Cockroach of the week is a No Contest – Saudi Arabian degenerate rapes, tortures and murders his own child.

Isn’t it interesting that if Iran or Afghanistan did this to a child, the press would be covering it everywhere, decrying their barbarism, which of course, is the truth. But since it’s the ‘Kingdom” of Goatfucking Saudi Arabia, no big deal.

killed5yroldThis degenerate Saudi Arabian POS is Fayhan al-Ghamdi . Isn’t he sweet looking? I mean you wouldn’t run away like your hair was on fire if you saw him coming at you, would you?

Fayan is a prominent “Islamic television Preacher” in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, that’s right.  It bears repeating: He’s a Prominent Islamic Television Preacher in Saudi Arabia.

Apparently in an effort to lead by example, this “Preacher” of the Religion of Peace repeatedly raped his 5-year-old daughter, Lama al-Ghamdi.  In fact, he raped her “Everywhere,”. according to hospital reports.

But it wasn’t enough that this man of  ‘god’ raped his child-daughter repeatedly in every available orifice. That wasn’t revolting enough for this cockroach. No sir.  After he raped her, he tortured her. To death. He didn’t do it with prayer, either. He did it with “Whips, shocks and electric iron”. Now what’s with the iron? Well, this  depraved animal tore open his five-year old daughter’s rectum  and wanted to “Burn it closed”.

I’m not sure if the burning of is five-year-old daughter’s rectum shut with a hot iron was before or after he broke her arms and her back — and fractured her skull.

According to this report, he also confessed to using “Cables and a cane” on her. Isn’t he a great daddy?

I want to point out once again: This was a five-year-old and his daughter.

Of course, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was obviously up in arms  and horrified about this, savage, barbaric, animalistic crime against a child–a crime befitting of a subhuman.  In fact, they were so outraged, they fined him. He has to pay an undisclosed amount of “blood money” to the child’s mother.

Yes, that’s right. They fined him. The show must go on!

I hope it's not too hot for her under the lights!

I hope it’s not too hot for her under the lights!

However, if he had done this to a goat, his punishment would have probably been much more severe. Or maybe in that godforsaken  depraved demonic shithole, it might have just been considered a night of good sex before a good goat roast.

Nothing is sacred in the not-so-secret bowels of  Saudi  hell when it comes to Human Rights. Because in Saudi Arabia, women and girls aren’t human.  These people are animals.  But, hey, Saudi is our friend, so…………shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Besides, it’s all nice and legal, so hush up!

According to Islamic Law, the daughter’s death is “punishment enough“. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

The ruling is based on Saudi laws that a father cannot be executed for murdering his children, nor can husbands be executed for murdering their wives,

Only when tortured Middle Eastern women rise up and kill the oppressive animals who torture them — in their sleep — on the same night –will they be able to live in peace and dignity. Because this is what a barbaric repressive theocracy does to women and girls.

Don’t expect our Pravda press to make a big deal of  what happened to a five-year old girl at the claws of a monster in Saudi Arabia. Or that creatures with the same depraved mentality as this clinically insane “preacher’  move to the USA without a second look.  That would be blasphemy or something. And they wonder why gun sales continue to rise among women. But hey! How about that Kim Kardashian!

RIP little girl. You’re probably better off dead than alive in Saudi Arabia.

Thank God we live in the USA, warts and all.


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  1. Reprehensible and horrifying. Where is the global outrage?

  2. Saudi Arabia, where women can now vote, but they need to get a ride first.

  3. OMG!!!! That is terrible. 👿

  4. And that the ride to the polling location better be with an approved relative. And assuming they do not kill her just for asking and that she does not break some obscure law in dress. deportment, or language on her way/at the polling station, I assume they make sure she votes for only for approved candidates (male).

  5. The bitch of it is that they know they don’t have to worry that bunch of militant feminists are going to take over their embassy here in the US and hold their people hostage.

    Sucks to be civilized.

  6. Long time lurker but I had to comment on this. This is such an atrocity. A lot of Saudi Women come to get PhDs/Postdocs at the Canadian university I work at (also as a researcher) and as soon as they get here, they basically shed most of their rules. They learn how to drive, sometimes get rid of the Hijab, work alone, shop aloe whatever. A lot of them end up getting Canadian residency too. It’s so unfortunate that 3rd wave feminists and liberals use “cultural relativism” to justify mistreatment of women. There is no excuse for abusing human rights. None, whatsoever. I wish Obama actually went ahead with the Keystone pipeline so the States wouldn’t be as dependent on Saudi oil and subsequently, condone such behavior but that’s never going to happen. *sigh*

  7. I had to wonder while reading that horror story if the child had a sister.

    Cannot argue with a thing this woman says:

  8. And we scream for tighter gun control here all the while the bastages that want to disarm us send f-16 s over there to them in hopes we one day can be friends. What a flipping joke and sadly the joke is on us. I will keep my gun and would be more then happy to step up and volunteer to shoot this guy in his nuts then jam the barrel in his backside and let him sweat until I was ready to finish the job. We can never be friends with these people because first off you have to be human and these animals are not !
    I can only pray there is a supreme being that deals out justice to these subhuman freaks in the end. And yes Uppity you are right that little girl is most likely better off dead but there is never justification for doing these horrific things to a baby or anyone other then to meter out the same death to a bastage like this. However he is justified because he has a dick.

  9. Hillary Clinton Helps Silicon Valley on Her Way Out the Door
    Feb 4, 2013

    Smart power – giving nameless, faceless, voiceless people Women and Girls all over the world A VOICE TO THE WORLD…

    Lama al-Ghamdi, 5 Years Old

  10. In the USA, 93% of RAPISTS never spend a day in jail.

  11. Largest United States Human Trafficking Event is the Super Bowl

    “If you don’t make that number (of sex customers), you’re going to dearly, dearly, severely pay for it,” Greenlee said in her interview with the Times-Picayune. “I mean with beatings, I mean with over and over rapings. With just straight torture. The worst torture they put on you is when they make you watch the other girl get tortured because of your mistake.”

  12. Violence is something humans seem to crave and always have and always will. Laws are there and when we fail to act on them and by that I am talking hand slaps, early release and belief that a criminal of violent nature will not repeat we then are as guilty as they. When folks stop with the bleeding hearts outside prisons when a murderer is being injected and stop with the pleas for leniency and demand more accountability for a crime then and only then will it be deterred. A criminal knows before he goes out to do his deed he will only spend x amount of time and it is no big deal. Stop with the poor poor guy he had a bad childhood act and fry their ass plain and simple.

  13. It goes on here – it goes on all over the world – every day.

    Baby Brianna – 6 months old:

    “They raped her; they beat her,” said District Attorney Susana Martinez who prosecuted the case. “She had bite marks on her face, cheek, head, arms, legs, chest, torso, everywhere.

    “Literally bruised from head to toe, from the top of her head all throughout her body all the way to the big toe on her right foot.”

    She was beaten and raped by her own family.

    So these animals were “prosecuted.” So what. I’m sure the next 1 in 4 female – child – victims in the US, alone, will be thinking about that when they are being sexually abused.

    We are not winning this WAR on women and girls, yet.

  14. The demon in this story should be publicly “tortured” by the voices of hundreds of millions from around the world – with Saudi Arabia, named as not only HIS ACCOMPLICE to this unspeakable, indefinable inhuman act – but as co-conspirator to every act of sexual violence against women and girls that is certain to follow in that god-forsaken hell hole for women and girls.

    Hillary Clinton and 2016 can’t get here soon enough – if we are to EVER have a real US Policy on Violence Against Women and Girls.

  15. CSPAN2, RiGHT NOW. Senate “Debating” the Violence Against Women Act, because some of these scumballs have a problem with it.

  16. Why Not, the difference between the USA and Goatfuckistan is they are a theocracy and this abomination is perfectly legal to them. They never get prosecuted. At least we get some of these shitbags of the street, although I’m in favor of a death sentence for all of them. Clean out the gene pool.

    I’ll just never understand why you seem to resent when I cover these stories. It’s not as if I don’t do the same for shit here in the USA. I think the ME has a huge influence on behaviors in America and I am NOT going to stop talking about it, because the truth is what happens THERE influences human rights everywhere in the world, more drastically than what happens here. And I don’t need to point out, I hope, that Americans aren’t tripping over themselves to move to Saudi Arabia, but plenty of this slime in the ME has already moved here! Plenty of these sick bastards have moved to the USA, influcencing America with their brand of insanity. Yet whenever I cover these atrocities, you barnstorm with posts about the USA, trivializing my work.

  17. Yes Utah, it is true that early release has gone too far. Nobody serves the sentence any longer. Next thing you know, these shitbags on back on the street. We even let murderers out. Child molesters? Early release? That’s BULLSHIT. Ditto for Rapists. Scum, all of them, and never cured either. We should hold parole boards and psychiatrists accountable for what they turn loose upon us. That would make them think twice.

  18. An indigenous woman was raped and left in a ditch in Thunder Bay and of course there was no outrage in Canada over that. It’s horrifying that not only does it happen daily but the priorities of the Western population are so fucked in the head. This happens all the time but of course those brown women are just nasty, good fer nothing whores. I guess we must keep them brown women in line? /sarcasm

  19. I know you are right, on that, Uppity, I do.

    I hate to sound so hardheaded and argumentative about how lacking I see our own country’s ASS-DRAGGING – at the expense of women, girls and CHILDREN – on this issue.

    I not only endured “child rapist apologists” – I was conditioned to become one. Today, I interact with scores of adult women – and men – who have struggled a lifetime to overcome the effects of Rape, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence – and the ignorance of society – who still largely considers the speaking openly about these subject matters as “taboo” – when nothing less than outrage will ever be effective in confronting thus minimizing such heinous acts.

    In a truly civilized society – these acts would be truly be rare. Nuff said.

  20. You know Lil Sis, Bedelia, funny you should mention this. I am listening to a bunch of senatorial pigs talking about us women like we aren’t even here, or like we are their possessions. What are they arguing about? Why they have delayed the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act since 2011 because someone doesn’t think Native American women should have recourse against “real” American men if they should rape the crap out of one of them. And there seems to be a problem with including “immigrants” as beneficiaries of the programs this law provides law enforcement and other agencies which help these victims. It seems that they also have a problem if the woman is a lesbian too. So I think you get the picture, kiddo. USA and Canada are more alike than they are different when it comes to women.

  21. Oh, no doubt. The difference is the flags and national anthems. “Oh Canada, our home and white-washed land.”

  22. As more women arm themselves, the number of rapists who 1) don’t think twice or 2) are still alive will continue to be reduced. I have posted countless links about how women are fighting back. Because WE ARe ON OUR OWN. The law isn’t worth shit and they do not help us. Last week I posted a video of how rape victims are treated by the shit known as the police in DC. How many of you bothered to watch it? But I say to you, verily, there is nothing like a 9mm slug in your balls to make you think while you bleed out. Traditionally, men have seen us as weaklings. I say with a cheer every time another woman kills one of these shitbags, that they are learning we can and will fight back. Funny, you can walk down the street at midnight anywhere with a Rottweiller on a leash. I walk with my dog all times of day and night in all kinds of places. This is because men do not like having their crotches ripped out by large dogs, not to mention their throats. By stature, we are not as strong and tough as they are. Unless they are looking at a snarling dog or feeling the searing sting of a bullet. If we need to level the playing field then I say let’s do it. I would far rather see a rapist spend a day in the morgue than 20 years in prison, reduced to 5.

  23. Ironic that the Canadian national anthem has “native land” in the lyrics and yet the government is doing everything in their power to wipe out the Indigenous.

  24. I’ll just never understand why you seem to resent when I cover these stories. It’s not as if I don’t do the same for shit here in the USA.

    I don’t resent you for it. To the contrary – you ignite passion to speak MY truth – and MY truth is this – having been ONE: One woman, girl or child victim of any kind of Sexual Assault IS ONE TOO FUCKING MANY.

  25. Yeah Bedelia, well we ‘discovered’ America when there were already people here. We even have a holiday to celebrate it!Then we took the land and gave them small pox — and crumbs to the ones who lived. When many of them started becoming successful, after years of treating them like dog shit on reservations, we resented their success and want to tax them. Those who remain poor do better under their own economy than they do ours. So you might have a national anthem pretending you give a shit, but we have a whole National holiday bragging on our acheivement As an Italian I had an aunt who died not talking to me because I pointed out that Columbus could not possibly have “discovered” America if people were already here. lol.

  26. HRC Fan, first let me apologize for just seeing you in Spam. First time commenters always land in moderation, and I just didn’t see you there till now. Please forgive.

    You are SO right about the useless third wave. They have squandered all the rights that others stood in the rain and snow to give them, taking it all for granted as it gets whittled away from them. Their blindness to what is going on in the world with women is gobsmacking and their political correctness about these things is downright sickening. In 20 years, these fools will be saying, “How did this happen?” and they will have to start all over again fighting for their rights.

  27. Yeah, it’s a total riot watching people play the denial game. A lot of ego and false charity in our society…..

  28. The Saudi cockroach sounds like he has some serious mental illness and will likely do this again. He probably has other kids. Too bad the so-called religion is as crazy as he is.

    Maybe having close personal relationships with goats leads to some brain-disease like vCJD or kuru.

  29. Talk about being riddled with bags of shit, check out this hashtag to understand why you need a gun and a dog. This is TRENDING!

  30. Funny that there is no #dontcuffhimif…….

  31. Yeah there is, and they aren’t much better.

    I suggest you tweet “#dontcuffhimif he’s over commenting at #dontcuffherif”

  32. My gift to you 🙂

  33. If you can stand watching it…..

    There is no punishment bad enough for this guy.

  34. Aw God. Somebody execute this demon.

  35. Hillary Clinton office a public way to contact her. Wow. She got 4.1 million emails at State a year but if those who voted for her email her and ask her to run, offer to donate or volunteer, or just wish her well, thank her, she’ll have 18 million in no time. She better hire lots of staff to read through them all. I’m tempted to ask for a job myself. Even if I have to work for peanuts.

  36. Not long ago Haley Barbour retired and as is customary he pardoned a lot of criminals. Among them were murderers and rapists. Some of their victims lived, one after being shot in the head, and they are now terrified of running into their attackers on the street or of being stalked.

    He let go 210 prisoners. Multiply that by all the other Governor’s who do the same and you have to wonder why we let them go after a jury convicts them. Mostly for medical reasons they always say. The dead got no reprieve and the raped live with it every day. The wounded are still struggling. They get out and are free, their victims are never free.

  37. “Hillary Clinton in 2016: Be Afraid, Republicans”

    Hillary is now outpolling Republicans in Texas. Snort.

  38. Karen, doesn’t it just figure. Like I say, WOMEN ARE ON THEIR OWN.

  39. Not making excuses for the way the USA behaves but at least here we now have the right to own a gun and blow a rapist or abusers head off. That is something the women in ME do not have. Rape and abuse is an everyday thing here no one knows that better then I. Yet I am allowed to leave if I ant and carry a gun to see that my abuser does not win. More women need to own and learn to shoot guns then to fight to control them JMO. I will never be without one. I have my CCW and you can take it to the bank if you met me I am carrying. I also have to mean dogs that act like real gentle souls unless I tell them to eat you alive or you make the mistake of laying a hand on me. Two things I will never so long as I live be without my guns and dogs.
    I should never have to wait for men to decide if violence against me ought to be a law we renew NEVER. I am a human as is every female out there. What is good for me ought to be just as good for men. That is why I agree women need to defend themselves because our justice system does not nor do our law makers.
    We only count when they need our votes and if they could we would not be able to do that too.


    The Senate voted 85 to 8 on the procedural motion. The eight senators who voted against beginning debate on VAWA included Republican Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas), Mike Johanns (Neb.), Rand Paul (Ky.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Pat Roberts (Kansas), Mike Lee (Utah), Marco Rubio (Fla.) and James Risch (Idaho).

  41. As if I needed another reason to declare Rand Paul a flying asshole.

    Rubio, Rubio, this will be remembered by voters with vaginas, there, boy.

  42. Well besides Texas that article says she beat the GOP at their own game in Kentucky, and that means she beats the whacko Rand Paul.

    So let him just dig his hole deeper. Double down on stupid, boys and keep flapping your jaws till you wake up when you hit bottom.

  43. Preacher????? He feigns he is a preacher?!?

    The guy sounds like he is mental and using his “position” as an excuse. The powers-that-be are giving him license to kill.

    Sheer abomination!

    If that little girl can hear from the high heavens above, from a her protected place amongst God’s children,

    RIP little girl. You’re probably better off dead than alive in Saudi Arabia.

    My heart sinks to know this happened.

  44. By the way UW, Cockroach of the Week is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too nice of a descriptive for that murderer.

  45. Yes I do believe in this case, cockroaches might be offended by the analogy, Crier. But in a way, it always fits, because if you kill one cockroach, another one just like him appears.

  46. IMHO, this guy needs to be sodomized with a hot poker iron and then fed to crocs.

  47. It’s no issue UW, it must be lots of work to moderate and keep everything going- I really appreciate that you keep this blog alive. Mainstream dem blogs/sites are terrible.

    Rubio is trying to shore up his nutjob creds after trying to go after immigration reform, probably. Sometimes, I don’t understand at all the reasoning these wackos use to justify no votes- do they have any? Or is it subtly victim blaming. IMO, the only thing that can stop Hillary if she chooses not to run herself or if Obama screws up the economy. Unless the Republicans get rid of Tea Party nuts, every candidate will essentially screw themselves over. Only half decent one is Huntsman.

  48. Sounds like a plan!

  49. You wouldn’t believe all the searches in my stats for this freak’s name, and some of them came from the Kingdom itself.

  50. Most likely in Goatfuckistan they hail this piece of crap as a hero. At least (for now) in the USA and other civilized societies he would be in jail and maybe on death row .
    Women need to take this stuff seriously and not ask for but DEMAND the rights they should always have had and further DEMAND that rapists and abusers get full sentences and yes even a death penalty.

  51. The Clinton Foundation sent one of their regular emails, this one about Hillary rejoining the family. The picture of Chelsea with Bill and Hill is strange to me since it doesn’t include her husband. Isn’t it customary to include son-in-law as a member of the family welcoming his MIL home?

    There’s a “send Hill a welcome home message” on the mail. It is of course a way to gather names and current email addresses of “still active” accounts but perhaps, it is genuine, too.

    Fixit-Fairy wuz here

  52. Un-fricken-real:

    Saudi cleric urges veils for baby girls to avoid sexual harassment:

  53. karen, I’ve been reluctant to sign any of these “Thank Hill” e-cards, especially the early ones put out by the DCCC. It looked like they were cashing in on Hill’s popularity to refresh their mailing lists. I am already on Hill’s list and Bill’s list and send DCCC to spam.

  54. Can somebody delete that last link I put up to my Clinton email, it has info on it tailored to me. Thanks.

  55. At least (for now) in the USA and other civilized societies he would be in jail and maybe on death row.

    “Maybe” is right. Thank god, our country at least goes after horrid child abuser, when they’re caught red-handed. Or, “maybe” not, according to this…

    13 year old Rape victim:

    Evidence of Rape Ignored

    “We have these monsters allowed to walk the streets,” said Lavinia Masters, a rape victim at the age of 13 who had to wait two decades before the kit of physical evidence from the assault in Texas was tested and led to a serial predator who had been free for years.

    Wonder how many more 13 year olds he raped and terrorized during those 20 years – considering that, not only are there 20,000 victims of rape (in Texas alone) who aren’t worth the cost of investigating-identifying their RAPIST – 20,000 Rapists (in Texas alone) getting a pass for committing a sexual crime against Women, Girls.

    (Cost per kit for testing = $1000.00)

    Testing State’s Huge Backlog of Rape Evidence Kits Comes With Hefty Price Tag

    There are some 20,000 untested rape kits sitting on evidence shelves in police departments across Texas, the state Department of Public Safety estimates. Each box with samples of hair, skin and clothing represents one of the worst moments of the victim’s life, a crime that was followed by hours in a doctor’s office submitting the most personal evidence.

  56. I sign the ones from Bill. He sent out a lot of them in 08 as did Mark Penn asking for input and polling what we think they should do. After donating several times in little increments and volunteering all over and attending rallies, door knocking and phone banking, I got email asking about ideas for advertising – commercials – video- etc from the Hillary for President video making committee asking for ideas.

    I suggested a whole slew of her famous supporters all standing with their arms folded in an empty warehouse type room but modern silver/grey/black sleek and silent. Then just her name. Nothing needs to be said. Famous faces, strong stance, Hillary.

  57. Karen:

    FYI: “What Counts” is an email marketing company.

  58. Well, it came from Clinton Foundation in email form and had a link to show it as a web page. So Hillary must be using that company to gather her own lists. That’s fine with me.

    Thanks for removing the link, fixit fairy.

  59. why not, when S**** P**** ran there was a ton of backlash about her as Governor/Mayor not dealing with rape kits fast enough and not utilizing them for all victims. (Presumably at the police dept level those decisions were made but by orders from on high?) And at the time I remember seeing tons of links to other states with horrendous numbers of rape kits, conducted at huge costs to tax payers, sitting untouched after collections for decades. If they aren’t checked in the system then they may as well not pretend to be doing something about catching the person. They are only used if a suspect is apprehended and then it is used to match to DNA. And that is unfortunatly rare.

    Thanks for keeping this subject current all the time. 1 in 4 is twice as likely as the 1 in 8 who develop breast cancer. The odds sure do seem to be against wimmenz. We victims have to stick together.

  60. Sophie, I saw that story on another site about covering children up and the comments were very good. I remember uppity did a story about that, a few times iirc, and one of them was about hiding fruit, veggies and any phallic symbol. Avert the eyes in the supermarket there are sexy melons and cucumbers – let alone flesh and blood little babies.

    Sick is sick. Sandusky was sick. If he wasn’t born into an upper class world with a wife and normal society all around him and institutions and warnings all around him, church, Penn St., his charity for kids, tons of society based proper organizations – God knows what he would have done. If he was found out early in life and shunned he might have been living on the streets and in dirty alleyways flashing children or kidnapping them while drinking out of a paper bag in squalor. Instead he was driving a BMW and wore a suit and tie.

    That goatfucker was taught it was okay to have sex with children and animals, he just took it a step further.

    The burka isn’t going to stop them. They need to change their laws and their societal mores.

  61. Raw story link above took me to a story about a child in greenville SC picking up a little pink “toy” gun and dying. Parents were out of the house, grandparents were in the living room, kids were in the bedroom and had access to the deadly weapon. The article also mentions a Senator who pointed her pretty Raspberry “cute” toy without a safe lock on it, at a member of the press to show how it is such a pretty thing.

    Newtown should remain on our minds for a very long time. Till there is some change, some sanity brought to reign in the out of control violence.


    Fashion statement or deadly weapon? I go with NOT.A.TOY.

  63. The new Hillary Office site is directly linked to the closing of the old campaign site closing at the same time. closed as the debt was turned into a slight surplus (a hundred thousand and change) and the money was turned over to the Friends of Hillary org. – directs you to office.

    I spent so many hours at Hill dot com in 07 and 08 checking with her fact checking site, comment board, state sites for primary info, and press releases, etc. We are so ready to do that all over again and then some, if she runs. Sigh.

  64. Here is the picture and a way to say thanks, (and be tracked!) from the Clinton Foundation website:

    I still think Chelsea’s husband should be part of the pic, unless…

  65. Ah I gotz trumped. I had that veils for babies link captured and was going to (get around to) put it in a post on Islamic crackpots on parade.

    Ridiculous crackpot. These animals are OBSESSED with sex. This is what a repressive theocracy brings.

  66. ppity: I want to clarify my heartfelt position on your post.

    First, I want to apologize for failing to acknowledge both the post and your unrelenting commitment, determination and courage to speak out in outrage – over what happened to this little girl and the country that breeds such madness.

    Secondly, I want to THANK YOU – for being an uncompromisingly, compassionate advocate – a respected voice – for women and girls (and boys and men) who have been victims of rape, sexual assault and exploitation. No one does righteous anger better. It matters more than you probably will ever know.

    Having said that – from the heart (‘uh oh, here it comes’ lol) I think I can explain why I come back with such fury when I read such stories going on in other countries. I want to at least try.

    In the US, we’re always quick to compare our country to other countries as the “more civilized” on these issues.

    In my opinion, when we do that, we are not only deflecting attention away from the reality of the pandemic of sexual violence that we have right here, in America, but from the failed justice system that victims of sexual violence face every day – right here in America.

    Consider this:

    Out of the estimated 1 in 4 sexually abused children – as well as hundreds of thousands of rape victims each year, the MAJORITY OF VICTIMS knew their attacker-perpetrator.

    Only 2% are ever prosecuted. Because, what SHOULD be considered as one of the worst crimes committed – is rarely pursued as a serious, life altering “crime,” but more on the plane of a “cultural” issue – not unlike countries like Saudi Arabia.

    We too, are a culture, conditioned to silence, intimidation and blaming the victim.

    We too, are a culture that far too often rallies around fathers, sons, uncles, family friends, boyfriends, athletes, clergy, politicians and all male-dominated “systems” – that still largely deny women – victims – justice in order to preserve their own self-appointed position of sexual, cultural dominance.

    We too, are a cultural wherein “Female” and “Sex” are depicted as synonymous in meaning – and value – in almost everything we are exposed to, virtually everyday of our lives.

    I do believe this little girl’s story needs to be told, with nothing less than a worldwide outcry as the only appropriate response.

    I also believe that the hundreds of thousand of victims in this country each year – with millions more, whose horror stories of injustice are never heard – deserve to never be forgotten – nor minimized, by comparison, to those in countries whose laws are non-existent – AS OUR LAWS ARE RELATIVELY WORTHLESS – but, to the benefit of the perpetrators and re-victimization of their victims.

    We have made great strides in awareness – and with Rape Crisis Centers, etc., to help women and girls come forward – to end up where?

    In a silimalr black hole of INJUSTICE as in “those other countries”… along with the humilation, fear of retaliation by the rapist and scars that take years to heal, if ever completely.

  67. Kitten break.

    Ash as Houdini – escaped several times. Able to leap the wall in a single bound – followed in Parker’s footsteps to a life of a bad boy.

    Newt has trouble convincing her siblings she is ferocious. No matter how hard she tries she just doesn’t have a bad-ass bone in her body.

    Dallas says: is that the best you got? You’re still just newtie the cutie.


  68. Ah my Newtie! Toldja she’s the best of the lot!

  69. Why Not. I completely understand and am not without my understanding of the problems in this country. i just wanted you to understand that I believe we are influenced here in the USA by an insidious and dark force of these people from other places whose laws make the unthinkable legal and believe they can colonize here without assimilating into our culture or our laws. In short I believe that our two cultures are totally incompatible and each time I see a case like this one, I feel the need to shout the call, to remind us that we have seen wives and daughters killed her and still our politicians and organizations pretend it isn’t what it is.

    There is much here that differs from that culture, not the least of which, I can shoot an attempted assaulter in his balls and never see a day in jail. In our country, rape is illegal, and some of the problems we have with putting these shitbags where they belong has more to do with our lax sentencing system than anything else. We let murderers,rapists, child molesters out of prison long before they serve their sentences and therefore, it’s all no longer a deterrent.

    In any event, my real point is, a discussion of the problems and warts of the USA is not germane to a post on goatfuckistan when it turns the thread onto the subject that is not at hand. And yes, I did feel a bit like the topic was being derailed in a chastising tone that may have been inadvertent on your part, but felt a lot like “Hey you should be talking about this, not that, so I am going to roundly punish you and let you know that none of this is important because we have problems here tooooooooooo”. Each time I do a post on Goatfuckistan I would not like to see it derailed into a post about America. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand what’s going on in America, it simply means that in America, if a POS rapes his five year old daughter, tortures her with hot irons and chains and then breaks her back and kills her, the guy doesn’t get a fucking fine as satisfactory and legal punishment. I would kind of not like to see that kind of thing brought here from a culture in the dark ages.

    I would also like to end this discussion because it HAS already derailed the topic once. I also think it makes the members uncomfortable to see us bantering about it besides.

  70. Okay no wait till you guys all see where DE’s mugs landed. Stand by.

  71. Fair enough. I hear what you are saying and will respect it from this point forward. Your position is a valid one. Delete my comments, if you wish. My apologies you and the blog.

  72. These are DE’s mugs.

    This is page 29

    of this cookbook.

  73. Hmmm…

    “Secretary Clinton has dramatically changed the face of U.S. foreign policy globally for the good,” said Richard L. Armitage, deputy secretary of state during the George W. Bush administration. “But I wish she had been unleashed more by the White House.”

    (bolding mine) More here:

    P.S. Way to go, DE!

  74. Bobby Deen was on the tv this morning. I was thinking about buying his book. I had no idea there was an Uppity connection. Very stylish mug!
    I like Bobby because he doesn’t say “y’all” every five words.

  75. Yeah but somebody oughta tell Bobby that nobody cares about seeing his nips in his cover photos.

    Anyways, Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy DE!!!

  76. Well Sophie, we’ve been saying all along that all she got to do was implement HIS policies and sneak her own stuff in when he was golfing or just being dumb.

  77. Okay HRC Fan, I get why you are landing in the spam folder, your IP address keeps changing. Are you on AOL when you comment? Because they change IPs. Try commenting using your broadband with firefox or IE or Chrome, whichever you use. That should fix the problem once you land in spam again………as wordpress will then recognize you after I fish you out. That should take care of it!

    Because this is a moderated blog, a person lands in spam first time on comments, but once I approve that person, WP remembers the IP and screen name. In the case of AOL or IPs that change IP addresses, WP gets confusted because your IP doesn’t match up once it changes

  78. Yes, Uppity, we have been saying that all along!

  79. This is the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard of. Their law is completely demented if it lets this pig off. An eye for an eye.

  80. Thank God we live in the USA, warts and all.

    Amen to that.

  81. socal, An Eye For An Eye only applies to infidels to these savages. In fact, when it comes to infidels, it’s An Eye For Existing.

  82. Its mind blowing there could be a govt that rotten that would let some savage get away with that. I agree with you about the women rising up to kill these evil freaks.

  83. Remember, folks…it’s not savagery, it’s Islamophobia. 😉

  84. Islamophobia was invented because they couldn’t use the word “Racist” to shut everybody up.

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