Chavez escapees celebrate his death in Florida.

Any questions?


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  1. The news reported that in SF they were having a pro Chavez type vigil event. Location, location…

    I hope the Venezuelan people get more benefit from their natural resources and that their economy recovers. News reports said they often lack electricity and run out of food supplies.

  2. Well for starters, Castro will have to find a new source of the billions of gallons of free oil Hugo was giving him. Boo Hoo.

    Chavez robbed oil from the people and used it for his friends and own benefit. He left the people in poverty with nothing for them for their natural resources. I’m glad he’s dead. For them.

  3. LOL Pro Chavez in SF. He was so great they came here.

  4. I had the pleasure of knowing many Cubans in Florida who came here to get away from their own Chavez. They struggled and made it here. Cubans were “luckier” because they could put themselves on anything that barely floated and hit our beach if they didn’t die first. I hate that Effing Castro. It’s fitting he and Chavez were friends. Two birds of a feather.

    This is what socialism brings. Despots and elites who do well while everyone else is one step above dead.

  5. Years ago, I once got to feed a manatee with her baby from my dock. I was so thrilled and proud!! My father yelled for me to get down there because she was there. Uppity,! he said. Manatee! My feet barely touched the ground I was s excited. I saw a Manatee! They’re rare! She was so cute. Really cute! And sooooooo big!

    So check this out. Here’s Karen playing in the water with a Manatee. I mean you can tell they know each other. No wonder Manatees aren’t rare to her. She knows them all by name! They probably come when she calls them too. And they sit. And stay. And fetch.

    ***Note, this photo was taken back when it was perfectly legal to interact with a Manatee. Just so everybody knows.

  6. What a wonderful pic! Lucky Karen!

  7. OT, but still about a crazy person. Rand Paul is filibustering an obama nominee. He has promised to speak until he can speak no more. Let’s hope he meets that goal. He’s aslo reading from Alice in Wonderland. And this man imagines himself as Hillary’s boss?

  8. Ron Paul is a crabby blustery old man. But i am not sure his son has all his cans in his six pack. Seriously. I am not comfortable that he’s all there.

  9. The Chinese give away snowballs in the summertime.

  10. Indeed Upps. I think that they will be more than happy to help out with that oil thingy in Cuba.

  11. BTW Upps, still giving off that intense bright light? Hear lots of folks are losing power with this storm.

  12. Yes, in fact, this Vitamin D is so strong, I was asked to run over and light a mall that had a power outage.

  13. I gotta tell you, this Jodi Arias is so full of shit she could fertilize the entire upstate NY farm country. if she’s not a full blown sociopath, I’m Cleopatra.

  14. I didn’t call 911 after I stabbed him 29 times, shot him in the head and slit his throat from ear to ear because I knew the police would ask personal questions about our sex life and I didn’t want to diss him.

    I mean that joke writes itself.

  15. I’d plead guilty before I sat there and told all of the crazy stuff on the nationwide tv.

  16. lol Hugo, I can’t keep the story straight any longer.

  17. I’ve only seen dribbles and drabs of the trial, but she seems to have problem with embarrassing details although she has said she did not previously disclose things because they were embarrassing. Wish I’d tuned into the trial sooner because the whole religion thing is fascinating. They sound like two freaks.

  18. I’ve been watching her testify and, seriously, she’s beyond description.

  19. I usually don’t like to see trials televised, but she seems to be enjoying herself, so I watched some of it today. Sounds like they were traveling to religious sites then having kinky sex. OMG!

  20. Kink For The Lord. lol

  21. Some of the crap they did, I would have said AYFKM. Get the F out of my space.

    she makes Shades of Gray look like ping pong.

  22. Just saw photos of his body. She must have kicked the crap out of him. Must have been the Spiderman undies. Sounds like they were a match made in hell.

  23. Uppity they could have used you during the Superbowl. It was lights out for awhile after Beyonce sang!

  24. Way cool pic, Karen!!

  25. Yeah I could have helped superbowl, imust, but not for free, considering what they make people pay.

  26. So, a lion killed and intern at a CA big cat sanctuary today and they killed the lion. I don’t have all the facts, but it makes me sad that the lion was put down for doing what comes naturally. An elephant at the Elephant Sanctuary killed her caretaker a few years ago, but the elephant was not put down. Her handler would not have wanted that. Dealing with these wild critters is risky business and one assumes the risk whensigning up to care for them. I’m sorry for the intern and the cat.

    And who the hell puts an intern in with a lion?

  27. Hugo did you see the pic of the sink. The guy was alive at the sink and he was either bleeding out or she hit him again with the knife there. Horrific.This woman needs to be removed from the gene pool. Her bullshit is right now being trashed by the jury in the 104 questions they are making her answer. Her (second) story is crumbling like a cracker.

  28. Rhoda, Valerie Harper says she has three months to live. Brain cancer.,,20679402,00.html?icid=maing-grid10%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl4%7Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D279634

  29. Did not see the sink pic. It’s amazing that she can sit there a lie without batting an eye. She definitely has major personality disorders.

  30. CNN reported that at about 7 hours, Rand Paul had not visited the potty. Must be wearing his Pull-Ups.

  31. I was just wondering where Valerie Harper was, and then that news came out. So sad. I loved Rhoda and Mary.

  32. I read about the real filibusters and they actually had themselves cathed. Knowing him, why not?

    Apparently he’s pretending he’s Mr. Smith on Thorazine. Or Lithium. Or something. He needs something.

  33. I’m a big Valerie Harper fan. I got to see her in a Broadway play (The Allergist’s Wife)–with fabulous seats so I really could see her!

    Big bummer.

  34. He’s probably peeing into his bag as we speak…

  35. Under Senate rules, Paul may yield for questions while still holding the floor. He has done this on numerous occasions today to field questions from sympathetic senators looking to give Paul a break. While being asked questions from other senators, Senate rules do not require Paul to physically be in the chamber. Thus, during these questions, Paul has been able to leave the Senate chamber to take care of business before getting back to the chamber to answer the questions.

  36. Cowards. They made wimp rules. Under the old rules you couldn’t leave. Thus the bag.

  37. Rand Paul on live stream. I’ll be that’s popular.

  38. ROFL! Bigger than the Super Bowl!

  39. The record for the longest filibuster goes to U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, who spoke for 24 hours and 18 minutes against the Civil Rights Act of 1957

  40. Strom probably left a stain on the floor of the Senate.

  41. HAHAHA Strom, probably left more pee stains than that behind when they were dragging his dead body into the chambers and putting his finger on the voting button. 24 hour filibuster against civil rights. Priceless. IF there’s a hell, Strom has the lower bunk.

  42. As far as I’m concerned, Strom was a stain on the floor of the Senate.

  43. ROFL! You’re in rare form Soph!

  44. Strom at the Congressional party conga line.

  45. It’s just too bad a normal person doesn’t have the courage to stand there and filibuster that shitbag John Brenon, of Passport file break-in 2008 fame. I don’t forget. And nobody is standing up to that creepy crawly Holder who finds ways to break the law any damned time he wants and nobody says boo. And finally, Drones.

  46. I’d forgotten Brennan was behind that staged passport break-in b.s. in 2008. Good memory, Upps.

  47. Hey Uppityites — You’re looking GOOD. xx

  48. A human stain, even. #Strom

  49. I wonder how many mixed-race kids he fathered in that 24 hours and 18 minutes. #Strom

  50. Hate Jeb’s rumblings about looking at a run for Prez in 2016. That’s all our girl needs, the prospect of another Clinton-Bush election! WTF. Jeb stay home!

  51. Chavez was certainly no oil painting. I’ll note, though, that some of the Venezuelans cheering his death are pretty nice looking.

  52. Yeah those Latin American guys can be hot

  53. You have a memory like a steel-trap, Upps.
    Yes, I now recall that blog post of yours. You had effin’ Brennan’s number back then.

  54. Chavez was certainly no oil painting


  55. He’s a pile of dung, NES. He cannot be trusted. A real sleaze.

  56. True that, the steel trap thing, NES. SOmetimes my head hurts

  57. Eh, jeb has a serious ego. He won’t run unless he knows he can win.

  58. Jeb Bush has a gigantic head but zero charisma. If he ran against Hillary, they’d have to resort to mudslinging. Not sure how that would play out since Poppy Bush and Bill have a close relationship these days. Bill seems like the intelligent son Poppy never had.

  59. Bill seems like the intelligent son Poppy never had.


    RIght now the name “Bush” does not have the capital the name Clinton has.

  60. Strom at the Congressional party conga line.


  61. That Jodi claims she got the gun she shot him with from his closet, and everybody testifies that he didn’t have a gun. I think she brought the gun, that’s why I think, and here’s why: Her grandfather’s gun disappeared after a fire in his home. After watching this detached, dissociated woman who would send flowers to Travis’ grandmother after he ‘died’ (before she was charged) testify for three days, I am convinced she wouldn’t have a whit of problem stealing her own grandfather’s gun. I think this is why she made sure that gun was never found, so it couldn’t be identified. This woman has no regard for anybody but herself. YOu can’t find a bigger feminist than me and I just want to slap her silly. She is a disgrace to womankind. A disgace. I think she decided that if she couldn’t have him, nobody was going to have him. I mean, she shot him in the head, stabbed him 29 times, slashed his throat from ear to ear and then went and spent the night a day later with another guy. I hope she gets the death penalty. The world will be a better place without her.

    Seriously, if you watch this arrogant snot testify you will want to puke.

  62. I think his scout outfit pic from the previous post is just precious, but maybe it’s the parrot that really sets it off.

  63. Yeah I shoulda captioned it ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Anyways, he’s food for the vultures now.

    I’ll never understand why these countries with despots always pretend their torturer is still alive when he’s not. N Korea did the same thing with their creep. As if the world is going to end wth them gone.

  64. Typical sign of a crackpot regime. The General has no doubt that Chavez’ cancer was the result of some enemy intervention Yup, one of his enemies gave him cancer. All righty then.

    Also for your amusement. He wanted to live and said “Don’t let me die” because he loved his country.

    “He couldn’t speak but he said it with his lips … `I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die,’ because he loved his country, he sacrificed himself for his country,” Gen. Jose Ornella told The Associated Press.

    They also claim nobody knew what kind of cancer he had, including himself. As if anybody gives a shit. But also a typiical sign of a despot. So instead of saying he had cancer of the balls, it was “unspecified cancer of the pelvic region”.

    The guy was circling the drain for quite awhile, but just like with N. Korea, they did the weekend at bernie’s thing with him. He must have really looked like crap because they have a closed coffin and we all know how egomaniacal despots are usually on display under glass, like gods.

    There’s a video at this link of all the people they trotted out to mourn him, all decked out in their red caps, of course. No food but everybody has got their red cap. And of course, the USA is accused of poisoning the creep.

    Oil companies must be drooling profusely at this point.

  65. Stay out if the water 🙂

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