Breaking: Hugo Chavez is dead.

chavezDictator-For-Life, Hugo Chavez,  is dead.

Boo Fucking Hoo.

There is hope for Venezuelan people now.  And Fidel will have to find a new BFF. And a new source of free oil!

End of message.


Venezuelan Cheers “We Are Free!

South Floridians who fled from Hugo Chavez react to his death


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  1. I thought I smelled sulfur……Sean Penn can be his chief mourner—then stay there.

  2. boo hoo. crocodile tears streaming down my face, ferklempt, oh woe is me. Imusthaveicecream to overcome the grief.

    as for handing over the pic, i’d have to scan it first. i’ll pull out the photo albums, find the pics, pick the least scandalous one, scan it, email an attachment to you… and you can post it. provided my ass isn’t showing. This is a family blog. Well most of the time.

  3. Yeah Sean can carry his casket.

    I eagerly await your photos, karen. Show anything you want.

  4. Glad he’s gone. He was giving Hugos a bad name.

  5. His other BFF, IwearmyDinnerJacket in Iran will also be forlorn….

  6. imust, did you hear about this? Bloomberg, Gates & Walton heirs throwing millions into school board election for Zimmer, who is pro union. None of them live here. Why don’t they mind their own f*cking business?

  7. Yep socal! They want privatization. Good bye public ed….hello private ed. That’s been the plan for a long time. Destroy public ed. Sickening.

  8. Agree. Also, I am sickened that it is apparently legal for billionaires to put their puppets in and fund small races like this, where they do not live. Congress has destroyed America, allowing the rich to control elections, and taking away the reforms that kept their thievery in check (thinking of the graph vid in last post).

  9. btw, I should have said the billionaires were throwing millions into election to defeat Zimmer who is pro union. I worded it badly. Zimmer is school board, former teacher. They are backing a lawyer that they picked.

  10. What an ass Bloomberg is, telling NYers how much soda they can drink and wants to tell Californians how to educate their children. If he wants to toss his millions around, why doesn’t he try to do something worthy instead like help sick kids and the poor.

    Speaking of mayors, am glad to see Villaraigosa go.

  11. completely agree with you socal on all your comments. I too will be glad to see “Villa-I’m a Cheater” gone!

  12. socal it’s not unusual for interests to throw a crapload of money around for a school board slot. The unions and the community elite pick the candidate and one of the two factions wins the slot. It’s the same old story of school boards all over the country. It’s all about which side gets the most out of that budget and it’s rarely about kids. Its often about patronage jobs, building projects and consultants, goombahs, you get the pic. The two factions line up their voters and away we go. Kids are not even in the equation most days.

  13. Yeah, what was it that Mark Twain said about school boards? God made idiots for practice and then he made school boards.

  14. Oh yeah, I bawled myself to sleep last night thinking about ole pillage and rape my country Hugo.


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