FreedomWorks: Wherever Dick Armey goes, he leaves a big brown stain behind

armey2Dick Armey. The recurring shit stain of the Republican Party. He founded FreedomWorks and worked really hard to appropriate the Tea Party for himself the minute it started to get legs. I knew things were doomed the first time I saw his shit-eating face.

If you recall, he recently resigned after being paid millions of dollars for his particular brand of Shit-Stain expertise. Apparently, he did his job well.

A leading tea party group made a video of a fake Hillary Clinton having sex with a panda to show to a massive gathering of conservatives before scrapping the film, according to a report Thursday.

Mother Jones reported two female interns at FreedomWorks played the parts, with one wearing a panda suit and one wearing a Clinton mask. In the video, FreedomWorks Executive Vice President Adam Brandon is shown waking from a nap at his desk before wandering down the hall and witnessing the panda performing oral sex on Clinton in a dream sequence.

Gotta love FreedomWorks on Facebook. All those super duper Christians like them. A lot. Obviously, the video was made for Jesus.

The video was to be shown at the FreePac conference in 2012 for all those good Christians to jerk off to.

Truly, you FreedomWorks animals, Fuck You.

You digust me. Scum.


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  1. Funny thing is that the rightwing denies a war on women, but this incident shows such disrespect for women, not just toward Hillary, but toward those two interns filmed doing mock sex acts. Seems to me the rightwingers who persistently claim to be more moral than the left or than moderates, should not be encouraging young women to debase themselves, let alone filming it for the purpose of showing at a giant looney pep rally. Vile varmits.

  2. ICYMI: @freedomworks made a video of a fake giant panda having sex with a fake Hillary Clinton:— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) February 15, 2013

  3. Amen. Hypocrites. Pigs.

  4. Didn’t they go nuts when P**** was shown in similar fashion? I guess it is okay since their sexist depictions are right wing and therefore holy. How could anybody do that to Saint S****?

    I once saw a theme on Rush Limbaugh’s site all about “how to kill the Hillary beast” with lots of pictures of her with devil eyes and tons of lies not even slightly rooted in the real world. (I don’t normally read that manure I was there to find the “operation chaos” machinations.)

  5. uppity – more jon stewart clips you might not be able to see. obama’s great big speech:

  6. The thing is, a lot of shit was done to Palin, and I covered plenty of it, but Hillary was NEVER involved in ANY of it, nor were her supporters. We treated Palin with dignity and so did Hillary. I can’t say the same for her, and I listened to her “radical feminist” bullshit one too many times and decided I was Done with her. Radical femisism by her description is something she should be grateful for because she would have never been Governor much less a VP candidate without the blood of radical feminists. So screw her too.

    These freaks have been after Hillary for nearly 20 years now and they can all eat shit and die for all I care. It only matters to them when it’s done to their special person. They have no respect for her and I have no respect for them. These are NOT nice people and they manage to confirm it every now and then like clockwork.

  7. New Jersey goatfucker beheaded and cut the hands off of two coptic Christians.

    Watch the far left judges in that state dance around this piece of shit who should be shot in the head this minute. Poor baby, it’s ‘cultural’. Time we started frying these bastards in the public square. Fit in or get the Eff out of here.

  8. This is a quote from freedomjerks’ statement opposing the Violence Against Women Act. No surprise that they oppose that act. But what a joke that they are concerned about “setting women bacK.”

    “Supporters of the VAWA portray women as helpless victims—this is the kind of attitude that is setting women back. Thank goodness that there are many strong and independent women,..”

    Yes, indeed. Thank goodness for strong and independent women like Hillary Cinton.

  9. One more clip from Stewart on the SOTU night:

    there are a bunch of clips from the night but these two were very good.

  10. It was WRONG when it was about Palin and it is WRONG when it’s about Hillary, period. Geez. I don’t care what Palin said that I agree or disagree with, the sexist cr@p has to stop. Women are treated like cattle and from both sides. And I am sick of it.

  11. LOL! Water for Elephant is a hoot and it accurately sums up that pitiful response.

  12. “Supporters of the VAWA portray women as helpless victims—this is the kind of attitude that is setting women back. Thank goodness that there are many strong and independent women,..”

    Considering the video they made, we need VAWA to protect us from them.

  13. I love that new tactic. Blaming victims for being victims. I guess victims of crimes are not suppose to report the crime or speak out against it….that’s being helpless?? Speaking out against it is the opposite of helpless, it’s called courageous.

  14. Well strong women don’t get the crap beaten out of them or raped or anything. They shut that whole thing down.

  15. These wackos are not right wing they are extreme right wing . And I too am sick of the shit no matter where it comes from. Bottom line is left, far left, right, far right or middle of the road it matters not it is wrong and women have put up with it form the beginning of time.
    I maintain the only defense women have is themselves. I am sick of fighting to be seen as an equal. I am sick of the shit and it does not matter who doles it out.
    Women have taken scraps left from men a lifetime and it is not humane treatment. Every time I hear racist etc or some other one screaming about injustice I have to ask when will women of any race creed or color get their day ?
    There are boat loads of democrats out there that hate us as much as the republicans. Harry Reid ring a bell ? As I say it matters not which side of the street they stand on they are pond scum not worthy of my vote and time. May they all rot in hell along with the Islamic bastards.
    I am not helpless and I refuse to take their scraps. I do not get along with very many men and it is because I have been treated like shit from the majority of them.
    I have oft said that since women do not need paid the same as men then where is our subsidy or discounts ? If I have to earn less then shouldn’t my rent, car, gas , power, food and so on be less too ?

  16. It’s still Valentine’s Day.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all.
    Y’all have hearts just like this one. 😉

  17. The thing is, a lot of shit was done to Palin, and I covered plenty of it, but Hillary was NEVER involved in ANY of it, nor were her supporters. We treated Palin with dignity and so did Hillary.

    Exactly! Most of us were outraged at the misogynistic crap being hurled at Palin as well. Some people do not seem to get that you can disagree with someone on the issues and not have to take them down by any means necessary. Conversely, I never felt the need to support her politically just because the harassment bothered me.

  18. I thought we were supposed to get some kind of warning when something like this approaching and we could knock it down?

    We could be headed the way of the dinosaurs!

  19. Follow up this AM with dentist I got the cold from.
    Drs. Office this afternoon.

    Two of your favorite places and mine.

  20. Sad that instead of the respect they deserve, So many people hate
    strong and independent women like Hillary Clinton and Upps. 🙂

  21. I was being sarcastic. I should have put in a little winky face icon or /jk.

    Yes, it was wrong, of course. The panda sex film makers are hypocrites is what I was trying to say. The same people who freaked out that Saint S**** was depicted as caribou barbie find no problem making a sick video against Hillary.

    btw, why now? why did they make this vid now? Why would their Hillary hatred still evoke the desire to demean her even after she is gone from service, at least for the near term? She spooks them. She is the pinnacle they must rip down because she shows, by example, what absolute dolts they are and she easily rises above them like a cloud. A Hillary cloud, high above, that they cannot bring down.

  22. We could be headed the way of the dinosaurs!

    Indeed, imust! Looks like we don’t have the technology yet.
    Meanwhile, Obama thinks it’s the right time to cut NASA’s budget or focus them on shoring up the Islamic World’s self-esteem in science.

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