A message you would do well to appreciate.

Food for thought.


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  1. I figured where it was going from the start. It is getting very surreal. I do a search on my name at least once a month just to see what comes up without any security barriers. What I find is bad enough and I limit my online presence. I have been tracked down by all of my former schools without my giving them any information since i graduated years and years ago. I simply started to receive emails out of the blue. And they send out information to tons of other people without your permission. Everything is becoming you have to opt-out. After they have mined all your data. They they send you more emails telling you that you cannot possibly want out because not wanting to be part of the online alumni community makes you a stupid bitter clinger.

    I also search for family members. Facebook is not your friend. Nor are many of those apps for smart phones. And do not get me started on cloud computing or Skype. The information they grab is beyond belief. Plus, because of entries by family members, more of my info is out there anyway. Added note:those ancestry sites – be very careful.

  2. Mt Laurel, you can get yourself removed from most sites but your name will come back unless you order Intellius to stop releasing information on you. to do that you have to fax them a copy of your driver’s license to prove who you are, with the license number scratched out. You also have to complete a form for a company called AXIOM, This company is the bane of your privacy. You go to their site and they will send you the form. These two companies are the culprits. Having a listed phone number in a phone book is NOTa good idea any longer either.

  3. Upps, do you recommend doing this Intellius/Axiom thing?

    How’s the snow, as bad as they said it would be? Is Needlenose enjoying it?

    btw, the tv show Leverage did an episode like this vid.

  4. Oh and I think you can do it right there online for Acxiom.

  5. Unless this is changed, you cannot do it online. You can request their form and booklet. It must be signed. YOu have to give them every single variation of your name that has been used as well, including your maiden name and any misspellings of your name you have seen used. Ex: if you have bills using your first intitial or leaving the apostrope out of your name, or the hypen, etc, you have to include it on the list. Any variation in your name, if you miss it, will bring up all the rest online again as well as everywhere else. So this isn’t some ‘just get it done’ thing online. You have to do it right or you are wasting your time. I actually did this, so I know what I am talking about.

    The optout on the site appears to be the DMA Choice optout, which lets you optout from mail advertising at home. It will do nothing else for you.. It works about as well as the Do Not Call list. lol. It’s good for a couple of years. I got an email that mine expired and didn’t bother renewing it.

    This is NOT the same thing I did with ACXIOM. Completely not. ACXIOM still has all your information on your entire life and can use it at will. ACXIOM is in your pants, they aggregate data on you, all kinds of data, and it’s not just about advertising and junk mail. This company does more than advertising and selling your name to pimpers of goods. They interact with everybody who has your name. They are google out in the real world. They know your loans, they know your home, they know your bankruptcies and delinquencies, they know your illnesses. ACXIOM knows more about you than the FBI and Google combined. No DMA Advertising Choice email is going to fix that. ACXIOM figures that should placate you though. DCA has nothing to do with their data aggregating though. It goes on.

    Yeah I spelled it wrong on cold medicine. Fucking go ahead and make me look stupid for it and then do it wrong. I don’t mind. I’ve only spent a couple of years on this.

    When I feel better I will sort this out and give the link to request a brochure and a form you can put ALL your names on. They hide it well but it’s there. Right now I don’t give a fuck. You can take my advice or shove it for all I care. I’ve been fighting people and warning them for so long I give up on the whole fucking world. Nobody listens to me till it’s too late anyways and EVERYBODY is an expert on two minutes of research. I am sick of explaining this shit over and over again to anybody and everybody and I’m no armchair researcher when it comes to security. If everybody hasn’t figured that out yet, then I don’t know what to tell you, because I have gotten more than a few of you out of some deep shit. What do I fucking have to do, cut my wrist and bleed to get you to listen to me? There IS not a quick, lazy way out of this kind of shit. I could go find the A brochure and fucking scan it for you but I have concluded that nobody wants to do the work it takes to keep GOOGLE or ACXIOM or INTELLIUS or anybody else out of their pants.

    Update: Here’s the brochure. See what they collect on you and see if DMA optout is gonna fix that for you. They collect EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU, your property, your “Life Events” you name it!


    Some “”light reading for you: ACXIOM, The Faceless Organization that Knows Everything About you.

    Do the real work or don’t do it. No skin off my nose! I did mine! I’m going back to bed. Goodbye.

  6. Fucking go ahead and make me look stupid for it and then do it wrong. I don’t mind. I’ve only spent a couple of years on this.

    Well it might be fucking hard for people to look up the wrong fucking name, of the company right? I’m so sorry that they had an opt-out webpage you could fill out and keep adding all the names you wanted included, even those of your dead relatives. And yes I still get crap mail for the momster.

    Remind me not to come over here when you aren’t feeling well. I don’t fucking need the shit in my life. Is that enough fucks or fucking for you? Jesus Christ!!!

  7. https://isapps.acxiom.com/optout/optout.aspx

    Why don’t you check it out first? I saw that the intellius one or whatever required what you said it did. I’ve got it bookmarked to do later.

  8. I’m not talking about mail advertising, Fredster! I’m talking about the company and what they have on you and what ELSE they do with it. Read the article on them. An advertising optout has NOTHING to do with it. It just stops you from getting junk mail and it doesn’t even work that well! My point is that optout is not stopping ACXIOM from aggregating you for OTHER things. They gave you that link to placate you but it doesn’t change that they know more about you than the FBI and you can STOP them from sharing it. If that link works for you, fine, but don’t imply that it’s what it takes to optout of ACXIOM!

    Intellius will cut the information on you online. Not the same either.

    You said this. It’s wrong. WHich means I had to explain why it’s wrong

    Oh and I think you can do it right there online for Acxiom.

  9. You said this. It’s wrong. Which means I had to explain why it’s wrong

    Oh and I think you can do it right there online for Acxiom.

  10. Please read the pdf brochure I linked. I got one in hard copy along with their form which was a booklet. I had to fill it out and sign it. that keeps them from SHARING anything about you without your OK. Ever. This is serious shit, way beyond junk mail.

  11. My mother’s been dead ten years and I still got her mail WITH the DCA form. Once I informed the post office, it stopped. My point is the DCA form has nothing to do with ACXIOM collecting data on you and sharing it with anybody they want. They do background checks for any member too. It’s just not the same thing as DCA even if it Does work. If you want to stop mail for Mom, you have to tell the post office she is deceased.

  12. Short more polite argument. DO not confuse DCA Optout (US junkMail optout) with ACXIOM, please. DCA is the marketing ASSN site and separate. ACXIOM wants you there instead of looking for a way to stop them from sharing information on you with anybody who wants it. ACXIOM itself doesn’t send out junkmail to anyone. They just collect all your data and sell it to junk mail people. But they do more. Much more. THey know everything about you.

    And make sure you you do use DCA that you keep your email address for, I think it’s three years, as they will tell you when it expires. I found it wasn’t all that helpful but it’s better than nothing. It does help with catalogs though.

  13. TOP TEN OPTOUTS FYI. Not related to this but helpful.

  14. Peace offering to Fredster
    Deceased Do Not Contact form.

  15. Fredster, it was right in front of our own eyes, scroll down past the DCA optout form. Right page,wrong optout, so I guess that makes us both half right I was arguing ducks vs bears with you. I just want you to make sure everybody knows the DMA optout isn’t going to help with ACXIOM. I know it’s a concern with your mother’s name but it’s NOT the ACXIOM optout. I scrolled down because you said you saw the Intelius link and that piqued me, since they aren’t related. I found the AcXiom link though. Now if you did see the acxiom optout further down, then I owe you an apology, but no that’s not Intelius. So I will assume you saw that and therefore lie prostrate at your feet.


    Socal, scroll down past DCAoptout to further down the page. ACXIOM optout from sharing any information about you. I am kind of surprised they allow it done this way, I mean, I could do it for you….But consider yourself lucky, i had to do it with a signature and through the mail. I guess they got sick of doing that paper thing.

    Here is the Intellius optout. Note you will have to include photo of drivers license with photo and license number crossed out. I did it a long time ago and was forced to fax it.

    Also socal, fredster, this is the intelius link. Not related to ACXIOM either. These info thieves make it hard for you to find them and stop them.
    Not related to Axiom. But aggregates your online information for everybody else to take.

  16. I am obviously cranky and will now take shit to make me go back to sleep.

  17. Thank you, Uppity for the post (and Fredster – for the back and forth dialog, flushing out the facts.)

    Serious stuff – and I thought a crazed, obsessed, HUMAN control freak in my life was an invasive, impossible force. Sheeeesh!

    Who the ‘FUCK’ do these people think they are?!

    Fredster, not only is she physically sick right now, and dealing with uncertainty about the weather…

    ….if I know one other thing about Uppity by now, it’s that this INVASION OF HER LIFE-VIOLATION OF HER RIGHT TO PRIVACY BULLSHITE really evokes Righteous Anger – and she doesn’t tolerate it.

    She’s trying to ‘encourage’ people to take their lives back from these:


    Thank you – both.

  18. Here Uppity….have a cup of tea….


  19. One more instruction after you do the Intelius optout.

    Wait a week and search for yourself online. Places like Peoplsearch etc, will still have your information as they updtate but do not delete. If you are deleted from Intelius, they will just keep the old record. So once you are sure Intelius has updated your block, you have to go to the Privacy section of each site you see yourself on and optout individually. They will remove you and not pick you up from Intelius again, since Intelius deleted you.

    Like I said, they make you work. It’s deliberate.

  20. Unless there’s all booze in there, imust it aint gonna help. I got something good. My choice was an unfinished root canal or a cold. I made my choice, got nobody to blame but me. Ironically, I have a doctor’s check up next Friday, so that means if I am sick, I will end up with a bunch of blood work I don’t need and God knows what else, Cha Ching. Not sure what hurts more, my head or my ribs. lol.

    Why Not, what they do is perfectly legal. You can stop them but they won’t make it easy. Why should they? Same as Google. They make money with your personal information. And if you are pouring your life out on Facebook, well it’s hopeless. lol.

  21. Re: Weather. Unless there is way more coming, it was no big deal. Maybe six inches, same as your last husband said he was but wasn’t. lol.

    It’s not a bad snowfall, just a typical one, like the one last week. It will all melt by Weds with warmer temps.

    Yea WhyNot I”m admittedly cranky. And VERY serious about this shit. But the information WAS on that page, just further down. We were just not talking about the same thing. But way down there IS the Acxiom link.

  22. Why Not, what they are doing is perfectly legal. You put information out into the public, it’s public. Add to that all other already public information, at county clerks offices, licenses, real estate, law suits, phone book, google earth, etc etc, and if someone wants to collect it they can. But you can object too. It just takes work.

  23. One of these days Google will have to answer when someone gets stalked online, found by google earth and murdered. Only then will we see some action from these corndogs who call themselves our legislators. As it stands now, you have to find out who is aggregating your information and spreading it around like water, and that’s not easy, took me a long time to find these two pig companies. Till now you never heard of AcXiom. Now you have. Use it well. I just made it easier for you to do it too. You should do it. I think invasion of privacy is going further every single day and they are getting away with it. Facebook and Google especially. They now put people’s lives in danger.

  24. Thanks every one for this great information.Seems nothing is private or sacred any more.Upps get better ((((hugs))))) 🙂

  25. Why Not, what they do is perfectly legal.

    Interesting. That’s what the police kept saying for years about my stealth stalker… and I ended up buying into feeling, acting and being “powerless.”

    So, you are absolutely correct. I had to start taking the steps to TAKE BACK my Life – my Privacy, and learn to actually follow through with exercising my right to say “No!”

    My mantra has just recently become: “I am responsible for MY life.”

    Ok. I’m crying now. It’s personal. Hard to explain – don’t need to. But, the information you are providing is invaluable to me – on many levels.

    Reinforces the whole concept that “It’s MY life!”

  26. Seriously. Thank you, Uppity, for sharing your hard work and making it less frustrating, overwhelming – for some of us.

    Fuck Em’! 🙂

  27. If you post your email address on this blog, I guarantee Intelius till have it in a month. When you post your name on Facebook, the aggregators get it, not to mention what Facebook does with it. Once they get it, they do what google does to your emails. They auto scan for key words. So for example, if you have diabetes, the information is collected. Later, when a potential employer wants to check you out, it’s on the record now, even if you deleted it. So he doesn’t call you for that interview and he doesn’t have to tell you why. I do not understand how people can be so stupid, or even worse, not care.

    I can’t remember whose blog it was, but there was this asshole obot in 2008 who went around saying horribly crude and threatening things to people on blogs and signed his name, the moron. Then a couple of years down, he was begging a blogger ( I saw it but can’t remember which blogger) to remove old comments from him because he was seeking work and noticed his name showed up with his horrifically disgusting comments. The blogger gave him the gas and made him sweat before actually removing the comments. I wouldn’t have removed them. Serves you right, shithead. But just so you know, whatever you give in your name, stays.

    Morons on facebook have had their homes robbed when they were on vacation. Does anybody really think potential employers aren’t going to check you out on the web? Ditto for blogs carrying your real name. Pour your heart out to a couple of million people. lol.

  28. Hey Uppity just stopping by to check on your condition. I see you are as miserable as I was lol. Get some rest and cuddle with Needlenose after she warms up and no longer has snowballs clinging to her fur. I got to run to work and it is snowing to beat the band here. Plow driver has not been by yet so it will be an easy escape however I am sure that upon my return I will find Mt. Saint Helens in my driveway. It is a safe bet lol. Take care and get well.

  29. And as Uppity knows and I do there are boatloads of insecure people out there that crave attention and the net is the only place they get some. They creat drama just to be the hot ticket of the day. Sheesh. They belong to dozens of blogs, forums, FB and the like and post some shit and sit back a roll in ecstasy over the attention. They have to share everything about their lives complete with photos. What a crock. Then get pissed that they are being stalked or their kids are.

  30. There was a robbery spree here recently. The crooks got a hold of a list of LA Times subscribers who suspended service while on vacation. Cleaned people out. It was an inside job of course. But ironic because people suspend service so crooks WON’T know they’re gone.

  31. I’m alive Utah. LOL mean nasty headache, probably a fever, cracked ribs and a cough. The Nose has been out there for a couple of hours reconnoitering. I am not even going to look.

    imust, that figures. lol. IMO Best thing to do when you go away is have a friend pick up the mail and newspaper. I remember when the company I was working for used a particular limo service to get us to the airport and back to the plan or homet. They used this service for a long time, till the homes of the people they transported started getting robbed. It seems the guy had your schedule and knew when you left and were coming back……..so…………..

    Too bad for him his own wife turned him in.

  32. Hey Uppity, sorry you aren’t feeling well. This is a really important post and I just printed out the brochure. The list of information they know and use is incredibly scary. I had never heard about AcXiom before now.

    Thanks for the information, and Fredster, I hope you can forgive Miss Upps. You know she didn’t mean to be so cranky…

  33. Here’s a little music for Uppity…one of my absolute favorites. “My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord” from the Saint-Saens Christmas Oratorio:

  34. I was just thinking about the racket those online personal monitoring ‘services’ have going. I know you’ve seen them, you pay them by the month and they have your name removed from all those sites you see your personal info on. All they have to do is go after Intelius and then monitor with a search of your name(s) for a few weeks and clear the places that have your old Intelius record that isn’t updated but isn’t deleted, and then the rest of the time, they can collect your monthly fee. Nice work of you can get it!

  35. Kim Komando on removing your name from online databases.

    Note: I find that USSEARCH stuff goes away when you stop Intelius. It’s possible they work in tandem or might even be co=owned. I’ve been monitoring it, and it seems that dumping Intelius ditches USSearch. They also have the exact same requirements for removal (driver’s license fax, etc)

  36. If you don’t have a Fax you are Fuxed or maybe that’s un Fuxed. 😆

  37. Yeah that’s deliberate too. But they do have a way to browse to a photo of your ID. that is after you scan it and block out your face and license number.

    You get the picture.

  38. By the by, Intelius also owns:
    Spock, iSearch, ZabaSearch, PublicRecords, PeopleLookUp, PhonesBook, DateCheck, LookupAnyone. So when you tell them you want to be removed, you should mention these sites and also mention “all other affiliated people search and intelius-related sites”

  39. Oh my! Beautiful, Madamab, simply Beautiful.

  40. TY for the thought MB, I’m getting video does not exist? You musta pissed em off!

    UPDATE: Hmmmmmm. Ok I got it now. But in Chrome. Must be my settings or sumpthin. Lovely. Just lovely.

    I been fighting with flashplayer lately. VEry intrusive. But I just think youtubez was having trouble. It’s back in Firefox now. Man, this is NOT my lucky day!

  41. Me too, Uppity, on the flashplayer annoyance. Wants to put everything under the son on my computer. I keep denying itl, until it finally gives up.

  42. Wow. Thanks for all this info Upps. I am doing this tonite. It makes me sick that we have no rights of privacy in this country. That stupid Do Not Call registry is a joke. My husband gets Tmobile spam on his Verizon cell phone several times a day. Its sickening. I think Caroline Kennedy & another woman wrote a book about this a few years ago. Going to check that out as well. I’ll be home the rest of the month nursing hubbie (he’s getting a new knee on Monday morning) so will have time to get things done.

    Upps, sending get well wishes to you. Sounds like a good time for your fancy whiskey!

    Hope all of you NEers are safe, warm & well fed.

  43. I’m saving all this stuff in a folder. Unbelievable.

  44. That video is mesmerizing. Brings that obsession with having control over women’ bodies into a whole new light. 🙂

  45. That’s what I did socal. As soon as I’m finished with dinner, it’s what I’ll be doing the rest of the night – and then some, it looks like. Well worth the time.

  46. Don’t save it. DO it. Seriously.

  47. I now officially hate soup.

  48. That music MB posted IS beauuuuuuuutiful. Very comforting.

  49. Socal DNC is useless because the lobbyists made it worthless. All we do is pay for a nice overpaid staff. They just dump stuff in a database and leave it there. Plus the congress exempted politicians so you get all those calls. And every charity. And what was left figured out how to call us anyway by routing the calls from overseas, mostly DR and India. Can’t touch them,not the jurisdiction.

  50. Uppity, I thought I saw MKB in this video….maybe….sorry to say….Tiger Lily too….

  51. Stopped by to see and hear how everyone is doing kick back and watch and listen to the “My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord” video again several more times.

  52. We buried my 94 year old mother Thursday….the vwhole family will go ballistic if they get any of this shit about her, so thank you, Uppity. Don’t know if we can handle much more. Got a lot of reading and hopefully, DOING. Ah, no, you won’t get an obit, either.

  53. Well shit, Mt Laurel= I’m a genealogist and was anaware of all the invasive data-mining that goes on. I belong to Ancestry.com and should know better. They openly boast they have billions of records at your disposal….for a hefty price. Where do they get them?

  54. Yes, I get the same “annoyance” from flashplayer lately….flashplayer wants to open up 20 mb of space ALLOW DON’T ALLOW. I struggle with it almost daily.

  55. Yup sounds like you have what I had. Good news is 5 days and it is pretty much over. Damn the headache was bad as was the fever. Nyquil and Dayquil allowed me to function. Get well friend.

  56. I hope you are feeling better ((Upps)) 🙂

  57. Looks like out Uppity is getting some much-needed rest. I’m about to hit the road and make my way back to the land of snow.*

    Be well.

    P.S. Lest you think that my home is less secure while I’m on vacay, I have one seriously busy-body neighbor with two big dogs! Also, 2 feet of snow is a good deterrent!

  58. The video madamab posted, to me, is such a tribute to the beauty, strength and pillared poise of women throughout the world, since the beginning of time – and, in spite of so much oppression, abuse, hatred towards, and denial of, a woman’s total value and unparalleled contributions to all societies.


  59. Hal: So sorry about your MOM…

  60. Have you all heard about this guy, a former LAPD cop, turned cop killer who is on the loose? Now Charlie Sheen is getting into the act asking the guy to call him! More evidence that we are living in crazy times.

  61. Yeah, imust, if all the other signs – from ex-girlfriend saying he was bonkers to him going on a killing spree and writing a manifesto – weren’t enough to convince us he is crazy there is the fact that off all people he most admires michele obama and charlie sheen. He said Sheen was “effen awesome” so the police are using Sheen, who is already at risk since he was mentioned by the nutjob, to contact him.

    Makes sense. Who better to talk turkey with a maniac than a maniac?

  62. I love this story of an 82 year old man who took down a piece of crap.


    btw – the reward for Dorner is now 1 million. That should get bounty hunters out in force.

  63. Good point karen. Probably would be better to let the crazy guy talk to him! Hey! Maybe they can get their own reality show together!!

  64. Watch Sheen get the $million reward!

  65. He needs it so bad. 😆

  66. Hal, our sincerest condolences on the loss of your dear Mom. xoxoxo

  67. imust, old Charlie intervened in our situation (with the local law enforcement) several years ago when my stepson went missing. It didn’t help find him (I found him, along with laker and his cousins), but he was just trying to help. He lives the douchiest of lifestyles, but he has been known to help (or try to) out in various situations. He stopped & helped me and laker once in an accident.

    btw, I hope they catch this lunatic soon. Scary to think he could show up anywhere.

  68. Sophies on her way home. I hope she had a great vacation and tells us about it. I’ve never been there and we’re looking for a good place to go next year for our 25th.

  69. imust @ 4:49PM – HAHHAHA! God, that would be hilarious.

  70. New episode of The Walking Dead tonight!

  71. socal….unconfirmed sighting of the guy near the Northridge mall!

  72. Hi Honnies, I’m home! There is A LOT of snow here. A LOT!

    I am so glad to be home. Nice as the vacation was, I missed my home and my kitties.

  73. imust, Yikes!!! 😦

    Sophie, glad you’re back safe & sound. We want to hear fun stories of your trip.

  74. The pope is retiring:

    As one comment said:
    The pontiff cited “Diminished strength and relevance.”

  75. Hal, my condolences on the loss of your Mom.

  76. Glad Sophie made it home safe ad sound. 🙂

  77. Uppity

    Thanks for the information on getting to the “root” of the weedy problem. I have never had a listed or published phone number and minimize information distribution so there is very little about me online. But I have noticed that a little gets added every so often. Much of which is inaccurate and belongs to others with the same first /last name. But it still more than I like. I was a bit miffed with my original post because another email from some alumni group had just showed up in my email box. This is one was for a sharepoint site so everyone can have their info broadcast to the world.

    My dad still gets mail. It decreased significantly after I filled out a second don’t send that crap here form when my mother came to live with me. I also went into my local post office and complained in person when they forwarded said junk mail even though my dad’s name was not on the forward. have not had any since then. Will see how longs this lasts.

    Yes, if you do not have a fax you are fuxed in many ways. It is the favorite way to make it difficult for people to get things accomplished.


    I figured out the genealogy connection when doing searches for family members on their info that was readily available online. I noticed information that few would know showing up on links to such sites that was not really known outside the family (e.g., live together but not married; dates of baptisms; marriage dates; adoption info ). I had a talk with my one brother who got interested after taking a course in college years ago and found he had been sharing info with supposed relatives who then uploaded the information everywhere. He got a bit steamed when I told him to knock it off.

  78. Note: my father passed away in 1986. You would think by 2012 they would have gotten the message. I find info about him online (age/employment/professional associations) and Al Goramora had not even invented the internet when he passed. I even found that Dad’s going to be celebrating his 100th birthday this coming June! That’s some special Papa. I guess I better get some of his favorites in case he stops by for a nosh.

  79. Hal

    Sorry to hear about your mother. Sympathies to you and your family.

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