Cute Attack.

As we have discussed in the past, sometimes I think I could post an old sock and you Uppityites would make 100 comments below the post.

Since I already did the Old Sock post, I figured this time I would do an Old Shoelace. So I was cruising through a gazillion pics, looking for a shoelace and I found this Cute Attack somebody sent me awhile back. So go ahead and say,




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  1. dat kittey looks so sad.

    Hillary’s last day is Friday. We must have a party here for her.

    btw – I was just being silly in the last thread when I said maybe she will run. I still do not think it’ll happen. She might toss it around a while, who wouldn’t given that it is the most important job in the world or close to it, and then she will do something that doesn’t involve a bullseye on her.

    We should have a poll re 2016. will she or won’t she. only bill and chelsea know for sure.

  2. I just went over to still4hill and she has all the last interview transcripts up already. More coffee, must read them. I hope she gave “Lady Lindsay” a suitable response. I can picture him sitting around with McCain grumbling like the two old feeble bastards they are. Fuck them.

    I hope Hillary lays on a big comfy bed with the remote in her hand sipping a cup of tea and napping till she is fully rested up. Then I hope she does it some more – just for the hell of it. She earned the right to be lazy as she pleases.

  3. You know, you’re right, he does look sad. I think it is just the split second of the camera lens’ capture as he focuses. Sad kitties rarely play with shoelaces or anything else. My RIP cat Rufie always looked scared and worried too, which of course made me adore him even more, up to and including giving raspberries on his underside during scratches. I used to sing “Takes a worried man cat to sing a worried song……” to him.


  5. I found the youtubez on that twandx and that has got to be a headliner soon for all to see, with appropriate credit of course.

  6. I’m reading the transcripts, started with the last threads and working my way to current time. So far this stands out since it is an answer to all the conspiracy theorists without actually getting her hands dirty with the bullshit they spread all over the place. (Rand Paul, you jerkoff, she is looking at you, you freak, you are a turkey for asking about the US sending/buying/selling guns through Turkey for Libya. Shame on you. Read the ARB and your copy of the confidential ARB, you dirtbag.)

    Through EGYPT smuggling guns —– gee, that is old news, RAND and not a very big surprise and not a secret. And not at all what you said.

    Greta asked Hill if we should go back to Benghazi and her answer was:

    “With respect to do we go back, let me explain why we were there. This was the heart of the Libyan revolution. We knew that there were dangerous people in and around Benghazi. We also knew that there were a lot of loose weapons, and part of what we were doing there was trying to get leads on recovering those loose weapons, and we knew that there were smuggling routes that could go into Egypt, into Sinai, threaten Israel. So there were very important reasons why we were there, not just the State Department, but other government agencies. Whether or when we go back will depend upon the security situation and what kind of security support diplomats would have.”

    Any questions Rand you lunatic?

  7. At first I was pisssed as they dared to call 40 year old people the “sandwich” generation because they had kids and parents “65 and over” (ROFL), because the Generation that is in its 60s is more likely the sandwich generation (and coined the phrase!). They are still being hit up by their kids AND have very elderly parents to look out for. 65 hardly falls into that category. Just about every 65 year old I know is still supplementing his or her 40 year old kids and giving THEM emotional support, not the other way around. Give me a break. As IF my friends depend on their kids for support. If anything, they have to hide to keep what’s left of their own retirement assets from them. It’s a constant bailout party. As with everything else, this gen can’t even make up it’s own name, has to take it from its parents. As it turns out, the numbers bear me out. Only 15% of this so-called new ‘sandwich’ generation helps out their parents financially. What they failed to mention is 85% of them are still getting helps out by their parents. Many of them are back home, or dumping off the kids from their divorce to gramma for weeks at a time. What a bunch of moose poop

  8. ack, meant from Libya not for Libya. For Syria according to Rand “never going to be president” Paul.

  9. I am sure bo would say the same thing! Right? Her place in history – it never crosses her mind. I believe that. She is too busy working her ass off to think about her legacy.

    QUESTION: I have a couple more questions and I’m getting a one-minute warning, so let me get through a couple more. We’re sitting in this room surrounded by history. There’s Thomas Jefferson’s desk, the Treaty of Paris. And I wonder how, as you sit here, do you think about your place in history and what you hope will be your lasting legacy in this building?

    SECRETARY CLINTON: I don’t think like that. I really get up every day and try to deal with the problems that are in front of me and I don’t really worry about history. That will work itself out over time.

  10. I wasn’t aware that the state department is in charge of everything about a revolution, up to an including keeping track of weapons. I kind of thought weaponry and ground fighting was a military issue. They might want to ask Holder about them, he has a penchant for giving weapons to people would would us them against us. Or is that Hillary’s fault too? I know that world hunger and cavities are also her fault.

  11. Rand thought the whole reason we were there was to run guns and that Hillary and Steven’s were in on it. Only he had it just a little bit backwards from US doing the running to US trying to stop smuggling.

    Egypt vs Turkey, as if we don’t all know that there are guns smuggled through Egypt every day – for forever. But we are not aiding and abetting it. And for Rand (and so many other RWNJs to say obama and Hillary are aware and are traitors is just beyond even the normal bullshit they come up with. ESAD all you lunatics, that woman would NEVER be part of that and you are all barking nuts and howling mad.

  12. Yeah Uppity, she was the head of DoD and CIA too besides SoS according to them – she was to blame for everything. She was responsible for the WH job of POTUS too even though that was stolen from her. I wonder if she found time to also run the FDA if we would have been free of GMO now. Like I said the alphabet soup of agencies are all her fault according to the RWNJs who are sure she will run and kick all their asses even if she never leaves her house.

  13. In the Andrea Mitchell interview it comes out that Hillary’s debt in the end was paid off by obama supporters. Was it a final olive branch of peace at the end of a long war? I am glad she is getting away basically unscathed. When she accepted this job I wrote family members that I did not trust him and that my biggest fear was that he would save his own scrawny neck and toss her under the bus the first time he ran into trouble. He didn’t do it. She is damn good at covering her ass, i bet!

  14. Just catching up. RE: that 25′ by 30′ room. What the heck else would I do with it ? LOL I guess have kids move in ? ROF no ty. Listen I have a finished basement the same exact size as the house. Two bedrooms, bathroom, and the living room or den down there and a laundry room so what the heck am I going to do with all that space other then let someone flop down there ?
    The upper floor is more then big enough for hubby and I. Seemed to make perfect sense to me to store everything there and not clutter up my living area and use those bedrooms to store winter clothes and bedding etc. At least when I open a closet here I can find exactly what I was looking for lol. Very orderly and neatly arranged because they do not hold anything I am not using.
    I never thought having things stored for emergency is a bad idea. Fact is most do not think like that and then are desperate when an emergency hits and they most often do. It has been snowing like hell here and if I did not have to go to work I would hunker in for the winter.
    I have seeds stored down there too from last years garden ready to hit the ground ( if I ever find it again with all this snow) lol.
    Uppity the snow is deeper then Whiskey’s head. It is coming down today again but I am thankful it is snow not that freezing rain that turned this place into a skating rink and I mean everywhere. So I take it my east coast friends are getting their fair share of all this white shit too right ?
    That damned plow driver when he gets around to plowing lol has a hill the size of Mt. Saint Helens built around my place. I might need dynamite to get rid of the stuff . If I did not drive a big truck and stuck to a little fuel eco car I would be stuck and I am serious. At least I am lifted and can get over that mountain. Also pass so many of these little hondas,Toyotas stc sitting in the side of the road stuck or just spinning their wheels. They are great summer cars here but really can not cut it in the winter. My DIL has had to have hubby or I come pull her out several times this year already.
    This is where I stand by my saying one size does not fit all and these small cars are great in cities or where the weather is not all that bad but out here and in places like Idaho, Montana the Dakotas where it can snow in feet not inches one needs that big boy just to get around. I was looking into a small car just to get around but given what I have had to drive through the last month I will stick to my gas hog.

  15. Just catching up. RE: that 25′ by 30′ room. What the heck else would I do with it ? LOL I guess have kids move in ?

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm….you’re right. Fill it up some more. Standing room only!

    U, the snow all melted here and Der Collie Dog is beside herself with grief and mourning. Last night the elements had the audaicity to rain on her. Hard. She was infuriated and afraid that someone besides me would see how very much she resembles a large canal rat when that wet. As a reward for my feeling sorry for her, she shook off all over the kitchen. In her mind, this is blatently Unfair. This is the time for Snow. HER snow. She had that I’ve been Robbed! look. I blew dry her and put her horsey blanky on her but there is no consoling her this morning. It’s gone. But it will be back. February is a guarantee.

    And I agree that some people really do need larger vehicles for situations just like yours. The problem is, I see morons tooling around in these monsters everywhere, and we both know most of them need them about as much as they need a second asshole. However, so long as I am not paying for their gas (and I might be in some cases), I don’t give a rat’s ass what anybody drives. What I do give a shit about is the rudeness these Big SUVs inspire in idiots.

  16. Rand thought the whole reason we were there was to run guns and that Hillary and Steven’s were in on it

    This is to be expected of the spawn of Ron Paul, who is lining up to take over daddy’s business of harboring Alex Jones nutcases and 911 conspiracy theorists as his base. The whole family attracts crazy, out of touch, delusional nutcases like Obama attracts flies.

  17. Ok let’s have a pop quiz.

    What are the chances Hillary Clinton will be in history books in 50 years?
    Ok now,
    What are the chances anybody will remember who the Eff Linsdey Graham was in 50 years?

  18. WTH no snow in NY ? Sheesh poor Needlenose ought to be here she would be in seventh heaven. Yes I agree with you on the SUVs in cities like Los Angeles but again their choice. If I were there I would join the hoards of others driving a little white car lol.
    I can not believe it. Here all the time I was growing up in Los Angeles I always thought NY had snow so deep you could get lost in it.
    Man the roads are shit holes here right now from the plows. Lots of road work this summer though. Rain in Jan in NY wow.
    Poor poor needlenose. You are going to have to make up to her all Summer with boatloads of parades or something good.
    See Uppity I am not really crazy afterall. I mean why the heck would I leave all that space to invite someone to live there ? rofffffffff. I can have it chalk full of good things for me to stuff my face with and be happy lmao.

  19. Gotta run and plow my way over the mountain and drive in the snow storm on unplowed roads. Seriously the plows are so tied up plowing the I-15 they do not get around to the streets until it is a foot deep then pile it all in my driveway. It is a conspiracy I tell you.

  20. Here all the time I was growing up in Los Angeles I always thought NY had snow so deep you could get lost in it.

    Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t. That’s the fun of it! Except for a sheep dog.

  21. ……throwing dog in large box, poking holes in it, addressing it to Utah.

    She only requires two premium dog food meals a day, a mix of dry and canned, freeze dried chicken breasts with controitin and glucosamine in them, home made biscuits, her own room, her own entrance, and and a large flat screen TV programmed to animal planet and the playdog channel. she also needs to be groomed. That should only run you about a hundred bucks.Extra if you want her to smell like a French Hooker when you pick her up. Also requires a gaggle of stuffed ducks that make genuine duck noises, which you have already heard. New empty water bottles for her to crackle loudly when you are on the phone are required.

    And please do not forget she only drinks bottled water.

  22. Shoe string , 😆

  23. UW, I know this will put a feather in your bloomers: I am taking my two little puppy boys: B.W. and Bill-Willy, to the vet to get their slats sliced. I will post some pics of these boys soon. They are just like their daddy: smart, good looking, and love to pee and poop in the back yard:)

  24. Oh Hillbilly, I am so proud of you! I could hug you AND buy you a case of Keystone! My bloomers are VERY happy you are such a good boy!

  25. Seriously, Tennessee?
    The “Don’t Say Gay” legislation was re-introduced and “enhanced” to include that teachers need to identify students who might be gay and tell their parents.:

    Yup, these elected officials are all about jobs, jobs, jobs.

  26. I will take the beer UPS! As for the hug? I will even dust off the pork rind shrapnel for ya:) Hug-a-billy just for you UW…..

  27. teachers need to identify students who might be gay and tell their parents.:
    Above and beyond the three R,s 😯

  28. How ridiculous. What are teachers supposed to do, use a divining rod to find gay students? For Chrissakes, why doesn’t everybody just turn their kids over to their school district directly from the hospital after birth. When exactly do teachers get the time to do what they are supposed to be doing, which is teaching?

  29. I guess if they ID gay kids, they can “cure” them early over at the Bachmann Clinic. God, what tripe this all is. This, from the same people who want ‘smaller government’ and “individual rights’.

  30. Hey, here’s another idea for batshit-crazy-christian territory: You could have teachers identify girls that start their periods so you can slam a chastity belt on them and educate them about what dirty little tarts they are, and how they should save themselves for when they get raped, which would be a gift from God. Teachers could check students daily for paraphanelia and hanging strings. There’s the ticket!

  31. I hope the exploitation of men turns into a trend. Im interested! But when will they advance to the degrading stuff.


  32. “I hope the exploitation of men turns into a trend….”
    “Husbands who do ‘her’ chores have less sex, study finds”

    Of course there is nothing in the NBC headlines about negative GDP.

  33. HILBILLY EXPLOITATION! I am on board:)

  34. Hey SHV, do they say, Not tonight, I have a headache”?

    Yeah GDP. No big deal, right?

  35. Yeah Hillbilly, but first you’re gonna have to look like the guy in the video.

  36. I bet Hillbilly has a RIPPED bod.

  37. Sounds like my kinda dog. #NeedleNose

  38. The Zimbabwe government has a bank balance of $217. Sounds like a right-wing dream-come-true. Smaller government; less spending.

  39. I am taking my two little puppy boys: B.W. and Bill-Willy, to the vet to get their slats sliced.

    I’m afraid to ask what a “slat” is….

  40. I’m guessing “slats” are things encased in “bloomers.”

  41. Hey at least they’re in the black hugo. Our balance is something like -12 Trillion.

  42. Whoa! A lot of TN parents are going to be lobbying for DADT in schools.

  43. Roflllll on chastity belts. A rapier wit.

  44. Hahahaha karen. Yes sireee, CDS is making Repub pee pees shrink all over the country.

  45. NES, let’s just say the boys won’t be needing jock their straps any longer.

  46. He didn’t do it.

    He never had to. Thanks to a braindead electorate, Obama never “ran into trouble.”

  47. Quick! Somebody send Zimbabwe umpteen gazillion dollars to help them out!

  48. NES, I am never more than 3-6 weeks out of fighting shape! I gotta stay in shape in the revolution hits. And “Slats” is just another term for “nads” “Marbles, “BALLS”!

  49. The Unfinished-Male-Faces Club (Anonymous) will remember Lindsey Graham.

  50. Nice tweeet Upps!

  51. Flossing teeth. Hahahaha. Chit, wish I’d thought of that one!

  52. Poor slatless boys….

  53. Like I sez, Hillbilly…RIPPED.

  54. Zimbabwe is going to ask for $$ from international sources. We’ll probably hand over some aid. I want some of those diamonds in exchange for any aid.

  55. Hugo we never get shit back from these yahoos we save, except they despise us more and throw dirt on us every chance they get.

  56. Hey Hillbilly, you might want to check out this place for doggie testicular implants so they feel like a man again.

  57. I say cut everybody off and let them sink like they want us to sink. Then we can get those countries at bargain basement prices. Especially the goatfuckistans with the oil. Make those Saudi perverts run out of dough helping first

  58. ROFL Karen, LOVE the marvin gaye and ramones ones! LOLOL.

  59. well, gollllll-lyyyyy. Gomer gets married to his true life long love.

  60. Shazaaammm!

  61. Gomer was in DADT mode, because it wasn’t a secret. Don’t know what took him so long

  62. I know it seems odd, but whenever I think Andrews Sisters, I remember shooting at those old 78 RPMs with BB Guns at my grandfather’s camp. Lots of Andrews Sisters, among many others. Doh.

  63. Company B and Ish Ledesema did a rehash of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. I thought the trumpet work was an insult in some spots, but I think the Sisters would have like the voices, though.

  64. Some older folks just like to keep their privacy.

  65. And of course Bette revived interest in the Andrews sisters when she……..

  66. I guess you’re right, Hugo. I just sometimes think famous people had to hide it for so long, it became a habit. Look at poor Rock Hudson. I remember telling an older woman he was gay and she never spoke to me again. People didn’t want to believe it, and I imagine it was rough for him.

  67. Delores Delago, the toast of Chicago. I saw Bette Midler on tour back in the day. Love her!!

  68. Exactly, it is a habit. And when they were growing up, no one air their sex life in public like we do now. Although some might disagree, I think coming out at age 82 was pretty brave of Gomer. Must have been a big step for him. Gota respect that.

  69. Horseface gets weepy on the Senate floor. The rest of the world can start weeping after tomorrow when they get him as the replacement for spunky, energetic, brilliant Hillary.

  70. Over at still4hill there is a transcript of her goodbye address to state staff. Still4Hill wrote that the staff called Hillary by the nick “Glinda” – and that she is. Kerry will surely have some knicknames too – lol, maybe sticking with the movie they can call him “the great oz” the man behind the curtain will not be as big as the man on teevee. He’s got to fit into some mighty big shoes.

  71. Bette was brilliant. I loved her Sophie Tucker jokes back then. I remember when she came out at an awards show and sang Wind Beneath My Wings and another time she floored me with From A Distance – I sat there in tears the first time I heard it – it hit me so deep.

    And she could go from laughter to tear-jerk in minutes. A firecracker.

  72. Bette’s got a super powerful voice for such a little thing! She’s very talented.

  73. Here ya go, sister.

  74. Glinda! Perfect. She is Glinda. And, karen, you are correct. Kerry will be the man behind the curtain who ultimately has nothing much in that bag for us..

  75. Ack you mean to tell me der Needlenose crackles water bottles. Whiskey and Kahlua do that and drive me nuts with them lol. Kahlua has to crackle it then try to beat me to death with it lmao. Herder thing ? Needlenose is always welcome here and you know she would get the best. Heck she can even have Whiskey……………………….again lmao

  76. Yeah well she shoves the water bottle at my crotch when she wants me to throw it. But the worst is when I’m on the phone or trying to have a conversation and she starts up with the friggin’ crackling. I mean she drowns you right out.

  77. Awwww, Glinda is cute!

    Yeah Kerry will have the nickname Mr. Ed.

  78. ROF Upps that is what Kahlua does lmao. Too darn funny

  79. Hugo, at his age, Gomer had to be thinking of how few rights his partner would have should he be sick or pass away. I think it’s just a travesty that two people who love each other and trust each other more than anyone else in the world have no rights at a time of critical need. Imagine being ill and hospitalized and the one person in your life you would want to advocate for you can’t do it because of this barbaric prejudicial bullshit. It makes me sick.

  80. Hey Utah, tell them what she does with Duckie while I’m on the phone.

  81. The Senate is probably glad to get rid of Kerry. And I’m sure Scottie is drooling all over that slot. Poor dullard Kerry. Took him most of his life to be the senior senator from Mass. he had to wait for Tedward to die. So now he’s leaving. I know everybody thinks he’s an intellectual, well I don’t, and I’ll bet his grades were mediocre too. Just because someone has learned how to haul bullshit when talking, and make a train take a dirt road, doesn’t make that person an intellectual, it just makes him a good bullshitter.

  82. FYI midler fans, youtubez has a bunch of full length midler concerts in their stash. Old ones and newer ones too.

  83. Kerry’s GPA was lower than W’s at Yale.

    Uppity, a friend of mine lost a partner after a long illness and went through a lot of nonsense with the family. It is barbaric.

  84. Quack quack quack….quack quack quack… repeat several more times. lmao

  85. Ha! I knew Kerry was really a dolt masquerading as an intellectual!!!

    Hugo, so you’ve seen it first hand. Nobody should have to go thru that punishment for the sake of small minded petty people. Nobody.

  86. That flossing tweet made me laugh even more because my mom is obsessed with flossing. For her birthday last month I got her a coffee cup and filled it with dental floss. No matter how many piles of floss there are lying around she claims she needs more.

    She’s from Arkansas and a big fan of the Clintons. Whenever I find a positive article about Bill or Hill I print it out for her to read. As you all know in recent years they were hard to come by.

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