Howmydoin’? Mayor Ed Koch, dead at 88.

ed_koch_You were doin’ fine, mayor, especially compared to the pompous horse’s ass your city has for a mayor now.

“If you agree with me on 9 out of 12 issues, vote for me. If you agree with me on 12 out of 12 issues, see a psychiatrist.”

Earlier this month, the Mayor visited his own grave, which he deliberately erected in a Non Jewish cemetery. Why did  a man so very proud of his Jewish heritage do that? Because he said he liked the hustle-bustle of  Trinity Cemetery and didn’t think he’d see that in a Jewish cemetery. The guy definitely had his humor.

You were one of a rare breed of elected official known as Human. Rest well.

edkochgraveIronically, Mayor Koch’s headstone is inscribed with Daniel Pearl’s final words before he was beheaded by the Everybody-Hating Islamofascists on behalf of their Religion Of Peace.

The irony there? They both died on February 1.

‘My father is Jewish, my Mother is Jewish, I am Jewish’–Daniel Pearl, 2002, just before he was beheaded by an Islamic Terrorist”


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  1. Sorry to hear about the Mayor. He was a piece of work; they do not make them like that any more because politicians need to be vanilla so the corporations can support them.

  2. A rare politician who will be missed. One of an almost distinct breed who understood the concept of civic duty.

    I did not agree with him on numerous issues. But, that was the point of his well known quote.If people agree with you on everything, there is a much bigger problem under the surface.

  3. My father used to say that whenever two politicians agree with each other 100% of the time, hang onto your wallet.

  4. “They will call you “the repairer of the breach,
    the restorer of the ways of civilization”

    Koch was a great guy, esp for a politician. He’ll be missed.

  5. Sounds like your pa was Repub.-leaning.

  6. Despite my super-lefty inclinations, I had a soft spot for Koch. He was a tough guy and an independent thinker. RIP Ed!

  7. MB that’s my job… make sure you don’t fall off that lefty cliff!!!

  8. The best thing about Koch was that he was a workhorse not a showhorse. He walked the talk. He rode the subways and so he was the one who got them finally cleaned up and gleaming after decades of neglect. The city was bankrupt on my wedding day in 1975, he took it from the pit of despair to a solid comeback. Like Uppity says of Carter, the doom and gloom was palpable during Beame and disappeared under Ed. That one winter, as true hope was filling the air and people were starting to breathe a sigh of relief he asked everybody to keep up our Christmas lights for a little while longer. And we did. The city was still twinkling at the end of January – and we felt uplifted.

    To me, cleaning up the city, putting people to work, motivating cops and getting crime under control is his legacy.

    I also loved his book about Rudy (besides I Koch, which was funny) and on what a mean mean man Rudy was. And Koch was often right, not always, but often spot on in the long run. He was 100% NYer.

  9. McCain is heading for a stroke or heart attack. Talk about taking vacation, this guy is long overdue for one. He’s got an agenda these days and is clearly angry and nasty as well as just not playing fairly.

    What is fine for Kerry isn’t for Hagel? Both vets, both voted the same.

  10. McCain’s face was plastered all over a bunch of channels today, this time ‘immigration reform,” as IF I don’t remember what he said in 2008. He was on with Chuckie Shoemaker today, blowing each other’s horns. Mccain and Kerry and Hagle are old time goombahs and the whole thing is a show. remember the Bernanke show when Americans were stupid enough to actually believe he wouldn’t be re-appointed while everybody grilled his ass and then he slid right back to his job or robbing America for Goldman Sachs? It’s the same deal here. Use your pal to grill you and you have no fear. And McCain has got this almost desperate need for face time all over the networks lately. Maybe he thinks his legacy is running out of time or something, but he’s been a real media whore. But these confirmations are all the Boys in The Band doing their kabuki dance for us peons, make no mistake It’s Done.

    It reminds me of pledging a sorority and hell week, being cornered to talk about the sister you hate the most and to say horrid things about her. Your best buddy in the sorority would tip you off that it was coming and that you should use HER name and everything will be fine. Same political shit here, only the whole country is at stake, not just some dipshit sorority pledge Making it In The Club.

  11. Amen Upps. 🙂

  12. Oh Noes…RIP Barney (Bush).

  13. I love that photo of Bush and Barney.

  14. Barney looks like Fala, FDR’s dog.

  15. I always think of the pic when he dropped barney in front of thsoe young girls. Anyways, I could tell W loved that dog. Whole lot more than Obama loves Bo. Laura loved her black cat Indy. Wonder if the cat is still with them.

  16. Yes, Hugo, he does. (Admitted, Fala was cuter…perhaps because he was smaller.)

  17. I had to go through like FIVE barney videos to find a real one. Those fucking regressives are disgusting with what they did to the barney cams. Fucking pigs.

  18. The famous and funny Fala speech.

  19. Miss Beazley and Indy the cat

  20. A sculpture of Fala is at the FDR Memorial in DC. He’s sitting near FDR and his ears are shiny because people like to touch him. ,

  21. That was their last Christmas in WH and the cat was Willard. Must have lost Indy.

  22. Remember Babs Bush’s dog, Millie. I think the dog wrote a book.

  23. Yeah I remember Bab’s dog was better looking than she was.

  24. Not sure Fala was purebred. Barney was for sure.

  25. Millie’s Book, As Dictated by Barbara Bush. She was a pretty dog–Millie, that is. One of her offspring lived in the WH with W. The name was Spot.

  26. Yes Upps, you keep me from going totally commie pinko. 😉 Your other jobs consist of cooking for me and drinking all my Scotch. You got it made, babe.

    Mccain and Kerry and Hagle are old time goombahs and the whole thing is a show.

    A-f*cking men. You think they give a cr*p about Hagel? They will confirm him, no problem. Truth be told, the Repubs are thrilled that Obama nominated one of them when he didn’t even have to. Now they can pretend to be upset on some hitherto unknown set of “principles.”

  27. As Dictated by Barbara Bush

    Doesn’t surprise me, she always struck me as a dictator.

  28. Remember when barney bit the reporter? ROFL.

  29. Stupid moronic reporter sticks his hand in his face when the dog’s head is down, no eye contact, body language says leave me along, and he is clearly not a happy dog with him. Moron. He rushed right at the dog’s face and stuck his hand at his face, BEGGING to be bitten.

  30. Good dog, Barney! There are some so-called reporters that I’d like to bite too.

    Chelsea Clinton was at State with her mother today. She tweeted a very nice pic of the two of them.

    Hagel did come off like a fool during his hearing, but I have no down he will be confirmed. It’s all huff-n-puff. McCain doth protest too much. He should have been that rough with obama during the debates.

  31. The frightening part isn’t even that Hagel is getting an appointment, it’s that we have idiots and morons like him running our country and making our laws. Do we really think he’s the exception to the rule when it comes to that clown squad? This, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of what pimps itself off as a US Senator. No wonder our finances and economy are fucked up. Look at the stewards.

    “Chuck Hagel was bad. And it doesn’t matter”

    The senate shouldn’t have to block this turkey. Obama should pull him off with a hook right now. It’s inconceivable that anyone who cares about the USA should want this kind of shit- for- brains running the Pentagon of all things.

  32. Most of Obama’s appointments have been craptastic (Hillary being a notable exception, and Sotomayor seems okay so far). Turbo Tax Timmy? Petraeus? Kerry? Rahmbo? Please. Either corrupt, stupid or both.

  33. Kerry and Rahm, two more Congressional dolts. Name we one great achievement of either of them, I mean besides the fact that kerry bought a multimillion dollar yacht and docked it in another state to avoid taxes, and Rahm liked to strut around naked and visit people in the Congressional showers.

  34. Hilarious, Uppity!

    Rahmbo is now the mayor of Chicago. I’ve been in Chicago recently, and let’s say he is not the most popular of fellows. Mainly, he shovels money towards all his rich friends and screws over everyone else. It’s just depressing. At a certain level, the cronyism is all the same.

    I’ll tell you, if you want to be uplifted about politics, go see “Lincoln.” What a wonderful movie.

  35. Mainly, he shovels money towards all his rich friends and screws over everyone else.

    He got a lot of experience at that watching all the Chicago gangster politicians and then he went into advanced experience mode over at the White House.

  36. I’ll bet Rahm is so hairy, when he takes off his shirt it looks like somebody knitted him a sweater.

  37. I saw on Still4Hill that Hillary Clinton was interviewed on PBS’s To the Contrary today. I couldn’t get the video to play and couldn’t find out what time the show would be on the air. Bummer. It looked good from the clip I did see.

  38. Oops, I guess the link would be nice…

  39. I notice they do that a lot with programs, as if everyone is supposed to know by osmosis when a program is on.

  40. That Barney spoof is so funny!!

  41. Just learned that the Senate will be in a retreat in Annapolis, MD this week and, on Wednesday, obama will motor over from DC to participate in whatever the hell it is they are doing in a retreat with our tax dollars. Didn’t they just go back into session? Why do they need a retreat?

  42. It appears that the US Capitol is too hectic, so they have to go stay in a hotel in a party town.

    “The retreats are an opportunity for each caucus to discuss strategy and messaging for the coming year in less hectic setting than the Capitol.” Baltimore Sun,

  43. A million years ago, I liked Ed Koch, mostly.
    As he got old, he started spouting CDS talking points to get face time on TV and lost me, forever.
    But, RIP.

  44. As already noted, Ed’s passing lined up curiously with the 11th anniversary of Daniel Pearl’s murder, and just as curiously, with Ed’s own documentary: “Koch,” which opened on the day he died, providing a fitting way for his former staffers to mourn.
    “He knew every one of us, and what we did,” said Rita Schwartz, who worked in the departments of Aging and Health and Hospitals under Koch. “He would take us all out to lunch at Jean Georges or Peking Duck and hear what everybody was doing and what we thought had to be done. Then he would pick up the tab.”
    This info from

  45. I finally got that PBS, To the Contrary video to work and it was really good. It was mostly about Hillary’s work for women and girls over her lifetime. She talks about the famous “Women’s rights are human rights” speech.

  46. I thought Margaret Spellings (on the Barney video) won Celebrity Jeopardy, but she came in 2nd,2933,231340,00.html

    & agree w/the Dogs 101 guys that GW’s eyebrows look like Barneys

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