Sheryl Sandberg: Women’s Progress is Stalled, Women Must “Lean In”

So what do you think of her take on how to increase the number of women in leadership roles?


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  2. Tough assignment, UW but want to contribute. First I’m appalled that I did not know of Sheryl Sander’s existence or station in life. It’s likely I’m the only one who stops by somewhat regularly with priorities which do not match the devotion toward women that most here possess. So perhaps there are many teenage girls who are likewise unaware and should know. This is a lead up to suggesting we do what we can do make this fideo viral. Sheryl has such a quiet manner and while her corporate success is alluded to early on, you have to stay with it to find out exactly what she’s done and I know with her association to FB, that it is a manner which would be easy for these girls to follow, and give them the idea of a dream. A big dream.

    The negotiating tactics are important and I will interpret “Leaning In” to be similar to a polite “In Your Face”. How many times in my life I have let a contractor or sales person get away with some outrageous untruth just because I did not know how to use an acceptable manner to counter the lie. And I know I am not alone.

    But there is more. I’ve just watched granddaughters through jr high – I’ve not done much more than attend concerts and graduations there, but have seen a large cross section of the kids and the female hormonal thing at that age group is high. The boys are still mostly short and geeky (and I don’t know exactly what they are thinking), but the girls are made up and dressed up to reveal quite a message. And it is not just their appearance – their minds are extremely focused on the same. Have no idea how that could be calmed down and worry that many a good board member or US Senator is beguiled early on into a life that winds up running her.

    FWIW – you’ve helped me. TY!

  3. Thanks Upps this really helped me too. 🙂

  4. Well she certainly is interesting, that’s for sure.

  5. Check out Wm Penn’s second wife. She was not afraid to Lean In LOL.

  6. The six teens who were killed in that horrific auto accident in Ohio were in a stolen SUV.

  7. Very interesting and I think she makes some valid points. But just like anything, there is no one size fits all. While it’s true that some women do shy away for a variety of reasons, there are plenty that don’t. Balancing family life is a concern for many women, but it’s certainly not a concern for all.

    I’d say if the issues she raises speak to you, if you find some of what she’s saying resonates…..then by all means buy her book. If on the other hand none of that applies to you, then I’d look elsewhere for advice.

    The bottom line is that we still live in a male dominated society. That is evidenced everyday in board rooms and the halls of power. I think it will take a long time to change that. When I was younger, I never would have believed that in 2013 anybody would still be discussing gender equality and the glass ceiling. Somehow in my naive, I am woman hear me roar world, I thought by now there would be equality across all board rooms and especially in the halls of power.

  8. At 43 she is on top of the world and has been there since graduation. Not all get the message from childhood that we need to hear, the encouragement to see our values and allow others to know about them. That comes from a security rooted in our foundation. I like when she says she can say so because of who she is. It is true. She can tell others, at least instruct somehow, on how to climb the ladder rather than kick it out from under others. Good for her. And agree with her on that wimmenz president thingy – if she voted for Obama then the hell with her. I wonder if she supported Hill?

    The most interesting thing about this video was the reference to her former boss, Larry Summers. He encouraged her? A woman? Him? Did he see that she could do maths and sciences and out smart boys? I wonder how she made his coffee? Black or with cream? joke.

    I guess a spouse who is not threatened helps too. Some of us have/had spouses who held us back, back in the day. Family and educators who told us we were only girls and shouldn’t do this and that.

    It is a good message but it is not the be all end all answer.

    My daughter has all the degrees, she was always told she could do anything she wanted, she was told to fight for her place at the table and she did. She had the great job, nearly the same salary as the men around the table – although they did it faster and a little higher than her, and she often had to tell them what to do when they came to her for help… but who got laid off in the first batch – two of the women execs. None of men lost their jobs. Downsize – cut the two wimmenz out. That’s the way it goes. She did too much of her work for them, helping others without the glory, too much of her own work was done quietly and without fanfare. They will notice she is gone when the boys show they relied on her for them to look good.

    The real world has always been cutthroat and deals done via boys club.

  9. upps and Pam, her name is Sandberg not Sanders. Jewish and lived in Miami. Nice to see her rocket to the top.

  10. I liked the interview and agree with most of what she says. A lot of it applied to me and the younger gens certainly need to be shocked out of their complacency. That said, I don’t like Google or Facebook.

  11. I always like what this woman has to say:

    “I see nothing here but a filibuster threat against Director Cordray as an attempt to weaken the consumer agency,” Warren said. “I think the delay in getting him confirmed is bad for consumers, it’s bad for small banks, bad for credit unions, for anyone trying to offer an honest product in an honest market.”

    “The American people deserve a Congress that worries less about helping big banks,” she added, “and more about helping regular people who have been cheated on mortgages, on credit cards, on student loans and on credit reports.”

    Kick ass Elizabeth!

  12. Oh man, you’re right. How the Hell did I come up with that name. Sorry!

  13. Jaysus Uppity!

  14. Poor Claire had an “Uncomfortable Patdown” that should be reserved only for the common people.

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  15. Yes, poor Claire. She spent all of 2007 and 2008 lodged firmly up bo’s butt. She had very dirty hands and it isn’t a surprise it set off the machine. Her hands cannot ever be clean.

  16. So is there going to be a live blog of the pope election? Any odds on Obama?

    And….are you ready for some Papal Peeps?????

  17. OMG ROFL the Papal Peeps!

    You gonna tweet that pic? MUST BE TWEETED.

  18. I’d love to live blog the papal schtick. I mean I saw their little voting ceremony description today and was rolling my eyes at their pomp and stupidity. I mean they thread a freaking needle and sew all the votes together in a string. Everything with these guys is some sacred ceremony. Vote, Genuflect. Bow. Put your vote in a special container. Sew them all together and bless them. What else can you expect from a bunch of clowns who still do exorcisms?

    The thing is, this could end tomorrow or go on till Good Friday. How do you love blog something that drags on? I’m open.

    I mean I want to cover the selection of the next Church Oppressor of Women and Bearer of the flock’s Guilt and Unworthiness.

  19. The papal peeps are tooooo good. Thanks for the laugh, Upps and imust.

  20. Ha! No one does ritual like the Catholic Church. I mean, it’s highly entertaining — how can one complain.

    My bet (in ranked order, from most likely to least likely to be elected):

    Odilo Pedro Scherer

    Sean Patrick O’Malley

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    If the white smoke goes up tomorrow, it’s likely to be Scola. If it drags on beyond tomorrow, his prospects die.

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  22. Somebody opened up a twitter account as the chimney, lol!

    I could see having a lot of fun with that. Making up stuff they’re doing. Maybe Bill could live blog as the Sistine Chapel tom cat??? He could offer his unique observations.

  23. I’m following the chimney on twitter, a riot.

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