TSA harasses terrified 3 Year-Old child who has Spina Bifida and is in a wheelchair

Horrific. Simply horrific. I wonder how many people in Burkas got to sail by.

Lucy was born with part of her spinal cord exposed on her back. TSA has no soul.

TSA apologizes after the fact I’m sure that was helpful and the child will just be THRILLED to go to Disneyworld again just as soon as Haley’s Comet rolls around.


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  1. Now you fried me. I have a open hatred for airports these days all because a few idiots blew up planes. As I see it they won we lost because now we subject ourselves to this crap for safety and it like gun control targets the honest and not the criminals. I would never allow my child to be touched by these goons which to this date how many have been found to be perverts ?
    We teach our babies that strangers touching them is bad then load them up and serve them up to predators and say it is ok here. How is a kid supposed to know ? I was putting my mom on a plane home a few years ago. A badly crippled little old lady that could not stand on her own and what did they do to this 83 year old ? Made her stand sans shoes that were hard to get on and off because of her diabetic swelled feet and endure them foundling her and they never did anything to her wheel chair other then look at it. They would not even allow me in there to help her stand up. It was sick and when I bitched about it I was asked to leave or be escorted out !!!! I will never fly !! There is no where I need to go that requires me to endure someone feeling me out or taking xrays. I will see Europe and the pyramids when I am a spirit or will see them via the internet.
    I think safety is a great thing but not at the cost of freedom and we are giving it up in lieu of a false sense of security.
    Each time I hear of an airline going belly up I say yea. Charge for baggage, fly like sardines, lack of maintenance on these 20 + year old buses and then the TSA. As far as I see airlines these days they might as well paint a greyhound on their planes.

  2. Utah, personally I have seen some skilled masons, finish carpenters, etc who have made my jaw drop with their skill and talent. Ironically most of them make far more money than that mediocre kid in Mom’s basement who got a degree in some useless field will EVER make. This is just insanity. Truth is, it takes smarts to be a good finish carpenter. It just doesn’t take four years of “core” courses in a B rated college. What a waste of talent we have created with this College Is The Be All To End All attitude in this country. SOme of the dumbest kids I know are in College right now, learning to say You Want Fries With That?

  3. Utah I had a 90+ year old relative who flew every year to fla to see her son and they scared the crap out of her in the last years of her life such that she wouldn’t go any longer. They are despicable.

  4. Wow, those 50000 units of Vitamin D are awesome. Every time I step outside the sun comes out.

  5. Rof you are cracking me up with your vitamin D updates.
    Yes I know my mother and my 91 year old Aunt loved flying. Unfortunately their last experiences having to be frisked like some common thug took that away from them. I think the airlines should have stood up to the TSA thing like the gun manufacturers are now doing. Maybe somewhere in this crazy world folks are coming out of the fog and seeing what they are doing to themselves.
    I tell you this rather then fear a crazy ass with a box cutter I fear the plane its self these days. Parts falling off, drunken pilots or video game playing pilots, engines in dire need of over hauls, hulls that are literally peeling apart and folks still board them and then allow themselves to be violated for that pleasure and charged for taking anything other then a change of underwear.
    Uppity my eldest brother is a perfectionist. I mean the stone work he has done by himself in his home is jaw dropping. Each piece cut exactly like the other and he cut it and fit them on the wall. I wish I had a picture of it because it is breath taking. Each way you look it has a different look . This is the thing folks pay tons of $$ for. He was just naturally talented that way. He so far as I know can do any repair from plumbing to wiring and it just seems to come naturally. He has a 142 I.Q. but just was not interested in English classes, history etc and failed them. He knew it but did not feel he had to show anyone he did lol. Yet he could pass the finals and sit and twiddle his pencil for the rest of the time. He is a craftsman a very skilled one. Younger brother is just as smart and is a Doctor yet he has never held a job other then his internship. He is a hoarder and lazy as it gets. Brilliant mind in a waste of a human being seriously. I mean he can tell you in a heart beat what is wrong with you yet he has never worked other then to serve his internship. He then we and passed nuclear radiologist and did that a few days and is back in college again. It is crazy that is all he does. I guess since baby brother is now 54 he will die with tons of degrees and no work record.

  6. I saw this earlier. Heartbreaking for the poor little girl. I’ve only flown once the past 4 years, had to cuz my step dad had died. I told you guys then what they did to laker who had leg braces on, they put him in a giant acrylic (?) “bomb box” for quite some time, had their dumbass officers running up with guns drawn, officers holding me & hubbie back. They finally let him take off the braces and put them through the scanner, which is what we wanted to do in the first place, take them off, put them in one of those silly buckets, have him walk thru without them & put them back on. But no, they wouldn’t hear of it and instead created this ridiculous scene. I’m still pissed about it. btw, they still harass my mom because her first name was spelled wrong on a ticket to NY in Sept 2001.

    I read somewhere that the rapiscans are out and they are supposed to get new ones that don’t show your naked body.

  7. Yes, LOL on the Vit D updates!

  8. OMG a bag of oranges just showed up at the front door!

  9. Utah my nephew is a nuclear radiologist too.

  10. For the past ten years, I have driven everywhere because I like to drive and actually see the country. Last month I flew for the first time in about eight years and the whole Homeland/TSA thing made my skin crawl; reminded me of traveling in Eastern Europe and USSR in the ’80’s and early ’90’s.

    I’m now driving in rural western Mississippi (the Delta) at night which also make my skin crawl; well nothing is perfect. :>)

  11. TSA is the stuff police states are made of. Only thing left is to start asking people for their papers.

  12. My daughter was also born with Spina Bifida, so this really hits home. I think about all of the surgeries that little one has probably had to endure and the scariness that comes with that, and here are these strangers putting on surgical type gloves all around her! Which reminds me, I hope those gloves were latex-free because many children with Spina Bifida have a latex allergy. Most hospitals know this and ask if we need “latex precautions”. Poor little girl!

  13. How heartbreaking. I wouldn’t put myself through that and neither should a child who’s already been through the mill with her little body.

    Precisely why I won’t fly.

    Uppity, so glad you’re health issue turned out to be non-issue(s).

    About that Vitamin D you’re taking… I had to grab a pair of sunglasses when I landed on the page. lol.

  14. wow.

    A pair of sex educators who travel the college circuit teaching students how to…

    …do the one thing they probably not only excel at, but can do in their sleep, all day long.

  15. Yeah Why Not, you gotta watch not getting too close to me, you might get a sunburn.

  16. No worries Uppity….MKBill has already warned us about you….

  17. Hahahahaha!

    Go ahead and joke! I just got a job offer to help a company save on power costs by replacing their lighting with me.

  18. These 50000 unit Vitamin D pills are so good even I have to wear dark glasses when I look in the mirror.

  19. This Vitamin D is so good, look what happens to my cat’s eyes when he looks at me!

  20. How often do you take the Vitamin D?

  21. 50,0000 x 2 weekly for 12 weeks.

  22. I read somewhere that the rapiscans are out and they are supposed to get new ones that don’t show your naked body.

    What a disappointment to all the perverts they tend to attract and hire.

  23. Uppity, this may be of interest to you, courtesy of the Vitamin D Council.


  24. Tony, with my D score, I should have had a respiratory infection a month. Have used antbiotic twice in 30 years. Once for a tooth and this week for my ears/sinus. Tony, range is 30.0 to 100.0. Mine was 4.

    Correction: Three times for antibiotics: UTI.

  25. I love the Vit D updates! 😆

  26. This Vitamin D is so effective, we no longer need night lights.

  27. If those vitamin D pills start doing a choreographed dance routine a la Busby Berekley, make sure to capture it on video to share.

  28. On a side note, you mentioned the kidney stone predisposition. Dad’s side of the family enjoy those fun filled rocks. I get one once in a blue moon (well one that causes a lot of problems). Have two brothers that get them every so many months. The latest tactic is actually have them take vitamin D (no calcium) to try and attract the calcium to the right places.

    The brother with pancreatic cancer was put on vitamin D therapy as well and in doing my analytical work, I keep seeing articles from the various medical research sites with studies of vitamin D (it’s the new C!).

  29. Yes interesting that you should mention stones and calcium retention using Vitamin D, Mt. Laurel. I had a discussion about it when she told me I needed the D. Apparently there is something that helps to avoid kidney stones….it was called citr–something or something like that. Then she said, listen, this is just for 12 weeks so I don’t see a problem, but if we go on a maintenance dose later, we’ll talk. Her reasoning was I am so depleted my bones will absorb most of it. I was skeptical but now think she’s right. I am having that side effect they suggest might occur to the terribly depleted. I am getting those strong muscle/bone type crampy pains that last a minute or so in different spots, mostly limbs. According to the experts, that is not a sign to stop but instead a sign you need it more than ever as calcium is dumped back into your bones. As it is, the other assumption is I am dumping that calcium I have taken in without the D into my urine which means the kidneys have had to deal with it instead of my bones. My labs bear out that calcium is present there, although not outside the normal expected levels. Now most of it is busy depositing itself into my bones. The concept here is my bones are so in need of it that there won’t be much left in the short term of the large dose to wreak havoc with my kidneys. She has not given me orders to take in any more calcium than I do in my normal diet. In other words no calcium supplements.

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