An Anakin lesson in appreciating what you do have instead of dwelling on what you don’t have.

Anakin was born without a pelvis or back legs. But he doesn’t care.



Like I said, he doesn’t care. Life is good. Mom is good.



Anakin’s also been very productive, he’s not going to be labeled disabled, no sir:

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  1. By the way, Anakin is getting a brother today. Anakin’s Mom is on the way to pick up another cat who was rescued. He has one missing back leg, half of the other back leg and half a tail. You can see him here.

  2. Awesome!!!! 🙂

  3. Like they say, “be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

  4. California doesn’t want to be out done by Russia. We have our own little meteorite.

  5. Those poor people from the Carnival Cruise! Their bus broke down on the way to NO!

  6. The kitteh reminds me of Ash. Ripley’s are going to spay/neuter on the 19th and adoption on the 23rd. I fell for Ash but all of them and their mom would be awesome pets. John is wonderful with socializing and spoiling them so they end up carefree and well behaved and healthy.

    Excellent that Anakin is getting a new brother. Ani and Mika are male names in that house. They’ve been snipped. 🙂

  7. So many of those people were on their first real vacation in years and had scrimped and saved to go. A few had the trip as a part of their wedding plans. Some passengers were elderly or small children who cannot cope as easily with the issues as healthy middle aged people.

    I have an immune compromised family member who takes cruises. It is like playing russian roulette. Norovirus is not a souvenier I’d want. Even with all inclusive meals all the time and food everywhere they can’t entice me to get on one of those monsters.

    I love little boats. I wish I could afford a live aboard dive boat vacation.

  8. I know karen, I feel for those people! And what is the compensation from the cruise line? Probably discounted tix for another cruise! I’ve never had a desire to go on a cruise. I’d rather stay at a beach house or travel around the US.

  9. A nuclear storage site with 177 tanks full of serious toxic waste has a leaking tank. The plant to process the waste is behind schedule and budget and is years from completion. This is something we screamed about 40 years ago. This is what was happening at Exelon in Chicago that convinced me obama was full of shit. Glowing drinking water and self reporting sites.

  10. After the shit they did to those Carnival passengers they have the audacity to stick them on a bus. Or as the Carnvial Barker said in the Carney video, a “Motor coach”. Disgusting company.

  11. Lucky kitty. I’m glad he has a good home. Good idea to get him a companion with similar design issues.

  12. Hugo, i kinda get the feeling that cat doesn’t know he has design issues. lol.

  13. World Press photo winner. Photo of woman and girl child attacked with acid in that shithole full of animals, Iran.

  14. I agree, Uppity. And he has 42,000 people who like him on FB. Kitty is doing just fine.

  15. Hahahah Hugo I think i got like ten people who like me and he’s got 42,000

  16. Upps, Gary Hirshberg (Stonyfield Yogurt) spoke today at TEDx Manahattan 2013. His bit begins at the 1:02 minute mark. He discusses labeling GMOs and while he likely didn’t say anything you don’t already know, the whole argument is laid out here in one concise talk:

  17. Just read karen’s link about leaking nuclear waste. Wonder why there is no sense of urgency in getting that processing plant finished. Time for an investigation and audit of that project. Smells like waste, fraud, and abuse to me.

  18. That photo is horrifying, Uppity. The perp must be so proud of doing that, especially to a child. Sadists!

    Along the GMO lines, I read yesterday that FDA is extending the comment period for the genetically modified salmon. So, if people want to weigh in, it has been extended into April. I don’t have time to wrap my head around the GMO stuff, but I do like my salmon to be salmon.

  19. Hmmm…the things people say on Twitter:

  20. Uppity, I hope you a past the nasty stuff you had. Thanks to anyone who gave words of condolence for my mother. Yes, try to be more like Anikin (as in Skywalker)….Reminds me of the bumble bee, which is aerodynamicalty supposed to be unable to fly…bur no one told the bumble bee.

  21. And I thought this site invented the use of Lebanese for lesbian. Either that person has read this site or the night it was first used here was a fluke or somebody who’d heard it elsewhere used it here.

    Stonyfield is the best yogurt. I am on a tight budget and often buy the store brand at my local market but one day grabbed Stonyfield strawberry by accident. It was twice the price but it was so so yummy.

  22. Stonyfield was the only yogurt for a long time that wasn’t using HFCS in their fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt.

  23. I have four limbs. Unless there was a crocodile ready to eat me, there is no way I could climb as fast as Anakin. I love that little meow.

  24. Another kitteh lover. Read about her effort here:
    There is a YouTube video there too.
    I personally am so J of her situation.

  25. that cat doesn’t know he that he is different. I love him and his spunk. 🙂

  26. Anikin’s companion Mika has arrived in his new home.

  27. Hey, you, Uppity Woman. You gave me your damn cold. Hmfph.

  28. shit, sorry, Karen. Plan on two weeks. I’m still carrying on. Got a Z Pak, it’s day 2. Have to go for some blood work tomorrow if I remember to fast. lol. Lay low Karen. If it’s the thang I got, it aint over so fast.

  29. I’ve been quiet about it, but I think I am ready to give you all a warning. About Decongestants. Speficifically, about Pseudoephedrine. This is the marvelous decongestant that anyone with sinus issues will tell you works, and its replacements do not work. It’s the stuff that was in SUdafed before they removed it from the shelf. Now Sudafed is useless. You have to now sign for P at the pharmacy and can only get a certain amount at once, because shitbags were buying it up and using it to cook meth and kill themselves, hopefully quickly.

    So much for history. Now I will tell you what happened to me. I am a P user, so when this horrid cold hit me, I was drinking down Nyquil and it helped for the first few days. After that I realized it had no decongestant of any kind in it and I needed one. My head and lungs were clogged up ad things weren’t very productive. So I reached for my P. It was helping. Or at least it was helping my cold. What it wasn’t helping was the rest of me.

    I had a Dr’s appointment last Friday and still had some of this cold, but I wasn’t there for that. It was a bit of a checkup and another complaint of sudden vertigo now and then. So my doctor did her thing and stopped dead in her tracks when she took my BP. My BP had shot up over to East Jesus. I, a person who has always had perfect BP was in trouble. As in Holy Shit, I’m sending you home with BP meds until we sort this out. And my heart was racing too, really strange shit going on. SHe couldn’t be sure but she was worried about my carotid artery maybe narrowing. We were already going to see if there is anything in my head (LOL) as a precautionary proactive thing, because my father had an aneurysm at around my age and I inherited his migraines. That (MRA) was alreeady planned, till she started checking and found all this other stuff.

    By now I am practically crapping my pants.

    So she sets up a carotid duplex ultrasound for this coming Wednesday, I got home in a fog and my phone is ringing off the hook when I get home. It was my Dr.

    So she says, Uppity, I just noticed you mentioned to my nurse before I saw you that you were on a decongestant. Which one? I say Pseudoephedrine. She gasps and says, how much are you taking? I say a couple of times a day for the last five days or so. She says, did you take one today?I said, yes, this morning. She says, DO NOT TAKE ANY MORE OF IT> STOP RIGHT NOW. It could be the cause of your BP shooting up. Or as a minimum, contribute to it.

    SO I go online and I look this up and shoo enough, a side effect of P is extreme high BP.

    Are you learning a lesson here about self-medicating and “harmless” OTC stuff? Just asking.

  30. Upps, it makes my heart pound after I take several doses. I use it sparingly, mostly before bed for post nasal drip. Hot decaf tea and soup are the best medicines. And sleep.

  31. Wow! Your doctor calls you Uppity too?!?!!!

  32. Wow! Your doctor calls you Uppity too?!?!!!


  33. I’ll be scared witless till after that Wednesday test. Needless to say, writing is the last thing on my mind. So carry on.

  34. Uppity, may Wednesday come soon, and with the best of news.

  35. What Pam said . 🙂

  36. cis a great decongestant but it does have side effects such are raising the blood pressure (I have not researched but I would hazzard a guess that this type of reaction is why it is a popular ingredient in making meth???). You will recall the commercials with S. Empatha for Coricidin HBP – it is basically an antihistamine with tylenol. it’s a marketing gimic but does accurately hit on the blood pressure connection with regular decongestants.

    I have used Pseudoephedrine sparingly for years even before they put the restrictions on purchase (darn stuff works though). When my blood levels were really down (GYN problems that ended in emergency hysto and low iron levels give on fun heart symptoms such as arrhythmia), my doc and gyn went with using plain Pseudoephedrine or Mucinx D for only really bad sinus/congestion. One a day for three days at max. Can use plain mucinex (just the expectorant) with lots of water. Use antihistamines and saline solution as first line of defense. Using saline on a regular basis (not just when dry heat gives me a bloody nose) has cut down my need for any type of decongestant.

    This is one of the reasons my mother has a Nasonex prescription. I have a very strict protocol for her in terms of decongestants and she has none in her medicine cabinet (she would just keep taking them).

    Hoping that the drug effects are indeed the root of your symptoms and that going cold turkey gets things back on an even keel.

  37. The funny part is, but for the need to decongest and loosen what’s left of this cold, I feel VERY well. That’s is if you don’t include the scaring the crap out of me.

    I take the third azithromycin today (zpak), which she gave to me because of the suspected ear thang. I tell you, as antibiotics go, if it’s suitable for what you have, it’s the only antibiotic I have ever had that has no side effects. Not that i’ve taken many but I did have to take that Macrobid for that UTI I had last year. That’s some horrid stuff.

  38. You know, I didn’t feel like my heart was racing on the Pseudo. I didn’t get jittery, no sleeplessness, nothing. I never felt side affects to the stuff like so many do. So I guess mine were silent. The thing is, now how will we know if my BP is normalized because I stopped the Pseudo, because I’m taking these BP pills she put me on till we sort it out. So how will we know if it’s the pills or the missing pseudoephedrine that normalizes me?

    The BP pills are supposed ot make you tired, so they say? Nope. Didn’t do that to me either. Go figure. Anyways, I’m just taking them because I ain’t taking no chances. I guess if I’m normalized, she will just wean me and check my BP a lot in the process. I looked up the cost of those things an holy shit, how do people afford these meds.

  39. My routine annual included blood work -5 separate items. My Dr. Had to file an appeal because my ins. Turned down three of the five parts he prescribed. One was cbc, one was thyroid for a baseline at my age and the third was some common screening breakdown.

    For the part of the standard bloodwork they suddenly refused to pay they sent a bill for $735.00 — I sure hope the appeal works.

    I have never been billed by my blue cross before. My Dr said they are denying and getting away with it. The costs are scary. All 5 parts were $1500.00 to the lab. Crazy. It used to be a hundred bucks.

  40. Upps and company – all ofyou stay well. We can’t afford to be sick let alone how scrappy it makes us feel.

    It sucks when I can’t taste my food! Suffering here. Adding spices.

  41. karen?? I thought Obama fixed healthcare???? I’m so confused…

  42. That’s an ourageous bill of routine lab work, Karen. CBC, thyroid, stuff like that, these are $50 tests.

  43. Your policy probably doesn’t cover checkups. Doctor should have said he suspected something and that’t why the workup. Hell I get all kinds of labs every year that way.

  44. Uppity here hoping it was just the over counter stuff. I pray for a good outcome. I know I do not take any OTC stuff like that because it is instant with the heart racing etc for me. I did nyquil just to sleep through the cold but that has never affected me. I am not a pill taker though for the most part. My hubby was on high blood pressure meds 3 times daily and all of a sudden he started getting dizzy and actually fainted twice. I bought one of those bp checkers for home use and damn he had the lowest pressure I have seen and still see one breathing. He stopped taking them altogether and the bp was normal. 3 days off and he had elevated levels so he just takes one pill a day and it seems to be enough. I know you have faith in your Doc but it does not hurt to check things yourself too. Everyone needs to be very aware of everything they take and watch it . I have not found a good trustworthy doctor out here yet but fact is I am not looking either. Overall I am very healthy and hope nothing major happens because I just flat out could not afford the bills.

  45. I might add I could before we got national health care. It screwed me but good. So darn happy those that did not have health coverage now do lol because I did and now don’t.

  46. You are not alone Utah. 🙂

  47. I got priced out of the health care market with two HUGE rate increases (one nearly 30%). Had to dump the health insurance and settle for the lesser policy I have now. If you folks think you have it bad, be glad you aren’t Single Pay, because you are going to come up with four figures a month. For one person.

  48. I’ve had the same plan for 9 years with slight changes along the way. It seems to me that my doc ordered labs I did not need plus the lab is price gouging and blue cross red flagged it and refused it.

    It is insanely expensive for blood workup. The doctor is fighting for me and saying he needed those tests. They all came out normal range and healthy. Thankfully. I pay extra to get the best plan my job offers – and I work for the state so it is a good plan. Prices for contribution towards coverage went up every year.

    The lab can cut their bill – they accept way less per item when insurance pays them and they waive the balance. So they bill me full price with no discount rate? Insane.

    If insurance doesn’t cover it I will be miserable.

  49. Anyone one watching Rachel Maddow? She’s narrating “Hubris” which is about how we got into Iraq.

  50. ” So they bill me full price with no discount rate?”
    Best thing about Medicare; no balance billing. The two year before I went on Medicare, was getting hammered with denials; $500 here, $1000 there, $17,000, etc.

  51. Hospitals, labs, etc, they ALL Gouge the out of pocket payer.Charge them something like 4 times what they get from contract insurers.

  52. Sophie, watching Maddow requires tuning in to MSNBC. I have allergies.

  53. Upps, she’s only narrating a piece done on another guy’s book (so you don’t have to “watch” but you do have to tune it that way).

    FWIW, it was well done and chock full of facts. FACTS that contradict every fucking fact we heard back then.

    I am wondering why the fuck we can’t sue Bush, Cheney, Condi, Wolfowitz, Tenet, and Rumsfeld for the entire cost of the Iraq war?
    Cheney’s ability to lie is phenomenal. That he could command such credibility while lying through his teeth is the envy of the tea party gang.

  54. Now this is priceless: Rove and Dee Dee Myers, wherein Rove goes on and on about how much better Hillary would have been as President than the guy we got saddled with.

  55. I would imagine Rove can’t get much attention or traction these days, so he goes where the buzz is. He’s such a pink eyed sleaze. I hear he’s still waiting for the 2012 election results. lol.

    No we can’t sue the thieves. Seriously though, Cheney made his entire fortune robbing America for decades. Then America votes for the head of the biggest government contract thief as VP and then the country actually pretends he was no longer the head of Halliburton. Seriously, this country gets the leadership it deserves. One day he will drop dead. He just never seems to do it soon enough though. Pacts with the devil are like that.

  56. I will be removing from the blogroll sites that are magnets to the the bashing of Hillary or bashers of Uppityville members. I’m sure you understand. This blog started for Hillary and it will continue in that vein. Ditto for feminism. We aren’t into fair weather supporters of our rights when it comes to that. There is nothing more important than human rights. Nothing. Nor do we have to invite people to dinner who hate us or have a problem with us refusing to do 180s. Everybody has a right to feel as they will, and every blogger has a right to blog as they will. That should never be a problem. It’s lack of respect that is a problem. I’ve seen some of the people here chided and made unwelcome and we will reciprocate. I myself never go where I feel like wincing. I’m sure some feel like wincing when they come here too. That’s life. But you don’t put them on your Christmas list, right? SO why would you have them on your blogroll? Or expect to be on theirs? It’s like dating someone you have nothing in common with. I consider this like a friendly divorce with no kids. I take my support of Hillary and my members seriously, though. But then you already know that. Now I know some of you aren’t Hillary’s biggest fans and have been with me a long time. I’m cool with that because you come here with respect for our goals and you don’t bash anybody here behind their backs or on other blogs. A little respect goes a long way and for that, we love ya.

    Perhaps in cruising old sites, some of you can understand now why I refused to allow my blog to be turned into a mean and nasty war zone by creepy crawlies, and then abandoned when no longer needed, left to sweep the floor of a blog I worked hard to grow and garner respect for. My third eye was right that time and I apologize to nobody for it. You will always be safe from personal threats and name-calling here, and I am sure there would have been no “Here” if I had allowed this blog to be run over. I manage my blog. Works for me, works for you. And really, nothing else matters. xo.

  57. Anakin is adorable. A testament to making the most of what you were endowed with happily.

  58. Hey UW, Sudafed BEHIND the counter still comes with Pseudoephedrine. Ya gotta look for that version and sign for it. Sudafed on the shelf has Phenylephrine. Some weak decongestant that hardly does anything.

    So now, that you are off the Pseudoepephedrine which was probably making your blood pressure go whacko, is your blood pressure normal or too low with blood pressure medicine???

  59. If I had insurance Uppity it would be single pay too and was at the time I had it. Obama care placed it up so damn high I had to drop it and the standard insurance was just not going to pay anything I kept insurance coverage for so I opted out. What a great scheme. Those of us that had great coverage at affordable rates saw it sky rocket and now that we have had to cover higher costs on just about everything and continuing cost hikes due to this that and the other we have lost or had to give up our insurance and what next ? We get a fine or tax as they want to call it. Yea that really helps.

  60. I have no idea at this point, Crier. Appointment for the Carotid Duplex and doctor’s appointment immediately after is on Wednesday. Fortunately I use a clinic that does all the diagnostic testing right on the premises, CTs, MRIs, MRAs, you name it — so I go for the test at 2 and see my doctor at 2:30. As you know, that test is done rather fast. So she will be taking my BP then. I don’t have a BP cuff, never needed one, so I have no idea at this point. All I know is I feel fine.

    I always bought generic pseudo even before it went behind the counter. If I needed tylenol, I could always take some. Sudafed was way more expensive for the same thing.

  61. Upps, you rock. Glad about the blogroll. Hope your tests come out fine. I rarely take P now, and then maybe one alka seltzer cold tablet instead of two. I took the stuff a lot when I was young, but I think its very hard on the heart.

  62. Did you guys see this nutty woman rep from Alabama and her stupid bs about abortion. She wants to defund abortion clinics:

    “When a physician removes a child from a woman, that is the largest organ in a body,” McClurkin told the Montgomery Advertiser on Thursday. “That’s a big thing. That’s a big surgery. You don’t have any other organs in your body that are bigger than that.”


  63. The Far Right. What EVER would our sexual organs do without them? That’s why it’s important for them to keep looking at, thinking about, lusting for and making decisions about the sexual organs of everyone else at all times. It keeps them off the streets and is so much cheaper than porn. Bless their ability to live their lives Vicariously through others.

  64. socal, that woman (and ALL of the RWNJs) lack basic science courses in their education. She is an idiot. She doesn’t know basic bio. She is talking about an organism and using the term organ. It is embarrassing that these people are voted into office.

  65. Sophie, I saw a clip on the internet about Hubris and want to watch the whole thing. I was one of those people who ran to DC every weekend when I wasn’t protesting on the streets of NYC to shut that whole thing down before it started. I watched it all in rapt attention and it was clearly, then and now, a BFD, maybe the Biggest FD since Nam.

    What they do and what they get away with due to an ignorant and easily led voter base is sickening. Hidden Halliburton is right, Upps. And Liz Cheney has the NERVE to bash Hillary on Greta. Fuck her.

    I LOVE that clip of Rove – and he’s telling the truth, not just what he said about her is accurate, he also has said that before in candid moments. I love the Bill impression too. He gave the devil his due and I love Dee Dee’s reaction to it.

    The blog roll is overstuffed to be sure. I’ve been wondering when you were going to get around to culling it. And it is always sad when divorce happens, even when it is long overdue. Some of those places will be fondly remembered but they are not what they once were.

    Finally, good luck to you at the doc tomorrow. It has been an annoying year for medical appointments coming regularly. Be WELL quickly.

    oh and I just saw a pic of a Collie. Too cute. Thought of der Needle.

    And did you see the news about the dolphins? 100,000 of them off CA? Is it a convention before the mother ship lands and they are taken away ala Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. So long and thanks for all the fishes?

  66. One more thing… That clip of Rove (thanks Sophie) is also interesting since it is from the Harry Walker agency. I saw they will (no suprise) be her agency for her public speaking role over the coming years.

    When obama’s campaign insisted Bill and Hill release their income taxes for the past years it was interesting to see that the lion’s share of their income was from Bill’s speaking schedules and from book deals and not from investments, etc. IIRC it was 10 million or so in income.

    She’s following in his footsteps. Book deals and speaking dates.

    Looking forward to both and whatever else is in her ACES card hand.

  67. I am sure she will pick some interesting pro bono engagements.

    Actually, except for picking the agency, which has proven to be a good one for Bill, she’s not really following in anybody’s footsteps. It’s SOP for people in high level gov positions to join the speaking circuit and write a book or two. It also gives them the shot at rebuttal to all the books written about them in an indirect sort of way. Whatever she writes, it will be a lot bigger seller than some of the shit people pimp out as special times of the year, designed to harm a person or affect their path.

  68. OMG Liz Cheney, she’s a recarn of her old man, even has that same snarly look and twisted mouth when she talks. I don’t see anybody calling her an up and comer. He rotten old man will have to be dead for an entire generation first.

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