Don’t mess with old people. 88 Year-Old Dancing Nana Feole

Rightfully viral. Or as Nana says,

“I could dance all fuckin’ day”


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  1. Uppity W, haven’t commented here in a long time but I must tell you this vid made my day! I seriously love you. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Ahh too cute. I am proud of you Uppity. Still dancing at your age. WTG gal lmao.

  3. Hey Green!!!! Long time no see and REALY good to see you! I seriously love that you love me!

  4. Yeah Utah, they wanted to use you for this vid but your walker didn’t go over well.

  5. I couldn’t help but think when I saw this, if my mother had lived to this age, she would have been doing that video. She loved to dance. And loved to say Fuck too. lol.

  6. Utah is so old she farts dust.

  7. Utah is so old, her birthday candles are a fire codes violation.

  8. Uptown Girl is next on that track! I wanna see Nana dance to Uptown Girl!

  9. Utah’s birthday cake.

  10. I’m listening to this moose poop that witness for Jodi Arias is saying about how sex causes memory loss. He ….um….he….I forgot..

  11. Uppity you are older then I lmao. Like I said great to see you out and dancing about . Anyone get all that sunshine coming off her ??? roffffffffff

  12. Yea look at what this trial is costing the tax payers. She is as guilty as sin and we need to end it and get her fried. Sick of all the poor me shit. She was not abused she was jealous and did not want to be dumped. Move it along and fry the witch.

  13. Nana is adorable. Reminds me of Ruthie!

    She sings too!

  14. Makes me guilty, I need exercise!

  15. Utah did you see the video of Jodi in the police interrogation room before they arrested her? They left her alone and she was giggling and laughing and actually got up and did a freaking HEADSTAND against the wall. I’m looking for a copy.

  16. I did see that. She started singing about her memory loss as well. Does anyone out there believe she did not know all that was being taped ? She is an actress. Let’s just hope she can act that well as they are slipping the needle in her are. After all it will be her final performance.

  17. I don’t know Utah. After OJ and Casey Anthony, I no longer feel sure about the obvious being paid for. It’s not in dispute that she killed him but all it takes is one bleeding heart moron on that jury to monkey wrench this. And it’s becoming possible that this could go as murder 2, ridiculous as it sounds. That gives her a nice chance for parole just in time to kill somebody else, she is a freaking sociopath and a huge pathological liar to the nines. She lies for Sport! This trial is an insult to every woman who was ever truly abused, it’s a travesty, a carnival of damage. Rumor has it that Casey’s lawyer will be there for the defense on Monday and we all know what a great job he did for that POS. But with Casey there was always reasonable doubt. This POS stabbed a guy 29 times, shot him in the head and sit his throat and, after three different stories, including Ninja invaders, she admits it. Still, she might pull off ditching the Murder 1 rap.

  18. Maryland legislature just voted to ban the death penalty. Jodi should have done the deed in a no death penalty state. Not as smart as she thinks.

  19. Nana is in good shape. She reminds me of bunch of my family members.

  20. Correction: Anthony’s attorney is not on the case, he’s showing up on the HLN network, so I heard that wrong

    I can’t understand all the talk that she’s attractive. I find her unattractive, both as a blond and with her brown hair. My guess is her attraction lies in her ability and willingness to suck chrome off an exhaust pipe very well. I just do not see a physically attractive woman here, I find her kind of plain with cold dead eyes. And she’s extremely sarcastic to the point of mean. I have been watching her testimony for more than a week, and worked to catch up on all of her testimony and this woman positively revolts me and she’s Effing lucky I am not on that jury. I don’t believe her any time she opens her mouth. She’s a sewasoned pathological liar and makes it up off the cuff. She deserves the needle if ever anyone has deserved it. She is VERY smart, a VERY intelligent woman and she planned this to the nines, and made SURE there were no weapons found. She stole that .25 from her grandfather and nobody can prove that either. She is a true demon. Very crafty. Dangerous. And she’s enjoying the entire trial. She would kill again.

  21. Greta on FOX is doing an hour of Arias tonight.

  22. I tried watching this at work during a break. My computer screen went BLACK and I couldn’t access the system, the mouse was no longer active, I had to shut down the darn thing wait, and restart it hoping that it woud start, or I’d still be at my desk.
    It started out cute, but I never saw the entire thing. I’ll go to the library tomorrow and see if it plays there. i’m taking no chances here at home.

  23. Well that certainly is interesting Leslie. I would chalk it up to coincidence, meaning your machine was about ready to crap out. I would seriously considering checking for a hack or …..sputter….an impending hardware failure. I see no reason to attach it to your home computer, it’s a completely different machine and I’m sure this video is not a virus. Also, maybe your work systems are responding to trips to places like youtube as a productivity check. lol.

  24. I thought of that productivity check as well. The computer is relatively new, but i decided i’d just leave it alone until i got home. (Not watching it saved me time, though.) I got home earlier. Here, every time I go to certain sites, I get these HUGE warnings saying I’m about to download deadly viruses and I need to get away from that site ASAP. (Of course, they are all sites that are critical of BHO, that have microsoft and comcast shooting out those warnings)

  25. leslie, that doesn’t seem right either. Where are the warnings coming from? Are they warnings from your antivirus software or popups? What antivirus do you use? Can you tell me one of the sites this happens at?

  26. Learned a couple of new moves. Love Nana’s shoulder dip. Thank you, Nana!

  27. Learned a couple of new moves. Love Nana’s shoulder dip. Thank you, Nana!

    This comment is not useful without an accompanying video. heh.

  28. I loved when Nana moved so slowly down the steps, stopped and got down again.

  29. Uppity, I dance when no one is watching.

  30. It was a site. this isn’t the first time these warnings have popped up. tonight it identified 3 different types of viruses or malwares(?) that microsoft internet protection screamed at me. Then McAfee (the current antivirus protection I have popped up to warn me) I left the site asap. Oh, and the microsoft enternet explorer antivirus (that I’ve never heard of before) warning window wouldn’t shut off even when I tried to close it. Oddly enough, these warnings do not occur when i’m using firefox. only when i’m using IE.
    Sorry I can’t provide more information.

  31. She’s got the Alert Button around her neck. lol.

    According to one report, Nana has a bit of dementia. I don’t think it’s for the worst, do you? She’s having fun!

  32. BTW: I wanted to leave this little bit of OT when Francis I was chosen/elected/selected the other day. ……. One night a couple of months ago, I was browsing netflix and I came across a little movie called “We Have A Pope”. I don’t know why I decided to watch, but I did, and it was funny. I recommended it to my sister who liked it and a very Catholic friend who said she found it “charming”.

    If anyone has an hour or so to kill, it’s cute and really had me thinking about Pope poop for quite some time.

  33. I’ll chec back in the morning. I’ve had an exhausting week and am going to bed.

  34. Ok leslie, I just went to breitbart in IE, FF and Chrome and got no warnings.

    You should disable the microsoft crap, you don’t need it if you have McCafee. Two AVs will conflict. IE blows goats. You should avoid it. You can shut down Windows Firewall by going to START CONTROL PANEL, WINDOWS FIREWALL. Also make sure your Mcafee is up to date. An out of date AV is useless. I am assuming you have a firewall in this software as well. I hope so.

    That having been said, you have something going on in your computer that McC has not caught, probably in your startup too.

    If you have CCleaner, please let me know, I want you to look at your startup. If you don’t have it, download it. Also I would like you to load superantispyware and run it. In fact, do that first.

    Go here and download the free edition, close all your browsers and do a full scan. If there’s malware it will find it along with malwarebytes, which you can run next.

  35. Upps, you are the best. Really, the best. I do have a recently updated MCC (a month ago). I have no idea how or why I have an IE or microsoft antivirus, but I”ll find it and delete it or uninstall or whatever I have to do. I t’ll lok for the CCleaner. I had it on my old computer – maybe not on this one. I’m running McAfee now, but I’ll stop and follow your directions. (isn’t it interesting that linking to Brietbart on Firefox doesn’t do this?) I tell ya, MS and comcast are in cahoots. (I must’ve misplaced my tinfoil hat.)
    I’ll let you know what turns up.

  36. Leslie you don’t uninstall it, you disable it per my instructions Everybody has it but you have to manually disable it when you have an AV it might conflict with. Just be sure you have McAfee WITH firewall. Some people just buy the AV, not enough. Firewall is critical.

    I really want you to run superantispyware………like right now. McA obviously didn’t catch the problem. Superantispyware most likely will. CCleaner isn’t a first priority, as I thought about it and realized you need something to check for malware.

  37. Upps, you are the best.

    And to some, I’m the worst.

    And that’s fine with me since I move to my own beat and that’s that.

  38. FWIW I blocked Microsoft from loading IE 8, after it disabled half my software. To hell with that crap. I reverted back to 7 and blocked it in my updates so they can’t sneak it in again. I only update windows 7 and they can shove their IE. I don’t need IE at all, much less a version that Effs up my computer and demands I change things to use them, when I don’t even want to look at IE much less use it.

    I know people have Updates on automatic but if you can be disciplined, shut it down and do it yourself once a week to check for updates. Windows update is a huge Ram hog and slows you down to a screetching halt, and they constantly troll your computer and make you “Phone Home”. Since I stopped their intrusions, my computer runs much better.

  39. And today’s search term in my hit stats is……

    bestiality between woman and horse

  40. The firewall in IE was already disabled. I’ve been trying to find if there is a firewall in MC, but so far haven’t found it. Is there a clear way to determine this?

  41. Never m ind….I do have a firewall in Mc and it’s on.

  42. Good on the firewall. Just run the superantispyware. Interested in knowing what it picks up too.

  43. 241 threats. No viruses. i’m convinced comcast (either owned by or owners of NBCS) LEANS LEFT (hahaha) and doesn’t want anything anti-Zero available to anyone.

  44. 241 threats is a lot. some of them are web bugs and tracking cookies, but some could be malware. tell the program to remove them. Your computer must be dragging its ass too.

  45. By the by, this is not comcast or NBC, etc. It’s shit you picked up surfing. Ironically, from the sites you think are innocent. Just saying.

  46. If you know how to make screen shots, I would appreciate if you would go into “quarantine” in the program, after you remove the threats, take shots of the threats and mail them to me. They will be a big help for when somebody in future has a problem. I will be able to see if there is any malware and ID it.

  47. NOOOOO…………… I deleted them. I didn’t know how to do more.
    I’ll save all this so that I can do it in the future.

    I’m so sorry I didn’t wait for these added instructions. color me embarrassed.

  48. leslie, open superantispyware and go to the “quarantine” area and see if they are there.

  49. I’ll look tonight . I’m on my iPad and traveling right now. Thank you.

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