Good morning students!

Sit down.


teacherteacherNow, I want you to feel at home and keep your experience as close to what you have been accustomed to on the interwebs during the past few months, so I will whack you with my pointer and tell you how fucking stupid you are, you little troll, whenever you say something I don’t like or if you refuse to live down to my expectations. Then I will haunt you — tell everybody you’re bad and I’m good –pretend I saw your underwear drawer and describe it — and  I will steal your toys besides! Then I will give everybody your name and address and endanger your life if you do not settle down, you sons a bitches!

Now that I have duplicated the ambiance, relax. And if you don’t understand the satire here thus far, then please oh please get the hell out of here.

imagesOne more thing:  There will be no more smiling. Smiling and any slight form of happiness in your life is strictly forbidden. If necessary, suck on a lemon. Whatever. Just cut that shit out.  If you don’t realize that Chicken Little was right and we are all doomed, especially you, then your mother wears combat boots, I hate your cat,  and besides that, I have no sympathy for you. Do you understand?

Good. I will also use red pen because, if life already sucks so much and evil is simply everywhere you look, why would a red pen hurt your feelings?

Now for your assignment:

Your  listening comprehension assignment for today is to  analyze the difference between,

What difference does it make?


What difference at this point does it make?

Now I know this is a hard one, but I expect you to compare the terms in context, God forbid. I know. I know.

There will be partial credit, but only if I feel like giving it to you. Why should I be different? And if I don’t like you, you won’t get any partial credit at all, even if your answer is  completely right. Incidentally, I will decide what the right answer is.  Sometimes I will change my mind, depending on what’s convenient for me.  Got it? Good! Pick up your extra exclamation marks here: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, just to be Fair and Balanced, below is a Fox clip of the actual sentence in context. You should keep a copy handy as this story will be used in the future often, particularly by people who vote on critical legislation they don’t read first, but want to know why an SOS doesn’t read every one of the thousands of cables that go to State daily, while she travels a million miles in four years in order to calm down a bunch of goatfuckers. How EVER did she find the time to fake a fall, an injury and a blood clot?

Focus on the video and then you may begin. By the way, she is not Angry, she is Hysterical. She’s not built correctly to be Angry. Understand this.

You will be timed, but I haven’t decided yet how much time you have. I also reserve the right to make a 180 right in the middle of this thread.  Then do it again. I want to be as fickle as humanly possible.



Extra Credit: How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

Kicked off her campaign yesterday.

Kicked off her campaign yesterday.

Did not kick off his campaign yesterday.

Did not kick off his campaign yesterday.


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  1. Aww geez Upps, do you have to ruin everything? By putting it in that context, you change the meaning. Who are you to redefine the meaning of a statement by accurately quoting the person who spoke?

  2. 10 demerits. Sit down.

  3. Isn’t it just simpler to take it out of context and apply our own? I mean otherwise everything isn’t black or white and I have to actually think. Thinking is too hard.

  4. Thinking is too hard it gives me a sick headache and never solves the problem any way. :).

  5. Red pen? I love the red pen–when I’m the operator.

    “What difference does it make?” This question seems to be posed by someone who is trying to be dismissive or who truly does not understand the significance of the question asked by the other person. And Hillary would never utter such words because she knows everything matters

    “What difference at this point does it make?” This question seems to say, “Are you still beating that dead horse when you’ve been given all the facts we now have; and when we have investigated and reported to you the results of that investigation, and when we have explained to you ignorant butt the problems with giving you definitive responses when a situation is still unfolding and when Americans US operatives may still be in danger. Did you comprehend nothing, you dolt? Did you even read the report? I’m trying to fix the problem going forward; not fixate on one of obam’s mistakes for your political purposes. So, you explain to me, in terms of correcting and preventing more of these tragedies, what difference does it now make? What are you going to do with that information to correct and prevent? Are you going to recommend more money and better security for all US facilities or are you going to go back to chanting, “Cut spending; we need smaller government?” STFU, chump.

    That’s my best effort at compare and contrast.

  6. EEEWWW, Rand Paul. I posted down below, but will gladly repeat here that his son was recently arrested for assault, so Rand needs to go home and deal with his failure of leadership there.

  7. Hoo Boy, Hugo. Your social circle just got a lot smaller!

  8. Hugo, when I taught school we had a saying. If you follow an ugly kid home and ring the doorbell, an ugly parent will answer the door. This is a family in need of

  9. I never give the social circle too much thought. I yam what I yam.

  10. Found this on Team Hillary Clinton FB page. I never wathc MCNBC, but at aroung 4:00 ,inutes, one of the talking heads hits the nail on the head. Her comment about what difference…shows leadership. She is heads above the rest in the room.

    At about 7 minutes, they quote Ron Johnson saying Hillary planned to show emothion just to get out of answering his questions. HUH?

  11. Eww, and now Tweety ( I think it was Tweety–could be CNN–I can’t tell the campfollowers apart anymore) is talking about how Hil can run and cement Obama’s legacy. Like she wants nothing more than the chance to bask in the reflected glory of some man.

    Oh, and the women in combat thing–we are in combat every day of our lives–on some level. It has just been formalized. I’m sure the perverts are upset because now we will learn how to use weapons to defend ourselves on the homefront so they can’t have anymore fun.

    And if Rand Paul is an eye doctor, can’t he see how bad the toupe is? If I were him, I’d fire his toupe maker.

  12. Oh yeah, because Hillary is just scared out of her mind of Big Ole Tarzan Johnson. What a tool. These guys’ have so much ego it has crowded out their brains.

  13. Teacher, what difference AT THIS POINT does it make???!!!!

    AT THIS POINT – the gig is up and the country is as fed up as Hillary Rodham Clinton with Political Bullshit.

    AT THIS POINT, the bomb the bitch drones are out-numbered.

    AT THIS POINT, 67% of Americans have finally gotten what “Hillary Rodham Clinton” means to the US and around the world – compassionate, competent, qualified … ‘pull all of that politically-motivated “due diligence” bullshit on someone else – I’m doing my job like it’s supposed to be done!’

    AT THIS POINT – the contrast in HER LEADERSHIP SKILLS to those we have been settling for is setting a new bar.

    AT THIS POINT – the ball is in our court – to START NOW in ensuring that no sexist, male dominated political system can sabotage the election of a HIGHLY QUALIFIED WOMAN AS PRESIDENT – EVER AGAIN.

  14. Oh yeah Hillary is just dying to cement Obama’s legacy of blowing goatfuckers and deliberately stirring up racial fights like that cartoon character pigpen, not to mention her strong desire to set back gender relations another 20 years to shore up his ‘legacy’. As if she needs to finish what he has started instead of fixing what he has started.

  15. Ron Johnson saying Hillary planned to show emothion just to get out of answering his questions.

    Yeah Johnsone, we got ya some “emotion” Quick! Someone cue the slobbering Speaker of the Boyz’ House, Boehner!

  16. I notice Boehner cries less now, it makes his tanning stain run.

  17. Enjoy!!! 😉

  18. UW, I bet if this idiot was in your class, you would have consigned it to the woodshed…

    Isn’t this like the Victorians seeing sex everywhere, so they covered up piano legs with pantaloons? Or Freud seeing phallic symbols everywhere–look a pencil! Is abortion fixation some sort of mental disorder—is it listed in the dictionary of mental health?

    Why aren’t these people doing something useful–like picking lint off electric blankets?

  19. AnnE since God killed Onan for spilling his seed upon the ground, it’s time for a jerkoff law. Might give them some time to do something useful. Meantime, all eggs should become babies or else you you are a killer. No egg should die in a cycle, it should become a baby and die from starvation or poor health care like God intended. This is why so many fine members of congress are willing to create a fruitful rape environment to help out

  20. UW, I have to say that Hillary prepared well for this and most all of the others did nothing more than make speeches. I am still under the belief that Bama and a few other spineless dweebs have tried to throw two women under the blame bus. If you noticed, I used “dweeb” and not men, cause they ain’t men.

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised, Hillbilly.

  22. Love that video that foxilady posted above. So right on time. “If you hear the dogs, keep going…”

  23. Nothing says, “My pee pee is tiny and shrively” and “She makes me shit my pants” like a good Rupert front page.

  24. Did you all see Bill put his arm around her at the coronation? After all they’ve been through together, it almost brought tears to my eyes to see such genuine affection.

    And Bill’s busy solving problems around the world. Today it’s an AIDs event in Washington State. While dimwits are still wallowing in the Clintons’ past, the Clintons are working to make a better future for everyone.

  25. Also, that’s a grat pic of Hillary, especially on the day when DOD is lifting the ban on women in combat. Go, girls. Fight the fights. Kick some panties. Nothing wrong with doing your job INTENSELY.

  26. It is way way past time for this country to have a woman potus.every one that agrees say AMEN. 🙂

  27. The AMEN’S have it. 😆

  28. Upps, I was starting to believe you’d do all those things until you said “I hate your cat” – that’s just crazy talk. You blew your cover.

    I also love that you used a Fox video of Hillary. They have emblazoned on the screen all kinds of misleading lies. That bit about the 30 personnel taken out was due to them just being temporary as Hillary and others have explained over and over. Fox is full of shit as always and nothing more than an evil propaganda machine. The worst part of it all is that people who are dumber than a box of rocks fall for it.

    The ignorance and misinformation and the downright brain-damaged CDS epidemic among our former friends is astounding – even though they’ve been leaning this way for a while now. They’ve gone over the RED cliff and are assimilated and now “Fox-bots” – they are the R-borg.

  29. Mary Jo White to be nominated to lead the SEC. There’s that diversity that Valerie Jarrett told us we had to wait and see.Nevertheless, I hope White gets confirmed and enforces existing laws instead of being a lapdog for the flimflam industry.

  30. The headlines this morning on Yahoo were things like: “watch Hillary flip out” instead of Watch fool tool Johnson get his ass handed to him when he tries to interrupt and not let Hillary speak the truth.

    Abortion destroys evidence in the case of rape. File it in the “you can’t make this shit up” dept and also file with the “vagina obsessed holier- than-thou RWNJ ” dept. Also file it in the “they flunked science” dept because obviously they never heard of testing, freezing, preserving the aborted mass of cells as evidence and insist it must be carried to term.

  31. Upps, I was starting to believe you’d do all those things until you said “I hate your cat” – that’s just crazy talk. You blew your cover.


  32. Hugo, most all of these politically appointed ‘consumer’ orgs are owned by the people they are supposed to be regulating. It’s a big swinging door with jobs. USDA has nooooooooo problem with GMOs since Monsanto has infiltrated the place anyways. EPA tells utilities to cut their mercury level and goes blind and deaf about mercury in CFL light bulbs. It’s endless.

  33. I just started watching the Kerry questioning and McCain is bloviating and increasing his ego boosting – if that is possible since he was so full of hot air yesterday I thought he would burst. Kerry is answering so carefully, so haltingly, watching every word he utters.

  34. I totlally agree about political appointees, Uppity, but there have been some who’ve done a good job of being a watchdog, not a lapdog for the industries they regulate. It has been sometime since we’ve seen one, but I’m encouraged by her long record as a prosecutor on some huge cases. Depends on what obama and Holder will let her do.

    Of course, we’ll see if she can get confirmed.

  35. Two sleazeballs playing cat and mouse. Hard to figure whose ego is bigger. Although I for the life of me don’t know why either of them is impressed with himself.

  36. “This Week” article on Why benghazi didn’t bring down Hill. It didn’t bring her down because it was ALL entirely nothing but HYPE from the RED team during the Romney campaign. They thought they could win the Oval Office by attacking Hillary with utter total fabricated BULLSHIT. Then they had to appease the rabid blood thristy goons they created with their BULLSHIT so they asked more BULLSHIT related questions yesterday despite it all being answered and flicked off as the BULLSHIT it all is right off the bottom of her size a billion shoes.

    I must say Kerry is the best possible person to follow her. How pathetic is THAT?

  37. HOLY FUCK – they are still bringing up NAM!!! WTF – Cambodia!

    What year is this again?

  38. Uppity, OMG ROFLLLLLLOL . I just opened up that link and am crying over the picture of Hillary they used!!!!

    Ron Johnson and Rand Paul are this tiny!

  39. Upps, you have to have a post with that picture in it – and it HAS to be in side columns permanently. Hillary describes the republican morons who tried to bring her down and left them “dis big” in the weenie dept.

    Still rolling on the floor laughing. I want to make that my gravatar!

    I am going to miss her so much. These are our last days her office.

    mwwwwwwwwwahhhhhhhhhhhh, Hillary, We love and thank you.

    Kerry is detailed, boring and made for diplomacy. He also is intelligent. And compared to house members we saw yesterday on display he is a freaking genius and giant intellect. He also defended Hillary from McCain’s stabs as to what she meant by “what does it matter” AT THIS POINT, omitted.

    McCain is trying to get a cushy Fox job.

  40. Soledad O’Brein confronting Johnson about his questions and accusations at the Benghazi hearing. Feet, meet fire. He has no good answers, but keeps demanding answers other than the ones he got. Ass!

  41. From the Salon piece Upps linked to is this gem:

    “President Rand Paul? Try to say that without laughing.”

  42. Johnson keeps repeating that the American public has a right tp know what happened. That is true, but there is no right to know what happened immediately as the attack is ongoing and people are still in danger. How fast did the American public learn about Pearl Harbor and d Day? Polticians need to back off and let the people who are voluntarily in those dangerous parts of the world do their jobs without political interference. In the O’Brie interview, Johnson actually boohoos cuz he wants to interview the Benghazi evacuees and is not being allowed to do so. Newsflash: Executive Branch employees do not and do not have to speak to Congress without a subpeona. Those people have been through enough already and this fool wants to skewer them on camera so he can score a political point. Ijust hope Kerry doesn’t turn around and give them up for questioning.

  43. Rand Paul is just another twit with a tiny penis.

  44. Good thread!! Gotta run, but this was fun.

  45. Mercy, he’s like a kid throwing himself on the floor in the candy aisle.

  46. Members of my family served at high level positions and they did not tell me, their family, what was going on in decades of being in on information. When I did ask about current events in their region that were scaring me I would get an abrupt change of topic that was personal and not political. That this senator thinks the public has a right to know everything instantly and without any holding back of any classified info or potential important secrets – is ludicrous. He is an ass.

  47. I feel somewhat sorry for the Republican party. The Pauls have been fucking up their primaries and presidential races for decades. Now they have the new spawn to replace daddy when he goes to the big libertarian place in the sky. Rand Paul ought to go shore up the Libertarian party like he started up his own Opthamology Board specially created to certify himself, and he should bring all his creepy crawly followers with him, especially those Alex Jones nuts and the ones who still think his old man won in November. I mean these people are truly crazy, you go anywhere on the net and Paul is with 2 percent of the vote and they say he’s winning. Seriously, it takes a special mind to delude oneself like that so regularly. These are seriously deranged fools. As for Rand, he’s just like his old man, he says something senstible and then morphs into a crazy person.

  48. Priceless. A man sues a Catholic hospital when his wife and unborn twins die because the attending physician never answers the call.

    So the Catholic Church says they should not have to pay for wrongful death because the two “FETUSES” were Unborn and have no rights.

    As Jason Langley, an attorney with Denver-based Kennedy Childs, argued in one of the briefs he filed for the defense, the court “should not overturn the long-standing rule in Colorado that the term ‘person,’ as is used in the Wrongful Death Act, encompasses only individuals born alive. Colorado state courts define ‘person’ under the Act to include only those born alive. Therefore Plaintiffs cannot maintain wrongful death claims based on two unborn fetuses.”

    So, in conclusion, every unborn life is sacred unless the church wants to get out of paying money.

    Seriously. Now this article is very angry, and perhaps rightfully so, but brace yourselves — but still……….WTF?

  49. It was no surprise to note that there was a Flake in the Senate that admitted to being one.

    FOX does have it’s moments. I didn’t get the former military guy’s name but lmao at Bill O Reilly’s consternation when he had broadly cued the guy to inviserate Hillary, got instead a resounding barrage of praise for her.

  50. Hahah I would have paid to see that.

  51. Ah all was quiet on the rape fantasy front. So here’s a nutbag who wants to jail rape victims who terminate the pregnancy.

  52. See a testimony of rape victims in DC and how horribly they have been treated. I just don’t know how much more disgusting the USA and its disgusting politicians can get about this.


    You may have some trouble bringing this link up for a bit. HIGH TRAFFIC. Hilarous.

  54. That was funnnyyyy!

  55. Love that a-holes pic! Rofl…so true.

    I woke up with the certainty that Hillary will run and win in 2016.

  56. I’m starting to have fun again.

  57. Well I am glad to see you laughing again. All that angst is very unhealthy and I do not want my own persnal skype and facetime partner all sad.

    I just caught horse face for a few minutes on Tee Vee but I started to nod off.

    If you can bring up that feministing link with the gifs, it’s a riot.

  58. Oh man she got so many hits her site went down. ROFL.

  59. I wonder how many followers STATE will lose on twitter this week. lol.

  60. NEW POST UP.

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