CNN’s Candy Crowley and Poppy Harlow Grieve Uncontrollably for the Steubenville Rapists

More on this when I get scraped off the ceiling.


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  1. OMG. Boo fn hoo. I cannot believe that she said “what is essentially, PAUSE rape” FCS – this was of course rape – not essentially anything.

    Poor sex offenders have to register as sex offenders. Ya think?

    Do they want their family’s young girls to live near rapists? WTF is the matter with CNN?

    Poor drunk absent daddy finally said I love you. He loves him his rapist son now that he feels his guilt pangs. And neither of those apologies meant a thing. They are so sorry they got caught.

    They will be on the street in a year or two and will toss around a ball like they did before. The victim has a burden to carry for life.

    All the witnesses should be on trial as aiding and abetting or something. They could have stopped it.

    I hope theirguards put them in with bubba too and I hope theyget more than their nose broken.

    Sick CNN. I never liked Crowley.

  2. 4215295 blog hits. When is the anniversary?

  3. Anniversary has passed. But WE ARE still here!

  4. Karen, Poppyseed tweeted that she was “allegedly drunk” too. Twitter is attacking her ass even as we speak.

  5. “Karen, Poppyseed tweeted that she was “allegedly drunk” too.”
    Somebody (Children’s Services??) needs to kick that girl’s mother in the ass…

  6. SHV, I couldn’t resist doing this.

  7. ……….and

  8. Uppity, I didn’t know it was your anniversary. I would have baked you a cake. Then I would have polished off said cake in your honor.

  9. oooooooooooooooh, I have an idea. Happy Belated Anniversary. Now blow out your candles and I will cut the cake for you.

  10. Remember when Crowley said women get raped in the military because basically, it comes with the territory?

  11. Karen, how sweet of you to want to bake me a cake and then eat it.

  12. “SHV, I couldn’t resist doing this.”
    I guess my perspective is influenced by working in children’s hospitals for thirty years and seeing the results of underage drinking, either in the emergency room or flying to another city to harvest organs. Hopefully Steubenville with start taking teenage drinking seriously.

  13. Other than the “legal expert” I didn’t hear Candy or Poppy say anything about the victim.

    I’m so sorry that the two guys’ potential football careers are over and they won’t be playing for either Ohio State or Michigan, then go on to a pro career and make millions of dollahs. I’m so sorry that they will now be labeled as sex offenders and have that tag around them for the rest of their lives. NOT

  14. I hate to do it but I”m gonna go check out CNN and see what’s being said.

  15. From one story piece over at CNN:

    The victim was not in the courtroom when the ruling was read, but her mother gave a statement after the judge’s ruling.
    Lords: No sympathy for rape suspects

    “Human compassion is not taught by a teacher, a coach or a parent. It is a God-given gift instilled in all of us,” the victim’s mother said after court was adjourned. “You displayed not only a lack of this compassion, but a lack of any moral code.”

    The woman said her daughter will persevere and move on, adding that she has pity for Mays and Richmond.

    Bob Fitzsimmons, the attorney for the girl, said his client was doing well.

    “I think she’s really happy that this is over and, remember, she is a 16-year-old girl still and she’s a high school student,” he said. “She just wants to get back with her normal life, as does the family. It is a big relief to her at this point.”

    He wouldn’t comment when asked if the girl and her family plan to file a civil case.

    Don’t see the sense in a civil case as I doubt the parents would have enough assets to make it worth another trial.

  16. If they are all poor, assets are relative. Meaning, everybody has something. However, I don’t think she or her mother have a clue how important this case was, given what others have gotten with with in the past.

  17. Well SHV, I wouldn’t know because I never drank when i was 16. I’m sure you didn’t either. Heh.

  18. Hahaha Fredster. Sometimes I adore you.

  19. Thank-ye! 🙂

  20. It’s still hard to say if Mays and Richmond ever grasped the trouble they were in until Sunday.

    Mays knew enough to grow concerned. The girl was never sure whether to press charges, but once her parents found out, there would be no doubt. They culled social media for clues and walked into the Steubenville Police Department with a flash drive of evidence.

    Just prior to that, Mays became panicked and texted the girl.

    “I’m about to get kicked off my football team,” Mays wrote.

    “The more you bring up football, the more pissed I get,” the girl wrote back. “Because that’s like all you care about.”

  21. The forensics Dept had 17 confiscated phones in the investigation. They said there were hundreds of thousands of texts they had to document. The lawyers said texting has replaced talking.

  22. Why weren’t they charged with distributing child porn? They would serve more time. Or maybe we should just set them up on a blind date with Jodi Arias?

    To CNN, if rape was the penalty for excercising poor judgment–there would be just as many male victims as female victims.

  23. It’s still hard to say if Mays and Richmond ever grasped the trouble they were in until Sunday.

    Truly illustrating the concept of the dumb jock. 😆

  24. Look how they treat raped women in DC. The trauma is worse than the rape, those son of a bitches.

  25. Frigging video code not showing up again.


  27. Goddammit why can’t I post a video!

  28. Sometimes wordpress seriously pisses me off. PLEASE copy the video in brackets and put it in your url line. YOU GOTTA SEE THIS. Note: remove the brackets.

  29. Cry me a fricking river for these poor put upon misunderstood high school jocks then . Me personally after all I read electrocution would not be out of line. I am sorry but I have no sympathy what so ever for them or any thug that would do this to another human being. I wish to Christ we would treat kids this age like adults and I further wish rape was seen equal to murder. All these young punks that had anything to do with this and refused to help this girl ought to have their young dicks plugged into an electrical outlet !

  30. I think Utah’s dick in an electrical outlet is an exciting option.

  31. Francis breaks rules and blesses guard dog

    Not sure why the beanie brigade has a rule against that, St. Francis is patron saint of animals. Morons.

  32. Upps, the DC victim video made me teary eyed. The WaPo piece from Fred is excellent. They do not consider it a crime. Rape is not attached the weight in our society that it deserves. I have seen this all my life. It is way past time for women to be half of our law making government and for society to stop treating crime and assault as a big joke if a woman is the victim. With the progress I have seen in my lifetime I wonder how we ever got the right to vote. We’ve not made any progress since then it seems. Hillary will be working on it if she hasn’t already started. Rape is a few minutes for a man and a lifetime for a woman.

  33. so True, Karen, a lifetime for the woman. And that video of the poor rape victims IS a tear jerker. How sick those bastard cops are. It’s like that in plenty of places, maybe more subtle but still there. Requires a DA with a bent for demanding justice for rape.

    Re how we got the vote. I read somewhere that bill was passed by one vote. I gotta check that

    Gotta be BS. 19th amendment. Wanna see which states ratified?

  34. The dog wasn’t in the script. Francis went off script for the speech and for the whole ceremony. He did what his heart told him to do and said what he wanted to say impromptu. They want a teleprompter pope – one with a controlled message that is staged.

    I like this one already. That last one was a doozy.

    When I was a kid we visited family in Italy. I went to Assisi and saw the murals on the ancient walls and the statues of the gentle man surrounded by animals. He’s always been the best part of their whole religion to me.

    Btw – I feed the birds and critters and they come right up to me. My Italian neighbor has told me I remind him of St. Francis.

    Animal loving people are the best people on earth.

  35. Note the states that didn’t ratify, here today harassing women still.

  36. At CNN they are busy arranging the deck chairs on the titanic. They are hiring new people and planning new formats but first they need to buy a clue. They are the same as the other stations. Craptastic.

  37. Kaern, I loved Assisi. The streets are hard on the calves, but they have the best torrone ever!

  38. Oh FCS. Do we really have to share the world with these people?

  39. I went to a couple of masses when I was a Catholic, sponsored by the Franciscans. Masses for your pets. People brought there pets in to be blessed.

    So what if the dog wasn’t in the script. These beanie brains had better get the message. he’s not into their pomp and circumstance shit.

  40. OMG Hilarious! History Channel’s “Bible” Series has Satan looking exactly like Guess Who?

  41. Hahaha Sophie, we both posted tumblr. GMTA.

    I answered some of those tweeters!

  42. Look at this blow job ABC gave rapist Richmond befor the trial. Chuck full of love, sympathy, victim blaming and bald faced lies. Watch this interview with that arrogant bag of shit who looked so sweet crying today.–abc-news-topstories.html

  43. Your sidebar photo says it all. “I can’t believe I still have to protest this….”
    I mean really, didn’t we already fight this fight? I thought we had made SOME progress! I feel like we did and then somewhere in time along a some decade, everything turned backwards!

    Just an aside….When did serious journalists start using names like Candy and Poppy?

  44. karen for Clinton said: The WaPo piece from Fred is excellent.

    I did not know those backlogs existed and I think it’s fantastic the number of arrests they were able to get.

    BTW, disappeared for awhile folks, had to watch Walking Dead and the talk show afterwards. What do you think is gonna happen with the Governor and Andrea Upps?

  45. I answered some of those tweeters! Oh boy..I’ll have to log in.

  46. Just an aside….When did serious journalists start using names like Candy and Poppy?

    ROFL! I’m sure their mothers didn’t give them those names. They probably picked them out allllllllllll by their dim-bulb selves.

    Things are reversing by degrees because of a generation of girls and women who didn’t have to fight for their rights. They were handed to them. So they got complacent.

  47. Too bad we can’t send Lorena Bobbitt to Steubenville.

  48. I hope one day to start reading more Lorena Bobbit activity. I want to read a headline that says, Woman cuts rapist’s dick off. I think if we see enough of those, it might just cure a whole bunch of them. At least it will cure the ones who lost their baby salamis and will forever pee sitting down.

  49. You know Uppity I think their wackers should be whacked off for doing this but if women did this what do you bet our illustrious law makers would vote a law for them to have a tax payer funded pecker replacement surgery and the raped woman sent to prison for life ?
    Oh who am I kidding I already know it would happen.

  50. Oh, UW–that would be a crime against humanity. But raping and murdering women isn’t. Snark off.

  51. My god. That was just awful. There are no decent news channels anymore. And two women! I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

    Upps, I know its too late to join the conv. but thanks for posting this and going after those traitors on Twit. Was swamped all week, house torn apart and replacing drywall and painting. We’re half dead from the fumes. What a horrendous week.

  52. I typed in Candy Crowley Poppy Harlow Steubenville on Yahoo search and Uppity’s article was third! The 1st was wikipedia which has a post on the Crowley/Harlow controversy and NY mag has a piece up. I wonder how those women are going to face the music on Monday.

  53. I am JohnnyComeLately & in a hurry to boot, so this might be a little off. But have to tell you the Steubenville AA perp as shown on early tee vee was all shook up/bent because some angry protesters stated they were wanting to hang him. And that’s a RACIST crime – a real crime IHO
    I also have a tweet out still shaing my head over this: HS girls sending photos of their bare boobs over their smart phones.

    You can get 5 free articles at that link. I have 4 left. Probably never again in my lifetime.

  54. I don’t put that kind of fine point on it, Pamela. I am in favor of executing all rapists and pedophiles. They are a blight upon humanity.

  55. Pam, that is the norm today. People have cameras in their hands all day and are obsessed with their own body parts. A certain weiner congresscritter comes to mind. Grown women at work have been sending their friends pics of their ex-boyfriends package or sending potential dates pics of lacy bras and less to “catch them a man” and they’ve been doing this for many years.

    9 years ago I was in an office and heard lots of snickering and laughing going on so went to find out what was so funny. When they told me I just stood there horrified. It was not the least bit funny to me. Go figure – personal porn is humorous and commonplace even at work.

  56. Where are these little freaks’ parents?

  57. FCS, would you look at this and tell me that this a-hole thinks he has a shot at getting anywhere near our Hillary, let alone running her campaign if she does decide to run. File this under “F YOU Plouffe”

    She might just be ready by 2000 let alone by 16. F YOU!

  58. lol pouffe. looking for his next gig.

  59. Cocaine possession: 3-5 years in prison
    Crack possession: 15 years in prison
    Pirating music: Civil lawsuit and/or up to five years in prison
    What these little rapist shits got: One year in prison

    They weren’t even tried as adults.

    Mays got another year for showing a photo. A photo is equal to rape.

  60. I never liked Crowley at all. :shock:.

  61. I knew there would be some intelligent comments on this topic here.
    IMO, these boys knew what they were doing was rape. They knew it was wrong before they did it. They knew the girl was not agreeing to anything. I am so sick of this bullsh*t that somehow we have not taught our young men what rape is.

    The only thing they did not know was that they might actually be held responsible and punished. That shit is for suckers, not football heroes.

  62. I am in favor of executing all rapists and pedophiles. They are a blight upon humanity.

    I second that Uppity! There is nothing…NOTHING lower in all of creation!

  63. Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Uppity. Karen. If I had thought even a tad more analytically, I would not have put the Ridgewood link here for although I found it very upsetting, it was not my purpose to counter the very point Uppity’s post was making. Apologies to all for the lapse.

  65. I didn’t see any problem at all, Pamela.

    He’s got a year to think about how he ruined a young girl’s life in between whining about what he did to his own life, since I can tell he’s just another self-aborbed little jock whose only “sorrow” comes from 1) getting caught and 2) the fact that no team will ever want his ass around. But we can’t be sure of #2, considering some of the shit they let back on teams after they are let out of jail.

    The self absorption is a pattern the young jocks have learned from their “hero” players. Pistorius is worried about not being able to play, not about Whats Her Name Poor Oscar killed.

    America had better start parenting again and teaching their boys about respect and dignity, and what’s legal and what isn’t, besides. Funny how one of the kids knew drinking and driving wasn’t a good idea for his friend, but he just shrugged when he saw that little bastard Mays slapping his dick on an unconcious girl’s thigh. There is something wrong here and the Something is kids being raised like barn animals.

    Same holds for the dangers of alchohol and drugs.

    If you aren’t going to parent, then neuter or spay yourself because the rest of us are sick of the shit-trail your kids are leaving everywhere.

  66. Well then, my concern may have been for naught, but my brain is known to misfire. Chemistry prof once mentioned to me that I have more information in there than is evident upon first consideration. But nobody knows how to get it out LOL.

  67. Hell Pamela, if my brain didn’t misfire daily, I would be doing this blog for five years!

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