You haz teh sequester! Tin Foil Cat warned you!

tinfoilcatTin Foil Cat warned you!

He said over and over and over again, “Teh Sequester iz coming!”. Over and over and over again. Again. Again.

It’s  Sequester Day! Run!!!

The worst part of today is now these horse’s asses will have to make up yet another buzz word with which to scare the bejesus out of you!

Kick the can!

Fiscal Cliff!


What will the next buzz word/phrase be? What’s a good term for gutting social security?

Tin Foil Cat was up early attempting to  interview people on the street about sequester. He didn’t get any interviews because everybody on the street was running and screaming, but he did get some photos of reactions to the onset of sequester day. The Mayans would be sooooooooo jealous!








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  1. Makes a kind of deceptive sense – get the media and people to thinking/reporting on a word and it’s just another slight of hand except not with cards.

  2. What ever happened to “no drama Obama?” His tenure has been nothing but drama.

  3. Uppity this is exquisite humor. I have this link at my FB. Very nice ppl there, and limited to Friends and Friends of Friends. I’ll remove at your request.

  4. Sequester will not reflect on Obama. It will reflect on Congress. Just like when Newt tried this shit. Presidents don’t make laws, they sign them or veto them. Congress failed to pass a law for him to sign or veto. Congress is vewy vewy stoopit.

  5. Pamela why would I mind?

  6. cuz FB gives you Heebie Jeebies?
    Happy to leave it as many there are kitteh lovers

  7. Uppityites FYI. My doctor called regarding results of my trip to a casket for an MRI/MRA. Results show there is nothing in my head.

    She did admit that there are some remnants of a brain though.

  8. Hey FB isn’t my burden, it’s the burden of you folks who are foolish enough to use it!

  9. BRB. This vitamin D is so good, my neighbor called and asked if I would step out on the deck and bring the sun out.

  10. Things slow in Uppityville. I might be able to sneak away.

  11. He was just on TV . 🙄

  12. 😆 that Kitteh pic. 😆

  13. OMG I have to stop posting now…all the bytes on my computer are suddenly running out on the floor and the monitor is gasping for breath…sequester has killed the internet…children are being run over in the streets…old women are taking skillets to old men worldwide…sequester has caused global starvation and cows are biting humans back…run for your lives…deer are carrying AR-15’s and they are using I-Pod game calls with human female sounds blasting from them…men are dying by the thousands…It is the end of the world. Yes the Myans might have been off a few months but they were right lmao.

    Glad you are going to be ok Uppity. I have been very under the weather. Wishing the end of the world would happen. At least I would no longer be suffering. . Ah much to some folks displeasure I think I have survived the apocalypse .

    Eh the Republicans will get the blame even though these are Obambams suggestions in the agreement made to raise the debt ceiling it is the Republicans fault. Hell it is most likely Bushes fault again. Me personally I think it needed to happen and needs to happen again. I am glad it did although it amounts to removing a thimble full of water from the Atlantic ocean.
    Yea a week of TSA not groping babies and old women.

  14. utah
    Your bytes fell out?
    Definitive event of the times.

  15. Got that Head Exploding gif handy, Uppity?

    What’s on your menu? Just got off the phone with my health care provider asking them to explain why my premium jumped up. No good answer!— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) February 27, 2013

  16. Dear Donna B,

    Your new higher premiums (for crappier coverage) are a present from Obbie and the Move on Mom in Chief. Just in time for the Ides of March.

    Isn’t that special.

    You really should learn to look both ways before you double cross the masses.

    Guess you were so busy laughing at the regular guys and gals trying to keep food on the table and a roof on the house that you never thought that infamous Chi town bus might hit you.

    The Peons.

    PS: Quit you whining.

  17. I’m actually enjoying this sequester thing more than any past bickering and dickering over the budget. Why? Because the pain will be shared and it will be felt by the American public if the Incompetents let it really kick in. And it’s going to hit the conservative sacred cow–DOD and defense contractors. This conservative chant that the government doesn’t create jobs will be demonstrated to be false, when jobs are lost. I expect to lose my job as part of this action, but it’s not going to hurt me as much as it will hurt the people who benefit frm my activities.. Suck it up, folks.

  18. Yeah Donna, how’s it feel?

  19. Re sequester. You all know that in the REAL world, CEOs tell all departments to cut out 5% of their budgets all the time–without impacting the customer or the product, and if the dept heads can’t manage it, the CEO will find another department head. This is nonsense, with government there is never a bottom line, just a black hole.

  20. I wonder if the Pentegon fired all those perverts who got caught with child porn on their computers? These generals live like kings with their perks too. This is bullshit. The overhead is where you cut and in the real world, overhead is anybody who doesn’t touch the product or directly serve the customer. It’s like that in government too. Keep the workers, flatten the management system. Every single government agency is no different than any department anywhere when it comes to overhead. Ditch the trips, ditch the perks, reduce the levels of management, would save billions, maybe even trillions. Cut out the Effing parties with the five hundred dollar favors and the trips to warm places in winter for ‘conventions’.

  21. If the NSF has got time for porn downloads, they can afford to cut their budget too, they have too many employees with too much time on their hands.

  22. What was that govt organization that made the youtube videos of how they are fucking America? The ones with the thousand dollar party favors for their annual “awards” dinner?

  23. Uppity, budget cuts never target the useless and wasteful, but I can honestly say that I’ve never worked in a program that was overstaffed or overfunded. And it’s certainly harmful to those who do perform essential functions to be painted with the same brush as the handful who surf for porn and go on boondoggles. Budget cuts are nothing new in the government. I’ve lived through many staff reductions and cuts to funding, but the wateful spending continues. That’s why I’m please to see these go across the board and hit DOD. No need to cut staff who get people paid their SS check and leave a bunch of greedy DOD contractors racking up big bucks for nothing.

  24. “This is nonsense, with government there is never a bottom line, just a black hole.”
    No one talks about the “black hole” of the ~$80 billion per month that the Fed and US treasury are pumping into the banks and financial scams. IIRC, it was about four months ago that the gubmint announced that they were buying $40-50 billion per months of MBS (mortgage bases securities) at face value, for an indefinite period of time. The MBSs are essentially worthless as they are based on sub-prime mortgages. Insiders like Leon Black made billions with the first round of buy backs.

  25. Does Bill know about this? There are still places where employment for cats is possible. They don’t actually get paid to be stroked, but it’s a pretty darned cush job imo.

  26. That was GSA. I believe their bad behavior has put the dampers on a lot of government meetings. All government meetings are not wasteful parties, but GSA’s conduct has screwed everyone. That’s the kind of crap that makes the news, but what never makes the news is the little government agent who has to travel to get a job done and sleeps in a rest stop in their government car because there’s no money in the budget to put them in a motel. That’s the budget story that I’m more accustom to hearing, but it’s not newsworthy. Just as in the private sector, in the government, there are bottomfeeders and there are remarkablly dedicated people doing a fabulous job.


  27. I agree with flattening managment in the government and that was done in the mid ’90s under Al Gore’s re-inventing government. Then under Bush, the unflattened government. Every administration comes in a re-organizes the government–constant upheaval. That right there results in wasteful spending. The bring in consultants to tell them how to eff up the operations.

  28. That’s a boo hoo, though Hugo. Lots of people in private life don’t get luxury travel to do their job and they have to use their own cars. Corporations aren’t as free with cars as our government agencies are at any level of government.

  29. The thing is, Hugo, there isn’t an organization anywhere on this earth that can’t take a five percent cut in budget and survive well. Departments anywhere will use up what you give them and not give it a thought, because they don’t have to.

  30. You get a letter. It says no increase in your budget next year. Cut five. You go do it. The real world does it every day. If you don’t do it, they find someone who can. You have to lay people off sometimes too or eliminate jobs by attrition. That’s life in the real world. There is no reason on earth why government is any different. To even imagine they are 100% efficient is to suspect disbelief.

  31. I got an eyeful at the local and county and state levels and it was an epiphany for me, let me tell you.

  32. Yeah McN, I’ve seen some of those cat cafe stories. They are big in other countries. People go to be with the cats, business booms. And the cats rule. There are hotels that loan out house cats too. lol. I would take one.

  33. Cripes, SHV, that just makes me sick.

  34. Government contractors is another story too. Friends and relatives of the entrenched big shots and it’s waste at it’s highest level in many cases. They create programs to fit their favorite contractors. It’s a downright scandal that never gets exposed.

  35. Uppity, I’m talking about people who travel hundreds of miles across states and do it everyday and it is within the scope of their duties. I’m not talking about occasional travel. And, according to governmengt travel regs, travellers are not allowed to use their own cars without authorization. So, this is not some perk that some evil fed is using to pick the pocket of taxpayers. But apparently sleeping in a rest stop is good enough.

  36. Uppity, what seems to be missing in all of these debates about the cuts is the fact that there have been many rounds of budget cuts to federal agencies over the years. The only new thing here is a lot of it is coming out of DOD and that’s why the conservatives are even giving a rat’s ass. I have lived through many cuts in funding and staff. I agree that’s life in the real world and feds are part of the real world. Been there, done that. Don’t understand why anyone thinks there has never been a cut in the federal govenment. And I date back to the Nixon years. Seen them all.

  37. There is no reason on this earth why travelers shouldn’t be allowed to use their own cars. It’s done every day and I do not understand why a policy that would cost so much in unnecessary auto purchases would be the rule. Autos are HUGE expenses, not to mention the insurance, repairs and turnaround of autos. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper to pay employees for their gas and auto usage. There has to be some lobbyist in on that one.

  38. Hugo, the hierarchy of governments smack of the 70s.

  39. If the use of government cars is a problem for folks, here’s a fact that might be interesting. A lot of our fabulous, ethical inuistries have moved offshore and a lot of really high quality crap is coming across our borders due to the global economy in which we exist. So, how do we enforce laws intended to keep consumers safe from such crap? We now send enforcers to the foreign factories on airplanes and they stay in hotles. The public really got upset by poisonous imported crap and demanded the gubbermint do something to protect them. Costs a lot of money to exist in a global economy and expect guarntees of safety. Just an ex

  40. You ought to see the hierarchy of the NY State Department of Education if you want to puke. They have managers of things that start with every letter of the alphabet. It’s revolting. And federal money helps fund plenty of that.

  41. Hugo, I remember when the higher up government person who is supposed to be monitoring china responded to the outrage over lead in toys from China. She was really snotty and said they were safe. This was crap the USA would NEVER get away with selling, it would be yanked right off the market. Come to find out, she was well taken care of by the Chinese. This is a huge problem we have at this level. Many of the top regulators, the people with the clout, are in a revolving door with the very people they are supposed to be regulating. NY has a public service commission that isn’t worth shit because they are owned by utility companies, indeed some of them COME FROM the utilitiy companies and others GO TO WORK for them when they leave the commission. It should be against the law for regulators to go to work for the people they are supposed to regulate for at least ten years.

  42. Look at the USDA now. Monsanto hires.

  43. The Chinese crap hit the fan during the Bush administration when all consumer watchdog agencies were turned into lapdogs by defunding, destaffing, and appointing think tank assholes to dismantle from the inside.

    The incestuous relationships with the regulated is a signifcant problem. I could write a book. And things did not improve with obama. He was a big disappointment to many. (Not to me. I knew he has no business in the WH.)

  44. And of course, China owns us now anyways, so they can poison us any way they want to. And I have suspected for a long time that they want to. I have felt for a long time that China is our biggest threat.

  45. But, despite all of the upper level nonsense, I have faith in the majority of the frontline workers who are out there trying to do their jobs. Sadly, most Americans have no idea what feds even do for them.

  46. Yep, and it’s scary what our fabulous ethical industries have shipped offshore to China. Components of certain consumer products are made there and shipped here for finished product manufacturing and you’ll never know that there’s Chinese crap in the product. Sneeky!

  47. Yeah we found melamine in baby formula so SOMEBODY directed that we should now have ‘acceptable levels” of melamine in our food. I remember when our government cracked down on pesticides and now SOMEBODY says it’s okay for us to ingest “roundup ready” food, without labeling. This is insane stuff and very obvious. The frontline workers cannot stop this train once the rules are rewritten for things that can kill people.

  48. I’m telling you they own us, Hugo. And Monsanto wants to patent all food. And they are getting away with it too. When we start making laws that make it okay to ingest pesticides and plastic, we are Owned.

    You are talking about the old trick called “Final Assembly”. WHere a manufacturer will label something MADE IN AMERICA, when all the components come from somewhere else. It’s not a new trick but it’s become a dangerous trick to our health and lives.

  49. I know you could “write a book” Hugo. I’ve been ASKING you to. 🙂

  50. I once bought a POS Gateway laptop that never even was touched by an American. I tracked the shipment from Taiwan through Alaska and to my door. And it was a true piece of shit. Not even a final inspection in the USA.

  51. True. We don’t make the rules. But, there are frontline people who are willing to stand up when they recognize hankypanky with the rulemaking. They are heros and they take a beating for speaking out.

    I might be able to understand the tolerance level for melamine.
    I steer clear of the roundup and GMO stuff. But I personally don’t want to eat that crap or irradiated food or frankenfish. I’m not sure what’s behind that position, but I know who gets blamed. I’m not sue any of that is true, but it does raise the issue of that revolving door. Seems to me if the mere appearance of outisde influence is present, one should recuse oneslef.

  52. Now Hugo, I have no doubt you have seen downsizing at your level, but the truth is, the most jobs added in the past four years have been government jobs. The number of higher level-six figure employees has grown in leaps too. Government is bloated at the non- value- added employee level. That’s what I call a guy who sits in his office thinking of ways to bother everybody else.Also known as another manager.

  53. When I get my sequester pink slip, I’ll start thinking about that book.

  54. Since I know where you work, more or less, isn’t that just great that they would lay off people who do what you do? Isn’t that rich?

  55. The thing with GMO is you can’t stay clear of it. Because you don’t know where it is. And they won’t let you know. In other words, GMO is so safe they don’t want you to know you’re eating it.

    We’re being used as involuntary guinea pigs.

  56. When Monsanto says there’s absolutely no proof that GM food has long term effects, they aren’t kidding with their doubletalk. The data is being collected and the results long term can be devastating. By then, how late will it be again, when they own patents on everything the way they now patented corn.

  57. CEO of Monsanto eats organic.

  58. Three points on the added jobs and salaries. Bush starved agencies, so some hiring needed to be done. As for the six digit salaries, agencies gor rid of a lot of lower level positions and hires professionals. Also, 60% of the workforce are boomers and have made it to high salaries based on promotions. And some people were hired by politicians and given outrageous salaries in exchange to screwing up the operations.

    The bloat exists at the top and always has. Frontline operations starve. Should some heads roll. Yep, and I can name names. But those people have lots of time on their hands to work on justifying their existence.

  59. Blame those damned boomers!

  60. We are also responsible for cavities.

  61. Because seniority is the only way you can lay people off, you will always see frontline people go. Don’t blame an entire generation for that, blame the system that is designed to bloat the government with non value added people.

  62. When a person at those levels retires, why is the job still there for the next person to take? Why are they not eliminated?

  63. I saw some horrific stuff in industry like that. I remember this one guy was retiring and we had to assign his work to someone, only to find the only thing he did all week was cut and paste a report. he wasn’t unique either. But we didn’t post his job for someone else to take. We eliminated it.

  64. When I say I steer clear, I mean I bury my head in the sand. LOL!

    My status is different at that place and I will be axed, not laid off. This will all unfold over the next month.

  65. That’s kind of cryptic but I will accept that it’s the only thing you can say.

  66. Some of those top level jobs are created just for political buddies and do disappear when the buddy goes. Making up new positions is a great way to build empires and waste money. As for the long time boomer employees, when they retire, they will not be replaced or be replaced with entry level employees. But in my line of work, those entry level people have masters degrees, so they are not cheap for many years. They are professionals.

  67. Yes and same goes for some of these dubious contractors and consultants too. Patronage jobs are costing us huge bucks. Relatives, Goombahs and Payback positions.

  68. A lot of stuff has been contracted out and that bugs me for a lot of reasons. Not only because of the costs, but they don’t take the oath and are not subject to the same conduct rules and privacy rules. But that’s another story.

  69. Well tomorrow you and I will solve world hunger. Tonight, I’m going to bed. You should too.

  70. Yep! Sleep well.

  71. Well Upps, I think that the world could do with more feline fix right now. 😀

    Shoot, I cut everyday of the year on this or that. I worked for the government in my late teens. I can fully attest to the fact that there was an abundance of gravy that I have yet to see today in the small business workfield.

  72. Yeah, the bozos in Congress can’t have their pay cut by 10% because it’s against the law. How convenient, hmmmm. Only the peasants get screwed.

  73. When they pulled that phony congress pay cut stunt, I pointed out that it was bullshit and most people did not believe me. It’s all a dog and pony show, seen it done several times at local level. It is bullshit and the pay increase is automatic and the law, because these bastards made sure they could blow smoke about it while still protecting themselves and getting that raise. It was BULLSHIT on the VERY DAY they said it and ‘voted’ on it, raw BULLSHIT and they KNEW it just like I knew it. They knew they could later say, well Golly i CANT get a pay cut because it’s the law. The law that I HELPED MAKE.

    This is just a reminder of what a bunch of Effing con jobs these bastards really are.

  74. Caution: some grossness

  75. Finally. A rapper who said something useful.

  76. Speaking of sickening and informative. Pink Slime. It’s what’s for dinner.

  77. Look how sad.
    These kids don’t even recognize vegetables.

  78. I remember when he did that. I lost it over the pink slime. He did a similar thing with chicken nuggets.

    Forget that the children don’t know their vegetables–I used to laugh at the supermarket checkout when they’d be flipping through their picture book, trying to figure out what I was buying! Okay, I did have some hard veggies: escarole, broccoli rabe and eggplant!

  79. Hahah it’s true about the checkout people. Shallots. They never get Shallots. Ditto on Rabe. Hilarious.

  80. Upps, am glad your tests came out well. Was thinking of you all week.

    Hubbie sees the same issue at LAUSD. They keep laying off the people in the field, the teachers, nurses, gardners, janitors, maintenance, etc. and keep the middle and upper management, of which they are flush. Its insane.

  81. socal I was in the midst of a rash of those constant layoffs in the 90s in several plants. They would keep laying off the people who made and inspected the products and the managers would stay. Then they would double shift what was left to do the work. Next round, same deal. Till nobody was left who knew how to build anything.

  82. Upps, am glad your tests came out well. Was thinking of you all week

    Yes with the added benefit that, between the Vitamin D and the radiation, I now glow in the dark.

  83. There’s another video on McDonald’s and their love of pink slime, Sophie. They are feeding this shit to kids like candy.

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