So many things your hands can do!



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  1. Anyone with any information that could help me identify the shredded chicken bandit, please contact me.

  2. hmm….Doggone it! I usually have a nose for news about this sort of thing…but I got nothing. I’m sure you’ll sniff out the culprit soon though. Maybe a cat burglar?

  3. Awww, its got a beautiful nose, you can see that.

  4. The nose looks remotely familiar but it’s not enough definitive information to make an ID, you know? Could be an aardvark. Or one of those mini horses? I questioned everyone in the house and nobody knows a thing. Thank heavens for Needlenose, she has been working the case diligently, but has come up with not much. She thinks someone broke in while she was in a deep sleep or while we were walking. She’s so logical that way!

    Whatever it is, it’s of decent size, no paws up and cruising the top of a standard height table. Almost Borzoi like.

    ………scratching head….

  5. Dats a nose alright. 😆

  6. From the previous post:

    Yeah Kerry will have the nickname Mr. Ed.

    Gives new meaning to straight from the horses mouth.

    Needs side by side treatment. One of these is intelligent and well spoken; the other is a horse’s a$$.

  7. Upps, one of these days you’re going to have to figure out how to get Jon Stewart clips despite the cookie cautions on your computer. Borrow a friends laptop? Spot on and funny.

    Topics from just the past few days- I’ve only seen clips so far:

    Glenn Beck’s Utopia is insanely un-american

    Boy Scouts of America: the neckerchief basket weavers allowing gays.

    Al Gore – extended interview Al Jazeera oil money for ecology?

  8. What an awesome video!
    Thanks again uppity for this wonderful site you have.

  9. Hand artists are great. This is one of my favorites, a hand-sand artist, she has dozens of vids to watch. The one I picked has penguins briefly.

  10. uppity this is so worth them putting cookies in your computer and spying on you for eternity. Pee before watching and put down your drink.—hispanic-room

  11. For your viewing pleasure. 🙂

  12. Peekabooooooooooo Karen

    About Stewart’s vids. I have to figure out which setting those people want me to change. This is not a problem I have with page script-heavy flash player with anyone else, which bothers me. A lot. I don’t think anyone realizes how intrusive flash is till they see the settings. They take privileges by default that, if you don’t realize it, are VERY disturbing, up to and including using your cam. no kidding. I ‘deny’ everything with them and they have to have permission from me to do things, and normally, i have no problem, as they will ask permission to drop a bug in my computer, I click “Deny” and off I am watching the video. I am not getting the permission options with his videos. They are just refusing to show me their goods unless I let them see mine. I say to hell with that crap. I’ll figure it out, it’s just that I need to take the time.

  13. OMG that panda’s cuteness should be illegal!

  14. Thank you, Foxy!!!

  15. Hillary says her heart is full. That’s because she took her job seriously and served the public well. What a lovely way to say goodbye to her employees, I’ve only worked for one political appointee whose departure left a hole in my heart and I’m sure that’s how many at State are feeling now.

    Love Louie Armstrong and especially “It’s a Wonderful World.:

  16. Great vid, foxy. Thanks for posting.

  17. Egypt MB and Morsi say Holocoust is a USA myth and all those jews moved to the USA. Arab Spring My Ass. Smells more like Iran to me.

  18. John said last week that he was over 90% sure Ash is a girl. Today they went to the vet and it is confirmed, my Ashley is a male. I guess Upps is NOT Cleopatra afterall but just a regular know it all omniscient diety. John posted at the critter room before he even left the vets office.

    He’s the cutest kitten, evah.

  19. They are evil, Upps. They wished for change and now they’re going to want to change it back when they see what their meddling did. We here were for the most part very worried when the brotherhood was gaining power and we scratched out collective heads as to why the media all seemed to be ignoring the danger of the abrupt power revolt.
    I think Hillary is leaving State at a time when things are going to begin the slippery slope downhill. Kerry is going to have a much darker job than she did and he’s going to get the brunt of the looming hard times.

  20. Karen Karen Karen, when it comes to cats, why do you doubt moi?

  21. The holocost was a myth? Well, I heard the Valley of the Kings is made of styrofoam and designed by Disney Imagineers.

  22. It isn’t just me. Fox is leaking viewers big time due to its sickening lies and horrific guests on its news shows. Maybe they’ll start to act like grown ups in the real world again.

    Also, the way the Rs are going they will have a hard time coming back from the defections of major demographics groups – blacks, Asians, youth, hispanics, gays and women have left in droves. It truly is the party of rich white men that it was always best suited for. The opposition to the fiscal cliff increases on the wealthiest was a final sign.

    They’re the party we warned you about for decades.

    btw- about Ash, when John came in he said the vet was fairly certain Ash is a boy. Not concluded yet 100%. His nether region is that floofy! He might be a she yet but more than likely a boy. Funny! They are going to have to shave Ash and figure out whether there are nads to nip or if he needs to be spayed when they go for their sputer. Somebody suggested dipping Ash butt in water and parting the floof.

    LOL, 100% adorable and gender confused.

  23. Hello everyone.

    Just wanted to stop by and quickly tell everyone what a pleasure it has been reading here and interacting with so many, many wonderful people. I wish you all the best.

    Uppity, I wish YOU and your beautiful menagerie (at home) all the very best as well. You are a treasure and I thank you for allowing me to hang here and feel a part of the community you have created and facilitated so well.

    No drama, just a major life-style change that includes my departure from cyberspace.

    Thank you again – all of you – for, among so many, many other things, so many, many laughs.


    (Needlenose, personally, I think that was an impersonator’s nose in that picture! heh.)

  24. We’ll miss you Why Not, and do stop by any chance you get. I hope all is well and remains well.

  25. Talk about hypocrites, I just saw Mr Progressive himself –Alec Bsldwin — doing a Capital One commercial. Ranks right up there with Moore and Ayers decrying capitalism while making capitalistc millions in the process.

  26. Wow, Why Not! You will be missed! What kind of life change could remove you from cyberspace? Heck, even convents have WiFi.

  27. i’ve stolen some bandwidth in my life. I remember during the campaign 2008 (the great Primary robbery), Freedom Fairy would report in from somebody else’s network often.

  28. And of course the title of this post came from

  29. That’s a clever video. I especially like the bunny. I caught 4 baby bunnies in the backyard with a fishing net almost 8 years ago. Only one remains, and he was the smallest, sickliest one. Go figure.

    As for your chicken thief, it was probably Tabitha, the fuzzy tabby. When I first started cooking chicken for the kittens she would eat plate after plate after plate. I couldn’t figure out where she put it all. But she finally decided we could be friends. She allowed me to pet her and started rubbing against my legs which I thought was never gonna happen.

    When she wants food, which is often, she thunders down the hallway after me like a Shetland pony.

  30. Yeah I know the Thunder Run. lol.

  31. Oh no WhyNot! Why not keep the option open? We’ll keep a candle in the window for you.

  32. It truly is the party of rich white men that it was always best suited for. The opposition to the fiscal cliff increases on the wealthiest was a final sign.

    They’re the party we warned you about for decades.

    (Emphasis added.)

    Really? The prospect of one-party rule is not one that should be celebrated. Nor is the advent of class-warfare and identity-politics and handouts, popularized by Obama and the Dems, a good thing.

  33. G’damned taxes.

  34. Sophie ……..CDS on the uptick again. They are only upset because she doesn’t have a dick and they only want dicks for presidents. God knows, we’ve had a few dicks in a row already and I don’t mean the word in a literal sense. Two dickheads with dicks. Total will be 16 frigging years.

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