Today: Hillary deliberately fakes illness to arrange testimony on National Pie Day

hillary232x278Obviously, once her detractors find out it’s also National Pie Day, there will be a huge conspiracy about how Hillary deliberately chose today to testify.That bitch! In fact, she faked that whole fall and clot thing just to put off her testimony until National Pie Day. She’s clever that way! In fact, she was involved in the death of a pie in 1997 and Bill used his clout to bury the story! Fox will be doing a whole hour-long segment on it and Chris Matthews is going to do a segment with the pie baker and pretend he is being objective.

Thing is, I’ve been responsible for the death of a few pies myself in my day. But nobody cares.

I bet CSPAN website will be slower than a slug on a tomato plant today. People died. And now Hillary has to actually tell people she didn’t arrange it. Of course, that refusal to increase funding a few years ago for security overseas isn’t even relevant any longer. It would be nice if she gave up Obama today, but unfortunately that won’t happen.

So, tune in here, or check in with Still 4 Hill, who I assume will have all the best shots of her testimony, and have some pie on Hillary. Her testimony should be interesting to say the least, and the panel will probably be even more interesting.  I’d like to think this won’t be Kabuki theater but I no longer hold out hope when it comes to Congressional inquiries. But then, they wanted Rice and I’m not so sure they are interested in Hillary right now. That will happen in about three years. Rinse and Repeat.Because with these people and their crocodile tears, politics(with a chorus of conspiracies) is always what it’s about.  And  pieday


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  1. I said it when she did get to testify it would turn into a Hillary praise session. The gravity of the subject, of course, is first and foremost. They obviously have to point out her 4 outstanding diligent years.

  2. Thanks I updated. Also updated some text.

  3. Tomorrow they will say she faked those tears.

  4. Watching…nothing to add…

  5. You know, I almost made a comment about them dissing her tears and they will because they’re fucking idiots.

  6. And you know there are people dissing Hillary right now who are too stupid to realize that their total sum of knowledge of the world and events fits into a thimble compared to Hillary’s ocean. There are some really STUPID accusations and sentiments being written out there. I wonder why we don’t have an investigation like this for every 4 people that die in the service of this country.

  7. She just kicked Corker’s ass and nipped his bullshit in the bud.

  8. Problem is, once you get caught up in that Fox news cesspool, it’s like quick sand and you can never get out–it permanently warps your mind.

  9. Boxer has her back.

  10. They always blame the PIE………

  11. Yeah Boxer did the deed for sure.

    You know what? Hillary looks better than she did before she got sick. And I LIKE her in glasses.

  12. OMG! What has happened to the “so called” Hillary blogs??!! What Sophie said at 9:42! They are STUPID! And they all make me sick and I’m sorry I EVER even visited any of their ignorant sites! YUCK!

  13. I expected this to be entirely about the events of 9/11. It is interesting to me to see them veer off on Mali and now other current information on terrorists. With the limited amt of time, you’d think they’d stay on the events of the day and immediate events surrounding the event.

  14. Sophie, FOX doesn’t matter in the same way MSNBC doesn’t matter. They play to their fringe choir that is going to do the same thing year in and year out. If anything, the last election gave FOX a shock. i only regret America didn’t give MSNBC their shock in 2008, but then, what goes around, comes around.

  15. Yeah Corker’s pee pee is shriveled right now.

  16. I worry about why she’s worn glasses since the fall. Was that ever publicly disclosed? Did the fall cause issues with contacts?

  17. Yup, imust–totally puke worthy.

  18. God, I love this woman. Hillary for the job obama really wanted: Leader of the World!

  19. It does matter, Upps. Watching that drivel warps the mind. The people who watch that shit become demented. It would be okay, but these are also the people who support completely unfettered access to any kind of weaponry and people who can fake a mental health test. They all turn into Alex Jones!

  20. .

  21. Maybe Beck can do another “It cries” segment.

  22. Great Tweets!!

  23. imust, I was ranting about those “old friends” recently because I just could not believe the ignorance and attacks they’ve led against logic and reason. They went over the cliff and doubled down on stupid after obama won a second term. I am grateful for this site all the more since there are VERY few sites I find tolerable. Some of the commenters are so far off from truth it would take us all the entire day to point out their errors and the errors of the many links they spread far and wide. They link to propaganda filled garbage with ZERO basis in truth and they tout it like it is Gospel.

    Hillary deserves better than the backstabbing idiots telling lies about her.

    Hillary is tying up all of the regions difficulties and is of course well versed as always. Rubio is up, this I need to listen to carefully.

  24. Internal or inter agency meeting – specific security requests did not go to her. She reiterates for Rubio who must have been sleeping when she said that the first time…

  25. Let it go. Anger has to collect somewhere. As long as it’s not here, I am happy. Perhaps you understand at least a little now why I shut down elections on this blog. I wasn’t going to be a casualty nor was I going to be an ulcer collector. Be glad you aren’t feeling like that. It’s not healthy. FWIW, some of them think we are stupid too. Does it really matter in the grand scheme of your life? Shrug it and just don’t click. And have some pie.

  26. Exactly karen. I would never worship a politician, but I look at what Hillary has done in her lifetime of service and I do trust her. And my God, she is such a leader and so in command of the facts. I trust her character and judgement. She may make mistakes, but I believe she always does her best and has the best intentions.

  27. ^^^^ Yup.

  28. ick, casey is now being a hillary ass kisser after he spent all of 2008 firmly lodged in bo’s butt.

  29. I started this blog as a Hillary blog and I have been true to my purpose. I have neither duped anybody nor tolerated anybody else telling me what to do or think. I am satisfied. Should she disappoint me to the point of shock, I will adjust my attitude accordingly, but far as I can see, she hasn’t and probably never will. And so the original rule on Hillary stands and those who don’t like it can fuck a duck. I am not here to be bullied or controlled by anybody, and I really don’t give a shit what anybody else thinks. Those who have broken my trust and confidence or made it up as they went alongabout me, I regard as dead people. It’s how I live my life, and I depend on others who know me to consider the source and consider who they have known me to be on this blog and then make a mental note. If not, that’s okay too, for I am not going to apologize for this blog anymore than anyone else needs to apologize for theirs. Emotions run high sometimes, that is no reason for unwarranted smears and breach of trust, and definitely not a reason for bullying..These are things I never forgive. Without trust, you have nothing. This blog will continue on as it always has, with or without them, and probably with our without me, since it oddly has a life of its own. lol.

  30. Wow, she just shut the gentleman from Wisconsin down!

  31. She doesn’t suffer fools lightly. Spot on and perfect aim from her.

  32. They be crossing their skinny legs

  33. They tied money to Sandy then the Republicans shot it down. They were whining about the pork and whining about Hill’s state dept security as they undermined both.

    These idiots think Hillary would be responsible for what Rice said. FCS, they are so far out of it and they are just insane to keep turning over that stupid rock. She already told them What Difference Does It Make – their motivations are less important and still not fully known today. This is a great big dog and pony show. They insisted that it was all important for Hillary to testify before Kerry’s preceedings begin. It was obviously not necessary to do that and it was all political grandstanding and party politics as usual.

    She is putting on her sweet and gentle voice for the last few questions. She moderated her tone after getting genuinely frustrated. She’s back to diplomat status.

  34. It was the House that blocked more funding.

  35. God are they all blowing her or what? Poll whores.

  36. What a bunch of assholes, taking the What difference does it make comment out of context on Twitter.Karen, you are so right, they have doubled down on stupid.

  37. The ONLY reason anyone one of those RWNJ’s cares about Benghazi is because it happened during an election cycle and they were hoping it would take down B0. Once they were in for the penny, they were stuck in for the pound.

  38. I am so happy that we are seeing our girl.She looks and sounds so Presidential. 🙂

  39. I just refreshed my newsfeeder and the first headlines I saw were all about her choking up and also one that said in the first line: what did she know and when did she know it. They want her grilled. They asked her: Did you see this? NO. Were you involved? NO What part of “no” do they want her grilled on?

    The SoS is not hands on and hovering over all 70,000 employees under her dept.

    The cable question again! This guy is going to get his balls kicked.

  40. Unfortunately the same holds true of the LWNJs.

    Seriously, is John McCain going to be the next Weeken At Bernie’s in the Senate or what? What does any of this have to do with Hillary’s State Department. Subpoena Rice. Did they do that? I roled my eyes and left the building when McCain started grandstanding, so I lost touch with it. Kind of like when you use ear plugs to drown out a barking dog.

    Can’t wait till Hillary answers him, if he ever shuts up.

  41. On the anniversary of the worst attack…(McCain)

    This was the 11th anniversary. What did we have in place on the 10th? The 1st? Over 20 embassies had demonstrations going on that day.

  42. Yep, Benghazi was disgustingly, (and is now still) used as a grenade. Those 4 dead are used as a political ploy by pigs like the one speaking now.

  43. I cannot believe I voted for him. Kicks self for ever voting for an R.

  44. I wonder what was on that note she just passed.

  45. Happened to be on one of those talk shows – EVERY FREAKING DAY all day long on Fox he was shooting off his foolish mouth.

    Kick his ass Hill.

  46. Yeah but the LWNJs are ineffectual and harmless. The RWNJs scare the crap out of me.

  47. Do yourself a favor, Sophie. Don’t read tweeters who come bearing a Hillary club.

  48. Ohhhhhhhhh they aren’t harmless.

  49. I cannot believe I voted for him. Kicks self for ever voting for an R.

    ROFL!! I plead duress.

  50. I have a conference call at 11. If this goes on longer, please take copious notes for me…

  51. I wonder what was on that note she just passed.

    “Why isn’t he playing shuffleboard??
    “Take him off our Christmas card list?”
    “Do you think he will ever STFU?”
    “How many times will he need to repeat himself?”

    Ah she didn’t get a chance to answer him Interesting. I’m sure she will get it in anyways. Watch.

  52. Go Dick Durbin!!!

  53. I cannot believe I voted for him. Kicks self for ever voting for an R.

    We had no choice. We can thank him for Obama too, because he ran the most amateur campain I have ever seen, up to and including local campaigns. It was wincingly awful. I was starting to wish his wife was running instead, he was so awful and cowardly. A war hero simpering in an election. Shockingly Pathetic.

  54. LWNJs are the lunatic fringe and small in number. RWNJs have reached critical mass.

    Gotta go…please take notes!

  55. Foxy she looks well too, don’t you think?

  56. I just refreshed my newsfeeder and there is a very unflattering pic of Hillary and she looks like she is going ballistic in the pic. Gee, what a surprise. Don’t we want her to go through another campaign of accusing her of being a shrew despite her brilliance and control of herself and laser like answers.

  57. We lost 7 astronauts due to an o-ring. BINGO.

  58. McCain sounded like a crazy old man. Grandstanding for his idiot fux news audience. I was disgusted with his obnoxious tirade. Uppity, I’ve thought for a long time his wife is the only smart thing he’s got going. Looking at him now, I don’t think he would have been a very strong leader either (than bark) had he won. He obviously does whatever the right wingers tell him to.

  59. Aye, Upps, his wife was looking better and better the more we researched her. She was impressive.

    The knives are out for Hillary. Nobody is going to make her a scapegoat. Try as they may, too many people will not let her be backstabbed. WE GOT HER BACK.

  60. Karen, yes, she is holding her own in grand style.

  61. I guess they want Hillary to capture and interrogate the terrorists herself and to be responsible for any part of the world that is under threat in the world. There should be peace on earth, she’s been on the job 4 years, what is her problem? Why are terrorists still out there?

  62. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all send Hillary a pie today?

    I’d send her a Key Lime Pie to remind her sweet overcomes the sour. What pie would you all send her? She’d share with Big Dawg too!

  63. Secretly, I wish she could blow Obama to the next planet in this session, but of course, that’s just a dream. It’s what happens when you work for someone you don’t like. You have to do their bidding and make them look good while you are throwing up a little bit in your mouth. Been there.

  64. They’re wasting their time trying to skewer her. Every time they trash her, her numbers go up.

  65. I wonder if Hillary knows about this stove:

  66. What a silly question. Classified indeed. Ask her which Embassy is most dangerous today and why and what its risks are. oh boy.

    CNN won’t tell the world instantly, it is just between them and a few million trusted viewers.

  67. Agree Cindy McCain is a diamond in the rough. Too bad she’s not the one in politics. I really liked her.

  68. Oh no, not the crazy Paul boy.

  69. lyn, hill has been focusing on cookstoves for years. She knows about it, CGI and CF knows about every part of what they need to.

    PAUL is up. Goofy man.

  70. OH MY GOD he is such an asshole. She’s going to have him for lunch.

  71. If they cut her off from answering him like the did with McCain, then something stinks here.

  72. Worst thing about Rand Paul is, after his father croaks, he will be running for President every four years till he lands in the family crypt himself, acquiring his usual 1%. And the same crazies will follow him. Although this has its good side, at least when these alex jones crazy people follow a Paul, we know where they are and can avoid them accordingly. In fact, I suspect some of them still think Ron is going to win the 2012 presidential race.

  73. She mocked him well. Turkey? WTF crackhead.

  74. Would love to see her lobby congress on behalf of women and torture these dicks.

  75. Bak!

    That looks like my Senator there!

  76. I can’t believe I missed Rand Paul. Damn!

  77. Translation: Grow up, you children!

  78. I missed Rand Paul, but all of these men sound completely inferior to her. Its like she’s there mom and has to explain why their questions are stupid.

  79. He was his usual nasty, insulting, self-impressed, ascerbic self, socal.

  80. Well Paul brandished his erect dick at her to let her know he’s tarzan and she’s jane.

  81. When she asked “Turkey”?, he said those reports are “out there”. Did all these repubs get their questions from Fox News? You can see who they’re representing. Not their costituents thats for sure.

  82. Upps ROFL!

  83. Oh yeah I’ll watch tomorrow when she ‘introduces’ horse face to the committee. Yeah, if Haley’s Comet rolls around. Gawd. four years of that dullard.

  84. Why does Rand Paul have greasy shit in his hair?

  85. Apparently, there are people out there who believe that the four who died in Benghazi would still be alive if Susan Rice had not gone on the weekend talk shows. #whatdifferencedoesitmake

  86. What is the point of this ridiculous scene? Don’t these morons have any real work to do? This whole stupidity looks like it was just a free publicity junket for the fool republicans to try to make her look bad. I doubt if anything real was accomplished.

  87. She was hot sh*t, frankly. And did a great job.

  88. I still can’t believe Susan Rice got her career shelved over that stupidity and Condi is still respected after all the bullshit water she carried for that criminal crowd she worked for. I seriously think that dubya, cheney, rummy, et al, should be tried for war crimes. That talk show appearance was n o t h i n g by comparison.

  89. So what’s CNN focusing on? All the scenes where she got emotion. I hate that Effing wolf blitzer.

  90. McCain and Paul were so horrible it is pretty clear they are nothing but little turds clinging onto lies and insanity. Talk about transparency. It was clear from the outset that she was not to blame. ESAD to all the CDS afflicted RWNJs.

    Can’t wait for round two. She is just getting warmed up.

  91. Sophie, that is perfect! Love it. Amen. They are using the dead as their political football and they are hideous.

  92. I just watched Rand Paul running for president in this inquiry again. “Had I been president I would have relieved you of your duty”. Well, Rand, I am pleased to say that you will never get a chance to relieve anyobody of their duty from the white house. Just like your equally crazy daddy.

  93. Jon Stewart made an ass of CNN last night. Ok, technically, CNN made asses of themselves and Jon Stewart aired it.

  94. Secretly, I never trusted Susan Rice, so I don’t really care. But it was kind of brutal. But I’ve seen worse, like what the left did to Hillary, so how does it feel?

    It was their way of going after Joe The Golfer without hurting Hillary and ruining their own poll numbers, methinks.

  95. Uppity Woman, on January 23, 2013 at 10:59 AM said:

    Foxy she looks well too, don’t you think?

    Beautiful Upps and I love her new glasses, 🙂

  96. Jon Stewart is often not only a comedic genius he is also well versed on the facts and sees through lots of bullshit and calls it as he sees it. During 08 he took everybody to task as needed and I must admit he cracked me up when he went after the bo freak show and pointed out how ludicrous it all was. The obots got all offended when he pointed out their messiah was often a big old joke.

    I catch clips now and then of his show highlights and it makes me laugh and nod my head.

  97. In retrospect, I think Obama put Rice out there to parade her as a potential SOS and it backfired.

  98. I didn’t see Susan Rice as SOS material. Perhaps, neither did the administration and that’s why they put her out there like they did. I don’t love Kerry, but he is SOS material.

  99. Rand Paul as president. Bwahhahhahha, ROFLMAO. What an idjit!

  100. She testifies at the House this PM, oh boy those boys are going to be bumping into each other swinging from Tarzan’s vines. They might even find a way to fit their favorite subject of controlling women into the mix. I mean how many of them can last more than an hour without discussing rape?

  101. socal, When Nancy announced they took that off the table all the faithful little dems scratched their collective heads at once.

  102. I don’t always agree with Stewart, but more often than not, he nails it. Totally nails it.

  103. Let me clarify when Rice fell off my radar screen. She was conspiciously absent from the vote at the UN to put Ahmadinejad on the WOMANS RIGHTS COMMISSION. She let it happen. There was some deal made for some other committee and Suan Rice stuck it up women’s asses for it. I never forgave her for that and I never will. She’s a snake. And let us not forget she did that with Joe The Golfer’s blessings.

  104. Upps, I think he long ago selected Kerry. Kerry was in the news and on TeeVee constantly last year then suddenly he was off the radar and laying low. That’s when I figured he was a shoo-in and had been given the heads up. He suddenly was very silent and just like with a pet or a kid when they aren’t making noise there is something going on!

  105. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy CNN. Yawn. Click.

  106. I need to take a nap before round two. I worked all night and haven’t slept yet. will set the alarm. see youse guise later as we watch our girl go out with a great big banging together of fat heads.

  107. Have a good rest, karen.

  108. Sophie Paul says he’s considering running. Please God, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

  109. The Paul Family. FUcking up the Republican party’s primaries for decades.

    Thank God they left the practice of medicine though. Ditto for Howard Dean.

  110. I posted a link about how Rand Paul formed his own board to certify himself. No kidding. He certified his medical practice himself. He is also the only person the board has certified. Rand Paul is not a board certified Optho.

  111. The next link on this on Google is freeper republic, even they covered it. What a clown.

  112. So, he’s basically a quack.

  113. Upps, right on your r paul comments, all of them! Yes, let the moron run. He does no good in congress.

  114. Funny post at the Salon link. My God, what a sham! Imagine people trusting their sight to this halfwit.

  115. Well I do think he’s an MD, I just think he’s not board certified as an Ophtamologist specialist.

    I guess you could liken it to a General Practioner hanging a Plastic Surgeon shingle. Specialty disciplines are certified by AMA boards and normally, they will advertise that in the yellow pages as “board certified” in that discipline. This, I assume means they have to meet certain educational and residency requirements. Hopefully, doctors on this forum will splain better. My nephew is certified in several disciplines and practices as a nuclear radiologist. I know he had to do residencies in order to be board certified. So if Paul had to create a whole board just for himself in order to call himself certified, it does tell me he hasn’t met the requirements of the medical panel, whatever they are.

  116. HOnestly and truly, I correlate the destruction of our two parties to the infiltration of fringe parties into their respective major parties. The USA Socialist party is no longer a party line, they merged into the Democratic Party. The Conservative party line is a shadow of itself, having merged into the Republican parties. The Libertarian party did the same, as did the Liberal Party. The result is the fringes are running the body and forcing their parties to move too far left or right, and the majority of Republicans and Democrats are not happy. This has contributed to the major growth of registered “Independents”.

  117. Yes, that Ron Johnson that was so disrepectful to Hil is one of those freak teapartiers.

  118. I can’t believe the people of WI voted that clown in.

  119. I knew that all opthamologists have to get their md first. I think its a sham though to call yourself board certified when you made up the board yourself. Like these cheesy online diploma mills. When people caught on that their diplomas were worthless, they made up their own accrediting org. and now say their “accredited”. The Pauls are both tools. Their beliefs are insane. I couldn’t believe how insane the old man was when he was on Jon Stewart. Saying that regulations for Wall St were all wrong, it wasn’t the govts job to regulate them, they would regulate themselves much better!?!?! When Stewart called him on it, all he would say was “they have to.”

  120. My dyslexia is really kicking this morning. I keep mixing up the “their-there-they’re.

  121. “Well I do think he’s an MD, I just think he’s not board certified as an Ophtamologist specialist.”
    Completed Ophthalmology residency in 2003 (Duke) completed board certification by American Board of Ophthalmology in 1995. He and several hundred other ophthalmologists got into a pissing contest with the ABO about grandfathering older Ophthalmologists and not requiring older ophthalmologists to renew their board certification after ten years.

  122. I think you mean Ron Paul not Johnson, socal.

    I think I realized Ron Paul was truly shortsighted and off his rocker when he said who cares if Iran gets a nuke, they can’t reach the USA with it, so……so what.

  123. NEWS FLASH: I will be interviewed on America’s Radio News Network today at approx. 11:15a Pacific/2:15 p Eastern time in re Hillary’s testimony on Benghazi…

    this is the main link…
    then click Listen Live…
    if you like, that is!


  124. No, I meant Ron Johnson of WI. Thats who she said “what difference does it make?’ to.

  125. SHV, so how does creating his own board give him more legitimacy? Anyway, I would never have a dr who has another demanding job. I think that doctors work time should be focused on whats best for their patients, not vainglorious plans to rule the country his way.

  126. Well so far I have seen Hillary referred to when she was angry as “Hysterical” and her teary moment as “choked up” in quotes of course.

    Guy: Angry
    Girlz: Hysterical.

  127. Thanks for that explanation, SHV, I knew one of you doctors would weigh in. ABO is the board of Opthamology I assume, right?

  128. The Beast said she got “heated.”

  129. Ah heated. Okie dokie. Usually hysterical is what they use in an argument they are losing.

  130. Ron Johnson beat out Russ Feingold in ’10.

  131. I thought she was competent and tough. I’m sure the media would have also complained if she had been meek and let them constantly interrupt and run all over her.

  132. Back. I was wondering if a few of those senators had to go change their shorts and have a drink to steady their nerves. It isn’t easy to pillory hillary.

  133. She’s baaaaaack! In Da House!

  134. Of course she’s competent, tough, and in control. She didn’t do anything wrong, she’s been a fabulous SOS and stuff really does happen when you go into dangerous places in the world.

    Are folks suggesting that Ambassador Stevens was drafted against his will to go into a place that he had no idea was a hot keg waiting to go off?

  135. She looks and sounds Presidential. 🙂

  136. She looks and sounds Presidential.

    Yes, she does.

    Will someone please acknowledge that with the MULTITUDES of SIMULTANEOUS protests going on in the ME at the time of Benghazi, State contained the damage.

  137. Haha! Rep Engel says congress should share the blame for cutting security for them every year.

  138. The chairman was on a false witch hunt. He knew damn well that it was a temporary interim security group and that it was not assigned to benghazi but to the embassy at tripoli. as she said it was not an open ended offer. It was a loan while Tripoli was in transition. When it reopened they left Benghazi. Yet he tried to attack her with THAT. Amazing.

  139. Engel gave her an opening to explain how they’re to blame for cutting a half billion from her budget and other cuts. Bravo.

  140. Jerky Floridian republican woman alert.

  141. This woman (FL rep) is going on and on and on. Is she ever going to let Hillary answer?

  142. hillary looks so bored by this woman.

  143. Hillary looks hot.

  144. swatted her lies off with a tiny fly swatter. not asked and not the law. next.

  145. Hillary in that green shines like the emerald she is. I have a May birthday and it is my birthstone. She is a gem.

  146. NES, lol!

  147. karen, well said.
    NES, agree she looks hot.

  148. lol on that tweet. 🙂

    Did you mean hot as in warm or hot as in HOT or perhaps as in hot seat?

    She’s a keeper. Smart wimmenz are sexy.

  149. Rand Paul is in the tea party. I thought he was also libertarian like his Dad. How do these two reconcile?

  150. I think she meant hot, like looking great.

  151. Hey Karen and Socal! Thx for the tweet props.

    “Hot” as in sexy, smokin’, brainy-chick hot. Love those glasses and the green.

  152. All that s*x talk about Hill is sure to bring out our lorac.

  153. Oh, the funding wasn’t there. They pass recommendations then they do not fund them. As always. I remember how happy I was decades ago that they were going to save the everglades then I found out they voted to do it but gave it a zero budget when that came up a few months later to fund what they insisted was needed to save it.

    Crooks and liars who grandstand for their teams. They should just put on sports jerseys and wear numbers at this point. Red vs Blue.

    They aren’t asking questions, they are posturing for their voters back home and trying to look like they deserve their salaries and positions.

  154. Yay Brad Sherman! Calls the BS for what it is.

  155. This asshole (R-CA) keeps asking questions and then talking over her answers. Please CA, lose this wingnut.

  156. Yes, this wingnut has been around for years. Total douche.

  157. “Hot” as in sexy, smokin’, brainy-chick hot. Love those glasses and the green.

    Yes! What she said!

  158. Rohrabacher having a tizzy. Lost his cool from the beginning. Funny how he went off on Brad Sherman at the beginning of his “question”.

  159. California prick is a tool of his party.

  160. UW, Rand had himself certified? I think we should all certify him. All aboard the crazy train.

    When I see HIl giving the boys” club the whatfor, all I can think of is James Carville, who said that if Hil gave BO one ball, they’d both have two. Ha, Ha. Because we al know that testerone is a job qualifcation, rightttttttt….. ?????

    Sorry, I have been in the Meow Mix; I’ll wrest my tongue from the inside of my cheek. No wonder the country is going to hell in a handbasket with these idiots running the show..

  161. Oh but will you listen to Meeks telling her how great she is after treating her like dog shit in 2008. I am not impressed with these dirtbags either.

  162. cspan cut out. switched to chicago sun times live stream.

  163. NES S*x talk always brings out Lorac, especially when it comes from you.

  164. Yep, Meeks had to pull out the knives of his own to give the republicans room to put theirs in her back.

  165. “Most of them have leaders that have never run anything…”

    Wow, just like us.

  166. LOL NES, if the Republicans were asked to pinpoint one bane of their primary process, it’s last name would be Paul. Now they have Paul, The Next Generation.

  167. Engel is gonna get beaten up in the back room for his remark about sharing the blame due to funding cuts.

  168. Mr. Chabot is another one taking the whole 5 minutes as if we won’t notice.

  169. lol about Engel. What a windbag and propagandist.

  170. not Engel being a windbag, of course I meant Chabot.

    Funny how Chabot asked her something she answered earlier.

    Isn’t it amazing how Hillary has to explain to our congress how the Dept. of State works and what they are doing? You’d think they would have learned that on their own in their livetimes. (I learned because I had a very close family member at high level at State for decades.) You’d think they could look up things on the internet instead of wasting time here asking her how it all works and wasting time. These are very basic questions and they aren’t even using her great reserve of smarts.

  171. She answered this earlier too. Do they listen?

  172. hahahahaha, Sunday mornings…. ha.

  173. Rice was given talking points that were wrong. Get over it already.

    Sheesh. Hillary didn’t go on TeeVee therefore she is a witch.

  174. I have never understood the brouhaha over Rice on the Sunday shows. People say stuff that turns out to be incorrect all the time.

  175. What a day: A large number of people that stabbed Hillary in the back in 2008 are filled with nothing but praise and gratitude for her today while others, who fervently supported (or purported to support) Hillary in 2008 are trashing her up and down today.


  176. The repubs were looking for a conspiracy and they fixed on Rice on Sunday talk shows. Lame.

  177. This guy is going to ask a question, right? Oh, the cable question again. Is this the 5th or 6th time they asked her about the cable?

  178. She didn’t read the 1.4 million cables? slacker.

  179. Another repub says the same thing. This is a joke. All this is about is the repubs trashing her, trying to back up the conspiracy they created and the dems kissing up to her. Sherman had it right. What a waste of her valuable time.

    This idiot keeps harping on the “cable”.

  180. Seriously, I thought she read them all. I’m sure Condi did.

  181. Wow–Just saw this alert on the bottom line of the CSPAN screen:
    Defense Secretary Panetta lifts ban on women serving in combat.

    This is a BFD. A BIG BFD.

  182. Sophie, that is huge.

  183. Wow Sophie. On his way out the door he changed it before he grabbed his coat and hat.

  184. Female Navy Seals. My daughters roomie in college is a Marine. And she is not even gay. *snicker*

  185. Karen–it’s a good thing. There are places where women are IN harms way (think Houlihan in MASH), but because they technically cannot be in combat, they do not get combat pay.

    For me, it would have meant that I would have gone for Sub duty. Big pay increase there!

  186. Shoot…I have another conference call in a few minutes. Please take notes for me!

  187. Female Navy Seals. My daughters roomie in college is a Marine. And she is not even gay. *snicker*

    It has been my experience in life that straight women have been far more cut-throat than gay women. YMMV.

  188. Wow on Panetta’s lifting of the ban. What Sophie said about the significance!

  189. This guy is going to use his 5 minutes to talk about Fast and Furious and Susan Rice on TeeVee as if Hillary had anything to do with either.

    And she already said it is not in the rules to do what he is asking about the people that were found to err. The requests were addressed already over and over. 1.4 million not hundreds of thousands. He must learn to pay attention.

    We pay these people?

  190. This Marino guy is stupid and from Pa. OMG there were terrorists there!!!

  191. Duh, just fire them. WHAT A JERK.

  192. He is too stupid to understand that they could not be fired due to rules and laws existing in their job contracts. Their infractions weren’t of the quality to require letting go instantly. They are being reviewed. This has been discussed and is all over the internet. He must stop watching Fox propaganda. It is not a news source.

  193. Labor and contract laws make it impossible to just can them. The purpose is to investigate and make sure you aren’t firing the wrong person. It’s been that way or a long time and should come as NO surprise. While it pisses us off when we see someone paid and paid and paid whose ass should be kicked to the curb, it is disigned to fairly protect those who perhaps are being placed on administrative leave for the wrong reason, revealed after internal investigation. It does happen. While the majority are shitheads, it DOES happen and that is why it is in place. Like it or not, Hillary didn’t create these laws for chrissakes. She DOES have to follow them.

  194. Did everybody go to Ani’s radio show?

    *eyes all the unguarded pies*

  195. Damn, Uppity is back guarding the food. Curses, foiled again.

  196. Personally I am sick of seeing opportunities for superior female service people canned in deference to mediocre men and it’s about time this shit stopped, regardless of their PERSONAL love business. This is the same shit that happens every day in government and corporate America and it’s bullshit. Now all they have to do is work on the rampant rape problem they have in the military, but considering what we recently saw happen with high level generals, I would say Shit Rolls Downhill applies and it’s high time these guys at the highest levels are forced to stop setting the Stupid Entitled Pig example. If you can’t control your own dick, how the hell can you run entire swaths of the military.

  197. She did all she could within the laws and within her field. They seem to want to blame her for drone video – clearly DoD not State, and information on terrorists in the region – the Annex CIA divisions call. This has been a lesson on what is wrong with our congress – they are mostly monkey men in suits playing dress up and trying to act as if they are not the ignorant fools they are.

    Some of them have been purely moronic and unreal. That jerk from SC next to Marino were the two lowest of the low to me since they were clearly so ill informed and misleading and arrogant to boot.

    Just horrible. No wonder bills die in congress they haven’t the brains to understand the bills.

  198. There are places where women are IN harms way (think Houlihan in MASH), but because they technically cannot be in combat, they do not get combat pay.

    Same shit they pull in corporate America and government. Women, same as men only cheaper.

  199. LOL Sophie I think condi missed that memo about attacks by planes being planned. No wait, she didn’t take it seriously. But I guess that one was okay.

  200. Yeah I mean several thousand cables a day not being read by an SOS who traveled a million miles to placate savages. Shameful.

  201. Yeah everybody gets it right 100% of the time, so why not state.

  202. hooray – 2008 – she did well in arkansas!

  203. LOL he said he’s sorry he didn’t read the democratic primary. Not as sorry as I am.

  204. We got to see a lot of those cables through wikileaks. They are freaking boring as hell to read! I read a few dozen and then scanned some pages worth and then said oh fuck it.

  205. Listen carefully, Karen. Step. Back. From. The. Caramel. Apple. Walnut. Pie.

    End of message.

  206. That was a new congressman who said she wished she had won the democratic primary, right? He’s dead meat.

  207. Sophie check mail.

  208. Limp-Wrist Bitch Slap Boomerang, courtesy Sen. Chris Murphy

    “I’m glad that you’re accepting responsibility,” said Paul. “I think ultimately with your leaving that you accept the culpability for the worst tragedy since 9/11. And I really mean that.”

    “Had I been president and found you did not read the cables from Benghazi and from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post. I think it’s inexcusable,” he said, referencing Clinton’s comments that she had not read all of the documentation surrounding the attack.

    “I think we can understand you’re not reading every cable,” Paul said. He added that he didn’t suspect Clinton of “bad motives” but said that it was a “failure of leadership.”

    Clinton responded, “I am the Secretary of State. And the [Accountability Review Board] made very clear that the level of responsibility for the failures that they outlined was set at the Assistant Secretary level and below.”

    Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) rebuked Paul in the next exchange. “If some people on this committee want to call this tragedy the worst since 9/11, it misunderstands the nature of 4000 plus Americans lost in the War in Iraq under false pretenses.”

  209. She did well in Arkansas, they loves them some Clinton’s because they know them well.

    The marines are there to secure the classified info only not for the personnel bodyguards of state. The host state is supposed to run the safety issue.

    You have a glock. I am not going near your pie!

  210. I don’t shoot for pie, Karen, I’m not an NRA crazy. Instead, I just give you to my dog.

  211. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.)
    MY Senator! (Was more recently MY Congressman.) In a million years, Linda McMahon would not have said that!

  212. Michelle Bachman had best stop refusing to pay her staffers who refuse to sign a questionable confidentiality agreement, because they are spilling the beans on her left and right.

  213. Seeing the young Hillary still present in her eyes, I am so proud of her and all of us who remained true to her and never allowed the hackers to back us off our winner. Wish she’d won in ’08 indeed. And we’re not sorry.

  214. 67% Favorability. The other 33% were all on Twitter today.

  215. OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tweety just said Hillz was PRESIDENTIAL today

  216. Bachmann’s beans are finally catching up to her spilled marbles.

    SWPAnnA, as Sophie reminds us, Hillary did win in 08.

  217. She answered all their questions, I hope they are satisfied now. 🙂

  218. The best of the day was watching Rubio shrink before her. I bet his wee wee doesn’t get hard for a year.

  219. Thanks, Uppity, for providing a space for those of us who still admire Hillary Clinton and always will.

  220. You are welcome, Sue, any time. And I do mean any time.

  221. Yeah and Carney also called her President Clinton today. lol.

  222. arrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, NOW that POS bird brained leg tingler says that! When she was presidential all through the campaign he feigned he did not notice. I truly hate Keithy, dead Russert, Teddy, Oprah, Caroline, Richardson, Claire, Nancy, Dean, Brazilenut, Jesse the younger, Axelrod, obama, michelle, kerry, the RBC, and the DNC and all the rest. Hillary and Bill might but I won’t. We will not forgive, we will not forget. If they all got together and petitioned Hillary to run and started a Draft Hillary movement I would not forgive them for 08.

    McCain was horrible today. I need to find the clip of him and watch that crap again.

    Today the GOP was meeting for their discussions on what they need to change for 2016 and to map out the game plan for the future of the party. Clearly after watching those bozos they elected to office speak today with utter ignorance and vile partisanship they need to start with the current way they behave. They were so bad they made the Dems look good by comparison.

  223. Oh fuck chris matthews very much. Truly. I never watch his scheevy face and I don’t miss it. To me he always looked like someobody ought to run him thru a carwash.

  224. I want the clip of Carney saying that! It belongs in the sidebar as a sound file here if you can store soundfiles/video clips. ”President Clinton” – and we don’t mean Bill.

    Obama’s been on the job for 4 years and he is not presidential. He is so not in Hillary’s league.

  225. Don’t let these bastards fool you. They are being nice about Hillary because of poll numbers and because she’s no threat for three years. Their tune will change. It’s what they Do.

  226. I think this applies

  227. A Historic Day – watching so many rendered utterly incapable of feigning disdain for A WOMAN whose accomplishments, service and authentic bi-partisan leadership they cannot help but greatly admire?

  228. “Thanks for that explanation, SHV, I knew one of you doctors would weigh in. ABO is the board of Opthamology I assume, right?”
    After doing a little more research, I think that Rand got a good dose of his dad’s crazy genes. The pissing match with the ABO started in 1992 when the ABO began issuing certification that had a 10 year limit and required that the Dr. take an exam for recert. Most specialty boards began the recert. requirement in the late ’70s-early ’80s.

    Rand Paul and several hundred other young Ophthalmologists objected to the fact that the old farts who ran the Ophthalmology board exempted themselves and other older Dr.s from the recert. requirement. From what little that I read, Rand acted like a real jerk, pissed off a lot of people and then set up his own board.

    Ideally his position on “grandfathering” was correct but not practical and IMO, his behavior is not what I would want in a person who is in charge of taking out the garbage,

  229. John McCain has enormous respect for Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake about – she knows he was simply playing the Republican Party’s toothless pit bull.

    Hillary and McCain embracing before the hearings begin:

  230. LOL SHV, but other than that, he’s okay, right?

  231. Rand Paul’s son was recently arrested for assault and under-age drinking. Sounds like he has a failure of leadership on the homefront.

    Unfortunately, I only heard a snippet of today’s hearing. I was really looking forward to seeing Hillary show those clowns the importance of experience, intellect, and knowing the subject matter. Thanks to the Uppityites who watched and commented here. I knew she could handle the BS hearing, but all the comments give me confidence that she did well once again.

    As for the bogus crap about her not reading thousands of e-mails, that just causes me to chuckle because these fools pass legislation without reading it. Hoe dare any of them go down that road.

    And, the faux concern for the death of the Ambassador and staff, I beleive that as much as I believe the repubs are so grief-stricken over the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. They are using these dead feds as political pawns. If these guys were still alive, the repubs would be trying to cut their pay and funding to their programs so they can’t safely and effectivley do ther jobs.

    Now I need to find the hearing on video and watch the smartest, hardest working fed stand up to the CDS lemmings.

  232. LOL about McCain. He was on that Saban tribute video singing Hillary’s praisesw as SOS. He knows he loves her.

  233. I didn’t watch any of the hearings on the news nor on C-span but Fuzzy over at TW had this which I just loved:

    I added this over there too:

    I didn’t see any of this live or on the news but just a short time ago Tweety (ugh!) had some woman Wapo reporter and (double ugh!) Chris Cilliza on his show talking up Hillary and what a great S.O.S. she has been and all about the 2016 possibilities! 👿

    Yeah Chris and Chris and she would have made an even better Prez!!

  234. I wonder what was on that note she just passed.

    • Pick up milk and bread

    • get some food for the kitteh

    • Call Chelsea and remind her I want to be able to be called “Grandma” at some point soon

  235. SHV, I hope I didn’t offend you in earlier comment. Didn’t mean to, I just can’t stand that guy.

  236. Fredster LOL on the Hillary notes during the hearings.

  237. Who was the biggest douche today? Rand Paul? Ron Johnson? John McCain?

  238. I’m guessing socal, (will try to find a replay of at least the Senate hearings) but I’d guess Rand Paul since he seems to come by it so naturally. 😉

  239. In the Senate, I think it’s tied between Rand Paul and Ron Johnson. In the House, I think Dana Rohrabacher takes it.

    It was an embarrassing day for Republicans in that they said they planned to “get the truth” but none of them asked any real questions–they just each tried to get their zingers in and ended up looking foolish.

  240. I echo the sentiments above. I am more impressed with and proud of Sec. Clinton today than even before, and that’s saying a lot. She has passion and compassion, not to mention brains and common sense. Qualities sorely lacking in the current fraud who occupies the White House. What a mistake, what a tragedy, that she was not elected our President in 2008. I think only in the many years to come will the traitors who shoved Obama down our throats have any glimmer of recognition of the crime that was committed by stealing, thugging and lying him into office.

  241. Oh yeah, I forgot about Rohrabacher! He really out-pigged himself today!

  242. Uggh, and that clown from South Carolina, Duncan. Do these asses not have mirrors in their homes? They clearly do not know how foolish they look.

  243. I thought it was really funny when she said she doesn’t do the Sunday morning TV gamut when most of them spend nights thinking of ways to get Facetime on the Sunday Morning TV gamut.

  244. Well now they can focus on what’s really important to them like how cool rape is and stuff like that.

  245. I’ve really had it with Lawrence O’Donnell. What’s wrong with him that he can’t give Hillary a compliment without giving Obama one better such as saying that Obama made her the success she is today. (As if!) And he can’t ever express disappointment in Obama without also mentioning that somehow, Hillary would not have done better. Seriously, he ought to have that looked at.

  246. Sophie CT said:

    I’ve really had it with Lawrence O’Donnell. What’s wrong with him that he can’t give Hillary a compliment…

    Because I think he really hates the Clintons, esp. Big Dawg.
    He is on my “I don’t watch” list along with Ezra Klein, Mrs. Alan Greenspan and a few others at MSNBC.


    google lawrence o’donnell bill clinton and you’ll get a bunch of returns

  248. I went around the internet and read comments and cannot believe the way people have such a skewered interpretation of the events. The CDS is a very pernicious illness.

    They really need to turn off their TeeVees. Fox is brain rotting, clearly.

  249. This is a beautiful nature vid of a dolphin having fishing line cut from its flipper and mouth in the wild. The dolphin was so trusting. Way to go!

  250. John said he was going to expand the critter room tonight when he gets home from a rescue event. When they did it for the spice kits he put them in a carrier while he worked in the room because they are nosy little buggers and want to help with their 24 little feets.

  251. Karen!!! I was going to put that on for you! Haha! What a funny coincidence.

  252. karen said: I went around the internet and read comments and cannot believe the way people have such a skewered interpretation of the events

    I was told the same thing but haven’t had the nerve to go look yet.

  253. As always, the comments here are uplifting and spot on. Thank you UW and everyone for continuing to be brilliant, even as others in the neighborhood and throughout the country prove, once again, that they are dumber than a box of rocks. And, it it’s ok, I’d just like to shout out a big “fuck you” to some former friends and allies from 2008 (not anyone here, of course.

  254. Good thing HRH has recovered and is doing well enough to go to testify. Health IS everything. Good for her.

  255. She never said “What difference does it make?” What she did say was, “What difference AT THIS POINT does it make?”.

    She was telling them to get of their one trick pony on Susan Rice and let’s work together to do something productive for a change. The words, “at this point” will be dropped from that quote often. Remember to add it wherever you see it, because people have interesting memory lapses when they want to. And remember to thank that goatfucker blower Obama for seeking an opportunity to blame Americans for that attack and his kneejerk moronic followers who wanted to ban ‘blasphemy’. Seriously. You know what I think? I think Rice said what Obama told her to say. And she paid for it. Not him. Her.

  256. Who cares what O’Donnell thinks anyways? 99 percent of this country doesn’t even know who the hell he is. And we can’t help it if he looks like Ichabod Crane and has to get his jollies watching other men interact with women.

  257. Upps @ 6:51, yes, I forgot it upthread! Agree about Rice & bark.

  258. And O’Donnell. Such an arrogant asshole.

  259. Damn socal, how come you never use a quote when you answer a comment? You make me scroll all the hell over east Jesus trying to find out what you mean.

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