Dear Oscar Pistorius: Boo Effing Hoo, You Cockroach!

Pistorius' Model-Girlfriend What's-Her-Name

Pistorius’ Model-Girlfriend What’s-Her-Name

I am soooooooooooo sick and tired of hearing what a wonderful guy Oscar Pistorius is. I am so sick of hearing the rarely named woman he murdered referred to as his “Model Girlfriend”. How much more of ths Oscar Pity Party must we endure?

I am so tired of seeing shots of the pretty dead woman in the bikini who was obviously a tease and was bound to come to no good. Now poor poor Oscar will have to suffer the consequences! He’s such a nice guy except for that little temper problem and that threat to break the guy’s legs.

….. And then there was that silly, inconsequential time in 2009 when charges were filed against him for assaulting a 19 year-old  woman and slamming a door on her leg — but those charges were dismissed for ‘lack of evidence’.But he is such a nice guy! And a great athlete!!! Cut him some slack will ya? Isn’t he cute? And how about those special roller blades! He’s got no legs you know! Poor guy!

I am sick of watching Oscar act like he’s horrified to have found her dead after he killed her. I am sick of hearing how “shocked” and “sickened” he is over the death of a woman he murdered.

Oscar Pistorius is NOT a wonderful guy! He’s that typical secret degenerate creep who puts one face forward and lives the secret life of a  psycho freak. He’s the guy everybody says is The Nice One in the relationship. And then the door closes behind them.  The charming guy who terrorizes and beats the shit out of his wife and kids behind closed doors — and then shows up at church. The world is just too full of slime like Oscar Pistorius. We women have all known an Oscar or two. We learned about them when we went up to the hospital in shock to visit their wives.  Others of us were the wives. To see men like this glorified should induce projectile vomiting, not adoration.

Poor Oscar! He obviously “snapped”. He killed Whats-Her-Name in the bikini! Let’s give him another chance!

Poor Fucking Oscar. His "Model Girlfriend" died!

Poor Fucking Oscar. His “Model Girlfriend” died!

Nothing like putting a bunch of bullets into a woman and then dragging her down the stairs and acting like you are trying to revive her when the medics show up.

I am so sick and tired of watching people excuse the inexcusable in sports ‘heroes’. We let  viciously cruel animal abusers back on the field. We let cockroaches who have beaten the crap out of women back into their sport. We act like serial adultery is really okay, so long as the guy is good at his sport. We adore lying, cheating “winners” on steroids and talk about the “good” their cheating has resulted in. These cockroaches are serving as role models for children, for Chrissakes!  Character DOES matter when we elevate as children’s heroes creatures who deserve to be spit on.

Now we are being treated to bullshit from Oscar’s Daddy on how poor Oscar is not being treated to the adoration he so  richly deserves. After all, he’s a star and she was just his “Model Girlfriend”.  The news outlets have done such a great job of stroking Oscar and pretending Shit is Ice Cream that 9 out of 10 people don’t even know the name of Reeva Steenkamp. You know. The dead “Model Girlfriend” who got a bunch of bullets shot into her?

Pistorius’s father, Henke, said he had “zero doubt” that Steenkamp’s death was a tragic accident. He told the Sunday Telegraph: “When you are a sportsman, you act even more on instinct. It’s instinct – things happen and that’s what you do.”

He added: “When you wake up in the middle of the night – and crime is so endemic in South Africa – what do you do if somebody is in the house? Do you think it’s one of your family? Of course you don’t.”

Yeah Daddy. People always break into homes and go into the bathroom to take a leak and freshen up. I have “zero doubt” that you’re an insensitive self-serving asshole and so is your spawn.  Here’s one for you Daddy. “What do you do if”  you are a woman and a temperamental privileged son of a bitch is terrorizing you?  Maybe even whacked you with a cricket bat? Why, you hide in the bathroom and lock the door,  that’s what you do.

What’s next: “She asked for it“?

Furthermore, I cannot believe sponsors are just getting around to dropping him. Gotta love Nike.

Bring that with you to prison so Bubba can shove it up your ass.

Bring that with you to prison so Bubba can shove it up your ass.

Hey Oscar, you’re gonna miss your next competition. Boo Effing Hoo. Go fuck yourself, you swine.

If you are so overwrought over the death of Reeva Steenkamp,  then remove your defective self from the gene pool. Put a bullet in your head. You put a bunch of them into her.

It’s over, you cockroach piece of shit.

You are the Plague. so you can shove the Boo Hoo Sympathy routine. You can blade your sorry ass around the prison yard during exercise hour. Learn to live with it, although I prefer to see you die with it. I only regret nobody has executed your ass – With that bloodied cricket bat, you degenerate shitball. Forget the OJ idea. No Kardashian chase for you, you junk yard dog. You are toast. I hope they put you in charge of the soap for life and that it’s ALWAYS wet. Even prisoners have standards, and don’t think they won’t take advantage of those portable legs either.

e3rI’m playing the world’s smallest violin for you, sleaze. Too bad she didn’t get to the gun first.

I hope you suffer like a bastard, and if, God forbid, they ever let you out on the streets again, like so many stupid criminal-loving governments are wont to do, may you be treated to more of the same. ……Although I would prefer seeing you shot at dawn and hung at dusk. Publicly.


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  1. You showed great restraint, upps. How easily murdering men are made into heroes when they beat up and kill just another woman.

  2. OT – on the gag me with a spoon front – there was the first baby-momma showing off her new bangs as she again held women up as stupid, vain cows by saying the reason for the change was because she needed to do something because of her age. Well there was more crap spilling out of her mouth but I turned it off – just haven’t got the stomach anymore.

  3. Actually, even if it pains me to say it, I thought Michelle was hilarious discussing that horrid hair style. It was a flop and she is able to laugh about it, unlike her husband who sucks lemons all the time and isn’t even a smidgeon capable of self-deprecation, although there is plenty of opportunity for it.

    She ain’t no Jackie and in her heart she knows it. And she’s what we’ve got. No sense of stroking out about it, it’s not going to chance anything but your own health. Gratefully she has stopped picking on children, although her legacy will be the first lady who gave school kids some of the worst lunches of their lives.

  4. Baaaaaaaaaaad Gun!!! Poor guy!

    Previously, POS Ryan Bergner, had slashed the woman’s tires, kicked at her door, accosted her at work, broken into her house, and stolen from her. Six police complaints filed against Bergner did not stop him. Calling 911 did not stop him. Three bullets did. Listen to her beg. Then listen to her no longer needing to beg.

  5. Baaaaaaaaad Gun! Always use Restraining Orders instead. See how well they work?

  6. Uppity you nailed it. That poor beautiful woman gunned down in the bathroom because she was trying to escape a psycho. I am sorry but anyone who believes his story has to have something wrong with them.
    I noticed something even as a child when out on the playground and that was the seriousness some guys put into winning a game like sockball , baseball etc. I mean even at 10 the temper they showed because they were losing is unreal. They had to win at all costs even if it meant hurting the opposing team. Now put that into losing when it comes to controlling your woman. Imagine this big winning hunk allowing himself to be ” smarted off to ” or told no by a mere female lol. Yea how embarrassing and degrading that he would be so tough as a man to allow a ” bitch” to tell him no.
    Yea nice guy to the world , abuser behind closed doors. He needs to hang but will he ? NO. Even here in the states a woman that kills her man will do life but a man that kills his woman will do 7 years. After all it is just a woman and it is not like women can grow up to become a president or anything like that right ?
    Most likely if this had been Oscars sister that killed her lover Oscars daddy would not be out there defending her to the nines because after all she is a girl and not a SON. Oh yea I know this all too well I grew up knowing I was less because I was not a son. I would not carry on the family name I would be someones wife and provide that family with heirs.
    I’m sorry but I look at pics of that girl he murdered in cold blood and I feel pain and hurt for her family. It matters not what she may have been it matters that she had a life !!!

  7. Baaaaaaaaaaad old bitch with gun. All he was doing was coming for her! What a mean old bitch!

  8. Too bad she didn’t have a gun with her in that bathroom so she could shoot first.

    I tell you, women, you are ON YOUR OWN. Either choose to be a victim or choose to fight back. See videos above.

    I would have preferred nothing more than to wake up and hear that Oscar Pistorius got his balls shot off and bled out and What’s Her Name was released after questioning.

  9. Utah, she was a model. There is nothing wrong with being a model. She was very good looking. When is that a crime? Do you think egomaniacs would date an ordinary girl? They like them their trophies.Then they like destroying them.

  10. I tell you, women, you are ON YOUR OWN. Either choose to be a victim or choose to fight back.


  11. Uppity you know how I feel. Gun control to me is I have one I know fits my hand and I know where to place the red hot lead. I will never support any gun control other then one in my hand. I have been that terrorized woman and now I fear nothing. Anyone that thinks a restraining order is going to help them has obviously never had a stalker or abusive ex.
    Interesting thing is most all cops do not support any gun control either and think the first responder is you yourself. Look at that 911 call. How long was it taking for the 911 operator to get the cops there and what would they have found once they got there if she had not been armed ?
    This is where I see the AR15 as a great piece as I do a shotgun. She knew who it was and when he started turning the doorknob she should have let loose. If she had a 12 GA. or AR she never would have had to scream for her life and he would have been swiss cheese. I can see AR’s for home defense seriously and reason being is that a person in fear does not usually remain clam enough to aim a pea shooter.
    Further I am happy to see weapons manufacturers taking a stand too. Refusing to sell in states that are enacting gun control even to cops and state officials as well as the fed. Bullet manufacturers are doing the same and I am proud of them. It is the people standing up and fighting back. Rugar Arms and Glock are supposedly going to do this too
    Link :
    Large clip manufacturer is moving out of Colorado because of gun control to a more friendly state and I hope it is Utah because an 85 million dollar a year company sure would help ease unemployment.

  12. Gun control is fine with me, Utah, it won’t stop criminals from having them but at least somebody who was released from the crazy farm last week can’t get one. I don’t mind if my clip only holds ten. I can make a rapist go down the stairs backwards with ten just as easily as 15. I don’t plan on barricading myself in my home waiting to fight the government that’s after me and my tin foil. I think we’re making too much of this. let them make their silly law and see how little it achieves. Gun sales to women are up exponentially. I am glad, since the more pieces of shit who are removed from the gene pool, the better.

  13. My cousin took a gun safety course the other day sponsored by the NRA. They couldn’t resist telling the class how the gov’ment wants to take guns away and how they are going to make you buy liability policies in case you shoot some piece of shit who broke into your home. She tuned all that out, learned a bit, shot a 9 mm, hit the target, ripped up the NRA application, took her certificate and has probably already applied for her permit, after which she will go to the range and practice how to make somebody breaking into her back door land at the end of the driveay backwards.

  14. ” how they are going to make you buy liability policies in case you shoot some piece of shit”
    A bill was introduced in the State Assembly by Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn) that would require citizens of New York to acquire liability insurance as a condition to gun ownership.

    Bill S2353 will require all gun owners in NY to obtain and “continuously maintain” insurance coverage of at least $1 million, or they will suffer “immediate revocation of such owner’s registration, license and any other privilege to own” a firearm. ……

  15. Yeah SHV I know about the bill. It will never pass both houses.

  16. A bill was also introduced to the NY senate to force people to have thier bodies harvested by the state for transplants, whether they want to or not.

    Then there was the bill to license bicycles.

    New York is full of crazy ideas. Fortunately there are sitll some sane people left in the senate and assembly.

    And since insurance companies make lots of contributions to campaigns, none of this surprises me. They don’t call the NYS leglisative body the most dysfunctional in the country for nothing.

  17. Uppity I am not for banning as you know and if banning guns goes the way banning smoking has we can see where it will end. I have a video of Diane Finestine somewhere saying that the goal is to disarm America completely and that bastage Ried is right there too. Now doubt Joe Q American will let this one go but I do believe that they will eventually regulate this to death and will leave us only able to have small caliber ineffective guns. I have to believe what I see and what has happened in the past . I did not believe the ” greenies ” could lay ruin to so much land and cost this country what it has. I did not believe global warming nuts could force all the stuff upon us that they have. I did not believe I would be forced to have frankenfood. I did not believe a bunch of things that have come to pass. I no longer trust what my elected official tell me and I believe what I see and hear. When I saw the video of her saying that was the goal I tend to believe it. Sorry but this country is no longer about what is good for all it is about what is good for a group that follows.
    To me the arms manufacturers and states and cops standing up is big and I am glad to see it. It shows the fed we are not sheep and do not want to be led around to get fed to wolves. It is high time folks started to hit back and send a message. I am not for gun control it is a waste of time and tax dollars to try to enforce something that is proven to not work. I have no problem with a background check and that can be done in minutes. You will never stop a killer from killing pure fact and those who think this is going to prevent another Sandyhook are not paying attention. These were in areas with gun control. It still happened and will continue to happen. Think of the poor folks in that school on that island in Norway. Norway has major gun control and yet a killer got so many and why ? Because he got the gun or because they had no means of defense. I do not live in a utopia where all folks get along it is not real and killers are there. They kill and it matters not what they kill with. Who expected fertilizer and a Ryder truck to take out so many ? People like to kill and other people like to see the carnage and talk about it and as you pointed out how many talk about say that model that killer killed. No they talk about the killer.
    Who is Emily Parker ? I bet we all know who Adam Lanza is.
    Eh we will get again our gun control and scream bloody murder when there is yet another mass shooting with a banned weapon and scream for more yet we will not stop the flow coming across the border nor will we ever take guns from those who like to kill anymore then we will stop rapists and the like. It is a pipe dream.

  18. Got to go to work. Love ya and hope again your tests show you will be here to give heart attacks not have one. Hang in there dear friend.

  19. I’ll do muh best, Utah. Prefer being a carrier. lol.

    But my father’s history does have me worried. We shall see.

  20. On a lighter note, this

    They don’t call the NYS leglisative body the most dysfunctional in the country for nothing.


    made me think of this exchange in 1776 after New York abstains (courteously) for the umpteenth time:

    Lewis Morris: Mr. Secretary, New York abstains, courteously.
    John Hancock: Mr. Morris,
    [pause, then shouts]
    Lewis Morris: I’m sorry Mr. President, but the simple fact is that our legislature has never sent us explicit instructions on anything!
    John Hancock: NEVER?
    John Hancock: That’s impossible!
    Lewis Morris: Mr. President, have you ever been present at a meeting of the New York legislature?
    Hancock shakes his head “No”
    Lewis Morris: They speak very fast and very loud, and nobody listens to anybody else, with the result that nothing ever gets done.
    Lewis Morris: I beg the Congress’s pardon.
    John Hancock: [grimly] My sympathies, Mr. Morris.

  21. I have seen quite a few nasty comments about the young woman who was murdered. Yes, there seems to be the usual fixation on clothing pictures because it is sooooooooo relevant (she said sarcastically). However, in this case it seems (to me) to be even more bizarre. My understanding is that Reeva had worked as a model. A rather successful model. Therefore, pictures in swimsuits/lingerie, would be the norm.

  22. Steenkamp was a law school grad who publically denounced violence against women. No doubt, she was brighter than Oscar

    I’m reserving judgment on his guilt. but I didn’t like him anyway. I think it was unfair for him to compete against Olympians with whole bodies. But, I hope he gets a fair trial, as opposed to the usual trial by the press that we keep seeing in these high profile cases.

  23. If anything, he’s getting an aquittal by the press, not a trial. If they give him anymore benefit of the doubt and were the deciding factor, he would have been freed by now and signing autgraphs.

    Agree that his metalurgical system is an unfair advantage in racing and it’s just plain wrong. Only time he’s a loser is when it rains a lot. He doesn’t belong on that track with people whose legs take the impact.

    And finally, Mt. Laurel, looks like at least NY is consistent since Day One.

  24. I’m not going to cut this guy an inch of slack. Since the night he killed her, he has successfully made it allllllllllll about him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s consulting with a PR firm either.

  25. You see what I mean?
    “She died in my arms”.
    Yeah, after you filled her with lead you POS

  26. UW, please leave this to me; ” I don’t plan on barricading myself in my home waiting to fight the government that’s after me and my tin foil. ” Though I don’t do tin foil:)
    I hope RSA has the death penalty. because Oscar is a murdering p.o.s. If they don’t,his prison name will be Bob!

  27. Votermom, please do me a favor and don’t credit me with anything. You tweeted that video of the woman killing the dirt bag and automatically, crazy bastards were upon me assuming i am a right wing nubag who hates “libs”. That’s what you call all us democrats now, right?

    I do not appreciate the harassment I am incurring on twitter by that zoo animal who follows you. I do not appreciate being called delusional and I do not appreciate being placed on crazy people’s “lists”:

    (Al Gorelioni added you to list Al_Gorelioni/hysterical-lunatics).

    All that beceuase i am a democrat? Then who is the lunatic again? I do not appreciate being sent pics of zoo animals and being told they are democrats, no wait……’libs’… and i do not appreciate being harassed and bullied aby an ignnorant asshole. And THIS is the reason this country is so fucked up because of all this extremism. Just because I own a gun to protect myself does not mean I want to be followed by crazy people who really should be the first to be background checked retroactively. I wish you to bear in mind that I am a democrat who hates extremists and I do not like being insulted just because I am not a far right crazy. I have a gun to protect me from the same kind of guy who is harassing me now. I have yet to be bothered by a far left”lib” like that. Fuck that shit. If your friends have the respect of a bunch of yaks and can’t respect me like you do, then do me a favor and don’t share my stuff with them.

  28. I’m very sorry Uppity! Twitter is full of crazies on all sides. It’s like a person can’t have an independent thought there.

    I will yell at them, don’t know if it will help.

  29. No it won’t help, votermom. What will help is a giant flushing sound on your followers list. Now that you have seen the tweets, i can clean the sewage up and block him. I don’t deserve that and I know you know it, I just want to make you aware of what is really following you. I clean that kind of sewage off my list, on EITHER side.

  30. Hillbilly, nothing would give me more pleasure than to give Oscar to you.

  31. Okay brace yourself Hillbilly. They don’t have the death penalty and he is facing…….are you ready?

    25 years.

  32. Go ahead and block them – I am constantly blocking people who annoy me on twitter myself. Life’s too short – I get enough aggravation in real life.
    Again I am really sorry for getting you dragged into that – I was not thinking. Too pissed at that idiot Joe Salazar.

  33. WTF is up with gas? $3.97 here. No freaking explanation for this whatsoever. Big Oil must need some party money.

  34. Are you all ready for this? You sure?
    Pistorius’ family is disappointed in media coverage

  35. Big Oil is not even offering an explanation from what I heard today on the radio. Guess they know we’ll buy it at any price. $4.15 for me.

  36. Yeah I heard some bullshit today about the price going up because they are switching from winter viscosity. What a crock.

  37. Joe biden is out of his gourd. Did you hear his remarks about how everybody should buy a shotgun and how he told Jill if she suspects something to go out back and fire two shotgun blasts. Jesus. What a moron.

  38. This guy is a flying asshole

  39. Yup, just saw him on the tv saying it. Go out back? You know he didn’t tell Dr. Jill Biden to go out back. Joe is BSing.

  40. Yay Uppity!!! Your post says it all!!! I thought the same thing when I saw all the headlines about “Pistoris’s Girlfriend”. Girl “friend”?? I’d say he wasn’t much of a “friend” when he shot her up! I had to look deep into the articles to even find her name!!!

  41. “Joe biden is out of his gourd. Did you hear his remarks about how everybody should buy a shotgun..”
    Screw Biden; back in the day, this was my home “protection”, very politically incorrect. :>)

  42. Yeah WTF could you possibly hit that was once alive or not broken with two shotgun blasts.

  43. Haha! Good one Uppity. Yeah Joe Salazar thinks those call boxes will save us. Sure Joe, no doubt the rapist will wait while we find one of those boxes, make the call, and wait for someone to arrive to help.

  44. Thank You Uppity for saying it all so I don’t have to.
    You hit every nail.


  45. Welcome insanely. And imust. I felt like a million bucks after i finally wrote it down. Been festering over it since the night he killed her.

  46. tmz is a douchey site, but they have a diagram of Pistorius’ bathroom. His story is so full of shit. They say he’s under suicide watch. Pity. I’d make sure he had a sheet and a chair, if I was his jailer.

  47. Ripley’s kittens got “fixed” today and are stoned out of their little minds. Saturday hopefully all get placed in forever homes.

    This guy has 27 bear cubs to watch over. They wouldn’t hibernate so he feeds them – many, many bushels of apples:

  48. Aw poor little Ripley goofballs, they’re all zonked out right now. Ash is looking quite handsome.

  49. Every piece I see / read about focuses on her physical appearance and that she was a model. Only one mention that she was also a lawyer. Guess that wouldn’t figure into the bimbo / tease / probable bitch angle of pissedoffius’s potential play for sympathy.

    Who the fuck locks the door when using an en suite bathroom? NO ONE.

  50. Damn right dwp, and who the hell leaves the sliding door open while sleeping, when you claim you are afraid of breakins. this guy’s stench is disgusting.

  51. I tweeted the lawyer thang dwp. Hope you don’t mind.

  52. The latest boo-fucking hoo:

    “A South African judge will hear more arguments Wednesday before deciding whether Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius should be denied bail and sent to a prison where other inmates have complained about ghastly conditions.”…..

  53. Poor Oscar!!! Look what she did!

  54. Hey Upps you know the drill. She was pretty and female, forget she had brains no one wants to know that or cares just that she was pretty and female and not worth much else. I bet he either walks or serves 5 years max and all will hail him a hero like they do vick and a bunch of those other bastards that beat and kill women. Break in my ass. I guarantee they were fighting and she fled for her life. I have it in my mind she was telling him she was through with his worthless ass as is the case with most women murdered by boyfriend/husbands. Her folks ought to be outside the courtroom and blow him away when he walks out other then the fact they would get life sentences. As you clearly say the only defense for us is ourselves.

  55. She shoulda took the gun with her in the bathroom and shot HIM through the door. Never would have seen a day in jail.

  56. Uppity, I don’t at all mind the Twitter thing.

    If she want terrified of pisspoisonous, wouldn’t she have responded when he “screamed” at the ‘intruder’ in the bathroom, before he started shooting? Wouldn’t she have made some recognizable ( to him) verbal sound after just the first shot?

    Pissocrap should rot in prison. Period. The end.

  57. You see the huge holes in his statement?

  58. dwp, I think he screamed for her to come out, that’s what I think. I think he closed the sliding door so nobody would hear the ruckus. I think he’s a shitbag.

    You crawl on your stumps to meet an intruder? Then you drag her ass down the stairs before you try to revive her, just as the medics arrive? How did you get down the stairs with her to ‘revive’ her? On your stumps. Oh wait, you stopped to put your legs on before you tried to revive her, because time is not of the essence or anything is it? He had his legs on downstairs. He’s full of bullshit. he’s ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag. I hope the prisoners shove one of his legs up his ass.

  59. By the by, he’s looking at only 25 years. Enough time to get out and find another girlfriend. I personally wish they did executions. He’s on suicide watch. I wouldn’t “watch’ if I were in charge. Give him a belt.

  60. Oh yeah! The holes in his statement are big enough to drive a tank through.

  61. I know I always lock the bathroom door when I get up in the middle of the night to pee, don’t you?

  62. They ought to throw him in a cell with Bubba and remove his prosthetics.

  63. Right! Putting on his legs is more critical than reviving / saving his girlfriend’s life!

  64. Wouldn’t he and Jodi Arias make a cute couple? Self-defense my big fat white butt.

    I am sorry that Travis Alexander was a cad, but if every woman that had been used by a man for sex, thought like Ms. Arias, half of the male population would have been stabbed, shot, and sliced. Move on.

    And as for Oscar, yeah, I am sure he was a nice guy until Reeva was on the wrong side of his fists. I noticed that the mother of one of his former girlfriends said how happy she was that her daughter was away from “that monster” and safe. Tells you something, hmm…?

  65. It’d be unusual for me to even close the bathroom door if I got up on the middle of the night to pee!

  66. “I am sorry that Travis Alexander was a cad, but if every woman that had been used by a man for sex, thought like Ms. Arias, half of the male population would have been stabbed, shot, and sliced….”

    Your point? 😉

  67. UW, think of these fine tiny felines as your tests are in progress.

  68. As the prosecution began setting out its case on Wednesday, it said a witness had testified to hearing “non-stop talking like fighting” between the hours of 02:00 and 03:00 on 14 February.


    “We have statement of a person who said after he heard gunshots, he went to his balcony and saw the light was on. Then he heard a female screaming two-three times, then more gunshots,” Mr Botha told the court, according to AFP news agency.

  69. He’s on suicide watch. I wouldn’t “watch’ if I were in charge. Give him a belt.

    Problem solved.

  70. So many cockroaches, so little time.
    Cardinal Roger Mahony: I Forgive Those Who Are Angry at Me for Covering Up Child Rape
    Can you Effin’ believe it?!

  71. Here’s another cockroach. TV news reporter who choked his wife and then threatened her after being arrested was let go on bail.

  72. Sophie I just stole that and tweeted it.I forgive you if you are angry about that.

    Yeah I saw that reporter strangling his wife thing. Trying to figure out which network twitter account to harass about it.

  73. Here they go pimping HRT again. This time to reduce risk of alzheimers. That is if you don’t die from breast cancer first.

  74. Drink coffee to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and stay away from HRT!

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