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Click here to walk yourself through “How To Deal With A Mansplainer Starring Hillary Clinton In Gifs”.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!!! And thanks to Feministing too!!! Those Hillary haters can kiss my grits! Hillary is the best!!!!

  2. Rhode Island joins New England. Congratulations, neighbors!

  3. That would be post number 2 for vous, Ms Sophie.

  4. I got that website to load, but could not see the last pic. Still, interesting to see her use of hands. Wonder if horseface could ever get up the spirit to be that animated.

    The last time I was in a meeting and started re-arranging my papers, I was preparing to get up and walk out cuz I don’t like repeating myself to slow learners. Would have been funny if she told them, ” times up, boys.”

    I still don’t understand McCain’s beef.

  5. McCain doesn’t have a beef, he’s just missing some face time is all. To make him feel, you know, relevant.

  6. I’ll give horseface this one. Johnson started right up pounding the floor near the candy aisle about Hillary to horsey and horsey answered him with, “If you’re looking to put some daylight between Hillary Clinton and me, it’s not going to happen”.

  7. But he’s already saying we didn’t give Pakistan enough credit for capturing Bin Laden. Like WTF? He was practically sitting on their toilet for a year and that makes them either complicit or pretty damned stupid.

  8. You have to wait for it to pass RI’s Democratic but conservative Senate where the problem is that it’s against their religion.

  9. And I am NEVER going to New Mexico. I don’t care if they really do have aliens there.

    A Republican lawmaker in New Mexico introduced a bill on Wednesday that would legally require victims of rape to carry their pregnancies to term in order to use the fetus as evidence for a sexual assault trial.

    House Bill 206, introduced by state Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R), would charge a rape victim who ended her pregnancy with a third-degree felony for “tampering with evidence.”

  10. You gotta forgive them, Soph. It’s all those anal probes from the aliens. I mean it’s not really an alien visitation without anal probes.

  11. That’s cynical and lowlife to require a rape victim to guard a fetus as evidence. Where does it go after birth? The evidence room? That woman thinks she’s clever.

    HuffPo reports that horseface got emotional when referring to his father. I will not hold that against him. Horses are emotional creatures by nature.

  12. Well he’s a guy, it’s okay to get emotional, it’s real. It’s only fake if it’s a woman.

    Wait a minute, that’s a 180. Next thing you know, we get to call them hysterical.

  13. Love the piece on Hillary’s glasses. I thought one of those adjustments might have been saying, “I got 99 problems and a Johnson ain’t one of them.”

  14. Comments from there.

    FlagCancelSpamOffensiveDuplicateOff Topic
    Thank you for alerting us to a possible problemDrSlotnick
    Ms. Clinton is wearing a Fresnel Prism on her left lens. She is probably suffering from visual issues. I would estimate by the displaced image of her eye that she is wearing base out prism, and that she is having a decompensation of an underlying tendency for her eyes to cross. There is a great likelihood for such consequences after suffering an acquired brain injury, as may happen after a fall. She is probably grappling with double vision and doing everything she can to alleviate the symptom and keep her mind available for the discussion.

    When a person is trying to process cognitive information at a high level, they leave little energy over for underlying problems. It is a matter of distributing the resources available. If vision is her weak link, then it gets deprived the extra energy. I would estimate that she is experiencing a significant amount of strain, pulling, and intermittent double vision. This would interfere with her ability to keep her attention on the conversation at hand.

    -One Optometrist’s opinion…

  15. Looks like she has a base in press on prism placed on her left lens. Probably all the adjustments are due to a real vision issue. Perhaps some leftover problems related to her recent fall. Still all the comments are funny, but more than likely she is having some real difficulty with her vision.

  16. SHes taking pictures with her camera glasses – you can see her adjusting the focus. They will all be dead soon.


  17. Wasn’t she coming out of the Optometrist’s door when she left the hospital? Yes, it was an Eye Institute and she was wearing sunglasses.

  18. Hillary KICKS ASS…still!

  19. You can SEE the prism in at least one of those photos. Could be double vision or other eye problem. When they said the clot was behind her ear I thought that’s kind of close to the occipital, but then I really don’t know shit about this stuff. But you can DEFINITELY see the prism they describe.

  20. And more……….

    Congratulations you crackpot Rand Paul and the guy even the GOP thinks is a dumbbell, Johnson: You guys have done a great job rounding out the Hillary persona as a leader, immensely competent, and comfortable in her own skin. So fuck you both very much, you idiots. You guys seriously could screw up your own free lunch. And we Hillaryites thank you for it. Assholes.
    Oh and one more thing, Stick a Hillary nutcracker up your ass.

  21. I’ve been saying she has an eye problem ever since she started wearing glasses after the fall when she returned to being out in public. The woman is amazing and even if she went blind she’d see better than those attackers. You know, the people with the nutcrackers hanging out of their butt holes. lol, upps.

  22. OOOps I squeezed the handle!

  23. h/t Uppity for that last tweet.

  24. I happen to have a Hillary nutcracker. Someone bought it for me as a “gift.” They thought I’d find it funny. I said, let me try it on your nuts–I bet it’s real funny.

  25. imust, I followed your link to the LATimes, I read the article and laughed at the graphic showing their bad aim and I found a poll to take – with results showing 90 percent thought Hillary was better at the facts on Benghazi than congress BUT most importantly they had a 34 recipe link to PIES. Thank you imust!,0,781459.photogallery

  26. Hillary.

    I’m In!

    Who’s In? If you’re In, say so right now. Let everybody know this is a blog where we are In.

    Lurkers! You In????????????

  27. Upps, I found that Hillary permission to be a bitch article sexist and just so wrong on so many levels. It insulted her through faint praise mixed with gratuitous ugly old woman remarks tossed in. my oh my.

    And John Smart, thanks for the heads up on Ani’s article, it was excellent as always. Some of us would have went over there to her radio show but we were unofficially live-blogging it over here to some extent. That is until the damn thing started to sound like it was on loop.

  28. Did I miss something? In? What are we in on exactly?

  29. I know what you’re saying, Karen, but this time I saw something that caught my eye. It was, accidental or otherwise, a statement that Hillary Clinton has overcome any sexist crap anybody can ever say about you. I think that was a basic undertone here. They can stick their sexism up their unsexy asses because she’s bigger than all of that and it is finally obvious.

  30. NO fence riding. Who’s In????????????????

  31. This lurker is in!


  32. What fence? What are we in on? Hillary – are we in? Do tell.

    btw – If it involves food then I am in.

  33. I’M IN – ALL THE WAY TO THE INAUGURATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. If it involves Hillary….I’m IN!

  35. Nice pie pics karen! Yum!

  36. You GO Lorna!

  37. We go all the way with Hillary, Karen, we’re either IN or Not. Too many fence riders out there. We need to stand up and be counted.

  38. Count me In for Hillary.

  39. I’d eat any pie. I had a certain strawberry and chocolate mushy mess of a pie that came along with a certain grey little girl adorable kitty and although it had been sloshed around a bit and got all ugly it still was PIE. Chocolate and Strawberry in a crust – no way to ruin that.

    If you are talking about Hillary for President in 2016 then I would be in, if she was running, but she is not, and although nothing would please me more, I must take her word for it that she isn’t interested in doing so.

    Until she declares she is up to it, until she gives us some kind of official Hillary ’16 site, I am not in because it is just wishful thinking and not reality. Reality sucks, I wish it were otherwise.

    I truly think she’s going to take a long time off and then she is going to do something meaningful and productive with her remaining years. I think it will be in the private sector. If she declares – I am in all the way.

  40. You’re In if you support her and don’t stab her in the back and then support her and then stab her. SO I say you ARE In, Karen, no matter WHAT she decides to do.

  41. No kidding, Uppity – Hillary was carrying a bunch of “us” and too many “bought the press” in 2008 and turn on her for the empty suit.

    Hillary Clinton NEVER turned her back on us or her country – NEVER!

  42. GIve that lurker some love. Lorna doesn’t know she has to comment again now or we come get her with the hook!

  43. Hillz, I am in!

  44. Because if someone is NOT IN for Hillary, then you are on the wrong blog!

  45. Oh Karen, you are SO in!

  46. I haven’t had pie in a long time. I need to fix that.

  47. Oh we need to copy that Sophie~

  48. Sophie could you check mail pls. Importante.

  49. Except for Hillbilly. He is our own personal redneck and we must never let him go even if he’s not In. Everybody else, ban yourself!

  50. My NAME says I back Hillary. That’s the name I used for the past 5 years and I may never ever have a need to change it. I am always FOR CLINTON 24/7. She was my senator, I was for her. She was my first lady and I was for her. I’ve said if she runs I will use every vacation day and day off to work for her and give her 100% every day.

    Sheesh, if you’re asking if I am for Hillary – well, of course, you silly girl.

  51. Well of course I know you’re in karen, silly goose! I am doing a call to arms for everybody on this blog, up fronters and lurkers. I want to know if they stand with the original intent of this blog, which is to support Hillary not Pillory Hillary.

  52. She was my senator

    She was my Senator too!!! That was the first vote I could not wait to go cast!

  53. In!

  54. Sophie, she walked the talk. I watched her open clinics for poor people to get health care. I saw her open breast cancer screening places and work on getting funding for things long ignored that needed to be done.

    Then those demorats fucked her over for a male who was less than her on her worst days. I left the party for what they did to her. And I was a staunch dem till May 31st.

  55. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy Maddie!

  56. My Senator too! And then some!

  57. Damn right, Why Not!

  58. I’m in… Hillary is my PRESIDENT!!! The guy is just a place holder. 👿

  59. Karen, I hate the party too. Hate the party, like the platform.

    And I remember the strawberry pie and the little kitty. The pie is long gone. The little kitty is becoming a cat!

  60. We sure could USE a Tiger Lily video!! Cough Cough

  61. Hey, I suggest we all stay in the same bank of hotel rooms in DC for the REALLY HISTORICAL inauguration!

  62. Atta girl Goofsmom. And Goof too.

  63. I’m no fair weather friend when it comes to Hillary!

  64. It’s been a long time since I’ve commented on this blog but I had to say that I’M IN!!

  65. I don’t hate the Democratic Party. I hate what took it over. As to the platform, I have a video of Howard Dean all painted up in orange on his face, doing an interview where he says the platform is for looks. But looks or not, I did not like what they tried to pull at the convention with israel/palestine. They had to change it or croak, but it showed who they are. Goatfuckers in drag. So until my party gets some moderate sense in its head, I will just stay regitered for spite to give them a false sense of numbers and to vote in primaries against crackpots. Beyond that, I am sick of the far left cliff, as sick as I am of the far right cliff.

  66. I don’t hate the Democratic Party. I hate what took it over. As to the platform, I have a video of Howard Dean all painted up in orange on his face, doing an interview where he says the platform is for looks. But looks or not, I did not like what they tried to pull at the convention with israel/palestine. They had to change it or croak, but it showed who they are. Goatfuckers in drag. So until my party gets some moderate sense in its head, I will just stay regitered for spite to give them a false sense of numbers and to vote in primaries against crackpots. Beyond that, I am sick of the far left cliff, as sick as I am of the far right cliff.

  67. WTF? Is there an echo in here? LOL.

  68. Joe Biden needs to make that powder he’s always on permanent – so that Hillary can take it easy in his cushy VP slot for a few years… and kick some more ass in Washington… while she’s resting up. 🙂

  69. Hey Lib!!! Great to see ya!!!! You okay?

  70. That WAS worth repeating, Uppity.

  71. Yeah on the Hotel!!!

  72. The GOP will be a great help to us too if she runs. I’m sure by then they will be certifiably crazy and still be jerking off to more rape ideas.

  73. Hell no, Why Not. Hillary needs to stay away from that administration.

  74. Hey imust! I got another duplicate post. I know you love trashing my posts. Go for it!

  75. I know others think that having Fun is overrated. But damn, having fun is Fun!

  76. Uppity: Could you or NES tweet a hash tag thingy “thankyousosclinton-we’re-in” or something?

  77. Come to think of it – you’re right on staying away – but, you wait and see – he’ll be calling her in like the Big Dawg every time the phone rings… and “Uhhh, it’s kind-a-important, Hillary.”

  78. And then some!

    Oh, do tell.

  79. Why Not I would but I know that hashtags bring out the crazies.

  80. Well, I’m going to be the one to say it – Hillary Clinton gave EVERYTHING to her job as SOS – like everything she does.

    I hope the vision problem is a temporary thing and that it isn’t the price she’s paid for all of her hard work, schedule and endless travels.

    I feel so damned selfish wanting her to run. Most importantly, I want her to do EXACTLY what she wants to do.

    God, I’m going to miss having her competence in our government and reading about everything she’s doing every week. I am seriously… 😦 about that.

  81. From the champion lurker here…

    As an admirable First Lady, as my former US Senator, as an accomplished Secretary of State, as the most competent female candidate to ever seek the Presidency (thus making her, quite naturally, far more qualified than 95% of the males who have sought that office) and, as simply one smart badass woman…



  82. Yeah! You tell em, Rev Vet!!! Aunt Uppity loves you.

  83. OT, but in the spirit of laughs, here is a YouTube video of a MAJOR FAIL.


  85. In.

  86. Why of course IN!

  87. I so wish this old fart would retire! 👿

    Reid concocted a compromise with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that includes some limits on filibuster use, but it appears to put a lot of control in the hands of the minority and majority leaders, a plan ripe for abuse. In brief, the Senate will be able to avoid a filibuster if the majority leader, the minority leader and seven senators from each party agree.

    Does he really think McConnell is going to be working for anything other than to obstruct the majority? (snort!)

  88. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy in.

  89. Count me in!!

  90. Yeah! You stand counted!

  91. IN ALL TH WAY !!

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