Consumer Credit, The Rise of Prosperity, Enticing Wall Street, and the Crash That Went Boom.

In keeping with yesterday’s video, I bring you the Stock Market  Crash of 1929

6 short parts, all of them worth it, with a focus on several people who caught the stock market bug as told by their families.

……A time when Wall Street became Main Street and the little people were lured into investing in stocks. Manipulation of stock prices by wealthy Wall Street  investors, a casual feeling among the Unknowing that the market wasn’t a risk any longer.  Financial journals, such as the Wall Street Journal and NY Times would help out with glowing, exciting “news” for companies. You couldn’t lose!. The prices of  a particuler stock would then rise thanks to the smaller investors and, when the stock hit a certain price, the big boys sold and the stock dropped.  Wall Street bought up their politicians at all levels and put them in place.  If anybody questioned what was going on or the market “Boom,” they were accused of being UnAmerican. The only guy who got away with telling the world what  was really going on was………was Al Capone. He said, “Those guys are crooked!”. Federal Reserve was well aware of what was going on but refused to regulate. Then things started to crumble and companies tried to cover the value of their stocks by borrowing more money.  Artificial rallies were conjured up. All the elements were visibly in place. And America was  being kept busy with disturbing  news and fascinating stories from around the world—and everybody forgot about the market. Everything was fine! Easy credit was readily available to everybody. Many people borrowed money just to invest in….you guessed it……….stocks!  The average person now had hope for easy money, that home, the good retirement. People began investing in Florida land, a boom that meant you “Couldn’t lose!”   A popular love song of the day was, “I’m In The Market For You”. And the market just kept going Up and Up and Up. Now, “Everyone could be rich!” and “The Dow Jones Could Climb Up To Heaven!”

…………..  Meanwhile, large “swaths” of  so far ‘unseen’ Americans were becoming very very poor.

Recognize anything here? Just asking! Oh, dear Uppityites! Do not miss this series and see how some things never change and how the only thing we have learned from history is how to repeat it exactly!



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  1. off topic totally but on topic for this site – always.

    Hillary has NOT said she will run BUT still4hill is reporting on a super pac that has starting a twitter and fb page and registered with the FEC. They will launch their website in a few weeks they say. There are two super pacs who have filed for her already. She isn’t running but it sure makes me smile.

    READY FOR HILLARY is its name.

    We can let them know we are way past ready, we are starting to get moldy sitting out here on the back of the shelf waiting for her.

  2. I just got to watch the last one and weigh in on that…

  3. still4hill also has this link to Politco with the Hillary swan song shows on the teevee this week. She granted interviews as normal SOP for the last days of service as a kind of media going away party of sorts.

    if you had to pick the least odious of Fox people it would be Greta. At least Greta finally got a guest who will not spend the entire time she interviews them doing nothing but falsely bashing Hillary!

    and glad to see BBC will cover her exit as well since we might get some coverage that isn’t about her hair or benghazi.

  4. OT too: Not that I want anything to happen to people, but for all the “Hillary faked her sickness and faked her concussion”….

    NEW YORK (AP) — Barbara Walters would probably like to hit the reset button on 2013.
    She’s got the chickenpox and remains hospitalized more than a week after going in after falling and hitting her head at a pre-inaugural party in Washington on Jan. 19. A fellow host on the “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg, said Monday that Walters has been transferred to a New York hospital and hopes to go home soon.

  5. Politico also has this piece from today where they took the time to assemble in her own words what she has said about running in the prominent media coverage over the years. This is why I do not dare hope that she will run but every mention of it tugs on my heart strings.

  6. yep, imust, not one person doubted that Walter’s fell and hit her head and has other medical issues. When Hillary did sit with Walters for an interview one time not long ago at least Walter’s discussed Hillary’s hair – but she did it as a “people are all concerned about your hair” type of way – which turned into a conversation, with Hillary, about HAIR on teevee in prime time. Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. Karen, I found them on FB and “Liked” them. Also, they had a Tweet on their timeline from Donna Brazile praising the 60 Minutes interview and containing the #Hillary2016 hashtag. I left this comment under that:
    Wow, the same Donna Brazile who said, “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party.” And then it WAS decided by superdelegates and Donna didn’t quit. That Donna?

  8. LOL – I was looking for a transcript of the Walters interview with Hillary and found something even better – just the questions because the questions were so lame it doesn’t matter what Hillary answered!

    LOL – funny.

    What Walters asked Hillary, albeit gushingly.

  9. Thanks for your Brazilnut bash. We don’t need her demographic (Hillary backstaber and ladder kicker) in our Ready for Hillary days.

    She is dismissed as not needed in our party.

  10. yikes, I just watched the first minute of the Walters Hillary clip on the WaPo site and Walter’s is insultingly sickening in her jerky intro and she is lisping so bad I want to hand her a tube of denture adhesive.

    Sorry, Upps. Back to the depression after this Hillary break in topic.

    *runs to the fridge and the tea pot for a little snack so upps can’t hit me*

  11. Karen, nothing is ever off topic here, cutting off presidential election talk to save this blog notwithstanding and totally worth it.

    Just don’t run to MY fridge!

  12. Brazile is just hedging her bets so she can get her some. I hope one day I get to witness the Clintons shafting her ungrateful ass.

  13. Bawah’s got the chiggin pox? ROFL! Guarantees her the shingles next though. Awwwwwww she hit her head! I care like she cared.

  14. I hope one day I get to witness the Clintons shafting her ungrateful ass.

    Oh YES! If Hillary decides not to run, I hope she does a TV where she speaks, umm, candidly.

  15. Greta did some great stuff about hill in the past, so if she’s doing the interviewing, I’m not worried, and I know she was pulling for Hillary in 2008. As for the rest of them on FOX, I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire.

  16. I just got to watch the last one and weigh in on that…

    Sorry to make you work! There’s one more after this, on why it is that America fell in love with FDR, a study in presidential contrasts.

  17. I wonder who is running that Hillary pac. I just clicked like of the FB page. Almost 30,000 likes already. The CDS haters are representin’ over there.

  18. Still waiting for Donna’s reply to this old tweet.

  19. Apparently, Allida Black is behind the PAC

    UPDATE: Yes, she’s Lebanese.

  20. Look at us–we’re supposed to be talking about the Depression, but we’re talking about Hillary! We just can’t help ourselves.

  21. Hugo, they have almost 50,000 followers on Twitter too. @ReadyforHillary

  22. I just finished viewing all of the videos in this post. Well worth the time. Facinating tidbits of history. And it’s really deja vu all over again.

    While watching I kept thinking about the people who want to scrape social security and get their mitts on that money for the stock market. Great idea. Let’s do that and see how that works out. As Gailbreth says in the last video, there is a new set of suckers about every 20-30 years.

  23. Thanks for that answer, Sophie. And I will go check it out on twitter. I’m not much of a tweeter, but I do visit occasionally.

  24. Allidia Black has an impressive cv. I especially like that she has done so much work connected to Elenor Roosvelt.

  25. While watching I kept thinking about the people who want to scrape social security and get their mitts on that money for the stock market. Great idea. Let’s do that and see how that works out. As Gailbreth says in the last video, there is a new set of suckers about every 20-30 years.

    Exactly. Setting up the next generation for the theft. With THEIR blessings, the dumb “I want it Now” shits. They are so into screwing old people, they think they will never get old. Wall Street will be ready with their “Private” retirement funds when they do. Ready to fuck them but good. They will be the poorest retired generation in the US of A faster than they can say, “What were we thinking???”. And the best and most deserved part? The people they let fuck them into their poverty will be long gone from office and maybe even from this earth. But they laughed the entire time they made the trip. Good luck with that you dumb little shits. Nobody could tell you anything while you were young and now you can live with your stupid decisions because Mom and Dad won’t be there any longer to bail your stupid asses out. Serves your mushy little brains right, and it’s going to be pretty hard pretending you’re a kardashian working that double shift while pushing 75.

  26. Back when Bush 43 was in office and advocating that privatize SS scheme, I had read the Kitty Kelly book on the Bush bunch. The Walkers and Bushes were originally from the finanicial flim-flam crowd. Oil came later with Poppy Bush. So, it was just in 43’s DNA to try to help Wall Street part more fools from their money. Watching those videos reminded me of that family history. I need to re-visit that book.

  27. Yeah Hugo, Prescott Bush.

    I still can never forget Babs saying she couldn’t waste her beautiful mind worrying about those Katrina people and bragging on how putting them in the armory in Texas was the best they’d ever had it.

  28. She’s a real piece of work. Very bitter woman from way back. Nasty to her own mother, if I recall correctly and kind of a Michelle O in her own right. She wanted all those perks that come with political appointments that Poppy got.

  29. Gotta go, but must say I really enjoyed this post.

  30. Love it: Babson told them, “Sooner or later a crash is coming, and it may be terrific.” And they accused him of being unpatriotic.

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  31. Wapo on Black’s PAC. check out the most nasty remarks in comments I’ve since since 2008. go get em.

  32. They accused babson of being unapatriotic because they weren’t down with the screwing yet.

  33. I just heard five snippets of the 60 Minutes Hillary-Obama interview. I have to say, nothing could be more obvious than that she’s running in ’16. This interview was probably Big Dawg’s price for whoring for O last year.

  34. Hate to admit this, but I can’t stand lying to myself…Obama isn’t a laughable, lazy fool after all. He won the first time because he was a black man who went to Harvard and spoke and behaved like a white man. But, he won the second time because he earned it: his win was against all statistical odds and debunked all conventional-wisdom in politics. For this he has my grudging respect. This doesn’t mean I like him more or resent him less…not at all. It just means I can no longer fool myself into thinking he’s just an empty suit who caught a lucky break. His presidency has been consequential (altho’ I hate Obamacare and his redistributionist policies); and I agree with Uppity that he’ll do consequential things in his 2nd term. Damn him.

  35. Alas I double dare you to say that on any other blog, NES, where reality is that such a thought is out of touch with reality, when in fact, it is reality. I will stake my blog on it This guy isn’t going to waltz out of the white house without being able to say to the party, “I did what the rest of you just talked about. I am better than you”. I think there is going to be an interesting piece of history in the description of a president who did what people gave up on, gave them what they fervently wished for socially, while hating his guts at the same time. Grudging respect, NES, will be just fine for Barack Obama, just so long as it is respect. And as for the party that gave him reign, well I haven’t figured out yet if this will be good or bad for them. After all, what else will they have left to hold over the heads of their so-called base that listened to their empty promises for decades? He has already given women in the military that which the party has only babbled about and he did it in the first two weeks of being sworn in, and the Republicans couldn’t do a thing about it but go on the talk shows, wag fingers, and declare how awful an idea it is.

    Inside of that same two weeks, he has them caving in to immigration reform, while knowing if they block this, they will never elect a president again until they change their minds. Right or wrong, Barack Obama has everyone by the short and curlies and his opposition has no one to blame but their own rigid and downright mean policies and platforms that went on for so long, that even logic and reason on their part on this issue will look mean and petty in the eyes of America. And we are talking about millions of peope who broke our law. They have painted themselves into such a mean corner that even millions of renegades who came here and ran roughshod over our country illegally will get their wish. Because the Republican party forgot long ago that it isn’t what you do that matters, it’s how you make huge swaths of people feel. And they have just plain made too many people feel in danger under their rule. People are sick and tired of waking up every morning to another idea and attempt at making a law that hobbles their own freedom to be who they are, wondering what invasion into my personal life will they think up today, whether it’s a gay or lesbian, a woman or a minority. They have made people nervous by trying to regulate what which is none of their goddamned business. People want to be left alone by those who would make laws to hold them back as humans, with an attitude that says We are More Human Than You Are and More Moral Than You Are, and More Godly Than You Are, so just sit the fuck down and behave as we tell you to. It’s how they have made gays and lesbians feel. It’s how they have made women feel, it’s how they made seniors feel, and it’s how they have made anybody who isn’t a well-heeled white Christian heterosexual male feel. If anybody helped most to make Obama win last November, it was the Republican Party, by talking about the majority of America in-total as if they aren’t really here, but instead are personal possessions to be regulated by their superiors.

  36. And we are talking about millions of people who broke our law. They have painted themselves into such a mean corner that even millions of renegades who came here and ran roughshod over our country illegally will get their wish.

    We are never going to get any kind of real immigration reform if we don’t get real about the words we use to discuss and define the problem or go near the root of the problem.

    There are a lot of people for whom the whole immigration problem is that there are Mexicans in our country making anchor babies. All we need to do is get that fence up and post round the clock armed guards and we’ll solve it. Fact is, most Americans can see right through that position and find it quite ugly even while seeing a need to curb the flow.

    We need immigrants in this country. Immigrants are why we were great and how we could stay great. Imagine living in a country full of people who wanted to be here more than anywhere else on earth and were willing to go to any length to get here.

    Right now, we have a huge number of immigrants in our country, legal and illegal, who don’t even particularly want to be American. To me, you prove that you want to be American by learning the language, putting your kids in our public schools, working, and (perhaps) joining our military. European countries have this problem big time–people who are legal immigrants, yet are on the dole and put their kids in religious schools rooted on their country of origin.

    We have corporations who are working the system to get cheap, cheaper, cheapest.

    Take for example the meat packers out west (as was documented in the movie, Food, Inc.). These companies advertise for labor in Mexico. They literally invite Mexicans to come to America illegally for work. Once here, they work for peanuts in meat processing facilities that are right out of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. The immigration authorities turn a blind eye. As these “employees” get some experience behind them and start to get uppity about advancement, suddenly, their neighborhoods coincidentally get raided, they get deported, and the cycle repeats with a fresh (and lower priced) group. It’s a corporate scam and I bet you it will not be addressed in any reform bill by anyone on either side of the aisle.

    Take for example tech and H-1B visas. Anyone working in tech will tell you two things: 1. we have plenty of qualified people here in America who need those jobs and 2. the people we’re getting are not the best and brightest from around the world–they are just cheaper. Another angle of the same corporate scam.

    And then there are our own international policies. I don’t have time to get into it now, but this is definitely a problem of our own making.

    And then there’s just our inefficient immigration methodology and stupid policies therein.

  37. I agree and we’ve always had immigration in this country. Immigrants built our roads, our bridges, our dams, you name it. Our methods and policies were never stupid or inefficient, they always worked just fine. We limited the number of immigrants and people waited their turn. They didn’t stop by and have their babies and they didn’t run drugs and guns here. People with criminal records were not allowed into America for obvious reasons. Before they got into our country they were also checked for communicable diseases. They were required to have a sponsor here, someone who promised them a job. They would have eaten shit and died before they would go on what was called “reiief”. But most of all, they wanted to be Americans and leave where they were for a better life. They assimilated, not colonized. They didn’t expect their homeland traditions to become ours. When they needed a translator, they brought one from their own community, we didn’t spend BILLIONS to provide translators for them and print out government forms in a zillion different languages. We. Did. Not. Do. That. and they came and they got by. And most of all, they didn’t try to turn the USA into the shitehole they escaped. If they were here and broke our laws they were immediately deported, not given another chance to do it again. We didn’t make decisions on what kind of crime it was, crime was crime. Today, millions of them have already broken the law when they get here, while other law-abiding suckers continue to wait their turns and are shut down. They hit the emergency rooms as use them liberally as doctors’ offices for free, driving the cost of health care to a place where so many Americans can no longer afford it. There are hospitals that have shut down maternity wards because they couldn’t sustain them when 75% of their patients are illegal aliens who aren’t going to pay squat. We made it illegal to ASK them if they are illegal. How many things can you find wrong with THAT picture? It’s almost laughable and it was deliberate. But not deliberate on working Americans’ part, deliberate on politicians’ part.

    Coming to America meant something to the people who followed the rules and we didn’t just let them hop over a border whenever they felt like it. They came here to be Americans, to learn our language, to work, only they did it legally. WHat is wrong with doing something legally and why on earth would we romanticize doing something illegally. Yes, we made this problem it is true, but when we say We, we really didn’t have much say in it. The borders were ignored deliberately so the rich could get their cheap nannies and gardners and third shift workers they could lock in a building.

    I know i repeated you but I think it bears repeating because it has become a huge finanical drain on the middle class of this country and soon we will all be doing no better than illegal immigrants. I fear for the welfare of our country if we give anybody a ‘path’ to anything without slamming those borders shut and taking illegals seriously first. As it stands right now, I will bet that the number of illegal entries is increasing at the news that we might do something to give them that ‘path’. How dumb is that? Or maybe DC isn’t dumb, just clever and deliberate.

    And incidentally, China found out they could come here on vacay and have their babies and go back home, saving what they want to do to us for another day–now that their spawns are automatically American citizens. It is happening as we speak. They are called “Pregnancy Vacations”. Complete with maternity hotels. The only difference between them and Mexico is they don’t stay. But what about when things go sour for them in China and they just decide to head here? How many millions of them will there be then? Will they be helping to ruin the standard of living like Mexico did, by working for the peanuts? Maybe their kids will come here and sleep above the factory like they do in China? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s can’t happen! I think the time is LONG overdue to change the law that says you can come here, drop a baby and leave and be free to return because your kid is an American citizen who is entitled to welfare, and any other entitlements designed for American citizens. This law has been abused beyond laughable and is probably the most dangerous immigration problem we are facing today, because it is being used as a tool against us, costing us a bundle, and overburdening us. Soon, America will be the world’s biggest slum as we all go down with them. We might better consider investing our money in the growth of Mexico as something beyond a shithole that drives people away, rather than spending it on millions of people who come here and take our good will and squander it. Maybe we need to invade Mexico instead of Afghanistan, which is hopeless anyways. Turn the place into a livable country and then people won’t be tripping over each other to get here. Money better spent. I hate to say it, but it’s true.

    (My choices were huffpo or free republic so forgive me for using huffpo)

    The Chinese took our jobs, they send us crappy bottom of the barrel merchandise, have ruined products that were once held in esteem, from small appliances to large one. And they steal our patents and black market the knockoffs. How much disdain can you have? They hate our guts, own our debt, and now they are joining in on the great Milking Of America. And here we are encouraging it even more by talking about how we are going to make it all okay for everybody except the people who were born here or came here legally. So no, i do not blame ANYBODY who resents what is going on here, because it is impacting the well being of the entire country. Rapidly. They shouldn’t have to be careful how they talk about this, Americans, born and naturalized here aren’t the ones thumbing their noses at our laws and our country. And when the leaders of a FAILED country come here to chastise us and criticize us for not liking what is going on and ANYBODY listens to them, then we have reached a point where ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Try going to mexico the wrong way and see where YOU land. How DARE the UN or Mexico ore anyone insult us for not wanting to live like they do and instead wanting our borders secure like THEIRS are. If their country was worth shit, people wouldn’t be running out of the place like their hair was on fire, so who the hell wants their finger-wagging advice? We are the only country that has allowed us to be ridden roughshod illegally. That’s not “Melting pot”. THAT’s insanity! I wonder how many jihadists got her last week over that border?

  38. I still and always will believe that obama is an empty suit. Other people are devising the strategies and the policies while he vacations, golfs, and fails to mend fences and reach across the aisle. Changes are being made in spite of mediocre him. Hillary is the prime example of one who worked wonders despite having a boob for a boss.

    And the comment he made during the 60 minutes interview about someone into the government screwing up just shows what an small person he is. He is the CEO of the Executive Branch and to diminish his workforce in that manner before millions of viewers is dullard behavior. The buck still stops on his empty desk. But, the small-minded narcissist has never been heard uttering a word in defense of his workforce. He praises the military because it’s the thing to do; but his civilian employees are under attack by the right and he’s more than willing to throw them all under the bus. No CEO does that to the workforce. Failures in the government are usually traceable to poor leadership–failure to adequately fund, staff, train, provide oversight. It all goes back to the elected leaders and the people the select to implelment their policies.

    Someone in the govenrment is probably screwing up right now? Yeah, that would be the fool at the top.

  39. As for immigration, the rightwingers need to admi that they are the ones hiring the bulk of these immigrants and that their cut-spending rants have helped to exacerbate the problem. they are here; there is no money or personnel of faciklities to round them up and deport them, so there is no choice but to mitigate the problem and move forward. Oh, and accept responsibility for being the ones in the government who screwed up. Congress and the POTUS and our business leaders screwed up. The only reason we’re suddenly seeing any activity on reform is so the Repubs will be in a better position to get some of that Latino vote. They know they have 2 years to rehab their image and try to reclaim the WH.

  40. To be fair, I think the Democrats have just as much of a stake in this as the Republicans. For starters, they have enjoyed the same nannies and gardeners, and more importantly, this is a whole new voting base for them, one that just might ensure a monarchy for them. They’re counting those heads a whole different way than we suckers are. This shabby border behavior spans many decades and many presidents and many Congresses of BOTH parties.

  41. Sophie and Uppity – GREAT EXCHANGE!

    Now Uppity, I know you “liked” Reagan – I “liked” him also.

    But, he opened the gates for the running of the bulls on exploiting our most tenuous assets – Jobs, Financial Industry Regulation and Public Services – from Public Healthcare Services to Social Service Programs.


    Remember when he announced his candidacy in 1979?

    It was Reagan who proposed his “North American accord” in which commerce & people would move freely across the borders of Canada & Mexico.

    Then, in 1986, he signed the Simpson-Mazzoli immigration bill – which he stated would SOLVE THE PROBLEM of massive illegal immigration.

    In fact, Reagan said that “Reform Bill” would help us “regain control of our borders.”

    The Simpson-Mazzoli bill contained three promises:

    -The government would make a concerted effort to control the borders.

    -An effective employer verification program would ensure that only legal workers were hired.

    -One-time amnesty would be granted for people illegally in the United States.

    Sound familiar? Just listen to what they are proposing today. They are introducing the same “reform” measures contained in Simpson-Mazzoli – that brought us to where we are today.

    How did those three major Simpson-Mazzoli “reform” provisions work out?

    At the time we were dealing with an estimated 3 million “undocumented” (illegal) workers.

    – That number of 3 million has ballooned to an estimated 11 Million

    The government made no serious effort to control our borders.

    – To this day, each year, 70,000 cross into the US illegally – right across Texas borders, alone.

    Employers continued to hire illegal immigrants, thumbing their noses at both American Citizens footing the bill and Immigration Officials trying to implement and oversee the reform.

    – Our jobs market, healthcare services, medicaid programs and schools are stretched way beyond their limits.

    And how about that “one-time granting of Amnesty to the 3 million already here illegally?

    – Nothing but an open invitation for another 8 million to do the same.

    Let’s not forget that it was the Reagan Administration’s deregulation of the savings and loan industry – and subsequent BAIL-OUT – that was the model for exactly how the game would be played forward – to this day.

    Democrat or Republican – their History of failed legislation IS repeating itself – again – because they are all cut from the same cloth (political “ideologies”) of their carpetbagging predecessors.

    Rant over.

  42. I never actually ever liked Reagan. Nor did I dislike him. He was just There. I wasn’t that young that I needed a Daddy figure, already had one of my own. For some from broken homes, that’s what he was. Grampa. I liked that he made Americans feel better about life than Carter did. It’s not that I liked Reagan at all, it’s that I really thought Jimmy was going to make America commit suicide in huge numbers if they had to listen to him whine and finger-wag for four more years. He was exhaustively negative and depressing. Like they always say, it’s about how you make people feel. He made everybody I know feel bummed. I thought Jimmy was a nice person, just a lousy leader. Years later< if find out he isn't such a nice person either and is an anti semite, which means he is NOT on my Christmas list. I also agree that Mr. Dereg fucked America royally, because when left on their own honor, corporations have proven time and again that they have NO honor.

    Peee Esss: I didn’t enjoy the money I made being involved with Reagan’s pie in the sky ideas. It was a huge joke in some corporate circles. But a few good things did come out of it, just not enough to justify the zillions spent on failure that was already predicted accurately. But hey, who’s going to turn down billions?

    Professionally, I did all right under Reagan, so long as I could continue to let my conscience NOT guide me.

  43. Great videos Upps. 🙂

  44. Up Next: Why America fell in love with FDR.

  45. – To this day, each year, 70,000 cross into the US illegally – right across Texas borders, alone.

    WTF? Sounds like a failure of Texans to me. Let’s let them secede and keep their illegal problem to themselves!

  46. Not a state issue, Sophie. Border protection/ICE is Federal, and they have told them to look the other way. That was the focus of the Arizona argument. They wanted to intercede because the federal law was not being enforced — and they lost.

  47. Lindsy would be so much more pleasant if he would just admit he’s gay.

  48. Yep, Where have I heard THIS before?

    Obama on immigration overhaul: ‘Now is the time’

    President Barack Obama on Tuesday outlined broad proposals for putting millions of illegal immigrants on a clear path to citizenship while cracking down on businesses that employ people illegally and tightening security at the borders.

    2013 Obama “overhaul” vs 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli “Overhaul, signed by Reagan:

    2013 Obama ‘overhaul’: Putting millions of illegal immigrants on a clear path to citizenship… vs

    1986 Simpson-Mazzoli ‘overhaul’: One-time Amnesty for people illegally in the United States. Check!

    2013 Obama ‘overhaul’: Cracking down on businesses that employ people illegally vs….

    1986 Simpson-Mazzoli ‘overhaul’: An effective employer verification program would ensure that only legal workers were hired. Check!

    2013 Obama ‘overhaul’: Tightening security at the borders. vs…

    1986 Simpson-Mazzoli ‘overhaul’: The government would make a concerted effort to control the borders. Check!

    Gee. And I thought 27 years of pretend-progress on Equal Rights for Women was OBVIOUS.

    It’s just the absurdity of ALL OF THE PAST FAILED LEGISLATION – REDEUX that gets to me.

  49. Well, that does it. I used to have some respect for Graham, but he apparently has been infected with CDS. That statement is way over the top. Did he happen to mention that Rumsfeldand Cheney are guilty of murdering US troops by sending too few poorly equipped troops into that cakewalk after which we were going to be welcomed with flowers and open arms?

  50. Hugo, these Rs are addicted to ignorance. The. ARB. Cleared. Her.

    She needs to smack some fat heads together when she is ready.

  51. Why Not great points of comparison.

  52. She does need to smack his big fat melon. And he knows better given that he was a military JAG.

  53. Yup Why Not has nailed it. Give that girl a penguin.

  54. Yeah, nothing like an old fat entrenched guy whose face isn’t finished, in a flailing party and a hated congress, hurling murder accusations at someone with a 67% approval rating. That should help a lot.

  55. Nah she doesn’t need to smack his melon. She needs to ignore him like everybody else does.

  56. Yep. I vote for Empty Suit that has other who do all the heavy lifting for the Empty Legislation that his Emptiness focused his Empty Laser on so he can have his Empty Historical Legacy.

  57. Hugo, Lady Lindsey wasn’t infected with CDS–he was one of the original carriers. He was a dick during the Clinton impeachment hearings. The few good and right things he’s done since then were lost on me.

  58. Lady Lindsey. LOLOL.

  59. So, Lindsay Graham says Hillary Clinton got away with murder?

    Hmmm. Coming straight from the mouth of a Southern Baptist with effeminate “issues,” I’d say her testimony gave him a boner and he’s got his hetero, homophobic and homicidal wires crossed.

  60. Well. They’re so sure she’s running, they’re trying to figure out how to impeach before her last day as SOS and her first day as President. lol.

  61. To use that bastion of Christianity, Ted Haggert’s line, he is not homosexual. He is “Heterosexual with issues”.

  62. Truly, Lindsey Graham cannot be excoriated enough. What a douche.

  63. “Lady Lindsey” is brilliant!

  64. For the sake of our girl, let’s hope this guy doesn’t run in 2016.

  65. Alrighty. Here is, supposedly, Hillary Clinton’s last interview as Secretary of State – on ABC’S Night Line with Cynthia McFadden.

    You can read the whole transcript at link below.

    Very interesting, very in-depth on the span of her role over the last four years… leaving a solid and memorable impression of just how Very Presidential she is.

  66. I wish I could take credit for “Lady Lindsey” but it is not mine. I am sorry too, because I can’t recall who said it. I thought it was someone here. Obviously, it resonates!

  67. Alrighty. Here is, supposedly, Hillary Clinton’s last interview as Secretary of State – on ABC’S Night Line with Cynthia McFadden.

    You can read the whole transcript at link below.

    Very interesting, very in-depth on the span of her role over the last four years… leaving a solid and memorable impression of just how Very Presidential she is.

  68. Agree on Cory Booker. I did a post or two on him long before everybody got mad at him or talking to the wrong person. I didn’t really follow what happened because I thought it was petty. The guy has an interesting story, he’s a moderate and he’s VERy likeable. He’s a roll up your sleeve guy, and there is a docu on youtubez about how he beat the entrenched machine. I liked him before and I like him now I don’t think he will run for president in 2016, but I think he wil run one day, if he doesn’t screw up. He’s mayor of a very rough city, high crime, etc. It’s pretty easy to blame the mayor when it’s an accumulation of years of graft and poverty. Poverty does breed crime, but short of handing out a million to each poor person, I do not see how any mayor can fix that in a way that is noticable, but that’s just me.

  69. I don’t know what it is with the Republicans, since the election they have gotten worse with their mouths, not even connecting that it’s their mouths that lost them the election. It seems like if they all got laryngitis for awhile, they might improve their numbers. I’m serious here.

  70. Yup, here it is. A Tale Of Two Mayors And A Snow Storm.
    Booker vs Bloomers.

    Note: when WP dumped VODPOD, the videos I posted died so theres a huge empty space in this post before you get to the rest, just scroll by it.

  71. Alrighty. Here is, supposedly, Hillary Clinton’s last interview as Secretary of State – on ABC’S Night Line with Cynthia McFadden.

    You can read the whole transcript at link below.

    Very interesting, very in-depth on the span of her role over the last four years… leaving a solid and memorable impression of just how Very Presidential she is.

    I wish her the very best of everything she so richly deserves, in whatever she decides to do with the rest of her unforgettable life.

    Who would have ever thought that she could transcend our utter sense of loss of her leadership capabilities for the US and around the world – after both her Concession Speech and her Speech at the Democratic Convention?

    She did. She lived those speeches the last four years – she lived up to 18 million American’s belief in her unparalleled leadership skills – representing US all over the world – doing whatever it required of her to succeed – just like she promised in her campaign.


  72. It seems like if they all got laryngitis for awhile, they might improve their numbers.

    Roffffl. So true. From your lips to god’s ear.

  73. Great post on the two mayors, Upps.
    Didn’t Booker also run into a burning house to rescue a kid?

  74. Yes NES, i think that was more recent with the fire rescue.

  75. I’ve been irritating some Reeps on Twitter (plenty in my TimeLine) by saying that many Repub. women will secretly vote for Hillary. A head or two exploded.

  76. How cool is this? Bookshelf Porn.

  77. Yep, Lindsey should come out of his closet.

    What about Booker? Is he gay? I mean, the guy’s a real prize (former football player, Stanford undergrad., Yale Law School, fairly good-looking). Odd that he doesn’t have a wife, or at least a steady girlfriend. Inquiring minds want to know!

  78. I pick my winner. What a cozy spot to just sit and read and to hell with everything else.

  79. Sophie, the illegals cross over the TX border because TX has the longest — actually an impossibly long — border with Mexico. Not the fault of the Texans!

  80. We have people on this forum who live dangerously close to that Texas border, where you can hear as your mightly music, the sound of automatic weapons in the not too distant distance.

  81. Hahah NeS on Reps voting for Hill. I know a BUNCH.

  82. File under – maybe she WILL run, hmmmmmmmmmm.

    karen, she will run. Listening to her answers to THE QUESTION after her recuperation, one can’t really harbor any doubt on that score.

  83. How cool is this? Bookshelf Porn.

    It was cool until I saw the photo of Obama leaning, insouciantly, against a bookshelf at the Harv. L. Rev. office:

  84. Like an academic’s loft?

  85. Yeah like that. I liked that space. A lot. I kind of have my own space for solitude and you have to make it your space. That space looked a lot like my kind of space. I zoomed right in on it among all of them. As in Zap!

  86. Gratefully I was so engrossed in bookshelf porn, I missed Obama.

  87. Do you have a space too? Bet you do.

  88. That space looked a lot like my kind of space.

    I know…MKB sent me a photie.

  89. Yep, I do. Music and books.

  90. Yes, that’s the ticket. My space is similar.

  91. You know, the best historical space — one exactly up your alley, Upps — is Vita Sackville West’s office in the tower at Sissinghurst, her beautiful estate in in Kent. I actually took a photo of it, secretly (no photos allowed).

  92. That damned MKB.

  93. Which is your space similar to, the first or the second one?

    Yes to music too. It’s in the rear of the upstairs, soooooooooooo quiet surrounded by trees outside, and just VERY quiet all by itself. Old hardwood flooring, the old rochester stuff, warm-worn, you know what I mean.

  94. Here’re some photos of Vita and her environs (although you have to see color photos of her amazing garden — she pretty much invented what everyone thinks of as a quintessential English Garden). Go to close to the bottom of the photo spread for a photo of Vita in her “tower study.” (It’s not the best photo of the study because, inter alia, it doesn’t show the cozy couch and fireplace, but it’s something….)

  95. Can you post the photo or send to me?

  96. Look at my comment just under yours…I added the link.

  97. Similar to the second.

  98. Whoa! Everybody left…. Was it O’s photo?

  99. Ok I see it. A little too busy but a good cozy space underneath.

  100. I liked the window seat in the second. Good space but I would be warming it up a bit.

  101. Yup just me and you kid.

  102. Here’s a color pic and a write up:
    (Unfortunately, the fireplace is cut off, and, courtesy of trick-photography, the study looks larger than it actually is — it’s way cozier and more disheaveled than it appears here.)

  103. Yeahhhhh. Nice!!!!

  104. Thought you’d like it. OK, back to borrrrring work. G’Nite.

  105. I am removing the key with the exclamation point from my computer because it obviously serves no purpose.

  106. That’s good Sophie, actually, because there is an inverse correlation between mental stability and the number of exclamation points an angry person needs to use when making his or her point.

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