Some 15 year-olds are not busy playing games on their parents’ computer while wolfing cheetos.

…..Instead, some 15-year olds are busy doing other silly things. Like finding a method to detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer at the earliest stages, at a cost of about 3 cents. This is the kind of young person I don’t mind paying taxes to help educate, all the way to the top. Other countries that are ahead of us in education, and there are many, would know where this young fellow is and do all they can to help him grow and develop into a successful scientist. In the USA, well he’s just another kid who can’t fit in with the ipod crowd. Besides, his pants aren’t hanging down below his ass crack. Bummer.

……..and to think we have to listen to bullshitters like Bill Gates and Congressional blowasses tell us we need to import scientists because we can’t find anybody with potential in America.

Obviously, we must keep this kid in a dumbed-down classroom with a bunch of yahoos so we can stifle him as much as humanly possible and not make the others feel badly.


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  1. A feel good story thanks Upps. 🙂

  2. We have thousands of highly skilled, highly educated scientists out of work right now. Corps are sitting on mountains of cash. Can anyone connect a couple of dots?

  3. “Obviously, we must keep this kid in a dumbed-down classroom with a bunch of yahoos so we can stifle him as much as humanly possible and not make the others feel badly.”
    My MIL taught fourth grade at an “urban” school for >15 years. She decided to hang it up at age 72. The last few years, the whole culturally relevant, school must be fun, “main streaming” all children, etc. has gotten to the point of absurdity. At her school the two special ed teachers had no students while 1/2 her class was functioning at a “pre-reading” level. Two students were so impaired that they couldn’t button their clothes, ties shoes or count to ten. Year after year she managed to get her class to be #1 on the fourth grade achievement tests but by the fourth grade, it was ball game over for 90% of her students.

  4. Kudos to the 15-year old who is well on his way to finding cures for things that, or can, ail us!

    Cultivating sharp kids begts benefits to society. Hopefully, others are not holding him back with politically correct education.

  5. This just made my day brighter. 🙂

  6. Love this story because the kid lives and has been educated in my county schools. He is in a STEM program–science, technology, engineering, and math. Glad to see my tax dollars are producing some good results. I’m also happy to see this kid getting lots of recognition, including mention in the Smithsonian Magazine, mention in the Gov. O’Malley’s State of the State speech, a seat in Moochelle’s SOTU box, and most notably, a post on Uppity Woman’s blog. Meanwhile, our educators have to fight tooth and nail for money. to support these programs.

  7. Love it. Got to say my 15 year old grand daughter is in all honors classes and hates having to spend time in a regular class with goof offs. She is a science nut and plans on going into that field. There are some kids out there who plan to excel and get it done. My grand daughter hangs out with ” NERDS” because they are headed somewhere in life. Honestly she shocked the hell out of me because I never saw it in her. She is pretty and not just because she is related to me she just is one of those girls that have it all. She is very conscience of how she looks and you would stereo type her as a dumb blond type really. She is anything but that. She is not into video games at all she is in her room studying and is addicted to the sciences. Yes folks these kids are out there and will make good.
    Uppity how are you doing ? Testing done ?

  8. And going back to this woman abuser Oscar I want to point out about our beloved woman loving fairness to women president who can’t wait to spend boatloads of your tax dollars going to Florida to play golf with one of the most notorious womanizers and users ever Tiger Woods. Yea Obummer has your back ladies. LMAO

  9. Hi everybody, I just got back from the carotid duplex test and everything is fine. BP is fine. Results of all the blood work, CBC, choles, hdl/ldl. Thyroid, liver panel, partridge in a pear tree. also turned out well. Except Vitamin D. It’s the bane of this area. So I will take some vitamin D. So looks like I’m good for another 100,000 miles. MRA hasn’t been scheduled yet, a precaution due to family history.

    Thank you for all your loving good wishes and for lurkers who were hoping for less, boo hoo.

  10. Maryland has quite a few excellent magnet schools. Northern VA does as well. It gives those who are gifted a place to be passionate about learning. There are kids out there like Jack and we are lucky his family was able to get him into a school that fit his talents and needs.

    As to mainstreaming, we also have several very good specialty schools for special needs children in this area. In working with our rescue groups, most families looking to adopt talk about where their children attend school. A lot of people chose to live here because although it is expensive but there are more options. When they find no one in our group gives them the “what do you send him/her to such a school for speech”, they talk about how they are made to feel they are horrid for not sending a special needs child through the regular school system. Instead they opt for an environment where that child can shine. They add that it gives the siblings a break because mainstreaming often means that the special needs child is thrown into the same activities and they of course gravitate to their brothers and sisters for support rather than establishing their own circle of friends and exploring their own interests.

    On the other hand, I do feel for students who are bright and curious but not ranked high enough for the accelerated schools. They seem to get the short shift and have to slug through with far more annoying and constant background noise of the unruly and disinterested.

  11. Crier I will send you a report on my numbers and scan.

  12. Yup Utah, I was freaking out for nothing. The results were fine.

  13. Ah I knew you were slated to pass out more heart attacks, migraines , and Ulcers lmao. Folks like you and I are givers lmao.
    Listen Upps I just listened to a radio talk show from a doc that was talking about the vitiman D thing. His take is since sun is being avoided we all are suffering from a vitiman D lack and we need something to the tune of 5000 whatevers a day and we do not get it via foods. It does make sense since we all tend to avoid sun now. He said our systems are designed to absorb it through skin via sun and it is vitally important yet many do not know they have a deficiency due to blood tests not looking for it unless you ask.
    Symptoms of vit D deficiency are many but most resemble chronic fatigue syndrome. I started taking it last week. Also it increases in Winter time since it is usually cloudy. I found it quite interesting and one I really believed because any dummy knows we get it from sun and we all tend to stay out of it now. Summer time I will get my vitiman D naturally at 10 minutes or so a day as he said is plenty.

  14. Utah my vit d is so low I have a script for 50000 units twice a week. She said it’s the lowest she’s seen in a long time. I just worry about kidney stones as i have had those buggers. I’m gonna take it though because we have so little sun right now, I probably really need it and i am not a calcium taker. milk, etc. Fear of stones. Anyways, you fix one thing, you break another. lol. It’s only for 12 weeks, then retest. It’s a horrible problem around here, lack of Vit D. The sun goes south for half the year. lol.

    I’m so happy my carotid arteries are okay I don’t give a crap how much vit d I have to take. And you’re right. I’m a carrier. lol.

  15. Well Utah as you know, even if the sun does appear for a few hours in winter, it’s too freaking cold to stand out there. I was reading the side effect of deficiency and I really don’t seem to have any. But it’s not a good idea to go without it, I guess.

  16. Maybe that was it 50,000 sounds more like what this doc was saying. I found it quite interesting. No sun here in snowville either. It does make sense doesn’t it ? Yea I do not do calcium either. Hate milk and eggs as you must know by now and hence the reason I detest ice cream. Actually I am glad I hate eggs because I am allergic to them. Hate to love something I could not eat anyway lol.
    Hey kiddo I am just grateful that you are going to be ok and hang around . Good friends are so darn hard to find I would hate to have to go through all that shit I did just to find another you and I highly doubt there is another you. Once they made awesome they broke the mold ! Yea and for all the lurkers that were hoping otherwise I am glad once again you are sorely disappointed.

  17. Awwwwwww Utah, youse lovez me still! Tis true we have weathered some interesting shit together and come out on top. No reason why that should end!

  18. I tell you though, that Carotid Duplex test is MUCHO interesting. I was able to watch the screen when they did my left side (head turned toward it) and oh man! You can SEE that red stuff surging and HEAR it rushing like a river amplified. Just amazing software, which as you know, always piques my interest. I was just gobsmacked watching it and realizing that was my blood, those were my carotid arteries and that sound was the River Of Life. I’m telling you, it was almost religious from a software standpoint.

  19. So my doctor who is the coolest woman on earth says before she sets up the MRI/MRA, do you have a problem being closed in and I’m like, seriously, I’ve been crapping my pants since last friday over this carotid test and at this point, I have a problem with nothing because I am good for another 100000 miles!

  20. I am so glad everything worked out at the doctor’s Uppity.

    I wonder though, why does everyone suddenly have a vitamin D deficiency. Is it because they just got better at measuring it? Because we use too much sunblock. Or is it just the latest fad?

  21. ” do you have a problem being closed in and I’m like, seriously, I’ve been crapping my pants since last friday over this carotid test and at this point, I have a problem with nothing because I am good for another 100000 miles!”
    If you are worried about being inside a tight tube, the best thing is to keep your eyes closed. I have had several MRIs over the years and was never bothered until the last one when, half-way through, I started getting a weird panic feeling while staring at the inside of the machine. Closed my eyes and it resolved. Never have had an issue with claustrophobia but now I can sympathize with people who do, that was a very bad feeling for a few minutes.

  22. “I wonder though, why does everyone suddenly have a vitamin D deficiency. Is it because they just got better at measuring it? Because we use too much sunblock. Or is it just the latest fad?”
    Possibly all of the above. African Americans, for obvious reasons, have the biggest “problem” if it is a problem.

  23. I had a CT scan once. I was okay with it except for all the loud noises.

  24. Soph, i was reading that vegans often have a D deficiency, and people with darker skin, and people in the north east. But yeah. Who even thought about it 20 years ago. Don’t know if it’s hype though since you can’t be ripped off, considering the vitamin is fairly cheap.

  25. Upps, happy that your tests came out fine. Vit D deficiency can be serious if it goes on too long, so glad you are supplementing it. I would keep on with lower doses after you get your levels back up from the Rx. We all take Vit D here. Laker & I were low a couple of years ago. We take a lot of supplements actually. The nurses and phys therapists that have been coming here for the past week can’t believe how fast hubbie is coming around after his surgery. Because of his muscular dystrophy (like laker) they thought he’d have a hard time, but he making record breaking progress they say. He is a strong man.

  26. ” Police: Pistorius’s Story Adds Up

    In what may prove to be a major setback for the prosecution, the defense presented police testimony in court Wednesday confirming that there were “no inconsistencies” in Pistorius’s story detailing the events that led to his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp’s death. ”
    This POS is gonna walk!!! gag me

  27. Very nice story. I agree that these gifted kids should not be held back in classrooms with slackers. In fact, I think they should make special schools for the sciences and math. They do for the Arts, why not science? LAUSD built a spectacular High School for the Arts (covers everything, theater, movies, tv, every type of art, and every type of music) in downtown L.A., across from the Raj Mahal (will they still call it that now that Cardinal Roger Mahoney is removed?).

  28. Glad that you have good news, Uppity. I had the vitamin D dificiency this year but my doc suspected it for a couple of years due to chronic fatigue and pain. Once it showed up in my bloodwork and he told me to take a supplement, I felt better within days. I get some sun and don’t really use sunblock a lot, so I can’t explain the deficiency.

    Here’s an ongoing news story in Maryland involving the high school that this 15 year old attends. Just a coincidence. About 3 weeks ago, a 25 year old man entered that shcool from a loading dock and was spotted by staff and questioned. He asked about their security system and said he was a former student and had been bullied there. He was taken into custody and charged with tresspassing. Police obtained a warrant to search his home and found a bunch of weapons that he possessed legally. He is prior military with no history of mental illness. However, he was carted off to a very nice psych facility and they still have not released him Reports from today are that he returned to the schoolthrough the back door to work out some old issues.

    Luckily, this guy did not bring weapons and the police reacted thoroughly, found his guns and he’s not getting out any time soon.

  29. Upps, laker & I took that same strength Vit D Rx. It didn’t make us feel sick, or any different, in fact, it gave us more energy over the long haul.

    SHV, yes, I read that. That cop really made an ass of himself. How could anyone swallow his BS story. He shoots her and calls his lawyer and brother, no cops or ambulance. Also, do people really get to walk when they murder someone “accidentally” like that? Aren’t you held responsible for taking a life even if you were really dumb enough to not know who you were shooting? Do they have manslaughter there? Not that I think he should get that, I think he should get the death penalty.

  30. If this Crocodile Tear POS walks, I hope somebody shoots him in the head on the way out of the courtroom.

  31. socal, the interesting thing is I have practically no Vitamin D according to the test results. Seriously. And I looked up all the symptoms and I have nary a one of them. So who knows? I was a little skittish because that’s supposed to be a toxic level, but my doc said it’s no toxic level for me, I’m that bad off. lol.

  32. Hey SHV, how long do I get to stay in the MRI casket?

  33. Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the older woman, that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren’t good for the environment. The woman apologized and explained, “We didn’t have this green thing back in my earlier days.”

    The young clerk responded, “That’s our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment f or future generations.” She was right — our generation didn’t have the green thing in its day. Back then, we returned milk bottles, soda bottles and beer bottles to the store. The store sent them back to the plant to be washed and sterilized and refilled, so it could use the same bottles over and over. So they really were truely recycled.

    But we didn’t have the green thing back in our day.

    Grocery stores bagged our groceries in brown paper bags, that we reused for numerous things, most memorable besides household garbage bags, was the use of brown paper bags as book covers for our schoolbooks. This was to ensure that public property, (the books provided for our use by the school) was not defaced by our scribblings. Then we were able to personalize our books on the brown paper bags.

    But too bad we didn’t do the green thing back then.

    We walked up stairs, because we didn’t have an escalator in every store and office building. We walked to the grocery store and didn’t climb into a 300-horsepower machine every time we had to go two blocks.

    But she was right. We didn’t have the green thing in our day.

    Back then, we washed the baby’s diapers because we didn’t have the throwaway kind. We dried clothes on a line, not in an energy-gobbling machine burning up 220 volts — wind and solar power really did dry our clothes back in our early days. Kids got hand-me-down clothes from their brothers or sisters, not always brand-new clothing.

    But that young lady is right; we didn’t have the green thing back in our day.

    Back then, we had one TV, or radio, in the house — not a TV in every room. And the TV had a small screen the size of a handkerchief (remember them?), not a screen the size of the state of Montana. In the kitchen, we blended and stirred by hand because we didn’t have electric machines to do everything for us. When we packaged a fragile item to send in the mail, we used wadded up old newspapers to cushion it, not Styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap. Back then, we didn’t fire up an engine and burn gasoline just to cut the lawn. We used a push mower that ran on human power. We exercised by working so we didn’t need to go to a health club to run on treadmills that operate on electricity.

    But she’s right; we didn’t have the green thing back then.

    We drank from a fountain when we were thirsty instead of using a cup or a plastic bottle every time we had a drink of water. We refilled writing pens with ink instead of buying a new pen, and we replaced the razor blades in a razor instead of throwing away the whole razor just because the blade got dull.

    But we didn’t have the green thing back then.

    Back then, people took the streetcar or a bus and kids rode their bikes to school or walked instead of turning their moms into a 24-hour taxi service. We had one electrical outlet in a room, not an entire bank of sockets to power a dozen appliances. And we didn’t need a computerized gadget to receive a signal beamed from satellites 23,000 miles out in space in order to find the nearest burger joint.

    But isn’t it sad the current generation laments how wasteful we old folks were just because we didn’t have the green thing back then?

    Please forward this on to another selfish old person who needs a lesson in conservation from a smartass young person.

  34. Uppity, African Grey parrots, like mine, have an issue with storing calcium and when deficient they draw it right out of their bones, which are very thin to begin with in birds.

    There is a three fold combo that needs to be in place for calcium – D and Phosphorous. They call one supplement D-Ca-phos (pronounced as one word: deckafos) and it has a lot to do with healthy teeth and bones mostly but also so much more. The D vitamin regulates the other two.

    African Greys need sunshine and I always gave him dark green leafy veggies and oranges. Other parrots store calcium so are low risk.

    Good luck with it. I hope those numbers rise and you are well.

  35. Ah, that was great, Upps. I’m old enough to remember all that, the milk bottles and making book covers out of paper bags, and hand me downs and washing diapers and folding them. When I had laker, I had a diaper service deliver them & only used the paper kind if we were going somewhere.

  36. how long do I get to stay in the MRI casket?


    Just be sure to leave all of your credit cards and anything else magnetic OUTSIDE. Amazing what a giant magnet can do. Yet nothing more on a human than images produced from th innards.

  37. Who said he was kept in “a dumbed-down classroom with a bunch of yahoos?” He made one complaint about HS Biology, as if none of us did. He’s bright and exceptional. That doesn’t make everyone else a moron.

    Maybe I’m being too sensitive here. Or maybe I was lucky to go to public school in NY State, where we had Honors, Regents, Non-Regents, and General classes. (Regents are, roughly, a statewide test, generally taken by those who are college bound.) So if you weren’t brilliant enough to get in an honors class, you could still be in an academic level class.

    I’d be more inclined to diss the scientists who’ve been doing cancer research for 50 years, who already have nice big labs, yet couldn’t figure this out. And even more inclined to diss the companies they work for, who want status reports six times a week from obedient employees who can speak in measured tones. Companies who won’t research anything unless there’s a business case and high margins.

    I found it amusing that he did all of his research using Google and Wikipedia, two of the most highly respected resources the Web has to offer. 😉

  38. Yes, its bizarre these big labs haven’t solved cancer yet, when there are so many people who manage their own cures through non traditional therapies. I know a lot of cancer patients who did cures in Mexico or Europe years ago and are still cancer free.

  39. Sophie, tracking student levels makes all the other boys and girls feeeeeeeeelllllll bad! I also went to NY schools like yours. It’s NOT that way any longer. Standards for graduating have been significantly lower and even then, graduation numbers grow more dismal every year. And we let them all in college too. Give them ‘remedial’ courses in institutuons that used to be of higher learning. The “curve” got introduced in public schools, and the system can suck the life out of an exceptional child, which is why so many parents strive or struggle to send their kids to private schools. It ain’t just for the rich any longer. Just navigating public schools has become stressful for the academically exceptional in some urban environments. So yes, this boy could be in a class with a bunch of yahoos. At least in NY. We spend more time trying to turn sows’ ears into silk purses than we spend on students like this young man, Google or not. Personally, this boy should know other ways to do research than Wiki, but as you can see, even the bright ones are getting stifled and kind of dumbed down to ‘fit in”. That is the fault of education, not his fault. It’s all he has because it’s all he has been shown! We are too busy giving bread to those who have no teeth and expecting good results, when we should be ‘magnetizing’ the students with the most potential. We will spend 100 to 1 on students who don’t have his grey matter instead.

    Maybe I AM the one who is too sensitive, having taught this young man’s level, because I think scholarships shouldn’t go to a soul unless it’s an academic scholarship. That’s why they are called “Scholar”ships. College is for those who excel academically, not for everybody who ‘decides’ to go, and I think we have lost that formula. Big time. We have a country full of mediocre people in fields that were once reserved for the brightest. Seedy lawyers on every corner. Ironically, the worse part is, you can hardly find a plumber or electrician or stone mason, professions that require skill before parents thought their kids were all brain surgeon material. Let me tell you, I am a decently ‘bright’ person, but don’t hold your breath waiting for me to wire your house.I admire all these skills and, frankly, I think they have been stepped over because everybody wants to pretend they are Einstein. Thus we have a country full of mediocre ‘college graduates’ with degrees that are worthless, scoring high on the narcissist scale, accustomed to getting an award just for showing up, sitting around waiting for some CEO to tap them to be lord of the company. And I maintain that plenty of students like this boy were beaten down long ago. You walk with ducks, you start to walk like a duck.

    We have some other problems in this country too. We think it’s fine for a poor kid to live in a cold water flat and eat lead off the windowsills, for starters. Then we get pissed off when they turn out dumb and we have to support them. Funny though, all that lead was there when I was a kid too and there were still the bright kids who emerged from those windowsills. Probably because our parents didn’t let us eat paint off a windowsills to begin with. We have people spawning who shouldn’t even own a goldfish, much less have children. We have encouraged poverty as a way of life from generation to generation. Who can deny there there are families who regard working the social services system as a family business, when there are bright children whose parents make ten dollars too much a month to get their kids a fair shake, maybe some student aid, a chance to excel. We have rich families who push their kids through the system on sheer Rank, when some of them are not what they think they are either. We no longer look at real potential when making decisions as to who gets the shot at higher education. It’s all a shell game geared toward social status with the richest and the poorest getting all the attention, while many of the brightest often fall through the cracks.

    I think America should pay for the higher education of the brightest, regardless of who spawned them, and I think we should stop holding up the Incapable — and adjusting the system to them at the expense of everybody else while pretending that so-so is really more than it is.

    Ah, all of this is just too lengthy to even deal with it on a blog comment, it’s true.

    That’s the best I can do at 5 AM.

  40. Sophie, none of this happened when you went to NY public school We were once the country with the highest standards, now we are behind just about every country anyone would want to visit,and some nobody would even consider visiting. American schools have been destroyed, a laughing stock in many quarters, and I’ll leave it to the rest of you to figure out who to blame. IMO it’s a little bit of everybody, unrealistic parents, public disdain for teachers such that the best and the brightest don’t want to enter the profession any longer, Good Teacher Burnout, snotty kids with an exaggerated sense of how important they are, Feel Good curricula, Nanny State Schools, lack of Real World programs, grant money chasing for the sake of the money, Politically tied school boards with students as their last thought, too many administrators, not enough teachers, no way to ditch really bad teachers, no incentive for really good teachers, dumb kids being coddled so they feel smarter than they are, kids with real skill sets looked down upon, sense of entitlement, bad manners, and on and on and on. I like to call it the Ted Kennedy Effect, myself.

    The “Effort” Honor Roll and Partial Credit for Wrong Answers:

    Start The School Day Later So Kids Are In A Better Mood

    Substandard American Students Just Go Ahead and Cheat Their Way Through College

    Red Pen Marks Hurt The students’ Feelings.

  41. Let the Privilege Begin. They got the lead investigator out of the way in Pistorius’ case.

  42. Socal, cancer is Big Money. Why would they want to cure that which sells so many overpriced meds, keeps so many people working. Jonas Salk would be assassinated if he lived today. Cures lose money. And they are soooooooo final.

  43. Ok I took my vitamin D, and immedately an aura of sunshine appeared over my head and fresh oranges dropped from the sky. This is what’s supposed to happen, right?

    Forgot to add that the vertigo thang appears to be an ENT issue since blockage is completely ruled out. But family history dictated it had to be checked as first possibiity. My father had an aneurysm around my age. That’s why I am going to have an MRA/MRI, just to check to make sure I didn’t inherit this along with his migraines. So, I have antibiotic drops for the ear that looks like the offender. If it doesn’t clear it up, I will go see an ENT, most of whom I learned long ago aren’t worth spit. I still think I have that positional vertigo thing, because of the way I use this computer. We’ll see. also, it may have been that spike in BP I didn’t know I had. It’s all a fun game now. Interestingly enough, my dog seems to know I’m about to spin. How do they do that?

  44. the system can suck the life out of an exceptional child, which is why so many parents strive or struggle to send their kids to private schools.

    The system wasn’t good for exceptional kids back in the day either. It came down to money. I think people want to send their kids to private school so they don’t learn about birth control, teh gays being ok, and evolution. I don’t know anyone with a brilliant kid in private school but I do know two “shrink government” types who home school. Admittedly, my sample is small.

    I do agree there has been a watering down of the requirements and that giving everyone a trophy for showing up has hurt more than helped, particularly in the area of coping skills and stress management (which leads into another conversation I don’t have time to get into).

    I do know that in our day, Jack Andraka’s (the kid in the video) speech impediment could have held him back. Being smart but inarticulate might have gotten him relegated to some special needs classes (Ironically,many stupid but highly articulate students end up in the Senate.)

  45. The system wasn’t good for exceptional kids back in the day either. It came down to money. I think people want to send their kids to private school so they don’t learn about birth control, teh gays being ok, and evolution. I don’t know anyone with a brilliant kid in private school but I do know two “shrink government” types who home school. Admittedly, my sample is small.

    Yes it is small. So is mine. Of course, right wing nutbags want their kids isolated from the real world so that later they are mental cases because they can’t cope unless they get a job in some church, but my sample is of people who have no problems with these social issues, they just want their kids out of the jungle and they want to give them a shot at an environment that fosters learning. Some of them are bright, some not, but all of them feel safer and have an environment that focuses on silly things like reading and writing and teh math. I know some people who have their children in a private Catholic high school and they aren’t even Catholic, but the school consistently performs in academics. Fortunately, it’s a business and they don’t spend a lot of time on God. But most of the people I know who have their kids out of public system are not rich, and they do make sacrifices to pay that tuition. My own niece and nephew went to private high schools as well and, while not poverty-riddled, their parents weren’t exactly burning twenty dollar bills. Admittedly, my parents helped out. My nephew was especially bright and ASKED to go there, graduated valedictorian and got the education he wanted. He was always thinking ahead, it’s just the kind of kid he was. But nobody I hang out with put their kids in these schools beccause of gays or birth control, and certainly not evolution, in fact, several of them, including my own family, have gays and lesbians in the mix. Doesn’t everyone? (Admit it or not, Religious Right!). And every one of the parental units used birth control I am sure.

    Plenty of people home school for the wrong reasons, see Religious Nutbags again. But others are in some really good home school situations, with certified teachers handling small groups, and once again, it’s not about social issues and more about disgust with a system that promotes violence and preferential treatment to what you and I saw were expelled from school when we were kids.

    As a side note, I will never understand how all these social issues got into schools either. When I went to school we weren’t taught about gays, lesbians, or heterosexuals except to the extent of cartoon-like drawings of sexual organs in “Health” class. People have reproduced just fine without classes for centuries. You usually acquired your own moral compass from family examples and nature. We DEFINITELY were not talked to about God either. That was family business and it still is****. We all learned about sex our own way and none of us died. We either did it or we didn’t do it until we wanted to do it. lol. Admittedly, we WERE taught evolution. And we DID pledge to the flag and frankly, not doing so now pisses me off.

    I thought the system worked fine for exceptional kids when I was in school. They called it Tracking and they called it Advanced Placement. And scholarships WERE there, for achievement. And you didn’t get into ANY college without the grades. Not even a community college. Period. I know plenty of people who worked their way through night college too. There were pell grants and that’s about it. You couldn’t afford it, you went to work and took a few courses at a time and paid for them. If it took six years, so be it. I admittedly was lucky, my parents paid for my college, but one thing I remember well is, out of a graduating class of nearly 500, only a handful of girls went to college. Girls did not get encouraged unless their academic performance was obvious, and even then, they were encouraged to go into the women fields eg teaching. The rest got secretary, hair dresser etc suggested to them and that was that. So things have improved EXPONENTIALLY on that score.

    ***I just had a memory jolt about the God thing. It was as a Freshman in High School that I met a lifelong ‘best’ friend. I remember finding out somewhere into our friendship that she was ……gasp……Episcopalian! Now being a Catholic suitably plied with guilt, self-loathing, knowledge and every time I inhale I have sinned, and lack of worthiness for life in “religious instructions,” I was pretty sure I might be committing some Catholic sin hanging out with her. I went to my mother instead of a priest, thank God. She laughed and said that’s BS and she’s a good friend and none of this is a big deal. I mean I had to be told I shouldn’t feel guilty. lol. Anyways, the only time I remember a moment of prayer in any school was when Kennedy was assassinated, beyond that, Religion was NOT a school topic. It was a time when schools understood the concept of separation of church and state. So when they say we need to “return” God to schools, it’s raw bullshit. He was not a school topic. Nor was politics! To this day, I still have no idea what political party any of my teachers were in.

  46. Poor Oscar™

  47. Agree with all that you are saying here Uppity. I have to say that four of my grand children will never be anything but construction workers or clerks in a store. Two of them are now in the construction field. Not by choice really but they just were not the brightest bulbs on the tree. One was but burned out and tossed it away and the other, ( my sons son) is just dumb as a brick and yet his parents want to see him as Einstein . Looking at my sons boy’s language skills, reading skills etc I can tell you this he is no Einstein but is suited to be a truck driver or something along that line . Now I do not put these trades down because God knows we need them and there are a vast majority of folks out there that can not do them or have no desire to do them.
    My oldest brother had no desire to learn how to be a doctor or something like that but easily could have. Both my brothers have more gray matter then I. One is a doctor and the other pours concrete lol. It is what they chose to do. Me ? I was told back then to learn how to do bookkeeping because secretarial skills were what was there for women. That is if you did not get married right away. My folks thought education for girls stopped at high school and reason was women got married and took care of their husbands. No need to have college and waste that money . Just the way it was.
    Back to my sons son. He hates to read and really can not muddle through a 180 page novel in less then three weeks I kid you not. He uses words like squose instead of squeezed. You try to correct him and he says what does it matter you knew what I meant right ? When he does take the time to write it is printing and it is in texting language such as R U K ? CN I come OVR ? Most kids today do not know the difference between there, their, and they’re. Sail and sale. I am serious and I have to ask why. Are they not taught this or are they just not getting it and then being passed on to the next grade ? Back in my day getting advanced into the next grade meant you had learned what you were taught in the current grade or you repeated it. I knew many kids that failed grades and I went on without them. I skipped third grade and ninth grade. I studied hard and achieved but along about 11th grade is when it was told to me there was no reason. I was working for a scholarship because I knew my folks could not afford college and I really wanted to go. I was told by my father it would be a sin to rob some young man of his rightful place in school and to stop trying. Pure fact ! So I did. A choice I now regret and wished that one time I had defied him. Anyway I love to read and so do both my children but out of 9 grandchildren only two enjoy picking up a book rather then watch TV. Sad so sad.

  48. This is all Kerry’s fault, or is it all still Hillary’s fault? It must be the fault of the CIA or the DOD under obama. Where was obama when this happened. McCain wants to know and will hold his breath and not vote for anyone until they all testify about what the investigation he holds in his hands tells him already. Will McCain again demand Hillary verbally say what she already wrote in her response? Will they cover it non-stop on Fox 24/7 and make up stories about it that aren’t reality based – for months on end? No, the election is over. They will ignore it.

  49. Upps, during Nam my teachers were political in NY. They called me a commie because I had peace signs on my books and jewelry and shirts. One of my teachers drew a tank on my report about why we should “bring the troops home” and didn’t grade the report but gave me a credit for submitting it. I still have another book report I did on Johnny Got His Gun and on the cover I made was a brutal real life battle scene from a magazine. It showed children and women ravaged and troops covered in mud with an insane look in their eyes and blood everywhere. Hell yeah, it was political in my world. My democrat teachers loved me. The republicans thought I was a satan spawn.

  50. Kerry spoke in Virginia yesterday in his first official speech and he brought up the role of HILLARY’s Dept of State in job creation.

    from AP

    “Kerry also highlighted the role of the State Department in creating American jobs. He said the embassy in Jakarta had helped Boeing win a vast contract with Indonesia’s largest privately run airliner, and the embassy in Bangkok had helped secure a $160 million contract to build Thailand’s latest broadcast satellite. “

  51. I just saw this comment on the blade runner trial.

    If the legs don’t fit you must acquit.

  52. Yeah the legs thing, that’s about it. Poor Oscar™

  53. Wow that 500000 units of vitamin D is working! A pitcher of Minute Maid orange juice just danced by.

  54. Well Upps if all you got was a flash of minute maid orange juice you don’t have enough !! When a big field opens up and filled with lots of sunshine and you are there in a frilly yellow dress and bonnet walking in daisies with a gentle breeze maybe then your vitamin D quota is filled. Or was that a Downey commercial ?

  55. I bet that bastage gets away with it and that poor woman goes to her grave like so many others and another one follows her soon. Her folks get to carry on knowing a killer took their precious daughter and can rob another family of their and all the while folks will not remember her at all they will sing the praises of this poor handicapped hero. They will live the horror that the Goldman’s and Browns had to endure watching a murderer hailed as a hero.

  56. Yea my teachers were political too. They did not agree with my views. I was a Republican kid growing up in a Democrat area. I still lean to the right and do not get the left much. Oh well. Politics I believe ought to be out of public schools and let kids make their own minds up. I know that Utah is mainly conservative and republican so I am sure they push the right wing agendas here in public schools. I came from a family of mainly strong democrats and disagreed with most of them. This is what it should be kids deciding for themselves as they grow and learn unbiased history and how the system works.
    I strongly disagree with teaching social issues and things like global warming etc in schools. Teach them how to read, write and do math and leave all the political and social issues to their parents.
    It is like religion to me. I was born into a faith I had no idea about and had it crammed down my throat. I do not believe as my folks did about baptizing a child into a faith and then forcing them to practice it before they even know what the hell it is all about. I too Uppity lived in fear that I was sinning by being alive half the time. I was a Catholic until I left home and that was the last time I entered a church. It was crazy to me. Just as bad as any other. I can see how some of these women follow Islam really. I just do not understand women allowing themselves to go for all that on their own. They have to have it from the start and it be the only way they know. I remember having to wear a hat to cover my head. Men did not have to and half the women in my childhood while attending mass were veiled too. Women were covered and men were not. Not much difference in the old traditional Catholics then Islam in my opinion. Women were sinners and that is how it is. We needed to be monitored.

  57. And this is in contrast to the story about the 15 year old……

  58. Axelrod heading to MSNBO. Wait, wasn’t he on their payroll since 07?
    I am confused. I thought he already worked for them and they for him.

    These “official” network jobs are just the icing on the partisan cake, both sides are doubling down on their respective wings.

    Fox pretends to be balanced by having Colmes and Beckel as their token liberals, but they would have been hard pressed to find WORSE representation. They are there as props to show how much smarter the right ideas are. Beckel is in the news for his “campus rape is a myth” and “date rape isn’t rape-rape” type statements. What a jerk. That is why Fox uses him as a foil.

    Upps, I still can see that image you used a few times, ugly as it is, of Axelrod in HS with that long stringy hair. He must have had a comb over even then. *shudder*

  59. Wait, wasn’t he on their payroll since 07?

    I’m inclined to think they were on his payroll. Now they are returning the favor.

    Colmes, what can I say? Seriously dumb like a bag of hammers. And he combs his hair with an egg beater.

    Beckel is a fall down drunk with the class of a yak. I bet he burps and farts between segments.

  60. Love your descriptions of dumb, Utah. With parents of kids in school, teachers let them know from early on that their kids are a box of rocks but they just think the teachers are stupid. It’s kind of like when someone gives birth to an ugly baby. My cousin’s first child was born with a pointed head and she entered him in a beautiful baby contest. Everybody saw the point but her. Fortunately the kid grew up to be a very handsome man without that point, but the real point is, she didn’t see the point. Years later as she looked at old photos, she said My God, he had a point on his head! I said, yeah I know.

    Mothers and fathers think what’s not there is there and what’s there isn’t there.

  61. The voters choice is (as Mick says) cancer or polio.


    M. jagger/k. richards)

    Lets drink to the hard working people
    Lets drink to the lowly of birth
    Raise your glass to the good and the evil
    Lets drink to the salt of the earth

    Say a prayer for the common foot soldier
    Spare a thought for his back breaking work
    Say a prayer for his wife and his children
    Who burn the fires and who still till the earth

    And when I search a faceless crowd
    A swirling mass of gray and
    Black and white
    They don’t look real to me
    In fact, they look so strange

    Raise your glass to the hard working people
    Lets drink to the uncounted heads
    Lets think of the wavering millions
    Who need leaders but get gamblers instead

    Spare a thought for the stay-at-home voter
    His empty eyes gaze at strange beauty shows
    And a parade of the gray suited grafters
    A choice of cancer or polio

    And when I look in the faceless crowd
    A swirling mass of grays and
    Black and white
    They don’t look real to me
    Or don’t they look so strange

    Lets drink to the hard working people
    Lets think of the lowly of birth
    Spare a thought for the rag taggy people
    Lets drink to the salt of the earth

    Lets drink to the hard working people
    Lets drink to the salt of the earth
    Lets drink to the two thousand million
    Lets think of the humble of birth

  62. Glad you are ok Upps. 🙂

  63. In our homeschool group, we parents worked our butts off, and paid good $ to hire the teachers we wanted to teach our kids. We hired a Olympic Russian Fencing Master, real scientists, real Shakespeare directors from acclaimed Shakespeare groups. Art teachers, working photographers, working musicians and recording engineers, etc. It was still cheaper than putting laker in a private school (I really hated the curriculum at our public schools and I was fed up with him being bullied), but I consider that we gave him a private school education. We were very lucky to live in this area that has such amazing home school groups. And btw, there was absolutely no religious or political stuff allowed in our programs, our parkdays, our events, our classes. We didn’t do any type of holiday stuff, no pumpkins or silly turkeys made from pine cones and feathers, no lame holiday crafts. No observance of holidays or political events. The groups exist to provide socialization, support, and first class educational opportunities. We had people begging to get in, the years we had moratoriums on memberships. I don’t regret a thing. My kid has a diploma from a real school, plus unbelievable extras he couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. The kids in our group all go on to college. Some have gone to great schools, some accepted to amazing programs in science and the arts, several in other countries (china even, for chissakes…we had a 17 yo girl who sang Gilbert & Sullivan & spoke fluent Cantonese). Its true there are a lot of freaky RWNJ/religious type homeschool groups around the country, but none in this area. The kids have proms, graduation ceremonies, grad nite @ Disneyland, science fairs, art fairs, history fairs, compettions, etc. We parents created this because we wanted it for our kids, whom have turned out to be amazing nice kids, many gifted.

  64. Uppity I know back in the day teachers told parents their kids we or were not able to do this or that. Who knew better then a teacher that had to go over and over something with a student before a light went on ? Not all folks grasp all things. Some are more capable of wood work, metal work, etc and can in fact be true artists at it and not read a lick or maybe just a little. Some can cook like the dickens and never know how to measure although it comes in handy lol. Some can sew and it just comes natural. I have long said we need trade schools that run like our public schools do. So many kids might actually stay in school if they were learning something they understood like fitting wood together to make cabinets etc. Who does not need or use a mechanic, plumber, electrician, etc. There should have never been shame put on these trades in schools as there was back in my time. I oft heard a teacher say ” and I guess you want to grow up to be a plumber or ditch digger”
    These jobs are vital and there are many kids that are suited to do just that.
    Now it seems telling a parent their kid just is not college material is a bad thing. In many ways I feel sorry for teachers because they can not discipline in class now and have to take shit out of parents that think their kid is gifted when in fact he is most likely as bright as a turkey in a rain storm.

  65. Socal, thanks for that. It’s what I am trying to get across. Many of these home schooling situations are excellent learning environments. I know of a few groups around here who actively recruit certified teachers, one of my friends is seriously considering it, she’s a retired teacher, and they retire early around here. They recruit from industry too for Real Life expertise in certain fields such as software.

  66. Upps, yes, from what I have seen, NY & California are leading the way for homeschool groups. People from our group have moved to different states & even different countries and we all keep in touch thru our email group and they tell us what the situation is in their new areas. We have several teachers in the homeschool groups here; also, other great professionals…attorneys, Drs., physical therapists, scientists, photographers, all types of entertainment people: actors, editors, set builders (this dad was awesome for building sets for our plays), even an old rock star. The physical therapists were extremely useful to us in helping us to choose what surgeon to use on lakers legs and also new & better physical therapy for him. He’s come a long way, and the average person would not be able to tell he has a disability.

    Utah, excellent points about trade schools. Just because we homeschooled doesn’t mean I don’t fully support public schools, or private schools. I’m pro-choice for education also. The more choices there are, the less chance of gifted kids getting boxed in a school environment that doesn’t suit him, or kids that need extra help not getting it. But parents are the key. They need to know what is best for their kid and do the research to find out what is available.

  67. One of lakers friends from the homeschool group, a girl that is his age and with us the 10 years we were in it, missed graduation last June because she was on an archaeological dig in Central America for 4 months! She had been taking college courses during her High School years (most homeschoolers do this & get a jump on college credits), racked up a lot of credits, straight A’s and an impressive resume of activities and was accepted for this program. Her parents attended the graduation though and got up and read a letter from her and showed a slide show. They are both retired professors from UCLA. I’m telling ya, homeschooling is a different world from what it used to be. These kids can do anything, go anywhere, that rich kids with expensive private educations do, if they have the intelligence and the drive.

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