How America fell in love with FDR

It’s 1933 and America shook off Hoover. The economic crises was at critcal mass, the stock market hit rock bottom, the banking system was on the verge of collapse — and then a new President said at his inauguration:

This nation asks for action and action now.


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  1. FDR was the first and only president I ever saw in person. His motorcade came right by our house in East Brookfield, Vermont and stopped so the guards and aids could stretch their legs and buy some refreshments at the little store next door. He and Eleanor waved to us from the car and the soldiers bought all us kids some ice cream and candy bars.

    You would never believe how little protection they had – just a few trucks with soldiers in front of his car and a few behind. One driver and guard in the car.

    Ah, food stamps! I worked part time in a grocery store and part of my job was to take care of them properly.

  2. RIP Ed Koch. He’ll be long remembered for cleaning up the city and improving the quality of life dramatically during his terms. When he took office the city was bankrupt and he faced a mountain of trouble.
    After leaving office he made some remarks and took some stances I disagreed with but he was always worth listening to and hearing out. I read his works, his columns – “I Koch” was entertaining and informative.

    When he got to the pearly gates did he say

    “how am I doing?” which came out as howmydoin.

  3. Take care Why Not. Come around to check in on us when Hillary makes news in the future doing something big. You can bet we’ll be singing her praises.

  4. Congrats Hill on your last day. Let the praise begin:

  5. “How am I doing?” is what he will be remembered most for. He seemed like a good dude, especially considering the horse’s ass NY City has now. You see, this is what happens when you let a big shot circumvent the term limits law. He’s out of control, arrogant, snotty and has the image of a czar. Somebody ought to throw his ass down on the ground and force a Big Gulp down his throat.

  6. Wow, a wave from Eleanor. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO J!

  7. Koch served three terms.

    Another good read praise piece on our girl:

  8. She is taking a weekend off. Good God, the woman is such a workhorse.

    “And then I am going to take the weekend off and then I may start thinking about all the various offers and requests and ideas that have come my way.”–politics.html

    How about at least a normal one or two week vacation on the beach? How about a 4 day weekend at least?

  9. Workaholics regard a week on vacation as torture.

  10. Karen, from the NY Times link. LOL:
    Meanwhile, Tim Geithner retired as Treasury secretary. Did you notice?

  11. I have to laugh. Bloomberg was illegally landing his helicopter on a roof in a residential area, making everybody choke on the smell and cover their ears at any time of the day or night, and he had the audacity to tell people not to drink large sodas because it’s bad for their health. What a shithead this guy turned out to be.

  12. Apparently Geithner stole enough for himself and his Goldman buddies so now he can leave. They ought to mint a trillion dollar coin on his forehead without an anesthetic, that thief. He will go down in history as the only S of T who dodged income taxes and got appointed anyways.

  13. What about that other thief Bernanke, he’s hiding out. He got to screw with Americans through two presidents, and probably before. Not to worry though, Goldman will make sure Obama’s appointment to Treasury is “appropriate”

  14. Today’s winning search term that landed a POS to our site:

    i hate women so much

    I’m sure the feeling is mutal, asshole.

  15. Sorry I am not giving you a lot in posts. Doing taxes and other business that has to be attended to. That and writer’s block, of course. Carry on.

  16. RIP Ed Koch. Condolences to the family. 🙂

  17. Oh!! We do carry on Upps. On and On and On. 😆

  18. Hahaha Foxy. I wouldn’t have my little blog urchins behaving any other way!

  19. Nanny Bloomberg should be tarred and feathered.

  20. Hillary has now started to respond to the presidential race q. by saying words to the effect of “I won’t be deciding whether or not to run for a while.” This is remarkably different from her 2011 statements about not running for Prez. A very telling departure, and a futher indication that the temptation to run is winning out. Yeah.

  21. Somebody ought to throw his ass down on the ground and force a Big Gulp down his throat.

    I second that motion.

  22. Nice article at the National Journal but those commenters are stricken with CDS.

  23. If she hadn’t supported him, Obama might very well have lost to McCain/Palin, and if Bill hadn’t done a 180 at the Convention, he would not have been re-elected. Democrats don’t question the Clintons’ reasons; they just get behind them.

  24. If she hadn’t supported him, Obama might very well have lost to McCain/Palin, and if Bill hadn’t done a 180 at the Convention, he would not have been re-elected. Democrats don’t question the Clintons’ reasons; they just get behind them.

    I wish this were true, but we’re fooling ourselves if we believe it. Obama won hands down, both times, on his own — he’s a cult figure. And, he got more states, and a larger percentage of the vote, both times, than WJC did. Facts are facts.

  25. Sophie — I never read the commenters on articles about Hillary.

  26. Ah Scottie figured out he doesn’t look like his centerfold in Cosmo any longer.

  27. Though I rather kcik it in the back yard talkin’ trucks, babes and beer with Bubba, I would put some shoes on and drink my beer out of a Mason jar with Hillary if we just kept the conversation limited to Barry. I would like to hear the stuff she knows about him and his “crew.”

  28. Wouldn’t we all, Hillbilly!

  29. What? drink ur’ wine out of a Mason jar:)

  30. Hillbilly, if it meant I could hear her Tell All about Obama, I’d drink my wine out of a shoe.

  31. I know what you meant, I was just funnin’ with you. A shoe? Probably Christian Louboutin’s?

  32. If I could hear it all, Hillbilly, I’d drink it out of an old sneaker.

  33. K I read that the cat’s name WAS India, nicknamed “Willie” and the dingbat who did the credits in the cam called him “Willard” because he is an asshole. That wraps it up. India was ten years old when they were in the white house, possibly when they entered it, so he could be in kitteh heaven now too. Or, knowing cats, he might still be around.

  34. Yup Hugo, you’re right. Spot was a Springer Spaniel. I guess they lost him.

  35. Saves you a lot of grief, I’ll bet!

  36. Sophie, are you on the wrong blog again? lol.

  37. Again? I’ve read a few comments that did that. but I think my turn is still in my future.

    So, what I didn’t do was say who I replied to–one of the hazards of replying from the menu and not from the comment section!

    (It was an answer to NES @ 5:20)

  38. I’m glad you’ve been running this series.

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