Finally! Those bastards known as The Scooter Store got nailed for Medicare fraud!

It seems that in between sexting filthy pics of themselves using government Blackberries, bugging their boss’s offices, and sleeping with anything that moves, our FBI got around to noticing all those Scooter Store Scooters navigated by people who don’t seem to need them.

Come on, admit it. You’ve seen people tooling around on these scooters, wondering what the Eff they are doing with one. You know some of them and they are all too happy to show you their  free scooter even though they aren’t in it at the time. But they are so much fun! And people move out of the way for you!

You’ve seen the ads on TV for these scooters, and if you are anything like I am, you have finally reached the point where you want to smash the TV when you hear things like “It didn’t cost me a thing!” because you know damned well YOU paid for it. And if you are five minutes over 50 years old, you keep getting their solicitations in the mail too.  I’ve been suspicious of these bilkers since 2009, and it only took the FBI 5 years to notice.

Before I show you what The Scooter Store has been up to, which amounts to getting scooters for just about anybody on Medicare or Medicaid who wants one, whether they need it or not, here’s their happy horseshit Medicare ad….except The Scooter Store “Privatized” it now that they are caught.  But, not to worry. I found another copy:

How Sweet!

This is really sweet too, isn’t it?

Approximately 150 federal and state law enforcement agents launched a massive raid on one of the biggest perpetrators of government fraud in America: The Scooter Store. Yes, that’s right. The nation’s largest provider of single-person electric vehicles and power chairs is the target of a federal investigation, probably because many of the people who ride around their “personal mobility devices” don’t actually need them.

DanOver $100 Million in fraud, not to put too fine a point on these Medicare and Medicaid hucksters and the co-conspiring seniors and  people on public assistance  who chuckle all the way to coffee shop over at the supermarket to ride around blocking everybody’s way while sucking down a jelly donut. Then there are the people who seem awfully young to be scootering along, clogging up the aisles while they chatter loudly on their cell phones. You’ve nearly hit a few of them on the roads too, haven’t you? God knows I have wanted to a few times.

There’s no question that The Scooter Store found a whole new niche of  dishonest bastards who just don’t feel like putting one foot in front of the other, and really don’t have to if they can get a free electric scooter on your dime.

So, how did The Scooter Store manage to pull off over a hundred million in scooters being distributed to people who don’t give a shit that they are taking important Medicare and Medicaid dollars away from really sick and dying people?

Here’s how:

In January, CBS This Morning ran a cutting exposé on the company, detailing how it “railroads” doctors into prescribing the chair for their patients, most of whom are on Medicare or Medicaid. That way they can bill the government for their highly dubious medical device, while the patient gets a cool new scooter without paying for it, and The Scooter Store makes a nice profit. Doctors and former employees told CBS that the company would harass physicians with non-stop phone calls and offices drop-ins in order to wear them down. The company even has a special department devoted to getting chairs for patients who had already been ruled ineligible by Medicare. No doubt the pressure comes because their ads guarantee that the chair will be free if they can’t get you qualified.

Now there’s the obvious truth that some people are in need of these scooters. But the truth is, a hundred million dollars worth of people who have them have no business defrauding the Medicare and Medicaid systems at the peril of people who just got rejected this morning for a needed medical procedure. These people deserve to wake up one morning really soon not able to walk, and crawling to that free scooter they didn’t need the day before. The FBI won’t be going after these “customers”. That’s too bad. I think these system milkers all belong in jail and should be forced to reimburse Medicare and Medicaid for their part in this fraud.

One more thing. It seems that scooter website references to medicare are disappearing like cockroaches under a sink. Here’s USA Mobility’s  “Medicare” reference page. Or what was their Medicare reference page.

Well, there is one silver lining here. I won’t have to look at that smug smirking bastard in that commercial who says, “It didn’t cost me a thing!” every five minutes on cable Tee Vee. I always wanted to smack that arrogant bastard in the face.

Up next, really soon we hope: Hoveround, where “Your local Mobility Specialist” is standing by!”……..and “9 out of 10 Hoveround owners got their electric wheehchair at little or no cost.”


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  2. LOL! Uppitywave! Those chairs remind me of the movie Wall E:
    (chairs start at about 1:05)

  3. Hey that looks like my supermarket on the days when the eagle shits!

  4. Eagles? Really? At your grocery store?

  5. This has me fuming. No good comes from folks getting freebies on the tax payers dime. It is just so easy to bilk the government out of money and then what goes on these guys will never see a day in jail not one !! The ass cracks that have a fart hung sideways found a way to be on the tax payers dime then called the Scooter store to get their new ride. I knew one of these families or well did not know them but they lived near me and I knew they were frauds. Daddy had several years salary of a taxpayer hung on his neck, wrist and fingers in gold and trust me we paid for it. They sold drugs and they got their free scooter. I used to watch their teenagers ride it down the street.
    What fries my bacon is the fact this crocked outfit is guilty of over 85 million dollars worth of fraud and only has to pay back 19 million over the next five years and no interest or penalties. Hmm wonder if you would get the same deal if you screwed the government out of ten dollars. Is it any wonder the country is sinking into a financial hole it can not climb out of ? And these folks that got their free scooter ought to have to pay for it dammit !! But we can not pick on the handicapped can we even though they ride their scooter to a softball game and play right ?

  6. Stellar catch!

  7. TY Pamela, too bad it took our government about five years to see the Obvious.

    Looks like Bumper cars in some supermarkets.

    imust, Eagle Shits is code for when the free government checks arrive. When the Eagle Shits do NOT go to the supermarket. You will never get out of there alive. As a minimum, you will have another birthday waiting to check out, realizing also that you are the only person in line who will be paying with actual money. The Hoveround and Scooter Store are overly represented as well, so you are in danger of being hit.

  8. It’s really unfortunate that a handful of conduct problems on the part a very small number of dimwits is used to characterize all FBI agents. I can state from first-hand knowledge that the overwhelming majority of feds take their jobs seriously and the obligation to conserve public funds seriously. And, as a former law enforcement fed, I can also understand how it might take a good amount of time to gather evidence and build a strong case against people who don’t want ot be regulated and want to defraud taxpayers. Feds can’t just pull evidence out of their asses.

    Kudos to them for getting the job done. Too bad there has historically been so little resources provided to combat medicare fraud.

  9. Too bad there has historically been so little resources provided to combat medicare fraud.

    The surge in shrinking government is working! Let’s save money by defunding agencies and thwarting their power to enforce regulations. Yes, we will gladly spend millions to save thousands. /s

  10. And that thing about 150 feds doing the raid is a bit misleading. That’s a one day thing. I can assure you that the detective work leading up to the raid only involved a limited number of investigators and an attorney or two.

  11. Anybody remember when Bill Frist was the first to raid medicare and call it “reform”? He whose family private hospitals were penalized for half a BILLION in medicare fraud? He didn’t scurry out of the senate for nothing. Blind trust my ass.

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    …there’s 9 Hoverounds in line on my front sidewalk trying to get a charge off of my computer…

    …and their riders are doing a Flash Dance on my front lawn!

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  19. That vitamin D you’re taking is so powerful, I just got beamed to New York and back.

  20. Regarding Frist and Medicare fraud, aside from the occasional conduct problem by individual feds, the public needs to look at Congress and political appointees in agencies whenever they have a complaint about the government. Too many greedyass foxes in the hen house using their power to interfere in enforcement, to manipulate priorities, and use those purse strings to hamstring programs that were created by Congress. Ethics is just some BS that the dirtbags can out-maneuver.

  21. Please, tell Mr. Uppity we’re now praying for his recovery.

  22. Seinfeld’s Constanza at his finest, pretending to be handicapped for a handicapped bathroom and picking a fight with old people – which he loses.(I really don’t know how well Seinfeld plays here. If necessary Have Fixit Fairy remove.)

  23. I am so happy to see that Scooter sore lose it’s wheels. 🙂
    Sore not a misspell. 😆

  24. Hahaha that seinfeld looks like my supermarket parking lot.

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  26. Causing an accident a day.

  27. A woman my younger daughter knew had a scooter which she used inside. Her cat Bonnie knew how to turn it on & frequently jumped up to her lap and they were off. Regret there is no video to share.

  28. lol!

    And I thought my cat was smart turning on the BOSE. Had one who turned on the canister vacuum in the middle of the night a lot.

  29. Seriously though, these things are not meant to be used as travel vehicles. On the road they create acccidents and bottlenecks. And they scare the crap out of you because they just don’t think they need to watch out for you, that’s YOUR job. They come up along side of you in your blind spot just as you are turning right. These scooters on the road should be illegal. And on sidewalks, they take up the entire walk so you have to get out of the way off the walk path. In markets, they just cruise down the middle of the aisle and fuck you if you think you’re getting by. Now nobody minds when a disabled person needs this help, in fact most of us would not only accomodate, but help. But this is becoming raw bullshit, these death traps are everywhere. I’ve seen them nearly get run over in parking lots because you CAN’T see them behind you when you are backing out!

  30. Boy am I glad to see this finally! I get angry when I see the commercials too.

    I hate to be judgemental, but the vast majority of people I see on these scooters look like what they really need is to get their fat asses up and walk.

    A couple of weeks ago at the grocery store an angry fat bastard couldn’t wait for me to get an item off the shelf as he came flying down the aisle. He rammed me and pushed me into my buggy then got irate with me demanding I move immediately. When I told him to piss off he got even angrier. He hunted me down and clipped me 3 more times on other aisles. I really wanted to slap him.

    Must have been when the Eagle shit, I’ll have to remember that. Thanks for the tip UW! BTW I hope you feel better, vitamin D is important in many ways there is also a tie in to certain types of cancer so take your supplements.

  31. While I agree with you on one level, UW, as a personal with an INVISIBLE DISABILITY that waxes & wanes (tho the severe pain is chronic) when I do use a cane and VERY occasionally the store scooter, I am often in and out of it to maintain some energy to complete the task without causing myself MASSIVE pain.

    I am also 80lbs overweight thanks to my medications.

    People who misuse resources like this do major damage to those of us who really need it and you can NOT always tell by seeing if the person gets out of the chair (I try to stand and reach because I don’t want to be a complete cripple) or is overweight.

  32. for the very first time ever I am completely offended and yes, taking it personally. I have an invisible disability. Occasionally I use the scooters provided by the store. My meds also make me 80lbs overweight.

    I get up out of the scooter at various times in the store so I can maintain SOME mobility. I am on a strict diet to lose weight and have lost 30lbs so far with much more to go. I don’t like that I am this way but there is no cure for me. I am in excruciating pain most of the time and push thru it just to get out in public once in a while.

    I have had people push me, kick me and verbally attack me for using a disabled parking spot (I have a tag) and walking into the store (where I immediately grab a cart so I don’t have to use my cane or the scooter.) Verbal abuse includes being called a WHALE and a FRAUD.

    I will say people who abuse the scooters and their availability should be prosecuted. But the insensitive comments made here have hurt me to the core and I know I am going to get flamed now. There but for the grace of God go you.

  33. Barbara, sorry you are offended. I don’t think anyone here meant to include everyone who uses a scooter, just the ones who get one because they don’t want to walk, of which I’m sure you will agree there are many, or who use them for some kind of status or power thing. Also, have empathy for you that you are treated badly for being disabled. My own son & husband have muscular dystrophy and both have Disabled placards, which we use when they need them, at various times they have been in wheelchairs, hubbie will need one for another couple of weeks if we go out, just had his knee replaced and can walk a little, but not any distance. When my son was young, he was in and out of wheelchairs and leg braces and always walked funny, and couldn’t be on his feet for very long, so if we were going to the Mall or something, I would use a handicap spot, so I didn’t have to drag the wheelchair out of my trunk. Several times, people walking near us would give me a snarky look and say to their companion “she doesn’t look handicapped to me”. I looked them straight in the eye and said “I’m not, my son has muscular dystrophy”, which made them back off instantly, and usually apologize. A couple of times if they were really bitchy, I didn’t bother saying anything about my son, would just smile sweetly and say, “why don’t you call the police. It’ll be funny to see what happens.” and then went about my business. So I understand what you are saying about people not understanding or seeing if others are disabled or not. btw, there are at least two other moms on this blog with special needs kids, and have had their own difficulties. So again, I’m sure no one meant any offense towards you. Also, good on you for being on a diet and losing weight! I know there are several meds that cause weight gain, and several diet substances like Equal (aspartame) that also cause weight gain. So good luck to you and feel free to check back with any diet info or questions. We are always talking about food here, and many of us are pretty knowledgeable about nutrition. 🙂

  34. We have an old vet (Viet Nam) in our neighborhood that cruises around on a scooter, in the middle of the lane, going a g a i n s t traffic! He’s been doing it for years, won’t budge, you have to drive around him into oncoming traffic. There are always cops around, but I’ve never seen them stop him or tell him go on the sidewalk. He is very grumpy, apparently miserable, and takes the right of way, no matter how dangerous it is for himself or others.

    Laker actually got this guy to drive on the sidewalk a few months ago. We live on a hill, and on the bottom of the hill is a nice shopping mall. Laker walks there a lot, and the bus he takes home from college drops him off there. Anyway, one day he was walking home and the vet called to him that he needed help. Laker went over to him and he said that his scooter battery was running out and could laker push him! I can’t believe my kid did this (I told him next time to call me or 911 and have the firemen come and help) because he is long limbed and very skinny and not the strongest dude around, but managed to push the guy up the hill (very steep) to his driveway, with the scooter going faintly. He did insist they get on the sidewalk and get out of the street, which the old guy had to agree to. Then, when they hit his driveway about half way up, laker pushed him thru the parking lot to an elevator (these are condos) and had the hardest time getting him in the elevator, so the guy got off the scooter, helped get it in the elevator, then push it in his condo, said a gruff thanks and walked in and closed the door. I don’t even know what to make of it. Laker was exhausted from it, and couldn’t believe the guy could walk. Anyway, he nods to us now when we pass him.

    Anyway, am glad they finally cracked down on the Scooter Store. I have no doubt they were scamming medicare.

  35. First Barbara, let me say I was wondering where the heck you went to and it’s good to see you again even if you’re mad. You landed in spam because you hadn’t commented in a long time and Spam is like that, so I just fished you out.

    I definitely said that I am aware that there are people who need these scooters. The problem here Barbara is that a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS worth of these scooters were paid for by Medicare after Medicare DISAPPROVED of them, because The Scooter Store strongarmed doctors and found their own doctors who would LIE that they needed them, after which time the claims would be resubmitted. There are MANY people with these scooters Barbara who have no business having one and I personally know some of them. They have no invisible illness other than greed. To them these things are fun. In fact, I think they look like fun to me as well. That doesn’t mean I would commit fraud to have one. Apparently thousands of people didn’t feel this way. This is a lot of money to waste when we consider there are people on disability and social security who have been rejected for procedures that would make their lives more comfortable, or maybe even keep them alive a bit longer.

    I’m very aware of people with disabilities but turning 65 doesn’t qualify to me as being disabled. Where I live, there is not only a huge influx of these machines among well seniors and people on medicaid, but they are rude and dangerous when using them. These are not cowboy sport vehicles and that is what many people are using them for. And Medicare paid for that because the Scooter Store AND the ‘customers’ committed Fraud. I don’t think any of us here, including you, would imagine that the FBI raided these bastards to torture people who actually need scooters. The goal here is to recoup money paid to them for FRAUD, meaning Medicare paid over a hundred million for scooters that WERE NOT NECESSARY. This means these people have NO disability, visible OR invisible. You can bet the FBI did their homework on this one. These are not Store Scooters, they are owned by the people who bilked the system with The Scooter Store. I don’t begrudge anyone who uses a store scooter, but that I’ve seen a few fights over them. lol. In fact I didn’t begrudge anyone who needs to own one. The key word here is “NEED”. Obviously a hundred million worth of these things were not needed and were aqcquired by manipulating the system, bullying and harassing doctors, and finding doctors who cooperated with The Scooter Store to ensure someone got a scooter they were NOT entited to.

    I didn’t even get to my next peeve,which is the disabled parking tags (socal read my mind!) that people who turn 65 imagine they are entitled to even though they aren’t. And I personally know some of them too. I’ve seen people in wheel chairs trying to navigate a parking lot in snow and slush because every single disabled parking space was taken up by people, some of whom have golf clubs in their trunks. I think this kind of behavior is wrong and HORRIBLY immoral, and should be illegal. In no way did I say that nobody should have a scooter. WHat I did say is I have been pissed off for a number of years because I know for a fact that people are acquiring them from Scooter Store and Hoveround because They Can. And that just plain pisses me off. It should piss everyone off, especially at a time when Medicare cuts have affected some very ill people.

    Anyways, good to know you are around. I hate when people disappear because I end up with no idea what happened to them.

  36. P.S. Weight gain from meds, particularly steroidal meds is a horrific struggle, I know. But there are people using these scooters who gained their weight from eating and inactivity, without any meds, and it’s likely that the FBI found some of them too. They do not do themselves a favor either. They end up with diabetes, high blood pressure and God knows what all else. But we are talking here about the fact that the FBI uncovered fraud to the tune of over a hundred million dollars in medicare and medicaid money, meaning an awful lot of these people have no business owning a free scooter …..and well that should piss EVERYONE off, especially people who DO need a scooter, because now they are held unfairly suspect when others see them. I do think you know what I mean, Barbara, because you on some level know my heart or you wouldn’t have been a loyal reader for so many years, yes?

  37. Barbara, thanks for the links, very good. Yes, cortisone weight gain is particularly vicious. I had a friend who went through it, got the “moon” face and 100 lb weight gain, becuz of lung disease. About 15 years later, she lost the weight and was skinny again, but going thru that kind of long term illness had really aged her, poor dear. She’s still hanging on though and enjoying life.

    I agree about seniors sometimes getting the placards unnecessarily. My own Dad had one, I was mortified to find out several years ago. I asked him why he had it and he said his Dr. ordered it for him because of his 3 prior heart attacks. I asked him if his Dr. knew he went on long walks everyday and he said yes. My Dad had great limbs and joints, never had any arthritis or any of that stuff and could walk a mile a day up til 2 months before he died. He loved to walk. When we moved him out from his last house with his last wife, we didn’t take the placard with us and he never missed it or needed it.

  38. UW: cat who turns on BOSE – wish mine could turn on laser light as she wants it so often and each cycle lasts only 15 minutes. Cat who turned on vacuum during night? – that was a fiendish mind! You must miss the presence of it very much 🙂

  39. Pamela, the first time the vacuum went on in the middle of the night, I’m telling you, it was a freakout. In fact, so much attention was paid, it seemed to him like a good idea to repeat… Twas a disappointing day for him when I concluded that the thing should never be visible and plugged in concurrently.

    The BOSE thing was kind of annying if I left the volume up high during last use. Nothing like hearing Marvin Gaye blaring Distant Love from a Deep Sleep

  40. This vitamin D is so good I melted the snow off my car with one look.

  41. I was gonna sleep in today……but the sun seemed to rise about 3 HOURS earlier this morning! Then I noticed it wasn’t the actual sunrise, but some kind of mysterious bright light coming from the north east…hmm…

  42. Barbara I’m sorry if my comment offended you. My comments were about people that have these scooters that do not need them, they are simply lazy. I know many of them, and have been around more than I care to remember.

    You see my daughter has what would be considered a hidden disability, due to cancer treatment, specifically very high doses of steroids; the blood supply to some of her bones was cut off. This condition is called avascular necrosis, because the end result is the bones die in places making them fragile particularly in certain joints. I’m also intimately familiar with steroid weight gain as you might guess.

    I live in a small town where far too many of these scooters exist. Many of the people that have them do not have any underlying medical condition and hence my judgement/comments. You know how small towns are, everybody knows everybody’s business.

    I also based part of my opinion on my experiences at Disney, using these scooters to avoid the lines has become an epidemic. People are aware of and exploit Disney’s policies. People talk, especially when they don’t think anybody of any importance is around and I’ve heard the bragging, snickering and comments from some of these people.

    I do NOT begrudge anyone that needs a scooter and for those that honestly do I think they are a wonderful invention. My MIL certainly could have used one and qualified without question, but they scared her. My father had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), many ALS patients have scooters, it gives them mobility at least temporarily. My father wasn’t one of them because his disease started in his upper body and never progressed to his legs.

    Again I’m sorry if I offended you, perhaps I should have made more of an explanation in my comment. I do not however take back anything I said about the man at the grocery store, maybe I am unfairly judging him……..but he was a major asshole.

    Socal……..handicap parking, OMG! Don’t get me started.

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  45. That’s it!! Uppity!! You’re turning night into day over here! Can you knock it off? Even in CA we need our beauty rest! 😉

  46. I can’t control it imust! I am taking 50000 units twice a week. I hear I just made it so Alaska is daylight all year around now.

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  48. Good GOD. That Sunday Morning TV whore John McCain is on AGAIN.

  49. Hey Uppity will you send some of your vitamin D rays out our way ? I got a foot in a half of snow yesterday and and still getting it today. I do not want to have to dig out today. Come on do a friend a favor will ya ?

  50. I’m gonna melt it for ya, Utah! Gimmee a few minutes! I gotta take my next pill. I want it good and fresh for you. Do you want a path or do you want me to just melt down the whole damned thing?

  51. Can we rail on the lawyers that promise to “save your assets from the nursing homes”? Why should medicare pay for someone’s nursing home bills so that they can leave money to their kids and grandkids?

  52. Melt all of the shit will ya ? I want my garden lol.

  53. Being sick should not bankrupt anyone seriously nor should they die because they can not afford treatment but places like this that rip off taxpayer and then do not have to pay it ALL back and interest and penalties etc are the reason folks scream no government help !
    It is just too easy to rip of the government doles and these rip offs continue because there is no penalty for doing so. I am willing to bet that out of each 100 chairs sold 1 might have been legit and that might be stretching it.
    My husband has lost 70 % of his lung capacity and has had his leg all but blown off in Nam and still is told by his V.A. docs that he does not need a scooter. He did get the handicapped placard but was told walking is good and just walk less distance. I am betting that majority of these chair users were told the same and found a way around it. Now If Hubby wants a scooter it would mean we buy it at full price. No big deal I guess since he does not want one however it would be nice sometimes because I would love to have him walk or ride with me when we are out instead of sit in the truck. It is what it is.
    It is because of these freeloader of society that society is getting cold blooded. How many times can you take watching your 20 or 30 something neighbor loading up their car and enjoying life as you at 60 trudge off to work to pay for their fun ? How many times do you take standing in line at the check out in a grocery store and watch a person spend the food stamp you pay for buying sodas, cakes , cookies and junk foods and not get mad ? How many times are you supposed to rejoice seeing families with 5 or more kids drawing off the government tit ? How many times are you to sit back and think no biggie that someone gets welfare and vacations because they have a boyfriend who works and lives with you unclaimed ? It is happening every day and not in small numbers.
    These programs were meant to help not be a life style choice and yet it has become a life style choice and that is why there needs to be limits and tons of more scrutiny as to how and who gets what.
    Freeloaders have robbed the ones who truly need. And ones that truly need usually do without.

  54. In LA we have the mayor’s race going on right now. Two people are running in the Democratic primary. An online news agency interviewed both candidates separately. Here’s the first question they asked the FEMALE candidate:

    If your opponents are capable and honorable people, why are you running for mayor – why not just sit back and let one of them take the office?

    Here’s the question they asked her MALE opponent:

    A lot of the mayoral debate so far has focused on challenges with the city budget and whether we should cut benefits for city employees. Can you paint your broad vision of how we bring good jobs, clean air and healthy communities to all of Los Angeles?

    Any questions??

  55. That’s a little overly simplistic, though, honora. Some people do bust their asses all of their lives to have alittle something and some people just don’t care to do much. I’m talking middle class and upper middle class people here who worked to pay for their home, made some sacrifices along the way, worked their way through night school, etc etc.. and paid some taxes to help defray the cost of a nursing home for somebody who just didn’t care to do much in the way of work. Now we both know both types of people, there is no denying it. I think it is part of the American dream to leave a little something to your kids, it always has been. Not everybody who does that is a Warren Buffet. Not everybody was born lucky And most of these people did this by the sweat of their own brows or the power of their own fortitude. I think it’s pretty unfair to say Fuck You to them because they did indeed strive to, say, own a home. Besides, nobody needs a lawyer to turn a house over to their kids long before this happens. And there are the yearly gifts, etc that they take advantage of, and why shouldn’t they? Other’s have learned from generation to generation to take advantage of the social services system and nobody cites them for it. We both know people like that too, don’t we?

    i really do not think it’s an incentive to do much of anything with your life if the ultimate end is no better than the end for some lazy bastard, seriously. What would be the point of earning anything, saving anything, investing anything or paying your bills, for that matter? What would happen to society if everybody did that? I continue not to understand why people hate people who found a way to make something of themselves and take care of themselves and their own when they were physically, emotionally and cognitively capable of doing so. The rancor in the voices is astoundingly hateful and very nasty.

    Then there are people who are disabled and have been sick all of their lives or have become very ill, and we should always take care of them. They are not included in my argument here. A society that doesn’t take care of their sick and disabled is a society without a moral compass. But a society where there is no incentive to contribute would result in nobody capable of taking care of anybody, including themselves.

    I do think that medicare premiums should be on a sliding scale though and most of the supplementary policies cover nursing homes and long term care. In fact, i think all health care should be on a sliding scale with a max and a min. I think people take for granted that which is constantly handed to them. I think it makes people lazy and I think it’s unfair to the suckhole who gets up every morning and goes to that mundane job every day. I think all of it then becomes a sense of entitlement with people who strive to take care of things themselves as targets insead of role models. This is patently unfair and I see far too much of it now.

  56. imust, golly, those questions surely must have been an accident…….

  57. imust, you should do a post on this, ending with “Any questions?”. it’s outrageous. AND typical.

  58. Utah, there ARE penalties for defrauding the system, the problem is, not enough get caught.

    WHen that filthy pig Bill Frist’s family of private hospitals finally got caught, their payback was nearly a half a billion. The Frist hospitals perpetrated the largest medicare fraud ever. And then they elected that rat bastard to the senate. The people get the shit government they ask for.

    But trust me, The Scooter Store is in for the ………um……..ride of their life.

    Somebody needs to crack down on some of these hospitals more, as well. Lots of system milking going on. Did you see that documentary about hospitals charging $5000 worth for paper cups that hold pills on one bill?

  59. They maybe good but I bet she is better 🙂

  60. God bless these Uppity women ;mrgreen:

  61. Wow those question really tick me off Imust, nothing changes.

    As for old age and leaving something to your kids…….I keep seeing these commercials for a reverse mortgage where you can spend all day long and not have a mortgage payment. You could pay for a nursing home with the money AND go to Europe it’s unending, magic money! The really big plus is if you act quickly you will get a limited edition DVD featuring Fred Thompson!!!!!

    My husband and I just know our kids would treasure that limited edition DVD, LOL! Actually I wish I could get my hands on a couple of those DVD’s so I coud wrap them up for Christmas as a joke.

  62. Fred Thompson ought to be sucked down bodily into hell without even dying first, pimping those reverse mortgages and all their nasty greedy hidden costs, to innocent seniors, so that some mortgage thief can take the house right under from under a widow when she’s in skilled nursing revovering from a stroke –and throw her personal effects out on the street whilst taking ownership of a home for a fraction of its value. A pox on his house and a pox on his LIFE. Fuck you, Fred, you evil piece of shit.

  63. Well will have an open thread on teh Academny Awards with MK Bill’s nominations.

  64. MK Bill already has a built in tuxedo!

  65. Just want to add something about that raid on the scooter store HQ. That was just the execution of a search warrant by the FBI, HHS OIG and Texas State law enforcement. So, no criminal or civil case has yet been filed against the company or any officers. The feds are still gathering evidence. The search and seizure warrant basically seized the HQ and all records and hard drives. They also held back some people for interviews. So, all the stuff seized has to be evaluated and pieced together to see if there violations of the law can be proven and what charges to file against whom. However, to get the S&S warrant, there had to be some big ass probable cause, so stay tuned.

    Also, here is an HHS OIG report on the industry-wide rip-off of Medicare for these chairs.

    It’s interesting to note that a lot of the rip-offs of tax-funded programs are not by the “47%,” but by corporations and the business community that bitches about the “47%.” Seems that those conservative types sure like their piece of the entitlement pie.

  66. It’s not all that hard. All they have to do is find the records of the recipients who were rejected by Medicare, sent to another doctor and resubmitted. They probably already know that without Scooter Store records. Then come the testimonies of the strongarmed doctors as well. They have all the records in the medicare system for people who have gotten those chairs from medicare. Secondly, the FBI didn’t raid that place because they just maybe kinda think they did something wrong. They don’t roll that way. 150 people descended upon them. Also we have got to figure they didn’t come up with a hundred million out of their butts. They know what’s going on just like so many lay people know what’s going on around them with these chairs. I’m sure they got plenty of complaints on it too. Hoveround must be crapping their pants at this point, and well they should be. I loved seeing US Mobility’s page on Medicare taken down and reduced to “Not Found” lol as if they never heard of the internet cache. I’ll bet some Scooter Store friendly doctors might find themselves in a pickle too.

  67. Yes MK is already dressed, he’s so excited. He wants me to put the post up now so people can ruminate before the show.

  68. Hey Hugo, they probably sent a bunch of shlls to Scooter Store to get themselves a chair too! Chuckle.

  69. I do hope some of the docs get scooped up in a fraud case. And I have a relative riding around in one that needs to be seized so she can get off her butt and use those muscles like her real doctor told her to do. Giving out scooters to people who need to walk is malpractice. The docs need to lose their state licenses too.

  70. I do too. I’m sure they had their own doctors playing, scuse the pun, footsie. And you’re right. It’s downright malpractice in some cases. They get a chair, don’t move their butts, get diabetes, get strokes and heart attacks and then medicare pays for that too.

    That report is VERY interesting. 80% of these chairs should not have been approved by Medicare. WTF.

    This won’t just be restricted to the Scooter Store. It’s going to be an industry shakedown I bet.

    I’ll also bet as this thing gets legs, citizens are going to be reporting people having fun doing Hoveround races. Youtube is riddled with these videos. Idiots.

    I see in that report that OIG is taking these chairs away from people as well.

  71. I would imagine a person could throw a clot sitting in that thing and never walking, too.

    By the way, I myself was getting constant adverts in the mail for these things.

  72. For some seniors, getting a scooter seems to be their new goal in life. I figure, go ahead and throw a clot, but don’t use my tax dollars to sit on your butt and ride around.

    I noted some discussion above about truly disabled people needing such devices, and I totally respect that real need. No disrespect to the truly disabled. There are many disabled folks contributing to our economy and not trying to get something for nothing when they do not need it.

  73. I agree UW, being disabled is not a reason to be a total, entitled D-bag. But most of the Invisibly Disabled I know are, like me, overweight. I’ve heard it all “get up and walk you whale,” “Cow on wheels”…

    At a restaurant with my kids people stare to see if I am stealing their food! (they are both thin-to-normal)! I am in so much pain and now the Govt is treating us like addicts with no self control. I spent most of this weekend in bed and not because I wanted to.

    Thank you for your apology. Some of the others here were equally insensitive. Don’t judge just because you can’t see.

    (I have been dealing with a violent cyberstalker & harasser for a while now which I why I havent been around – and yes the police, attorneys, judges, etc all know and NOTHING is being done)

  74. Some of us live in constant pain. Being a disabled veteran doesn’t mean we are all warehoused. I can’t use my chair when I go out. Why? Because a chairllift was refused for me by the same govtI and country I served. So every step I take feels like a knife.. Try living living with that pain for several decades. Just because rgey are walking doesn’t mean they are not hurting.

    You may see me walking around. It does not mean it is not agony. We were taught to be tough and not complain. But go ahead and trash the disabled. Had GWB done it you would be outraged. Obama? We are fair game/

    1. We have not trashed the disabled. Did you not read that this company committed medicare FRAUD to the tune of $100 million, by using doctors who claimed people needed chairs when they didnt and strongarming other doctors who would capitulate to get them off their backs? And by the ‘customers’ who totally enjoyed taking medical care away from a sick or dying person by using the money to play their own brand of bumper cars?

    2.We are ANYTHING but Obama fans here, we pretty much despise him. if you read this blog at all you would know that. But instead your goal is to come here with your own pity party and attitude and trash us when we have not trashed you. The Obama crack was just warmup for you, you want to engage and be as fractious as possible and incite. Sorry to disappoint you because we aren’t going to let you do that. This post wasn’t All About You. It was all about Medicare Fraud by a thieving company. Surely you who have medical issues should appreciate that each and every time they reject something you DO need.

    If you need that chair and you have one, we are happy for you. Beyond that, Fuck You and your attitude and get the fuck off this blog. People like you are the reason this blog is moderated. Sorry to spoil your hit and run attempt in the middle of the night. We’re prepared that way.

    P.S. I know for a fact there are people on this blog who live in pain daily equal to or possibly worse than your own. Some of them are vets too, just like you. We celebrate vets here. We do not celebrate Medicare Fraud. You shouldn’t either. We also do not celebrate people who show up just to be insulting/attacking assholes. One person here mentioned the issue you raise, and did it without being a compete asshole. We discussed it. She got it. We got it. Like I said, it isn’t All About You.

    I will never understand why people think they can just show up on a bulldozer to a blog and bully everybody.


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