Holy Shite! I’m outta here!


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  1. Oh I thought you were talking about the just-about-a-blizzard thing that’s heading your way. 😯

  2. Be safe Upps and everyone in the area. 🙂

  3. Uppity and Everyone in the Northeast – Stay Safe and have a backup plan – this looks like a big one!

    …Needlenose, go ahead and tell her now, so she can get prepared.

    “Now Mom, you’re really only gonna need three things to get me back in the house:

    a) Bigger Bisquotties;
    b) A Snowmobile with a Sidecar
    c) A Megaphone with a beeping signal, so that you can be found”

  4. Hit the store for plenty of Scotch!

  5. The BIG one is coming!

    Poor me–I might get stranded here if the airports close or my flight gets cancelled!
    I am here!

  6. Following up from the conversation downstairs:

    Vindictive kitty

    Looks a little like Lily!

  7. I just checked our weather and looks like yes, we will get hit. About 7 inches anticipated, which means ten.

    Yup, Why Not. The dog will be the abominable snowdog again.

  8. All you NE’ers are in my thoughts. Hope you’re all safe.

    Sophie, that looks beautiful. Hope you had a great vacation.

    imust, did you hear about Santana at that school in North Hills?

  9. What Santana? No! Which school?

  10. Sophie, that looks beautiful. Hope you had a great vacation.

    Socal, I’m still here and given the weather forecast and my flight destination and time, I may need to stay put!

  11. imust, according to hubbie, an elementary school in North Hills got its music budget cut, and Carlos made a (large) donation, so they could resume music ed, so they renamed the school after him. He was there today and signed pix for the kids. A little girl brought her guitar for him to sign. I don’t know what the school was called before. Hubbie was sick that he didn’t hear about it in time to go.


  12. Sophie, yes, I understood that. What stuff have you been doing down there?

  13. Thanks social! No, I didn’t know about it at all. Nice that he would do that.

  14. I looked it up socal. It didn’t have a name before because it’s pretty new.

  15. Look at this! A restaurant rewarded a family with well behaved kids! When I was a kid we didn’t go out unless we were well behaved. But now it’s such a rarity that the restaurant actually notices!

  16. Yes exactly, imust. one more example of how doing the right thing is no longer the right thing, but something worthy of a reward/award. It’s pathetic, really.

  17. Hey imust! Want to do a post on that?

  18. https://uppitywoman08.wordpress.com/2010/09/10/screaming-children-will-not-be-tolerated/#comment-118240

    I guess how I feel is no secret…

    I just had a flashback. I remember when I had to take a quickly planned business trip to Orlando. You already can guess how this is going to end. lol. Anyways, I got on the plane and found myself surrounded by a gaggle of kids and their parents. Some were wearing Mickey ears and singing M I C K E Y…..before the damned plane even took off. I was dressed in business attire as I had a meeting almost immediately after the plane would land, in fact was being ushered by someone to that meeting once I landed.

    Anyways, an hour into the fight, I had a headache. I was sitting next to a kid who simply never shut up. I had run out of musings and patience. Then it happened. The lunch was served. And guess what that lunch was? Why it was……….BURRITOS. Yes, they fed a planeload of screaming kids burritos. A half hour after lunch, the kid in front of my threw up. Then a couple of kids across the way threw up. The entire plane smelled like burrtos redux and at that point, the best I could hope for was to land without somebody throwing up on my clothing. I also handed out three dramamines.

    It doesn’t end there, because I simply couldn’t possibly be that lucky. I conducted business for the week and when I departed, I found myself on a plane with some of the same kids and families. Only things were different somehow. All the singing and happy parental horse shit was missing. The parents were grumpy. Some of them weren’t even sitting together. Most of them looked like they had been rode hard and put away wet. Some of the kids were sulking. Some of the parents had that Wait Till You Get Home look on their faces. Except for one family that seemed just as happy as they were when they left NY. I figured they were auditioning for Return of Leave It Do Beaver or the Donna Reed Show. I was almost amazed that I found one adjusted family considering what was around me.

    Nobody ate lunch that time. And they didn’t serve burritos either. Smart move. The ride was much more uneventful now that these families were beaten down by Disneyworld. Screaming was replaced with crying, which is second only to screaming on the annoyance scale. But I tell you, if I didn’t get some impressive company Epcot freebees, dinner in China and Germany a couple of times and a good shot at the Illuminations show, I would have forever refused to go to Orlando again..

    From that day forward, whenever I flew, if I couldn’t get into first class (which is ALSO no guarantee), I always asked if it were possible for me not to sit near a kid. I was always politely refused but sometimes it worked out with a wink and a nod. I learned though, that if you fly late at night, the chance of Dennis The Menace being on the plane is lessened. Because whenever Dennis the Menace is on a plane I’m on, he always sits next to me. It is Written somewhere, I’m sure. Red Eye for ME, baby

  19. I love flying red eye becuz its less crowded. It is ridiculous, rewarding someone for what they should be doing. It drives me nuts to be around bratty or screaming kids. So many parents never notice it. What the hell is wrong with these people? Upps, I remember that funny post.

  20. SophieCT: If the wx moves in perhaps the airline will let you reschedule at no extra charge if bad weather has affected flights. And guess what? This is bad weather affecting flights.

  21. Re: me above. Yep at least for Delta:

    Severe weather will impact travel to, from or through the Northeast U.S. and select cities in Canada. Check flight status frequently for up-to-the-minute info about your flight plans, or get updates sent directly to your wireless device or email with Delta Messenger.
    Rescheduling Flights

    If your flight is canceled or significantly delayed, you are entitled to a refund. Even if your flight is not canceled, you may make a one-time change to your ticket without fee if you are scheduled to travel to, from, or through the following destinations on Delta, Delta Connection®, or Delta-coded flights during the specified time periods listed below.

    You can now edit your itinerary here at delta.com, or you may contact Reservation Sales to make changes to your itinerary. Additional collection in fares may apply. See Conditions & Restrictions below.


  22. Heh…from the Delta site:

    New York-Kennedy (JFK)
    New York-LaGuardia (LGA)
    Newark, New Jersey (EWR)

    There goes NYC

  23. Just got my driveway cleaned out from the last one and now they are saying we are going to get hammered. Up to 20 inches this time. I think I am going to lay in wait for that pesky plow driver. Actually I will be at work when the white stuff starts flying so guess he will be safe when he dumps tons of it in my driveway. Geeze Louise you can not even find poor Carrie or Sallyanne out there. I mean the wrecking crew is up to their necks in it now. Maybe I had better attach beepers to all of them lol. Stay safe gang on the east. Out here this is nothing really. Skiers are going to be happy for some time to come.

  24. utah: Get those things they put around the ankles of the housebound prisoners!

  25. Hey Fredster! Hows the wx in your neck of the woods?

  26. utah, did you say SKIING???


  27. Best wishes to all Uppityites in the storms’s path.

    The snow is just starting to fly here in WNY, and we are expecting “only” about 6-10 inches. Pffft. Just a dusting for us. lol.

    But some of you folks further east are going to get hammered. I think that 7 inches is a low estimate for you, Upps. You may get well over a foot. Not fun. Except of course for Needlenose. ;P

    Everybody be prepared, be careful, and stay safe.

  28. socal@1:05: Oh it’s been on the mild side, in the 60s in the day and low 40s at night.

  29. To every Uppity Woman in the n’east—- take care this weekend. I just spoke w my sis who doesn’t get too distracted by weather. She is distracted by this storm. Hope you all stay safe.

  30. I have a code in my dnose. My fingers hurt. I had the last leg of my root canal and my dentist warned me he had a terrible cold but I wanted to get it done before he went away for two weeks, just in case something might have gone wrong, which can. So he coughed and sneezed and sneezed and coughed and finished the RC up. Now I’m coughing and sneezing and sneezing and coughing. I asked for it. I got it. But hey, my tooth is fine.

  31. Sorry to hear you got the cold Upps. Just got over one myself. I forgot just how fun that was because I haven’t had one in years. I think I will reschedule my next one sometime around 2060 lmao. Guess going back to work had it’s downfalls for me lol. Stay warm and get some rest.
    I am happy for Needlenose getting her snow even if you are not thrilled . Hey you escaped that last round we got hammered with so what the heck a foot or two wont hurt you lol.

  32. My Son swears by Coldeeze for colds.
    be prepared, be careful, and stay safe everyone. :).

  33. Sophie, hey you know you might just have to suffer there a little. They could run out of those little umbrellas for your poolside drinks.

    Did all the prep stuff and shoveled away the old snow to make room for the new crap. It looks like I might get lucky this time since I am slightly west of the blizzard line and I’ll work a double shift so will be very busy.

    I pre-cooked lots of food so if the power goes out, I am good to go.

    Stay safe and warm.

  34. Upps, you can’t win. Toothache or noseache – your choice.

  35. LOL, Karen!! Off to walk the beach!

  36. I hope all of you here that are in this messy weather stay safe. UW, hope you feel better soon. I hate when my snot locker gets plugged, makes it hard to sense the puppy farts until it is too late:)

  37. Man’s best friend. Homeless man saved by real life Lassie.


  38. Awwwwwww Tink is a cutie!!! Orangies are the clowns of the cat world. Love em! Good boy, Hillbilly!

    Sophie, enjoy it. You ‘can’t’ come home because of the weather. I’ll just bet you’re crying all over yourself!

  39. That dog who carried the owner’s note for help, looks like an ACD/Corgi mix or something.

  40. Cute Pic of Hillary Clinton on the below article about results from new Quinnipiac University Voter survey…

    …and the caption under the pic is good – but, to be completely accurate, it should have said “delegates were strong-armed, threaten and locked in their hotel rooms until they” – nominated Barack Obama.”

    Caption under pic:

    “Hillary Clinton won the most Democratic primary votes in 2008, but party delegates nominated Barack Obama.”

    USNews / 2/8/13 / Article:

    Poll: Hillary Clinton Is Voters’ Favorite
    Clinton beats Obama and Biden as well as Republicans in popularity contest


  41. Snow Dog Response Training:

    Very Uppity Command: “Get your ass in here, now!”

    Snow Dog Lesson # 1: Keep Beaver fur-lined thermal underwear, mittens and goggles with wipers by the door. Heh. –Needlenose”

  42. The cats know it’s coming. They have the zoomies.

    No, that’s not “Get your ass in here, now”
    That’s “Get your ass in here or I am going to put you to sleep”

    (Collie barks) Translation: Please Please, five minutes more?????? PLEAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!?????

  43. I think this has been posted before – it’s for Tiger Lily to have playing for SophieCT when she walks in the door – about some lovely humans who take their Tiger Lily Cat with them when they travel to exotic places. 😉


  44. Snow Dog Response Training – correction:

    Very Uppity Command: “Get your ass in here, now – or I’m going to put you to sleep!”

    Snow Dog Lesson # 1: Keep Beaver fur-lined thermal underwear, mittens and goggles with wipers by the door – and your life insurance policy, with me as beneficiary, out on the table, next to my plate of shredded chicken. Heh. –Needlenose”

  45. UW…Hillbilly wants a thread just for puppies,kitties, and beer. And If I don’t get it, I am going to NASCAR up this place! 🙂 xoxoxo

  46. Cute family, CHB!

    Lucky, Lucky Kittehs!

  47. Like I say, my boys takes after their pops:)

  48. LOL! I saw that episode of Jeopardy! This is the first time in these kids’ lives that they didn’t get a prize for trying! They had NO clue how to do the bet on Final Jeopardy.

  49. Why Not, cute video of the kitty playing with the dolphin! Tiger Lily will be so J.

    I sent my sister to the house to change the litter boxes. If I am delayed one day, middle child will do something vindictive and Lily will copy her because, well, the other one did it first. I heard the two eldest hid out, while Lily supervised the changing of the litter. I understand that all the garlic bulbs I had in a basket are no longer in the basket, but scattered around the house, many in the clove state.

  50. Sophie, Lily was saving your home from Dracula moving in.

  51. Yeah yeah Why Not always posts videos I posted a year ago, memory lapse. It’s a bitch.

  52. I saw that episode of Jeopardy! This is the first time in these kids’ lives that they didn’t get a prize for trying!


  53. Also while my sister came to change the litter–she’d tried to call me so she could do FaceTime with me and Lily but I missed the call. Then she put the phone down and got to work. Lily was very interested in the phone and started pawing it and ended up calling my sister’s friend (the last person she’d called)!

  54. It would be interesting if your sister put Lily up on the computer. Would she start commenting on Uppity Woman’s blog???

  55. HAHAHA goodbye garlic. Reminds me of my soulcat, who would poke tooth holes in bananas. Only took a day for all of them to turn brown.

  56. Uppity: Yeah, yeah, blame it on my memory.

    If you hadn’t been lolly-gaggin’ around all the time – and put some damned tags on the posts – MAYBE I could have found it in the archives and saved ME from all that work of cutting and pasting the damned link here!

    No need to reply; I’m going to change my depends, my hearing aide battery and make me a Metamucil on the rocks.

  57. Busted by imust! All this time it’s been Lily commenting, pretending to be me. I let her get away with it because she’s witty and politically astute.

  58. I have to tell you do not EVER buy that Theraflu ‘hot’ mix. It’s like chewing on a tylenol! Horrific stuff. Just horrific. Forget the commercials with the woman on a lounger with her throw, sipping a hot toddy. This stuff is truly poisonous tasting.

    Sent out for Nyquil, ginger ale, tomato soup and chicken stock. Have no soup in freezer. Gasp. Got some wonton soup though this afternoon, so that wasn’t awful. Poor me.

  59. P.S. We all need to go to archives and number the Posts, Videos and Pics, by topic – all the topics that Uppity has covered over the years and memorize them by their number.

    Then, when we run across something that we think is interesting, or run across out on the web – we can just post in the comment box:

    “Hey, #2,065 – remember that one?!


  60. Uppity, that Emergen-C is really good stuff. It knocked back my cold in two packets.

  61. I knew that about Lily. You should just get her her own blog. Maybe MKB could help moderate it for her.

  62. lolllllllllllllllllllllll Why Not on #2,065! Especially since I never use tags. Hahahaha.

  63. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I may have to assign tagging of about 4000 posts to Why Not…

  64. I got Nyquil because it always worked for me. Also bought some of those zinc lozenges. Gotta do something with this cough though, my ribs are killing me.

  65. Hope my Yankee friends in the Northeast are doing okay in the blizzard. Upps let us know how Needlenose does in the snow (well, I’m sure!). Of course we have an idea of what you’ll look like on the other end of that leash. 😆

  66. Fredster, she was just out back doing her measurements for the good of the weather station. She’s wearing her horse blankey now.

    Walking her has been delegated. I’m fighting a cold and am not going out there with her.

  67. Been snowing steadily, we have about four inches now. Not a big deal. Will snow overnight and probably stop in AM. It’s what usually happens. I am guessing we’ll have six or seven inches. The plows will be out all night, and everybody will be on the road by noon tomorrow. We are accustomed to winter. It’ll be close to 40 on Monday, the whole mess will melt.

  68. I may have to assign tagging of about 4000 posts to Why Not…

    Hey everyone! #4,052 post comment! (“Uppity doesn’t TAG her posts” issue)


  69. Yeah. Can’t wait to see the tag names you would have me use… goatfukistan… cockroach… walkingcadaver… shitforbrains… lol.

  70. Going to watch a movie – and eat some Lasagnaaaaaa!

  71. Take care, Uppity. Again, everyone stay warm and safe and let us know how you’re doing. k?

  72. Walking her has been delegated. I’m fighting a cold and am not going out there with her.

    was that by cooperation or intimidation? 😉

  73. Oh I’m ok Why Not, just a nasty cold. I’ll be fine in a few. Just took a dose of that stuff and it will probably put me to sleep, which is good

    socal, yes I have done the Axiom/intellius thing. All of those ‘search’ engines that carry your name and ‘mylife’ and other places like that pick that stuff up from Intellius. Which is why you can remove your name only to find it there again in a few weeks. It’s a feed. I’ll give you some links about it, when I feel better. Just don’t have the energy right now. I’ve been working on a project on this for a long time, and I have learned much. I know how those companies who claim to monitor and remove your name for you operate now. AXIOM’s form will try to scare the crap out of you about how if you don’t share your life with everybody you might never get a loan and blah blah blah. It’s all bullshit. If you want a loan they will use your SS number and probe the three credit companies. Incidtentally, I have a block on third party probes on those reporting systems too. When you get your free credit reports yearly (warning, do not use freecreditreports.com….there is a link to the government approved site, you are entitled once a year to free reports from each reporting agency. You will see inquiries on it that people have no business making. Trolling for people to pimp credit cards to, etc. You can block that and you can reopen it if you ever want a loan. It’s easy.

    Here’s link on how to get the free reports legitimately free.


  74. was that by cooperation or intimidation?


  75. Teamwork.

    Whoa! 😯

  76. Tucker Carlson is still an Effing Idiot.

  77. Ugh! He is such a douche.

  78. Oh man!!!! (or oh woman!) I’ve been watching the blizzard coverage and it looks awful in places. I heard on CNN that there were lots of folks stuck on the L.I. Expressway caught by the snow and they were having to use snowmobiles to get them out!!

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