It’s Valentine’s Day.

Here’s your puppy.



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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to all dear Uppity-ites!!! xoxoxo, Ani

  2. What an adorable little doggie!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

    Don’t forget to brush your teeth after you eat all those chocolates in the box!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day! Everyone!!!!! Love the Puppy. 🙂

  4. Happy Valentines Day to all!

  5. I’ve been single most of the time since my divorce (after 27 years of married life it is like a vacation) so I don’t have flowers or candy from somebody else but I do have a huge old christmas cactus with lovely blooms and I have a bag of twizzlers!

    Life is good. xxoo to all of you sweethearts.

  6. Karen I have a Christmas cactus that was my late mother’s and she had it for years besides. I love the way that plant just gives and gives.

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I’ve been happily divorced for 15 years! Going to Starbucks to celebrate the state of no-one-getting-on=my-nerves. They doing a BOGO today.

  8. In keeping with the outrageous generation, pilot Ryan scares the living crap out of surgical resident Carlie in-flight. And proposes to her.

  9. Now you are making me feeling guilty for not getting Al anything for “V” day.

  10. Oh pooh, SHV Valentine’s day isn’t worth squat to a woman compared to the other 364 days. If you’re in the rest of the year, she doesn’t want anything else.

    And if the rest of the year sucks, neither one of a couple can find a gift that’s gonna fix that!

  11. Give her another cat!

  12. Hey SHV, just think if you had bought two of those Carvival Cruise tickets.

    Holllllllly shit. I cannot believe the horror show on that ship. Carnival is toast this time.

  13. “Give her another cat!”
    I’m the cat wrangler; I don’t need another cat. Yesterday was surgical residents Al’s birthday; she got home at 11 PM and crashed. I’ll put hearts on her unopened B-day presents; I’m a fucking genius!!!

  14. Yeah! Kill two birds, WTG SHV.

  15. A Happy Heart Day to one and all. We always looked upon this day as one to reflect on the love of friends and family. It was for hand made cards, special desserts and the last hurrah’s for the basic red and white Christmas decorations .Yes, the tree, usually a blue spruce sans ornaments, but with red ribbon, peppermint candies and white lights was still going strong. It usually ended up being planted in early March. The cats were always quite devastated to loose their winter nesting perch.

  16. As to the more typical association of sweethearts, I still find this the only video of a marriage proposal that really seems to convey love (in many ways). It is somewhere in Uppity’s archives but this is more direct:

  17. Mt Laurel we posted that dance proposal when it was viral. It’s still my favorite. And by the way you should do to their channel because they are both a whole lot better looking than they were in that video. I thought they were both kind of seedy although I loved the video. But they aren’t. If you posted the original, go to their channel. If not, find the original. He’s pretty good looking, actually. And thinner. I guess maybe the vid changed their lives or something.

  18. Yeah Mt L do you not hate when somebody steals a copyrighted video, keeping viewers away from the orignal people? People like that should be skinned. Here’s the original, check out their channel.

  19. LMAO I got a great card. It said ty ty ty ty
    I never say ty enough honey
    TY for not killing me in my sleep
    I laughed so hard I darn near peed lmao.

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