The viral Wealth Distribution video. Make of it what you will.

The most interesting part of this video was the comparison to 1976. See, Median Family Wealth Is At A 43-year Low.

Here you go.


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  1. Well that explains why we can run on the rat race track and still never get ahead no matter how much we sweat.

    If we win a lottery we still will only be in the “rich” category. Those super rich are beyond obscene. Remember when McCain couldn’t answer how many houses he owned? It was something like 13, iirc.

    The middle class was real in the 50s, now it is just above poverty.

    Just Peachy.

  2. I saw your little florida fishy story. They make for very interesting dives!

    It is going to snow here all week. Why did I come home? All I could think of when I was down there – actually walking leisurely outdoors – is WHY DON’T I LIVE HERE RIGHT NOW!

  3. On the last story. My mom was all but on her last leg and had a DNR order in place. She went into distress and hit her “first alert” button at her semi-assisted senior housing apartment. The ambulance arrived and she went down for the count. They used paddles on her. They didn’t have time to check if she had a DNR – they brought her back.

    She lived another week – in absolute misery – all systems shutting down, gasping for breath, in agony with nothing by mouth and most of her regular meds discontinued due to her status – by her doctor.

    He told us the first day she wouldn’t last another day – but she did. She would have been better off if the ambulance didn’t respond. Her death was extremely morbid. Swollen, in pain, gasping, no glacoma meds, her heart and lungs barely working. Her eyes were pleading to die.

    My dad was the same. They revived him. His leg was amputated. He suffered in hospitals barely alive for weeks after.

    I have a DNR and I mean it! Do not revive me if I am ready to go.


    That’s what I heard a couple of gators saying. Followed by “Yum!”.

    I know what you mean about DNR. I have one too. I’ve seen too many people linger in agony. Of course, it’s only until the insurance runs out, but nevermind. But this isn’t about DNR, it’s about a nurse refusing to help after calling 911 and a policy that does not do CPR even if there is no DNR.

  5. Geeze I watched some of Jodi Arias testimony. WTF? I haz opinion!

    She was obsessed with this guy. They had lots of hot sex. He found somebody else. She went batshit.

    Who among us hasn’t had hot sex? Who among us hasn’t either dumped someone or been dumped. Or both. That’s life. We have hurt and we have been hurt. Do we slit their throats from ear to ear? No. We take the time needed to get over it. Jesus!

  6. You may be right, Uppity-you usually are-but I hate how this woman is being tried in the press, which today means tried on television.
    Nancy Grace is a supperating boil on the ass of America.

  7. All those super exposed crimes involving one person, regardless of how horrible a crime it is, are overdone. The focus on one crime, when there are dozens that do not make the news that night let alone for a year – daily non-stop – every detail – like the OJ trial – in your face.

    If I did watch TeeVee I would program it to pass the channel Nancy Grace is on. I have seen her in passing and she strikes me as an obnoxious and hyper-publicity seeking jerk. She was relentless with that “tot mom” story. Some people at work watched it nightly in our break room and I would have to leave the room or tune it out and read.

    Just an awful and exploitive way to deal with news. Trayvon, Caylee, etc. all get way, way too much time in the spotlight. There are kids killed all the time and they don’t even get a mention. Go figure.

  8. Upps, I saw a bobcat and a barred owl up close in daylight. I was in heaven. I love critters and Fl is full of them. I watched an immature bald eagle mob an osprey for his fish and battle for 15 minutes – I was spell bound. Dolphins and manatee all over the place – the river and canals were non-stop with action. I saw hundreds of each. And the parks are gorgeous with lots of amenities. I can’t wait to dive with the sharks out on the reefs and wrecks there. I love sand in my shoes.

  9. You saw manatees, as in plural? Their numbers are very low, counted in single digit thousands, usually you see one in a lifetime. They get axed by boats, unfortunately. I saw one at our dock with a calf and fed her lettuce. lol. Whiskers! She was scarred from being hit with motors. First and last time I ever saw one. Some reports say there are less than 2000 in the USA, most in Florida. Come to think of it, I saw her in the canal too.

    FPL says 3,200

  10. True enouogh about Nancy Grace, Sue. Despicable perpetually mean and miserable person, very bitter. But I’m just watching her own testimony not Nancy. Seriously, I find her not credible and kind of on the measured side, depending on which attorney is talking to her. She killed him in June and talks about how they were no longer an item in January and kept a “friendship,” including sex. How dumb can you be, unless you are trying to get the guy back, and we both know that kind of weapon never works, a guy will just take advantage of the offer. Then she imagines he’s cheating on her when they were in this “friendship” mode. Before that, he never forced her to stay with him yet she talks about seeing him masturbating to child porn. And she stays with this guy? Her story is all over east Jesus too. Again, depending on which lawyer is talking to her. I haven’t been paying attn to the press on her to be honest, I just accidentally hit that channel where she was testifying. So whatever they are saying about her, I don’t really know, but my take is she’s a cold blooded killer who didn’t want to live with the reality that a relationship was over. I can’t give her a free pass just because she’s a woman. You need to watch her testifying right now with her defense atty. You would think she was in a casual chat, absolutely no emotion whatsover and very detailed about anything and everything, rather calculated, never once saying I can’t remember. Knows every date about every incident, down to a fingernail. Even when she says sentimental things like she’s saying now, “I wish I could turn back the clock” and there isn’t a hint of emotion or sincerity. It’s all like a script. She has something missing inside, and it shows. I also get the distinct feeling that a lot of wonderful things that live longest in her mind never really happened. That’s just my take on her. Gratefully, I’m not on the jury. For her. lol. She killed the guy and none of anything in this story tells me he had that coming just because he didn’t love her any longer. maybe he never did and she imagined he did. She strikes me as stalker material and someone who sees what she wants to see to fit what she wants to have. The kind of person who doesn’t give up until you give in. I’ve got to figure you have to be one seriously sociopathic person to slit from ear to ear the throat of a man or woman you purport to love.

  11. Karen, what part of FLA are you looking to move to? Our home was in Pompano Beach.

    . I can’t wait to dive with the sharks out on the reefs and wrecks there.


  12. Upps, I’ve seen lots of manatee in my life. I used to go to the keys every year and my family lived all over the state so we’d visit and go boating and shrimping and shelling and diving and surfing and basically live under or on the water all the time.

    I saw tons of them this week in the intercoastal – st. Johns – mosquito lagoon – Canaveral – Merritt haul over canal – from River Breeze Park in Oak Hill (dozens off the docks and piers) to Edgewater docks – to Canaveral shores – New SMyrna Beach areas – many. Every time I walked down to the water basically. One canal in a HOA community had a dozen of them and they were very playful -mating behavior.

    The river is warm and they come up there every year. Also they swarm the other coast – crystal river has lots all winter. Central areas with warm water springs and river access across many miles – to the sea – have loads of them in the winter.

    In warm weather they are not as easy to find. They love the heat of power plants too. There are a few of them with observation decks.

    Sophie, compared to NEPA the part of Florida I want to move to is an art, music and cultural oasis. Most Floridians there are snow birds from the NYC area and I feel like it is a lost borough of NYC.

    I love New Smyrna area basically from Oak Hill up to Ormond beach but not the “city” parts of Daytona for a place to live – although it has a lot too offer too. I almost bought a house in Edgewater right near the river. Saw eagles and osprey daily. My kind of place.

  13. So it’s easier to see manatee when you’re out there in the water as opposed to my dock, yes? You say they like power plants, that explains why Florida Power and Light is doing the count, I guess. God knows how many they’ve managed to kill. I don’t trust power companies if anything gets in their way.

  14. I have pictures from years ago, when it was legal, of me loving up manatee. I was in a bikini… it was a long time ago. Before my love for food put a few extra pounds around my middle. They are spiritual to encounter in the water.

    I almost got in trouble once. A woman with a badge was telling me to back away from a pod that came to me near a marina. I did and they followed me no matter where I went. She said I was close to being charged with harassment. I swam away and they followed me. I was glad she was nice about it and saw that they were the insistent ones.

    In the keys we stayed at howard johnson key largo and they had a deep water wall behind the place where the manatee would sleep every night. We would drift around snorkeling and wait for them while watching the sunset. They still go there but it is now an expensive hotel since it was bought out and upgraded – so I stopped staying there. I dropped by and talk to people there (last October) and they said I just missed the manatee. They were in the inlet at my campground at Curry Hammock State Park that week in October too in the keys.

    They are rare but if you hunt out any animal you can find them.

    I go up to hawk mtn and see Golden Eagles in November in the cold. It is a joy for me. I need nature like I need air.

  15. OOOO! I had a link somewhere of how they arrested a woman for riding a manatee. Apparently they took a photo and the photo got to the authorities and they hunted for her, till she finally turned herself in.

  16. PS we want a Karen in a bikini loving up a manatee picture. Stat.


  18. Thanks for posting this vid, Upps. We all watched it.

  19. That was just amazing, the charts.

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