Just another reason why cats are better than people

Reason Number 5: Sincere and Unending love.

Okay, okay, without fail at least one person looking at this will call that cat owner cruel. Can it. Go pick on somebody else. Here’s part 2. And typical of your cat, he gets her back.


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  1. Without the beauty of animals, I do believe I would lose my sanity. It’s now going on 17 years that I’ve lived where I am. There has always been a chickadee around to instruct me as to where I should place the seed I’ve brought out to scatter. Just as surely as the little birds flitted around helping make CInderella’s gown, there is one here too for me.

    No other species is as helpful, but there is the small wild turkey hen who, I’ve just discovered, lurks until the time when no others who would threaten her are here.. And over the years, there have been so many others, disabled or rejected in one way or another, all finding refuge of sorts here. The turkey who could not use one of her legs (figure she was shot just above it), the crow who could not fly, but walked with wings outstretched, wingtips touching the ground. Not always pretty to see, but always inspiring.

    And in the years when I was really generous with seed, 5 – 6 dozen turkeys would camp here for the winter. (Yes, it did make walking here quite distasteful lol) The males ruled. Females waited. Kind of like the politicians and life in general. Only for the turkeys I could excuse them up to a point. They are, after all, wild animals.

    Most poignant was my chipmunk buddy Simon. I first met him/her in March of a winter when I scattered black oil seed over half this property – the guy down the road said “You’re putting too much out.” Like Obama I tried to spread it wide so all could eat. That’s how I came to notice this dear little face framed in a small opening in the ground. And I guess that is how SImon came to bond with me. You would not believe what I could tell you about our years together.

    But now I am happy to have just one close animal friend and she is a kitteh. Nothing better than kittehs. Thanks, for them UW.

  2. Breaking news: first sighting here of red winged black birds, 2, both males. I hear the wimminz of this species follow several weeks behind.

  3. Smart gurlz let te Boyze build the nest first. 🙂

  4. no groundhogs or robins yet, but a distinctly louder chirping from the birds who have changed their tune a little – and starlings by the dozens who stayed on after the huge flock blew through last week.

  5. Pamela your description of creatures who we safe near you in refuge is very touching. I should say, even inspirational.

    No bird here except crows the size of chickens.

    Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead.

  6. My little kitty is now the tallest of the three and the middle-weight at 8 lbs.

  7. My little kitty is now the tallest of the three and the middle-weight at 8 lbs.

    This comment is not acceptable without pictures and videos. End of message.

  8. I once had a dog who would not come in the house unless I said, “Here Kitty, Kitty.”

  9. HAHAHAH Hugo. Definitely a species identity problem!

  10. My cat Joe is very well behaved and will do what I tell him………IF i say a cheery GOOD BOY! first. Seriously.

  11. LOL! He wants his reward first.

  12. I once had a dog who would not come in the house unless I said, “Here Kitty, Kitty

    Okay, I love that comment more than I should, reasonably.
    And, I saw the comet, this evening in the western sky of N. E. Ohio.
    Good day!

  13. I gave up trying to get video of Lily. Without a camera crew and 5 cameras, it’s worse than herding cats. Maybe I can get a still shot while she’s asleep–if she ever sleeps…

  14. Guess we dodged another bullet…or something. Can’t scare us with Boris and Natasha anymore….maybe the Global Warming fears are subsiding…..now it’s time for…..the asteroids are coming! The asteroids are coming!!!!

  15. @imust:

    Well this just gives me a warm and comfy feeling:

    Discovered just six days ago, the 460-foot long (140-meter) Asteroid 2013 ET passed about 600,000 miles from Earth at 3:30 p.m. EST. That’s about 2-1/2 times as far as the moon, fairly close on a cosmic yardstick.

    “The scary part of this one is that it’s something we didn’t even know about,” Patrick Paolucci, president of Slooh Space Camera, said during a webcast featuring live images of the asteroid from a telescope in the Canary Islands.

  16. Asteroid Insurance! Asteroid Insurance!

    Asteroids: Because Bomb Shelters, Y2K, Global Warming, Climate Change and Apocalypse have already been Taken. And because Y3K is too far off to make a profit off of while still remaining alive.

  17. Can’t scare us with Boris and Natasha anymore


    Well this just gives me a warm and comfy feeling:

    Not as warm as that asteroid was! Just ask the Dinosaurs!

  18. Whodathunkit? Rand Paul is using his filibuster stunt to raise money from “patriots.” And he faked the nature of his communications with Holder. Here’s the MoJo link:


  19. Awwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! the beauty of animals, 🙂

  20. hugo, that sums it up very well. “this senator as a crass operator untethered from the truth who’s eager to exploit his own grandstanding” is perfect.

    If Mumbai or 9/11 were taking place and a drone could stop it – fire directly at the bastard, to kill, right between the eyes. And I say that as a peace-loving gentle soul. 🙂

  21. On topic, cats are better than people, have you seen sir ashsquatch’s facebook page? He is such a charmer. I would gladly be his servant.



  22. Like I said, Rand Paul is a greased pig. His father is just a huge eccentric, but the Son is mucho dangerous and needs some serious help. I am not kidding here.

    I don’t question his movement about drones. I question his motives and his mind.

  23. Uppity @ 11:59 am, I agree with you! He’s got ’16 on his mind. I think that was what RON Paul’s whole presidential campaign was about, setting up his son to run in 16.

  24. Not sure sure about Dad, imust. He’s been running for president for years. I think he runs as Standard Operational Procedure. I listen to Rand and I think, this is a very very nasty man. Very nasty. And missing some human qualities. Some important ones.

  25. I hopped off the “birther” train years ago, but every time I see pix of bark with the African relatives, I still can’t help wondering if he didn’t have a different dad. I see his mom in him, but not BO senior.

  26. Walmart is No. 1 again! No. 1 for customer service dissatisfaction that is. Why do people shop there fgs?

    “Walmart has been the lowest rated department or discount store in the nation every year between 2007 through 2012. Worse, it has been the lowest rated supermarket every year since 2005. And the company’s performance in e-commerce is not particularly impressive either.”


  27. There’s nothing birther about that article that I can see. It’s his family, complete with the mud hut and a goat and a cow. And Michelle on a visit sitting on the dried mud, which in itself is hilarious, considering her snooty attitude.

    One thing the two brothers have in common is how impressed they are with themselves.

  28. What I found most interesting was that there is a rest stop in Kenya named after HRH Barry O II. Seems fitting.

  29. No, no, Upps, I didn’t mean to insinuate that the article was birther. Just remarking on the lack of similarity of looks between bark & that clan. I still think he looks more like Frank whatisname than Obama Sr. They both have a line down the middle of their upper lip and many other facial likenesses.

  30. Did you guys see that Ashley Judd is going to run for senate in KY?

  31. Yeah they’re drumming up some sex scenes she did or something. Of course.

    Scott Brown’s centerfold, however….no big deal. Nothing to see there.

    That aside, I am always non-plused when a person from Hollywood and the Entertainment industry runs of office. They are running on their name recognition and aren’t necessarily qualified are very good as leaders, but hey, that’s just me.

  32. Regarding Judd’s possible run. Here’s a quote from a Huffington Post article that strikes me as a little ironic, coming from the Huffin’ Puff Obot Hillary Hatin’ Machine.

    Judd’s candidacy probably has set some Republican operatives and strategists dreaming of attack ads and other ways to ridicule Judd. It is possible they are right, but it is also possible that something has changed in the last few years and that the image of old out of touch men rhetorically beating up on younger women is no longer one that works for the party.

  33. Peggy Noonan wants to know why won’t the president lead??

    Peggy, Peggy….where do I begin?

  34. “Old out of touch men” weren’t the sexist problemo in 2008. It was young pissants in their parents’ basement beating up on older women and women in general. Huffpo is such a joke anyways. The web presence looks like a carnival of ads and dancing clowns, and videos that don’t play. Perfect partner for AOL.

    Socal: I though of that Frank guy right after i hit send too. lolol.

  35. Peggy Noonan wants to know why won’t the president lead??

    That’s a lot like asking, Why won’t a brain find its way into Peggy Noonan’s head?

  36. Uncle Frank was his mentor/boyfriend not his father. He met bo around 1970 supposedly for the first time.

    Here is a picture of a guy who looks just like Bo from the back… on one of Frank’s lovely, um, literature classics:

  37. Douglas Adams’ birthday today. HHGTTG fans are mostly harmless and we do not panic thanks to him. Tip your sofa in his honor.

    I have never read anything that made me laugh like a lunatic like his works did. There were times I could not breathe I had laughed so hard.

    That is an honest phenomenal contribution to mankind. Laughter.

  38. Ashley Judd ?? That brainless wonder ? Is that the only way now the Democrats have of knocking a Republican out of a seat ? Good God this country is doomed when we run these Hollywierd liberals just to get the house. We truly are screwed. I sure hope Kentuckians are not all that enamored with Hollywierd celebrity. I hope they are smarter then that and know we need to keep the houses divided. Smart is a rare thing when it comes to voting these days and it has been proven via 2008 and 2012.

  39. Utah, next to Rand Paul, anything probably looks good. But I kind of find it hard to believe that a voter base that elected that pyscho is going to do a 180 and elect her. As usual. Two parties. Two bad choices. My kingdom for one election where every state runs normal people. But I have no kingdom so who cares.

  40. Hahah Karen, the question wouldn’t be when did Barack meet Frank. It would be when did his mother meet him. j/k

  41. I just read where a woman squatted in an empty luxury home with her kids and got arrested. The kids apparently sent out pics of them in the home (so they had a camera and a computer), and it showed the pantry bare. So, according to authorities, they were concerned for the kids, so they moved in, took the kids and arrested her. The kicker here is her bail is set at $2 million. I was wondering how it is, she gets 2 mill bail and Oscar’s bail waas $100k and he’s complaining?

  42. Well they sure are impressed with themselves. 😆

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