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leon-panettaYou’ve probably already heard the news that US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta lifted the military’s ban on women serving in combat. This lift comes with the blessing of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This means that some 230,000 jobs will be open to women—high paying jobs and that matter if the career ladder matters. Being excluded from combat has been the main barrier to having women qualified to assume command roles (which they call the brass ceiling).

Last year, the Pentagon opened up 14,500 jobs to women. There will still be jobs closed to women and the Pentagon has until 2016 to identify these.combatwomen

As far as I can tell, the majority of the people complaining about this move are civilians and old veterans. Fact is, women have been serving on front line jobs as medics, military police and intelligence officers. They were and are in just as much danger as men. But since they’re not formally serving in combat, they lose out on pay and advancement opportunities.

To this day, the Navy was the best job I ever had on the equality front. Promotions are determined by the “needs of the Navy” and those best qualified to meet them. Every year, the Navy determines how many postions they have available at each rank and rate (your job). Each sailor (what we’re all called whether or not we’d ever been on a ship) is measured on these four criteria:

  • their score on the test based on theor job at their level (rank and rate)
  • their score on the test based on their rank (military leadership)
  • their time in service
  • their annual review

All of these metrics get consolidated into a number and all of the people in a given rank and rate are ordered by number. If the Navy has 100 open positions for an E5 sonar tech, for example, then the top scoring 100 E4 sonar techs get promoted to E5. What could be more fair?

There seems to be some chatter about the women not being qualified…Obviously, I feel that women who are suited to this should do it and no exceptions should be made for women who cannot. I feel the same way about men. I think that people are either suited to a job or not—that they have the physical ability, technical aptitude, and emotional desire to do a job. If they have these, they should not be denied. And if they don’t, they should try something else.

I also believe it’s wise to use the strengths each person has to offer to meet the needs of a given project or mission. Sometimes, brawn isn’t what you need. Sometimes, people are exceptionally good at using their brains to make up for brawn. Many positions in today’s military require a both.

I personally would not want to be in the infantry. I would have loved to have served on a submarine. (Sub service was opened to women a couple of years ago on a limited basis.) I served at Subase Pearl Harbor and was completely fascinated with subs. All subs are considered a combat duty station no matter what the boat is doing at any given time. And you get pro-pay (more money) for being sub-qualified, whether or not your current duty station is a sub. And sub sailors get pampered (they’re the “elite of the fleet”). And the chow is good.



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  1. Sophie – do you think this will put women in a stronger position to resist command rape? I mean those coerced by a superior officer; but also, from your experience, do military males in groups behave any differently toward a woman among them than do civilian males?

  2. He left this for now because he’s not going to take the heat for it. They’ll try to find him and he’ll be running down the road laughing. That is the easy way to get things done without backlash.

    Equal pay, equal opportunity, equal risk.

    Those joint chiefs loved them some Hillary in 08, it isn’t surprising they endorsed the idea. Lots of civil rights progress this year. I am impressed, seriously. It has been a looooonnnnngggg time coming for gays and wimmenz. It’s about time.

  3. You see there’s a repubican on TV right now talking about their website where they reach out to people. He mentions every group but women, and of course the interviewee doesn’t mention them either so they can hang themselves more. Don’t ask me who they were, I’m not watching, I’m hearing from another room. But you see, the Republican party plans to not give a shit what women think and continue on as usual. Or at least that guy does. So I say Fuck Em, I’ll continue to vote third party if necessary.

  4. There was also a discussion earlier about wominz in combat and the guy they had on was making the same old argument they made for black people. The entire military is going to be destroyed, we will never win a war, the womminz are going to destroy everything and get pregnant and blah blah blah. Sickening. The interviewer said, you guys said that about black people and he proceeded to say it’s different because……..women! Ewwwwwwww!

  5. twandx–I don’t know. But here’s an article where Gen. Dempsey thinks so:

    Ok, off to do the work thing.

  6. OT…or maybe not really. Kinda fits for “women in combat”, as in the everyday combat some women face.

  7. I myself have only one piece of advice for these qualified women, carried over from the rest of the world of work: Never date a subordinate. Trust me on this. They will try, trust me on that too. Do. Not. Do. It.

  8. You have to pass it before you know what’s in it.
    Of course this will not effect the Smoker-in-Chief because he has Diamond Health Care for life paid for by us.

  9. Thanks for this, Sophie. I loved reading your description of your experience and appreciate all the facts. Great news for women in the military, and for all of us!

  10. Women have died bravely in combat zones but never got that combat pay. Medics, some of them. The military somehow found a way to put women in harm’s way without paying them for it. Women, just like men! Only cheaper! I think many women in the military will finally get the opportunity (in a token way, perhaps, like in corporate america) to take positions held by men who perhaps weren’t as good as they are at what they do. I am sure that no woman in her right mind is going to seek combat if she isn’t up to it at the time. So yes, any woman in combat should be well trained and up to it, same as men. no deals. But I do think it’s an opportunity for many women to show their grit and finally be rewarded for it. I think this is a great decision and long overdue. Like someone said, if you have a problem, tell it to the muzzle of an Israeli woman soldier.

  11. I don’t see what the problem is. If any person can meet the qualifications for the job, seems to me they are needed for the job. Will most women not have the ability to do some select positions? Probably…but that’s for everybody. I wasn’t a Navy SEAL because there was no way I could meet the requirements,

  12. Hi Jay LTNS! And yup, you’re right.

  13. A Most Excellent Post, Sophie. Thank you for enlightening us, with – just the facts.

    Confirmation from Philippe Reines on Hillary Clinton’s need to temporarily wear eyeglasses fitted with a Fresnel prism, which is used to treat double vision – because she is contending with “fake double vision,” resulting from her “fake concussion,” resulting from her “fake fall,” due to “fake dehydration” from her “fake stomach virus”:

    Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines has confirmed to Daily Intelligencer that Clinton will “be wearing these glasses instead of her contacts for a period of time because of lingering issues stemming from her concussion.”

    “With them on she sees just fine,” Reines assured us. “In fact, she got a kick out of your seven expressions and captions when she saw them crystal clear.”

    Presumably, Clinton read the post while making the “Some People Have Too Much Time on Their Hands” Adjustment.

  14. Have a good day everyone.

  15. Given her history of head trauma, she may have a palsy or paralysis of one of her fourth cranial nerve, which is easily injured in that situation. The likely reason that she is using stick on Fresnel lenses in her glasses is that her eye doctors are hoping that it will be a temporary condition that will resolve itself within 6 months. If it persists after that, then they will prescribe new glasses with the appropriate amount of prisms to correct her double vision.

  16. Double vision has GOT to suck. Especially when you are being grilled by egomaniacs.

  17. Are you getting snow upps??? 🙂

  18. A little, not much, foxy. We already got our punishment. We’ve got a few inches or so nothing major. It’s pretty clear out right now. More than we got was predicted but you just never know. It’s nothing we can’t handle, just Winter. But colder than a grave digger’s butt. Need our Globes Warmed. lol.

  19. No wind. Pressure is falling. We’ll probably get nailed in the middle of the night. That’s always fun when you have a cliff at the end of the driveway. But we’ve got this guy who keeps things good and clean right down to the pavement. If it snows during the night, he’ll be out there picking up after it. He’s a retired guy and can move a damned tree by himself if you ask him. Very reliable.

    Which reminds me. Right on schedule when we had about an inch and a half of snow, the young opportunists were out asking people if they could shovel. They of course want the bucks too, all for the pleaure of watching them slide their shovel without ever having to pick up any snow. When it REALLY snows, you NEVER see one of them. I guess we are supposed to all be stupid. They also like to show up when it’s getting warm and the snow will probably all be melted by 3 PM. lol.

  20. She The People

    Hillary’s loyal base — and it is ever growing among millennial women — likes the “Athena” Hillary, the wise warrior who slays Republicans (especially men) with iciness and harshness. They want her to be Madame President in four years. They long for her to be tough, emotionally, intelligent and even funny. In her swan song, she gave them that Hillary to remember.

  21. The constitutional law professor, *gag* acted unconstitutionally.

    *fake shocked face*

  22. UW, You know pretty much where I stand with Hillary: Don’t agree much with her politics, but love her work ethic and smarts. If I were able to be on the panel with most of those Rupug dumbasses, I would have simple asked.” Give me a detailed time line of what you knew, or were told, and when were you given the intell and by whom?” I have a gut feeling that Barry and the boys are covering the facts up, and making the ladies take the fall for it. These guys are not men, they are Americans, they are Auto-Fellati-ains that are power hungry nerds who think they know the answers to every issue in the world..

  23. Upps, that wapo piece says Rush is in a corner peeing his pants and babbling – oh, no it doesn’t, I forget, that’s just how I always picture him.

    Operation chaos, anyone? Suck on the karma lemon, Rush.

  24. Good for Panetta…it’s also time to change the Selective Service law and have 18-26 year old women register for the draft.

  25. Hill Billy, that is an insult to nerds. My daughter went to an ivy league school for engineering then got her masters and has always been a nerd. Her friends, decades ago, were exactly like the Big Bang Theory kids. I am talking highly intelligent geeks here who play board games instead of going to bars and drinking. They drink exotic tea and juice.

    Anyway, those guys that grilled her were not nerds. They were asses.

  26. Jindal was right, they are stuck on stupid and have been for a long time. They ignore the horrifically ignorant remarks of their spokespeople or they endorse the remarks rather than run from idiots like that Marino. I thought Hillary was going to laugh at him and say, NEXT because he was not worthy of asking her any questions even. Then the jerk from SC sitting next to him doubled down on dumb.

    There should be an IQ test to run for congress, it might raise the bar.

  27. SHV, if you are suggesting a draft, I could not disagree with you more. Been there, done that, and worked to eliminate it the whole time the mandate stood. People who volunteer for service are better equipped mentally to serve their country. When you force a kid to serve you end up with a high amount of them who should not be on a battlefield.

    They would all start off as beginners and rise through the ranks as merit and service deem, according to Sophie’s piece above it is fair towards women to the level allowed previously. Now they can serve in another capacity. Whether drafted or voluntary they are still heading for boot camp and the training level day one.

  28. Oh, SHV, you likley just meant what you said – register. I didn’t think men were only required – I thought all 18 year olds had to even though there is no draft now. Forgive me. Sorry.

  29. Stop texting while walking, driving or using public bathrooms, please:

  30. I needed a story on what a really Good Man in a leadership position might look, act and sound like to today?

    Oh my. I found a story on three GREAT men:

    Tennessee Homecoming King Nominees Give Crown to Another Teen–abc-news-topstories.html

  31. The #1 story trending now – Hillary’s glasses. The Rs managed to create more sympathy and positive attention for her. Backfired on them bigtime. Karma, baby.

  32. Here’s a video of the above story that shows the quality and selfless Leadership of these Outstanding “Men.”

    Bravo! Truly Awesome.

  33. The Benghazi flu was real. It turns average liars into blithering idiots who spew insane lies out daily on TeeVee about people who are thousands of miles ahead of them in the brains and character departments. Benghazi flu is one of the sources of CDS and we know that is always in the end a fatal disease resulting in dunce cap wearing.

  34. Yup, Karen. Nothing like listening to Dunce Cap heads exploding.

    Well, it’s more like a tiny poot, actually, with all that air for brains.


  35. Forgot to mention a mixed blessing coming – has everyone heard?

    Obama, in a first ever (other than with Michelle) JOINT INTERVIEW will be appearing on 60 minutes Sunday Night with none other than:

    The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will participate in their first-ever joint interview that will be broadcast on “60 Minutes” Sunday.

    CBS’ Steve Kroft will conduct the interview. It’s Obama’s first-ever joint appearance with anyone other than First Lady Michelle Obama, the network said in a release. The interview will air on Sunday.

    Read more:

    Wonder why and what’s the motive behind it? Uppity?

  36. “Oh, SHV, you likley just meant what you said – register. I didn’t think men were only required – I thought all 18 year olds had to even though there is no draft now. ”
    “Rostker v. Goldberg”

    Probably the most compelling reason the not have a “draft” is that the majority of 18-26 year olds are physically unfit and too fat to be in the military.

  37. Oh yes, I actually started a post on how there aren’t enough fit people for the military, long time ago. They were actually thinking of adjusting what ‘skills’ they need, like cell phone technology and shit, no kidding. One thing is for sure, thought, if they were drafted, they would be whipped into shape in no time. Maybe the old “Makes men out of boys” thing should be changed to “Makes fit people out of unfit people”.

  38. Ooooooooooooooo I gotta think about this one, Why Not. I already know what’s in it for him, try to suck some of her approval numbers and show everybody what a good guy the fellow who stole her delegates and cheated during caucuses really is.

    Her? Maybe to solidify that, although he should be following her, perhaps she will follow him. And fix his mess. lol.

    Or maybe it’s just an opportunity to do something together that looks like walls are mended. I hold no delusions that bill and hill every forget, though. In this case, this thrills me.

    We’ll have to live blog this thing, whatever it is. It’s politics. Who knows?

  39. There has to be something ironic about Bobby Jindal calling the rest of his party The Party Of Stupid.

  40. In the Stewart clip she looks fabulous in the photoshopped yellow outfit with her blond hair flowing. Super Hillary isn’t far from the real one.

    Also, look at her body language when the Samoa member mentions 2016. She is clearly shaking her head, frowning and saying with her face – not gonna happen. She is saying, as she always says when it is mentioned, for years, no way. She often looks exasperated by the constant, sometimes daily, mentions of it ever since she dropped out of the primary. First it was to push her as most likely VP choice, then as all sorts of department heads and even the supreme court, then before he was sworn in the first time they started with 2016 and she said no.

    She’s said no since the day she dropped out of the primary. Her staff pushed her, her media friends have pushed her, women groups pushed her, team hillary type groups pushed her, draft hillary groups formed and to each of them, in each press conference when she was asked – she shook her head and said no, I am not interested in that. She also gave a long litany of relaxing and enjoyable things she does want to do. So until she says otherwise, I am going to accept that she always says what she means. I do not think she is being coy or pretending she doesn’t want it when she has plans. Declaring late is a good stategy, surely, it gives them less time to attack you for one thing and it costs a lot less too, but I don’t see her seeking the oval office.

    She did her best, better than all the rest, and she moved on to other things. It will be picking a sore everytime somebody mentions her and 2016. Let it go. The odds are against it from what she says and does.

    I wish it were otherwise. I don’t think she will change her mind. Too many times she said no way and too much CDS in the media ready to pounce. They shot a warning across her bow the past few months – we can take your innocence and turn you into Hillarybeast as we did over your benign comments about wishing obama death due to comparing the length of the Kennedy primary and his death. They turn on her with full force and it works on weak minds that can be easily swayed by Fox and MSNBO propaganda and both work against her when they have other fools who the DNC or RNC have chosen to be the winner.

    This is why I do not jump to say I Am In. I am not in to cheerlead for a person who is not going to run no matter how much I wish for it or declare for her that it is the people’s will. She says no.

    Feb 1st she steps down. We wish her the BEST no matter what she does and we THANK her for overcoming treachery and attacks and for working with the enemy side by side to make our lives better.

    She is nothing short of amazing. Go HILLARY, whatever you do!

  41. Trying to see Stewart but just like all the other times, I get nothing but a black screen. Only happns with his stuff. All other places it asks me to run flash and I click yes. With him, if they ask, the click does nothing. This time it didn’t even ask me. I keep flash on a leash, works well everywhere else. Damn.

  42. Haley Babour warns the GOP about stupid and offensive comments also. I never liked him, but latley he sounds rational.

  43. “Retired military chiefs: Obesity levels mean US is ‘too fat to fight’

    “Combined with other disqualifying factors — including criminal backgrounds and poor education — excess weight means that an estimated 75 percent of young adults could not serve in the military even if they desired to, according to the report.”

  44. Yup. Hopeless for our military unless we change it do accomodate them, where combat means playing a game in a basement.

  45. It is single digits here. It has been a very cold winter here and the days coming up show no sign of relief. Did you all see the Chicago fire ice palace warehouse? It reminds me so much of Zhivago’s ice palace which they created the same way for the film. It is one of the classic images repeated here and now:

  46. My generation was fit to fight but they were all too stoned to do so!

  47. I got a link somewhere with stat breakdowns, but I don’t even remember where I put the links to this. I do still have the story someplace in drafts though. I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head.

  48. Here SHV. Have a wince.
    “Army drops bayonets, busts abs in training revamp. Been doing this since 2010.

  49. Yeah Karen, but our generation could float thru keyholes. At least in our minds.

  50. As many know here I do not agree with Hilary politically and yet I have to say I strongly admire her for her steel balls and ability to stand up to the men that would love to take her down. She does not in any way shame women and does not at any time act like that flippin palosi or Boxer she is a leader. She can take command of a room of shriveled dicks and own them and I do love her for that. Would I vote for her as President ? The jury is out on that one. It is mainly as I said her political beliefs most often do not follow mine. However that said in the last 20 years or so no one has been one I could proudly go vote for. It has been hold my nose, close my eyes and hope for the best. I am sick and tired of have to choose the lesser of two evils and that is what we get.
    As for women going into the front line of combat I am ok with it provided they do not get special treatment and can and will live in the same conditions as the male counter part and pack that 50 Cal. like their male counter part and be able to relieve themselves or change a tampon without special means given them. Also understand if caught by the enemy they will be raped and we all know that. I myself would not even dream to do this. No desire there but for women that want to it is fine. Just no special treatment. They need to meet the same requirements and live in the same conditions period.

  51. Another aim is to toughen recruits from a more obese and sedentary generation, trainers said.

    Many recruits didn’t have physical education in elementary, middle or high school and therefore tend to lack bone and muscle strength. When they ditch diets replete with soda and fast food for healthier meals and physical training, they drop excess weight and build stronger muscles and denser bones, Palhoska said.

    Pathetic. A country that harasses people over what they eat, but gym classes were dropped.

  52. For hours, Sewell and his drill sergeants urge on helmeted trainees as they whale away at each other with pugil sticks, landing head and body blows until one falls flat on the ground. As a victor slams away at his flattened foe, a drill sergeant whistles the fight to a halt.

    “This is the funnest day I’ve had since I’ve been here!” said 21-year-old Pvt. Brendon Rhyne, of Rutherford County, N.C., after being beaten to the ground. “It makes you physically tough. Builds you up on the insides mentally, too.”

    Yeah you’d be crapping your pants if it were real.

    “We just have to take the soldier who’s used to sitting on the couch playing video games and get them out there to do it,” Fleming said.

  53. Hugo I saw Barbour say that, it was clearly aimed at the rape idiots.

  54. I saw a quote somewhere where one GOP guy said, if you plan to mention rape in any other context other than it’s a horrific crime, Shut Up.

  55. Karen, take heart sister. For all the crap they threw at her from the media and the Obama campaign, she still got more primary votes than any candidate in any primary, ever.

  56. ROFL! The moron in the canal!

  57. Karen, little moron falls on tracks while playing video game

  58. Moron talking on his cell phone falls on tracks.

  59. The canal was full of ice, it looked like a sidewalk to her she said.

    Fit for duty might involve putting down electronic gadgets too. I can picture military people in a trench covered in mud texting about it and sending pictures of the trench they just dug.

    We learned about the keyhole floating from Alice and by astroplaning across the universe, man.

  60. “Many recruits didn’t have physical education in elementary, middle or high school and therefore tend to lack bone and muscle strength. When they ditch diets replete with soda and fast food for healthier meals and physical training, they drop excess weight and build stronger muscles and denser bones,’
    “According to the report, many recruits have to undergo remedial physical fitness instruction prior to basic training, and excess weight also leads to more sprains and stress fractures in the field.
    “Worse, more soldiers were evacuated from Iraq or Afghanistan for serious sprains and fractures than for combat injuries..”

    Perhaps “remedial” should be the definition for the current generation. ~41% of college freshmen are in one more remedial education classes.

  61. As if calling that law school student a slut wasn’t low enough, Rush weighs in on how to prevent pregnancies among military women in combat zones.

    Maybe Haley Barbour and Bobby Jindal should give rush a call and explain what’s stupid to him.

  62. Reince Priebus aka Reese’s Pieces, was discussing the angry white men hostility problem the Rs have been having for the last 50 years or so:–election.html

    Of course he was discussing this exactly when a bunch of angry white men were asking hostile and ludicrous questions of our SoS. They can’t help it, it is the way they were raised and coddled by their own.

    I have to laugh at the irony of how they were going to stop the lefties and then they concluded they must move to the left to align with the majority of people who are moderates if they want to survive. We all told them that for decades. Sheesh, they sure are slow learners.

  63. Ah Reebus Preebus! Only 50 years! noooooooooo problem!

  64. One day Rush will walk down the street and drop dead from taking too much viagra with his high blood pressure. It will be a good day.

  65. It’s true SHV. Colleges are so dumbed down to accomodate dumbed down schools (And need for tuition bucks), they offer remedial English and Math. As in the dumb class. They let anybody in now.

  66. Hugo, he’s such a pig and is always wrong about whatever issue he takes a side on. If he utters it you can be sure the truth is the opposite. I have always been stunned by his paycheck and by the amount paid to the other shock jocks, Stern for example. Being a foolish pig pays big time. It sells. Society needs to wake up to this crap. What he does is blatant purposeful obnoxious crass and offensive and his sponsers and listeners tune in for that. He is the springer of the airwaves.

  67. We learned about the keyhole floating from Alice and by astroplaning across the universe, man.

    That and the Mescaline.

  68. 18-26? No, 18 – 65. I am 47 and can easily be boot camp ready in a matter of weeks. Hillbillies like me stay in shape cause we have to fight of the Feds, and drink beer! 🙂 Seriously though, if a person can pass the physical, age should not be a factor in entering the armed services.

  69. OMG Karen, that Yahoo link on Republican “Opportunity” committee is priceless. Hilarious! Maybe these guys have learned a lesson. Maybe not.

  70. Still, HIllbilly, it’s a crying shame that young pissants can’t hold a candle to you guys.It’s downright pathetic.

  71. UW, I see it everyday at my school site. UNREAL! The Pillsbury Do’Boy looks like Arnuld compared to 99 percent of our students:)

  72. Yeah, they shot themselves in the foot over and over and then wondered why they couldn’t walk over the finish line.

    “Single women also fled the Republican party on Election Day, with about two-thirds supporting the Democrat.”

    Gee, I wonder why Republican wimmenz supported the dems this time around? Must be the wimmenz were confused by their lady parts and menses and hormones and chose the wrong person by accident.

  73. Hillbilly, these young people are not going to have long lives.

  74. Karen, I’m actually a decent example here. I would have tolerated Romney till he picked that bastard Ryan, telling me rape is a gift from god. Fuck that shit. I ran like my hair was on fire and I wasn’t alone either. Don’t be some guy who doesn’t have a freaking clue, and pretend it doesn’t matter what that POS said, because it DOES. Just not to the person wagging his finger. Fuck that shit too.

  75. Awesome, more beer and pork rinds for us Atlas Geezers:)

  76. Hillbilly, I have never eaten pork rinds except as attached to a hockey. But I swear, if you keep mentioning it I’m gonna have to try that shit. Stop trying to kill me. I’m not that Liberal!

  77. Any Questions?

  78. Ok, imustgotakeashower, I just spent a few hours trolling and googling all the conspiracy theories involving Rand Paul’s accusations. I suspected he was a total nutjob with no basis in fact and after seeing it on far-RWNJ sites occasionally mentioned I went to have a look-see at the “evidence” they have. Mostly it is a guy named General Boykin who said “IF there is a covert action” not that there WAS one. The CIA addressed his concerns with a firm “you are in error” response to him. They deny it, but well, of course they would… even if it was real. So Fox covered it, (and all the usual suspects WND and alphabet soup of RWNJ sites)

    They were buying/selling/shipping guns gathered up from around Libya somewhere that were just layed down after the arab spring or something like that… and shipping them through Turkey (or perhaps some other country according to Paul now) to arm Syrian rebels – (who obama said he would not arm) and this “rumor” is all based on some ship that supposedly got a cargo of guns from the CIA annex at Benghazi and that was why it was attacked. Furthermore they assume if this was going on at the Annex, that somehow Chris Stevens was behind it and therefore Hillary was aware of it and that the consulate was not real it was a planned building that pretended to be innocent when it was really a gun-running aiding and abetting site built to help the CIA Annex run guns.

    Now, just the fact that AMBASSADOR Stevens wasn’t even assigned there, and would not have been involved by nature of the State Dept. with the CIA operation nearby, the question being posed to Hillary at this event, Rand Paul’s very first hearing on this committee, is hilariously trying to put her as involved in a gun running scandal. Hillary. Clinton. Gun moll.

    Now, the Far RWNJ sites are all ranting about Boehner saying he’d heard of the “chatter” about this story and Hillary must clearly be lying since she said she was unaware of any such thing.

    Uh, oh. That makes it official folks. Hillary lied and clearly runs guns to Syrian rebels. Case solved by the brilliant Rand Paul, future president.

    The clincher of the story is this – they say Glenn Beck inspired them to figure it all out.

    Apparently, we always say you can’t make this shit up? Well, you can! They did. Amazingly Boehner said he’d heard somethings about it from a classified source. OMG. These loons run our country.

  79. That dog is amazingly awesome. In her glory out there. Was mom shivering to death watching her and how did you or mr. upps focus?

  80. Mom was only shivering when she tried to drag her inside before the neigbors assume I leave my dog outside. I had to threaten to put her to sleep to get her inside. THIS is a winter dog. When you live in this you learn to use a camera before the shutter freezes.

  81. Sophie, that’s a rough one. I don’t know if I am going to watch it on live stream or not. I might just hang out at upps and wait for others to tell me the really icky parts so I don’t have a full visual.

    I think Hillary’s choice of Pink is a message to girls that they can grow up and have the presidency stolen from them even if they are better than the boy they run against – and then you get to go on teevee with him and have him patronize you and give you a good grade for saving the world.

  82. Yeah I saw an Emily’s list petition to thank Hillary. Judas!

  83. Glen Beck.


  84. AS IF! AS IF we need HIM to tell US to appreciate Hillary!!!! Oh yeah Buddy, WE appreciate her alright….we appreciated her in 2008 when she won the primary too.

  85. When is it, Sunday night, right? The thing with Hillary and the slug.

  86. AS IF indeed. What he should be saying is how much HE appreciates Hillary, that without her, his presidency would have been a disaster, that he probably should have put her in charge of the US economy instead.

  87. Ten

  88. Great post btw Sophie! Love the photo of Hill! “Honorable” Hillary Rodham Clinton….they got that right!

  89. OMG ROFL. You fives.

  90. Yeah they gave her cardboard folded with her name on it, the losers. They had their nice engraved nameplates, now they can shove them up their asses.Classless bastards.

  91. Remember during the republican convention when Fox cancelled all of S**** P**** interviews and cut her air time to zilch? They made her an offer to renew her contract and it was lacking any pizzaz so she decided to part ways and find another place to spew her conservative view spewing. She stepped down, again. Where does she go from here? Westboro Baptist will take her, I bet.

  92. If they are fives then she’s a five thousand.

  93. Ooooh, I know. She can go work for the NRA, they need some perky publicity.

  94. Sophie you should tweet that pic.

  95. Sorry I missed my chance last night to declare myself all in. early to bed and early to rise. love your tricolor. I have two rescue shelties. one of them was rejected by a puppy mill because she was only a bicolor. They so love the winter.


  96. I tweeted the link

  97. This president not only owes her every minute of publicly acknowledged gratitude he can muster for her service to him, she deserves every ounce of highly publicized, positive recognition for her unfailing service to the people of this country, more than any public servant that I can think of – in my lifetime.

    Her determined efforts to restore our country’s image by on-the-ground relationship building, visiting 112 countries around the world, are unparallelled – unimaginable, in fact. How many would even attempt such a feat – in four short years?

    There is no other American “Diplomat” who could have done it as well, much less better – given all of the skill, commitment, work ethic, passion, and command of respect on a global scale that it required, especially under the circumstances this country has been in the last 12 years.

    Hillary Clinton DESERVES as much recognition – if not more – than the man she married who DID become president.

    She has consistently taken on what few men – or women – would even dare and did it with intelligence, grace and humility – humbled by the privilege of representing the most powerful country in the world as a voice for humanity – everywhere.

    Honestly, President Obama, I think, is finally rising to do what he can to let the world know that he, too, gets what we all knew about her…

    …That she, not he, DESERVED that job, because she not only had everything it was going to take to succeed, but the rare ability to both inspire and lead so many into taking the RIGHT ACTIONS – politics aside – TO GET IT DONE.

    I’ll be watching 60 minutes. She deserves a bow from Barack Obama – in front of and from a world-wide audience – all the way down to little, bitty me.

  98. Lorna, actually I saw your comment yesterday a little late, it was stuck in moderation, so I fished you out. Yayyy to being “In”! Welome aboard!

    My dog is a Rough Collie with a heart of gold and the spirit of a warrior when necessary. I adore her. Around here at UW, we call her Needlnose. She is owned by two cats. It’s quite sad, really. Having her is like winning the dog lottery.

    I think it’s wonderful you rescued those sweet babies! I do cat rescue and always meet special people like you. They make the very best pets, you know.

    Hey, got a link to your dog pics????

  99. “Listen up” ROTFL!

    I needed that! Perfect!

  100. Retweet complete.

  101. Hey Why Not, scroll up to see your girl of the four legs.

  102. Wish we could have seen you in that beautiful picture of Needlenose, Uppity… ignoring your useless threats and shivering blue lips. lol.

  103. I did. See comment – running while you’re typing.

  104. No blue lips, Why Not, I am accustomed to winter. But the threats were worth listening to. Twas only when she looked at me defiantly and said Bug Off, Bitch, that I told her during extreme eye contact that if she didn’t move her hairy ass I was going to send her to the Collie Place in the Sky and You Know How You Hate Needles! Okay, I also said her favorite word: Biscotti. Being of Italian heritage thru force, she understands this means Biscuit.

  105. My dog wants her, Uppity.

  106. Alas your dog will have to stand in line. And Utah’s ACD has been trying to hump her for years. She’s very selective and expects lavish gifts.

  107. Yes, she seems to have that Biscotties in Winter routine down, huh?


  108. He’s been doing virtual humping her and practicing Italian daily… and even hiding his own Biscotties all over the place since I’ve been coming here.

  109. What a thrill it must be to see her in all of her glory romping in the snow. Makes all the misery of all that snow worth it, I’m sure.

  110. Ok. I’m off to bed.

  111. Yeah she definitely knows that when all else fails, a biscotti is in order. lol. If your dog is hiding biscotties for her, there is hope. They are organic, of course?

    Yes it is fun to watch her love the snow and get all crusty and crunchy, and wreck my kitchen floor ..

  112. Puke Alert.

    DCCC petition to “Thank Hillary”.

  113. Biscotti eh? Fancy dog. My dogs are California dogs. They love lattes with their dog biscuits.

  114. Oh! aren’t they sooo special thanking Hillary!! Why, that thank you petition just makes up for all the cr@p they pulled carrying Obama over the finish line twisting the arms of Super Delegates, cheating, changing the rulzz and giving Hillary’s delegates to Obama!! Yes, a thank you is all that is needed……/snark.

  115. PC justice in the UK:

    “A muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless.

    Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law.

    Yesterday Judge Michael Stokes handed Rashid a suspended sentence, saying: ‘Although chronologically 18, it is quite clear from the reports that you are very naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters.’
    “In other interviews with psychologists, Rashid claimed he had been taught in his school that ‘women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground’.

  116. Yeah but my dog’s biscottis are hand made by a little crazy dog woman. they are all organic. She loves teh peanut butter ones a lot.

  117. I know everyone is gone, still

    “You’re going to see a very renewed aggressive effort by this party to put on a different face,” Bradshaw said on Thursday. “We’ve got to find a way to take our message to more people and get more votes. It’s not a particularly complicated formula. We got beat; we have to change what we’re doing.”

    BTW, Bradshaw is Florida strategist Sally Bradshaw.

    i really hate to tell them but they can change their face all they want (two faces?) but it was equally or moreso the message they have that folks rejected.

  118. Sophie, a fascinating read. Thank you for the edification.

  119. Peeps here should avert their lustful gaze from NeedleNose.
    If not, she has instructed me to take appropriate legal action.

  120. I should point out that NES does this Pro Bono so the relationship is REALLY solid between them.

  121. What a nasty looking caveman that pedo in that rape story is. Brrrrrrrr!!! One of these days I am going to take all those links on these goatfuckers I have and do a Islamic Crackpots On Parade post.

    As for the Republicans changing and improving their tent. I sincerely hope they do this…and do it sincerely. Because America needs an alternative to these extreme parties. I for one am sick of this shit.

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