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It looks like Aunt Uppity is still under the weather. Here’s a fresh thread, acting like a substitute teacher.

Ha! We have more snow than you!

Consider this an open thread (as if any are ever closed). I’d better not see any spitballs or I’ll make you eat them.


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  1. Cute pups!

  2. Hal, condolences on the passing of your mother.

    Sophie, welcome back to 2 feet of shovel ready global warming in CT.

    Since this is an open thread, Rand Paul bashing is right on topic. I disliked him way before he got haughty with Hillary but after he pulled that ugly fiasco of ignorance out of his ass he became my boy toy.

    Oh look, factcheck agrees that Rand Paul halluncinates his own news:

  3. The biggest problem I have with Rand Paul is that he’s an ass. He will often say something perfectly reasonable, even insightful, and then go and ruin it by drawing some looney tunes conclusion or connection. Grass is green, therefore it is filled with money.

  4. No doubt Sophie. The man has delusional conclusions. If he was prezzy he would fire Hillary. What. An. Ass. Foreign Relations committee material? Hell no. Prezzy? Uh, LOL – he mustbejoking.

    And just to class up our gov’t with dignitaries Rep. Steve Stockman (RWNJ dumbass from Texas) is bringing a lunatic to the STFU speech.

    What can go wrong?

    Watch for fireworks, literally, when GUNS are even mentioned. They want to impeach obama for 2nd amendment violations – and the dish ran away with the fucking spoon.

  5. I have rotational days off and this week it just so happens to be Tuesday. I don’t drink so I am going grocery shopping Tuesday afternoon and loading up on junk food to get me through the STFU speech. I am also saving up rotten tomatoes since I won’t toss pies.

  6. This year, there will be two rebuttals to the SOTU: Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. I wonder if we could also get an actual Democrat to do a rebuttal too.

  7. Tuesday is also Mardi Gras. Being Episcopalian, I usually go to the all-you-can-eat pancake supper. if not, I make my own.

    Maybe Justice Scalia will lift his robes and Obama will throw beads…

  8. If he lifts his robe there better be something under it or he will throw more than beads.

    The second RWNJ response is a surefire way to the exit door. Bachmann and Cain did the last two and look where it got them. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party response is just what that party needs – more division and putting out the most unworthy candidates for top job.

  9. What is the story behind the pancakes? I’ve seen signs for pancake suppers at churches but never knew what it was all about. Just tradition? Something to do with bread products? Just for fun?

    I have seen the bunny with pancake on its head meme. That is fun!

  10. I will take bets who will be taken out in handcuffs of straight jacket:

    Paul or Rand is where I am putting my money.

  11. I loathe Rand Paul more than his crazy old man. Good link about his incessant lying.

    Hubbies surgery supposedly went well. He has a brand new knee. He is awake & cheerful & asking for food. Good signs.

  12. oops, I meant Paul or Ted. But Rand deserves two bets.

  13. That’s the story of my life – when I am awake I am asking for food.

  14. LOL!

  15. Do you suppose he calls himself “Rand” after Ayn Rand? I know his name is Randall, but they usually go by Randy.

  16. Stockman called Ted Nugent a patriot. Well, I am sure the story of the two ways he avoided the draft are so patriotic because he didn’t go to Canada to get out of it. He hated those hippies but loved being one.

    This is just another patriotic NRA spokesperson who thinks we all need to have free access to any arms we want.

  17. Paul Ryan and Rand Paul had a baby named Ayn. lol.

  18. Laughing out loud like a lunatic:

  19. Karen, the Episcopalian pancake supper thing is about Mardi Gras, which we call Shrove Tuesday. It’s the night before Lent begins and the idea is to eat rich, fatty foods before the Lenten fast. Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday. They also serve sausages and bacon at these things. And they’re generally ALL YOU CAN EAT!

    In many Episcopal churches, this pancake supper is also a Youth Group fundraiser and the kids do all the cooking, serving, and cleaning up. (You should see the kitchen after hundreds of pancakes cooked by teenagers!)

  20. We had our own version of pancake suppers when I was a teen. My best friend and I used to make pancakes after nights of partying in my room in a “that 70’s show” type circle or after getting in from barhopping. There would be a bunch of us with no money and the munchies and we’d grab the aunt jemima box. We did it as a ritual for years. We lived in apartments so somebody would run upstairs and grab milk or butter, etc. as needed. We’d all chip in and pig out. Sometimes we got in so early in the morning we’d end up in the kitchen the same time as our parents when they were getting ready for work and they didn’t mind helping us scarf down the pancakes and they’d join in our festivities. We all had fun and it was better at absorbing alcohol than White Castle.

    Choco chip, blueberry, strawberry and cream with ice cream pancakes. It was the poor persons version of going out to IHOP. We had no money so that was out of the question. We wuz poor but we had fun.

  21. Here’s another one for you, Karen:

    Ron Paul asks UN to strip domain ownership away from supporters

    Not exactly consistent for a man who loves free markets and hates the UN!

  22. Hey! I heard there’s a meeting of the Rand Paul Fan Club here!!!

  23. Bwahahaha!! Good one, imust!

  24. Wow, Rand Paul really is crazy–like certifiably delusional:

  25. Good links on the crazy Pauls. Reminded me of why I can’t stand them. They both say one stupid thing after another.

  26. Good morning Uppityites. Thanks for starting a new thread Sophie. 🙂
    No spitballs so far. :lol

  27. I hope our beloved leader is feeling better. 🙂

  28. I hope she doesn’t have the flu. I haven’t had it myself, but have heard it sucks.

  29. If we don’t hear from her, we’ll just have to occupy the SOTU!

  30. Live blog????? 🙂

  31. Sending prayers and healing positive energy to our Upps. 🙂

  32. Yes, foxi, a live blog! At which time I’ll lift the moratorium on spitballs as long as they’re aimed at the teevee and not anyone on this blog.

    …I’m hoping someone will bring pie…

  33. How about Occupy A Job Fair?

  34. I already have a job and am occupying it right now. Also occupying it on what used to be my own time.

  35. Hillbilly, I agree they should occupy work places even if it means they have to push a broom at first to get a foot in the door. Upps always says they want to start at the executive level or else it is beneath them.

    Rosemary from spice kittens has a entry in the cheezburger pics:

  36. Aw Jeez, someone give the hillbilly some smelling salts. I don’t think he knew that Libruls actually work (and some are even workaholics)!

  37. Looks like they got Dorner. Hooray. They just had a shootout and that is going to end badly for him, hopefully.

  38. Almost time to start the pancakes!

    Wow–they have a bacon chocolate chip pancake recipe…

  39. You guys wouldn’t believe this hospital. Its like the Ritz Carlton of hospitals. Very fancy, hubs has a private room, comfy recliners that laker & I have both taken naps on, everything new & spotless, no hospital smell, they keep offering us free food and stuff, and wifi.

  40. Wow, socal. Better than the condo I was at in San Juan!

  41. karen people are actually defending that jerk Dorner! There’s no justification for going on a killing spree.

  42. imust, unreal!

  43. Sophie, I can’t even go to facebook right now for fear I will tell people off! One person said, “If the police had acted ethically….there wouldn’t be four dead people right now…” First, she’s assuming his “manifesto” is accurate, but even so, he’s killed innocent people!! The young woman was the daughter of a lawyer/cop who represented him and he felt that the lawyer didn’t represent him fairly! So he kills the guy’s daughter and her boyfriend?? Then some random police officer in Riverside??? Now he’s up in Big Bear and he’s killed at least one sheriff.

  44. imust, yes, its ridiculous. Everyone gets screwed by the cops sometime or other. Its part of life. I’ve told what they did to us when lakers brother went missing. We didn’t go around shooting people afterwards. This guy is a psycho. We watching the shootout on the news.

    Sophie, did you have chocolate chip & bacon pancakes? I love choc chips in pancakes. Yum.

  45. I’m with you–game over once you kill (or threaten) innocent people.

  46. You think they’ll preempt the state of the union for this?

  47. Will there be living blogging tonight? I wonder what happens if the Dorner standoff does not end before the Golfer-in-Chief starts making his entrance. This should be interesting.

  48. Dorner also held a couple hostage (tied up) in their cabin for days, while he hid in it, and also carjacked a vehicle. He’s not about justice, he’s all for himself, he’s nothing more than a famewhore with lots of weapons.

  49. I’m not watching the SOTU. I’m exhausted, and too many things going on this week.

  50. Yes, Hugo, there will be live blogging of the SOTU tonight.

  51. Wow, all the cable news outlets were supposed to be having their “pre-game” coverage and they’re all on Dorner and they’re not letting go of it until they have to–likely about a quarter of 9.

  52. People filling the chambers on c-span version. boo hoo and biden in place. I bet Hillary is in NY with a bowl of popcorn on her lap.

    I had the youtube version in a screen but it was “enhanced” by the white house with propaganda and charts and hopey-changey crap so I switched over.

  53. Apparently the cabin is burnt to a crisp, they aren’t sure if he was in it or if he got away. They don’t think he did.

  54. Did you guys hear that lightning struck the vatican?

  55. SOTU thread is up!

    Socal, is that the beginning of a joke? (about the Vatican)

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