Carnival Cruises, WTF?

Damn honey, this one is sold out!

Damn honey, this one is sold out!

I don’t know if  you can buy Carnival Cruise stock, but if  you can, I hope you don’t own any unless you are someone I really do not like.

Seriously, WTF is up with this company?Either Carnival is the dumbest cruise line ever or they are seriously jinxed by what can only be proof that there is a devil and he hates Carnival more than he hates God, even.

Welcome aboard to an ongoing Carnival Cruise nightmare, and be realllllllly glad you didn’t get tickets for this one for Valentine’s Day. The sinking ship above actually looks good next to the crap that’s going on this very moment on Carnival’s Triumph, stranded in the Gulf of Mexico since February 10. Days went by while these passengers had no communications from Carnival. Many of them were afraid. Very afraid.

cruise15n-5-webThis is the Carnival Triumph and some of  its paid passengers wallowing in God-Knows-What on the deck—like refugees or Prisoners of War.

This ship is still  limping along in the sea four days after a fire broke out in its engine room and shut down ventilation and generators.  Yes, that’s right. Four days ago.



Still captive on this ship with scant food and water, forced to stand in line for up to four hours for whatever food there is, and  handed plastic bags to relieve themselves in (when available), many of which have broken and leaked everywhere on the ship.  The passengers are sleeping in tents in the freezing air on the deck because the “Stench of sewage” is everywhere.  I’m sure they are thrilled to know that Carnival will be giving them free tickets for another trip to hell. This floating shithouse is currently occupied by 3000+ passengers and over 1000 employees. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a Press Conference, Carnival got around to, two days ago (Feb 12).

Yeah, and the knife ran away with the spoon two days ago.

Since that press conference, Carnival continues to play with itself in the dark and tell the press things are improving.  Tune in to CNN and hear some of the remote interviews with people on that ship — and the only thing that’s improving is Carnival’s chance of going down the tubes. I’m gagging just listening to what some of these people are saying. I won’t even get into the toxic waste descriptions and what all that sewage might carry. Can you say Hepatitis, for starters?

Now, as of this writing, passengers are waving to CNN’s helicopter, begging for help. These people are captive on the Ship From Hell. I suppose someone could just slap them silly and remind them how lucky they are that they aren’t on the Carnival ship that sunk.

Carnival you are so cooked.  You couldn’t get me on one of your ships if you put a gun in my mouth. All this cruise fun is just too much to take! AYFKM???

Lotsa luck with the Class Action suit, Carnival. You are arrogant because you have a disclaimer that declares you “not responsible”. But there isn’t a person on this earth who isn’t fully responsible for NEGLIGENCE. I think a company that doesn’t ever even think of what might happen if a ship on the sea loses all of its generator and ventilation power and is left without communication at sea for days in human waste IS liable via their own lack of foresight, stupidity or regard for the human captives they transport. Fuck you, Carnival. This one is over the top. I hope the courts eat your asses alive. You need to run a couple of fishing boats not a Cruise Line.


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  1. Well, the name is Carnival…..Maybe the side-show freaks are running the shop? 🙂

  2. See they shoulda had a fire extinguisher on board. 😯

  3. Tug boat line broke. And the ship is now listing farther away from shore instead of closer.

    And the only communications the people get is about immigration and customs. Can you fucking believe it. 10,000 illegals crossed the border while they have been captive on this ship and customs isn’t going to cut them some fucking slack!

  4. Carnival’s chairman was papped last nite at a Miami Heat game. These people just do not give a shit do they?

  5. Am at the hospital waiting for Dr to release hubbie. Cannot wait to get home. Even a luxury hospital gets old after four days.

  6. They put the fire out foxy. Problem is they scared the shit out of the people at the start of the cruise telling them the WORST thing that can happen on a ship is fire. They they were all left in the dark, literally and figuratively while the ship listed on its side and they all thought they were going to die.

    Just heard a cell phone interview on CNN and the guy was telling them about how people were begging for ‘red bags’ to relieve themselves, had to stand in line for them and finally, wer SHARING them. This company is disgusting. Period. Anybody gets on one of their ships any longer is a fool. They are NEVER prepared for what happens. It’s catch as catch can each and EVERY problem they have had. No risk management, no preventative maintenence, no proactive thinking. There cannot possibly be one person at the right level in this company that has thought about possibilities and how to deal with them. They are learning through DANGEROUS ERROR.

  7. btw, we have been on 4 Carnival cruises, the last one was over three years ago. We really enjoyed all of them. Love being on a ship (or a small boat ftm) and we would sleep with our balcony door open so we could smell and hear the ocean, and I never slept better. The ships were clean, the food very decent and we never got sick. We are looking at doing a Caribbean vaca of some kind next year with my sis and her hubbie. It will be 25 yr anniv for us both. Anyway, Carnivore is crossed off the list.

  8. Tell me there’s nobody on that ship with Hep C, a nice HEARTY virus in their waste products. This is inexcusable. You mean to tell me these people don’t anticipate what can happen if generators are down? They are thinking they are held harmless legally because they say they aren’t responsible for what happens, they make people sign shit. But I tell you now, that bullshit is going to be cracked, because EVERYBODy is responsible for their own negligence on this earth.

    Carnival is going to pay for this and they deserve to. And if they act like the held harmless assholes they are, the publicity alone will tank them. What a shitty company.

  9. Heard that the tow line snapped and they are dead in the water again. Floating petri dish.

  10. Why the hell aren’t they getting people off this ship from hell? What are they waiting for? And one tug??? For this type of emergency? wtf? Why can’t the Navy rescue these poor people if Carnivore won’t? Good training exercise for them.

  11. Yes the tugboat line snapped and they are now moving AWAY from shore.

  12. BTW, that Costa Concordia also belongs to Carnival. It’s one of their lines. Remember, the captain was doing the dirty while the kids were playing let’s see if we can touch the rocks?

  13. This company should be investigated. I do not think they use any foresight, no risk management, no preventative plans, no disaster plans. They just let whatever happens happen. This is negligence.

    I hope nobody gets on another one of their ships till these people can show plans of action and alternate actions in disasters, aside from flying from the fucking seat of their pants. They are arrogant because they make people sign releases. I think this time, they have met their resistance. Making people relieve themselves in red bags and not having enough of them either? Urine and feces everywhere? Come on folks, this is horrid company with leadership that needs to stop jerking off with his perks and start running a responsible company that treats human life like something other than dog shit. As it is, PASSENGERS got cell phones working. They weren’t even fucking smart enough to do that.

    Carnival. Board a floating shithouse.

  14. mcn’s link says the NTSB is opening an investigation. I hope they don’t chicken out, or get paid off or something.

  15. Well, we’re thinking of just flying back to Bermuda for vaca next year. Hubbie & I got married there, so that would be an appropriate choice.

  16. 4000 people is a lot of people. I think that the logistical nightmare of having them disembark in Mexico is what forced them to bring them to the states. BIG mistake. People were already peeved. I see lots and lots of lawyers getting together on this.

  17. Coast Guard is keeping everyone away from the ship. G’damned biohazard. We’re talking hazmat here.

  18. The Carnival Triumph is expected to dock tonight in Mobile, Alabama between 8pm and 11pm (ET).

    Custom and borders patrol agents are currently sailing out to meet the ship to speed up the process when the boat finally docks.

    Carnival said that 200 staff members, including a ‘care team’, will be highly visible at the port to help their exhausted and grubby passengers.

    Medical teams will also be on hand for anyone who needs health care.

    They will first set foot in a terminal which has been disused for more than a year.

    Despite landing in Mobile, a city which has hundreds of hotel rooms and two airports, passengers will then either board buses directly to Galveston or Houston in Texas.

    The other option is to spend the night in a New Orleans hotel room. Those who opt to stay in New Orleans will catch flights to Houston on Friday.

    Guests have already indicated which option they prefer to Carnival.

    Carnival VP Terry Thornton said today that it as not ‘logistically feasible’ for passengers to remain in Mobile because of the volume of flights required. They company said it will cover all transportation costs.

    Passengers are supposed to get a full refund and discounts on future cruises along with an additional $500 in compensation.

  19. CNN interviewed one woman who said they were eating a mustard sandwich. lol.

    So this dipshit company didn’t think dropping some real food on that ship was important or what?

    I tell you, I am not a very litigious person but if I were on that Effing ship I would be doing everything I could to make that company miserable.

  20. Yeah customs and border patrol are going to harass these people while another 500 illegals cross the border behind them. What a bunch of sick shit. I hope they end up knee deep in human waste from looking in what’s left of suitcases.

  21. Discounts on future cruises. ROFL. AYFKM

  22. Discounts, yup. Any takers?

  23. Tell me this company shouldn’t be indicted. Completely arrogant disregard for lives of their CAPTIVE passengers.

    Despite the gradual sinking of the ship, its complete loss of power, and its proximity to shore in calm seas, an order to abandon ship was not issued until over an hour after the initial impact. Although international maritime law requires all passengers to be evacuated within 30 minutes of an order to abandon ship, the evacuation of Costa Concordia took over six hours and not all passengers were evacuated. Of the 3,229 passengers and 1,023 crew known to have been aboard, 30 bodies have been located, and two more passengers are missing and presumed dead.[8]

  24. The captain was busy with a young blonde woman at the time. Afterward, the ass wanted his job back.

  25. Hey greaseballs don’t think humping while they ground the ship is such a big deal. After all, he wasn’t finished yet.

  26. OMG, the shrink next door just heard that one. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

    It’s okay, I bought him off with chocolate cupcakes this morning. 😀

  27. I can’t believe the audacity of that shipwrecking dirtbag. He only killed 30 people and it could have been more if he hadn’t zipped up his pants and steered the boat to land.

  28. Just read that the discount on future tugboat assisted rides are 15% off. Who is running this company?

  29. I’m telling you they are cruising for some pain, mcnormam. Their arrogant negligence has jumped the shark.

    The problem is, the public will scramble to get on that ship when it’s fixed because they know they will be treated like royalty. It’s sickening. This company should have an echo heard on its ships.

  30. what did the shrink hear, mcnorman?

  31. My laughing hysterically. Good gawd, the man thinks I am a nut anyway.

  32. If I try to laugh “demurely,” I just can’t…I snort like Sandra Bullock does.

  33. This is what people get when they spend their money going on cruises with so-called American companies that fly the flag of Liberia so that they can circumvent U.S. civil penalties, tax liability, and federal/state hiring practices. The dirty little secret in all this is that these companies are making money hand over foot from stupid people who are being cared for on-ship by ex-cons with long rap sheets (like rape), cheap/inexperienced maintenance crews, and dodgy staff. Then when something goes horribly wrong (in this case on a ship that had previous similar problems) you have no way of getting compensated because the so called “American” company that makes its money primarily off the backs of Americans, can’t be held accountable in an American court of law for being in violation of federal safety standards because it flies the Liberian flag (to use but one example); thereby avoiding huge punitive damages. If people would stop going on these ships, something might change!

  34. I tell you, never date a guy from Italy, they are all pigs. I had enough of those greaseball shirttail cousins show up in the USA to know. Seriously, do not let your daughters near these guys. Ever.

  35. There will be illnesses. There is a crapload of stress. It’s truly the ship of the damned.

  36. LOL I made you snort again. Heh. My work is done

    Jennifer, I’m sure if American courts wanted to make their lives miserable, they could. LIke say forbid their entry into our ports. Let em pick up Liberians for their cruises.

  37. like you said MCN. Floating shithouse is a floating petri dish.

  38. Hey I’m sorry I broke the Valentine’s day reverie but the more I saw what was going on the more pissed off I got.

  39. I want to know how they are going to get out of this one. The blistering publicity should make their stock sink a bit. You’re so right, the arrogant attitude just sucks with Carnival.

  40. I agree Uppity. I wish the American courts would hold these cruise ship operators feet to the fire. They make their money from Americans and then do everything to cut corners. The ships are not kept clean, they hire rapists, and then offer a 15% discount on your next trip after you have been floating aroud for 4 days on a double-decker outhouse!

  41. I’m listening to that guy’s video in the post and he’s talking about how people who need to get home before friday will be transported by special “motor coach” arrangements. This means bus.

  42. Jennifer, if they were moved by force, I know our government could make these bastards’ lives a living shithouse too.

  43. Yes, the good ole bus with one restroom. Atleast, it’s indoors and not a bag. I suspect people are going to be ready to implode the moment they step on land.

  44. OT for your reading disgust.
    Click on this.
    #Islam: Good news for the women of the world? on Twitpic

  45. I swear to god I get so sick of this crap (pun intended). You know we are just one step up (and a broken step at that) from the plight of 85 million Indians who still get up and go crap on the railway tracks each morning because they don’t have access to proper bathrooms (in the g-damn 21 century) for a country of 1 billion. We used to set the standard for cleanliness, sanitation, and proper maintenance of all things automated. It is an embarrassment!!

  46. So, we’re defective? Because we don’t say “more” to beatings?

    I want to purchase this turd a Carnival Cruise ticket. I hear things that happen at sea, don’t really happen.

  47. But then again, Sahih Bukhari has a special place in Hell already.

  48. Is this Peter Townsend the guitarist from the Who?

  49. mcn, the guy that posted this doesn’t advocate it.

  50. I know socal. That’s why I said that Sahih was already in Hell. 😀

  51. Oh.

    Those pix are astonishing. Those poor people.

  52. $500 compensation? AYFKM?

  53. Yeah, $500 is gonna take care of all of it. Someone needs to wake up and smell the stench.

  54. What a cute kitteh pic in the header. We have a little tuxie that visits our house for treats and visits (her owner lets her run wild during the day & half the nite). The other nite Laker & I were outside and her owner was trying to get her and she ran to Laker instead. Haha, served them right for neglecting her.

  55. Yea $ 500.00 will really be a great thing in helping pay your medical bills that may plague you for life right Carnival ?
    Listen hubby and I went on a couple of cruises in the 90’s and they were great. We went on Princess cruise lines and got to say we had the time of our lives but the way things have been lately I would not get on a ship again and it is sad because they used to be a marvelous vacation.
    I agree the USA needs to take action here and ban them from our ports until they can meet standards and accept accountability for there actions. I too would lawyer up if I were one of these poor folks and sue the shit out of them. This is insane. WTF if the thing was sinking would they not have gotten the folks onto the life boats ? Why didn’t they load them into the life boats and get them out of there ? Or are the life boats rendered useless if there is no power ? Isn’t that a great and comforting thought ?

  56. Any US corprations who send big chunks of their businesses offshore to avoid safety regulations deserve to be bankrupted when they subject consumers to health and safety risks like this. There are very few cruise ships built in the USA and inspected by US inspectors. But, the public needs to remember that the cruiseline industry is far from the only industry willing to put them at risk.

    And there was a comment above about banning the cruiseline from the US. Not likely to happen. The states with ports need the business and compete hard to get cruiselines to come to their cities. Big bucks trump 4000 people with ruffled feathers.

  57. Brace yourselves for these pieces of shit.

  58. Saw that reported on Mother Jones this morning. Then I visited their Freedomworks FB page and saw a lot of so-called Christians all signed up with them. Boggles the mind. I told myself that Hillary could care less. She transcends all these bottomfeeders.

  59. Jennifer was RIGHT ON.
    Carnival pays not a dime in USA Taxes. Their ships are registered in Liberia and Panama. They are a US hoax. Founder left US, denounced citizenship, moved to Israel to avoid all taxes. These peoplea are scum and NOT subject to USA law. That is why they are so cavalier about what they do to people here.

  60. Christians, my ass.

  61. Late to the party but nice discussion.

    I always wonder why there is no back up plan. They never ever seem to have an emergency response protocol in place. Enough of these accidents have occurred, that part of any company’s emergency response should be to have a backup plan for moving people to another vessel. You do not send out your whole compliment of ships at the same time. You keep one ready and in shape (not one in for maintenance) to respond. With computer booking – having ready to go rosters on where to place people should be easy.

    No backup supply of peanut butter and other long shelf life/non perishables? No plan for airlifting food/water (although I read that they did get at least one air drop – from ANOTHER cruise line)? No porta potties?

    As to the jinx, all I could think when I heard it was another Carnival ship was that this was the week for Carnival. And where did they end up busing people back to last night – New Orleans. Just one of those strange but true happenstances.

  62. Righteous rant, Upps. Carnival will pay, one way or another.
    I’m no expert in maritime law or Fla. personal injury law. But, it’d appear to me that “assumption of risk” of gross (as opposed to ordinary) negligence won’t fly.
    Forum selection clauses are another matter, however — those are rountinely enforced as a matter of contract law and courts can dismiss actions for “forum non conveniens” if an adequate showing is made by defendant.

    Here’s what I don’t get about this and similar eff ups at sea by these cruise companies. How is it that these companies — which run massive transportation vessels — aren’t regulated under federal transportation laws and rules. If they’re not, they should be. After all, one doesn’t “assume the risk” of air accidents or waive negligent operations of the aircraft when one flies [at least I’m not aware of that, and there’re plenty of aviation lawsuits following an air crash, eg]. Cruise ships carry multiples of the passengers carried by passenger aircraft, so why aren’t they sufficiently regulated? Anyone know?

  63. Here’s what I don’t get about this and similar eff ups at sea by these cruise companies. How is it that these companies — which run massive transportation vessels — aren’t regulated under federal transportation laws and rules. If they’re not, they should be. After all, one doesn’t “assume the risk” of air accidents or waive negligent operations of the aircraft when one flies [at least I’m not aware of that, and there’re plenty of aviation lawsuits following an air crash, eg]. Cruise ships carry multiples of the passengers carried by passenger aircraft, so why aren’t they sufficiently regulated? Anyone know?

    The seafaring person I was arguing with on twitter kind of answered that. The Sea doesn’t belong to any country, maritime law is World State law. However, I do not see why we can’t regulate these bastards when they show up in our port which we build for their use.

    Incidentally the first Triumph claim was filed today. It will probably go the way of the other ones with Carnival saying they are held harmless because of the ticket ‘agreement’.

  64. still4hill has a short vid of Hillary in her side bar discussing LOST the law of the sea and urging it to be ratified so the Arctic is resolved. This might have something to do with it. It is the same for gambling ships a few miles off the coast they can open for bets since they are in international waters.

    I googled it and came up with this:

    it is complicated by the military usage and also they say it is a back door to cap and trade in several political publications bending right.

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