put 5 rounds as fast or faster then any semi auto. My point it matters not what the gun is will not take the crazy out of the equation.
    I use this ” hair triggered” gun for one reason and one alone. It is my home defense gun and all around defense weapon when out traveling. If by chance I have to protect myself I intend to kill not injure KILL !
    Before I had this gun smithed I had to cock back the hammer to be able to fire it. I have a very small hand and that trigger was just way to stiff for me to have that gun be of use if it came down to a matter of seconds which it usually does if your life is in danger.
    As I have said I am not a fan of any semi auto for my own personal use. I own them but I choose to not shoot them. They are not a gun I favor. Too many things can go amiss. JMO. Does not make me want to ban them because I do not like them.

  106. So guess who I sent out there instead? Heh.

    Do you all want an open thread or the inauguration tomorrow?

  107. Nope Uppity scratch the snow thing. It was heavy fog snow. Sun is out. Like that matters lol it is a whopping 12 degrees out there.

  108. Okay Sophie, thanks for that clarification of yet another story that was printed about her.

  109. Thank God I will be at work while Bozo is talking about how great he is. There is a God after all. He made it so I will have to work and miss El Bozos speeches . lmao

  110. Exactly what in those lightweight 23 orders has those sheriffs’ panties in a twist?


    I tell you law enforcement worries me more than these isolated incidents do. There are a lot of crazies with badges. They are more gun crazy than anybody here could ever be.

  111. Divorce….SIL no issues there right ?

  112. LOL I would hope if I were dead my brother’s first wife didn’t get a shot at a quote.

  113. SophieCT, on January 20, 2013 at 11:31 AM said:

    It is very comforting to me to see sheriffs nationwide saying they will arrest any and all federal officers that try to come in and enforce these orders and charge them with class D felonies.

    Exactly what in those lightweight 23 orders has those sheriffs’ panties in a twist?
    Hmm could it be the fact that the fed can not or should not over step the state or could it be Congress did not issue a law for them to have to follow ?

  114. considering he beat the crap out of his mother a few times, I would say she has them to protect herself.

    Where did you get that from? I’ve read nothing that even hinted at Adam using physical violence on his mother. Nothing.

  115. Hmm could it be the fact that the fed can not or should not over step the state or could it be Congress did not issue a law for them to have to follow ?

    Nope, couldn’t be. Every president from Washington has issued executive orders.

    But my question was more about WHICH of those orders so troubles the sheriffs? Because when I read them, there’s nothing there to get excited about. Are they going to charge him with a class D felony for writing a memo (#14)?

  116. considering he beat the crap out of his mother a few times, I would say she has them to protect herself.

    Where did you get that from? I’ve read nothing that even hinted at Adam using physical violence on his mother. Nothing.

    You asked me how I would feel if my former crazy neigbhor’s mother had guns. That was part of my answer. I personally saw him backhand her and knock her to the ground.

  117. Sophie said……….
    We aren’t going to keep guns away from the crazy people if we don’t hold the people who put the guns in the crazy person’s hands accountable.

    And we just blame mom ? Again dad knew the kid had issues too and must have know or we can suppose he knew she liked guns does that not make him guilty of not doing something ? Was it no longer his responsibility to see that his kid was ok ?
    This is where I have a real big issue with blaming anyone for the act of a nut. If there were no guns in his moms home do you think it would have changed anything ? It might have but then again it might not have. Maybe he had an Aunt or uncle that owned guns and maybe a neighbor and maybe they would be dead along side his mom.
    There are a lot of maybes out there and no real answers.
    How will a back ground check and or banning a weapon stop crazies from getting them that is my question.
    Guns as do drugs come in across the borders daily and no ban or back ground check is stopping it. We do nothing about it wither. Ship bring shit into the ports daily and it is not Joe Honest citizen that passed a background check and obeys the laws that is getting the goods.
    If someone here that favors gun control and all this can prove to me beyond all the quotes and stuff it works and that it guarantees there will be no more mass killings I will jump on the band wagon too. So far all I have seen is proof numbers did not drop anywhere there are tough gun control laws. And mass killings still happened under the bans.
    Show me a 50% to 100% fool proof way to keep crazy folks from killing I am going to get behind it too. Fact is no one can anymore then we can stop a rapist or anyone else that kills or injures other then kill them.

  118. Be creative, upps – use my monkey wrenches to weight down your trash barrells.

  119. Uppity at 12:05: Ahhh…I thought you were talking about Adam Lanza in your original statement, but you were talking about your crazy neighbor.

    Still, if your neighbor used physical violence on his mother, all the more reason to keep weapons out of the home. Can she not place a restraining order on him?

  120. Maybe it is this that has folks up in arms.
    Gun owners have conceded to allowing back ground check etc.
    The second does not allow as to what types of ammo or weapons one can or can not own. Remember they had means to blow buildings up then too with kegs of powder, they also had cannons so fact that assault rifles were not available then is no argument. I do not personally know anyone owning a cannon today but did the writers of this mean they could ? I do not know anyone today that has a huge stock pile of powder but again back then some did.
    It just seems to me that gun owners are being held accountable and not criminals. An honest gun owner has given in and allowed some laws restricting their right under the second. It is because they are honest and obey laws period. Criminals are law breakers so again how is any of this going to stop a criminal ?

  121. And we just blame mom ? Again dad knew the kid had issues too and must have know or we can suppose he knew she liked guns does that not make him guilty of not doing something ?

    I don’t know what we do, but I hold Mom primarily accountable. She left them unlocked, not the father. And no, we don;t know one way or the other if he knew she had guns, knew what types, or knew that they were unlocked.

    You’re making this an issue of good vs. bad mother and good vs. bad father. I am not talking about parenting skills. I’m saying it’s an issue of the irresponsible adult who was the ONE PERSON who knew the most about the extent of his mental illness and made it possible in the worst way for him to be a killer.

  122. Sophie I am surprised at your statement about placing a restraining order. How many dead women had restraining orders against the ex that wanted them dead ? No restraining order will kept a person from coming back and killing you and there is tons of proof in that and many a dead woman who died with a restraining order in her hand. Me I will take the gun over a piece of paper that is not worth the time to type it up.
    Scenario : Woman has restraining order and calls cops while whacko ex is outside with knife or gun. I think the Tracy Thurman case would be what you will get there.

  123. Do the the members of the well-regulated militia have to wear uniforms when they serve alongside the standing army?

  124. Sophie I am surprised at your statement about placing a restraining order.

    You’re surprised that I would exercise my legal rights? I don’t know whether to be impressed or offended. 😉

    Yes, I’m aware that it’s not bulletproof, literally. BUT, to read your comment, one would think that everyone who placed a restraining order on someone else gets offed.

    I’m assuming the mother already tried to have him committed, but was denied. If not, she should do that first. If she doesn’t do that, she is culpable.

    We’ve been around and around on this character and nothing seems to be the right answer except the one we haven’t said, which is, the mother should get a gun and kill her son for her own safety and that of others. Is that what you’re suggesting? Because nothing else seems to be satisfactory. (that’s a plural you in you’re, by the way)

  125. Uppity Woman, on January 20, 2013 at 10:38 AM said:

    I LOVE a good debate, it’s almost as good as sex!

    😆 😆

  126. Have no idea. I know not how it is all going to play out but I do know keeping guns from crazies is just not doable. It is all like putting paint on a run down house and selling it as a mansion.
    I do know this though. I was a victim and an unarmed victim. Had I been armed it would never have happened. I will never be unarmed again. I will never be that victim in that position ever again.
    I do know that in most cases when a person calls 911 because they have someone standing there wanting to kill or hurt them they are usually dead or screwed up by the time cops get there. A gun in hand is a far better equalizer then a phone or restraining order.

  127. Shopie it is maybe how you said it or how I read it

    “Still, if your neighbor used physical violence on his mother, all the more reason to keep weapons out of the home. Can she not place a restraining order on him?”

    Once someone has been assaulted by another and you can bet it did not happen just once there is all the more need to take precaution against it going further then just smacking you around.
    There is tons of proof out there about women placing protective order on their abusers and tons of evidence out there where the woman tries to get away and is followed and hurt or killed. I was one of those women. I tried to get away and was stalked and damn near killed. My daughter was stabbed by her abuser for trying to leave. In both our cases had we had a gun it would not have happened.

  128. Can she not place a restraining order on him?

    Sophie, it was a long time ago, decades, and I don’t live there any longer. I understand he is still living with his mother and she is quite elderly now. Back then, a restraining order is not something she would do, as he lived with her and where would he go? He was a huge danger on the street as all the neighbors would attest. People were getting guns and big dogs, he was showing up at doors and telling people he was going to gut their dog. I think I mentioned one time he was in my yard in the middle of the night and that is the first and only time I shot my gun. I didn’t hit him because I didn’t want to but I could have. I just wanted to scare him off my property. At one point, it got so bad the FBI told several neighbors he had a hit list and they were on it. This was a seriously out of control situation, he was an adult, he was also a doctor, didn’t go through the boards but graduated from med school and then his schitzophrenia really manifested iself. I suspected doctors were protecting him sometimes. I knew the family when he was younger and he was always VERY strange. Anyways, she protected him, she was his mother, nobody else wanted anything to do with him, they would cart him off now and then when he did things like threaten to kill everybody, and he would be back in three days looking for a culprit. his mother would go back to taking care of him and she was in some serious denial situation. i think she was also ashamed, as this was a generation where mental illness was a stigma. It was horrific. He would tell people he could read their minds!

    IMO restraining orders are pretty worthless anyways. The landscape is riddled with murdered people where the killers had a restraining order. Crazy people don’t care about restraining orders nor do stalkers, and crazy people don’t care about gun laws either.

    Edit, my guess he will outlive his mother and then I shudder at what is going to happen next because he will be on his own.

  129. Foxy laughed over:

    I LOVE a good debate, it’s almost as good as sex!

    Foxy, Thanks for appreciating my devil’s advocacy. As it is, right now, I drove Karen away and she is probably in your refrigerator at this very moment.

  130. I am just wondering when Uppity has had enough of the sexual feeling thing and needs the Pizza and wine lmao.
    Listen folks I do not mean to piss anyone off here and drive anyone away. I am not mad at all over this debate. I just am failing to understand how any of these 23 orders solve one thing. I also am more concerned that the one thinks he can play God and bypass congress. These orders are shit when it comes down to it and until congress and the SCOTUS get on it I see it as nuts and only driving more folks to go buy buy buy.
    I think that silence would have been a better option rather then to make a huge tado over gun control. Anyone see any numbers of assault rifle sales after the head mucky muck and chief said he would be addressing gun control ? Me thinks there are far more out there now then there was before all this. I know that the several gun stores I went to out of curiosity are sold out of ammo and AR 15’s AK47’s ozzies and the like and have back order to hell and back . Out of interest I asked if I ordered one now how long until I could get it and the wait is backed up for 6 months. That is a lot of fricking assault weapons I must say.

  131. I’m not mad over the debate either but I don’t mind if I pissed anyone off!

    I just am failing to understand how any of these 23 orders solve one thing. I also am more concerned that the one thinks he can play God and bypass congress.

    1.) I still don’t see what’s so objectionable in the 23 orders.
    2.) I don’t see how this equates to playing God when all presidents have done this from the beginning.
    3.) The 23 orders apply only to the federal government, not local or state law enforcement.
    4.) The hoopla is clearly right-wing political posturing, ratcheting up the hysteria because they have nothing else.

  132. # 3 is why Sheriffs are saying they will defy the fed. And if # 3 does not mean it can not go over a state or local then what good is it doing ? Back to what I said it is doing no good what so ever. Band aid on a shotgun wound

  133. Also I would not say it is right wing hoopla. I know many democrats and independents are just as incensed. It is not a left verses right thing. If it were would it matter that Lanza was a registered democrat as was the virginia tech shooter ? Would it mean anything that the columbine shooters parents were all democrats ? Would it matter that the theater shooter was a democrat and a OWS er ? I think not they were just lunatics.

  134. Oops scratch the Virgina tech one he was a foreigner with a pass to be here to study right ? I mean the other one that is being charged with work place violence you know the one that screamed Allah so stuff.

  135. Anyway I am not damning someone because of party beliefs. Crazy is crazy and it just does not make sense to say it is all crazy right winger that do not like this. I am an independent and lean to libertarian in many things and to liberal in a few. I still think all this did is stir folks up to buying more assault weapons out of fear and thereby putting more into the streets later on. I also believe it will solve nothing just cause more anger and resentment.

  136. Anyhow Shopie have a great rest of your day. I got to go to my stock pile and see what goodies I canned last summer sound good with dinner

  137. Utah, the rhetoric is right wing. You still never said what the sheriffs found offensive about the 23 orders.

    And I do believe you are trying to make me J with your canned goodies!

    P.S. I tied for 2nd place on that cabbage soup, which included a number of goodies I stored away in the freezer last summer–like the chicken bone broth, San Marzano tomatoes among others.

  138. So tell me again why he’s called the Smartest Prezzie EVAH?? Yeah, I know they’re blaming Roberts…but really….

    “I did it,” the president said to his daughters after taking the oath.
    For Obama, it’s actually the third time he’s done it. In an infamous scene at President Obama’s historic Jan. 20, 2009, inauguration, Roberts flubbed the oath, so Obama was forced to take a “do-over” oath with the chief justice the next day.
    The oath of office is historically taken on Jan. 20, officially the first day of a presidential term. But since the 20th fell on a Sunday, the public ceremony was scheduled for the 21st.
    So when President Obama publicly takes the oath from Roberts at Monday’s inauguration in front of an estimated 800,000 people on the National Mall, it will be–technically speaking–his fourth.
    As ABC News noted, President Franklin Roosevelt was also sworn in four times but, unlike Obama, he was elected four times.
    This time around, Roberts and Obama are leaving nothing to chance. After the president won re-election on Nov. 6, “the two men exchanged a copy of an oath card, containing the precise wording, punctuation, and emphasis of the 35-word recitation,” an inauguration official told Reuters.

    Bill Clinton didn’t need notecards…..and Hillary wouldn’t have needed them either, just sayin’

  139. Adam Lanza’s mother, while noble in her obvious efforts to love, protect and hold on to hope for her severely mentally ill (obviously severe, dissociative-related mental illness) son, SHE IS THE CULPABLE PARTY BECAUSE:

    a) He resided in HER home
    b) His type of mental illness, itself, makes him inculpable for his actions
    Inculpable: free of guilt; not subject to blame;
    c) The guns belonged to her, she was the responsible party for them
    (Just like parents, who are held responsible when a “child” is injured from having access to THEIR guns)
    Whatever the father’s absent role – it was her house, her guns, her mentally ill occupant with a dissociative personality disorder – who she had to have known – or should have known – the scope of unpredictability, given his type of mental illness
    d) She obviously had the money available to her for the best doctors, lawyers – whatever she needed to put that boy wherever he could get PROFESSIONAL HELP for his condition.
    e) He killed her FIRST – shot her in the face several times at close range – while she was in her bed. He didn’t go after his father or brother. Why???

    …Because he had access to HER guns, OBVIOUSLY! “He” being a mentally ill person, with the type of illness that no lay person – including his “devoted” mother – are QUALIFIED to predict or control if and when such a dissociative disorder deteriorates into that of a sociopath, capable of killing or maiming others. It can happen quickly. It OBVIOUSLY did.

    I don’t care ‘why she had the guns’ – or ‘where her damned ex-husband was.’ HER GUNS were in the house with a potentially dangerous mental illness that is known to become psychotically incapable of feeling ANYTHING for others, thus silently screaming: “I HATE PEOPLE!”

  140. Sophie did I succeed in making you jealous ??
    I did say what they found offensive. It is the fact he did this without going through proper channels. I mean these 23 EO are worthless as spit until they are passed into law by Congress. That is why Sheriffs are sending the letters to him personally as are states. They have no intention of stopping the sale of these guns or ammo until such time that it becomes law and is proven to be Constitutional. This too is how states have gone to bypassing the waiting period.
    That is why I said I agree this is all blowing smoke and does not mean squat.
    Anyway back to food, I really like that subject a whole lot more.
    Cabbage soup ?? Who what where when and why and especially HOW ?
    I made some spiced cabbage and canned it. Real good stuff.
    Tonight I have decided on Boston steamed clams in a nice lemon butter garlic broth with savory flat bread.

  141. Whynot there could be dozens of scenarios seriously. Could she have had them in a gun safe ? I have not heard and if she did is that not enough precaution ? It is for all other. Did she have the safe open to clean them or for another reason while he was out and he came in and over powered her and held her hostage in her home ? I mean we just do not have facts here to make an honest judgement that it is all her fault.
    What was his illness ? I have heard ADD, ADHD, Bi polar, schizophrenic, and several others does someone have an actual link to proof as to what he had ? I also heard Autism what did he have and where is a link to proof other then what the Aunt said.
    To me this is all supposition I really have not seen anything that is concrete proof the mother did anything wrong and that this kid had a diagnosed mental illness. I hear he was a loner and picked on. Lots of kids are that. I heard she home schooled him again that does not a killer make. All I have seen thus far is stories that come from a Ex sister in law and nothing proven or found from police evidence so if you have a link to that I would love to see it.

  142. Utah, I was specifically looking for which of the 23 orders offended their sensibilities or sounded unreasonable. As for proper channels, I don’t know yet another way to tell you that he did indeed go through proper channels–that it is his right to write executive orders, he being the executive and all. So, either the sheriffs missed their civics class or they’re just turd stirring because it works.

    As for being so J over your canned goodies, I plead guilty! I do have my frozen goodies, but there is a limit–the size if the freezer, whereas if I was willing to spend the time and energy on canning, I would have unlimited space in which to store the bounty. So, my stores are meager and practical–primitive almost.

    The cabbage soup is a continuation of a conversation the other day. One of the farmers markets was having a contest and you had to use cabbage from a local farm. I’m not a big cabbage person–the only thing I really do with it is steam it–although I am still working on making fermented sauerkraut to go with the corned beef I’m going to do one of these years. Anyway, I asked the folks here for cabbage recipes and got a lot of great ideas, but settled on this soup recipe I found, not because it looked like the best tasting or most interesting choice, but because I could make it in advance and transport it easily and keep it warm. It turned out pretty tasty though.

  143. So, does this make ANY sense?

    …come on, Son, don’t worry about being incapable of associating with *children* your own age or that *teachers* don’t know how to handle your problems and don’t want you at their *school*. Let’s go play with GUNS, so you will not only know how to *responsibly* handle them – if someone is *attacking or threatening* your *mentally, emotionally confused person-hood.* The accomplishment of having such mastery and *power* will make you *feel* much better about yourself, mommy thinks.

    It’s a tragedy all the way around – including for Nancy Lanza – who had her chance to DEFEND HERSELF, with sound reasoning about both her son and her guns, given the circumstances SHE was in.

  144. BTW Sophie I was loving our Summer gardens of yummy goods. Did you ever do your corned beef ? Like I said it is good but not really worth the hassle. I did find a show that the chef did a mock corned beef and I am going to have to try that one. It did sound good. Here it is I have made several of Lucinda’s recipes and so far they have been very good

  145. Foxy, Thanks for appreciating my devil’s advocacy. As it is, right now, I drove Karen away and she is probably in your refrigerator at this very moment.

    Well then she is in for a Surprise. 😆

  146. I just had a very healthy salad with all kinds of goodness in it including fresh cut fruit and nuts. I can be bad later since I had my veg/fruit now.

    Upps, this is your favorite cat? *whistles* Look how sweet Ash is!!/photo.php?fbid=485809728132556&set=pb.206293252750873.-2207520000.1358717441&type=3&theater

  147. I do not think it is any of the 23 but all of them that offend law enforcement and states. I know well and understand well about the use of EO. However when using EO to go up against the 2nd and technically that is what this does it is cause for concern.
    Let’s say this flies and folks do not get upset and states uphold this then what is to stop the executive branch from going over the other branches on other matters that have to do with the constitution or for that matter anything. What is to stop the executive branch from reaching out and bypassing congress on taxes or gee a host of things. That is why Sheriffs who btw are the number one law enforcement in any county because they are elected not appointed can run rough shod over the federal agents. That is why they are sending word not to congress but to Obama himself that they will arrest and jail any federal agent or officer that comes into their county and tries to enforce any of these orders. I think myself Obama is just testing to see if he can get away with it and I think he is getting his answer. Either way it is all silly because no matter it did not address the problem and as I said more of these types of weapons have been sold in that last month then in the last two years. Did we gain anything ? To me we did not. Nothing but driving more wedges between folks. That said I still loves ya and would cook for you anytime.

  148. Gosh darn it Karen !! That sounds good too am I am hungry. Ash has had my eye all along. I think Ash is odd in an adorable way. I love the color and markings and I do like fluffy and Ash is fluffy.

  149. Adam Lanza’s mother, while noble in her obvious efforts to love, protect and hold on to hope for her severely mentally ill (obviously severe, dissociative-related mental illness) son, SHE IS THE CULPABLE PARTY BECAUSE:

    We don’t know any of the above either. We have no idea if she was noble and ‘obvious’ is obvious How?. There is NOTHING obvious here. We have no idea if he was severely mentally ill either up to that point. He might have just been an inherently angry, evil little asshole who went on a rampage. God knows there are enough of them out there. We call them Crazy. Makes you wonder if Evil really does exist in the tangible sense, i would think.

    Or this…………Now we’re putting conversations into her dead mouth. Super. This is about as over the top as any one of us can get, deciding conversations like this happened:

    …come on, Son, don’t worry about being incapable of associating with *children* your own age or that *teachers* don’t know how to handle your problems and don’t want you at their *school*. Let’s go play with GUNS, so you will not only know how to *responsibly* handle them – if someone is *attacking or threatening* your *mentally, emotionally confused person-hood.* The accomplishment of having such mastery and *power* will make you *feel* much better about yourself, mommy thinks.

    We have no idea about this either. Except that it’s a tragedy. We do not know what chance she did or didn’t have or whether she was without reasoning or any thing. Or that she had a chance at anything. Or even what her “Circumstances” really were. We. Don’t. Know. Why are we acting like we do?:

    It’s a tragedy all the way around – including for Nancy Lanza – who had her chance to DEFEND HERSELF, with sound reasoning about both her son and her guns, given the circumstances SHE was in.

    We are pulling stuff out of our………………………..

  150. I can’t blame any of the mothers who were slaughtered by their sons before those sons went on their deadly rampages.

  151. Hey I discovered a new illness! It’s called Pullit Outofmyassis!

  152. Uppity, that illness has been around forevah.

  153. Sheriffs make me nervous. They suffer from inferiority complexes because they are not part of that cool paramilitary police force police departments and state troopers belong to. So they oten turn into cowboys and project themselves as tougher than everybody with bluster and, usually, really big hats.

  154. So tell me again why he’s called the Smartest Prezzie EVAH?? Yeah, I know they’re blaming Roberts…but really


  155. Uppity, that illness has been around forevah.

    Yes but don’t I get points for NAMING it?

    We have to use initials though or it’s not real. Like ED is Erectile Dsysfunction.
    We shall call it PO! As in he’s got P.O.

  156. Karen OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you SEEEEEEEEEEEE how Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she is?????????????

  157. I just sooooooooooooooo stole that pic of that sweet lil kitteh!!

    Note: Ash might be Bigfoot.

  158. I love when Karen goes and eats and comes back after we spend hours slapping each other around. I gotta go walk the Clydesdale and feed………well……….everybody.

  159. The Lanza’s divorce supposedly said they were looking after him carefully due to his autistim spectrum disorder according to atty involved they discussed it casually. (this link is posted to HuffyPoo but notice it is an AP article – so syndicated.) She got increasing amounts of cash each year of approx. $300,000 and the house and college tuition in the future and, and, and… They knew the kid had problems. There were several of Nancy’s friends from her local diner, shooting club, etc. who at the time were interviewed and said she disclosed to them that she was having so much trouble with her son.

    I repeat – she kept her guns in the basement where adam lived according to friends. This is the NY Post but there are other stories about the basement elsewhere. And about his mother being in New Hampshire for two full days prior to this spree. He was alone with the weapons unlocked and she was a 5 hour drive away then rushed home after speaking to him. I cannot link to any more links or will be in spammy but there are tons of articles on his bunker basement. And pictures of the home and descriptions from hair dresser, teachers etc. that said the kid was not right. Remember he felt no pain and Uppity, you found that alarming? He was armed and dangerous and this could have been prevented.

  160. Yes I agree that sheriffs can be well likened to the little man syndrome thing. I just like the fact they are sending a clear cut message here. Me personally I think deputies are ones that could not make the police force or the highway patrol requirements so they had to go the route of becoming deputies. Many of them are crooked. I am talking about the fact they have the authority to do this though and not out there pimping them because I too am kind of leery of them. Got to say when I was a kid I was taught to respect all law enforcement officials but in the last 20 years I have to say I have come across some doozies and question weather or not they ought to be the ones behind bars.

    Doesn’t Karen always go off and eat ? LOL.

  161. Yes yes I DO remember he felt no pain and found that very very odd. If indeed he felt no pain. I know somebody said that but do you see where I am coming from? If he had lived we would have access to real analysis from doctors, that is if he ever saw one. I think his records should be subpeonaed so we can all read something from an objective source.

    Where is tha photo of that “Den of Doom”? Half the kids in this country live in the basement now. lol. Do we not think this lady is bonkers herself looking for some attention?

    Will you at least let me roll my eyes at this? If this is evidence of anything, it’s evidence of a hair dresser inserting more importance for herself into this story. She sounds like she could use a little help herself! Talking about she should have slit him? WTF?

    It’s just weird that I actually touched him,” Skuba said.

    “I’d tried to joke with him. He wouldn’t even look at me,” the stylist told CNN.

    “I wish I would have killed him then,” Skuba said.

    “Or he should have killed himself a long time ago. He would have saved us all the trouble,” the stylist said.

    “He should have run in front of a bus, or some other type of terrible death. He should have done it to himself. It would have saved all those kids and parents the trouble.

    “I should have slit and stabbed him by accident. It would have been a lot better for those people.”

    Cutting Adam Lanza’s hair “was a very long half an hour. It was a very uncomfortable situation,” stylist Diane Harty said. She said that she never heard his voice and that Nancy, a divorcee, also hardly spoke

    This is a woman who cut his hair. What she knows about them she could probably write on the head of a pin, but she did get herself into the story, and I’ll bet she collected a dozen copies too.

  162. Is a copy of those divorce papers available? I applaud you for saying “supposedly” Karen. That’s really my point. Words from people looking to get some attention on the story are really cheap. Like that hairdresser. Yeesh.

    One thing I’ll give on, that photo or Nancy looks really whacky. WTF with that hat?

  163. As for guns the more i read the more I am sure it is past time to make changes in the status quo.

    Go to the Brady Bill site if you want hours of statistics and history that is heartwrenching and very interesting and informative. Go to any state, the state of Utah for example, and read the stats for armed child rapers and other lovely felons denied permits due to background checks that were forced on those states by the Brady bill. They record it by the Quarter and every quarter there are tons of lunatics who want to conceal carry and they have current charges of battered wives, raped children at gun point, etc. Read it and weap and then thank somebody who gives a crap about gun control measures, and actually did something about it, like Bill Clinton or anybody else who TRIES to improve this disgrace and this sick national attitude toward violence.

    Also, it is clear that nobody here reads my links anyway. There were no exec. orders, none. It was the horrific media bullshitters gone wild once again. I linked to the WaPo and the NY Times and AP and other sources that said it was all a big mistake to call them exec orders. But don’t take my word for it. And he never called them exec orders and none of the white house press reports or briefings called them that.


    Go ahead and spin it however you want. I know it is a bunch of crap and have been saying so all week. EVen the FUCKING National Review Online, spit, is saying it is all a lie and they weren’t orders finally. And their whole purpose is to promote propaganda against obama. I don’t care what desk he sat at, that is HIS desk FCS and he did those ACTIONS to prevent children from being killed so had kids there. And it was important propositons. He’s used Exec Orders before but this time HE DID NOT.

    I fully expect someone to post here about executive orders as if the 40 times I objected to those words did not matter.

    Go on. Continue to ignore that he did not do any such thing.

  164. Sherrifs arresting federal law enforcement officers sounds like a great case for the SCOTUS. The feds would likely argue that federal law pre-empts state law, which is a legal argument pushed by conservatives during the Bush admin, especially in tryng to shield corporations from product liability law suits.

    Sounds more like sherrifs are grandstanding since one of the 23 items was to provide incentives to state and locals to get cooperation in info sharing. I have no use for obama, but those threats against federal law enforcement officers are over the top.

  165. Good question about the availability of the Lanza divorce papers. Many states have databases showing legal actions which are searchable by name. I’m guessing that the press already looked and found nothing of interest on the Lanza’s, such as peace orders or domestic violence charges against Peter Lanza.

  166. Uppity you beat me to it. Are those the ramblings of a sane person or a person we ought to trust with sharp instruments ?
    Also it said he had Asperger’s syndrome and that this is not normally associated with violent behavior.
    I did not see the den of doom and cripes my grand kids play these war videos too it again does not a killer make.
    Plumbers say so ?? I am talking FBI findings . when I hear what the investigators come up with then and only then will I make a choice as to weather or not it was Nancy’s fault. All I see is tidbits here and there nothing concrete.
    If This kid never showed violent tendencies in the past how do folks sit here and condemn mom for having guns ?
    I will again say I am not going to blame her until I have facts not hearsay evidence.

  167. Upps, divorce settlements are personal and not public unless Peter wanted to disclose it himself. The attorney was in the wrong to discuss this with the press, perhaps as it is a breach of personal information that should not leak.

  168. Oh good hugo, I’ll read is shortly.

    You know, the Press was able to uncover every rock out of that joe the plumber’s life in days, but when it comes to this, sensationalism is all we get, hair dresser testimony and nothing beyond hearsay and speculation. I will probably get smacked for this but it reminds me of how they posted Zimmerman’s pic in black and white so nobody could see the blood running out of his nose and his cuts. That pic of Nancy in a crazy looking hat, you can bet they picked that one out of plenty of decent shots. They make me sick because their shit takes on a whole new life.

  169. Wow, Hugo, this was at the bottom of that legal filing:

    In accordance with the Federal Violence Against Women Act of 2005, cases for relief from physical abuse, foreign protective orders, and motions that would be likely to publicly reveal the identity or location of a protected party may not be displayed and may be available only at the courts.


  170. Yeah but that might probably be standard disclaimer, Karen? Not necessarily applicable to this case. I hope. Anyways, that is a list of what’s on record but we can’t read any of it unless we go to the clerk’s office, dammit.

    Edit, okay I just read that you wrote this, Karen. Can’t see the documents. Gotcha.

  171. You can also search the Connecticut criminal records. Nothing there for Peter or Nancy, such as domestic violence or peace orders. The divorce record is lmited, but does show court-ordered parenting classes for both parents in 2009. One can speculate about why the court ordered those classes.

  172. That could mean they would only not disclose the plaintiff’s name and address. In my state the existence of domestic violence charges is published, but not the name of the plaintiff.

  173. Uppity you beat me to it. Are those the ramblings of a sane person or a person we ought to trust with sharp instruments ?

    Eh, she was getting herself some fame for a minute. Happens all the time.

  174. Hey! I’ve got an idea. Let’s list what we DO know, that has supportive information. That way we all get the part of the picture we know is real. There have to be SOME records, photos and things that have been made public. Maybe we can all separate the wheat from the chaff. I am counting on somebody doing this in writing sometime soon. There has GOT to be a real reporter out there who is looking into this. Of course, he/she’s not on MSNBC or FOX.

  175. Karen, speaking of the Brady Bill, they are letting that crazy man out for weekend furloughs now. Or at least that’s what I ‘read’.


    That’s what’s wrong with our criminal justice system.

  176. Hugo, do they at least disclose the name of the person who committed the domestic violence so the next person doesn’t date him? I can see why they withhold the plantiff’s name or location.

  177. Karen do you remember who the attorney was who discussed their divorce? I mean did he represent one of them?

  178. Karen, problem is there is one or two links you have saying they are not exec orders, and thousands of links to exex orders. Other problem is, he is photo oped sitting at his littl exec order desk with his little exec order booklets and, more importantly, HE has not claimed that are not executive orders. He could clear this up if they are not executive orders. All he has to do is say so. He wants them pressed as executive orders, or he would say so. Hey! Let’s find the actual document and find out for sure. Can we do that? Are his documents disclosed?

  179. Fact: Obama’s executive orders or not executive orders are NOT listed in the archives. At least not yet. No record.

    So far, Karen gets 1 point. And a sandwich,

  180. That’s true in my state, Uppity. The defendant is made public.

    As for the Lanza divorce database record, I question why it shows no parenting issues at the top, yet the court immediately ordered both parents to attned classes in 11/08. Peter did so by 3/09, but she did not comply until 7/09. Other than that, it’s just uncontested, no big deal.

  181. Uncontested divorces happen all the time, I agree. Usually though, it’s settled when it gets to court. So whichever one didn’t show up has already expected that the decree will say what it says. Or something. Sometimes someone just doesn’t show up, period. But mostly, uncontested is no big deal.

  182. Yes facts I like that one well maybe…………….going to be a dull blog lol waiting for facts lmao.
    How come you are being so generous Uppity ? Karen already said she ate.

  183. Also, it is clear that nobody here reads my links anyway. There were no exec. orders, none. It was the horrific media bullshitters gone wild once again

    Karen, I did look it up and found several articles clarifying that these were not executive orders but executive actions. I then googled on the difference between the two and it turns out there isn’t any difference. So, it’s a vocabulary nit (kinda like getting abused and dismissed for using the word “assault” erroneously when everyone knows what you mean).

  184. Utah, because the fact that Karen ate means nothing. She can still eat. I know this. And I’m not really being generous, just showing I am not allergic to facts. I am allergic to opinion as fact and speculation as fact. As it stands, those orders or whatever they are or aren’t, are NOT listed as 2013 exec orders. I would hope that by now, if they were real, they would be listed. I’ll check back but it seems to me that they should be listed if they are indeed executive orders instead of a dog and pony show. That link is an offcial link, not some writer’s opinion as fact.

  185. The WH website has those 23 thingamajigs as a Presidential Memodanda, not as EOs. The WH website has a seperate page to memos and for EOs. So, if they are not on the EO page, they must not be EOs.

  186. And if they are not executive orders, then nobody has to listen to any of them, and congress doesn’t have to approve or disapprove. So back to square one. In other words, his threatening of “executive power” as not achieved as these documents and their associated photo op have no teeth whatsoever except to make him look good. So they’re ‘memos’. Or something.

  187. Sorry. Mucho typos.

  188. 23 thingamajigs


    I’m not getting anything done because I’m having too much fun.

  189. Best part of this? All thos kossacks are conned into thinking he took some real Executive Power. Snort.And all the right wingers are going ballistic. Snort.

  190. obama specializes in much ado about nothing.

  191. There is a difference, Sophie. One is official and it is sidestepping congress and becomes law. The other is a to-do list.

    We can call them obama’s amendments to the constitution if that works for everybody here. *Slams face into wall and screams ouch*

    I don’t know which lawyer said what, upps. They did not disclose their sources or else Peter would have already filed a breach suit against them surely.

    It is true that facts are slim to none in this case but since they are dead it doesn’t much matter what happened as the horses have left the barn. Nothing will bring back those kids but their deaths do not have to be for nothing. Megan’s law didn’t bring back the child but it did make the world potentially a better place for other innocents. Sure kids will still die, but some, thanks to notification, will survive. I have seen it work as a real estate agent we had to notify and we were sure to let people with kids know not to move there. Sandusky lived at a playground and got his little jollies from that even after he was caught, until the judge told him to stay off his balcony and away from his back fence until proven innocent.

  192. And don’t you just love that the National Review Online, while clarifying that they weren’t orders, had to say that obama didn’t care enough to use an order to pass his gun proposals! He was attacked by the right as going to far and then attacked that he didn’t do enough. They got some racket going. Those RWNJs need to put down the drugs and alcohol and guns and bibles and stop holding propaganda meetings and vagina legislation meetings. The Rolling Stone magazine should have taken obama to task for not issuing 23 orders. You simply cannot make this shit up.

  193. You know why these psychos do these things Uppity ? Look at this blog and any message board out there. What has the topic been ? We have all dissected guns, This kid, this kids mom and so on and so on and he got his fame and will go down being famous. Who can name one kid or teacher without looking it up ? I can because one of the little darlings was buried here in Ogden. She just had moved to Newtown and it is a move her family regrets and they are back here now. None the less I can but how many others have discussed anything but the shooter and his family and guns myself included. This is another reason these nuts do this.
    Interesting thing about little Emily Parkers folks. They say to pray for Mrs Lanza as well as their baby girl and others. They even said they wanted folks to pray for Adam and pray that our government gets help for folks who need mental help rather then go off on a gun crusade.
    Brave people they are to be able to face this type of loss and not come out hating.

  194. I confess, Uppity was right. After having that lovely and very filling salad I just heated and devoured a large bowl of veggie soup. It is cold, I was needing comfort food, I had to eat it before it went bad, I am burning a lot of calories keeping warm in the winter, I have to work tonight and need sustenance. Do any of those excuses work?

    It was yummy. Ok, that’s the ticket.

    Does anyone else sprinkle parmesan on soup? I love the taste with veggies and broth. Adds savory-ness to it.

  195. Yes I sprinkle parmesan/romano on egg drop soup and minnestrone, and any soup with greens in it.

  196. Karen, this is what I founnd here:

    Another executive tool which has raised many questions is the presidential memoranda. Although they possess a different title than executive orders, it appears as though these instruments are very much alike. Both are undefined, written instruments by which the president directs, and governs actions by, Government officials and agencies. They differ in that executive orders must be published in the Federal Register whereas presidential memoranda are similarly published only if the President determines that they have a “general applicability and legal effect.” …. In at least one instance, a federal district court seemed to use the two terms interchangeably.

    Nonetheless, the 23 thingies on the list are not Earth-shattering, which is the point I was more interested in–and the over-the-top RW reaction, EVEN IF they would have been orders, it’s still a big nothing-burger. If there had only been a tenth of this outrage over the Patriot Act or FISA and NDAA.

  197. Karen, he couldn’t issue orders, that’s what stymied me. What he signed could not be implemented as an order. He didn’t have that power without the Congress. So I could see that others would be angry that he even tried to order those things, but I can’t see others thinking he could get away with ordering that list. He can’t make these laws, it’s not his jurisdiction.

  198. Sophie Sheriffs are in a class all by themselves and that’s no compliment. Sounds to me like those guys are just itching or a showdown at the OK corral and think they are all gunning down butch cassidy or some such shit.

  199. Here come da Sheriffs!

  200. Does anyone else sprinkle parmesan on soup?

    All the time! Well, “grate” not “sprinkle” but same idea.

  201. FCS. He shot his OWN mother in the face multiple times – at close range. He slaughtered (multiple shots to each child at close range) 20 small, defenseless kids, four teachers, and two others – then put a bullet in his own head – which HE wouldn’t feel anyway.

    If those Pullit Outofmyassis “behavioral issues” aren’t indicative of a SEVERE FORM OF “DISSOCIATIVE” MENTAL ILLNESS… what’s the point of ANY OF US CONCERNED when we recognize (Pullit Outofourassis) certain “abnormal” behaviors in others ourselves?

    Parent – I’m calling the woman “the primary parent” from here on out.

  202. If we didn’t already beat this to death, I would write a post entitled “Obama’s 23 Thingamajigs”.

  203. All obama did with those 23 things is tell the executive branch agencies to take certain steps that are most likely already within their authority based on law already passed by Congress. As the CEO of the execitive branch, he can do that. Congress controls the funding, and all they can do prospectivley is tell the agencies they cannot use any appropriated funds to accomplish the 23 things. They could try to use these things as program areas where they cut spending.

    Frankly, I don’t see any REAL controversy in what he ordered, other than it’s costly and not likely to result in anything meaningful within his second term. He basically kicked the can down the road and did the CYA move. But it is entertaining to see the 2nd amendment folks going apoplectic and the libtards feeling let down again.

  204. Adam Lanza, like most of these mass shooters, didn’t wake up one day “a little off.”

    The kid – and his family – have a history with his mental illness. Guns and Mental Illness do not belong together. Period!

    And, I might add, I believe I’ve heard you conclusivelypullthatoutofyouassis yourself, Uppity. 😉

  205. LOL. He’s such a brilliant legal scholar, he probably calls them thingamajigs too.

  206. 20 of the thingamajigs were different than the three other kinds of thingamajigs that require approval by congress. Congress can step up to the plate or not as they are wont to do. Bill Clinton was able to get the job done and change the gun laws. But this turd is not even a dandruff spec off the big dawg.

    The 20 other things are proposals – a to-do list of sorts delegated to others. Depending on who takes up the gautlets he tossed down and what the polling numbers decree is popular, there will be some progress or at least some discussion of it by a wider audience. Baby steps and increments in the right direction are how everything meaningful eventually gets done. Look at civil rights, it didn’t happen overnight, there were lots of little inroads to increased justice.

  207. Sophie, what’s the weather like there? We had this wizard of Oz wind all day and now we got dumped with snow. My dog is in ecstasy and I had to actually use her emergency recall to get her back in here. I never use her emergency recall unless it’s a real emergency but I couldn’t get her in here, so the translation of the recall was, Get In Here Or I’m Going To Put You To Sleep”. She was crusted in snow. Three hours ago there was no snow. WTF.

  208. I had to eat it before it went bad,


  209. LOL. He’s such a brilliant legal scholar, he probably calls them thingamajigs too.

    He probably didn’t even know what they were until he had to sign them. Maybe not even then. They probably could have put a recipe on one of them.

  210. Yes WhyNot I did indeed us P.O on that. We still don’t know what his history is. Or maybe he had one and nobody even knew it. Lotsa people are sick and nobody gets the drift. We just Don’t Know.

    Some people DO just snap though. I saw this happen in that Michael Douglas movie when he got layed off. Therefore it must be so.

  211. Hugo Congress defunded the EPA enforcement of CFL lightbulbs. That’s how they get around any law they don’t like. No money, no teeth. So once the law is in full effect, no Light Bulb police will be coming to your home or business. Boo Hoo.

    Obama cannot order the legislative branch to do a thing. He is not their boss. He wants to be, but he’s not.

  212. All the time! Well, “grate” not “sprinkle” but same idea

    Bet you do what I do. Buy that cheese by the wedge and grate it fresh. Most people don’t realize it, but in the end it’s not only fresher when you use it, but it costs less in the long run.

  213. It also tastes better then the canned dried shit. I love it in soups and well heck in so many things.

  214. That’s correct, Uppity. Congress can cut funding with surgical precision.

    The Micael Doulas movie is “Falling Down.” One of my faves in terms of how we all have to put up with too much BS.

  215. Agree Utah. The wedge doesn’t get all dried out if you store it right and it lasts forever.

  216. Upps, I buy a huge chunk of the good Reggie when I make my Arthur Ave. pilgrimages. I cut it into smaller hunks and vacuum seal it and it can last in the refrigerator for 4-6 months.

  217. For being a comedian, Jon Stewart found some serious real problems with our gun law enforcement. This segment talks about the argument for “we already have enough gun laws on the books, we just need to enforce them” showing how they’ve been systemically neutered.

    There’s the start for fixing this shit.

  218. Sophie, my mother actually used to freeze it. I just find it lasts a lonnnnnnnnng time sealed right.

  219. I wrap it tightly in plastic and put it in a tight rubbermaid container. I don’t use parm though. I use romano. I like it better.

  220. This thread has 222 firey spitting comments.

  221. Karen, kick ass rant! You deserve a lovely dessert tonite! Maybe some pie with vanilla bean Haagen Daz!

  222. OMG Maya is going to be on with Piers. I hope he treats her with some respect. He really is a pompous little ass.

  223. I put romano on all soup but chicken/rice. I squeeze a little lemon in that.

  224. Oh hell socal, you fell off the cliff sometime around October.

  225. Who is Maya again? That Piers is a snooty little bitch.

  226. Damn I can’t get stewart to play. Everytime I try to play him now, I got a “click to run adobe flash player”. Which I already have on my machine. Its only in stewarts stuff so I don’t get it, but it’s probably some intrusive cookie I blocked.

  227. Sophie, congrats on winning a prize for your cabbage soup! 🙂

  228. I like the parm. In fact, I often break off bite sized wedges and just eat them without anything under it! The Reggie I get has the best nutty/buttery flavor. It would last longer than it actually lasts around here!

  229. Thanks Socal!

  230. Upps, that’s a shame you can’t get Jon Stewart because sometimes he really nails it and this was one of those times.

  231. Award winning soup? Why wasn’t I notified? I had my sad plain old veggie and broth with, sniffle/snort, plain old shelf sprinkles of cheese. I expect more timely notices in the future.

  232. Yeah I’m concerned that the great Maya is sitting with that twit too. Maya Angelou, socal.

  233. Yes I don’t know why I can’t get stewart I really want to, but am going to have to play with cookies and web bugs and I always forget to do it. Sigh, sometimes security is a pain in the ass.

    I use Romano because southern Italians all grow up on Romano. Once you get the taste, parm is just too weak for you. Romano is stronger. So it’s just a preference I developed from gramma on down.

  234. Did someone mention PIE?

  235. Karen, it was this recipe:

    but instead of chicken bouillon cubes, I used homemade chicken bone broth and instead of celery, I used celeriac and instead of sugar, I used honey.

  236. Somebody start another fight please. I want this thread to reach 300. Thanks.

    Hear that, Karen, cabbage soup award winning. So Sophie why is this soup not in our recipe tab?

  237. Ah socal, so you are Romano too. Then you know what I mean about the diff between romano and parm

  238. cabbage and pork. Winner.

  239. Eh, imust, will you be serving Inaugaral pie tomorrow? Is there bullshit in it?

  240. Speaking of soup, my football team just won a spot in the Super Bowl.

  241. Soph, what kind of cabbage did you use?

  242. I would never turn down any nice parm that was offered to me (not the fake stuff in the grocery stores), but yeah, I was raised on romano.

  243. socal, here’s maya

  244. The cat? She has more followers than MKB. Thats not right.

  245. I’m looking for maya’s video on I Rise. Rise Hillary Rise. If anybody finds it please post it for socal.

  246. Uppity I won’t be making any PIE but Mr./Mrs. BS…..I mean BO will be eating PIE. Here’s their post-inauguration luncheon menu:

    After President Obama is officially sworn into office for a second time, he’s going to have a full plate on his hands, and we’re not talking about a divided Congress or the lingering debt crisis.

    The president, along with the first lady, members of the Supreme Court, and Congressional politicos will partake in a three-course meal of steamed lobster with New England clam chowder sauce, hickory-grilled bison with a red potato horseradish cake and wild huckleberry reduction, Hudson Valley apple pie with sour cream ice cream, aged cheese and honey.

  247. Great vid with Maya. I like the image of Hillary as long distance runner.

    Rise, Hillary, rise!!

  248. It was was a fresh green cabbage.

    I sometimes use Romano but it depends on the dish. I prefer Reggie for most things but something like Pasta Fagiole needs Romano.

    imust is making pie for Wednesday–the day Hillary testifies and National Pie Day.

  249. You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may tread me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at her wits’ end, but she has always risen, always risen, don’t forget she has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight of her friends.

    Hillary Clinton will not give up on you and all she asks of you is that you do not give up on her.There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female.

    But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies.

    Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country.

    Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to be what it can become. She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace.

    She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

    She means to rise.

    Don’t give up on Hillary. In fact, if you help her to rise, you will rise with her and help her make this country the wonderful, wonderful place where every man and every woman can live freely without sanctimonious piety and without crippling fear.

    Rise, Hillary. Rise.

    -Maya Angelou, Jan 20, 2008, published in The Observer

  250. Oh! Piers is not worthy of her.

  251. So Sophie why is this soup not in our recipe tab?

    1. I just recently found it
    2. It’s not mine–it’s someone else’s and I don’t do that

    That being said, I think I did change it up enough to make it mine and so when I get it all written out, perhaps I will do that.

  252. 2. It’s not mine–it’s someone else’s and I don’t do that

    If you include a link it’s not stealing.

  253. LOL, I pulled an Uppity!

  254. Wish I could find that maya vid where she recites I Rise for Hillary

  255. I’m really sleepy now. So I sound like a lunatic.

  256. Boy imust, FLOTUS sure loves her her pies.

  257. I’ve seen it. I love that poem. Beautiful. Part of what brought us crazy women together.

  258. I think parm is good on garlic bread with olive oil and black pepper, though.

  259. I think cabbage in soup screams for ham. Like some big fat hockeys.

  260. Wow. That is quite a menu.

  261. I used to work with a German woman who put ham and allspice in her homemade sauerkraut.

  262. Like the parm on bread with olive oil & pepper. Yum.

  263. socal, the old Italians, and still some regional restaurants, would serve before dinner: A plate and fresh parmesan or romano with olive oil, black pepper and crusty bread. I still do that once in awhile. You pour the olive oil in a puddle, shave the cheese on it and then hit it with black pepper.

  264. I was looking for the Maya Rise Hillary video and I found this and once again, for the umpteenth time since the fraud was SElected, sighed and wondered of what could have been…….

  265. Oh yeah ham and saurkraut I could dig it. I love it with kielbasa. i love kielbasa. Allspice. Interesting.

  266. Try it, socal, it’s easy. And fattening as hell. And addictive. All the requirements for Yum. You dip the bread in it and it goes fast, after which time you do it again.

  267. The recipe called for country ribs but I only had regular spare ribs in the freezer.

    Socal, I saw a similar recipe with allspice in this soup, but I went with caraway and I think it was a decent choice. If I went the ham route, I probably would have use the allspice.

  268. Darn! The video is part of a playlist so it won’t post by itself! Sorry, it was the Official Campaign Video I wanted to share.

  269. Damn, I get video does not exist.

  270. Here’s the one I was trying to post:

  271. I couldn’t find Maya Rise Hillary Uppity.

  272. Wow I was fishing through my 2008 videos and found this, done by FREEDOM FAIRY

  273. Rats. I ate and then read all this and well back to the kitchen I go. You guys are brutal and I mean it brutal. Hmm I think I will go have some home canned pears that will work. Do not like eating at night.

  274. Those peas would go great with some garlic sauteed in olive oil and some chopped onion. Just saying.

  275. That was a great video by Freedom Fairy! And yes, I’m still mad as hell.

  276. That’s what I’m looking for but with Maya’s voice.

  277. This was the one I made back when Hillary was kicking ass in the primaries and the lame-stream media was asking WWTBQ and B0 was acting like it was already his.

  278. LOL Sophie! I don’t remember seeing that!

  279. Love your video too Sophie!

  280. We’re not at 300 comments yet, so,

    You all suck.
    Your mothers wear combat boots
    Your boyfriend sleeps with goats.
    You are so fugly, not even your mother likes you.
    My dog hates you.

  281. Your cat is gay.
    Your dog is attracted to other species.
    Everybody hates you.
    I only have you here because nobody else wants you.

  282. Well, here’s an approach:

  283. 288

  284. 289

  285. Oh, I’m glad you liked the video.

  286. Well, thank goodness. I thought I heard that Maya Angelou was going to be the poet at obama’s inauguration festival tomorrow, but I misheard. It’s not her, it’s a gay Latino man. The LA Times calls the choice “politically wise and politically conscientious.” That’s true of every choice obam makes. But, it’s a nice opportunity for the poet, Richard Blanco.,0,5659886.story

  287. And, Sophie, that Stewart piece on gun laws being neutered applies to quite a few programs. It’s popular with conservatives as a backdoor method of de-regulating industries whose coporate heads have deep pockets during campaign fund-raising times. Congress should be prohibited from ever passing another law without ensuring that there is adequate fudning to effectively implement it. Otherwise, repeal the law.

  288. Hi all, I’m just stopping by to count towards 300

  289. LOL Goofs!!


  290. It’s what they do when they don’t have the votes to defeat a law or repeal it. They defund it. It’s easy to defund it, for example they defunded the CFL law (for which I am happy) by sticking the defunding or removing the funding in the Omnibus bill in 2011. Forced to get a bill out, they will vote yes to the bill and the defunding happens. It’s a question of do you want this bill to pass or not? It’s an old trick.

  291. What? No Muthafucka rapper at the inaug? They’re poets aren’t they?

    I wouldn’t expect Maya to be there. Besides, she’s a girl. Ucky.

  292. Besides Maya has to much class to hang out with BO!

  293. And if they can’t defund it, they don’t appoint anyone to enforce it or they slip some other one-liner (that no on ever reads) into a completely unrelated bill so that it is illegal to enforce it.

    The corruption between corporations and government is horrendous. We are long overdue for a bloodletting but the American people lack the intestinal fortitude. They are too afraid of pissing of the gods that deliver meager provisions to remember they are a free people. Freedom is a caricature.


  294. Ding! Ding!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sophie’s the winner!!!

  295. Do I win a pie??

  296. Ah yes, everyone wants to dance to a rapper.

  297. To think we had famous celloists and violinists and pianists at the WH at one time. now we have no talent hip hop. It’s almost an insult to the Greats.

  298. Thanks for pitching in on the count, Goofster.

  299. Let’s see if we can do 350:

    What the Eff did you do to your hair?
    That outfit makes you look fat.
    Gawd, who decorated your place?

  300. You’re a lousy cook.
    Don’t you ever clean your damned house?

  301. Sophie you don’t win a pie….you win a PENGUIN! But, I’m not in charge of penguin disbursements…..for some reason.

  302. I agree Uppity. There is no class in D.C. these days. BTW can you dance to rap or just hip hop all over the place lmao

  303. Oh yeah cause you should be in charge of penguins.

    Besides, we might replace them with Quokkas.

  304. It doesn’t matter how goofy MO looks, she always gets compliments. I’ve never been one to criticize her for style or hair, mostly because I hate that women are always judged by those thing….but really…she looks like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction for crying out loud!!!

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has rendered his opinion on what he called the most significant event of inaugural weekend: his wife’s new haircut.
    Said Obama: “I love her bangs. She looks good. She always looks good.”
    First lady Michelle Obama unveiled the new do in a White House photo released last Thursday, her 49th birthday.
    And it has been the talk of the town — and the airwaves and social media — ever since.
    Obama made the comments Sunday night at a reception in Washington, where he thanked his many donors for their support.

  305. When all else fails I go to this and get a laugh

  306. obama did have YoYo Ma at the 2009 festivities. I was disappointed, but try not to hold it against YoYo.

  307. Oh I see. Kate Middleton got bangs and I guess Michelle has to be our American Royalty.

  308. Yeah well with 26 assistants remaking her ass every day, she should look good.

  309. Yep, getting tired on moochelles bangs already. I love that Hillary is so comfortable in her own skin that she will appear with or without make-up or a hairdoo and with glasses. Real women transcend all that crap. Other than getting a law degree, moo really hasn’t amounted to much.

  310. Hahaha. She ain’t no Kate Middleton.

  311. I remember reading that moo worked in the same Chicago law firm with bernadine dorhn. Dorhn was only a paralegal despite having a law degree. She could not be admitted to the bar because of her prior conduct. Would love to know what kind of cases she worked on.

  312. I think I remember that Dohrn got the two of them together or something.

  313. she looks like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction for crying out loud!!!


  314. CNN is reporting 5 dead in New Mexico. Teenage family member in custody.

  315. 323

  316. Gaffe machine Drunk Joe Biden does it again….

    “I’m proud to be president of the United States, but I’m prouder to be Barack …” he continued, trailing off as laughter erupted in the room.

    “I am proud,” he corrected himself, speaking over the crowd, “to be vice president of the United States.

  317. The man has no brain.

  318. Mr. Magoo Biden.

  319. We might be better off with biden as POTUS. He might be a drunk and gaffetastic,but his co-workers seem to like him and that could result in getting some work done. Gergen was on one of the talk shows on Sunday and pointed out that obam has played golf 102 times in his first erm and only included a Congressional leader on 2 of those outings. He said that’s 100 missed opportunties to build relationships and mend fences and get agreements. obama is not likeable enough. biden might be.

  320. True about Biden Hugo. Obama really is a weirdo if you ask me. I still don’t get all the Obamamania and never will. He’s just plain weird.

  321. I wonder if Hillary will be at the coronation tomorrow. I might watch briefly just to see her and Bill. Also need to see what the Abominable Moo is wearing.

  322. Same here, imust. Weird is a good description for him.

  323. Just 20 more comments ttil 350.

  324. I don’t know about Hillary being at the incoronation, but Chelsea has some kind of role.

  325. Ah my widdle hugo, humping it to reach 350. She likes me. She really likes me.

  326. Hey anybody seen lorac? Hope I didn’t piss her off again. With me such as I am, it’s hard to tell!!

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