International Women’s Day


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  1. We get one day a year? Who gets the other 364 days? Oh, wait…

  2. Look how long and hard they had to fight to even get that one day too. 😯

  3. This is just a joke…I repeat, A JOKE I am funnin here:)

    So the day after is the International “Get Me Two Beers Babe, Since I Gave You yesterday Off Day?
    Again, I am kidding here…..

  4. That Tweet is priceless, Uppity.

    Happy International Women’s Day!

  5. Yes, Hillbilly, the day after would be “Let me get you as many beers as you can drink because it will be easier for me to kill you in your sleep tongiht” Day.

  6. Karl Levin, of “Let’s steal a shitload of Hillary’s Michigan delegates and give them to Barack, who wasn’t even on the ballot but we can pretend he was and they voted for him” fame is retiring. See ya, fuckface.

  7. You know everyday at UW’s place is “Love The Hillbilly Day” right? 🙂

  8. Check it out:

  9. Primping indulgent starlett – Meechelle. Some finally tell the truth about her style. Awful.

  10. Great, Soph.

    Sadly it is rampant. Some get a form of justice although nothing removes the stains.

  11. I was 13 when this came out and really was strong and invincible.

  12. We were just talking about silly season never ending lately in politics and they keep proving it. Mr. Microphone Mccain is pointing fingers that are easily aimed at himself. There is officially something in the water in DC. Call the FBI, CIA, CDC, Homeland Security, STAT.

  13. Reeses Pieces aka pee wee Herman of the RNC, was so excited by the completely awsomeness dude, Rand Paul droning on that couldn’t sleep. No, I did not make that up!


    We are so doomed. WTF happened to this country?

  14. Hey, hold the press. We wimmenz tots a whole dang month. I forget every March that it is wimmenz month. Must be the lack of progress the other 11 months that makes it slip by unnoticed.

    Here’s some feel good wimmenz stories. All of them are lovely but I wish all of them could be leaders and have equality.

  15. Paul could have waited a few more days for the dOJ opinion on drones. He just needed a publiticy stunt. He probably knew they’d render an opinion on the day that thgey did, so he staged his stunt to coincide. Big triumph–getting somrthing that was already in the pipeline.

  16. Paul is right on a number of issues but he doesn’t seem to know where to bring his opinions where they might do some good and he often mixes in batshittery with the good stuff. For example, he would go to a hardware store to complain about HFCS in soda and then start going on about the number of Law and Order reruns on TV likely being a conspiracy.

    Either he’s a clueless wingnut or he has no real interest in effecting change.

  17. Paul says McCain is on the wrong side of history. (I agree.) McCain should have told Paul he’s on the wrong side of the aisle.

    Seriously, McCain, Holder or both should have ‘splained to Randal that it sounds all patriotic and constitutional when you say drones should never be used on American citizens on American soil. Damn, pass me the apple pie and the Paul 2016 lapel pins. Fact is, we’ll never say never because Faisal Shahzad and Nidal Hasan are American citizens and if we could have droned them we would have and >75% of Americans would have cheered.

  18. Timothy McVeigh was an American terrorist who murdered US citizens on US soil also–including kids in daycare. I would have had no problem with a drone taking out him and his little accomplice.

  19. I’m a capture, charge, and try kind of gal. I think trying and executing McVeigh worked out just fine. What was inadequate about that?

    What if they have the wrong guy in the drone’s sights? What if they hit someone else along with him? What if the guy wasn’t really guilty–someone just gave his name to keep the electrodes off his own testicles?

  20. It’s apparent to me that when men assign a day, or a week, or a month to something, they don’t really give a crap about it.

    Lindsey and McCain have long passed their expiration dates in the Senate.

  21. Had a drone been able to prevent him from blowing up a building, I would have been ok with that. The point is that we do have home grown terrorists who’ve done the unthinkable. It was undetectable and unpreventable back then, but if we learn of someone or some group like him, I have no problem with taking preventive measure. Of course, there should be a process in place to clear such an action. No one person or agency should have the power to make the call to do so.

  22. Had a drone been able to prevent him from blowing up a building, I would have been ok with that.

    And I would not be okay with that, not by a long shot. I am very much against preemptive or preventive strikes. Sorry, but you don’t KNOW what someone is going to do. If you SUSPECT they will do something, you apprehend them, you don’t annihilate them. What kind of world do you want to live in?

  23. What if you cannot apprehend them before they do it and you have irrefutable evidence of an impending attack? Exigent circumstances.

  24. Hugo, then you otherwise contain them. You act AS IF we have a constitution and we are a civilized nation.

  25. Suppose the US citizen has a dirty bomb or some chemical/biological warfare agent and is transporting such items to a major city to unleash an attack? Who should apprehend him and be exposed to radiation or lethal agents? I do see a use for drones and I don’t protecting citizens and law enforcement from such people makes us uncivilized.

  26. Hugo, suppose the drone disperses the bio or chem weapon further than it would have gone, exposing even more people to radiation or lethal agents (regular people who don’t wear hazmat suits to work)? Suppose the drone takes out innocent bystanders? Geez, just because you have a neat new toy, doesn’t mean you have to use it. What did we ever do before drones?

  27. I think drones are great if I get to make the list of who gets nailed.

  28. Suppose the terrorist is transporting the bomb across an unpopulated region and law enforcement elects to take him and the bom out at that location as opposed to letting him get within a high population area where they could not guarantee apprehending him before detonating it?

  29. Here’s the Timothy McVeigh profile. Shall we drone anyone like that preemptively?
     •  divorced parents
     •  a target for neighborhood bullies (suffered head spinning “swirlies” in flushing toilets)
     •  introverted and disengaged
     •  bouts of serious depression and thoughts of suicide
     •  never had a girlfriend
     •  fascination with guns, dating to pre-teen years
     •  interests included survivalism
     •  U. S. Army veteran
     •  anti-gun control and anti-government views

  30. I think Hugo makes some points. I think drones have their place, however I think it’s a narrow place and ‘collateral’ damage is also a concern. Killing our Own innocents to get to someone is unthinkable. What bothers me is we can’t get a definition of when they should be used from killers and thieves like Holder. And they are in charge. Also, the fact that Brennan has risen so far with Obama conccerns me in a huge way. I don’t feel comfortable with the arbitary casualness of that guy at all. Running guns that kill Americans seems to be no big deal to him, so who knows what intent their is with drones. And if we can drone people, how long before we can break down any door we want to break down? For me, it amounts to trust. And I have none.

  31. If law enforcement had the opportunity and the knowledge of his plan, I would have had no problem.. I would have gladly pushed the drone button myself. He declared open-season of feds and babies. But nothing on that list warrants a pre-emptive strike. Buying bomb-making materials and scoping out a federal building to seek retribution for some perceived slight and enlisting his little accomplice could be added to the list.

  32. I generally agree with you, Uppity. There is a very limited use for drones on our own soil, but I think they should be one arrow in the quiver. I understand the point that Sophie makes about the Constitution, but worse case scenarios need to be considered. I think there need to be very strict criteria and processes in place, and no one person gets all the power to decide.

  33. I’m sorry, but if you’re good enough to collect evidence to be beyond a shadow of a doubt you’ve got your guy, you’re good enough to go apprehend your guy. If you’re not good enough to apprehend your guy, then you’re not good enough to play a video game that launches real Hellfire missiles.

    None of the arguments in favor are swaying me. I am not for any drones…not even the “benign” surveillance type. If people really want to shrink government, they can start with drones.

  34. Dang, Uppity. That tweet almost got me THIS close to a water spew!!

  35. Interesting, Pentagon has awarded an $80 million contract for sniper rifles. So much for THEIR sequester.

  36. Ani, sometimes all there is left to do is laugh at the reality of it.

  37. Sophie we’ve been spying for the air for many decades, drones as spys are just the newer method. We go all the way back to the e2c hawkeye or earlier, with ground attachments, and ground surveillance as well as infra-red tracking systems are nothing new under the sun. An F-111 fighter filmed the entire bombing of libya. From the air.

    If you think drones are sneaky, stay out of the way of the Stealth.

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    bearing in mind the person who made this search is walking the streets somewhere.

  39. But it’s illegal to take pictures of animal abuse at factory farms. I hope the drones get busted.

  40. “Uppity Woman, on March 8, 2013 at 9:24 PM said:

    I think drones are great if I get to make the list of who gets nailed.”

  41. lol WV. You’re safe.

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