Are you my mommy? No? Well you are now.

Look at this little guy and tell me they don’t have a new pet.
(h/t either McNorman or Crier)


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  1. Awwwww!!! : )

  2. Their delight in the Koala’s friendliness and trust is adorable.

  3. I’ll see you a few hundred pounds with:

    Ahhh… “Are you my daddy? This week. At some point, when I’m done playin’ wit ya… I’ll rip you apart and call it a good day in the Tundra of a stupid human’s world.”

  4. At some point, when I’m done playin’ wit ya… I’ll rip you apart and call it a good day in the Tundra of a stupid human’s world.”

    Small difference. That guy is crazy and one day we will read about how he’s on life support. If he lives. Can’t remember last time I read when a koala killed somebody. With my luck, it happened. I’m practically crapping just watching this bear video. lol.

  5. What was that guy’s name, the big show team with the tigers. I hear he’s improved a lot and can sip shit out of a straw.

  6. Siegfried and Roy, took me a minute. Cute widdle huggy tiger pet.

  7. And that lady with the chimp who ate her friend’s face off? That was a really bright idea too.

    People never learn. I’m sure those people in this vid put that baby back where he belongs. My only concern is maybe he was VERY hungry to do that. Hope I’m just being a worry wart.

  8. Yep, at the end of that video is a link to other video and one led me to a story about a guy who was cuddly with his grizzly till his jugular was poked by a fang and he died.

    I was just reading about GSK flu vaccine in Europe most likely causing narcolepsy in the under 20 youth. 200 cases of cataplexy and dysfunction vs 60 cases of flu possibly stopped. I don’t think the flu shots work, personally. I have seen 500 people given the shot at my job for the past 9 years only to watch most of them get the flu when I remained flu free for most of those years after refusing the shot. I avoid all meds, even tylenol or sudafed unless it is essential and I am really sick. You just can’t trust phamaceuticals these days.

  9. If I touched a wild animal, I’d go straight to the hospital and start a series of rabies shots. Cute koala, but I’m not sure what it means when they approach humans in the wild.

    The nut with the polar bear reminds me of a deceased neighbor who started out owning horses, them graduated to Big Cats, a bear, and a chimp. He fancied himself some kind of animal expert and took the critters to local schools for show-n-tell. He also got attention from local press. However, the chimp got loose and bit a woman and the panther, Ira, got loose. We never really knew what was lurking outside our doors. But, I have to admit it was interesting to hear jungle noises in the morning at feeding time. Glad he and his menagerie are all gone.

    Rescue is one thing, but treating wold critters like personal friends smacks of arrogace in my view. If the polar bear mauls that guy, the bear will likely be punished for being a bear.

  10. karen, I heard this year’s flu vaccine was developed to combat certain strains of flu, but not the strain(s) that have been most prevalent. I believe it’s a best guess each year as far as which strain(s) need to be included in the vaccine. And it takes a long time to manufacture the vaccine, so they just go with what they developed.

    I don’t get the flu vaccine. I know of a young man who got Guillame-Barre from one. I would get it it I had to deal with the public or work in healthcare.

  11. There are so many different strains of the flu. They just throw a dart at the board kinda like the weather people do. 😆

  12. Hugo, apparently Koalas do approach people and it’s not unusual. I have series of really sad photos of a few summers ago during a drought when a Koala came up to bikers begging for water. They fed him water from their water bottles. It was both cute and sad, he was so thirsty. This is why I thought maybe he needed food.

    Now polar bears are a whole nuther story. The landscape is riddled with dead jerks like that guy with that bear. You have to be a certain combo of arrogant snd stupid to do what he is doing, and it never pans out in the end. If I had that neighbor I would have moved. Seriously, I don’t know which is worse, the bear, the chimp or the cats. Call it a tossup. Interesting, yes, a place near which I want to sleep, uh uh.

    I didn’t get a flu shot, Karen, sorry but I have a problem getting a shot with formaldahyde, among other things, in it.

  13. Exactly, foxy, they make a shot for last year’s flu and this year’s flu isn’t the same.

  14. I think Aussie’s are used to Koalas showing up. Kind of like pythons and alligators in florida, only they don’t kill you and eat you.

  15. See, they co-habitate with them

  16. Taking care of a blind Koala

  17. I think you’re doing a good thing. i would do the same, but I can see why you wouldn’t want to get near one if it looks sick, not sure what kind of critters than are, some ARE prone to rabies, others less likely. But let’s face it, any animal can have rabies. We had a case not long ago with a rabid kitten on the street that tangled with a dog. The dog had i’s shots but the little girl who handled the kitten had to go through the series. We often take time when we can to observe strays too. I mean, who knows? If we get a bead on a cat that’s abused that’s one thing, but ferals and strays, we observe first. Leave food and things but observe.

  18. Uppity, we have foxes who come looking for their dinner and get really vocal when they get some good left overs. Dinner is served at the far end of a filed so they stay away from our houses.

    An over-abubdence of caution is appropriate when rabies could be an issue. One of my folks was brushed by a bat who got into the house. I called the local health department and they really got upset and had an ER Doc call me and give instructions. Animal control came and got the bat and tested it for rabies. None present, but the response by the Health Dept was intense. Poor bat did not fair well.

  19. I’ve never had the flu shot and have only had the flu twice and both times weren’t severe. How these companies get away with causing these young people to be terribly ill from their “prevention” shots is a sin. Forgeting for a moment their dangers, they just don’t prevent the flu anyway. Every year it is the same story – oops, it was another strain. Yeah, right. Follow the money. Tamiflu doesn’t work either. They gave that out like candy at my job along with the shot and nearly everybody got the damn flu.

  20. Yes Hugo, because bats are often rabid if they are coming into contact with humans. The fox thing, foxes often carry rabies, the tipoff is usually if you see one out in the open being obvious in broad daylight. this is not their nature and not a good sign, FWIW.

    One of our surrounding towns had a fox come right up to a guy and his dog and attack them. He was rabid.

  21. LOL Karen, I caught the flu last year in my doctor’s office when I went for a checkup. This year, my doctor has put off all checkups of well people till the end o Feb.

  22. “Yes Hugo, because bats are often rabid if they are coming into contact with humans.”
    A few months ago, I was at a friends home with a few other people and another friend tweeted that he had been attacked by a bat while running. Everyone thought that was really funny. I spoiled the fun: “Are you people out of your fucking minds??? Call him back and tell him to go to the ER” He go the rabies series.

    Skunks are the worst for rabies.

  23. Yes, besides being disgusting, skunks often carry rabies. We have them around here. I think last summer was the first time I didn’t see one on my land. Even if you don’t see them you can tell if they’ve been there. I really hate skunks. There’s just nothing good to be said about them.

  24. Beyonce lipsync-ed the national anthem at the Inauguration. lol kind of ironic, isn’t it? The jokes could almost write themselves.

  25. I made beef stew with dumplings.

  26. Ok Gang, is this guy a dead man walking, or what? And for an “environmentalist” he sure doesn’t get the concept of the food chain.

    Morgan could not be reached on Tuesday.

    LOL somebody better check up on him. Imagine killing off a species to save another species. That’s what evolution is for. Some environmentalist. Must work for Al Gore.

  27. …Seneca Falls, Selma, and Stonewall…
    One of these things is not like the others:

  28. Yeah lol Sophie, I should say not.

  29. Violence Against Women Act has been “reintroduced” to Senate. SOmething wrong with a country that has to ‘renew’ a law that makes it illegal to kick the crap out of somebody.

  30. I gave more to Hillary than any other candidate I ever supported – and I don’t regret one red cent of it. All things in their time and this one was exactly on time. A new page, a new leaf in her life. I am psyched and cannot wait to see what she does after a proper REST!

  31. No thanks to Mr. “Oh I almost forgot. Look under your seat for an envelope to help pay off Hillary’s debt”.

    There has to be a reason why she coincided the final payoff with now.

  32. Good read at the link to the Nat Journ Hillary piece. And it is surely right. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does turn out to be good press for her when all is said and done. It is a solemn day, a day to not pass the buck and to face the deaths of 4 people who worked in a dangeous field and paid the ultimate price for their service. May they rest in peace. And may the truth be told by all, including the MEDIA, and may the suggestions put in place make even more rare of an event than it already is. We cannot stop hate and terrorist attacks 100%, no matter what sanctions we put in place but if we can do better than we must do so. That’s what America is all about. Our own.

  33. Beyonce lyp-syncing at the faux POTUS inauguration is just priceless.

    I saw an interview with James Taylor after he sang and he explained the difficulties of singing in that type of setting, but he did it. I guess Beyonce is too big to fail or sumpthin like that.

    karen, I also donated more to Hillary than I have to any other candidate and I’m proud to have done that. Glad to see her debt is paid off.

    And I can’t wait to see her let the air out of those Congressional gasbags trying to hang her because of the Benghazi tragedy.

  34. Yeah, Upps there might be a reason, but perhaps it is just karma and synchronicity at work. A couple of months ago there was a final request for cash to help pay it. They got a bit more than they needed – but I do not think it will be used for a campaign for herself but the surplus would be returned or distributed as required by law.

  35. Yeah I posted that a few comments up, Tony. He can’t be reached for comment, so they had better check on him because if he doesn’t have bodyguards………

    Some enivornmentalist, wanted to kill off a whole species, apparently evolution or natural selection aren’t in his vocabulary.

  36. Count me in the “I donated more to Hillary than any other candidate” crowd! Geez every time Obama or one of his bots would do something outrageous to Hillary I’d make another donation!! So you can see why that would add up to a lot of $$$ !!!!

  37. imust, yep, $25 at a time after payday I would hit her site when they pissed me off. It did me a world of good to put the money where my mouth was!

  38. Agreed karen. It was a way of fighting back, it felt good.

  39. Well start a savings acct for 2016. If she runs, donate it. If she doesn’t, buy booze with it, cause we’re gonna need it.

  40. I honestly don’t think she’ll run. JMO.

  41. We’ve got a lot of snow, my dog is in Nirvana.

    imust, I can’t decide what I think about her running or not running just yet.

  42. Oh man we are getting buried. I wonder what’s happening over in sophie’s area, curious. hey Karen, it looks like Buffalo here. I know you can relate to those Buffalo winters. Or at least I think it was you that lived there. If not, erase what I just said.

  43. Not I. I grew up in NYC and then lived right next to NYC (right over a bridge from it) for 47 years. Far, far away from Upstate in more ways than one.

  44. Ah I thought that was you. Nevermind. That’s western NY.

  45. Our shoveler was here three times today. That guy is a beaver.

  46. I brought some beef stew to my elderly neighbors and she gave me a huge chunk of carrot cake. Fair trade!

  47. I gave more to Hillary than any other candidate I ever supported – and I don’t regret one red cent of it.


  48. I was born in Buffalo Uppity, but we moved when I was little so I don’t remember much. My older bros and sisters talk about it though. Especially the cold wind all the time. I guess it was off Lake Erie?

  49. Ah see I was close! It’s imust! Yes that’s Erie county I think.

  50. Buffalo River there hooked to Erie Canal.

  51. My nephew did pre med in Buffalo and I remember times when he couldn’t get back home because of the snow in Buffalo. Not a bad city, but fallen on hard times like so many cities in NY.

  52. The snow tonight is very pretty but it is wicked cold with the chill factor.

  53. Saw my neighbor walking his doberman and the dog had this wool coat on. Dobes get cold because of their short coat, but it was funny to look it. It was a hoodie. LOLOL.

    Glad I’ve got a double coated sheep herder. My dog would let me freeze to death if I didn’t drag her home and threaten to put her to sleep if she didn’t come inside.

  54. “Well start a savings acct for 2016. If she runs, donate it. If she doesn’t, buy booze with it, cause we’re gonna need it.”
    A few months ago, Al was involved with the medical care of a good friend of Hillary’s. She said that it was a “sure thing” that Hillary would run in ’16.

    I don’t believe it and hope it isn’t so; it would be a repeat of ’07-’08….Hillary is the Uni-Party’s worst nightmare….there is no way in Hell that she could get the nomination.

  55. I hear what you’re saying SHV, but remember, in spite of all they tried to do to her, she DID get the most votes in that primary and the most votes in ANY primary of ANY candidate EVER, in EITHER party. And she’s more popular today than she was then. In other words, but for the threats of primaries, payoffs and bullying of superdelegates, she was the candidate. The thing in Michigan and Florida was deliberate. Obama knew he didn’t have a prayer in hell in michigan so he pulled a stunt. Then he knew he couldn’t win florida so he pulled another stunt. If it weren’t for the delegates they pulled out o their asses and STOLE from hillary’s primaries in those two states, not to mention the caucus states, Obama was a dead fish. So, you see, in SPITE of all they tried, the people still voted for her. You take away the cheating caucus states and there isn’t one major state Obama won. Her popularity has grown since then to unprecedented levels, if she plays her “time off” correctly, and I think she will, she can run. I also think how she spends her time in the next two years will tell us if she is going to run. Right now, I’m on the fence. I just do not envision her squandering her popularity though.

  56. She seems bigger than the presidency now. Almost like Obama diminished the office like he did with the Nobel Peace Prize. I see her working with Bill’s foundation or one of her own with Chelsea working on behalf of women around the world.

  57. Sometimes America looks really good next to some of these clowns.

  58. Start at :20 on this video for a closeup of the extended time they took to make mincemeat out of the guy. Ya think they read him his rights?They took care of the shitbag right there. Here, they’d be calling him a “Suspect” and “Alleged”.

  59. I gave more to Hillary than any other candidate I ever supported – and I don’t regret one red cent of it.

    Et moi aussi.

  60. I hope you’re right, imust. A lot of Hill’s people seem to think she’ll find it hard to resist. We shall see. I’m in if she’s in — although I’ll have to off myself if she doesn’t make it.

    I think you’re right, Upps — what she does in the next year or two will indicate if she’s going to make a play for the the brass ring.

  61. “…although I’ll have to off myself if she doesn’t make it.”

    Yes, that’s the thing. Can you imagine the heartache if we went through all that again for nothing? Gad, I can’t think about it.

  62. If she decides to run, it will be because she decided–that she weighed all the pros and cons and concluded she has a chance and is up to it. Me too on:
    – she had the votes and won the 2008 primary
    – she won’t squander her capital
    – if she’s in, I’m in.
    – she is bigger than the presidency (easily bigger than B0’s presidency)

    I hopes she decides to run. We are ready this time. They won’t do exactly what they did last time, but we are wiser now.

  63. This blew through the FB feed and fits with a conversation we were having the other day when socal and imust were freezing their buns off in CA:


    At 65 degrees above zero:
    Floridians turn on the heat.
    People in Vermont plant gardens.

    60 above zero:
    Californians shiver uncontrollably.
    People in Vermont sunbathe.

    50 above zero:
    Italian & English cars won’t start.
    People in Vermont drive with the windows down.

    40 above zero:
    Georgians don coats, thermal underwear, gloves, wool hats.
    People in Vermont throw on a flannel shirt.

    35 above zero:
    New York landlords finally turn up the heat.
    People in Vermont have the last cookout before it gets cold.

    20 above zero:
    People in Miami all die.
    Vermonters close the windows.

    Californians fly away to Mexico .
    People in Vermont get out their winter coats.

    10 below zero:
    Hollywood disintegrates.
    The Girl Scouts in Vermont are selling cookies door to door.

    20 below zero:
    Washington DC runs out of hot air.
    People in Vermont let the dogs sleep indoors.

    30 below zero:
    Santa Claus abandons the North Pole.
    Vermonters get upset because their tractors won’t start

    40 below zero:
    ALL atomic motion stops.
    People in Vermont start saying…’Cold enough fer ya?’

    50 below zero:
    Hell freezes over.
    Vermont schools have a two hour delay

  64. Hahaha Sophie! So true!

    It is sooooooooo Effing cold here, snow everywhere and not stopping and I already cleared off the car for my errands.

  65. Sophie, post that with some funny snark. Everybody is bitching about the weather and I’m thinking, YOU LUCKY DOGS!

  66. If she decides to run, it will be because she decided–that she weighed all the pros and cons and concluded she has a chance and is up to it. Me too on:
    – she had the votes and won the 2008 primary
    – she won’t squander her capital
    – if she’s in, I’m in.
    – she is bigger than the presidency (easily bigger than B0′s presidency)

    I hopes she decides to run. We are ready this time. They won’t do exactly what they did last time, but we are wiser now.


  67. When I got married, back in the dark ages, we thought we could leave NYC and live in Vermont. My ex’s best friend moved there and we followed – briefly. We were back in NY before the real winter set in. Fall freaked us out. I have never been so cold and damp in my life. Chilling summer nights even. Beautiful place but I wouldn’t ever want to live there again. I am heading south as soon as my house sells – which in this market just might take forever or at least in the winter days we have now – will seem like forever.

  68. Big day today: Hillary testifying AND National Pie Day.
    Happily, imust says it’s okay to live blog with your mouth full…

  69. So, today is pie and Hillary day. Well EVERY day is pie and Hillary day here, but today is a special pie and Hillary day. Starting at 9am the whiners will get their freaking testimony. Asshats. Hope they are prepared to be stunned by her grace and smart power.

  70. haha, Sophie. You beat me by less than a minute.

  71. i should probably put an open thread up.

  72. Such an adorable little furry thing!
    Thanks for the h/t, but the credit must go to someone else who actually found the vid. Not me. But enjoyed it thoroughly!

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