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  1. 9 Sexist things that happened at the Oscars last night.
    I honestly think the women of hollywood are horrible examples, because they have no self respect. If they did, they would have all walked out at the Boobs Song.

  2. The comments in that link don’t think it was sexist at all! How do you help people who don’t realize they need help?

  3. Is that your hubby in the photo above Uppity??? 😉

  4. The Cat yes. 😆

  5. I won’t even watch the commericials for the Oscars. I did catch a show that showed the show back when Bogart and his like were the main attrqactions. What a different time and place.

  6. You mean Lauren Bacall and her husband???

  7. You got it. I was in love with Becall when she played a part on Rockford Files!

  8. The cat is a keeper.

    A guy with such a good reference may have a lot of potential.

  9. Looks like one of those millenial generation people. Probaly doesn’t have a job. The cat I could live with, especially if he has good reading skills.

  10. I have not watched oscars/Emmys/whatever shows in decades. Hyped awards banquets except they have their names in their sets rather than plastered on their chests. Are these not the type of things so many of use avoid like the plague in our own world unless you are strong armed into attending? Why would I want to watch someone else’s profession make fools of themselves with poor MCs, bad speeches and silly and often insulting role playing.

    For example: would you watch*:

    Awards for the realtors?

    Mary Kay Sapphire Awards Night?

    *Unless you are a realtor or Mary Kay rep.

  11. Hugo you meanie! He looks nice, or else why would a kitteh snuggle up to him like that. I’ve been around lots of nice millennials. They seem nicer than the spoiled Gen Xers (except for my Gen X sister!). I read an article recently that said the millens were better about controlling their debt and better able to forgo expensive cars and clothes and living within their means, which were also less, becuz they make less money than the Gen Xers due to the bad economy. So who knows what they would have been like in a richer economy. But I think they’re adaptable. My kid sure is, hes had to accept all kinds of situations and just does so without complaint. He also is frugal, saves most of his small income, but isn’t stingy, takes me to lunch abt 3x per month and is generous at gift time. Anyway, in my raising of him, I pound into him not to repeat mine & his dads and our siblings mistakes.

  12. Mt Laurel, that is hilarious. I’ve never thought of that.

  13. Gen Xers were a nasty arrogant brood. They got out of college and the jobs were just everywhere, the salaries were hight and they had an exaggerated sense of their own importance and ‘genius’. It was always fun to watch them fuck up, and sometimes it was a blast to watch them hang themselves with that rope of theirs. Only then did a little humility set in, if they weren’t fired first. It was always dependent on how much their arrogance cost the company.

  14. I would say the guy is not all that much to look at, but when you put him with his cat and his obvious love for his cat, and make it into a package, he becomes exponentially more attractive.

    I love watching a guy with his cat. Whem Mr. U coos and makes all kinds of cutsey noises to the cat in his lap, or I catch him talking to Joe and giving him ice cream and stuff, he’s hot.

  15. I mean you gotta figure if a cat loves a guy, the guy has got a gentle streak, right? Cats don’t take any shit, and they love being spoiled. So a guy and a cat that’s cuddling up to him is a good catch IMO.

  16. Is that your hubby in the photo above Uppity???

    No he has better hair than this guy and I would never put up with that beard stubble.

  17. When Mom moved in, I returned to using an answering machine as she does not like to deal with voice mail. A friend of mine has resumed his old habit of calling the cats and leaving them messages. They know his voice and run to the phone. My mother plays the messages back for them . Sometimes they startle her a couple of the kitties are very good at playing the messages without the aid of silly humans. Opposable thumb not required.

  18. “Hugo you meanie.” Thanks, socalannie!!
    Guess I’m just tired of dealing with millenials in the workplace. They are nice enough, but I end up doing the work myself. I’m sure there are others who do better, such as your son.
    And I’m tired of dealing with Gen Xers who think I’m an ATM machine. But I should not judge a book by his cover. This kid could be a Zuckerburg with a nice kitty.

    Not that I’m looking for a date, but I do have a rule about love me love my dog. If I had cats now, the same would apply.

  19. Hugo, was just funnin’ ya! Anyway, agree with you & Upps, the Gen Xers are a spoiled, arrogant lot; although, I still love my Gen X Sis and Gen X nieces & nephews. The Millens seem gentler, or less pushy, but you’re right Hugo, not the hardest working lot, and still spoiled. We boomers have spoiled our kids and so are the Gen Xers. We have to hope for the best though, these are the ones who will be taking care of us and running things in our dotage.

  20. Well here ya go…..John Kerry….he ain’t no Hillary, but we knew that!!!! LOL!

    But then again…he’s a man….he can make mistakes like that and no one bats an eye. If a woman had said that…24/7 news loop would follow.

  21. imust, hubbie told me to ask you what you think about the mayoral candidates, who looks good for education, etc?

  22. Well I hate to say this but there you have it. The Milleniums are more laid back than Gen Xers because they are comparatively very lazy. Want to to as litttle as possible for as much as possible in return. They keep waiting for their gen x ship to come in or high pay to drop out of the sky and it’s not gonna happen. So they keep sitting and waiting…and waiting..

    Their parents will be supplementing them till they die and then, I am not so sure what they will do when real life hits them and they figure out that there is no fairy godmother to fix things any longer. Mills are the reason so many retired people are being offered chances to go back to work.

    But they look great next to gen Y, because Gen Y can’t even open a can if it doesn’t have a pop top.

  23. Horseface is such a dumbo. He might fool some people with his flowery rhetoric, but we’ve all known guys like him. They ace the interview, get hired and can’t do shit.

  24. Socal, the union is focusing more on the school board races rather than the mayoral race. Antonio V. was such a disappointment. He went to bed with Eli Broad and that whole coalition that includes Bloomberg in NY. The union endorsed Eric Garcetti. For me, I like Wendy Grueul. I met her at Hillary Clinton’s campaign HQ in Los Angeles back in ’07. She has experience as controller as well as private experience. And…she’s a true Valley Girl from Granada Hills. She does seem chummy with Antonio V., but I guess in politics, can’t hold that against her. My memory of Garcetti’s father, Gil, was that he was kind of slimy. Unless I dig up something bad about Wendy, I’m voting for her.

  25. There are few more corrupt than school boards. They have things locked in for their buddies, because people in general don’t vote in school board elections, particularly if they are standalone like so many of them in NY arrange. When an election isn’t in November, people blow it off and they know it. So the cliques in the boards put up their puppets and then round up all their regular voters, including kickback contractors and their families, etc etc. I imagine it’s no different where you are. If she’s chummy with “Antonio” she’s antonio’s candidate and you will get to enjoy the same old same old, just like aways. When you see a bunch of people pushing for school board slots, particularly if they are non paying, they do it for a reason. School boards are the reason there are too many administrators and non value added emplooyees in schools, instead of more teachers like there are supposed to be. Gotta hire that family! Gotta get their cousin Louie’s contract for him too! The best that you can hope for is your choice is less slimy than the other choice, but when the dust dies down, the two cliques (and there are always two) settle right back down to the business of doing what’s best for themselves, their friends and their contractor buddies, with very little interest in kids. That’s just my NY take, maybe it’s Nirvana everywhere else.

  26. Yeah, I agree Uppity. I haven’t been able to find a definitive link between her and Antonio, or for that matter, anyone and him. Antonio backed Hillary in 08 but that doesn’t mean much to me because I think he was trying to attach himself to the Clinton coattails. He’s a climber.

  27. imust, sadly it doesn’t matter. If she or anyone else wins, they will attach themselves to one of the two cliques and a good time will be had by all.

  28. No worries, socalannie. I thought “meanie” was funny.

    John Kerry–like W, only not as smart. And i love that his first trip out starts in Europe. Really? Boondoogle?

  29. lol Hugo, I’m sure he’s very comfy in Europe. How he fares in Afghanistan remains to be seen. Besides, don’t expect him to work as hard as Hillary did. he’s never worked very hard and actually never had a real job in his life, ensuring that would never happen with a double dip known as Inheritance coupled with Marrying Well. The guy is a privileged dud. I always thought so. And he’s a hypocrite besides. He docked his new ship in another state to avoid Mass. taxes. It doesn’t get more insincere than that. He won’t be clocking a million miles in four years, unless you include being limo’d around Europe. I’ll bet he’ll go there a lot. And lots of other cool places like Australia and Japan. Honestly, it’s already as if we have no SOS. Hillary is a tough act to follow, even her detractors can’t deny that. She’s an especially tough act to follow for him. He’s a 60+ year old perpetual trust fund baby.

  30. imust, thanks. Hubbie agrees with everything you said, he’s mindblown in fact. The dullards he works with are old “boys” school and he knew he’d get better thinking here on this site.

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