Cockroach of The Week Award: No Contest. The winner is Bashid McClean.

BashidThis is a photo of  Bashid McClean and his mother.

Correction: This is Bashid McClean and his mother’s decapitated head. Proudly taken with his cell phone.

The Daily News reports 23-year-old Bashid McLean appears “almost gleeful” in the disturbing photo.

The rest of Mom’s body parts were found in trash bags on various city streets.

Do I really need to say much more? I will anyways.

Bashid McClean, this cockroach is an excellent argument for retroactive abortion.

To think the State/City of NY will probably have to pay to defend this  psychopath and remove his ass from the gene pool.

But since it’s New York, Poor Poor Orphan Bashid will probably just get Life and be back on the streets chopping somebody else up in no time, due to “Good Behavior”.


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  1. Wow! Calling that guy a cockroach is an insult to cockroaches. Scary thought that there’s people like him walking strutting around in the world.

  2. Remember those nice, innocent young boys on the high school football team? They could change their team name to the “Cockroaches”.–first-day-of-steubenville-rape-trial-focuses-on-key-photo-034736500.html

  3. Yes those boys are the classic example of how the Team is more important than the moral fiber of the players. Snotty little entitled ‘heroes’ of a pissant team get to rape and do whatever they want. They are under “house arrest” the little scheeves. Their defense is that well, gollly she got drunk and so she asked for it.

    Too bad for their little dicks that the DA is a woman and she is seriously pissed off. No free passes from her, boyz.

  4. DA is a woman that is very good. 🙂

  5. no kidding, votermom. His mother should have had oral sex instead.

  6. Yes foxy the DA is one pissed off lady. I just saw her giving her case to the judge and she is not a happy camper. Let’s just hope the judge isn’t another one of those pigs who cares more about the team than the completely absent moral fiber of a couple of football pimps. And at such a young Starter age besides.

  7. *snerk*
    Srsly though, special place in the hell of any religion for this cockroach. I’m glad my state still has a death penalty.

  8. Are people getting crazier? Must be something in the bath salts.

  9. You should see the gaggle of links Im seeing about mothers and their children. A toddler testing positive for meth. A mother who tried to see her two toddlers on Facebook. Some people REALLy should not be allowed to spawn.

  10. Some people REALLy should not be allowed to spawn.
    Or have children either and forget about a pet. 😦

  11. Crazy people all over the place is right, Hugo.

    Upps, did you see the story about Carnival? They are flying passengers home because they are stuck in St. Maarten or somewhere with their DREAM ship. The ship is a nightmare, that is a dream, of sorts.

  12. Karen, it appears that they had the same problem as the last ship only they weren’t at sea. Generators went, toilets backing up, etc. Carnival needs regulating before docking in the USA, they are getting away with whatever they want because although they have a so-called “HQ” in florida, not one of their ships is registered in the USA. We not only have no control over how many people they harm with their lackidaisical attitude, but our citizens can’t really sue them. That one subsidiary ship on which people died (Concord is owned by Carnival), they have offered families 14k settlements, or if they want they can sue them. In Italy.

  13. OT but seriously, I swear if I see that stupid “Hitler isn’t happy about (fill in the frigging blank)” video one more time, i am goiig to blow my brains out.

  14. I tell you this Vitamin D is so strong I actually gave a supermarket checkout person a tan just standing there while she rang me up.

  15. Carnival better change its name and repackage itself. Wouldn’t hurt to put some ships in drydock for a tune-up. But I’d never go on one of their cruises. I’ve heard them described as the trailer park of the cruise lines.

  16. Trailer park of cruise lines. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  17. Speaking of crazy cucarachas…

    The fake POTUS told the press he wants to put on a fake mustache and hang out in Israel when he goes there next week. In other words, he wants to go there incognito and vacation on our dime.

  18. Oh I already did a post on Obama with his vacation mustache!!! Remember this???

  19. I missed that one, imust. Excellent. That probably sums up what he hopes to accomplish next week.

    BTW, hope you enjoed Pi Day.

  20. But since it’s New York, Poor Poor Orphan Bashid will probably just get Life and be back on the streets chopping somebody else up in no time, due to “Good Behavior”.

    Too bad there’s not a way to give him Texas citizenship. They would have the trial, conviction and appeal all in one day, with execution scheduled for the next.

  21. Thanks Hugo! Yes I enjoyed the day! I celebrated with 3.14 pies. I know, I know…very irrational….but that’s just how I roll.

  22. Hey Fredster, I hear tell that Texas is working on changing the protocol sequence to Execution, Conviction, Trial.

    Oddly, or maybe not oddly, that pornstache looks quite natural on Barack.

  23. I hear tell that Texas is working on changing the protocol sequence to Execution, Conviction, Trial.

    Now that would not surprise me in the least!

  24. The Ides of March! I forgot all about that!

  25. I have not forgotten the Ides. A former teacher who covered Julius forgetting the Ides is a former teacher in the throes of senility.

  26. Oh shit, I just read your link on that freaking filthy pig, sophie.

  27. I cannot watch that video of that evil baptist guy. What a freak. polishing the shaft? WTF is wrong with the men sitting behind him too. They are all acting like there is nothing odd going on in this loons head.

    Like Upps says, Christ would not be caught standing next to this guy.

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