CPAC audience: The nose-pickers and ball-scratchers of the Republican Party

Now I’m pissed.

albundyfrontOnce a year, the same old people court the lowlife of the Republican party, the keepers of the Hillary nutcracker, the blight upon the letter R, the Worst of the Worst, the guys with the pea-sized balls, the same crowd that spawned the mock Hillary porn video, the knuckle-dragging armpit-farters of America, the followers of the best Republican Scientists, the creatures who make the Westboro Baptist Church proud, as GoProud declares, “I am embarrassed to be a Republican” —-and the Number One reason this party also-ran in 2012.

This is CPAC.

Here is Paul Begala speaking to that other twit Tucker “She makes me cross my legs” Carlson about Hillary’s potential run for president, while a lowlife in the crowd (in most places there’s always one, in CPAC there are always a thousand of them) yells


……while farting God Bless America, Except For Wimmins……

These are the same two-digit IQ people who hardly notice Newt’s jowls touching his tie.

Begala: “No she doesn’t need a facelift. She’s a real woman”.

Good luck with that, you scheevy goats. You and your heroes are the reason people like me stayed home or voted 3rd party in 2012. Fuck the whole lot of you. I hope she runs just so I get to watch your empty heads explode.

(h/t Fredster)


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  1. By the by, March marks the 5th birthday of this blog, beginning with my very first post entitled, “I’m just your typical downscale Hillary supporter”.

  2. And I think i’ve been coming here since then – some years more than others, but loving Uppity and her happy, crazy, wise and wise-ass band of followers all the while.

  3. What a great comeback! Begala is quick on his feet.

  4. He still has her back. I love that he told them the truth about how they all didn’t attack her again until she was again perceived as a threat by them. And “great” is an understatement. She would clearly be the best prezzy evah.

  5. Yup we’ve been trying to get you out of Chicago for a lonnnnnng time!!!

  6. Why is fuTucker Carlson still being allowed to consume oxygen?

  7. Why does Carlson cross his legs? Does Hillary make him want to pee his pants? He better stock up on rubber pants cuz I think she’ll run.

  8. LOL at Begala!! I’m sick of the right wing sexist attacks of woman.

  9. Beanie Boys’ must be twitching.

  10. Hugo, Tucker said in 2008 when he sees her he wants to cross his legs, because he’s afraid she’ll cut his itty bitty widdle peas off.

  11. CPAC audience gave Rand Paul 25 percent of their vote for 2016. He’s their man. They can have him. Ted Bundy for VP.

  12. Oh, I thought he said it at the current CPAC. He was giving himself too much credit then, and he’s still not important enough to warrant any attention from Hillary. I used to loiter on his FB page, The DC, but couldn’t stomach the sexist behavior, even by the right wing women ciommenters. And the so-called journalism…LOL!

    Francis I better be careful. But I guess he figures whatever happens is the will of God. I guess if he survived Evita…

    Here’s an analysis of needed reforms from a US source. Seems like Benedict started but didn’t get far.

  13. Ted Cruz is supposedly speaking to CPAC right now on live stream. I am sure you are all tuned into that and watching with rapt attention.

  14. Rand Paul wins. That’s great. What is it, the CrazyPAC straw poll? I guess he timed his filibuster stunt just right.

  15. Nah, karen, I’m watching Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants again.

  16. I am sure the prison guards made an innocent mistake placing this child rapist in with bubba and company. He is lucky they only broke his cockroach nose.

  17. Only broke his nose. Ah, well I’m sure they will do much better next time.

  18. Yeah I see where Paul presented a law that has already been on the books for 39 years.

  19. Thank you, Uppity. This is one of the few Hillary blogs from 2008 that hasn’t turned far right. Sure, Obama is a lousy president and the country is in bad shape, but that crowd at CPAC would be equally destructive if they were in charge.

  20. Vatican officials genuflected and bowed as Archbishop George Gaenswein, secretary of the now retired Pope Benedict but still master of the papal household, searched for the light switch while the Pope stood motionless for a moment, outlined in the dark, surveying the scene.

    In the general housecleaning, Francis needs to send curious George back to Benny and get him out of the “papal household”. That way George and Benny can sit together and paint their toenails, talk about boys and all the fun stuff two gals will do together.

  21. From

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal badly trailed the top two finishers in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Straw Poll. Jindal finished tied for 8th place, with three percent of the votes cast by 2,930 conference delegates who were asked who they’d prefer as the 2016 GOP presidential candidate.
    Bobby Jindal speaks.jpg Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal got 3 percent of the votes cast at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Washington by delegates asked who they’d like to see run on the GOP presidential ticket in 2016.

    Also getting three percent of the tallies was former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin

    LOL! Couldn’t happen to a nicer scumbag.

  22. I think I’m actually going to enjoy watching this pope bounce ALL the Georges. Under ordinary circumstances, I would consider this whole thing an act, but for one detail. The guy is a Jesuit. He means it.

  23. Very true, Jen, about Obama and the alternative. Six of one, half dozen of another.

  24. My knee jerk reaction to NES’s tweet was that Fancis I is gonna really need a taster. Member that pope who lasted only a few months? Died in his sleep, he did.

  25. The guy is a Jesuit. He means it.

    I do think he does.

  26. Happy blog birthday, Uppity! Best wishes!! You are still hitting them out of the park!


  27. Thank you djmm!!!


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