Cats With Jobs: Job Description: Pointing Out Danger

1. Identifying Killer Toaster

2. Monitoring Dangerous Assault Popcorn

3. Monitoring Malicious Copy Machine.

4. Defending Family From Alien Invader.


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  1. I’m all right with these – in fact laughed a lot. Perhaps because I don’t see the cats as having been taken advantage of. They did what they love to do (that curiosity thing) and when the fun was over they left on their terms.

  2. I apologize if I have made anyone who reads this blog uncomfortable with a comment here. But you know, you all expect me to treat you with some respect, and I think i am entitled to some of that too. When I am wrong, I do make an effort to apologize, and when I do I expect you to not be mercenary about about it, and I try to be the same way. I also try not to do it again. But i see no reason why any blogger should have to take abuse with sniper remarks. We have argued plenty of issues, but rarely do we do it with a snipe and run, do we now?

    So I want to go on record right now and apologize to you all if this made you uncomfortable. What I will not do is apologize to a sniper.

  3. pamela, if you laughed at this, obviously there is something wrong with you. You have the same defect I have.

  4. pamela, if you laughed at this, obviously there is something wrong with you.
    yep, and stubborn too. The chances that I’d take change under consideration are, let’s say, slim to none.

  5. I agree with pamela’s comment. The cats are doing what they love. In the wild they would be doing the same thing but with nature and not technology. That’s what makes it interesting….seeing them interact with technology. Cats hunt and play by nature. Being bored and living in a bubble, now that would be cruel treatment!

  6. You know what else? Nobody ever found the skeleton of a cat in a tree either.

  7. The problem was that these were machines…but low-tech. Enter the 21st century people!

    Yeah…there’s an app for that.

  8. Yeah but you can’t do this with an app.

  9. Then there’s Nora….who plays……the classics….

    But not everyone can have such a gifted cat.

  10. And some have gone wrong for lack of things to do.

  11. Or become depressed and non productive slackers due to lack of toaster interaction

  12. Cats without proper upbringing and supervision…..

  13. After repeated access denials to the toaster and the popcorn maker, Ernie turns to reality TV.

  14. Ernie is so incorrigible he took down the video!

  15. Love the Videos. 🙂

  16. Fun videos of cats doing what cats do. Curiosity doesn’t always kill a cat. Some times they just have fun with it. I especially love the printer cat becuase I’ve had similar printer experinces.

  17. There is a printer kitty version with a soundtrack that is hilarious. The cat says bad words.

  18. I’m not piling on here, but Uppity, I’m guilty of dumping some of my own issues STUFF here – in the names of awareness, activism, righteous indignation.

    So, in my case, I’m learning a bit more about myself of late – like, how unaware I am at times of galloping in on my ‘trigger’ (like, on your blog.)

    My apologies to you and others that read here.

    …I’ve decided the inscription on my headstone should read:

    “I’m having a problem with this; I need to see my therapist – her number and my credit card are in the urn.”

  19. …I’m throwing in my request now to come back as a Kitteh – and be named: “Whatevah.” lol.

  20. If you will note on your last comment, former Why Not, your wish has been answered.

  21. Was there ever any FRICKIN DOUBT that he would do this??!!!!?

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama raised anew the issue of cutting entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security as a way out of damaging budget cuts, a White House official said on Sunday, as both sides in Washington tried to limit a fiscal crisis that may soon hit millions of Americans.

    Stupid, stupid Obots.
    *Note: that sound you hear is FDR rolling in his grave.

  22. Poor animals. Completely confused by the crazy machines humans put forth. The interesting thing is that they do learn after repetition they aren’t scary after all. They become about as annoying to cats and dogs, as they are to humans.

  23. It’s all in the game imust. The whole idea was to push things till cutting medicare and social security would be the only option poor poor barack had, what can he do? Congress made him do it! The sky was falling. Too bad, so saaaaad! This whole thing was planned by the uniparty and nobody will ever convince me differently. You could smell this stink ten miles away. Another con perpetrated on America by our thieving, lying, manipulating government. Next they will reduce the cuts and expect everyone to be grateful. Same shit all the time from these lying thieves.

  24. Funny thing about cutting SS bens. When the economic going gets tough, people start applying for their benefits cuz that’s the only source of income they may have. Another funny thing is that so little emphasis has been placed on combating fraud that the trust funds have probably been further compromised by people who don’t belong on the roles. I’m speaking of SSA disability and probably SSI disability too. Reagan tried to address the disability malingerers but got shot down by the federal courts to a certain extent. Prior to Reagan, disability ben recipients were on for life, even if they recovered. Reagan instituted medical re-exams. Don’t get me wrong, I dislike him, but he did set that right to a degree.

  25. SS also needs to stop issuing that $255 death benefir and stop paying benefits to individual benficiaries on each account. No one’s paycheck is divided up per adult and per child. Costs money to do the calculations and issue separate payments. Operating costs can be reduced.

  26. Yeah Reagan’s arbitrary Drop Them From SSDI and Let’s See What Happens attitude killed a very good friend of mine. But hey it was one less person on the rolls. I have hated him ever since because I saw what he did to an innocent and very sick person, the fuck. I hope he burns steadily.

  27. There are a LOT of people on SSDI who have no business being there and I won’t deny it, I want to see them cut off as much as anybody. But arbitary bullshit kills people. I think SSDI recipients SHOULD be revaluated but with a hint of good sense and not a building full of maliciousness. Nobody should create an overzealous arbitary set of rules where actual sick people fall through the cracks.

  28. Yes, the courts found it to be arbitrary, they all had to be re-instated and an appropriate medical re-exam system implemented. He went about it like a real asshole, but it did need to be addressed. He did everything he could to hogtie Social Security.

    There is more that could be done to shore up the trust funds now before they start upsetting people who depend on it and genuinely deserve their bens.

  29. I know Uppity, the fix was in. That’s why Hillary couldn’t win, wasn’t part of the plan. She might have actually helped the economy or fixed things. Then no excuse to destroy SSI.

  30. Silly young people think they are never going to get old. Want all their disposible income for fun. Want to pull the plug on the elderly. In the end, they will get older and they will all die in poverty for not paying attention.

  31. Just read that obama shopped at Walmart for a new Budget Director. I hate Walmart. They helped to sell us to China.

  32. Hugo, Walmart is responsible for the lowering of the standard of living in the USA. They have been busy with their plan for a lonnnnnnng time. I did a tech exchange with them in the early 90s and they were seriously up to no good. They had roughly 4000 little sweat shops in China. Garages, basements, places like that. Children were making shit for them. They are despicable and they have bought off the Dept of Labor as well. They have been caught with 14 year olds wielding chain saws on christmas trees and all they got was a fine. A fine AND an agreement that they would be given 30 days notice before an audit. Everywhere they go, small businesses die and they swoop up the employees for lower pay an benefits. Despicable company and people caught onto them far too late. They are also great supporters of illegal aliens working under inhumane conditions on third shift cleanup. If you recall, there was a fire late at night and all the workers were locked in. Locked in dead. I NEVER go to walmart. Have never bought anything from them and never will. They give you 20 cents off a tube of toothpaste while you are paying for the medicaid for their employees, which they help employees apply for.

  33. Here’s a link with info on the nominee. Seems like she has credible qualifications, but her current gig at Walmart is just too much and the Big Cheese at Walmart thinks she the cat’s pajamas.

    I steer clear of Walmart too and try to support local small business.

  34. The very fact that he even TALKS to walmart big shots makes him even more suspect, if that’s at all possible. Perhaps Walmart has even more ways to degrade America.

  35. Maybe he can put a Wally person in charge of the Dept of Labor next. Like he did for Monsanto in the USDA. Fox meet hen house.

  36. Michelle had ties to a Walmart supplier. She got a position on the board of the supplier when Mr. Community Org was elected to the Senate. Influence peddling much? She had to resign when he was pandering to unions in order to elbow his way into the WH.

  37. Yes I remember that. Yet another hypocrite. Also, she was an overpaid hospital big shot who was hired to help dump the poor in the streets too soon.

  38. I think Axelrod’s PR firm helped that hospital with its dump the poor campaign. I just went looking for a website that exposed a lot of good stuff on them back in ’07 and ’08, but it has gone private.

  39. Here’s Obama’s next cabinet appointment from Wal Mart.

  40. Hugo @ 10:48
    I am very appreciative of that Michelle link you put here. TY.

    Late this afternoon I came home with Lulu, a realistic computerized cat donated to our household by a friend who appreciates it but is downsizing. Anyone familiar with Lulu? Quite incredible. I’m introducing her to the real resident cat little by little. It began last night inadvertantly when I’d carelessly left the bag containing Lulu on the floor. I didn’t think it would bother the real cat here but Rosie began trying to get in the bag with it. Tired, I put it on a high shelf for the night. Unveiled Lulu this morning & turned on her switch. Her subtle movements attract/alarmed R. Things progressed but I stopped when Lulu gave out with one distinct “Meow” and Rosie went dashing to the window to see that cat. That completed the introductory session.

    My cat does not have a good ability to know where sounds are coming from.

  41. Pamela, I don’t think robots go over well with cats, to be honest. hearing IS their strongest sense. She ran to the window not because she mistook where the sound came from, but because she knew that thing was a alien and not a cat, so she went on a hunt elsewhere to track the Meow. Or something.

    First opportunity she gets to destroy that robot, she will, because it is causing her stress seeing that it’s an unknown alien thing.

  42. LOL I forgot about that Bush pic. Another dodo who helped ruin America while playing in the brush and getting rich on war.

  43. UW: Duly noted. Thanks. I cannot give it back because the dear lady was so happy to think she was giving Rosie joy. So I’ll put it in with toys my grandkids are too old to enjoy any more and figure out what I’m going to tell Shirley lol.

  44. Indeed we’ve had enough Bushes. Interesting that just as Jeb will be on tee vee this morning that most unfortunate victim of the monster FL sink hole is named Jeff Bush.

  45. Yes of course she meant well, Pamela. Most people would not realize this. Cats retain the jungle survival instincts, moreso than dogs. i would just tell her rosie enjoys it and then put it away, save it for a kid who will appreciate it.

    I just saw the sinkhole house being raised on CNN. Very said. The hold was 20 feet deep. They are trying to save some memorabilia for the family Neighbors are horrified.

  46. Sinkhole. You are brave to watch. I so dislike this much horror being real.

  47. I don’t think I will be moving to Florida now. 😦

  48. I think you hae a better chance of being swallowed by a 200 pound python in Florida than a sinkhole. A way better chance….

  49. Oh Uppity. Laughing til I fall off chair. I am. I think #3 took the cake though. LOLOLOL! Hugs. Hugs. Thank you! I think if I see any more news dunno. Means that. The cats were Relief!

  50. I agree on Creepy Corps above Uppity. I went in one when I was in NC just to see what it was? I would NEVER shop there or any other chain thing. Creepy. Horrible policies. Hugs again. In our lifetimes, dunno. Don’t know.

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