It’s a Scottie Pinwheel!

Have a great Sunday. And guard your goat’s milk!  (h/t Chatblu, Real Life Scottie Person). More below the video…


I herd the goats and they drink the milk.

Super. The little shits are sucking on Goat's milk and I'm over here eating snow and freezing my ass off.

Super. The little shits are sucking on Goat’s milk and I’m over here eating snow and freezing my ass off. There is no god.


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  1. I first saw (then “stole” the scottie pinwheels on Facebook from Rev. Amy –so glad it is making the rounds, and yeah, we do need a smile. And Upp’s. your gorgeous baby needs a big cuddle and a plate of yummies! Both pix fabulous! xoxo

  2. Anita, my dog’s entire LIFE is a plate of yummies. Trust me on this.

  3. I admittedly indulge her. You know why? Because she indulges me every single day. It’s like I won the dog lottery.

  4. Oh how cute! I wonder if I could get the cats to do that if I get that special bowl.

  5. Yeah Sophie, you and what army. lolol. they’ll be batting at each other and doing that Look.

  6. I just crack up every time I see that. 😆

  7. That’s why I was thinking about the special bowl she has–there’s a built in barrier. As it is, they just hiss at each other, insisting only one cat gets the bowl at a time.

  8. Exactly Sophie. The dominant would drink first. The rest would sit there and maybe one might dare to try. Or the dominant’s favored one might get some laps. When the dominant is done, the rest get the drops.

  9. hiya fredster.

  10. I always liked Scotties, but terriers are a bit busy for me. I’m a herding dog gal all the way. But Scotties are cute.

  11. Hiya back! Just stopped by to watch the vid. I’ve still got to find something to eat for dinner. My hours are beyond being repaired, I think.

  12. My rule is, you shouldn’t have to bend down very far to pet a dog. lol.

  13. Fredster your circadian clock is from another planet’s time zone.

  14. Needlenose is gorgeous. Haven’t see a bad picture of her yet.

  15. I agree. Too many years of working 3-11. When I had more than a few days off, I would bounce right back to that schedule.

  16. This will date me but I watched his show as a little kid. The Scotties are the canine equivalent of the June Taylor Dancers!!!

  17. Jaysus. You ARE old. lolol.

  18. I’m a lousy photographer, the dog does the work to improve me.

  19. Nobody liked my dog’s caption?

  20. Sophie, I think that’s a bundt cake pan.

    Uppity re: Needlenose’s caption. I don’t believe it, she loves snow and wouldn’t have anything to do with goats but herd them. 😆

  21. Yeah I shoulda captioned: To hell with the milk, I want the goats! Where’s the goats!

  22. This will date me but I watched his show as a little kid. The Scotties are the canine equivalent of the June Taylor Dancers

    And, awaaaay we go!

  23. I’m a lousy photographer, the dog does the work to improve me.

    Who knew? LOL

  24. In case anyone is interested in reading the Unclassified ARB, here’s the link:

  25. Thanks, Sophie. I started reading it. I should be sleeping since I worked all night. Maybe reading it will help me fall asleep? I would bet the attack dogs who went after Hill didn’t read the 39 pages since they only could repeat the same Rice, Cable, Rice, Cable, Rice, Cable, questions over and over.

  26. If you’re in the mood for some lighter fare, here’s a YouTube showing 37 Hitchcock movie cameos over the course of 50 years.

  27. Awe good thing to wake up to. A look at my gal doing her thing in the snow. My poor gang has a thick layer of ice on all their snow. So it isn’t real fun out there for them. Darn had a storm come in the other day and it was ice rain. Was kind of funny in a weird way watching cars going sideways down the hill lol. Wasn’t too funny having to go out and break 2 inches of ice off the stairs and walks then salt and only to have to repeat the process two hours later.

  28. Update:Chelsea Clinton is 33 today.
    Still true:
    God, I’m getting old!

  29. Sweet Sue, I also remember The June Taylor Dancers,

  30. I remember them too–is that the benchmark?

  31. Benchmark for what? A walker?

  32. LOL!

  33. Uppity Woman, on January 27, 2013 at 12:09 AM said:

    Nobody liked my dog’s caption?

    I like it Upps. 🙂 🙂

  34. Happy Birthday Chelsea Clinton 🙂

  35. Sorry but unless I missed a month somewhere Chelsea Clintons birthday is next month. She was born on February 27 same as my daughter.

  36. You are correct and Facebook is wrong.

    So it’s likely not really Chelsea’s account.

  37. Happy (early) Birthday to your daughter, Utah!

  38. Glowing endorsement from DiFi on Candy Crowley’s show. DiFi’s really hoping for a Hillary run.

  39. Sophie – My daughter is 44 tomorrow. I am older than dirt.

  40. Beautiful doggie! And wise, too, I am sure.

  41. Poor Chatblu farts dust now.

  42. Yes indeed she is wise, AnnE, I am ashamed to admit that more than a few times, she has been wiser than I.

  43. The ARB is totally different that what those senators and fox were screaching about for months. The right wing conspiracy nut web sites should be ashamed of themselves – but they have no honor to protect.

  44. SophieCT said:

    I remember them too–is that the benchmark?

    I don’t know but I remember watching his show as a kid. One tv in the house and you watched what the adults put it on or went out to play or up to your room. But I remember they would be doing a dance routine and they would have the overhead camera shots of the routines, hence calling them the canine June Taylor dancers.

  45. Hey where is everybody!

    I’ll put up an open thread for 60 minutes tonight. I warn you, it appears the segment with Hillary and the guy whose job she is supposed to have is only half the show. the other half is that cheating con-man bastard Lance Armstrong.

  46. Poor Chatblu farts dust now.

    Chat says: “Remember the next time I’m over here and Uppity Woman is talking about having a procedure done of some type and be sure to tell her how excruciatingly painful it will be and that nothing will stop the pain…for hours…and hours…and hours.

  47. After the clip was around for a few days I finally clicked on it out of morbid curiosity and it was painful to see his attitude of praise towards her. The give the little woman a hand thing, after what we saw in 08, is highly disturbing. If I do watch it there better be pie to calm my sick stomach afterwards.

  48. Lots and Lots of pie. 🙂

  49. John just put the red bird toy on Ripley’s head. With her eyes looking out from underneath tilted to one side, it looked like a Kate Middleton fascinator hat. She has hypnotic eyes. John just called Ash a bunny because of the way he hops around. LOL, Ash is something that isn’t entirely a cat. Sasquatch, penguin chick, bunny, floofy dust bunnie, bear cub, bulldozer, the black Garfield of cats, the list goes on. Adorable little bunch. I wondered if they could follow in the spice kit footsteps and keep up the level of cuteness. They are wonderful little darlings.

    And Upps, you must be Cleopatra because Ash is a girly kitteh.

  50. remember this? 🙂

  51. Tell her I had an emergency root canal last week and sailed right through it, Fredster.

  52. Hey Karen, Ripleys eyes are constantly dilated. I mean constantly. Very spooky, but cute in a startling way. I admit Ash is cute, in her own really odd way, like two cats in one. It’s amazing that she’s a girl, she’s huge. I do hope she’s all right. I see Newtie likes to sleep in the bowl all the time. lolol.

  53. Ah it won’t be bad tonight if you drink a couple of scotches first and try to look the other way when Obama is talking. Maybe a fly will land on him, that would be fun. Then Hillary could smack it.

  54. Uh oh. I don’t drink. Better be lotsa pie around. Fruity crusty ones and creamy thick pudding types and fluffy light sweet ones piled high with goodness. It is on early, 7pm, but they will likely be after the other guy.

    Ash is all floof, she’s only 3 ounces more than Parker and has only been a few days ahead of the rest of them in weight. John said she was just the first one in the oven, the eldest. The other kittens were from a later batch of cookies. Newt is the lightest now.

    John’s weight chart on the little angels:

  55. 😆 I would pay ti see that Upps. 😆

  56. Karen said: Better be lotsa pie around. Fruity crusty ones and creamy thick pudding types

    Oh I got one a cherry pie a couple of weeks ago at Winn-Dixie and I though “oh store-bought – meh.” However it was scrumptious! Not super-sweet, an edge of tartness to it and the crust just flaked away. I was completely surprised and pleased. 🙂

  57. Me too Foxy, would make my whole year to see her smack a fly off his face with a book.

  58. I would be rolling on the floor laughing my kahoozit off. 😆

  59. Been waiting a looooong time to see her smack him. 😆

  60. Karen, I have never, and I mean never, seen a cat that was half longhair and half shorthair.

  61. Seriously gang. Envision: Hill and Obama sitting there being interview on 60 minutes. A fly lands on obama’s face. His mouth. Hill grabs her water bottle and smacks the fly. Hard.

  62. Sophie, that’s a great video wth all of the Hitchcock cameos. I love Hitchcock films. Thanks for posting it here.

  63. I remember that carlanthony following this blog or hooking up to it. I think he mentioned that his mother and Hill were good friends. he’s a real Hillary fan.

  64. Hillary really is the ultimate diplomat if she can sit in the same room with that rodent.

  65. IMUST: Ok I found the carlanthony thing. He had a friendship with Hillary’s mother.

    Please all go over and visit Yeagar’s owner and producer of the video of his beloved dog. How can you not love this guy?

    And if that’s not enough, read about his personal relationship with Hillary’s mother.

    Hell, read his entire blog. You will be hooked on his historical writings, refreshingly absent of personal agendas.

    Sometimes my photographic mind makes me crazy but sometimes it’s a good thing.

  66. Carlanthony’s tribute to his dog. I remembered that blogger because I loved reading his blog, all of it, and his dedication to Hillary.

    Plan on crying.

  67. That carl anthony site says this (maybe we can find it on youtube:

    “I will be speaking about Hillary Clinton today on CNN at approximately 5PM today, Sunday January 27, talking about some of what is in this article.”

    He also has a link I noticed and surely imust noticed it too:

  68. Pies too. Our kinda guy all the way. Did you see his story about her mother? And that video is a ten tissue one. Best dog tribute I have EVER seen.

  69. Anybody got a link to 60 minutes live feed? Is there such a thing?

  70. Uppity, important message to follow – from my guy:

    Well then, Goat’s milk it shall be! Goat’s milk! Cases of Goat’s milk! Goat’s milk Biscotties! Goat’s milk lavender soap! Goat’s milk snow… Yes, yes! A winter wonder land of Goat’s milk snow – all for you, my Queeeeeeennnnn!!!

  71. Why Not, I cannot site your dog for trying! But as you know, she’s hard to get.

  72. I had Scotties for many years. They are something else. Love the video.

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