You’ve gone downhill a long way, baby!

Lego “For Girls” Ad, circa 1981



Lego “For Girls” “Friends” Ad, 2013



Bottle Opener, anyone?



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  1. I don’t get the Lego Friends. They don’t look Legoish, so it’s a no for me. But I must confess to buying the Snow white Lego set for Christmas this year. But Snow White is a badass woman in the Huntsman movie.

  2. They don’t look Legoish

    Well girls don’t take that lego stuff seriously, they might ruin a nail. But hey, how about the cute girlfriends! You know……Walking by a lego place looking for boys!

  3. If my grandgirls were like this, I’d seriously give them a curtain lecture and remove them from my will.

  4. Do what I’m doing and leave it all to your pets. They are so much more grateful.

  5. It’s a beautiful sunny day here, a testimony to how goot that Vitamin D is.

  6. Oh this is not going to go over well at all…

    Prodded by Totenberg, Scalia also commented on the hunting ability of Justice Elena Kagan, who has joined Scalia to shoot quail, pheasant and larger animals.

    Last year, on a trip to Wyoming, they had a license to go after antelope and mule deer. But there were none to be found.

    Instead, “she ended up killing a white-tailed doe, which she could have done in my driveway” in suburban Virginia, Scalia said.

    He said Kagan, who never handled a gun before joining the court, is just a beginner, but “she dropped that doe in just one shot.”

  7. Love his remark about the SOTU

    “It has turned into a childish spectacle. I don’t want to be there to lend dignity to it,” Scalia said

    As IF that greaseball lends dignity to anything, ever.

  8. The idea of lego sets that might appeal more to girls does not bother me nearly as much as the marketing of said sets with such obvious non lego looking figures and silliness such as:

    …Mia the cute animal-lover, Olivia the pretty smart girl, Emma the fun loving beautician, Andrea the snappy singer and social butterfly Stephanie(with figures that are more shapely than the traditional Lego figurines)”.

    I assume these are similar to their last attempt to create a market except now they have the silly girl friends (with shapely figures). IMO, those sets were not really Lego. They were just prefabbed pieces that had to go together in a certain way with just paint/indentations to make it look like they were individual lego pieces.

    I think it would be less offensive if the sets were not sooooo stereotypical. Build a zoo. Build a museum. Build a art deco office complex. Build a haunted house.Build a theater (hey what about the Globe).

  9. What Mt Laurel just said!

    I do Legos all the time with my niece and nephew. For awhile there, we were on a Star Wars run when my niece finally said, “Can we do something that’s not gray?” All they had to do was make sets of things that had many colors and weren’t so obviously boy dominated–which they do, periodically. We did a number of them from the Medieval set, the Harry Potter series, including Hogwart’s castle, and some of the architecture series. But these “androgynous” sets are definitely in the minority.

  10. Hey you! Ads show it all. ps: Upps, a place you might ant to check out is Wordnik — go check that out on semantics and what looks like what? You will be amazed. Hugs from VB who wished she had watched the Awards, didn’t but heard about the haps w/Nicholson. geez. Geez. WTF?

  11. I am contiously shocked at what young women will allow men to say to them and about them. I’m shocked at the behavior young women will countenance from men.
    I don’t mean to blame the victim but somebody buy these girls a clue.
    Can’t help but blame Mad Men, Obama’s orchestrated ascendence and the pornification of America.
    Look, I get it, once I was young and very interested in attracting men, but I was prepared to spend the rest of my life alone rather than allow myself to be used, abused or made a figure of ridicule.
    This has nothing to do with Legos, I was responding to the look how far we’ve come–not–theme.

  12. More OT, but very significant news…House freshmen have cancelled their bipartisan bowling night cuz they “all got busy.” What could be more pressing than freshmen bowling night?

  13. wrong link above. Just to prove I didn’t make up that bowling story.

  14. Girls cannot be bothered honing skills or talent for a profession…..they’ve got friends to make!!

  15. Oh boo-hoo!! Blade Runner has no home!!!!!j Whaaaa!!!–abc-news-topstories.html

    He has no home!!!!! But did we mention…. Reeva Steenkamp…has no LIFE!!! #narcissistmurderer

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