Spring! It haz sprung!!!!

I iz in Ur gardin, eeting Ur Flowerz.

I iz in Ur gardin, eeting Ur Flowerz.

No season makes me happy to be alive more than Spring!


Antonio Vivaldi- La Primavera (Spring), Full Version

1) Allegro
2) Largo
3) Allegro Pastorale


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  1. Gotta love Spring in NY. Been snowing here for three days. I had to stand outside after taking my Vitamin D to see some sun.

  2. President to begin “Charm Offensive” in Middle East. Oh yeah, that’ll work…

    Hint: Dear Mr. President, most of us know you can’t charm a country out of knowing a bunch of goatfuckers want them all dead. In fact, Israel pretty much think you’re one of them. Just saying!

  3. The most beautiful shade of green shows up in spring, just as the leaves begin to peek out on the trees. Can’t wait to see them again. And can’t wait for my pink dogwood to bloom.

    And Obama doesn’t have a nanogram of charm so he apparently went to Israel empty-handed.Am unarmed fool.

  4. Happy Spring Everyone. 🙂

  5. Love spring? Up until today, it was 75 degrees and sunny. Now it is 60 degrees and raining!

  6. Hint: Dear Mr. President, most of us know you can’t charm a country out of knowing a bunch of goatfuckers want them all dead. In fact, Israel pretty much think you’re one of them. Just saying!

    I have always had the feeling that Israel knows far more about Mr. Charmless than anyone. Including Mrs. Charmless, VJ and the empty suit himself.

  7. Hugo’s comment brought this to mind from the dark recess of memories of high school freshman English class:

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

    Nature’s first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leaf’s a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf,
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day
    Nothing gold can stay.

    Robert Frost

  8. Good Hillbilly! Where I am 60 is good news!

  9. Weebles Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down.

  10. Above or below freezing? 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing that Frost poem, Mt.Laurel. That’s the green I’m talking about.

  12. Hillbilly, any temperature in the Plus column is a good day!

  13. Mt.Laurel, I was hoping the Israelis would shed some light on Obama’s murky past, but they must have a good reason to not play that card. Disappointing.

  14. I have shoveled a lot of Spring this week. We got 8 inches of white wet
    spring followed by the frozen rain type spring and the run to your car it is painful to be outdoors type spring.

    Someone please let the birds know we are not quite ready for them to come home yet. Global warming my freezing – three coats on – ass.

  15. Hahahahah Karen.

    Wait a minute……..what am I laughing at. She just described me.

  16. The Pompous Vatican Asses are not too happy with the new Pope, what with all that opulence and extravagance being so very important as a companion to Pompous Assery.

  17. Its been Spring here for a few weeks. Had some cloudy days this week, we were supposed to get rain but Hillbilly hogged it all for his area! Anyway, the flannel sheets & blanket are off, just regular sheets and think quilts on beds, we stopped using the heaters, winter jackets hung back up in back of coat closet, and have worn shorts several times. i love Spring!

    That Vivaldi vid is gorgeous.

  18. O. M. G. Snow flakes the size of quarters. Damn near white out. Happy Spring. Karen, I am holding you responsible!

  19. Hugo
    Maybe Israel has done more than we know. I am sure they did not take that earlier dissing at the White House as quietly as the MSM would lead people to believe. Perhaps Mr. Charmless found the Israeli equivalent of a horse’s head in his bed. I know a lot of obots were really upset about this trip. hey think he goatlovers might not understand.

  20. I think you are correct, Mt. Laurel. I was just watching news coverage of the roadside service his limo needed over in Is reale. The US said the wrong gas was placed in the limo. The Israelis say that’s not true. I’m wondering if the horse head is now in the backseat of the limo. Craziest story ever.

  21. hugo, they put some matzo balls in his gas tank.

  22. Stealth matzo balls!

  23. Yeah well he won’t be there long enough to see some of those shit rockets the sweet innocent palestinians keep lobbing over there, during a “cease fire”.

  24. He’s going to the West Banks and I just read the streets are plastered with anti-obama posters. He disappointed them too. Rough times for narcissists.

  25. LOL! that’s funny about “The Beast” limo! Didn’t he have a problem with the Beast in Ireland too?? It was too heavy for a driveway bump or something and got stuck? Haha!

  26. Spring my eye. White shit everywhere. Spring here will be in a month or two. Where is that lying little groundhog ? I have a good recipie using his carcase.

  27. Utah, my dog likes to eat them raw.

  28. Did you see the clip of the Obama/Bibi press conference where Chuck Todd actually asks some questions rather than asking Obama if he needs a pillow?? Obama does his usual dancing around joking/mocking back with Todd about “why so many questions?”…smile, smile, smile, laugh, laugh, laugh… and then at the end does his famous finger face scratch salute. I haven’t seen it on you tube yet but the Pink Place has a link to it.
    I wish we had a real president.

  29. Yeah and now all the regressives hate Todd and decided he’s suddenly a flaming asshole, which he has always been, but they didn’t notice. They fail to get the point that when you give free passes to a practioner of assholery, sooner or later he’s going to be coming for YOUR beloved too. Boo Hoo.

  30. Here is the finger scratching prezzy. 😆

  31. Update on the tree they aren’t going to uproot it but it will be in indefinite quarantine 😆

  32. Quarantine. Hahahahaha.

  33. I just realized you posted a vid foxy, as I see nothing when a vid is posted any longer, unless I know it’s there and open the comment, copy and paste. lolol. Anyways, I just saw that video clip and I though they were questions that SHOULD be asked. And ANSWERED.

  34. Still cold and sort of snowy, here, in NE Ohio, but we did see our first robins this week.

  35. As it turns out, today is quite nice, very sunny and the snow in general is gone. But for one silver lining for Needlenose…out back behind my property , the snow had accumulated and never quite melted between snows, with the past several days adding more. So it’s a good accumulation, dig-worthy, and nice and clean besides. It didn’t melt and she just came inside after romping out there for three hours. So she got her snow today.

  36. Uppity Woman, on March 21, 2013 at 5:33 AM said:

    Utah, my dog likes to eat them raw.

    Yea well Groundhog tar tar does not sound all that appealing actually lol.
    Yea I still have snow in piles too but it is melting. Last night it was raining as I came in from work and that went quickly to a very violent thunder storm complete with hail that screwed up everything then to add insult to injury it snowed. Ah the joys of Spring. Come on Summer !!!

  37. It irks me to no end that he gets away with being so crude and arrogant. He clips the bird and rolls in the gutter. No dignity.

  38. Spell check on kindle changed flips to clips. I wish you could dismantle autocorrect in the old model kindlefire.

  39. Early attempts at software for spell check and (chuckle) sentence structure were predictive, in that it was plain to see that no matter how smart software is, it is not a human mind with its experience, learning and mental skills — not to mention visual capacity (as is, that doesn’t look right at all!) — and there will never be software that can do either of this things with serious accuracy.

  40. Utah as you well know, our dogs make their own tartar and then eat it, so it doesn’t matter to them if it appeals to us, as confirmed when we gag and sputter when we see them do it and then want to kiss us shortly after.

  41. Upps, LED bulbs are the new replacement for the cfl which was the new replacement. It sound expensive but if it lasts virtually forever it is worth it. What bothers me is I made it half way through this article and got tech overload. Remote controls with 15 colors? Shesh.


  42. I can’t read that NY Times thang, sister, because I refuse to capitulate to NY Times forcing me to allow their web bug into my computer by demanding I log in to their shitty news site. But since it mentions CFLs and other lighting, it gives me a great opportunity to rant. Heh.

    It’s all immatesticle (heh) Karen, since Congress unfunded the CFL lightbulb fiasco. In other words, that law is an official piece of toilet paper, as there is no money allocated to monitor and jail us for refusing to switch from incandescent lighting to anything else, up to and including those shitty firestarting, migraine and seizure inducing putrid yellow light bulbs. It’s pretty safe to assume that includes LED. I look at it this way. They have yet to supercede the plain old reliable incandescent bulb in efficiency or actual light While it is true that they generate heat, when did that become a bad thing in the North East in winter? I submit that the money ‘saved’ by not using incandescent bulbs is raw bullshit, always was raw bullshit and still is raw bullshit. Now I have no qualms with LEDs OR CFLs if someone wants to use them. Keyword: Wants. I have a problem being told I MUST use them. I think that LEDs are a bad choice for lighting simply because they fall into the same category as those cells people want everybody to put on their roofs to heat their homes: They are overpriced and far too expensive for the average person to be attracted to them, especially in this economy. Perhaps LED has a huge future, just as soon as they cost as much as indandescent lighting. till then, it’s a rich man’s toy. Also, I don’t believe for a minute that LEDs last forever anymore than CFLs run for 5000 hours. Call me jaded, sister, but I just think this hair pulling over light bulbs is just one more cha ching fr corporations who are making a killing. GE is manufacturing CFLs in China for about 8 cents apiece and then they charge you six bucks for a bulb. This isn’t about saving the environment at all. It’s about money. We’ve got to think about just how sleazy and dishonest all these environmentalist, politicians and corporations really are when they get their nuts all tied in knots over light bulbs and completely look the other way from the ONGOING impact of BP oil spill. Invention. It’s the Mother of Necessity. lolol. I’ll keep my attic ful off incandescents unless and until somebody comes up with something that costs no more than they do and throws as good a light as they do.

    You know what else? Switching to CFLs means plenty of existing light fixtures will have to be dumped and new ones purchased. Cha ching again. I want people to mind their own lighting and i want to mind mine. I am sick and tire of this Bloomberg country full of big shots sticking their noses in things that are none of their damned business.

  43. I was driving through my state capital today and saw a fresh-looking Hillary bumper sticker.

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