Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony and the Men Who Fear Her

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave 5-1/2 hours of patient and thorough testimony before the Senate and House yesterday regarding the events surrounding the tragic deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.    Not surprisingly, Wesley Pruden of The Washington Times published a smear piece entitled “Hillary’s Last Hurrah.”  He offered a photograph of the one moment she became frustrated with Republican Senator Johnson of Wisconsin, who kept interrupting her.  Bumper stickers are already being made up misrepresenting, truncating and mis-characterizing her answer to him. The mockery and Hillary-hate has begun once again.  She was characterized in other articles as “teary,” “emotional,” “defiant,” “combative” and “fierce.”  Hmmm.

Also, Pruden’s choice of an unflattering, combative photo of Clinton for his story is an example of what Professor Kathleen Jamieson referred to as “visual vilification” – reinforcing an uncomfortable image in the minds of voters to render the subject poisonous.  He wrote that “the old Hillary is back.”  But why would the author do this?  Fearing Hillary’s formidability as a presidential candidate for 2016 is as good an answer as any.

Pruden also accused her of “shouting” and “screaming” throughout the hearing.  Hardly.  Since I watched the entirety of her testimony, let me now testify that the opposite is true.  Senior FOX News Correspondent Brit Hume was honest enough to note that she dominated and was masterful, eating the lunch of anyone who tried to get the best of her.  But it was not supposed to be a contest.  These much anticipated hearings were about something far more grave than politicking or jockeying for position, yet ultimately, turned out to be pointless – except to the extent that the more reasonable players in both parties would implement the recommendations made by both Clinton and the Accountability Review Board to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

As Mr. Hume pointed out, the five minute per person question and answer structure prevented anyone from getting into any detailed line of questioning or getting to the bottom of much of anything.  That structure can only be blamed on Congress itself and is not of the witness’ choosing.

Throughout this long day, I noticed that many of the Republicans pressing Mrs. Clinton for answers – which they had every right to do – would instead use their time to grandstand and try to make a name for themselves.  In the alternative, some used as much of their allotted five minutes speechifying to make Clinton and the State Department look bad, without giving her time to actually answer their charges before the rules required that they move to a question from the opposing party.

Democrats were in the main deferential to Clinton, using part of their time to thank her, even celebrate her service as Secretary of State.  Their questions were more of an opportunity to illuminate the complexities of her job and the situation under discussion, certainly to help protect her and the administration for which she has been a loyal soldier. Clinton did her best to not point fingers or throw anyone under the bus and contrary to The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd’s earlier accusations, refused to trash Ambassador Susan Rice.  Clinton said only that she was not in charge of developing talking points that were used by Rice or other administration officials when addressing national news shows.

The hearings taught me not only about the impressive depth and breadth of Hillary’s knowledge and in some cases, her unfathomable responsibility, pace and schedule – but I also learned much about the character of those questioning the Secretary.

While Freshman Republican Senator Marco Rubio asked pointed questions of Secretary Clinton, he held himself with the dignity and respect appropriate to his office – and hers.  But it was Freshman Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky won the prize for rudeness, disgracing himself by behaving more as a belligerent punk than a man who had been elected to high office.  He said “if he were president” he would have fired her.  Oh really.  Then it is fortunate he is not president.  After only two years tenure in the Senate, for a man to pretend he knows more or is in any way the professional equal of a woman who has given a lifetime of service to her country was as pathetic as it was offensive.

Clearly, Mr. Paul must have been twitter bombed, because by last night, he had already backed off his initial statements – which not only insulted Secretary Clinton, but made the outrageous claim that Benghazi was “the worst tragedy since 9/11.”  He seemed to have forgotten the intervening Iraq War where over 4,000 of our brave soldiers and many more thousands of civilians had been killed.  He did his backpedaling in front of Wolf Blitzer of CNN.  It is doubtful Mrs. Clinton (or the American people) will hear an apology.  His initial statement, which I suggest you listen to in its entirety, shows a man wholly ignorant of the workings of state and the restrictions under which Clinton and the State Department operate.

Senator John McCain was likewise belligerent with Senator Clinton, given their long standing friendship and mutual respect.  He complained about what he called her “false answers.”  UPI offered a summary of the back and forth in both hearings which you can read here.  Senator McCain continued his railing, stating…

“[T]here were plenty of warnings leading up to the attack on the anniversary of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but “with all these warnings, we didn’t have a single Defense Department” force to come to the aid of the consulate in the event of an attack.”

After the morning session, C-Span aired several phone reactions to the Senate hearings (I heard these as well) and David Edwards of Raw Story reports.  First from Sarah from Sterling, Virginia, a Democrat:

“As a former member of the Foreign Service, I thought that Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. John McCain made complete asses of themselves, if I can use that word,” Sarah volunteered. “They have no idea with regard to the status of forces agreement and to what the role of the U.S. Marine Corps is in embassies.”

Sarah went on to explain that she had been stationed in a Middle East country where American staff had only been provided one security guard by the host country.

“The State Department has no control over that unless there is a status of forces agreement that allows Marine security guards to step out of their comfort zone,” she continued.

“And Rand Paul has no idea, has no clue of what happens at an American embassy. I suggest that he change committees and go over to the Agriculture Committee, that’s where you can dish dirt. And that’s exactly what he did. He was a disgrace and he should not be on that committee.”

Natasha in Lansing, Michigan then called in to say the following:

“As a Republican, I am thoroughly embarrassed by the way they acted,” Natasha said. “And I guess it would be very appropriate to say, there’s no fool like an old fool, unless he happens to be a young fool. This woman who has worked so hard for our country and has donated, well, practically her health had — they had no business in talking that way to her.”

“For them to get up and grandstand, no wonder our Republican Party is going down the tubes when we have two people that act as foolish and ignorantly as these two did,” she added.

These two ladies said it better than I ever could.  I appreciate Mr. Edwards putting their reactions to paper.

But I must say whatever their issues with John McCain, he is in a different class than Rand Paul.  Mr. McCain has likewise served his country valiantly, first as a Navy officer, suffering torture as a POW, and then as a Senator with a near thirty-year tenure. He, along with Senators Lindsay Graham and Kelly Ayotte have been pounding their fists on the table since day one, looking to get answers on the tragedy and conflicting statements coming from Ambassador Susan Rice and the President regarding Benghazi.  I suspect Senator McCain’s frustration emanates from his knowledge that since President Obama has been successfully re-elected, he knows he will never get to grill Obama, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Leon Panetta, or any other senior official or advisor about what they knew and when they knew it.  So Secretary Clinton got yelled at by “an angry spouse” taking it out on the closest person to him.  That was likely as much satisfaction as he was going to get from the entire episode.

It is likewise fascinating that when Clinton tried to fall on her sword weeks after the tragedy of Benghazi, Senator McCain would have none of it – calling it “a laudable gesture” but noting that the responsibility rested with President Obama and his administration.  Now that the election is over and she is once again “the frontrunner” for 2016, earning accolades far and wide, with many people all but demanding she again contest for the presidency, now he and the rest of the “loyal opposition” want her head on a stick.

Clearly, Republicans (mostly men, as only one Republican woman did any questioning) fear Hillary Clinton’s command and the possibility of running against her  – with the exception of one Republican congressman from Arkansas, who said he wished she had won the primary in 2008…

When you have even former Heads of State Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice and former Head of Security Tom Ridge, who have some understanding of the type of job Clinton does, come out to defend her, noting her “guts and class” — these others are unlikely to get their way.

Here is a hot flash to those who would grandstand or try to take Hillary Clinton down with these hearings or use the deaths of these four men to blame or ruin her.  As Clinton’s testimony makes clear, we are juggling so many difficult situations around the world and walking a tightrope with many countries in violent transition.  The idea that a woman running an organization of 70,000 cannot even count on Senior Staff and has to make every decision and have her fingers in every single pie all by herself is preposterous.  Is some of the fault with her?  Yes.  And she was the first (and basically only) person to take responsibility.  President Obama did so at a presidential debate only retroactively once he was accused of “hiding behind her pantsuit” – and that was after his other “men,” VP Biden and Senior Advisor David Axelrod, had already gone on TV to throw her and the State Department under the bus.

Yet The National Journal offered an article as to why these events are unlikely to taint her excellent record in the long term.

There were botched security protocols in urgent need of fixing as we continue to face fluid and portable enemies that challenge our old ways of doing business and often evidence the creaky way our government moves.  This may be as much to blame for the tragedy of Benghazi as any one person or persons.  There is a lot more that happened, not only in the firefight, but in the President’s Situation Room that, unfortunately, we will never know about. That is an injustice but not one that should be laid at the Secretary’s door.

At the end of the day, Secretary Clinton has shown herself to have, as Republican Senator Lindsay Graham put it, “A work ethic second to none.”  That fact, no matter what else is on the table here, is something the American people are likewise well aware of, which accounts for her 69% popularity as she steps down from office.

Echoing the sentiments of some on the Congressional panels yesterday, I can only hope she is not done and decides, after a long rest, to once more, step into public service, because if any of those railing at her yesterday were any indication – she is still the best we’ve got.


Anita Finlay is the author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin: Sexism and Sabotage, a Hillary Supporter’s Rude Awakening, now available in print and Kindle editions on Amazon — 10 weeks at #1 in Women in Politics Books.

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  1. I learned long ago that these hearings and their question periods are nothing more than facetime grandstanding moments for these clowns. The reason they all get a five minute limit is because, if that limit didn’t exist, we would still be watching guys like Rand Paul talking. The Republican party needs to purge these creatures and send them back to their fringe parties before the Democratic party gets its frightening wish and buries them. A major problem here is there are people out there who think these freaks are a great idea and you would think last November would be a lesson learned for all of them. It’s not that America loves the Democrats, it’s that the Democrats have actually managed to look less odious than the Republicans. And that unto itself is frightening because it didn’t even appear difficult any longer.

  2. Good post, Ani. I watched most of it and kept thinking, If “the American people want answers,” shouldn’t you folks be asking actual questions?

  3. http://www.c-spanvideo.org/clip/4337204

    Could not get it to embed 😦

  4. I guess Paul just wants to plant thoughts that Hillary gives guns to turkey, scumball. It’s tie in to fast and furious, as IF she had a whit to do with that. This man is a scumball. If he wants to know about giving guns away, why doesn’t he get the balls to pound on Obama and Holder’s door?

  5. I just love the way she answered him. She might as well have asked, “Are you out of your Vulcan mind?”

  6. Sophie, not being able to embed that most excellent video example of abject stupidity, is not your fault. You can only embed youtubez in comments, far as I can see. But I could be wrong. God knows, I have tried.

  7. All the news is talkiing about how it’s frigid in the NE. Not sure what qualifies as frigid but it 16 degrees here and that’s above zero, not below. This is not an uncommon temp for late January. It was proably around zero late last night when i went out with the dog for a few. But that’s also not all that odd.

    However, this guy disagrees, but he’s in Wales.

  8. The monkey video reminded me of a video short from a number of years ago. It’s a claymation made by the guys who would later go on to do Chicken Run.

    They interview zoo animals asking for their opinions on the zoo conditions.

  9. Cold and Snow gets that way a lot in January around here.

  10. Same here. We’re used to it. When I got up this morning and heard the news I thought WHOA it must be REALLLLLLY cold. So I let the dog out and I’m thinking WTF? This is January cold just like always.

  11. Does the GOP want to know what’s wrong with the GOP? THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE GOP. They have inbred morons, and even non-inbred morons in leglislative positions all over the country, THATs what’s wrong with the GOP.There is just NO END to the EMBARRASSMENT caused them by Their Own. Some of these idjits even make it to Congress. When they aren’t drooling over the thought of rape, they are doing other completely stupid things that show them to barely be human, if at all.

    Today’s example:

    Tennessee legislator: Cut food stamps to kids with bad report cards. You can’t make this shit up.

    More about who this clown is

  12. A recent bill introduced to the Arizona state legislature by Rep. Bob Thorpe (R), a freshman tea party member, would require high school seniors to recite a loyalty oath to the U.S. Constitution in order to graduate:

    I ______________ do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose or evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge these duties; so help me God.


  13. Ugh. Regarding 2016, I just heard Chris Matthews (I know) pump up Joe Biden and run down Hillary, complete with bad picture and same old talking points regarding “Bill” from 2008. MSNBC hasn’t changed a bit. Not surprised!

  14. Hell we can’t even get our elected officials to be loyal to the constitution. The kids ought to tell him YOU GO FIRST!

  15. Did you steal that from my FB page?!

  16. I read Ani’s most excellent post on her site yesterday. Glad you cross-posted it here – well worth a second read.

    P.S. Ani: Congrats on BlogHer picking it up!

  17. Hey! I got that from fb too and couldn’t figure out how wot embed it here! I even put it in my media files at the pie place and still couldn’t do it!! But I’m glad you got it up!!

  18. Gee. Our laws are definitely a cut above those other countries that let RAPISTS off for simply offering to marry their victims – whether she wants to become a Hostage To A Rapist In Matrimony… or not.

    Here’s what America’s “Family Values” under State Laws look like, for women who get pregnant as a result of RAPE.

  19. Oh. Here’s the link to the article from which the graphic came:

    Worst States For Pregnant Rape Victims


  20. Republican dog and pony show is over for now, oh and btw RWNJ, HRC won because it was never a real issue. Benghazi, the 4 dead, were a political football tossed by the vile republicans for no reason.


    JEFFREY BROWN: Can I flip us into foreign policy? Because also this week, there was Hillary Clinton testifying finally on Benghazi, and then hearings for John Kerry.

    First on Benghazi, and Hillary Clinton, is that still a live issue?

    DAVID BROOKS: I never thought it was a live issue.

    It was something to attack the administration on election season. And there — you know, believe me, there were faults. But it was more a talking point.

    I think we have reached the final chapter. Hillary Clinton is leaving. I think Benghazi is over. And it was sort of a substitute for having a real foreign policy debate.

  21. upps, Yep, it is horrible and yet, it sadly seems that TN guy is so typical of the way a southern conservative really thinks today. That’s the way they roll as we’ve found out once they get their ego boosted enough to feel comforable shooting off their mouths and spouting how they really feel about issues. They run for office and hide some of their positions and figure once they get into office they’ll “learn them some constituents and take ’em to the wood shed” till their way is seen and the people shout – AMEN Praise Jaysus I have seen the light.

    The other day when the Reps gathered for their “what are we going to do now” session, they came to the conclusion that they must not tell people where they stand on moral/family value, vagina issues and immigration, and to keep it only focused on economic and fiscal issues while running for office. Basically, they decided they wouldn’t change at all, they’d just delay when they get all up in your vagina business.

    Beware of republicans who want to help your wallet – they really are aiming for your crotch in the long run.

  22. Ani, John Smart linked this piece here the other day and I enjoyed it and said so a few threads back. We were all talking about Hillary’s testimony live here so I don’t think many of us made it to your live show during the hearings. I hope it went well and you had a good audience.

    Times are strange, good to know you too will always have her back!

  23. No doubt, the Hillary in emerald green facial expressions are a wonderful follow up to the tumblr blackberry photos. She surely says a lot with her body language and wonderful frown lines even while she is being totally diplomatic and using her finess and classic manners. A soft answer turneth away wrath. She knows how to coddle buffoooons.

  24. The other quote from my PBS link that I wanted to share with all of you:

    As far as the Benghazi hearings, it was an embarrassment. It really was. I mean, I thought the Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, especially Sen. Johnson of Wisconsin and Senator Rand of Kentucky – Sen. Rand Paul, excuse me — were just — they were lightweights.

    I mean, they were looking at — I mean, we went through 9/11 in this country, and not once in any hearing thereafter did any member of this administration — administration sitting in power then be questioned by a member of Congress of the other party or their own party about what was going on, what were you hiding, the presumption that, you know, somehow you had some information and weren’t sharing it.

    And I thought Hillary Clinton handled herself well. I thought she was a grownup in a meeting of adolescents, quite frankly.

  25. This was totally the dog and pony show — and Rand Paul is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party — you are right of course, Upps, that all this is about is grandstanding. Even Erick Erickson of Red State, ( also a Conservative TV commentator) pointed out the same thing and said that is wy they keep losing elections.

    I was also shocked (not!) that the sexism is just as rampant as ever in the aftermath of the way they covered Hillary’s testimony. Shutng and screaming? Really?

    And the tumlbr above of Hillary is the best — I also love it when she looked at Paul and paused for about five seconds and then said ….”Turkey????!???”


    She made all these clowns look like what they are.

    There should be some answers forthcoming, but clearly the set up and also execution of this forum by these blowhards showed they don;t want answers, as much as facetime.

    Thanks, Upps, for letting me cross post here…

  26. And amen, Karen for Clinton! Agree with your comments above. Body language sid plenty.

  27. they came to the conclusion that they must not tell people where they stand on moral/family value, vagina issues and immigration, and to keep it only focused on economic and fiscal issues while running for office.

    Yeah. So, Boner has called the circle jerkers to arms to rally around their disintegrating base – announcing the TIME IS NOW to gain complete control over one ‘woman’s vagina issue’ (before 2014) starting with, of course…

    John Boehner: Ending Abortion Is ‘One Of Our Most Fundamental Goals This Year’

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) took the opportunity to reiterate his commitment to banning abortion in America for good.


    Let the 2013 Games of Further Diminishing a Woman’s Right to Control Her Own Body… begin again.

    As Uppity sorta says: At my age, it’s not my problem. Good luck, girls.

  28. Hi Why not…they just don;t get it, do they? So let’s take a loser issue that lost them the votes of women by 12 points in swing states and then pound on it!

    If I didn’t know any better, I would screw on my tin foil hat really tight and say they are trying to destroy their own “Party” so we can commence this one world order b.s.

  29. No I didn’t steal it from your facebook page. I don’t do that to friends without a h/t. I don’t go to FB except under duress. I stole it from someone who interceded a timeline and tweeted it to me.

  30. Talking out of both sides of his mouth. They might stop saying it but they are preoccupied with rape to the point o fantasy and they want to control women. Being quiet isn’t going to change who they are. They’re going to have to show me or I will be voting for third parties and waste my vote till the cows come home. I don’t fall under the Pope’s jurisdiction and I don’t have to.

  31. Frankly, they don’t need to worry about their positions on moral/family value, vagina issues and immigration getting out. They have a better plan: gerrymandering + district-based electoral voting guarantees that they will own the House and the Presidency. So they can have any anti-human point of view they want.

    Can you imagine if Dems did this?! Twitter and Fox would be abuzz with: The socialists are plotting to steal your votes!

  32. The Church is gonna have a lot of splainin’ to do now that one of their hospitals fought a wrongful death suit on unborn twins and their co-dead mother, by using the defense that unborn ‘fetuses’ are not people. Funny how they want exceptions to USA laws till the USA law benefits them. So in conclusion, a baby is a living thing and a person the minute somebody shoots a wad and it reaches the egg. Unless a Catholic hospital kills it. That’s okay because it’s not really a person. My former church is and always was a study in hypocrasy.

  33. Are these RWNJs from any particular faith more than another? Like are they Southern Baptists or Catholic or is it a mix of just fundamentalism and craziness?

  34. Hmmm…thought the exclamation point would be a dead-giveaway that I really didn’t think you did. Next time I’ll go with a bank of smilies. 😉 😉 😉

  35. Rearranging the country so rural people can basicallly get two votes if they don’t win and changing the electoral process is never going to happen. It’s an issue that will die. Winner takes all, and that’s that. That’s the kind of shit they pulled on Hillary in a primary. When you talk about major presidential elections, it’s a whole nuther animal. Don’t get in a lather about it. It ranks right up there with seceding from the union bluster. They’ll all run out and do some target practice, shoot their foot off and calm down.

    HOWEVER……….BOTH parties have done redisctricting for decades, to ensure their party wins congressional and state elections. Depends on who is in power at the time. But nobody seems to notice. That sleaze Tom Delay did it in Texas but they were so busy indicting him on misusing funds that were supposed to go to little children, they didn’t even get to that. And since this has been going on for many years, it’s another reason you can’t change the electoral vote system.

  36. The problem with these two whiney assed baby parties is they want to change rules when they need the change and then change it back when it doesn’t work for them any longer. No wonder America is going to hell.

  37. … points well taken, and yet I’ve found I can no longer function in the PA State Dem Committee because the trolls have overrun the organization with their “Snap Management” solutions. Like Clueless-In-Chief, these entities are neither conversant with the insight acquired in actual work nor respectful of the body of work already in place upon which they are privileged to add their own. I ‘m pissed that Obama was far more interested in hopping the plane to Las Vegas for a fundraiser than engaging in the 7 hour siege of his embassy and for that, I believe this investigation failed to lay the heaviest questions at HIS doorstep. It was Obama who was NO SHOW at a full third of his own daily security briefings. This, the He Man Woman Hater who clubbed Hillary with every bit as much contempt during the ’08 campaign … Hillary proved a faithful warhorse, as the White House Hacks continue to GAME her. A leader of men since girlhood, HRC has sustained too many betrayals by women AND men to expect much of anything from them. But as for Turkey, with all due respect, those of us expecting meaningful press coverage that SHOULD have magnetized to the Black Flag of AlQaida flying over a US Consulate, found Larry Johnson’s November piece http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/74384/what-is-the-white-house-covering-up/#more-74384 eyebrow-raising at the very least. Jennifer Griffin’s reporting throughout the afternoons on Fox News was continually amazing and thorough, providing so much material at which the mainstream media fairly yawned, that I was flat-out frustrated with my Obama-worshipping relatives’ dismissive, Bush-like lack of curiosity about such a serious incident. A reasonable, informed person would naturally connect the dots from Gadhaffi’s 22,000 shoulder launch weapons stash said to be warehoused nearby the Annex holding the last few of the prisoners illegally held by the CIA … the Petreus scandal drowned out ANY follow-up on that scandal providing the slacker Obama Administration with yet more cover. If I’m puzzled at all, it’s at Hillary’s readiness to forgive and keep on keeping on while the guys who play her get away with it. Is she filing it with a smile or truly too dedicated to her work to get her EYES UP for a quick reckoning scan of the landscape she’s so ardently defending?

  38. SWPAnna, I apologize for having to edit out one of your lines, but it does beat the FBI knocking at your door. We all know what you meant, but your detractor won’t care.

  39. Yeah do the smilies.I take my stealing very seriously!

  40. Why the H didn’t you tweet that?

  41. imust all fundies are crazy, no matter which religion or which country. There has to be something ironic about a bunch of people who fight sharia day and night but only want to replace it with their own brand of theocracy instead. If you ask me, that’s where teh Christian Fundies are on that issue. Competition

  42. If I didn’t know any better, I would screw on my tin foil hat really tight and say they are trying to destroy their own “Party” so we can commence this one world order b.s.

    I’m now convinced that what we are seeing is full blown, tribal narcissistic personality disorder.

  43. Good call, Why Not?. And it is as good an explanation as any.

  44. I mean, I really cannot understand why they ar harping on this stuff — like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. It is like they insist on holding on to a world that no longer exists. The resdt of ociety is busy moving on while they are locked in their bubble chamber, stamping their feet, insisting they know what is best.

  45. Remember when Hillary Clinton said this?

    Why extremists always focus on women remains a mystery to me. But they all seem to. It doesn’t matter what country they’re in or what religion they claim. They want to control women. They want to control how we dress, they want to control how we act, they even want to control the decisions we make about our own health and bodies.

  46. Damn. Maddie landed in spam hours ago and nobody noticed. Sorry girl!

  47. maddie don’t worry about Chris Matthews. He has a problem with women who are smarter than he is, which means he has a problem with all women. Nobody watches him any longer, except maybe his mother.

  48. If Boehner intends to end abortion this year, he needs to get those anti-Roe v. Wade folks fired up. There demonstration in DC yesterday had pitiful turn out. Never mind that it the cold and a little bit of snow.

  49. Ani, it’s all they’ve got to offer to women, apparently – to act in their ‘legislative capacity’ to help mold the moral fiber of women… into how THEY STILL SEE our respective, primary roles in society.

    Thus, they are sinking in the quicksand of their self-appointed, misconstrued and largely destructive “relevancy” to not only women’s reproductive issues, but to undermining their value to society when it comes to solving its larger problems. If that makes sense?

    Of course, I’m kind of speaking to the choir around here.

  50. Exhausting. No wonder it’s much needed comic relief to laugh about the absurdity of it all, with the ’99 problems and vaginas ain’t one of them’ we need to focus on getting solvED.


  51. Amen to all, Why Not…

  52. This Untaxed Bishops who arranged those buses must be soooooooooooo disappointed.

    Somebody on some channel, probably CNN interviewed a clinic nearby and asked the doctor if she was disturbed by the demonstrations. She said not at all, as their are ineffective and………losing. That’s the word she used.

  53. Say! I have an idea. Why don’t we help put an end to their rape FANSTASIES and send them the prototype to the Ultimate Rape Deterrent.

  54. Oh, Why Not, I agree. They said they were going to be silent about the issues while RUNNING for office. When they obtain the office, like BooHoo has, they will let everyone know they want to rule all lady bits.

  55. SWPAnna, I totally dismiss the entire lunatic conspiracy theories floating around the RWNJ sites concerning Rand Paul’s Turkey questioning. It is laughable. I ranted about it yesterday and the more I read about it the more baseless and lacking in any evidence it became and truly is. Fox isn’t real news, it is all partisan bullchit and people need to step away from their teevees.

    Obama has how many millions of employees under his command? I hate to say it, truly do, but if he cancelled events everytime there was a battle on a battlefield, an attack on American’s somewhere as there is this week all over, or a horrible natural disaster taking place that was causing death, he would never be able to leave the oval office.

    He does keep in touch, surely, with the situation through, um, technology. Really, seriously, you can open a computer, a little lap top or blackberry even, and be connected. That air force one has some nifty gadgetry too, you know. So it sounds like nit-picking, old nit-picking and of zero importance, to me.

    That November link is sad. I remember when that was a good site.

  56. Friar in PA monestary accused of abusing children in two states kills himself. Thanks for removing yourself from the gene pool, shitbag. Otherwise they might have just transferred you.

  57. oh and SWPAnna, sorry to nit-pick myself, but our embassy was not under seige. Our embassy is in Tripoli. It was a US Mission, a consulate bldg and a CIA annex.

    If you’d like me to expound on my thoughts with my opinions and the reasons I came to my conclusions, including the faults in that link you posted, I will, gladly. But just reading it is sufficient, it is just awful.

  58. Sorry karen. But our Ambassador was killed and it was on the anniversary of 9/11. I’d say that was a big deal. Obama flew to Las Vegas for a political fundraiser. Sorry, but if there was anything to “phone in” it would be that fundraiser. There’s something called decorum and Obama sorely lacks it. Respect is another word that comes to mind.

  59. Imust, i am not saying it wasn’t a big deal, it was. He flew the next day. Reagan didn’t miss a minute of his campaign during Beirut with lots of lives lost. The Benghazi hype was for Rs political purposes. When it suits them they go ballistic.

    On September 20, 1984, there was a truck-bomb explosion at the U.S. embassy annex in Aukar, Lebanon, just outside Beirut. Twenty-four people were killed. It was third terrorist bombing aimed at U.S. interests in Lebanon in a year and a half.

    What did Ronald Reagan do on September 21, 1984? He made three campaign appearances in Iowa.

  60. I never said I had any respect for Ronald Reagan either. In fact, I don’t.

  61. obama made phone calls and had a meeting in the oval and flew out the Next Day for the vegas event. Not our embassy and not in vegas during the siege as SWPAnna and Fox originally reported. They also reported on Fox that there was a life camera feed, as asked Hillary STILL in the hearing though it was long ago disproven. They said he watched it LIVE and refused to send help. He didn’t and they did send help according to the investigation immediately.

    obama is a bastard, i can’t stand the man, but he didn’t sit and watch them die on teevee live and head for vegas. There’s more to the story than the fox spin. And Hillary was equally skewered by Fox with the smarmy innuendos. Those people are the vile ones, they make shit up.

  62. I will give Reagan credit for one thing. He made people feel good about America after Carter spend four years making everyone in this country feel like dog shit.

  63. I have been reading some of the recent comments and thinking about the level of involvement of political appointees in situations that are best handled by experienced, trained professionals. While they should know what’s going on, sometimes it’s best if they just stay out of things. As in don’t meddle. Just ensure adequate resources and step aside. Then some knowledgeable team will prep them to answer stupid questions for other politicians. I’ve experienced meddling from political appointees and they can be dangerous.

    The topic of Hillary not reading 3,000 e-mails addressed to the Secretary of State reminds me that Congress should try reading the laws they pass and the regulation promulgated under those laws. Somewhere I’d bet they might find some language that authorizes Cabinet members to delegate duties to specfic individuals within their departments. I’ll bet not one of them read any statute or regulation regarding SOS duties, authority and the delegation of such duties.

  64. America was hungry for something positive after the Carter years for sure, but that doesn’t make Reagan a good president. And I agree with you that there is a lot more to the story than what we have been told. I still think it was tacky of Mr. Prez to head to a rally when he did. It looked bad. It was bad. And sorry, but you are nit-picking on the details.

  65. imustprotest, at 3:48 PM said: Remember when Hillary Clinton said this?

    Yes, I do!

  66. The topic of Hillary not reading 3,000 e-mails addressed to the Secretary of State reminds me that Congress should try reading the laws they pass and the regulation promulgated under those laws.

    Right on, Hugo. Then they wouldn’t have to pass crap just to see what’s in it.

  67. I won’t link to Media Matters since they are, as Upps points out correctly, far left wing nuts, but they do have excellent info pages on what actually happened compared to the accusations. Every single RWNJ site had massive glaring totally ape-shit accusations that were not even close to the truth. Many of them, like this Nov piece, had a whole lot of “what if” “a source says” “maybe” type reporting and it was entirely fantasy land crap designed to demonize the white house.

    I am not glad to be a devil’s advocate, not for Reagan or the current guy. Bush during Katrina or any other president under national crisis or during acts of war or terrorism but seriously, there are other things they need to do too. We have thousands of consulate offices and enormous embassies around the world. There are people assigned to deal with these situations. Like Hillary said, all 1.4 million communications they get come addressed to her out of tradition. It takes a staff of many thousands to read them all and disperse them to proper departments who handle that content.

    This was an office in a remote area that was not Steven’s normal site. We do not have need to read the classified investigation but many in congress did. Several times Hillary said to the congress critters that they were given that report but she couldn’t discuss what is in it.

    There were how many embassies under attack at the exact time this remote office was under attack? Hillary gave the numbers at the hearing. It was something like 200 protests going on (most of them about the VIDEO that Rice and Hillary mentioned at the time.)

    here is the recently released timeline by the pentagon:


  68. I think I said something similar in my thread about the irony of a bunch of clowns who don’t read their own legislation expecting an SOS who traveled a MILLION miles to read thousands of cables daily. Unbelievable.

  69. But our Ambassador was killed and it was on the anniversary of 9/11. I’d say that was a big deal.

    imust, I agree that it’s a big deal and I think State handled the aftermath like it was a big deal. But there have been 11 anniversaries of 9/11. Do we have extra marine guards everywhere we are in the world on the anniversary? Also, there was a lot more shit that has gone on in these 11 years that was a big deal that NO ONE made this big of a fuss about. The Inquisition wasn’t about how much The Inquisitors cared about those four people–not one bit. It just so happened that Benghazi happened at a pretty excellent moment in the campaign season and that’s why it’s a big deal to them. If it had happened the day after the election and if the other guy had won, there wouldn’t be one tweet about it.

  70. Hugo, 1.4 MILLION communications are addressed to her. Before her they were addressed to every sos. That is the formal tradition it might even apply if it is a request for more trashbins in the ladies room in Quatar or something like that.

    There is no sense to it, it is nuts to have it that way but that is the way it is and always has been according to silly tradition. During wikileaks they had tons of emails that she had nothing to do with in a billion years but every single one of them has her name right at the top.

    1.4 million.

  71. Nice to see Hillary getting this kind of press:
    Hillary Clinton is likely to be the next Democratic presidential nominee because she is the best-known active Democratic politician, because she has repeatedly triumphed over adversity, because she has made herself well-liked at a time that politicians are typically viewed with contempt.

    But she is likely to be the next president, the first woman to be president of the United States, because of the quality of her character and her work on behalf of the American people. With some luck she will use the next two years to restore her energy and prepare for what lies ahead. Because regardless of what political party in which you may find yourself, it is hard to deny that she elevates our political discourse in ways that few, if any, others do on the contemporary stage.

  72. It doesn’t matter that the communications are directed to the SOS. Trained people know who gets what. It’s no big deal until some Congressional ahole decides to show his total ignorance regarding management of a Department. The GOP likes to spout off that people in the government couldn’t run a business, but looks like they couldn’t run a department with 70,000 employees spanning the globe.

    And does each Congressional member read each communication directed to her/him? Probably not.

  73. And obviosly, it goes without saying, any request from an Ambassador about security concerns at an outpost like Benghazi from his embassy in Tripoli, would have gone to the security dept. Hillary wasn’t working as head of security at the time… she had other fish to fry.

    But those “stupid” republicans and the stupid arm of the GOP called Fox news, decided to try to attack her for it. She is the SoS and that has nothing to do with her job description. Requests for security go to the three guys she cannot fire due to their contract/union/job description and personnel rules – but she made it clear she would like to fire them. Those three were found at fault. There was no blame from the investigation aimed at Hillary.

    So how come they all asked her those moronic questions over and over? POLITICS – gotcha politics – not the deaths of the 4 who served. Fuck them for sensationalizing the deaths. At least obama spoke from the rose garden and greeted the bodies at andrews. There, I defended him again! This is becoming so annoying!


  74. Maybe the clown who raised that question to Hillary needs more mail to read.

    Very exciting op/ed from CNN, Sophie. I just know it’s going to happen.

  75. Nice CNN piece, Soph!

  76. karen, I think the morons ask the same questions over and over because they are not thinking in real time. The are rading prepared questions and making prepared statements just to get a video of themselves “representing” their constituents/ These hearings truly are about performance, not about getting into any substantive, problem-solving matters. If they are really interested in getting those elusive facts they think are still missing, they have Congressional investigators who can go to the Department and commence to interviewing. Congressional inquiries don’t have to be on the teevee.

  77. Hugo, I think (if she chooses to run), this is one helluva qualification:
    I know everyone in the world.

  78. Soooo true, Sophie. And with the exception of a few bitter, clinging rightwingers, everyone in the world admires her.

  79. I know everyone in the world.

    HAHAHAH! Seriously!


    Everyone in the world knows me!

  80. I just checked and they did send Congressioanl investigators to State, so there’s no reason for them to think they can elecit any more facts in a hearing. Unless they think their own investigators failed to do a thorough investigation. In which case one could ask them why they delegated the investigation instead of doing it themselves in person at State.

  81. I’m not criticizing Hillary or the State Dept. But I’m not giving Mr. O a pass. IMO there wasn’t enough of a big deal about it. It was ignored by the mainstream press because, god forbid, it might hurt The One.

  82. Hugo there are just a lot of delusional people out there and for some reason they get to spout their non-sense and they get away with it. We saw the same Rand Paul bullchit and came away with revulsion.

    I saw sites that were Hillary 08 supporters saying Rand Paul was right. No kidding. They think he was brilliant and forceful against her. When I went to Sophie’s link I saw the mention of Clash of the Titans – with one of the titans being, lol, Rand Paul of Ky and the other being Hill.

    Here is the opinion of one Timothy Stanley who clearly is not too discerning and is easily impressed. I scratch my head at the people who adored her in 08 and then somehow lost their minds and think the republicans did a good job of grilling the lying Hillary.

    bring a vomit bag nearby before reading:


  83. Yep, Sophie. She knows everybody and they know her. She would also get a whole lot of obot guilt votes. They owe her one for trashing her knowing they were lying and vile to say those things.

    It makes me think of the recent joke “Hey, that was Hillary Clinton’s husband” after Bill spoke about “Lincoln” at the Globes.

    It would also be an incredible amount of CDS, the likes of which we have never seen even with all we have seen over the years.

    I don’t see it happening. I hope, very much so, that I am wrong. I would dance around the house and put up lots and lots of signs all over.

  84. Karen, you will do more than that! If she does indeed announce, we are doing an Uppity meet-up to plan (just deal with it Uppity!).

  85. You’ll know who I am because I’m bringing my dog.

  86. Oh really? Then I’m bringing my cat! 🙂

  87. OMG, karen. What a twit that Timothy Stanley is!! She has been “redefined as a competent and admirable public servant…” Bull! She has spent much of her life as a competent and admirable public servant. When did he crawl from under his rock?

  88. Clash of the Titans? LOL! More like Hera Smacks Down Harpies.

  89. Boner “Vows to make abortion a relic of the past”.

    Boner, you ARE a relic of the past.

  90. My dog likes cats. No big deal.

  91. Why Not — I finally got a chance to read that article you linked to: “John Boehner: Ending Abortion Is ‘One Of Our Most Fundamental Goals This Year’ ”

    Oh, gag me:

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) delivered a sermon that called for a “spiritual cleansing.”

    “Our nation is adrift, adrift in a wilderness where right and wrong have become subservient to a hedonism of the moment,” Paul said. “I believe our country is in need of a spiritual cleansing.”

  92. Our country is in need of the Paul Family cleansing out of politics.

    Oh and Ryan has given a warning to the GOP. I just read the headline and decided not to read the rest, since he himself served as a horrible warning to the GOP all by himself in 2012.

  93. Wow, the Ryan article…talk about projection! Talk about straw men. No wonder the party’s in trouble–they hold this guy up as an “intellectual.”

  94. My dog likes cats. No big deal.

    That’s all? No excitement about meeting my cat?

  95. Serious reality distortion field going on. This from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas):

    “Okay, we’ve got two pending nominations, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel,” he said in responding to a question at the National Review Institute summit in Washington. “Both of whom are very prominently — ”

    Cruz took a pregnant pause. “Anti-us?” said a moderator.

    “Less than ardent fans of the U.S. military,” he continued.

    Hagel, a former Republican senator who Obama nominated for secretary of defense, and Kerry, a Democratic senator and nominee for secretary of state, both served in the Vietnam War. Hagel received two Purple Hearts; Kerry received three and a Silver Star and a Bronze Star.

  96. You may not like either nominee, but to be a chickenhawk and say ANYTHING about their lack of love for the military when they’re both decorated veterans is over the top.

  97. I met one of Sophie’s cats already – and would love to meet Needlenose – and it would be ok I guess to meet der needles mommy too.

    Upps, that video of Jon Stewart that was funny about Hillary using her super woman powers at Benghazi is at Hillaryis44 and it is a different format and site link. Maybe that one will work for you? The yellow outfit is still framed on the video.

    Super Hill.

  98. The whole time Kerry was running for President they painted a picture of him that was false – and the term swiftboating was born. So it isn’t surprising they’re going to use that old canard to irk the dems. Old idiotic slander doesn’t ever end. Clinton is still defined by the impeachment by some of his detractors. Hillary is still blasted for Whitewater even though it was decided she was innocent.

    They painted Kerry as a traitor and somehow, the a-holes still believe it.

    Yet Bush got a pass for all he really did do. Amazing, huh.

  99. oh, that only has a tiny bit of the jon stewart bit then it has other clips of other people. oh well.

  100. Story of my life. Excited to see the dog, seeing me is okay I guess.

  101. I did find a pic of the yellow outfit karen. Hold on.

  102. Ok you guys need some smiles, so new post going up in a minute.

  103. I met one of Sophie’s cats already

    In fact, you did and I thought Upps would be a bit more piqued about meeting Ms. Lily.

  104. You don’t want me meeting Ms. Lily. What you do not understand is I know and love cats so well that I am a cat magnet. SHe will leave you for me.

  105. I don’t think so. But if she does, be prepared!

  106. No more room at the Inn!

  107. OT but I was asking about the large room air purifiers over in another thread a few days ago, and thanks for everyone who recommended some. I bought the Hunter and I really like it. Works great. Got an ionizer on it too and not a huge footprint in it’s tower form.

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