Concise Pictorial Explanation of The Papal Changing of the Guard

Pope 1.


Pope 2.

Pope Francis Holds An Audience With Journalists And The Media


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  2. CNN just couldn’t hide where their sympathy lay.

  3. Justin Bieber retweeted you??

  4. looks that way. I think it’s an auto pickup. His name shows up, it gets retweeted. Or something. Anyways, I just looked at the account and it’s not him, it’s some fan twits. No blue check mark.

  5. Dear McNorman, we’ll excuse your borderline senility. Hairballs will do that. But you were obviously AWOL yesterday and that is punishable.

  6. People on facebook are discussing the issue of CNN’s reporting of the rapists. They are shocked, I tell you shocked!!! That CNN would do such reporting!!! OMG! They would expect this from FAUX News but not CNN!!!

  7. CNN is such a loser, they constantly try to figure out an identity and never come up with anything but silly off-the-wall or out-of-touch babble. There is nothing serious about CNN. This morning I saw a feed to them practically chastising a woman for not owning stocks and she told them she doesn’t have stocks because, basically, she’s wasting her money on silly shit like eating and having a roof over her head. Only 45% of Americans own stock and CNN is simply shocked. These people are the champs at elitist assholery.

  8. OMG imust, that “Beiber” twitter acct is hilarious. They collect all the bad shit people say about him!

  9. I vote for Pope #2. Gov. Dewine of Ohio calling for Grand Jury to investigate Steubinville. Says he thinks that this goes on every Friday night and that we have a societal problem. Props to the Guv.

  10. LOL on beiber twit. I think he’s starting to lose some of his fan base…as they’re graduating middle school.

    So, why the red shoes? Was that traditional? Or just personal taste?

  11. Love the pics UW, very cute!

    CNN…..OMG, what asshats! BP going up just thinking about it.

  12. Yearly Peeps contest underway.

  13. Socal, Benedict wore Prada. Red ones. All the time. Just another indicator of the excessive behavior in the Vatican.

  14. Sorry, it was the AG of Ohio, not the Guv.

  15. Always liked Mikey 🙂
    Dewine of Ohio calling for Grand Jury to investigate

  16. The first picture is Dorothy, right. Didn’t she wear ruby red slippers?

    I think Bennie may have been flamingly gay. He was just protesting homosexuality a bit too much. Was it due to his not being able to live with his urge to wear plaited pigtails and skip down a yellow brick road in a checkered dress with a basket and a cute little doggie?

  17. Not only was I awol here. I missed St Paddy’s Day altogether. LOL I was NOT drinking either. 😀

  18. Short and funny – turn on sound.

  19. My memory may be a bit dim but as I recall previous Pope’s did wear red slippers on certain occasions (I think they were velvet with gold – sort of elf like but that may be fuzzinees of time). Red – symbolizes blood of Christ. The Prada red – way over the top. I think it would be nice if the red shoes are indeed left to Dorothy from this day forward.

  20. As the the previous post, I was going to comment yesterday but I was still counting to 1,000,000.

    Rape is criminal. Rapists are not the victims.

    Candy and Poppy need a new dictionary (perhaps the old fashioned paper variety since they seem to think the Urban Dictionary is the way to go). They also need a refresher courses in areas such as civics and ethics. Perhaps they could get all those dumbos that have been worrying about the poor rapists getting shot by their victims to attend as well. Group rate.

    As to their names,Candy and Poppy need to start using Candice and Katherine. It might help them differentiate between work and play. Reality is going to take longer.

  21. Agree 100% Mt. Laurel… rate, snort!

    The whole thing is very reminiscent of the “It wasn’t rape/rape” sentiment from Whoopi. These young men are rapist, plain and simple. Rape is a crime and these young men are indeed criminals.

  22. Did you guys see this?

    Also, the idiot that made this horrible show, Mark Burnett, says he didn’t purposely make his “Satan” look like Obama, but that the actual Satan messed with his equipment and did it. You can’t make this shit up.

    This show is on the so-called “HISTORY” channel. God this country is fucked up.

  23. There are more articles on Crowley’s/CNNs reporting yesterday, but nothing about the controversy on CNN. Wikipedia has added a blurb about it to Crowley’s bio page however.

  24. We’re gonna put socal in the corner with McNorman for being a link echo. lolol.

  25. What CNN has done reminds me to a tee of what NY Times did for those fifteen year old POSs who played on “the team” and helped to gang rape that 13 year old
    girl. They talked about these little bastards like they were the victims and the victim was crap.

  26. I’ll go in the corner with Mcn, we’ll drink some good wine! What did I echo link? The thing about bark looking like Satan?

  27. Oh, I see, you linked about it on last post. I read that around 2am last nite, and my brain was so whacked out from all lthe construction fumes I sucked in all week that I could hardly type. I was actually scared for myself. That freaking drywall texture crap is poison. Next time we have to use that crap, we’re staying in a hotel. I’m better today but still have nasty headache and breathing problems. We had like a third of our place torn apart last week, replacing drywall and painting.

  28. The dlisted link is pretty though. The writer is viciously funny, although he can be pretty gross at times.

  29. socal, if I had seen that pic yesterday…I would have lmao. I saw it this morning. Could not stop howling. Poor Medhi, he will never get another job again (as anything but Barry).

  30. Well Hufo has this about the reaction to CNN’s report with Candy Dandy and Poppy Pop-tart. I am pretty sure they are just trying to deflect any arrows sent their way because I know I saw some sympathy for those poor rapists over at AOL (which has been conveniently pulled).

  31. Remember what crowley said about military rapes? Basically, what do you expect if you join a bunch of guys in the military, comes with the territory. You ask for it you get it. She’s areal pos. i have that video posted here somewhere.

  32. That piece has the poppy tweet I went after her for too. I said why don’t you just come out and say you think she asked for it.

  33. Hahah McN and socal, I knew satan wasn’t Obama because the mole is in the wrong place.

  34. Indeed, the mole gave it all away. haha

  35. There will be a grand jury investigation next month. The coach knew about it and tried to protect the rapists from the law. He should get the Paterno Award for putting football before rape.

  36. So is this the first Affirmative Action Satan?

  37. If this is true, that coach should NEVER be allowed to work near minors again.

  38. I’m partial to the red shoes, even though they are not Prada, but made by Ratzinger’s longtime shoemaker. Good idea to patronize local craftsman instead of buying shoes made by Chinese children for slave wages.


  39. Looked at Sophie’s link. What horrible, horrible little pervs. This is why I homeschooled my kid.

  40. Actually his post-pope red shoes are made by a mfgr in Mexico of young, as in very young calf skins. I have a link somewhere. It’s “Adriano”.

  41. Personally, I am pleased to see the red shoes parked. John Paul did not wear them and Francis certainly won’t. I think they are just another tacky example of the kind of flashy excess, along with the red cape with ermine collar, that Francis will be fixing soon, I suspect.

  42. Just to clarify, I want the red shoes for ME. I don’t understand why Benedicy ressurected some old symbolic stuff. Glad he parked them and hope he’s wearing hauraches if they are from Mexico.

  43. Hugo I read where all the popes wore the red shoes, except John Paul didn’t do it. I guess it just wasn’t such a big news item pre-John Paul. this was before the press became inundated with morons who spend all their time looking good on camera, and chasing after stupidity in order to avoid covering the hard stuff.

  44. And getting the facts wrong and perpetuating the faux facts. How about bringing back the old dunce chapeaux for the press corps?

  45. Speaking of the press, they are trying hard to get a scsandal going for the new Pope because critics say he did not do enough to fight the dictatorship. He’s a priest, not an effing army. Always looking for scandal and blame.

  46. UN Commission unmasks the enemies to women’s equality.

    Russia, Vatican and Iran. Bedfellows, so to speak, on this “Women are human” issue.

  47. Hugo, they are going to have to stretch to come up with something on Francis. Jesuits aren’t exactly known for sensational behaviors and decisions.

  48. The primary for the vacated House seat in South Carolina is tomorrow. The front runners are Elizabeth Colbert Busch (D) and Mark Sanford (R-Appalachian Trail). Ted Turner’s son (R) is also running.

    Elizabeth Colbert Busch is Stephen Colbert’s sister.

  49. Here’s the Vatican statement on the UN Commission. Doesn’t mention a husband’s right to rape the wife, but I suspect their beef is related to abortion.

  50. Mark Sanford…god, what a weirdo. Will be interesting to see who wins, hope Busch does.

  51. Oh my oh my. Mark Sanford gave me HOURS of writing joy! And golly gee, here he is again, serving up an opportunity to dredge up he hiking trip to Argentina!!! I………..I……….I feel as though I have won the blog lottery. I must of course put up a thread for this special coveted primary. I mean where the hell else could you go but to South Carolina to see a primary between a crazy pundit-comedian-inmate’s sister, the son of the guy who lets us see old movies, and the Son of a barn animal cum ex governor with a bent to spill his sexual guts out in front of an open mike?

  52. Zinger! A pic comparison that is worth a million words on the gulf between the old and new popes.

  53. Sometimes less is more, NES.

  54. Zinger! A pic comparison that is worth a million words on the gulf between the old and new popes.

  55. ROFL! I was trying to post to the Pope post of yesterday. (But, I can’t be precise on this little iPhone screen.) Consider my comment herein to be incorporated into the thread therein.

  56. Effff! This is the correct thread. Never mind….

  57. Karen at 11:22….HAHAHAHA

  58. I loved the photo editorial re the two popes. I odn’t often say much about the RC church. But this pope has me hopeful. Not necessarily for a change in doctrine, but for a change in the spirit of the church. (It’s 4a.m. – my defenses are low)

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