Bill’s Academy Awards CATegories, Open Thread

I’m not into it but for those of you who are, here are your nominees. The rest of you can just pretend this thread is about something else. Bill made me put this up early so you die-hards can make your predictions. However Bill has some predictions himself:

Best Stage To Film Adaptation



Best Drama



Best  Murder Mystery



Best Psychological Thriller



Best Urban Youth Documentary



Best Sci Fi



Best Travel Short

(Click for action scene)



Best Vacation Narrative



Best Love Story

(Click for action scene)



Best Foreign Art Docu



Best Religious Film



120 Responses

  1. Ab fab! Where do you come up with this stuff!!!??? I hope Argo wins everything!

  2. These are awesome pix! MKB has great taste. Also rooting for Argo.

    imust, who asked the mayor candidates those disgusting Qs?

  3. I’m hoping Life of Pi takes a bunch of them, just cuz, y’know, pi.

    But whatever they don’t get, I hope Argo does–it was excellent. John Goodman and Alan Arkin were them best–making a serious movie downright funny!

  4. Jennifer Lawrence’s dress looks like it’s made from my mattress cover for Chrissakes. And what a phony laugh, Jesus, this people are just plain plastic. And that POS sexist pig she’s married to, is she kidding?

    Talk to some real stars, Piers. As if they want to talke to the likes of you. Gawd, get me off CNN I can’t stand it.

  5. Jesu, Dustin Hoffman’s wife needs to go get a room. Cripes. They been married five minutes or something?

    Yayyyyyy Sally! Ani was in that one movie with her, sunuvabeetch!

  6. It was an online group and their news site socal. In fairness, they did ask the female candidate more substantive questions, but the first question blew me away! They did a series, 2 interviews with Eric Garcetti and then 2 with Wendy Greuel. After reading the first question to Wendy, I looked back at the interviews with Eric to see if he had been asked the same question. He had not. Each interview was done by a different person too.

  7. Did someone mention Pi?

  8. I think MK Bill longs for the good ol’ days of movies……Cat on a Hot Tin Roof……

    Cat Ballou……..

  9. Now there’s anorexic Hathaway posing and waiting for the world to worship her bones. Helen Hunt looks like a million bucks next to her. Eat something Anne and stop turning around to pose backwards. I already saw the bones on your back.

  10. OMG thse women runway strutting like sex objects are making me puke, seriously WTF. It’s soooooooo obvious.

  11. Reese Witherspoon’s dress is nice.

  12. Yes she looks nice.

  13. WTF David Koresh worship docu? That fucking pervert!

  14. Bradley Cooper brought his mom instead of a date.

  15. Not sure if that is cute or frightening. lol

  16. Here’s an oldie but goody Oscar moment:

  17. Heehee–Adele looks like a giant next to Kristin Chenoweth! (P.S. I love them both)

  18. Yeah she’s a munchkin. Can’t stand their nasal voices though. Both of them.

  19. And we’re on.

  20. Katherine Hepburn has won more Best Actress Oscars than any other actor male OR female.

  21. The GREAT KATE!!!!!!! I adored her right up to her last breath!

    Sophie that getup Barbra has on, yeeeeeeeeeesh.

  22. Also cool Katherine Hepburn’s mother is one of the founders of Planned Parenthood.

  23. “We Saw your Boobs”? Jesus Christ!

  24. Gay Men’s Chorus singing We Saw Your Boobs. Priceless.

  25. Seth Mc Farland…..Capt. Kirk is right…

  26. No wonder women lose ground daily. These hollywood women take this shit and laugh.

  27. We Saw Your Boobs… Ugh. Get the hook!

  28. Okay, it’s Tribute to Frank Sinatra night!

  29. Is it? I was thinking Tribute to the 1950’s night.

  30. Ok, two Sinatra tunes and a Disney song. 50s

  31. Tonight across 19 categories there are 140 men nominated for awards vs 35 women.

  32. Damn! I wanted Alan Arkin to get that.

  33. Pretty sure the ratio of breasts in film aren’t because of actresses’ preferences on these matters. #OscarWomen

  34. Reese has class.

  35. dwp I didn’t know that!

  36. A slice for Pi: Cinematography!

  37. Did someone mention PIE?

  38. Another slice for Pi: Visual Effects

  39. PIE again?? “I’d like to thank the Academy….”

  40. I mentioned Pi: A movie about a big kitty and the Pi he didn’t eat.

  41. Ummm… the presenters aren’t at all amusing nor entertaining. Can’t they isn’t straight up present?

  42. Edit: isn’t = just

  43. I too took a journey with a Tiger and a Pie…

  44. Visual effects, 20 men nominated, ZERO women #OscarWomen

  45. Well that fixes it. Women got Costumes and Make-up & Hairstyling. (And that’s saying a lot in Hollywood.)

  46. Seth Macfarlane: Ladies looking good…for those of you who gave themselves the flu a few weeks ago…..

  47. DWP, was there a specific woman whose work in visual effects you felt was overlooked or slighted?

  48. I didn’t get the flu joke.

  49. Goldfinger is and will always be the most famous 007 movie.

  50. Sophie,
    No, but I’m sure there are women in all the fields males are in.
    Anyone notice how the male of yhe two accepters hogged the mic when Brave won?
    A movie abt a girl and her mother!

  51. The skits/patter are truly lame. It’s all inside joke crap. These people aren’t living on Earth.

  52. Sophie
    The flu “joke” was about women intentionally making themselves sick in order to
    Lose weight and fit into their dresses.

    This little Seth prick is on my last nerve. Speaking to hard working artists who overcome many obstacles just to practice their craft!

  53. Shirely Bassey looks and sounds wonderful at age 76. What a powerful voice. I remember her singing on the Ed Sullivan show.

  54. Fox dresses like a pimp.

  55. They would have never tried WE SAW YOUR BOOBS on Kate Hepburn. American women are sinking fast and Hollywood has a LOT to do with it. No class at all. Sally Field has more class than half of them put together.

  56. I don’t know what the big deal is about Clooney, he looks seedy to me.

  57. Apparently, straight women adore him 😉

  58. Jesus, this guy is NOT funny and he has NO CLASS. Making jokes about lincoln’s assassination. Where the Eff did they find this turkey?

  59. Lets pause at the hour mark to acknowledge that boobs, rape, and eating disorders have all been joked about at the #oscars2013.

  60. Good news!

    RT @peterdaou Distillation of #oscars tweets thus far: show sucks, Shirley Bassey was amazing.

  61. Need a woman host and lots of lame dick jokes.

  62. The oscars must be trying to compete with the golden globes for rude hosts. He’s doing the ricky gevais thing.

  63. Well I’m straight and I do not adore him. I think he’s seedy.

  64. Wow, the music is remote?

  65. Travolta lost his gut.

  66. Hugo he’s terrible. I do not like him one bit.

  67. Oh man, barely passable All That Zazz. Just barely

  68. Even talent has been dumbed down.

  69. RT: More women, pls. RT @WSJ: The median age of an Academy voter is 62. They are 94% Caucasian & 77% male #Oscars

  70. Sophie, my guess it’s an acoustics issue.

  71. Jennifer Hudson whew!!!

  72. Yup RT @daveweigel There are probably porn industry awards with less sexist material than this #Oscars #OscarWomen

  73. Agreed, Uppity. I don’t like McFarlane on this show or any other show and Clooney does not thrill me. I do like a lot of Clooney’s movies and think he’s a decent actor, but I would not go see a movie just because he is in it.

  74. Whoa. More polarizing crap!

  75. Hathaway is disgustingly emaciated. We’ll be reading about her, she’s going to die from anorexia.

  76. UW
    Hathaway lost weight for her role in Les Mis

  77. Well she better gain some fast. She looks cadaverous.

  78. Hope she’s not on something. I like her.

  79. Gawd am I just being an old fart or is musical talent mediocre now?

  80. Is she a tranny?

  81. Didn’t she just have a baby?

  82. You GO Girl!!!

  83. She’s lovely.

  84. Will Smith is doing a re-make of Annie. His kid was supposed to star as Annie, but dropped out. This little girl is her repalcement as Annie.

  85. “We don’t care what they’re saying because they’re so attractive”

  86. Babs’ voice is going.

  87. Nice to see Streisand doing a tribute to Hamlish. Brought a tear to my right eye.

  88. Yes it was nice, but her voice brought a tear to my eye too. I guess she sang too much in her lifetime.

  89. A teddy bear making jokes about orgies and Jews. A song and dance number about boobs. I’m not sure this evening’s Oscars can get any lower.

  90. Yes, she did sound weak. Not belting it out like to old Babs.

  91. Love Norah Jones, but this is not really her kind of music. She was in an interesting movie–Blueberry Nights.

  92. Adele!

  93. Tarantino isn’t doing coke. Nahhhh.

  94. Lowered the key too, Hugo.

  95. Hey Irland, obviously you missed the Lincoln assassination joke.

  96. Wow! The academy likes Pi.

  97. Aw Sally kissed him.

  98. GAG!

  99. WtF???????????

  100. All Michelle’s party friends.

  101. She borrowed TOTUS.

  102. They had dinner at the WH with the nation’s governors tonight. Nice to see our tax dollars at work.

  103. I’m sorry but that was tacky of Michelle.

  104. Wow what’s he on. Yeesh.

  105. OMG these people are druggies.

  106. No, unfortunately, I didn’t miss the Lincoln joke.

    I guess Ricky Gervais wasn’t available tonight, his 8th grade classmate Seth stepped in for him.

  107. Glad for Ben. Sorry for Speilberg. Jack Nicholson needs to do some sit-ups.

  108. Afleck, Tarantino: Things go better with coke.

  109. One of the weirdest, tackiest Oscars ever.

  110. It was like a middle school boy’s version of Oscars.

  111. We caught dribs & drabs of it during commercials of other shows. Hubbie & me: Who the hell is Seth McFarland?, Who is this moron?, Oh someone should beat the crap out of him (the boobs song). Laker says he writes some horrible adult cartoon and does another creepy tv show.

    How does this guy get to host the oscars? Does he have anything to do with the movie industry? fgs. How low can they go?

  112. I thought that First Lady thing was really weird, but thought she looked very nice. She’s come a long way (looks,style) over the past 4 years.

  113. Agree with you all, insane Oscars.

  114. Socal, if you had 26 personal assistants, you’d look way better too!

  115. Haha! Were all those people in fancy uniforms her personal assistants? That whole setup was a bit too imperial for good taste.

  116. Socal, Michelle has the largest staff of any first lady, ever. 26 was last record count. Could be higher now that her head is bigger.

  117. Totally the most insane Oscars evah. 😆

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