Smart Young Sea Lion and Dumb Young Girl….or…which would you like to spend some time with in your kayak?

See the two videos and allow me to rest my case without even presenting it.

1. Do you not want to just hug him?

2. Self-explanatory


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  1. Night diving alone, off shore, so Cal waters – he is lucky a shark didn’t jump into the kayak. He jumped out of his wet suit when the pup startled him and he clearly hates to say the S word. Great capture on his camera/light helmet cam.

  2. The google doodle is cute for St. Pat day. Happy day to all the celebrants. Keep your elbow bent and not your bumper. No DUI.

  3. Karen, I thought of you when I saw that sea lion vid. lol.

    The little sea lion was so sweet and sad looking! Like, are you my Mommy?

  4. Up date on little floofball Ash. The alien kittens are 13 weeks old.
    Who knew a tuxie could steal my heart? Bill knew.

    Too many links – the others then type:


  5. for upps direct link to her baby:

  6. Happy Saint Pat’s all round! xxoo!

  7. Sorry upps, couldn’t watch more than 20 secs of the second video. The first was adorable.

  8. I am going to write up Steubenville soon as I stop fuming.

  9. Little Newtie Cutie!!!!!!!!

  10. I am going to write up Steubenville soon as I stop fuming.

    Okay was just passing it along.

  11. Yes honey I know. I was just responding. CNN is practically holding a funeral for those poor boys whose lives are ruined.

  12. Oh I’m more than expecting a write up from you. I wouldn’t expect anything less! 🙂

    I don’t feel one whit sorry for those assholes. They should have gotten more than the sentence they got.

  13. Fred, the piece you chose was well done. He covered the story and the arrogance of the jocks and of the parents and town feeding their egos. This is the case all over and across time. My high school was the same. The jocks were passed even when they couldn’t do the academics. Pulling strings kept them on the teams.

  14. karen, I thought this was an extremely valid point also:

    Rape, experts say, is a crime of power and control more than sex. Underlying all of that is arrogance, and in Steubenville it was taken to the extreme.

    Throughout this trial, the two defendants and a parade of friends who wound up mostly testifying against the defendants, expressed little understanding of rape – let alone common decency or respect for women. Despite the conviction, the defendants likely don’t view themselves as rapists, at least not the classic sense of a man hiding in the shadows.

    And where did they learn that from (the part I put in italics)?

  15. They learned it from the 2008 election. 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one. They learned it from teevee and from music and from advertisements telling them women are just for sex. They learned it from the society that would not pass VAWA. They learned it in the locker room where macho bullshit is the norm. Take what you want. YOU DA KING.

  16. That is one scarey quote, Fredster, but it doesn’t surprise me either.

  17. karen for Clinton: And they learned it from all of the other males that surrounded them, be that their dads, uncles, cousins, friends or whomever else they were around. 👿

  18. Fredster, you know who else they learned it from? All those sports “heroes” who get away with everything and go back out with the team again. Now Armstrong is trying it too. Sports figures get away with it, their worshippers learn from them too. These little pricks think they are stars so they can do what they want. That’s what makes this case so important now. SOmebody finally got nailed. Remember that case with the 19 gang bangers of the 13 year old and the 15 year olds on the Team? They went after that girl with a vengence because the team was more important.

  19. That’s true Uppity.

  20. Grumpy Cat’s muh boy, Daki. Can’t say he’s not consistent!

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